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Is Boston ground zero for terrorism? 6/4/15

Jun 4, 2015|

Jeff believes that Boston is ground zero for terrorism. Do you believe so?

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706 here on the great WRK. All power to the corner report Jeff corner. Plus in bulldozer. The public enemy number 16172666860. Taken down every body in the political you know. Okay my friends. I have a call him off. Making the rounds already at world Tribune dot com I urge all of you please goal we needed to email list. We did FaceBook if it is the column. Is that the media establishment. In this state do not want you to read. Boston's radical Islam problem. That I sis is now here in Boston. How they Islam ism has now become the soft underbelly here in the Greater Boston area. And why the media elites are afraid to speak its name. Go to world Tribune dot com. This is the column that nobody wants you to read. 781 Jeff. Just had my husband read your article while on the train heading to work he said it was great very courageous article thank you 781. Another 781 Jeff you're article on world Tribune is spot on. Make a couple thousand leaflets and drop them over Boston like what was done in World War II who at. Thank you 781 they arrest me. Then you see dug up the radical mosques and I point out in the peace and he anti American pro Jihad sermons that eyesight. Not all diesel mounds dosing moms are off limits Dole's mosques are off limits. As I point out in the peace. What is sick about the media establishment in this state. Is that whether it be the phony rhinos. Or the progressive left whether it be the more and that's orgy. A bit better than the centrist clowns. Do you view constitutional. List conservatism. As a greater threat than Muslim terrorism. As I point out in the peace only in Massachusetts. And so to recap what it's we're going on. Law enforcement authorities have now come out and admitted. That Osama and I team. Is he ice is inspired terrorist. In fact was part of a larger terrorist plot whereby heat his cousin. Who was arrested in Everett. Followed David Wright along with the third unidentified individual. On Sunday. Met. Their initial plan according to law enforcement authorities wish to kill and be head Pamela Geller. The woman behind the must lead the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland Texas. How ever Osama Rahim got impatient he didn't wanna wait there was too much security. And as he told his fellow G artists. I want to kill cops in blue. And I wanna kill them here in Boston in the Greater Boston area because their comment and their everywhere. And sold their goal was to amass military style my ex. And then began to capture kidnapped. Kill and behead police officers. Are they're doing in Libya as they're doing in Syria buzzed or doing any rock. And then produce slick my it ice is videos. And send them all over the world. Except this time he wouldn't be from North Africa or the Middle East. But from the streets of Boston on American soil. And by the grace of god. An incredible old fashioned police work. Nevada pack was interrupted and stopped just in the nick of time according to law enforcement. But I choose this morning. Osama Rahim had called his father and very emotionally was telling them on the phone. Goodbye this is it it's over so they figured an attack was imminent either on choose date or perhaps the following day on Wednesday. Now. This is now reopened to the argument. About the NSA surveillance program. And what I find unbelievably. Incredible. Forgive me frankly bordering on sheer ignorance and stupidity. ECB insistence. Of peace pro Obama Democrats. Of these Mubarak's. And there or running all being able works. That John McCain's done Lindsey Graham's. That Kelly tell me what to think Shawn Jay hawks. You keep now acting as if somehow. The NSA surveillance program actually was an effective tool against terrorism. And as I pointed out many times the FBI has admitted they can point to 11. Concrete arrests so. This is how desperate they are okay. This is how desperate they are. According now to our senator Richard Burr. Republican North Carolina. Closely John McCain a serve another establishment Republican big NSA guy loves to spy on Americans. Quote. He claimed that the NSA surveillance program check this out. Was helpful in the investigation. Of the Charlie Epps a flash bang your speed bump quote reset in the senate. You can't hide from the fact that this program enables us to thwart terrorist attacks here and abroad OK cite an example. There is not. And that this program was used to figure out whether the Chardonnay yeah Brothers. Had an international connection that directive that horrific event at the marathon. You're saying the NSA surveillance program was effective. Because it helped identify the surname youths. I'm sorry does forgive me does the elevator goal to the top what is this guy smoking. Four people got killed. 