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What is in this deal? 6/8/15

Jun 8, 2015|

Sen. Jeff Sessions wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to explain the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade.

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706 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends. This. And the reason why I deliberately did the first tower. On. June 6 1944. Is I want it to set it up for this topic. And the reason why I did it the way I did. Our boys. Gave up their lives. On bad day. For this. For this what are about to tell you for this. So let me set it up for all of you. As you know. There is now in the senate. They drive to Haas what is called Trade Promotion Authority otherwise known as fast track. EPA. GPA is a six year piece of legislation it's a six year deal. And so not only Obama will have it but the next president whether it's a Republican president or Hillary Clinton. Will be able to negotiate trade deal us. I essentially. On his or her own. And congress which the constitution. Explicitly. Sets. He's the only one available the only body that has the power to quote regulate commerce with foreign nations. Congress cannot make any amendments. Congress cannot strike out any provisions that are a blatantly whatever written. A destructive. Or bad or contrary to the national interest. Congress is essentially Iran dirt up or down fuel like did you vote for it you don't like it. Vote against it that's it. And not only is congress essentially rendered almost and attempt. They completely abrogating their constitutional role and duty. Not only are they surrendering their authority and power to the president but. With TPA. You don't need 67 votes if it's a tethered to PPP which is a treaty. More than a trade act you don't even need sixty votes. All you need is 50%. Plus one. Don't sit. That's shipped. And you can ram bad baby through. Now. Let me ask all of you this because I'm gonna get into the details the details are now being released and it is unbelievable. It is shocking. Why would the Republicans. After having to hold us now for six years. That Obama cannot be trusted with power. That Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate for the United States. This is the same Obama the same Republicans have been telling us. Can't get a good deal with he wrong is selling distort with he wrong sold the store with a Communist Cuba. This same. The same men who has been unable to stand up for the United States on the world stage. This same man who lied to us about obamacare. If you lay cure health insurance you can keep your health insurance if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor where we know he deliberately. Lied. She is the prince of life's all he does is lie. And these are the same Republicans. Who said all he abused his power on obamacare. He abused his power on executive amnesty he abused his power on the czar as he's been abusing his power. With illegal unconstitutional. Acts almost every step of his entire presidency and now all of a sudden it. They want us to trust him room. To negotiate. Now listen to this. He most important largest train need to deal in human history. Which easy trade deal between us. Joseph and and eleven other nations. Sorry ten other nations forgive me eleven and all plus last wealth. Which enclosed by the way my call. And other countries like Vietnam and New Zealand Australia Burundi I could go on and on and on. So here we have a massive trade deal. That is going to affect us and affect our economy. And listen to this. Not only have the Republicans in particular common minimum. Mitch McConnell John McCain Lindsey Graham Marco Rubio yes. Had coral loose. As well as John Boehner and the entire Republican leadership. Very now won a shape Obama they are now pushing and chilling for Obama trade. They are now trying to ram Obama trade and give him this fast track authority. To negotiate on our behalf. But here my friends is the kicker. As guard eased my weakness. Looking up. Don't take my word for things are gonna say shaft jab jab there's no way him well. But this could possibly be true. The whole deal. The trans Pacific partnership the actual deal. He's completely being done in secret. And not only is seen in secret. You know basement I swear to god it's in a basement underneath the Capitol Hill building. And only members of congress with a few fairly senior staffers with very high security clearance. And they can only come in with a member of congress or only they can go and read to deal. You have to go downstairs I swear to you into basements. You have to sign your name in an all walk. You can't. Bring big deal out. You can't even tell the American people what are the specifics in this deal. And here you are walked in Rome and you can spend a few hours or whatever. You can't even bring your trade experts in your stuff on your stuff. To be with you only the ones would clearly blooming prairie high security clearance. It's in secret. You know basement. Marco Rubio. Voted for Trade Promotion Authority. He didn't even read it. She didn't even look at it. She didn't even go to the basement at least to sign his name and I don't know what. Play video game suspension for two hours almost all look at the lord knows her from three to five solid it was written for two hours. It's an 800. Page yield 800 pages remember what the Republicans promised us. We will never allow legislation