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Katie Donovan, Equal Pay Negotiations, discusses Gender Wage Gap

Feb 23, 2015|

Katie Donovan, Equal Pay Negotiations, discusses Gender Wage Gap by The Financial Exchange

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Eighty Donovan from equal pay joins us now hi Katie. Her Barry I am hi Katie thanks for being with us but thank you for inviting me im sure I'm not term buying into this game. Well actually bury your example in an interesting one and one that actually. Happened during the me resent me in fact. You know. Other two got laid off and making good money that means man you know. As they would on for any got to keep food on the table and overhead for the family right. If they are making 100000 that were willing to take this job for 60000. Getting have to recruit is considering making. Poll. And so it did pretty both fans will be making too literal or too much you don't make the interview. And that's currently trying to eliminate it stand about recruiting effort. Don't know every inning amount about it we cannot I have to figure out a quick way to go to the rent them to once they do a keyword or. After that the next Whitman Whitman has been or how much they may. They're taking people out that would be more than happy to take the job or need did you. And more than capable or even say they moved from Tennessee to blocked it may have a well now. That makes them look like they're not capable because Tennessee has been very different job market. Ray because there wages are lower in Tennessee. Right so the wave could make them looking capable but they were probably. Star and thinking. So tell us about this bill who's sponsoring it it would as the likelihood of passing. Welcome bill in. Sponsored in how I've represented you mean by that represented up as a legislator yeah burnt by the advocate it. Well I know the advocates see your advocacy group this foundry your equal pay negotiations right. Well that's bike company advocacy group is how people pay collection and that was founded by mass now. By the commission on the status map commissioner and the data supplement. And by the woman's partner. And and you seem to still believe that there is a lot of these are big gap in terms of gender race in terms of compensation I'd I don't see it in in the industry I worked in. I'm I'm curious as to how you derive this data that shows that men are paid more than women for the same job. Well there is data from the department laborers is being here and he's going to be yet. Included in police today. There. Gosh the laundry list that I'm basically detracted data. They do you see him in in media yes exactly. Yes and no question about that gender and it it was thought our last night pretty. In our way at love them. While what about the Oscars. The contract had warned me the best supporting actor. I'm and in an acceptance speech she talked about it it's time our. Women care current equally. And that part of that plays into the Sony hack it might be getting to be killed but. But in the Sony had there was a lot of information about women and in movies. Getting less than Nicole. Dart who were meant. And this is being at into Hollywood more than it's been in the past. But isn't there RD a law on the books about pity you know he can't pay. Me and more than a woman for the same job. Absolutely. There are a lot of why don't need another law. The readout I'm being made. Serb there is a lot but we've all over a decade at money that women making approximately. About 1% down 1% back of what they've been around 20% about a decade. And before that they were making headway but now it looks like it's going to stop. And take till according to one new projection shall when he won 39 before women achieved equality in pet. He would you say that frequently that it quality occurs in jobs that maybe our. Contract personal contract jobs and that kind of thing where it's not public information about the difference in salaries. You know there may be a law and the law may be. For our salary it's posted. So so maybe if you work for the state that you're not gonna see that kind of discrepancy became a personal services contract. And lets you Sony for example. I don't know how much the actor next to me is making for this movie because they are working under personal services contract and it's. Now also has. Some some kind of clause that says you can't do you know reveal which are making. Our. Every. Industry every effect I did very thing that shuttle equality. Whether it. Personal contact earned by men that are part time at the data shows that it. A look at. Whether intentionally or not it's just tell it. And that's what we're trying to come up with a way that. Is actually easy to implement for company. Takes away that. Maybe unintentional. And we are biased that existed all of us who are having you know this was saying now about. Having read through them without racists. There could be effective and without being accessed. And that's what these. Item I aimed toward. All right JD thank you very much for your time appreciate it thank you have Katie Donovan equal.