260. Got wounded there were limbs and blood all over the streets of boils then did you not see that the Boston Marathon bombing I didn't genius. You're telling media NSA was a success how was it a success. Mark Richard is dead crystal Campbell is bad Lindsay you always dead. They whip all almost two dozen people lost their limbs what are you talking to me about what it is thwart an import anything. All. But it found out about the surname has really. Or Russians. Tipped off the FBI. This saudis tipped off the FBI. And I got to save us. Because like I said it's now quarter unplugged. Now I'm take care I'm taken Ramallah now. Huckabee always been farther to. If if for forget life and death forget three dead and 260 wounded in many of them maimed and crippled. If I GM of a foot care the general manager of the New England Patriots. He misses a good draft prospect he's on the job. My ratings gold down and come out of a job. Cook she starts making big mistakes on the border or or or Brittany she sought a job. Hell I'd drop the F bomb on the air I'm gone. Yet these FBI agents were tipped off about the turning yes forget NSA surveillance they're straight up. Straight tipped. See inner view them. Form demise it. Mall Jihad mole on the Wii from Chechnya guy not known to love America we love them. You did go up here it is I have to admit not this is what does he Chechnya. But we love America me bottles we lovely bones and the welfare PP PR I look Boston Massachusetts. Number one. They interviewed them. And they let them out right underneath the noses and nobody can this date has been fired. And these guys are going on about the NSA any. As a success what it's our new hips are you freaking kidding we'll. Now. As congressman Stephen Lynch has pointed out. Exposing goal lies in the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe and the media here in this city. The NSA surveillance program had nothing to do with what happened in Roslindale. In fact that's Stephen Lynch who's looked at the documents spoken to law enforcement authorities. The NSA had nothing to do with them tracking some arrest team or is cousin David Wright in fact it was all under the foreign intelligence security act. It had nothing to do with the NSA. I want all of you think about this I wanna get too off topic but I must say cook she on this was brilliant as a leader out to me last night. He said Jack. With the arguments of the pro NSA people the pro government spying people. Is this is this. If you have a drug dealer on your street. If you have a crack house on your street. You don't go after the guy running to crack couch normal moan all in this case the radical mosques here in Boston long long home. You don't get probable cause look at what this guy singing these sermons look at the terrorists that are going in and out. We need to bug the hell out of that place and start cracking down. Not normal home. You going to the houses of everybody else on that street who's a law abiding citizen. You violate their privacy. You violate their civil liberties you trample their fourth amendment rights. That's the logic. Of these probe police state liberals and their Ryan know he may blocks. And now they're desperately grasping at straws. NSA didn't stop the Boston Marathon bombing it didn't stop Fort Hood. He had nothing to do what happened in Rosalind dale my friends all of it is these one prophetic power grab. 6172666868. And thanks to us Tea Party constitutional lists led by Paul and Ted Cruz. It is now dead and buried. And I say amen. Rest in peace. Barbara Europe next go ahead Barbara. Kahne and Jeff Frye and I agree. I'm calling you because I had heard Scott who had called previously. And I'm actually married to a month forum for thirty years and I were growing Catholic. And I dare. Sure we Bryant for a terrible and I know. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people there and here. And I will say that there are probably certain aspects of Islam that we don't understood and but icing you have to be careful thing we just. On the rise. And make a continent that cheap either the part of theory glitch and I think it's how one interred there. C cor aren't just like we interpret the Bible and just like we interpret speech for a and I think there are a lot of people in this world that are evil. And Dick and interpret it how they want but when I talked with my heart and about what's going on and she keeps him believe that the way. Most people are acting bench seat he tells me speaking for fiscal for more on the opposite rule it. My chandeliers about my friends sir about my religion which he's sick people that have a problem who are interpreting. It. The way they want to interpret the net and on top of that I'm Roman Catholics job. My boys are brought up Roman Catholics. My boy who cries cheers Christian schools. They're actually reach a high school so I you know as much anxiety. Being that there's a lot that we have to worry about this religion I just think that we have to teach out all our church. You know put it didn't box that rapper bow around it and stage its chief. Barbara these are guys don't dropper I wanna I wanna talk to this one minutes and we're up against the break the peace keeper so Barbara. I I wish I wrote my my understanding is your husband is a Muslim correct yeah okay. Barbara I'm not saying this to stroke your regal. Or to be politically correct. Some of grace's closest friends and she's marriage or some very close Italian friends they've married Muslim men. And I have become very close with them through racist friendships and they're exactly the way you describe your husband. And that in fact have taught me a lot some of them are from Morocco they're from Algeria. They're from they're from Syria. My front ER for months that's pretty radical placed a hand in the air Floyd. What turned and. Their salt of the earth honestly as a Christian I was at Catholic. I admire him I respect him or socially conservative and traditional as I am I really admire him okay. I I'm not trying to peddle my peace I just want please read it because I address this very issue. According to most experts. They