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Rich Rubino of the Huffington Post on Donald Trump (7-9-15)

Jul 9, 2015|

Rich Rubino, reporter and blogger for the Huffington Post, joins the show to discuss Donald Trump's candidacy

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You've heard this morning this poll out of New Hampshire he is number two in New Hampshire continues to hold on to that position they're even though he has faced. So much criticism over the last couple of weeks ESP yen pulling away from him NASCAR pulling away from him. He has a new hotel project in Washington DC's being criticized about weather is illegals working there. There was a chef who was involved in that project with him that world renowned chef has now pulled away saying that he doesn't want anything to do with him. And the most recent report that we've gotten the head of the Republican Party. Calling Donald Trump yesterday saying listen. I've spent four years trying to build a reputation with. Latin American voters Hispanic voters in this country and you are tearing them up and you've got to stop the. He kicked out of his own way I love him Ford but sometimes because it's great copy for us at street some by Donald Trump's response to all of this criticism. Is. I don't care of the care is not stopped at a second of the polls as you just match these 11% behind Jeb Bush is sixty. So it's a noticeable gap what Donald Trump has done. He has sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the room but he has forced other candidates to recognize. That he is in this race and and they they're all pointy Frentzen. The leader of the RNC says hey you know what I've built a building bridges in your Nate bombing them yeah so call off the dogs and don't open your mouth again. Rich Rubino who is an historian when it comes to. Politics in this country is joining us now. And rich originally I was so sure if he was a serious candidate but if we don't think that now I think you're wrong right. Oh absolutely I think he's a serious candidate just by the fact that he's willing to essentially. Lose money I mean it certainly has a lot of money but the fact he's going to essentially lose money in the news business. For his presidential campaign I think that pretty much shows that he is definitely serious to other that the group like in 198819. 2000 in 2012 we're kind of pretend he's gonna run right at the end kind of pulled back the time he actually he's he's definitely in any step we spending money went and he's losing money. 6172666868. Is our number is. Donald Trump. A serious candidate. Just for the reason that rich just said I thought in the beginning it was not because they get real close to dip his toe he he's all of us and the B pull out. But this time it appears to me he is a serious candidate who is in this to win it 6172666868. Is our number you can text us at 68680. What do you think is Donald Trump in it to win it. Rich PM Donald Trump witness. Theoretically. You. Yes. I think you're right previous that the Republican I command the Republican Party would certainly have a heart attack if he were to win it or. And I think that Paula all possible stopped particularly p.s but say he actually win diet or New Hampshire independent South Carolina what is the pot which is where. Generally speak. Seeking the establishment tends to really consolidate around a camp like it did George W. Bush like they did Bob Dole when he stopped at can't matchup against win for example. It limits remote. But if he does that they've definitely. I don't I could not believe he will win the Latino voters he says how I know that was you know Mitt Romney at 27% of the Latino vote last time. I'm round and that was certainly. Not a good chilling for the Republican Party that target cannot imagine Donald Trump to a much better than I think that would be. I think they'll be nick. Accomplishment he worked to achieve that. In terms of whether or not he can actually win the nomination. I think yes you know it's interesting there is an anti establishment. Insurrection in both parties you owe the Democrats the fact that Bernie Sanders is only ten points below Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire for example. And he's certainly PM Republican Party there are a lot of conservatives were conservatives first Republicans second and Donald Trump the protectionist is. Striking a Resnick chord with that group of people you know he's written essentially correct and solid debate he's not trying to reach out any more to it. He's stuck trying to reach out. Like someone like say Lindsey Graham more around even Rick Perry or Jeb Bush to try to reach it would be trying to general election to reach out to the senate Donald Trump is essentially. You know he's putting all of that day to listen to the basket that the Tea Party conservatives are so angry. And they saw that particularly over the immigration issue and that's really any galvanized people. Rich let me ask you this when to kick candy Republican Party win the White House if their only rallying the base don't they need to reach out. Go ahead. That it that you know that the effect that he had that problem the party had is usually when they eat do you see when they get completely dependent. Power for a long time that they nominate somebody who only appeal to debate the perfect example of that and it is this real military did not prompt. The one time between two and 1952. That in insurrections and searching can't actually won the nomination away from the establishment of the party. Was 1964. When Barry Goldwater won. And gold Larry that year that the convention speech extremism in defense of liberty is no place. