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Dr. Kevin Hill (McLean, Marijuana vs Alcohol) 6.1.15

Jun 1, 2015|

Dr. Kevin Hill (McLean, Marijuana vs Alcohol) 6.1.15 by The Financial Exchange

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The next seventeen months to legalize marijuana is going to be a topic of great discussion and extensive discussion. Mayor Marty walks by the way is probably going to be. The guy that takes the lead to a posting. The referendum not opposing the referendum opposing legalized marijuana in Massachusetts. We're joined by doctor Kevin Hill from the McLean Hospital. And we're gonna talk to the doctor about the differences between marijuana. And alcohol. Good morning doctor hurry today. I do not think semi out there. Thanks again for coming on. You treat people with chemically chemical dependency at McLean Hospital that and that is your area of expertise correct. Absolutely ST people who have problems with the Pope Buick like heroin. Alcohol and marijuana every single day. What's tougher to treat that from those three ready at somebody. Hooked on. Treat doctor. Heroin and not even close very very difficult to help somebody stop you don't. What's the survival rate of the heroin act. Not very. If you do everything that you're supposed to do you can be that the numbers say that. There's about 50% chance that you are free from all Buick at that three months right now though it's a toss of the coin if he'd do everything right. What about. Our chances are better so I mean I would say you probably have a chance. Three quarters of the time probably doing well at that point three month point if you do all the things that point of the matter is unfortunately that a lot of people don't do all the necessary thing. In terms treatment. How about marijuana DC a lot of addiction problems with marijuana. I do because that's my specialty obviously buddy NetSuite talked about before your show it only about 9% of adults who use marijuana become addicted to however we. Think that there are about twenty million Americans in the last year using marijuana. There are quite a few people out there there have problems with marijuana ballot and don't know it yet but those are people that we hear beat it. Is it a gateway drug to heroin or other drugs. I think it is gateway drug it's be kiwi drugs so in a program like ours we see people come in in most people come in for problems with oh you wait or alcohol I would say that probably. 60% of those folks will tell you that. When they were thirteen or fifteen base started using marijuana or alcohol or nick I don't think it's the gateway drug act in thicket. A situation where if they're young and using marijuana they're opening the door to some problems that it would otherwise not rather half. Is it a gateway is that more of a gateway drug and alcohol. I mean I think it's it's pretty. Similar in the sense that like accepted. You know the stories that we hear that if you're a young impressionable kid who's somewhat impulsive sometimes I mean you're gonna pick one of those streaks substances. And and start using again if you're drinking alcohol or using marijuana at twelve or thirteen you're not guaranteed to. Have problems with other drugs down the road but I do think its support for knocked it. You know as as a father I raised five kids and I noticed that. They all started drinking alcohol in eleventh grade urged after it was actually the summer after tenth grade is when they. I found that they started experimenting with alcohol. What is more dangerous for a sixteen year old alcohol or marijuana. Well I think that alcohol is probably more dangerous so again as part of the debate that marijuana is safer than alcohol older we need to recognize that just because it may be. Paper doesn't mean that it's not potentially dangerous so keep used marijuana debate. He can certainly affect your judgment today can affect your ability to drive but most of the problems that we talk about marijuana. Are associated with illegally regular use overextended period. I thought last time we talked he said that if the sixteen year old who's using marijuana. It has a lot of detrimental effects on their brain development. Absolutely can't but I think this is part of the point here is that there are different degrees of danger so marijuana. May be less dangerous than alcohol but it doesn't mean that it's not potentially danger right and I think that when you edit you're mention heroin earlier. And it also illustrates the point of marijuana may be safer than alcohol which is safer than. Heroin but the point is that we need to understand that they're all potentially dangerous they're just different degrees. A risk associate with. Makes a pretty tough to be apparent today dozen doctor. No question about it and I think that's part of the concern you mentioned the mayor earlier I think part of the concern is that as policies make marijuana perhaps more accessible. Or changed the way that we think about and people are concerned about increased use increased addiction. All of our I would say that we need to do the research to figure out that actually going to be the case. Have you looked at any polling data on the likelihood of this passing. I like that again in Massachusetts told a steady you know a while the country most people are in favor of legalized recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. I think that the data is pretty similar certainly somewhere in the mid I if he's so when you look back to medical marijuana it was low sixties I would ask quite easily. I think that that's why we really need to get out front of this legalization issue and start thinking about policies that. Can give the people what they want in terms of legalize recreational marijuana while mitigating or lessening the risk this is that. What would you recommend along those lines. I think we definitely have to talk very concretely about what that actually would be. So the excise tax in in Colorado is generally two point 7% Washington's status 44% and we need to be somewhere in that area. Don't tax it heavily to the point where you can your marks some of those buns. We're treatment and also importantly education I think part of the reason. Well look at some of the problems of marijuana on the countries were not doing a very good job educating kids about. Marijuana act like this alcohol argument is a great example that the program a lot of folks. Will really run with this message and they look you know wanna stay with an alcohol but people here are. That marijuana harmless it's not harmless in the anti marijuana folks really don't wanna touch. This kind of issue idea that indeed it does say that marijuana is safer and now all of this is that time where we need sensible evidence based conversations about marijuana. Yet it's and you know he tried to preach abstinence. To your kids race they don't use a higher. But boy it's a it's a tough conversation he had acted in school the social pressures on that kid after tenth grade. If it's very common that the kids are either drinking or their use an onerous or they're spoken to open up talk about you know kids grown up in our neighborhoods. I don't know there's no question about what you'd do to conversations that you have with your child about that and also how you handle. Alcohol or other substances. Are the biggest drivers for how they're going to. Interface with the sentences so they may still try alcohol or marijuana but they know. What you feel about it that's gonna influence that it could influence whether or not they try it in if they do whether or not it would use again I think really. How you handle these being the conversation that you have a kid you. Are the biggest. The biggest backers here at play. You know familiar you're absolutely right parroting becomes. An even bigger challenge doctor thank you very much for joining us predict and doctor Kevin hell McLean.