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The Garden Lady July 11, Hour 2

Jul 12, 2015|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to the guardedly on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the second. Our op at our lady and see elf and Ari I am so thrilled to be with you every Saturday afternoon. As we talk about landscapes. Lions houseplants flowers. Homegrown veggies shrubs and trees. Were here until 3 o'clock and I'm here. To answer your guard question 617. 2666868. Well do you want a right to coral color days see that looks great with day is when they've blown. Half got a plan for EU. It is after they see Evans Saul. Now Evans sol. EV AN. SA EU Al is sometimes. Labeled big sky at sundown. So either remember the cone flower Evans all. Or you can remember big sky sent down but why not love this. Is that it has flowers that are real coral. Fading to a pay each in color and this land so beautifully with purple and blue and yellow greens and looks so gorgeous with just about any color update though. Edit really brightens the carton quite a bit as well so. You know I say in July I don't wanna bunch of pale pastels and my garden I want something that is looking. Bright and beautiful am that is second easier Evans so all. I you don't want to over water or over fertilized these plants. They like it a little bit on the dry side and they are plant disease and butterflies and birds love as well. So check it out if you go on line go to my. Block coffee for roses. Coffee for roses dot com and you can see a picture of the plant there. Let's let's go to Latin want to talk at Merrill. I I am growing speech planned stormed chime chance and it leaves our nine. Clean. Air in my own graduation her fall and that also and they did this. Okay I'm not sure I understood it to say beach or peach. They don't know you'll see. Oh. Well as best I had I get a big peach tree and your background that's our right beats acts. OK so there. Are the leaves a beats arc of red and purple. We gave them. And and waves as their stand that has they should have grain which read same. That got up so they're stuck to it as well. Right and what is let's start with the obvious what is the water it been like Maryland. Am. OK he had been muttering try to weak. Him. I want that should twice a week. And and you handle water or do you water with a sprinkler so I have it on hand are all right. Well it could be that they're drying up then it could here's the reality of him watering. We humans get bored long before plants get a good deep soaking. You know and it's just heart with hand watering to get enough. Water in there and sell my guess is if you know you're even if you're out there for fifteen minutes watering those seats. My guess is your only dampening the soil editor's note down you know maybe two inches but most. Like all of doesn't want men get. Jam laid down his. He and it's a classical. So then. Could could you possibly. Put a soaker hoses there. Probably. Could put that kind of thing goes back and choice. That's right 00 a sprinkler OK well even that would watered them. More thoroughly you know because you could leave that on for an hour instead you know and where you're not likely to stand up there at him blotter for an hour. Isn't the place to raise you have to. Stay with them water. Okay it would take a look at K okay take a book in all. Put expert clip there or a soaker votes and take a book and sit in the shade somewhere or you know take an umbrella. I'm gonna take a brand to a friend at your favorite beverage. You know and and so let the sprinkler goal and and the other thing is if you mulch around. The plants with a light layer of mulch of your choice. That would also help keep the moisture in. That makes sense. I think they're not getting enough water. Because. Last week Merrill and it's been really dry. You know it's it's low key dry. All in June. Mahan Q pants oh you don't want to. You know you don't want to go. You know so long am and with hand watering it just does that. If you're welcome let's go to line five and day. Out to the currently. I what's happening. It. Mason sorry I I have the wrong name up on the computer now problem or you're here. Whether your column is under our record this is a well. Oh. I'll. I just. Nervous. That's not right in however there's nobody listening to you and me gains. I just nervous folks Holland and I'm. This does not yeah right this is not recording. According nowhere on the air I. Just don't see any any words that are prohibited we're going to be fun and oh. Actually art wise let's focus our. I don't I'm. I had I got me close so nervous and it looked on me questioned yeah are. So should. We I live. I yeah around Boston. Yeah and chew you. I'm growing through. And and are. You envelopes change and grow antelope. Are in now cantaloupe and all of the ballot. That's right. Do you do it is that's the only question because if you're feeling nervous if you want I'll answer after you hang out via. So let me answer that for Mason because it's a great question and always remember this folks. Every question and you have there 500 people out there who also have that question. Who are too nervous to call up so good for you Mason for doing it and let's talk about melons growing violence in the Boston area. The reality is that melons love that hot. They want to beat down in Texas OK and so. Yeah there are a few varieties that are more short season melons. But there are many more plants that you'll have better success with Mason then melons and sell. If you want to grow up Alan I would buy the seat from a or at NC company. Such as Johnny's seen or four or com Vermont bean seed company. And I would look for variety that's Redford north and cartons are right that will tolerate more cool well. I wouldn't frankly just by a island plant at a garden center because you don't what variety that is and it may. His bread too to have balance in cooler weather and shorter whether. But particularly. If you have a small part in Mason. I wouldn't bother with cantaloupe or with other melons. I would I would grow something that I knew I was going to get the results probably. Rather than something that I might get him Eleanor to get a bit garden at one experiment. Bio means Gulfport on the last person. To say don't experiment don't give it a try. But these are plants like it hot hand that we will be. Need to take that into consideration. Let's go to. Lions. Three Antarctic Kathy. Kathy welcome to the garden variety. Mike all. I can't tell you probably. What most people buried they expect. At Garten challenge so I I know. Meadows every year they don't play but. Why you know I thought I should be in Iraq. That's not a silly question at all Kathy. And and you are not the only Garten challenge for tonight that there are you know thousands of people