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Would you be able to survive on $30 a week for food? 4/13/15

Apr 13, 2015|

Gwyneth Paltrow says no. Jeff Kuhner says yes.

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704 here on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends. You know. We've been talking about this now for a wild. You want cooks see Brittany and I we want corner country to play a pivotal role. Move the next Republican presidential nominee and potentially the next president will be. Has you know New Hampshire is going to be a very important primary state. So we're we've been talking behind the scenes with a lot of the major candidates or prospective candidates out there. We are going to be rolling out our town hall political forum series. Beginning this Saturday. So this Saturday. We will have John Bolton. Coming to Nashua, New Hampshire. Since Saturday it's gonna be from new loan till 2 o'clock. Already get bought all the details about the venue. And so forth but John Bolton will be coming. He I think will likely declare himself to be. Nominee for the Republican presidential mom and for the Republican presidential nomination. Moreover. Bolton will likely be the secretary of state. A very likely could be the next secretary of state he's basically gonna run to infuse the debate with foreign policy. It's foreign policy expertise. He's one of the war world's leading foreign policy experts. I've met him multiple times I interviewed him when I was at The Washington Times he's won the most brilliant men I've ever met. So this Saturday. From new until two in Nashua, New Hampshire. We are going to be unveiling the first of our corner country political forum style malts. Whereby you get ask the candidate. Any question you want. Bolton will obviously be talking about you wrong. He'll be talking about ice assists he'll be talking about Russia. He'll be talking about China the major radical Islam. The major conflicts and the major issues that affect us to this day so if you wanna be part of this. Space is limited seats are limited we are gonna be giving away tickets you can come and bring against her friend. So call now 6179311680. 617. 9311680. If you wanna who attended town hall with John Bolton in Nashua, New Hampshire. It's gonna be sponsored by WR Kerry though I will be the moderator of the event. It's gonna be trust you when I tell you this it will be. John Bolton. Unplugged and out. This guy is awesome and he's awesome. I know I'm telling when I saw him speak Jeff I was available for right there. I mean he promised I want my friend give give ticket might throw that. Tape tape. Taken all. No I mean he's honestly he's he's option superb. He will very likely be the next secretary of state who I want to try that next cruise I think I want him to be president. The guy and I mean you'd also be a phenomenal president but he's just he's such a foreign policy expert. So this will be a person that you'll be listening to prove very easily will have to undo much of the damage that Obama has done. You get the feeling Bolton to the White House we get attacked. He's not going to be don't have an Horrow Rick he's going to say who was an how many bombs do we have. I think he'll he'll shoot you dead. I mean she's she's this great. He won't instill fear in our enemies. And I'll tell you this. Moscow doesn't want them Saudi Arabia doesn't want them. I says doesn't want them Iran doesn't want arm Beijing doesn't want them Havana doesn't want him. Nobody wants him coming anywhere near the White House. Or running foggy bottom and be the next secretary of state. This guy. These two are enemies. Public enemy number one. He's an American patriot he's an American Nationalists. And you'll get a chance to see honestly just how brilliant and insightful he has so we're giving away tickets. Police I really stress the space is very limited. Only say you're coming if you're absolutely 100% committed to coming. We've got like a limited. Whether that's in the air limited this isn't quite where you could just show up if you don't take your normally you have to legitimately BR if you're on the list please you have to show up I usually able let everybody and thank you do with this Saturday yes it's it's it's nice venue. Do we have the actual law how yet cooks who are still working. To Britney never knew initially from Brittany number and you didn't know Britney didn't bring me any kind of a shot permanent and I'm blaming blaming. As usual. I mean she told me was opening day today. She eyes are Red Sox. Lou sweater on her sari her are hoodie on her Red Sox already she's very excited. They're all our narratives that it is gave it to me OK I don't mind me I'm just not host I'm just balls don't mind me OK my friends. Call now 6179311680. To join more off the corner man. And former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton starting at noon this Saturday April 18. I think. In Nashua, New Hampshire. It's presented by William Kelly financial services. Protect your accumulated wealth prepare for the worst and enjoy the best. So call now 6179311680. Right now to win tool processes. To the WRKO. Town hall on Saturday April 18 remember it's from noon until two with former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. This