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  1. The Financial Exchange

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    Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, GOOGL, BUD)


    Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, GOOGL, BUD) by The Financial Exchange

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  2. The Kuhner Report

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    FBI reopens investigation into Clinton email scandal. 10/28/16


    Talk about an October surprise! What do you make of the FBI reopening the Clinton email investigation?

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  3. Weekend Shows

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    Gun Talk 10-23-16


    Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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  4. Beyond Reality Radio

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    10/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - discussion of the series finale of Ghost Hunters and creepy stories


    10/27/2016 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Dark Waters discusses his dramatic interpretations of true-life paranormal and other creepy stories as found on his YouTube cahnnel. More discussion about the end of Ghost Hunters on SyFy. Plus listener calls, and more.

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