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The Car Guys Radio Show December 27

Dec 28, 2014|

"The Car Guys" consist of Bill Papageorge and Joe Messina. They are passionate automobile enthusiasts from the metro Boston area. They wanted to make purchasing a vehicle hassle free. Their combined automotive knowledge and resources help clients obtain top quality vehicles at fair market value without the typical used car sales techniques. "The Car Guys" give their clients considerable savings because they have low overhead. They don't have large brick and mortar facilities with the burden of millions of dollars in inventory and a large administrative and sales staff. They keep it like that so they can pass the savings on to you. Bill and Joe are relentless in pursuing the perfect vehicle for you. "The Car Guys" love what they do and what they do, they do well. Bill and Joe have been building their reputations for decades and both know the importance of a satisfied client. A satisfied client will send "The Car Guys" a referral. This is key in long term success and it is the motivation for their partnership

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Welcome back to the guard guys radio show on bill puppet George and I'm Scott Sanders and we the guy guys. So. We have Scots is Willis today Joseph Messina is. Oh but. He will be back he's just thought it was this afternoon on the for a look at their specialty now. I hope he finds it pretty sore so we can come back to work. If you look at on the Santana I think it could be could be very very very easily could be. Scott so why I'm. Last week we we were touching upon how to navigate through. If you have god forbid an accident and he's the carries got a lot of damage or it's. Could be totaled. And I actually gave some. Some good advice to people vote how they keep global. Getting the most out of their claim maximizing the amount they gonna get for their automobile reported though we've got a coming to them. Legitimately. And so we we had. Quite a conversation about that to enjoy what I. And this week I wanted to talk about. A few different things but one of things news. If if you happen to have a a vehicle it's you know. An extra car you drive way or Khalil console and put on consignment. We love you to call the guy guys at 330. Card guys. Or on the web at the car guys website dot com. And if you get a tortuous you know Kamal we can. You know assess the value your car. We're gonna give you a couple of prices you know one would write a check for obviously. Be a little bit less than what would be if it was going to be a concern Mika. And we would definitely taken on consignment and Tressel for you as long as it meets our safety standards so we would have to. Obviously take the current into complete safety checks and you know what's involved in that score yes I think he should let everybody know bill that. The majority of consignment cows. So. Rather quickly yes and you've had a pretty good run with them I have I mean we have a couple of guys that have stuck around. Are just because it just either. That time of the year yeah only Houston right if yes it is it is the holiday season so it's going to be something that's going to be either priced correctly. Which is of you know it's a big big point right I mean as you always say. You know the ones that get the attention typically are the ones that are you know on the money if you will. And we've got a really good luck over the years selling. A lot of our consuming vehicles to different people. And oftentimes. Often does so within a week I mean you know in all the power in the world news I may even already have a custom. That I've got in my bank of you know people who are looking for cars and that comic just fit the parameters. Well the people what they should really know is that when he cornered he passed on time and that you go to the whole path that it could be something wrong with the cut than they don't know ball. In the U find father boot to the attention right so they'll do an educated Fella right exactly well the first thing we do. If we were gonna take your current consignment would be. We were taken in and we would have a technicians. I take a look at it and given a complete safety checks of the would be able to passing or mass or New Hampshire were no. Mean. Morale and whatever whatever state you happen to be from inspection. So it's going to be able to pass a state inspection but beyond that. It also has to you know pass you know rigid 120 point check as well so that we. There are no. You know aesthetically it's gonna look nice. And mechanically it's going to be sound so it has to have had. All of the normal servers things that we would do if flu reports America fall one of our customers. Like we like we do all the time. And that kind of stamp of approval exactly exactly. So. If you think about you know getting ready you present car or you know you've got an extra car in the driveway because. Whatever you warrior. Sons of those with the college and they don't need it now or for whatever reason. Please give us a call we've we've had lots of people you know all the so they get a company car world in the could be a million reasons why. That deck hours available and had several people who did not driving any longer because of their. Are there age or. Your ability. In so. That's it that's a good good read enough reason for us to get involved. The welcome all Kamal deal will watching a session co look at it you know right in your driveway. We'll take you for a ride we'll check it all out and then from there we will have a technicians take a look at it as well but. Will be able to give you a good idea just by looking at it you know what we think. A it's going to be worth