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  1. The Financial Exchange

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    Christopher Woody (Business Insider, Mexican Cartel)


    Christopher Woody (Business Insider, Mexican Cartel) by The Financial Exchange

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  2. The Kuhner Report

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    Should Lawrence Police Chief resign? 12/8/16


    Lawrence City Council are asking for the Lawrence Police Chief to resign over the beheading of Lee Paulino. Jeff doesn’t think Chief James Fitzpatrick should have to resign over the beheading.

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  3. Weekend Shows

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    Boston's Talking With Brian Dalton. 12/4/16


    Brian Dalton discusses the recent violence in America.

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  4. Beyond Reality Radio

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    12/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Flat Earth theory with Mark Sargent


    12/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson- guest Mark Sargent discusses the Flat Earth theory and its implications for the human race. Evidence and debate are both offered as this controversial idea gets brought into the spotlight. Also, listener calls, and more.

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