kicks off our town hall political forum series. We're already working behind the scenes Ted Cruz will be coming Rand Paul will be coming Rick Perry will be coming. We're working out details with Scott Walker or. I don't let us pressure army now I'd like to bring in Ben Carson Jeb Bush if he's got the guts if you can face corner country. So we're gonna try to we're gonna roll this out or the next couple of months. Bolton is the one kicking it off so deet tails RW RKO dot com. Again the number 6179311680. If it's a busy please just keep calling. Just keep calling and eventually you'll get through okay my friends. Hillary Clinton has now made it official. Yesterday in a video announcement also via email. Hillary Clinton has now said. She's now officially. A candidate for the presidency of the United States this is her last kick at the can. She's gonna run she says as a woman. As a progressive. And as a champion of the middle class. That the middle class needs a champion. And Hillary rotten Clinton is the one to be our champion. So my question to you is this. Is America ready for a female president. If you believe the answer is yes. Tax aide to 68680. If you believe the answer is no nyet specially if it's Hillary. Tax me to 68680. This morning's corner poll question is brought to you by our friends at the great early and senior services. Greater land senior services is hiring right now just visit GL a SS dot net and apply today. That's GL a SS dot net and apply for a new job today. Cooks what are the poll results so far 86% no 14% yes. So basically. There's just not this team helped present. To me that's that's that's that's the obvious answer there I mean is it you mean like. Now Sarah Palin and her Carly Fiorina. Or nick Yale he York yacht Denver ready. But her mall all were not a grand. Let's ask the mainstream media what they think. Then there's enthusiastically hurdle hot hot hot. I mean you honestly thought Hillary part of the Red Sea. I mean the way there we're going on about it all weekend and she's. One of the most monumental important decisions to Hillary important. Then she's in adjacent to win. I'm Mike guys relax. You still slobbering over the dear leader take it easy the feminists lover. You know I find it ironic about the feminist liking her and really pushing for her. You say you have a woman who wrote her husband's coattails all the way to the top. The nets are very public affairs stayed with the husband he aren't because since his last stadium what he could do for her. Yes feminism written all over it. Just incredible. To mean no self respecting feminists are honestly most thorough feminist before the restaurant a self respecting woman would of laughed. True I honestly look let me that's the women out there all seriousness. He her husband. Is who repeatedly. Cheating on I mean repeatedly. And not only is he cheating he sexually assaulting other win. In one case. For rape allegedly raped. We Jewish stand by him. Even though he's bringing in a lot of money. Even though he's making you rich. Is that your price are you willing to sell your soul. And then you wanna pass yourself off as some kind of iconic here role model for women everywhere. I mean really what self respecting woman would state with a loser like him. 6172666868. Okay immigrants speaking of liberal hypocrisy. You know the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Frankly shares and then a good movie in years but let that go. She did you have decent movies about 1015 years ago. Well Gwyneth Paltrow is another classic like Hillary Clinton a classic limousine liberal. And there's something called me fooled stamp challenge. It's part of a merry old but how these food bank challenge. Where people are invited to limit their families food budget to precisely. 31 dollars per week. It's about a buck 38 from. And there's saying you see people on food stamps that's what they have to live with them. That's their budget and could you live off their 31 dollars a week. First the ball. There it's through the snap program it's supplemental. So it's not the whole budget is just supplemental. Gates supplemental food stamps. But let bad girl so it's they have other sources of income and other ways to buy fooled. But let that they're actually gets the 31 bucks is all they out. But let that girl okay. So Gwyneth Paltrow says who who. I'm gonna do 31 dollars a week let me try it for one week so what does she do. She takes her 31 dollars goes to her local grocery store I swear this is ridiculous. And spends 29 dollars. And she says I can't live off of its high cut to food and I bought for two point nine callers my grocery at all. I can't live off this piece Idaho these people are getting bonds. Starvation in America. People are starving on the streets of America I can't live off this 31 dollars a week how much is it. It's 31 dollars were for some reason she only spent point nine I can feed. Myself I can feed a fairly for thirty or dollars week. In her Twitter inner tweaked a lot of big Macs this is what one. What's families on snapped IE food stamps have to live on for a week and she shocked if so what it Sheba. Ahead elects. A dozen necks. Him and cheese. Why it. Lied to many lives are and there's like 367. Dollars