to one of our clients and be you know what we would pay for if we just couldn't write a check. So. Well I think you should let everybody know that. If they looking cart that you will take the training. Oh absolutely also we are we will take you carry trade as well we don't have to necessarily sold at a time. So for instance what you say for instance you're in the market for a car that was you know. A year or two or three years old and the one you have it currently was maybe you know 456. Older than that whatever. We'll take it in trade and I've had a lot of people send me Malek has you know doesn't have any value well let me just ideas. No matter what. Right every guy has got some value even if it's. To the to the Beaulieu and if you will you know you know if it's gonna go to the to the salvage a it still has a value for the weight of the metal right I mean typically will they get like 250 of meanwhile medals stop right now. Metals down metal found him knowing notice. But distant with about 250 right who typical country yup yup depending on one news. So it's got some value now it is if we see more value when it than that sometimes. Some of these guys could be conceivably. But I say bread not not real but you know some of the parts and these guys might be. They they might be things worth more than the cap itself correct and that of a lot of times will cause. A salvage to actually pay us more for that kind of moved in the middle. Because. They need the hood in the two fenders and so forth and so on and they can sell them for you know a premium so. Please don't don't think the account is not worthy of at least getting some trade in value because it will positively get some value for months. Absolutely. At the good thing to know bill yeah right from Scott when you you know. When you're taking a traded and I mean the you know you look at the car. From the aspect that all you really wanna do is break even. On the vehicle is taken in trade. Right so let's just say you had a Carlos Sousa who gonna sell you accounts in the count the new coast going to be let's say 20000 dollars. And we put in 2000 dollars in your trade. You know chances that we may not be keeping that cal we may be just taking it to an auction or whatnot. And that's the value that we perceive. He's is what it's gonna bring bring this back is so you generally from looking at a Karen think of myself. That Kaz gonna be worth about two grin and wholesale market so they can. It's probably needs to bring about 232400. All's. In order for us to be able to pay the auction Phoebe and you know cover our costs exactly transportation. Right exactly just to getting him back and forth. And that we really wanna just net that 2000. In the end in order to do the new deal so that it just caches are so it is though you were giving us cash for all intents and purposes. The other thing is if you do Craig you care. Whatever that values. Is going to be taken right off the top. Well whatever whatever the you know there yeah a sales tax purposes so. If you happen to be a Massachusetts. Consumer. And we we to keep current trade to what to say for intention cow was. A 101000 dollar trade let's issues is an example. And you bought a 20000 dollar car. So value when he gonna be responsible. For law. 101000 dollars because you're twenty thousands hookah. Minus 101000 for the trade in. Is it 101000 dollar. Balance that you shows tacked right half right so you EU reaction and it's saved 625. Dollars and hide money. That you wouldn't you would actually have to pay out of pocket. In order to arm. In order to you know do the deal so. For every 101000 to about 625 dollars and some people have some very expensive trades at a trades at 203040000. Dollars beef was so. Or whatever it is moves we'll certainly be more than happy to and sometimes. It's the difference between. See you thinking about retail and anecdotes that he had a car that was the 30000 dollar trade. In essence. You really gonna get almost. 32000 dolls with the with the sales tax advantage. So it's it's a good thing. And I will look at it from both aspects of whether with the decide you wanna traded and you want us to just solid for you or you know you wanna just. Cell to a so right either way that the attackers do it right in the best. This and burn right so if you look at them. A buy a car. Be Solio present our traded and the need financing for your calf. We have all types of finance bill right. And in the warranties and we're gonna get back into a little bit about the financing and the warranties in the next segment. And so we're going to be taken a break you know in the second here. And that's why I think Scott's in this was showing up tonight who to. So help me with with Joseph perceive as soon absence noise loves him to hear your pencil. All right Joseph. Populace in and out there. Well we're gonna take a breakdown is the guy guys radio show. Welcome back to the pac guys the radio fill. I'm Scott finished filling in until Messina and here was bill pop the judge. Billion palace a little bit of ball what we have in store for financing for everybody show that's who. So we've got really the widest range of financing that you could possibly have so. For instance. Both. If you happen to be purchasing. A vehicle that's. You know Philly late model. And you're interest in getting financed it you have excellent credit. We have programs that are as cheaply as one point four and 9%. But incredible. That I mean it's unheard of fur or use can I mean. You know you'll see some. Come on offers from. New guys dealers that basically. The day saying oh you know we'll give you 0% financing for sixty months or you know 1% or whatever but. You know generally you you still you pay top dollar for the guys so I