to be passed before you read it it's an exact replay of obamacare. Yeah I have to pass it don't find out what's in it. Marco Rubio voted for it but without reading it. Lindsey Graham voted for it without reading it. Mitch McConnell voted for it without reading it John McCain voted for it without reading it. I at least had close to give the guy he's O. Or read it before you voted for released what he said to me and one at the town hall was he read quote parts of it. Now I think his business day. Kansas Carly Fiorina points out that double and this is the double. Dare devil is in the details. John Boehner admits he hasn't read it. Pete Sessions. One of its top leadership. Aides to stop leadership people present erratic. The guy who trying to force Republicans to vote for his whip. Steve's colleagues. He has a rabbit. John Kerry who says the greatest deal of all time cousin rather. Hillary Clinton were at least until recently says she's for it now we don't know what she is hasn't let it. So what cynics. It's not a trade deal. Let me repeat that. It is not a trade deal. It's much more than that in fact it's a treaty. And it's are trading now according to senator Jeff Sessions. And I wanna give him a big hat tip as well as Rand Paul I wanna give him another major have to pay. Both of whom however Redick. Not parts of it mole bloody thing bowl 0800 pages. They spent how many days they're they are taking notes every single line. Com up clause period they read it. Both of whom are now trying to sound the alarm. Whatever you do. Do not vote for this. And both of them are now saying this treaty is forget just trade deal. TPP this treaty must now be released to the American public because if they see what cynics are ya ya ya ya he's. Well WikiLeaks. Has revealed the secrets. WikiLeaks has released them. I've read parts of it. The British press unlike the American press are now publishing details of this. I EI AEI yardage. It paves the way. Forward Jeff Sessions calls quote new global governance structure source. It paves the way to what Rand Paul and others are now saying will destroy America's sovereignty. That we will more longer have control or sovereignty. Over our food. Over our energy. Over our commerce. Over major aspects of American life. Because this will all be decided by 8 trans Pacific partnership commission. Modeled upon you guessed it the European Union which has its only European Commission. And they dictate almost every aspect of an economy or any aspect that they feel. Com. But it needs to be regulated on behalf of big business and big corporations. So listen to Jeff Sessions. He now released a public letter to the president of the United States. And as he put it quote. Under fresh track. Congress transfers its authority to the executive and agrees to give up several of its most basic powers to listen to this. These concessions include the power to write legislation. The power to amend legislation. The power to fully consider legislation. And the constitutional. Requirement that trainees receive a two thirds vote. The latter I'm quoting now directly is especially important. Since having dinner took a closed room to reveal the secret text of the trans Pacific partnership we just stop here for a second. You mean a member of the senate. Actually he's read the deal. Mole. Hole you mean he molds we gonna be voting on and me at all. Oh you mean he did his job Malone. All. Jabs giraffe. You sound like a right wing extremist Jeff let it go jab Jeff let it go Jeff. In a members of congress don't have to know what they're voting on Jeff come on now while I'm. Deposit the find out what's and it look at obamacare is such a stunning six does job Jeff. Dead dead. Dead dear leader jet I trust my politicians. I trusted dear leader. OK so. He continues. It is clear. The more clearly resembles a treaty then a trade deal. In other words listen to this through fast track. Congress would be free clearing a political and economic union. Before they award of that arrangement has been made available to a single private citizen. In our particular. I session says what this deal does with the trans Pacific partnership does. It creates quote a new global governance. There is now what they call a trans Pacific partnership commission. And this is what he says quote. He wants to release so he wants to release the whole deal in particular. The part I ask that you make public the section of the trans Pacific partnership PPP. And that creates a new partnership commission. To trans Pacific partnership commission a new transnational government structure. Did he tells of this new governance commission are extremely broad and have the earmarks of a nation European Union. With many similarities. In fact listen to this. It's this new commission. It's modeled on the European Union. It's what they call. The term. The term that they use this term borrowed from the Europeans. Is that it's a live in agreement. Now what does that mean a living agreement means this. That if they want to add new countries to this so called deal. Congress no longer has a say. The president no longer has a say this TTP commission of unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. They will decide let's say if China's the comment. They will decide if any other country in Saudi Arabia wants for comment if you Iran wants the comment if my show wants the comment. If North Korea wants the comment. Not congress. Not the president. Furthermore. Not only