say about ten to 15%. Of the entire Muslim world is what are called the radical jihadist. So you're completely right. The 85 to 90% of Muslims are exactly like your husband. And are exactly like my leg grace is good friends don't let my good friends now. They're decent salt of the earth people who just wanna live their faith raise their families work hard and pay their bills. The problem is this. Islam is now the fastest growing faith in the world. It's gonna slow as soon overtake christianity. It has over a billion fall which one billion. Ten to 15%. In some minority there's no question about it. But ten to 15%. He's a hundred to 150. Million. And as I point out in my piece that is bigger believer it or not then the German veteran mocked. She's the army could be true but still a little majority rule. Why people going towards Islam. What kind of people are mentally trap did choose that she could I sign that some of these people who were not brought up. There's something else going on with whipped and not something hired Billy can understand some. Try that any old bat is just looking for eight crews say yeah seagull. No Barbara you may be even right but my point is just this that hundred to 115 million they're not going anywhere. And they're coming here. And if we don't confront it and if we don't speak out against it and if we don't condemn it. Barbara you're gonna be had your husband. The biggest victims of radical Islam. Are moderate Muslims. It's not even Christians or Jews. And I mean each someone like Ted fruits and brain and all of a real Tea Party conservative. Police even gonna stop immigration should this country for many other countries not just from Mexico and you know as glacier like that. We have to look at it overall stopped SP or sober up and. Ringo Barbara you nailed it phenomenal call. God bless you. And that's exactly I don't want it's in my call that's exactly one of the things I say you wanna solve this you wanna and the radical Islam problem. Yeah have to secure the border and stop Muslim immigration from these Islamic hot beds around the world. World Tribune dot com please look at the column send it around 6172666868. 723. More with your call WRKO. Lines are blazing. Share through Europe Max thanks for holding go ahead Jerry. Yeah common JD RU out of lead sled and you are required training will wrap up. Did you see the big mega blamed Islam and run for his broken leg of America general. Yeah political. Shop. That's why you shouldn't write you shouldn't title as Mike went out the training wheels journey he shouldn't write before you. Get a. Very very good shell everything that's been spoken of it's true except for one thing. If you speak to the expert if you speak to Pamela Geller. We speak to Bridget Gabrielle. We speak to Robert Spencer all Steve Emerson or pity the people let a well renowned about terrorism. They will all tell you get a thirty to 40%. Of muscle but both of islamists. Not Muslims. Are our islamists got a radicalized. Thirty to 40% Jeff. Close your you think my ten to 15% number is low then right. Yes it's it's doubled after its double that just yet it still researching you look at what the experts say they'll tell you the three to 400 million. That radicalized. It is the difference in and I wanna point itself. It is a watch list. Is different than a Muslim as you know. A lot of people don't know that. People that are Islamist radicals. They believe in the teachings to the nth degree about submission. About non believers. Vote and literally taking the crime in using it as a cool thing to happen as society. In this an unholy alliance between our establishment in this country in the deep in the islamists. People prostituting each other using each other as to who the need to control. Although we have people that's what they try to do Jeff. Hi Carol you're completely right look I don't wanna keep up plugging my column but if you again world Tribune dot com. I got my latest column it's this column the media here does not want shooter read. Guys I point out with the Islamic society of Boston who was one of its biggest backers. Tommy Menino. Or by some of these radical he moms who were they close allies with Shaun frost what Kerry senator Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bull. A mini me Deval Patrick. There is an unholy alliance. Between the hard core secular liberal left and the radical islamists here in Boston. And what that alliance is about comes down to one thing are you don't thinks. They both hate Israel. And they both in this. Eyes America. And that's why the progressives turn a blind eyes. 'cause he Islamist sharpened their knives. 6172666868. Okay we're gonna have Charles Jacobs and his other research director on 8 o'clock. You are not gonna believe what they are gonna expose. About the radical Islamist connection here in Greater Boston. But coming up next we'll blow. This proposal from a moon back. My friends you thought you heard at all but. Don't touch that guy. 739. Here on the great W. AO Jeff Horner. Voice of the resistance. 