mean what we the other they gonna skin the cat. You know it's just a way of getting you in the door and go from their vote. And the other thing is if you don't want to lose that depreciation. Because you will when you drive open door any newcomers it'll appreciate obviously. He goes from being a new got to use cup. Then you know you should come see us as we can get you you know because it's in that sweet spot you know. Maybe 234 years old or even a year old whatever we're it's taken a bite out of the depreciation. What's the phone number everybody should call. 330. Car guys. That's 330. Car guys or on the web. At the stock car guys Webb site dot com and web site is actually spelled out. So when you lump. When you try to reach us please. Leave us your phone contact information in the best time to call. Because oftentimes. We could be in the car going to. Different clients during the day and I might not get a chance to check my email until later in the day. I typically don't look you know every hour like some people. Are on there every moment of the day. Just because. I shouldn't be driving and looking at an email that should be just driving. So if you're gonna give me a call. Call me. A 330 congress and what we're gonna you know we'll answer the phone. And if we're busy we with a client or whatnot we'll just sell it just ask you would be okay economically back into the fifteen minutes what numbers should call you what. Then. You know at that point. Once they can spend you know even five or ten minutes with you on the telephone. Nobody can a lot of information written down. So we get a little bit of an idea of what you're trying to accomplish. Which might be you know wanna buy a car needs to be as severe and I prefer to have before a sold or or small six Olympic is a look of a the economical I wanna have good gas. Means to off went Mike Mitchell yes you hit a ball. Believing their phone numbers in the email. I I believe you wanted to touch base on when somebody into an email. The more information they give you in any meal. You know. If if they get sending email and kisses price for the question in my. Right at that there's no really. No they really need to know he needs it's also a little bit about what you give you try to accomplish. You know looking to buy into another car needs to be a city and needs to be you know on to point thousand dollars or whatever. While my pin and keep my payment around 300 bucks a month for whatever it's going to be. Just so I have a little bit of an idea of what what I'm gonna be calling about all of station one of the guys who have advertise on line. You know and they get what when they said I've seen a lot of community meal and they give people what price would question my. Indeed it be warm advantageous. For them Indo us. If there's an eskimo called back column about the cow a little bit choked sometimes. Sometimes it and no matter how well written. Doesn't tell everything you need to know right there's no gullible that you a 100% right score. I get ideological clients all the time like for instance I I give people. With they can all you know wanna spend around you know 300 bucks a month and all the thinking about it you know the days when. You know three your column was it was a typical columns so that they can I wanna buy calf around ten grand. You know I'm gonna thousand put down and then you know. Roughly 300 bucks a month. And that's gonna give me 101000 dollar cap. Will get eaten those Monica. But all the 101000 dollar cannot really be that cut the a look at flaw. You might really be looking for with when he thousand America. In which the issue could still actually be paying the 300 dollars a month. But the only differences we just gonna extend the term because most people keep and they cast for a long time now. The average person as of about six months ago. Kept that automobile or you eleven point two years which is under I mean you know. Going meal based on historical. Figures okay. I mean I know back in the in the seventies and in in the 60s70s and eighties I mean people would trade that has no fairly frequently. And. The cousin last as long let's face it won't another thing news. When people call or they and then email or text message and you wanna know something simple. How much is the price for what's the mileage. Okay the mileage is 50000. That's too high for them. If they. He missed an opportunity to let them know. You can custom tailor anything follow them if they write a column 40000 miles without a sunroof right you can find them that Kach. You might actually already have that cap but just haven't had a chance to put it up online or to let the public mobile discount rate that's very true. So they're actually limiting themselves from the send an email just mileage price with a question mark. Right we have so many ties. It's so difficult because the past such high demand that their quality used kinds. In customers are waiting for these but stroke for the community and they've gone before we can even you know sometimes even put them online improve audited. Milieu percent right but the other thing about that is you know I get people that a fixated with certain mileage is. On vehicles and you know I'd like to have the conversation with our collide if we can. Before they've already dismissed the certain vehicle because. Let's face it. Which how would you rather have. Let's say that we had the same exact count okay. And one guy has 60000 miles on. What it's all highway miles so the car is driven every day he gets up to operating temperature which is important okay. And it and it's front and highways which means it's getting you know. Everything's opening up to its fullest extent you know. Now all the mechanical. Items of Macau are being