eight lying so who each warrant weaker winds. How graceful sent a cocktail party yards 49 dollars a week Shalit's. Spinach. Radishes. Whole grain brown rice black beans. I mean I'm looking at this and I'm like. Okay it's nutritious don't get me wrong. But you know it's a vitamin bonanza. Well who the hell can live on lettuce lines indeed it's. Like what what the hose won't be seamless as it grows tall well that's. I mean she's like ninety pounds or something look here's how you do it to you wanna live on 31 dollars a week and stole out of me and my piano Rex. Can you wanna be eighty pounds and anorexic. You buy peanut butter. You by several loaves of bread. You buy it payloads. Do you buy. My package our guards yeah you got cameras yeah Bob Auxerre. Hamburger. Maybe some macaroni and tonight he's there anyone's guess some eggs. Get a couple of jugs of milk. That's talking all got a couple of can cases a water you can I'm not saying it's five star minus. But you can feed a family I'm thirty bucks a week if you have to if you did Smart if you did a Smart if you're really disciplined monitored Gwyneth Paltrow and you know you want remaining 83 78 counts. And then think you're keeping a figure when you're really fifty pounds underweight but let that bill. So no I mean to me it's obvious and by the way if supplemental. That's the other thing they're acting like it's. That's all everybody houses 31 bucks a mole they haven't held a lot more than 31 dollars. 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Cool June seed they firmly could you you're found probably it's a fairly. Husband wife two kids. Well as a way of what she did it alone not theater thing she spent 31 dollars on herself. She wasn't feeling a finalist whose feeding yourself. I'll get back. So 31 bucks what's the challenge can I speed affiliates is a great book I could you feed yourself on 31 dollars we aren't robots yes. Could you very it'd be a lot of food could you know could you feed yourself on 31 bucks a week. And let's say you have a husband is 62 dollars a week. And let's say it's two children it's on broad and 24 dollars a week but could you get by on a family budget of 31 dollars a week. And would you be buying alliance. And beams. And brown rice. And lettuce. And spinach. If you read 31 dollars to spend in one week. 6172666868. Kevin you're up next thanks for holding go ahead kept. I just here are actually does this show the world over which started with her Cory Booker and Brooke Burke Mehrtens majors yes it. So I decided to take so much talk about what Billy just a self. Then they do the pro rich and of course it was soup you'll protect. Actually looked at the end of the week was 29 dollars and 96 cents. And you know it is it is eating very liked art you know you're not starving so it's it's it's like that the sort of strict diet. So you know for the morning hope you're happy but there were no that's what civic five cents. In tune with tomato crops for lunch and dinner quid pro Hibbert or onion pepper. And question optional. But support older than you can do that. It's it's it's not easy. You that you have to shop rite you know why you know such so far the results sale. But what you can do it our I didn't know where I turned and continue to pass the week obviously but I do that I just what's proved to sort of the current. Kerry was impressive to you this or that again so you've got oatmeal with what half a banana in the morning. Yeah so let's say you know like on Monday. I'm Monday opal you know perhaps even from breakfast Tuesday it was yoga perhaps Vanilla yogurt civil aviation sort of that there are large particular chaps. Then you'll know you're gonna turn this switch off between no new Yorker so sports. And alleged in the tune in or quarter pound Turkey oil or don't chicken breast. Incident that you know what are the court upon him burger. Perhaps that you can question of the night should alleged suspect and she's in small sell seats and a record upon them burger you know it's it was a little bit barring. But I didn't have any actress. I just put down your cup. Popcorn person acting on electoral power. Coordinates Russia corner she. You know we'll have a little asterisk you because it's so it worked so I didn't export crops so. Other than that. Kevin if you don't mind me asking did you lose any weight. Yeah of course yeah yeah I I did I don't know how much but yeah if you'd like mr. start and in the silence it's up televisions is probably. But I know thousand troops slot for a hotel today so this yet to direct yet. Kevin may be sharing the food budget in my house. I think plucked from I mean you know with my kids there is serial everywhere they spilled milk everywhere atop beaten. And daddy daddy I want a yogurt what happened banana banana apple hold banana and then a second banana. So luckily by the army looked huge issue if you're completely right you can get by food in this country. Compared to many other countries around the world is relatively cheap. And if you know how to stretch your budget you can stretch it a long way Natalie Europe next go ahead now. State job I've been doing this challenge per year ballot called the Obama economy. Hacked into crawling up your wages shrink it they're not stagnated. You know