now do they control all of the future members in this DPP. But it will issue regulations. That will trumpet American sovereignty our laws. On everything. Impacting labor. Immigration. The environment. Energy. Commercial policy. Business policy. Including fooled what kind of food we can grow what kind of subsidies we can give to more people here in our own country. It will impact absolutely. Almost every aspect of American life. It's essentially. A form of April 201. World government. It is now the fundamental pillars. Of paying you one world government and here is the kicker. There Paul Ryan and John Boehner all bomb off all of them. Said that China would not ever be involved in this deal guess what's now come out. The Chinese want in on the action. And were going I'll let him come in. We just caught them in another lie my friends. This TVP now paves the way for the end of the constitution. The end of our sovereignty. The end of us is being a self governing country it paves the way to Obama's transformation of America any new world order. How otherwise say blank fuel Obama trade this is. 717. OK OOK my friends. The mother of all sellouts is now being cut right in front of us in secret in the basement of the Capitol Hill building. Did deet tails of this of the trans Pacific partnership. This massive meg. Trade troll. Eighty union the old where if eleven other countries. And eventually China will join. Is now being done in the dark in secret. Without your knowledge. Collaboration. Between the rhinos. And he progressive Democrats. Obama and the Republican leadership are now planning to sell this country and our sovereignty and our constitution. Right down the river. It's time to vote no to Trade Promotion Authority. Dot house custom vote on it they think this week corner country let's flood those phone lines and Pelham no. Keep America out of the TPP. No no trade promotion authority for the dear leader 6172666868. Is the number. Lines are blazing Jerry Europe's first go ahead Jared. Caught up Jen and my friend how would you comment judge better than the founding fathers they're rolling in their graves. This one this is the final cut is it. I'm now Obama is playing for all of us and you know he's. Playing for all of that now these you can just say that he played for all the marbles and that he would be aided and abetted. By the very people we helped to elect in November I mean this is almost Shakespearean. It's orwellian. Jeff let me say this about this whole thing this is a direct. Deciding over robot sovereignty. To lead to new world brought up. What do afraid of here let's look at this realistically five point six of five point 8% unemployment. How can that be when it's 98 million Americans. On food stamps and welfare the public a third of the population (%expletive) And they talk about you know underemployed. People who have dropped out of the Ford. She left the real unemployment numbers. That rival you're up it's in the twenties. That people can't understand that they read a blind astute critic. But let's put this just comes down to his desk. Between the credit default swaps in the derivatives. Chip like played around that continually 2000. And they did our government sent to gonna stop the big banks from doing it. They haven't stopped doing it accelerated. In the thick huge crash coming I don't think people about this. Didn't think huge crash coming in that's why it's a good thing is being orchestrated. I Gerri thank you very much for that call look. The banks. Corporations. And big business. Are political class this army of government bureaucrats. They're gonna make out like bandits. The working middle class of this country. One Q my friends the new world order is now coming they're on the precipice. Corner country it's time to wake up middle America we can still save our country. But it's getting late in the hour 617266. 6868. Vote no on PGA. Let's flood the phone lines of every member of congress. For or against all of your calls next. Are okay oh. Plus the cold shoulder. In fact in this sense not unlike cleaning up the liberal bowl though voice of the resistance. Okay the new world order is coming. The new world order is coming by way of the trans Pacific partnership and Trade Promotion Authority. That Republicans and Democrats are now on the verge of giving to the dear leader. 6172666868. You can text us 68680. Okay. It's just phenomenal packs a mean phenomenal. 617. Jeff. This is not a trade deal it's not even a treaty it's a new global constitution. With primary authority over our own. Bingo. 978 Jeff this is what Glenn Beck was trying to tell us about five years ago a new world order. 