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue result of that he won he would be late stage he went outside of the deep felt his home state of Arizona he got clobbered. That lead to George McGovern for the Democratic Party didn't try to reach out toward McGovern won one state golf equipment stayed in Massachusetts that your. Generally speaking when you dominate candidate who only can appeal to the base who could not reach out to the that we could not reach out to dissenter who cannot. At least neutral site certain vote certain books certain voters think in does not accept and cannot and will not. I'm galvanize the other side to the extent of the globe where McGovern does. There really is no precedent and history and other people are people gonna failure to a look at Ronald Reagan 1980. Remember Ronald Reagan that your in the general election ran a great pollyannish campaign he said it increased the defense budget we're gonna cut the deficit we're gonna balance the budget. And regain it rip and begin to cut taxes. That was not necessarily as good as divisive message I did appeal letter Reagan Democrats but I really cannot see anything. In history where somebody who only appeal to debate actually now on the nomination but then actually won the presidency. Richard being only with this he's a political pundit who moments ago said that we knew we knew your message is for the base and you cut off. The rest of the electorate out there traditionally. These candidates cannot be elected 978 texting in saint completely disagree. The last few reach across the aisle candidates lost because they anchored. The base so Richard got people who don't agree with you but you're just talking about history archer. Yeah I would and take issue with the last statement so I think particularly Mitt Romney I think the last when he referring to though. Remember Mitt Romney was pushed to the right in the general election for example Mitt Romney was fourth on the issue of illegal immigration. He talked about self deportation he tricky was not able to move the senate fast enough for the general election. In the indicate nick could indicate that John McCain and Barack Obama you got to remember. That battle actually had George W. Bush is at a job approval rating on Election Day 28%. Now how would you Republican going to win in the present incumbent president's job approval rating is that both by the way McCain won every state which George W. Bush. Just for approval rating with over 35% no matter who the republic Democrats put up that year no matter what Republicans prep that you within reason. I think that the Democrat was going to win and the fact that John McCain. Come up 46% of the vote actually think he outperformed were Republicans should have performed and that election to dialect was really should've been a walk for any Democrat. Even one who gets in the state senate for years earlier. Which other Republicans respond. To Donald Trump on and they are starting to respond as a Lindsey Graham telling you act you know making a statement saying I don't need a lecture from Donald Trump. But you know these Republicans are. Trying to defend their respective positions. But at the same time they're dealing with a guy who's gaining some real popularity. One dollar and twenty grams Casey really had nothing to lose because he's so far down on the pole of his soul it's. It could somehow get in the top ten just to be in that debate stuff for him it's kinda you know just put anything on the pavement he would stick though. I'm in terms of Rick Perry I think that Rick Perry particularly you was this is kind of actually a nation that actually hurt him in the last election because. He said remember that he defended in Texas gave the object is supported giving college tuition for example of giving to let. At state schools to. To it too too illegal immigrants in the least that essentially cannot support which you know the hard and Mitt Romney was really over him on that. I'm now that she's the one he shouldn't have running was able to get to Rick Perry's right at the port in the primary. And now Rick Perry has been teaching to the Republican party for. Jeb Bush is done you know you tend to speak very similar to Hillary Clinton I think this is why a lot of these. People don't like all cancers particularly people who want Democrats Republicans spurred the conservatives or the rough which are liberal verse. It that they can talk and platitudes and Jeb Bush is very armed into doing some kind of linguistic gymnastics when it comes to trying to explain you know how he doesn't necessarily. A group without promptly at the one hand he doesn't support but he doesn't have that support amnesty these supports earned legalization and how does the difference. They're all the fancy trying to run the general election but Donald Trump promised Donald Trump is. You know it's like if they wind ought to take leave the argument here and people don't the person. Get a personal sense something there than. It will look and see you know your since he's not trying to not tell the truth and don't count case whether he is not whether opportunistic or whether it's truthful. I'm he appears to seeing what he believes. And that is really galvanize a lot of people have unit general election is trying to in Pickering here in the debate when you're kept what you're Scott Walker he kind of talking platitudes you kind of talk about. Apple pie in America and how do you know we need economic growth. And jet and Donald Trump looked right at you when there's something you know very specific it's going to be very hard for for them to defend and started to essentially defend their record unless