you have to find places we can save the patent that increasing taxes and pop they're constantly thrown. And then go out. And hit and I can control that does seem that I'd look very. Both I've been like fifteen and highway about a 120 pound on that day it's. How people can kill it you buy in bulk. And you prepare your own food you don't buy food to other people hate you by flower you don't let. But I hope that try to beat it I called Triton right. I'm into right that the complete protein. I need and they're cheap I would cheap. You can let let up like that and it doesn't hit bad potatoes cabbage and they're cheap but and the cheap and if you go to what supermarket like market basket. Every week they have special that are hugely discounted to get in the door it. Stock up on many things like that Big Ten and tomatoes on a good day 879 cents other story that began dollar. Are you. You get up at chicken sometimes markdowns if you can afford it by actor told the free bill also has leaked that have a low shelf life you know they're running out of time yeah I am up. Because they're cheap and you couple that day but yeah. No I mean people have been doing that freer when I went through the depression she taught me how people thought I. And you know the good they have a pocket these data of the real candidate. Natalie I'm not against that I gotta I gotta ask you one final question I just between us it is too personal let me know. What is your food budget ballpark. Oh good net. I don't really know because I don't calculated but I go to the store maybe once every three weeks. I stock up you know that's an increase staple. The apartments and I don't I could market basket. I want indefinite strike then that the after the strike and I thought the video and look at all kind of stuck twelve million bucks just. I couldn't believe it. I need Natalie I need to know the finance minister and my how would you marry me can't have them. How much is your food budget. Good Jews survive on thirty dollars a week. When it smoltz shoulder pads and you know. 6172666. Kids. When he did here on the break WRKO. No I gotta say off there cook she was just telling me. They went the market hostility yesterday cuts. Three people are you shopping for himself the whole little mall 120. Homes. Basically forty bucks a first and city went to market basket. Peanut butter bread for egg smell. We go with six workshops for two bucks. Possibly as a bush or pork chops that's a great deal bicycle because like 285. I think that's that's a good deal and am looking honestly at this limousine liberal Gwyneth Paltrow honestly I'm just comforted me but what an idiot I mean. Who is links. Like you would use them for Margarita it's pulled apple buys alliance. Whole grain brown rice black beans. Lettuce radishes. And spinach. I mean you're throwing a party or your try to feed a family for a week. Buster Europe next go ahead Oscar. They're important. Oscar. A role where did all being columns. Where these people are calling from work. Very dollars a week first off as family of four the family a break they don't gay. Margaret forty dollars a month on all fours that they got a lot more feminine look forward gets a ball on the 500 dollars a month. He worked so full stamps Kabul I know this because I know many family both forwards that get under something dollars a month uncle sent. And second of all I'd spend tomorrow ninety dollars every two weeks or family of four. Xstrata and hole where people are common chrome come up with no problem with those low numbers. Oscar you sold on you you you're that you're the guy that you're in charge of the food budget and your family. You spend ninety dollars every two weeks and yeah why we mean nine dollars wow. Every two weeks are Oscar. I Wear my kids do you think they're reading out of house and home. One dollars a week for food on food stamps. When it's all patrol Hollywood actress limousine liberal cant do it. Can you do it 6172666868. Sherri Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Jared. I'm all right Jack Denny hello you might spend that. In Singapore or hush. World. Before I speak about this cultural I would just like this say to find out what's inside Hillary Clinton. You have to vote for her. I. Well you know you listen to this comptroller beautiful actually crying about how cop working women and it adds 98 there are aware that day. It's always keep the chance to attend the two weeks and she makes a 117 million dollar. Nine lions she's definitely eat up our. Week. These people are so out of touch it's not even funny didn't know why he is just stupid dog and pony show. But more attention at all it is. It safe that. If that the dog and pony show more attention. No I agree with you Jerry but letting us. Jerry let me ask you this could you live I'm just curious could you could you live off thirty dollars a week if you say here's. That's absolutely and to let me tell you something Jeff. It's only he in my life. And I would like you know everybody does I lived in the lap of luxury or Cape Cod you know we worked out residents. Took to live down here. So we probably spent and maybe BD ninety bucks a week in I'd cook all the natural my wife takes all natural or would we live right. They didn't that we probably spent 