used up so it's good because having been located and and it's it's all good or would you rather have the that was a 30000 mocha we'll case saying Munich Seymour may conceive model. But it was only used around town in the guy work to mile and a half where you live okay and so what apple was east that's the Kyra. Doesn't let it Wal-Mart okay first of all. Just drives to his location. I can guarantee you that the insides of their Mona. Don't look as good is the one with 60000. So we've got certain 'cause we have and we know of services trees right. So you know you eat a lot of times you know you're you're asked me all time you know what about that Mercedes is that have a you know the service history you know where was it taken it was a take it to the Mercedes you'll time that the guy who would you fuel. You know I know I'm not putting down jiffy lube and I'm just saying you know like. A lot of times I get a lot of close my clients. They take their cows like religiously to the deal. Right to get service. So you know that the deal is basically saying OK it was moved we've got to and open wallet here. We can spend this guy's money what's to all the services that it needs to get done all of that. And so I mean I'd rather have that cap that's the show. That one that I don't know anything. And so it's huge I mean you know knowing what what it is that you gonna get. And knowing where it's been and how it's been used. I think is a very very important piece of the puzzle. People need to know you have all this knowledge. If they don't ask the questions they can't tap into it and you can't help them. Right it's about helping them in making though pleasant experience right and that's why I told people. They definitely wanna have some conversation with me not just yes and no we dances like Italy you said to me you know what's the price of that guy you know and then that's it there's no you know and. And they don't they don't really know anything about the cut off so. They asked depression that. Well the price is negotiable. Right everything is negotiable right of course. Yeah it did anything unique chance to right Norton let them know that you wanna sell this you think he'd be a good fit for the Ka right. And I'll be willing to work with them yeah a lot of times it could be economy haven't consignment from somebody. And depending upon how you won't be motivated Fella the seller is right exactly depending on how motivated the you know all the some the cell may need the money or whatnot and you know you may make an offer in the Demi city. All right I'll take it you know and and that's it and then it's good for you it's good for them they get their money. They knew that the Kyra that the price that you look at to get a forum everybody's happy and you know. I think that's. Good point real good point and they they appreciate that you know won't well deserved their. So. We're gonna be taken a break again unfortunately. And when we come back we're gonna what I have some other topics that we talked about. We guiding. We started out with the financing thing we just didn't finish it off so we're gonna try to finish that maybe going to some things they won't talk while warranty yup. It definitely. All right so this is the guy guys radio show and will be back in just a moment. Welcome back to attack guys who radio show. I'm shots in this. And who built up a judge. Bill I'm hoping you're gonna continue to calling this a little bit mobile to financing we touch him based on it and we kind of lifted out to see okay. We can do that. So what what I had mentioned the folks was if you credits excellent. We have rates as low as one point 49% right now and if you. Not if you don't have excellent credit and you credit shoes you know mediocre or it could be even port credit okay. As long as you are you know working and you've got the means to be able to have had the ability to pay back. We can most likely gave finance I've gotten. A lot of folks. Even when jobs that can improve the ring come. As well as those other jobs would like for instance you could be a you know by federal waitress. A hairdresser wrote you know somebody that. Probably doesn't. Shall want a W two basically you know. What your actual. Hearing come news. I get a lot of people who. Have a different jobs that you know they could be a 1099 so contract is a what not and we've had great luck getting them finance. And at at decent rates too so. I've got a lot of people had. Not so great credit because. The you know they fell off with a bad economy and you know things happen. Realized that job for awhile they had a health issue. Or whatever might be bill we've we've overcome it as long as we can. Somehow shoulder you've got money coming in every week while bill correct me if I'm wrong. But you have one of the top. Financial guys. In the industry although the ball yet and unusual. This guy a referred to him as is a wizard because he makes it happen for the old. Right people who itself a tough time with credit rate it's all vote taken us time to try to figure wrote. How to overcome any obstacles that the bank might put in front of us. And once they Figueroa the obstacle is would you try to find a way to overcome it and in the thing news. Most guys won't spend the time to try to overcome it because it tees is too busy. The images they don't wanna be bothered because it's a lot of work to get that same deal done as as one that you could do that would be an easy deal but guess what everybody. I like to try to help everybody. Be be able to drive because that would differentiate us because. Everybody on our team right look in. Make it happen right exactly look in to help voted to he method exactly. Exactly that's right. Like fail we sailing their little models