617666860. Okay my friends. Got a call them. On the latest. Incidents here regarding I'd say it's coming from Boston. They're shooting opened some arrests team. But in particular college the Greater Boston area has become a safe haven for Islamic terrorists. It is each column. That the media and the political elites. Not want you to read. It's got everything in there. About how the infiltration and subversion has taken place and why the moon bats and progressives. Are letting it happen. World Tribune dot com please pass it around email with weeded out your friends. By the way I just want everybody to know that it's. I make no money off these call ups. By writing it I swear to I don't get a pan. I do this because I've I think the website is phenomenal it's by my former managing editor at The Washington Times he's a lovely wonderful man. One of the last few true newsman in the country. I think he's one of the best news sites in the world. Robert Morton coaxing met him we had lunch with him in DC a while back. And I really do it as a public service so I just want all of you and all this I make my make a dime on August. So anyway please if you could send it out I would really appreciate it 6172666868. Is the number OK my friends check. This out this expects. I swear these moon bats I was the god. Just when you think you've heard at all your really think Garrett at all check out this. So CAD counselor right here in rocks were more money here to close by rocks for our neck of the what's. Tito Jackson. Him you know. Pool per progressive moan about no little Prius driver coexist bumper sticker I love Elizabeth Warren chief spreading ball. Bad the whole nine yards black lives matter old dole capable. He now himself acknowledges. For a moan about that this is a quote pretty radical idea however. He's look at what's going on in Richmond California. And you may be saying Jeff Jeff Jeff what the hell is going on in Richmond California. Well he wants to imitate what they're doing in California. Right in Roxbury. As a model for other towns and communities across the people's republic of march to choose its what is this. As you know rocks marine has a crime problem dad that's not a news watch. And there's a lot of murders. There's a lot of assuring us. I've been to Roxbury only in the day he called me Cory combing your races call me crazy. I do not gold there at night to demean you gold there at night natural risk. So what is Tito Jackson's solution. Is it cool I don't know home more cops on the street. More policing. How about cleaning up again thanks to drug culture how about cool the breakdown of the family and stop having all these. Out of wedlock kids to single parents may be this. Dish would start if you turn the culture around maybe things wouldn't be so bad in Roxbury. Normal normal. He wants to change criminals. Hey violent teenagers in gang bangers I swear to you. Not just to be violent. I swear this is not a joke. It's actually been trying out in the head is being a pilot program is being tried out in Richmond California. He wants to do the exact same thing here in in Roxbury. He says that the city should consider paying tilts. Identified. As being at risk of engaging in violence. Meaning they're smashing windows. They're probably dealing drugs they're getting into fistfights gold now they're they're they're making bad there on their way to becoming career criminals. A monthly stipend. To stay out of trouble. And what would this monthly spike in just to stay out of trouble what would. He says well PO. Says well we'll look at Richmond California out. They're paying between 300 and oftentimes. 8000 dollars a month. And so what they gotta do is if you want a thousand bucks a month. Let's say you've been beating people up dealing drugs and and breaking into homes and that's smashing windows. And they say OK listen Jeff. Jeff we don't wanna send to prison. It we don't wanna do that Mac you got to become a criminal manna the career criminal now. Here's a thousand dollars a month. You just you can do that anymore now Gary you were doing it now you can do it and you have to follow a life plan. Oh life quite like planned that you were right in color coordination in cahoots with counselors who won't. Those involved are holding elections signs that I mean who knows could be. Could be maybe a little help for Tito. It also be used to Eagles got ambitions in the campaign rake across the trouble and he says that this is this is working decision dramatically reduced. Richmond California as a murder rate. Now I want you think about the this. There pick how stupid racists think help reverse basis okay for Cohen saying this since. Their incentivizing. Young teenagers. To be violent. To be destructive. So that then they. Can qualify. For a thousand dollar armed monster stipend. To no longer be violent. I mean drugs such a little bug you but let's go up and breaks a window it's. Britney's car what are you wanna take a baseball bat and we smasher her front the wind at all will gladly if Twitter account and then hey hey hey do we qualifier over the 1000 dollar a month stipend will stop I'm sorry Britney abs abs are Britney. My apologies on star hit a good control myself. I'm sorry I need a life plan to stimulate land. Step one step in trouble. It is is so let me ask all those two don't drink a lot of the show whatever happened to hate. Which your pants up. Tersely put your pants up. Go to school. Obey the law. If you don't like school get a job. And stay out of trouble. I got a call I don't call me crazy and whatever just happened to that. I know I know far right wing extremist I noticed is crazies is extremist stuff now I know. Very far right this is all this is we're talking almost now this is very very radical stay out of trouble. Pull your pants up. Go to school if you don't wanna go to school get a job. And basically obeying the law I have a jet Jeff but Jeff. Easy. Easy what they're yet conservatism though Jeff easy. We need moderation we have Jeff you've got to be a moderate Jeff dolby left don't be right. To be moderate Jeff. Am 500 dollars a month and you say zero pacing a thousand. Moderate and 500. 