350 dollars a month on food. While. I know what you would really care where Jeremy liked gimme a typical Gerry. What does Jerry and his wife eat in a day when you say you live good didn't exactly what's your breakfast what slide whatsoever. Breakfast I'll have bagel and sandwich with with egg and cheese yeah. A large I thought that's something light. You look at Validus something like data and make maybe maybe essay in which. The group she's seeing which are hand sand which is something. And then the dinner I you know like tonight when Kevin risks are but I don't recollect sell or unfairly affect a five blocks so we look rips. Wow. Holy mackerel. Arch is incredible putt. Now cooks are similar Brittany says she can do it she's gonna take the challenge. It's not a problem for her while. Will you buyer breakfast every day so that. I buy cooks he breakfast every morning so bad for both the view that knocks off your breakfasts. So breakfast is already taken care. So you gotta worry about his lunch and then and if we stick around you violence took advice that you exactly that's the drive my lunch as well so you guys it is down to dinner. Do you buy me lunch right now Roger barbecue and somehow someway someone buying me lunch she they get paid collections for years now. Six was 72666868. It's David you're up next goal I had David. Douglas are are saying I'd I did not know what UBQ was there until I'm Chris Byrd map that you could. I'm telling you I have my little Talley my card here. Out of the past twelve times and then there are the person economy's viewed TVQ. And operated it it's it's you stopped saying what date yet they'll that the whole load go to I stream candy bars. Chips. Are it it's great seeing good upbringing by these live. Everything would label products click on the outside that they have ul. Forty bucks a week. And he und 6:3 Q 20 am I'm me and all right bill. I just don't think it should be a larger a pretty people I I don't I don't understand it up to me. If you're you're you're money dirty vacated and the one I order hot shot Connecticut could only hear that you are right you check you need to know that fit. For the EP TIL. Bigger idea I loved I loved the idea the beat tiara and I'm so we David. All you get are their bare essentials. I'll give you Brad Miller spread peanut butter got peanut butter and all of fruits vegetables are mild honestly that's fine check in. Beans rice deficit. But exactly no local parks and Olof stirred no call call possible Doritos chips. No friendlies. Boston Vanilla ice cream. There are no sold. This 31 bucks a week water are rocking it. What BS. Not not a might Stop & Shop. Not a might be why not a Mike shards. I she. And families with BT family's this got to. Courts wait a minute hold public sector hope it. Did I swear you did got carts full of food I told you went shopping yes sir I spent about a 140 bucks yes look like what seventeen whatever wounds yes. That's what this is about. Idol shocker what's about this but the 120 bucks at storied also week. What is she talking about this woman she can't do it. Hold on you do shopping for every month I just go what's I don't alternative. Eagle every week I mean outside. Whoever we are you do learn we actually called us I don't know are talking about. It's why get married you have the woman. That somehow the purchase gets filled every Sunday they'll match. No well if I if I only had a 120 bucks a week. I can figure this all out not honestly does coupon. Sales. You don't buy you know by the. Hanks I agree with you would mount with my kids. See I go to a three times a idol to a three times a week the kick it three times a week per say I swear to orchard three times a week. First of all a much in my kids or milk all X. They go through jugs of milk and but the thing is they drink it. It's just that I look I sure I look at the little armies and I go how does that all fit in there. A peanut butter net tow lot. Ham Turkey cheese crackers. I guess my confidence all do they love muffins. Did I think if they each have a muffin in the morning and then I'll probably have another muffin at lunch most aria dinner. Are awful apocryphal or racial have won so they'll have like one and a half each up taco four muffins that doesn't last week 24 hours in my house. Now that's going to when he forums to check for the mother that LS eat stuff. Man. Oh really your music. You Brittany says she couldn't eat Oreo is until you got your license. Not with my honest to god with my kids each chocolate chip cookies. And the we call it the the double chocolate. It then they pick which cookies they want we don't buy. The army and I they want cocoa vice cookies you guys yeah like actually. Pictures whatever they're not on the kids my kids they Arianna give it to them all the time it's once a week it's a treat but. Not that we don't say oh she cooks he bought some portrait that scares the call buys nothing but like you know. Tofu and seeds going on look at me this is a vegetarian I just look at me. 6172666860. Eerie muffins a global fox. Will the kids are reading muffins and cocoa puffs. 