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  1. The Financial Exchange

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    Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Lions Gate)


    Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Lions Gate) by The Financial Exchange

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  2. The Kuhner Report

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    If Trump supports legalization for non-violent illegals will he lose your vote? 8/25/16


    Kuhner lets callers sound off on Trump’s softening on immigration. Will you still vote for Trump?

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  3. Weekend Shows

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    Talking Divorce


    Saturday August 20, 2016

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  4. Beyond Reality Radio

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    08/24/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio: Discussions with a real alien hybrid; Ghost Hunters episode s11/e3


    08/24/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio: Guest Jujuoli of Kuita claims to be an alien hybrid - part human, part alien - living on Earth, and she says she's not alone; Ghost Hunters episode s11.e3 - the Toledo Yacht Club is discussed; listener calls too!

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