61720666868. Good idea bad idea. Paul Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Paul. Good morning Jeb that's a horrible idea of my preferred sure about a coach who can work without the top what do you care to listen to TV content. So locked up who actually not violent crimes that they need to go to an adult population. And the airwaves getting things wars it is to get to watch a move we don't get their extra dessert. Getting things are awaiting I'll let it go walk score means on the patrol and a potential. This cool weekend which most liberals. You give and that's their threats. You do not negotiate with terrorists. Chose some of those. If you don't give me money under the terrorize you enable or what effect the value of gall to crisis in leadership in this country. Men that I no longer acting like man. Then I'm supposed to protect and provide women and children what you've just got allowing. Young men. And act like terrorists and then not only do. Encouraging do we want it why do you expect that it sold worldwide epidemic of Dalian is some. Because we don't confront. The violent that is put up 100 honesty the defense. You have to discourage your daddy Yang he's not we want it. Brilliant. All I as usual this Paul. You hit the nail right on the head my friend Cindy Europe next thanks for holding and well. Lonnie jet at the Pataki on the brink here and the bottom line is that there are enabling people. The IDJ. Are all mind control. And we bought him a legal and all all of the people out or did all the in the deal URLs will be an out it. You know he had an contract and I'll ask about extra. Belt that. My grandmother. Do you works and a week. And rot in check. What happened at eight. Everybody to extract in the other I launch. An email and ate well and and reality. Wanted to bring him out on elite eight at twelve. Well and honestly that's why I'm being called craze you know I that's honestly cooks and I spoke about this a long time last night he are going back and seeing how do we suddenly become the crazy ones. Because now see you're America was. He works seven days a week and our offer church should come here to work hard pay your taxes provide for your family raise your family. You know love your country be grateful for everything that you have especially the freedoms and liberties today is the exact opposite. Think about today spy on me. Literally ex spy on. Spy on me listen only phone calls go ahead. I don't wanna work I wanna be on welfare for seven days a week I want my handout. Mean mean mean mean mean. Everything provide from everything even the Obama phone attain bid for little cell phone. And I'm the guy saying what or who pays for all this knowledge of the schmuck the taxpayers us. Until eventually. There are so many of the lakers vs the makers it's. Dat de makers just say forget it we can they don't opened collapses. Basically. Greece. Which by the way he is now facing I kid you not literally. Deep fault. Now I want you think this is what socialism has done to Greeks. Took cradle of democracy. The cradle of reason. The land of Aristotle and Socrates and Athens and Sparta. Eight people that which could centuries of Turkish Muslim oppression. Overcame Nazi rule Communist. Civil war. Does valiant Greeks. Like just 300 in the movie which I love. Socialism. In poor generations. Did to the Greeks. What the Turks the Nazis and Communists could never do bring them to their needs. Is this what we want for America. Because now we're going on the Greek model. And if we're gonna go wonder Greek model. I I'm if I'm gonna go to Greece. The food is better. Does she rocky is better. The people are nice and duke who showing here is from the phenomenal I can sit by and I asylum industry Kozol and say well it's all going to held today. If you lose or this Iraqi. Any Europe next go ahead and. Very good boring job after you make great portable socialism like make a couple great points as well Alter course forces that. I'm no legal genius but isn't this sequel little paying extortion payments. This. The more abused loose all the businesses and say you don't I guess we'll bring you placed on the not to look at. Not at all in the second the second point eliminate the reason why these people are enough. In the ER particular and their friends. The social predicament there it is because we've been paying them all these years we pay them the same all we pay him to have children out of wedlock. We paid political retaken Iran. We we basically paper there aren't highlight these subsidized or title lives in this wide therein this miserable old. Predicament that Iran. Bank signed up and have a good one. Thank you are honestly do you get them right on the head. Look I've never understood this. When liberals talk always about. Medicare. Or specially Medicaid or food stamps or unemployment insurance or Social Security disability or public housing. As if this is a cure for poverty. Can't think and it scraps off the table. All we're doing is keeping them poor. I wanna make you reach that's why I believe in the free market. 6172666868. 753. On the great WRKO. OK councilman in Roxbury you know Jackson. Is now proposing that we actually pay. Violent or troubled teens up to a thousand dollars a month slide them if they promised to be good to follow a life plan. Is this a form of extortion. And shouldn't be paying violent means a thousand bucks a month. Basically just stay out of trouble 6172666868. All of your calls.