6172066. That I'm working to pay for them to eat muffins and cocoa puffs but let that go. Kathleen Europe next go ahead Kathleen. I'm riding high Kathleen. I wanted to Aaron. They were so quick program we're watching it right there only about you know certain scary though. On Mel didn't she and Brad had no idea they do that would be cheap products don't tell me a lot of practice. You know certain things no sugar and numb it would help you know. I might mean Yahoo! will look on us I'm with you Kathleen I gotta tell you go okay look. I would completely reform EBP I would reform food stamps. I agree there should just be an EDT lane that's it somebody monitors it. I'm telling you every time there was like. One that I go to Stop & Shop Friday. Friday no wasn't solved job there was big why I went to big why I love big lie I like equality the food is good IR's Libby wanted. Right I will decide EB ET. Talk card I swear to you Kathleen was back. Fact what I see the big family size ladies barbecue chips. Dan of course there's several boxes of Oreo Cookies 'cause they got to shovel it down her throat then I saw a couple of. And. A couple leaders of my eyes couple pints of ice cream no proper rock you roll it managed tropical nothing but the best. Couple of cases of cold Coke. Coke zero. And I'm looking at all this passing pieces discuss think I'm paying for you to gorge on junk food. I'm not paying for you gorge on junk food. And their I am. Who should I buy this should I buy. OK I got my big man has should I get some oranges there's oranges are pretty expensive aviation rolled off a little bit. Kids have enough. We'll get your injuries on Monday. Hearing him in my mind trying to kind of like keep everything reasonable within the food budget. And I'm looking at diamond or just loading it in their baby without a care in the world. I'm the extremist. I'm I'm an extremist. 61720666868. Norman you're up next go ahead norm. I get a life Harry got I went through transition from surplus food oops just. Torture or prudent step to go down to this did did it was a police station where are less and they would give you like blockage she's just. I can appeal to part of which got a partner fondly did not buy it mystery meeting chance powdered milk. I'm macaroni and acrimony can McLachlan occasions mother steps. They're no go to launch next. Potatoes onto this and what eruption food stamps and number eight solo trip. Related. Paula when you went on food stamps you never rate so well right sorry now when you say. So defining what do you say you never ate so well like what you mean like you never ate so much higher rates of aren't all. Coach we did too we've put we've got Goran magazine figure out what their schools so large that through diet like Agilent. Planned family meals. Hello Lauren this series cigars but Gourmet Magazine and the plan meals. But food stamps are well. How. How much were you able to spend on food every month what was your budget. I have no wonder could get pretty well there's my. More than I do not out hustled us I don't blog I was integrated approach. I doesn't didn't we didn't incredible record can not. It. Yeah I told her biggest mistake I ever made my life. Was brilliant on its. Hardworking taxpayer. Still I think we've got it all wrong if you can't beat them join them. Junior. Crouched and you're gonna grow up you're gonna be a taker sub. Remember you Limbaugh who welfare or EDT all the way that's the only way to go silent section 8000. Let somebody else pay for your food let somebody else pay for your room and board let somebody else pay for everything silent. Sun remember led them be the sucker. The big picture of Obama enough house. In agony go to supper chop act show attend. And where to go and try to a week's worth of food for thirty bucks. I'll be honest with you could give you the results Robert food ex marine and all the food and tomorrow you could do it I don't think Britney can do it. No because not all you do I would say that source would go shopping together. You want this to be a challenge. I think it should be a challenge. Get out there should be which I think issue Bill Curry terribly stubborn right to is that vs. Later kick while it's an X ray and my money is completely on you. Because Britney honestly britney's got great taste she knows how to eat well the problem is it all luster to race we called a hide me. High maintenance she's I didn't mention is he's got to make it's so you'd they'd Britney. Dig into your power costs should I trust you it's not cheap. 61720666. It's 68 Marianne Europe next go ahead Marianne. I'd kept a Leo I'm good are you good. I think the 39 dollars a week is not right. But even if it is going you know I was if you have I'm. You know are that bad entitlements you'll also get free breakfast at school each hit a free lunch at school. I'm so that religiously you within our trip for every family and that 319. Or thirty dollar which I guess I don't think it's correct. I think they get more. So yeah I'm. I know might as those on the case and I'm they were having some pilot program I don't know it would no perks like died in the summertime. They have boots and how it's. Because the cute that you had on a free lunch and then if the food pantry. And I can't. But I need craze get this government shot I thought up and it can't Arthur EBP try inimical to the service after and they and hundreds of dollars go to another country grew cooler. Well there your own sake all paid for by yeah the dumb gringo. This is we feed him here and we've seen him in the old country and we're the racists. 