says you know there are three types of people in the world and those who make things happen. Those who watch things happened in those who say what happened. Okay so. Where we're that we knew we wanna be number one and that the next group. I can assure you. Well we've got the financing have a one to tell anybody postal warranty. Okay ended warranty coverage were right so we offer right so we have. We used GWC. Their company out of Wilkes discretionary in Pennsylvania. There have been in business for around. Almost when he is now and that's all they do is. Aftermarket. Service contracts warranties. And do the best part of both doing business with these hoaxes. Walt number one. Is when we we do business with them on wholesale basis so basically what what what happens is. Everybody has their own. Level of would you call. The the level. Oh. The vehicles that get sent though okay that we do we says though because we just we spend the time. And we actually. Go right through them and do complete safety check and make sure that everything is a 100% and if anything is even close to marginal. We automatically just change that piece. To make sure that the cars really up to snuff so it's not gonna have any problems for the customer aborted when ends up happening news weep because we do that. We are on the top end of the lowest. Loss ratios but the company does a nationwide basically okay. And it's just because we take that extra tired too to try to make the 'cause perfect before we go. I think you should let everybody know that besides that company you know. There other companies out there that we utilized the services. If for some reason. What. What the customer needs. You know doesn't come under. The company that we primarily. Right wolf children of a company. The custom tailored for the needs right yet we do we do do that but but basically most of the time we use in the GWC. And the reason why we like them has because we've had such laws. Los ratios. They give us some perimeter is that it just outstanding I mean. We can actually even put a warranty America. That we haven't just recently sold which is very unusual because 99.9. Percent of the time. But do we can only so warranty if this selling the cut at the time of the sale okay. Because of loss ratios were even able to so if you if you said to me. You know Europe customer and you call me up it's a bill you know. Mike I just ran out of factory warranty and an interest in giving warranty like I can you help Leo. Now there's a lot of these. Boiler room companies that you know of constantly. Doing. That it bank of plus sales people who sit in the room and it does is constantly calling people up cold calling them. Trying to sell more tee that's not what we're doing okay. What we're doing is with taking customers who would like to get a warranty for the count were actually taken that. And taking it in going to take it to our technician to have it checked out OK and if it passes. That inspection. That we were able to sell the warranty if it is not passed that inspection. Will that we could give them the opportunity to bring it up to stuff so we can say it was some. In order if you cut to be able to get to qualify okay foreign and Corey. Brooke contract service contract. What we need to do was we need to fix this item in that item in the animal world mobile site because otherwise. We'd be we'd be tried to. Warranties of the that was pre existing condition and we don't we we can't do that because then. A loss ratios will change and then we will be able to do we do know. So is very important. But the important part of of this company whose. First of all he could be used nationwide. And in Canada so anywhere you know within the 48 contiguous states. In Canada of course. And the great part about it is you don't have to go to the new cut deals to get it fixed so what's the difference that you happen to be an obscure sport you're in Canada. And and you kind of breaks down and you've Kennedy. A problem that's under warranty okay under the warranty. And we actually. Wii U we could send you to the local garage. As long as he's able to fix the count. They will pay him with a credit cadre will default to beautiful thing you know. Rather than you know who knows you might have a jaguar or maybe the reason jet would deal for a 150 miles away. When you mention again what we have a couple of I had no effects I just thinking about that though because you know sometimes. You can have an issue and and then there's this way you could take it anywhere. There's one thing get parts you aren't you know you'll you'll get it done the other pod is great news. A lot of these have the mark warranty companies. They've they've gotten a bad name over the years because. A lot of the a lot of business so they take you premium and they've. Put in their pocket and the next thing you know there out of business and you need to be account fixed and guess what you have nowhere to go well this company news. First of all they take. A big chunk of the premium that you pay and they put it into what they call a reserve account. In the reserve account is made so that it's set up to two. Like a savings account. Would be to pay claims when you need them okay that's number one but number two and most importantly. It's fully ensure it so what happens is god forbid something did happen to this company catastrophic loss of something and all of a sudden 10. You don't have to worry because they were they've assigned an administrators to this and it's backed by a bank. Okay and this is UniCredit bank located the axis hole. Warranty process. And so another administrator would take over got a bit. This company went out and they would take over make sure the all you claims competed so I mean it