781. Jeff can we save a country that has forgotten its history and no longer has any shred of honesty. I really wanna struck I want to address this one to 781781. Do you elites have no sense of honesty. Feel leaks have no sense of history. The elites have no sense of loyalty. Much of middle America much of corner country still does. And this is a fee and I've been trying to ram home now for many years. And eight not to go to the novel brave new world. By Aldous Huxley. Now you know why are cultural media elites cork in the tank for this progressive new world order agenda. That's why they keep flooding us. This weekend it's American Cairo. Or it's the NBA play off whatever the NBA championships. Or it's the next Hollywood blockbuster. Or it's cool sleeping with who it's constant celebrity it's constant entertainment. Because that's how you brain washed out the opium of the mass it's. Not a religion entertainment. Its bread and circuses. Give them welfare and give them entertainment. And the masses just don't care. Look think about it good here basically on welfare. You live on food stamps CBP cards public housing. If Hillary Clinton is corrupt you don't care. If Obama's corrupt you don't care. If John Boehner is corrupt you don't care. If Lindsey Graham is corrupt you don't care. Who because she you're getting your fortune I'm sure getting your welfare your house is taken care he got a roof over your head. A free healthcare free agent just everything in your basic needs are taken care of so why should you care to go only thing you care about is don't touch my welfare don't touch my benefits. You've been reduced tweaks serve. And you don't even know it. Now. You're hard working taxpayer. And that's what they do they grind you down when they have you wore more and more hours. Now the spouse has to work you have both of you have to be working just fixate on the treadmill to keep up with payments and put your kids through school and pay the bills. They flood you with entertainment. Deflate gay Brady's malts. American Idol is there a voice that's all they wanna talk about nonstop that's all they wanna talk about. So you don't see what's going on. You don't see right underneath few right underneath you're not almost. They're stealing your liberties they're stealing your freedoms they're stealing your birthright. You're stealing your standard of living in your future from you when your children. Dave rob you of your country. And you don't even knowing. It's the united states of entertainment it's the Roman empire it's Howell leads have govern many countries before it's what our founding fathers warned us against. Don't cooled down the path of bread and circuses. Remember me from the last hour. Set Eisenhower is famous military industrial complex speech what do you say. And alert and knowledgeable citizenry. That's what our republic. A free society relies on. Picture alert you know what's going on pitcher knowledgeable you understand what's going on. That's how they try to break her back. I wanna read a little bit more we're gonna try to get Jeff Sessions on I spoke to Brittany. He's excellent he's been phenomenal on many issues. I must sing this by way of criticism about way of explanation. He's a very intelligent man he's a southerner he's from Alabama the senator from Alabama. He doesn't have them the silver tongue. Of Ted Cruz or the extremists of Rand Paul he's not as media savvy as they are he's a little bit dry. And I think in a way that's why his message is harder to get out but I want to quote from him in that open letter just a little bit more. Bear with me because he nails it now he says it in a bit of up Wong key way he. And a bit of a draw I want key way but what he's saying is essentially this. We are now on a path towards a new world order. This is not a trade deal this in many ways is even a treaty and more than a treaty it is a Pacific union. The trans Pacific partnership is not just simply trade deal. Between the United States Japan Mexico. May call and most of the countries in the Pacific rim. It is at its heart a union a political economic union treaty. Based on the European Union where you give up your sovereignty. You give up your chance of self government you give up control over your own domestic affairs and you seated you surrender it. 28 trans national or supranational. Structure or commission or tribunal. That's what they say it's. This is a way to make the constitution and our domestic laws subordinate. To an international governing system. That's what this is at its core. It will affect food. Energy our commercial policy immigration. Under this once the Chinese getting him. They're already the biggest immigrants coming into the United States now no longer medical it's trying to. They're gonna fly us. I mean they're gonna flood us and they'll have the legal basis to do it through the PPP. I'm getting a lot of tax Jeff please define the terms. TPA is the Trade Promotion Authority essentially in a match shall. Because the constitution. Vests in congress and only congress. The power to regulate commerce with foreign nations in other words only congress can supposedly do we deal. With Mexico or Japan or whatever the country. What they've been doing now for about forty to fifty years. Is congress has been seeding surrendering its authority and it's OK we get cute the president called fast track you get everything we give it to you. So you negotiate everything on our behalf. And a president says whoa whoa whoa okay but you can't start knocking off provisions. Either it's up or down. And so for example this is why it's important. What's this a commission here. Which is trans Pacific partnership commission we don't like that strike out and congress can make any amendments. Congress can't strike out any provisions it's either you take the whole thing up or you reject the whole thing down. They're surrendering their power for him to negotiate him. We selling us out to the mall was. She him who sold assault of the Communist China app to the jet to the Communist Cubans. Him. We've been selling us out to the UN. Can you who's been selling us out to the islamists. Kim who is light to what's on everything including obamacare. You're gonna trust this liar would that much power. Jeff Sessions and