748. 753. Here on the great WRK. You're up next thanks for all of them go ahead. Good job I could do their. I learned that from Hillary Clinton could which human. The white out shoot dead broke. If she told me how to do it. Roman noodles you by the cage for three bucks. Transport our viewer audio editor dollar Q and if I actually can't get cute there are probably. I'm. English muffin and I apparently by two Pratt but breakfast for the week if you really want to board you can my kids are beginning to opt. And that nick and Pete nick young and up into the future a lunch. Complicated to not suffered all of I think you promote another five date so it up I'd. Not much you Steve. I'm with you buddy I mean if if you really know what you're doing and you really economize and prioritized. And this country pleasurable less food is relatively cheap you can get by per person you can get by thirty dollars a week. Now if you're Gwyneth Paltrow. And you gotta keep your sex. That's something else but for average people you can get by I'm thirty bucks a week is the lives cold water. Wanted to well Lou and his forever be on water yeah. 617206. X 6868. Chris you're up next. Go and Crist. Big blue chips were previous car just mentioned that in the trojans would lose you can have some serious medical issues I look at him now I'm 57 years old. That's just just sort of mostly cubs get a direct upside down should be getting mostly programs. At the top of the food. Troops moved in a little bit of cubs sort of blood sugar. Batten got just backwards. I wouldn't be key right now because they've got some major medical issues. And I don't like would be that hard question. It's. Traditional rule if you will about people one EDT. A Bloomberg body. I bite vegetables straight afloat. That huge debts of troops two in the supermarket to salute vegetables and prepackaged containers as it is some sort of continued sport. Which doesn't provide very much vegetables for the work. Look truly reform bill. Well Cuba to absorb Dick Williams guided Chapman not. You can't try and pick the rest of our RW. Which they didn't. Which doesn't lose a lot less total referred not to prosecute they just don't take my Sunday. I am sure I have to compliment food bank which are small. So quite to that brought new programs. In Latin rock and true to so which is about ready to go bad. So the we're at such a loop because I'm in the situation and I used to blue waited bogeyed this con means to do. Blue. Broad brush everybody wrote. Well over illegal carved usage so obviously museum we can't check. To go to Russia or should should and shouldn't 200 dollars roster wherever she hasn't looked into the net for a friend. Our. The prejudice succumb and we're through loud and clear. And I feel Chris Simon say look racism argument just doesn't work anymore. Let's don't suit him well they're prejudices are you sure can't type. That your big gated or prejudice look. Illegal immigrants are abusing our welfare system. Error using and we ramps. And to be honest with you Americans like you are hurting because of it. It. Part of rule. Not a storm sang and people like you or hurting because of it and that's the problem durst who billion dollars a year. Being abused by illegal immigrants on our welfare system. So they have no business buying food on our dying and they have small business sending remittances. To their relatives whether or being Guatemala Nicaragua arm ankle. Now look Chris you're right I do the shopping in my family fruits and vegetables are very expense that's the most expensive thing that you buy. But look even to be honest with few carrots. Carrots are relatively cheap. I head of lettuce I pay a buck 79. I'm not saying get all you're getting the best best vegetables but you can eat lettuce you can eat carrots you can buy tomatoes not be organic kind. But you can get some couple mice tomatoes. Get yourself a nice solid. Nothing wrong with carrots lettuce and tomatoes. OK don't eat strawberries. Don't eat blueberries but you can get bananas you can get out balls nothing wrong with that. You know you have an apple for lunch you have a banana for breakfast. Or you got some fruits you have a nice salad or your vegetables. Don't tell me in this country. That if you don't prioritize your food budget you can't live well. And this this thirty dollars a week for gimme that's BS. I I know I look at the carts. It's 45600. Dollars a month. So if the illegals are living high on the hog don't tell me Americans can't get by Kenny I've got a minute goal my friend. Capped by indiscriminate use thirty years ago. That I can't stop people for fifty cents on the dollar. But counterfeit there's been bad but I doubt Annika or under our belt. How did he ever credit card. I don't people now that turnaround and their credit art. That's not being abused. 617 here amen brother 6172666868. OK coming up next. Hillary could. Is the one. Democrats are already rallying around her it's gonna be a coronation. Mike question do you is this. Can Hillary be stopped in 26 team. And the Republicans Peter thanks she wins 6172666868. All of your calls next.