is it's to really of feeling full proof operation. And they've paid great rates and will more than happy to. If you if you resisted and getting a warranty if you counties have presently or you wanna Alaska. And tell me listen they don't wanna make sure that good you know three is a warrant deal for years five years and whatnot. We can we can absolutely get that done so. Well it's a very important you've coveted all the aspects so financing and warranty. Now. I think you could let everybody know what we have in inventory. And we have a lot of a lot of us a lot of unique as a lot of special class you know I agree. You know and I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna need your help tonight. Who knows some of these past. Okay now capsule when we when we come back from the next break and we're gonna talk about one more thing about the financing the Disco. And then we'll move that we'll talk about the inventory if that's good for news that works for me all right buddy. All right so well this is the guy guys' radio show we are gonna take a break right now and we will be back in just a moment. With some more information about. The world the financing. In also. The inventory inventory okay great. Welcome back to attack guys who radio fill. I'm Scotch in his element until Messina. An ambulance bill puppet to. Bill yes we talk about this inventory. Weekend pictures wanna make one more. The thing clearer both the about the financing. I had recently and had had a couple of people it had called me up and they had. They had horrible credit okay. But it was for reasons that. It couldn't really be. BL plea for instance it was going to a divorce or. They were. Do they lost the job and and then when they went we went to give back to work or not they had a medical issue. But they had. The ability to put down a good. Chunk of cash okay on the on the vehicle that they were looking for. Like and one person and had about you know 8000 goes to put down 161000 orca. And he said listen I've been doing you know three afforded from places nobody wants them by aliens being in. Bubble bath and I said well listen. I think I can get it done and I did get it okay. And this person could really prove their income me though because of the job that they had. Again they were like a 1099 contract this so they couldn't prove with a paste of but I was able to convince the day that the equity position in the vehicle that they would actually purchasing. Was so good that. Did the bank couldn't say no so that was great thing because it's a risk reward situation so. Basically the bank's thinking to themselves well you know what. If this guys that that much wanted to put into the deal a he's pretty cemented the deal. Because he has won Assisi thousand dollars in on the tubes and in the other thing is. God forbid it does good around the tubes what position they it there and a great position because they on the sky. For a lot less money than you know. Rather than what it would be worth and wholesale basis. So there in good shape and you know we found that that's something that works for the bank. And for in for a customs. Just in case you happen have a situation we've got a good chunk of money down. Who has to cut that you're gonna get chances are we can be financed even if you don't have the proof of income. So I keep that in mind. Also. I know Scott you dies it's all possible have been both the cement Torre. So if you can one and two post book first valuing the both talked about. On wall when you're gonna talk about the first OK there's 74 dogs dot. Oh well OK so we've got a little bit of a collectible card here. It's in 1974. Dogs died for to a custom okay now I know a lot of people would say listen as afford to look. The is not as desirable as as to lookout but in this particular case this guy has got. 111900. Miles long original miles. It looks like he just came out of the shall basically because it's. Like a brand new guy. And it hasn't had all kinds of work them too and it's been discovers and all original Coca but it was always always scratched and so we we came across this as a consignment. From the president has it now. We've got all kinds of material through to prove his authenticity. And when they say that you know I mean I've got the original manuals the original bill chief the original. Window sticker. I actually have a copy of the original checked that was written for the cow from the bank. That the guy when gonna you know venture for a look at the that the pig copy of it. So. This is a really really nice fellows went six 220 fives when six Mona. And when you open up the engine compartment and looks like brand new win now it's it's great. It's. That's a kind of can be bought for under 101000 dollars and it's the it's an investment account for world that's a proposes. Or you could keep it as a driver you know may be maybe you did have were these guys. Or ninth or an uncle or you know so polite you know you wanna bring back some of that. So that old feeling that you you know I had when you were when you're a kid. So give us a call take a look at that 'cause you'll buy it if you look at it and it's it's like a brand new currency it's incredible. About Thomas about the Toyota Corolla would 9900 miles on it. OK so we do have a 2010. Toyota Corolla S okay. It's a it's a that's a chuckle great America. And parents could be a black interior. It's Leo moon roof. It has the oval wing in the back alloy wheels but so automatic. And it has just less than 101000 miles on the personal that. Just is not driving anymore so. Because of that we have discount and it's and it's agree parents like to bring income. Okay. I wanna pay about a couple Toyota. Okay that should tell them all of them because you know both