I wanna go to the phone once. He's now begging people he's begging congress he's begging the American people. To make the text of the key PP treaty. That he's at TP AZ says with fast track. To make it now take it out of a secret room. Yen in in the US capital and to now put it everywhere two let the American people see what is being done to them quote. The implications of this new Pacific union are extraordinary. And ought to be discussed in full in public. Before congress even contemplates fast tracking its creation. And three surrendering its power to apply the constitutional. Two thirds treaty vote. In effect would talk fast track is to agree to remove. The constitutional. Protections. Against the creation of global governance structures before dole structures are even made public. In plain English. They're circumventing. The constitution. There even in many ways circumventing congress. To create a global governance system a new Pacific union. And they're gonna give the president all of that power and this way all he needs just fifty plus one votes. Because he can get it was sixty and can get it was 67. He goes on to say. I would therefore ask that you provide to me the legal and constitutional basis for keeping this information from the public. And explain why I cannot share the details of one player bread with the American people. You read it you can't tell people exactly what senate. Congress should not even consider fast tracking the transfer of our sovereign power to we transnational structure. Before they deet tails of that new structure are made fully available for public review. In other words let us know which you guys are gonna be voting on don't keep it in secret don't just ram it through down our throats. It is after all a government of the people by the people for the people. Instead what we now have. With Ryan all Republicans. And with the dear leader. Is it government of the elites by the elites for the elites. GPA. Must go down home to call every member of congress in your district. Tell them you're against GPA or you're against PPP. My friends. We can beat them. They don't have the votes yet in the House of Representatives. Right now corner country it's time to ride to America's rescue. Are you wit me 61726. A 6868. All of your calls next. I am so. Happy that you are talking about it's nice to listen this is ANC CDW. 756. Year on the great RKO. Jeff. Voice. The resistance. Hillary Europe next thanks for holding go ahead bill. I just wanna make a couple points effect may first. I really quickly and it's gonna say that I'm I'm very you know did you talk about your big news for the show and I kind of I wish you the vast but I'm kind of bombed if you go national that are built every chick and I try to call him. Well Hillary I wouldn't say that I mean trust me on this first of all I'm not leaving RKO and I never will leave our chaos that's number one. But yeah we do have big plans. This show hospital national because we have to let the country know what's happening. And I need your help corner country and I think together we can do it but Hillary I will have a separate line just from my Boston people. So I don't know I don't know it will put an online order doesn't matter corner country you guys always you guys go to the front of the line. That's it. All right we'll have to I mean it's thought he would let brings up a couple of pointed out when you're talking about with this can't Pacific trade bank. I ate I call that a couple times the need be although you know any. I really do agree with all the things that can increase as time and I consider myself very conservative person that I wanted to ask you. I mean look when you're rattling off all the details of this thing and then he says that John McCain supported it Lindsey Graham all these rhinos Marco Rubio. And then Ted Cruz doesn't that insert them cognitive dissonance and he doesn't make you question I mean for someone who would actually. Not reader that he claimed he read part of it but I think that's playing come. That they would actually signed on to that I think it's very telling it is very telling at chipping into red flag that had crude. And secondly I mean I act you know. It wiped out worked for Goldman back. I mean I think there's a lot we need to just may be step back and really. You know take a look at we were getting caught up in all the great things he says and I grieving angry that thing he says but. I'm wondering now how can you must be because verdict for a I mean I can't imagine any conservative that would even think about trying to this this sense something a lot about him I believe what you think. Hillary. These guys don't carafe. This is why. You're always gonna go to the front don't want doesn't matter of well could I wanna go out the details of the show no matter what happens. It's why I love this audience. Phenomenal called. Really called Hillary you know I love my wife but I love you in a non sexual way. I want Ted Cruz to come on the show. Pocket what how come I want to explain himself a wanna give him a chance to all of these details that are now coming out head. You read the deal quickly view admitted to a she didn't read all of that could double as they say is in the details. Are you willing eighth to reconsider. But I believe there's another reason why. Ted Cruz is supporting the deal and I'm gonna discuss that and take all of your calls Bruce Mike Alex cabin where is John. On the other side of history.