one of them goes out from it says something like you know I that what comes to my mind would be when bill Welch John Kerry were debating. And bill weld you know tried to look story John Kerry for being against the death penalty and John Kerry look dynamic that you know live essentially you know I've been at war I know what that is about. On the left Dominican really look at him and really. You know kind of belittle women that expect it to be very hard to debate Donald Trump. Right why is he biz so hesitant to disclose financials and how much will that hinder his cars. Me now. Yes that was that reminds me at all like at the palace during the had to run for governor of New York adamantly said it would have violation of the privacy didn't do that reminds me of Iraq and Edmonton and any defense he just dropped out of the rate helped get you wonder he was thinking Ohno might actually be legitimate contender got a and we need to it's. You know did become governor about the way it. Confident. And but I I don't know exactly why did know that Mitt Romney last time when we initially tax returns an item that became initially to speak to duplicate of that cement cement and why don't know what they're I don't know but it certainly it's giving them fodder for. Potential candidate that they wanted to going to do this and don't puppet into essentially try to be as good as combative possible and as possible and they you know I've nothing to hide in. It is something they can certainly adding a seven million against the once they actually think he is formidable making you have to specifically go after him. Well that's one of those things at the debate that you look at straighten his face and say why won't you release your tax returns in the new he's gonna have to say. Oh absolutely and he's somebody who. He's somebody that is it that you know when he's gonna come back with a and if they he could potentially be very competitive in seemed silly thing and presidential but in a sense you know that the in a sense that vaccine asset for him. I mean the deputy it would be Newt Gingrich remember John king and asked him about. You know whether it is whether walking but it wanted to slide that said that you don't even want an open marriage and Newt Gingrich looked adamant that. And indeed that we've asked the question can actually do it looked haven't said no. But I well and it was instant it done throughout the South Carolina the debate back in 2012. And get the rookie of the avalanche of applause in the audience. So potentially dot com could look at it they like it's something like it's not your business and then he could have had a lot of kind of thumb conservatives in the audience really you know cheering and the thing you know get to the realists just got to look at it that could potentially backfire on the Republicans. Candidate but I think one thing I think some late Jeb Bush just felt awkward radical after dogs suffered substantial statement. Then on played his statement about illegal immigration because they kind of have to take a very centrist course on that and I don't think they won a state epidemic and come crop is being. Either either either what we what these people I would is pro amnesty or the other side would say as would they it would hit the highlight her on the immigration issue. While you Europe wealth of information that is for sure and we very much appreciate you sharing it with us and give he's giving us a love that you can give us perspective. This election and elections in the past and it it's. Oracle view in Asia Lazaro restaurant knowing that history history does repeat itself it does rot. Yes that's a fact not Richard Dana thank you for being reckless only person united that is that. 617666868. But she's really get a Trivial Pursuit. I would you don't wanna play him I'm sure that's very curious and that's one question sweet spot. We'd love to have you weigh in with us this morning got a lot of people texting. I had one here that says Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on my two favorite candidates because both of them tell it like it is. And and that's true of me there's no question about the fact that Donald Trump. Is gonna tell it like it is until he doesn't have a place to tell it like it is anymore a lot of our listeners hope that that's at the White House. It's refreshing is that Kim I mean secrets and the last stop you he says you don't agree with you agree that Hillary Clinton is the worst. Secretary of state in the history of our country I don't. That was a definitive statement it was a very different from from the dollar now with MSNBC it. I agree she chips in these countries he viewed take a look at what's going on in terms of relationship with the United States everybody hates us. Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States Hillary. It was the worst in the history of the United States. Not just ones that you slice. It a I think it's what's interesting about that is Hillary was the worst in the history of the United States but I did contribute to her campaign's over and over again. And we missed his response was because I'm a businessman. And I knew if I'd had given money there. That I could get the perks that I needed help reset which is also a very gutsy thing to say. I mean he he admitted it I gave money to her because I believed. In her philosophies and her political views but instead negated because they knew she was in place of power and I'm a guy who needed somebody in place of power will be muzzled. The Republican currency. Now but they've made a phone call that that we will see. It's 843. With some more calls and we're welcoming your calls its excellent 7666868.