of bad. We have 2009. Toyota Camry one owner you know all affair with trek in an Nextel lead you know we've. 77000. Miles on it. Now back over a great. Move. Beautiful caffeine nail driven never smoked in. We also have a two dollars and in nine toll Toyota Matrix. OK with 151000. Miles on a while on the ball and the low lowly story yep that's that this is while one don't know all the service records. Nice. Polls all nice cast. On so don't to a another Toyota to bill. Oh look at the so all right. Yet this was traded for one of our customers and we we actually put through the shop. It didn't really need very much because he kept up within the car actually has 36. Service records and they're all from my Toyota. And it's a high mileage car or ask in 3900 dollars for it would be great commuter cut the skies act actually had leather interior. And it has or moon roof as well as CO2 gulf war. Toyota solo. Okay now I want to tell me. About their 2013. White Mercedes S 554 Matic. That kind of steaming them so it's Pearl White. And the interior is who's Black America right correct yeah. And and that carries just outstanding neck I had a sticker over 400000 dollars a 1111930. Dollars. That's what it was while. And that pack can be bought. Probably sober in the sixties right. So we need sixty he has that he could probably save like 50000. Dollars from a new one that cash has what they call the rear seat package he has. Memory heat heat heat heat conditions heat. Policy in the back. How they can't mimic who format if you think maybe could drive me around them. How we will put on the little black felt this camera are couldn't that be good and what did you tell us open 2009 Mercedes wagon. Apply all national. So we've got a beautiful old nine Mercedes into the 354 matter wagon it's black. With a T and leather interior. It's got the third seat. And the term of the crickets that navigation. I don't think that was gonna back up camera but it has navigation. So it's good you Apollo moon roof. You know leather interior. It's in exec exceptional shoot as though only has what six the. 6066066000. Miles. That's it that's definitely beautiful color for somebody you know if you look at for wagon. And you in need all wheel drive. Then does is it time. Time to get one of those council OK next they wanted to tell me about that beautiful. 2012. Jaguar. Hole while the white won't be it's beautiful and it's white with a wooden. Interior right. Would be a perfect are few or none of Florida for instance. Along body that yes long wheelbase so that means it's like. It's like the little version if you will who had thoughtful portfolio addition rights portfolio right so. It's it's equal to what the you'll be in implies would have been very yes basically put this one's good navigation and a deck of guimaraes. You're supposed via navigator and back at me and run its its amazing. That's at the the big roof design of the penal youth of those yet so it's gonna panoramic roof so. It's like I dual rule basically if you will. Dual moon roof it's it's really outstanding so looked black on the outside on the top. Just because you know scope of sky view. Yes really nice while K before you tell us about that and see if you have the convertible yup it's gonna touch on a couple times. We just got in I don't know if you start at 2006. XJ. Sue both V8. Your portfolio addition. So break the parade you know now I'm so you know about it but I won't let everybody know who only a 150 of those kinds. The limited between Canada and the United States in 20065. Of them went to Canada on 145. Went to the United States. That's less than two re purse date while it's crazy and that was nine years ago. This cavalry has 78000. Miles on it and we have. The condition of the cabbage immaculate. What color was it called both column. Black cherry. Okay beautiful moments ago the towers just incredible rare rent detainment sit with them theoretical. They actually call it I believe was con Contra brown okay it almost looked like a gray black. Really what it's worth that is ground while. The inside of the EEE Houston amazing amazing let's go piping on the seats right. Yes is it the same colors are different color or and to contrast on a nice nice and very Shoppach in about. Plus being a super rate that makes it supercharged. Yes so that means that casket like a lot of hospital. Serious Moscow on the a lot of us now you know. No I don't know how we're doing on time here this film and more content wanna let let everybody know. Alas the fuel quite grew route we have an Audi a five convertible 2011. Gorgeous how we have a 97. Ex gay act convertible jaguar via a beautiful. Just Greg you should take it down a lot of look who's in Iran race springtime is almost here though is blue with two in leather interior great teeing up we've got a bunch and. Newfound we've got out. Two Nissan Altima as a couple sent clues. A Nissan NV 200 beam and then get I share the G-20 500 million. You know six in a way Chevy Silverado pickup truck. There we got a ton of inventory you know that. And the thing is if we don't have that we can get we'll get that's the biggest thing in if you wanna call us Guinness at. 330. Car guys. Or on the web at the car guys website dot com so that's 330. Car guys. Or on the web at the card guys website dot com. I think we're running out of time his god unfortunately. But. Will be back next week promise that yet at the same time. And hopefully Jo receivable join us. And if not. You know although have you back on the show the pent up it's cold weather Donald Florida Prokopec pickax hit you might want to put a little more sensitive emotional find out. Anyways. This is the card guys' radio show on succeeding AM WRKO. And we'll see you next week folks.