listening right now. Who they've got their hands and they are saying mean yeah oh yeah. It. It's Al anyway but here's the thing about yellow tomatoes that this is a very common problem what that you aren't experience Gartner Horry knew Gartner. Tomato plants will get yellow leaves on the bottom and there are several possible crisis okay. And keep in mind that with plants sometimes what we see isn't just one day. It's this end this and that okay. So I'll go over the possibilities and it might be any of these or all of that I'm number one if a planned dries out in between lottery. It the bottom it's will turn yellow when falloff and that's just the plant's survival mechanism. It Jetsons the goal in ordered the resources for the new. Okay at one number two. If the play if that leaves also have. Spots on them. That's a sign that the plant has currently liked. And if they are dark spots and there yellow thing and then falling off that's early blight fungus there a common tomato fungus in this area. And you should start spraying with an organic fungicide. Go to your local art center. And ask for an organic fungicide that's labeled for early light on tomatoes and is according to directions are I. And number me. It sometimes as to tomatoes get bigger. If they shaped the bottom leaves it to the plant jet uses the bottom leaves because they're being shaded and sent it down there so why keep our eye. So it could be any or all of and I would pick them off because that's easier to monitor the plant. If they two spots on them definitely picking mobsters you get rid of those fungal spores well now. Mulch around the base of the plan will help keep the soil evenly moist. So there won't dry out between lottery and that also helps believe it certainly liked because that prevents this oil and splash goalies. And I. I am right and a lot of Murray here. They require constant moisture not sloppy wet wet constantly moist you know deep soaking. Regularly. And are right and Apple's not. You are most welcome. We have to take a break Nancy had not wolf these were right. Back with more on WRK. Out. Welcome back to the garden lady the Alfred. From one itself re talking about plants and garden 617. 2666868. We're going right to line one to talk with Nancy. Nancy welcome to the garden variety. I like. Well what's happening. I have very and say this week it's in different yet they act and said Baghdad and across street in the conservation area. It grows not a very slanderous straight Seattle. That's for your four feet I hesitate simply on each side is sort of glorified modified actually. And they're adjacent to each other and about two inches in between eighty steadily. He had any idea erratic start to see I'm pretty sure it goes this is like dandelion. Do you. Anyway it picture emailed me. To picture an email to am happy to identify for. But from a description alone. I can think of several things that might be wicked we could get a celibate. But I I'm sure that what I look at it now that's what is actually out and and I'll email back right. And I. Look out. You can go on either coffee for roses dot com might block or our lady dot com my website. And send me in 1 am my contact information is there a picture and I know that you wouldn't it out yeah. But wait folks I also liked it it plants are for an app called Kart that's available for iphones. And I see. App that. Let's go to line and are with Pepsi. Welcome to the garden variety. Might care I'm so glad they went into your program how well I'm glad you're with me Betsy well I'm trying to ask the secret to buy uranium. My bread and explore and I think one slam but so violent fizzle out. Interest game right. Well and do you like this I think the regular in ill. What the colts still adultery idioms I believe yeah okay wait a good quality okay are they in. Real full sun or are they in parts that situation. Mostly real full. You know as a container. I I would. If if you love flights uranium I might be tempted to try them in the mornings and afternoons shape location. It could be you know there are some varieties of power mediums that actually do better which parts. So I would certainly tried that the other thing I would tries or fertilizing them. Liquid or OK it it isn't a fertilizer that has a real high metal numbers it. Oh good okay. Because sometimes you know for awhile there were many of those on the market and they all had names like. Bloom buster. You know. And well bloom along or whatever. And it but the problem is with annual they actually blown better with a higher rate or nitrogen at a higher rate of phosphorous so. Because annuals bloom on new growth. Art she is it your premiums. Wrote you think sometimes some arabians bloom better when there and a little bit later. I don't think they'll but it worked when I have. When I planted that I took about the pontiff stated that he group down and they haven't been too long maybe. Actually could. I don't think they have are in the situation room they would they were down. Well you know took my mind that quite your premiums art. More finicky however it could be. You know that they are open. So I guess it is is this are you going for like. Red white look in this particular area. Out one option would be to play your injury with another plan like diamonds frosty for. You know diamond products. And that's actually are gorgeous plan. With jury speak guys that diamond frost. Is. Contrast texture. As well as the white collar. Right into you have that little fine foliage and find flowers of the diamond frost and have them. Foliage and flowers directory via. And it makes a great lively contrast planting. So. You might wanna consider switching to that combination instead of alt uranium to get the red and white look. Yeah I think that's like a great idea and give them a call first picture they have diamond frost. And an and put those together and then may be with me. The white jury idioms in a pot in in an Easter locations that gives mornings after each decade and seen that perked them up. Okay. Very right let me know if that works. Here. Six and 72666868. Earlier we had a collar Collins and she asked me to speak about getting rid of not weep and down. Now that there's no way to analyze and I'll address that not we'd. It'll really terrible we'd talk about you know invasive weeds. A lot of people call him boo because stocks look similar to am oh it is not a bamboo efforts Japanese week. And it truly invasive and if you happen in your yard. Really you know there's no easy thing here. The best thing to do is to get out and if you are able to physically that hires somebody coming into. That. If you hire some comment Dick go out including roads and replace. The soil. And then. After that I used only to see. Not patrol regularly. Going out Arendt and as soon issues a little shoot poke up. Break it off cut it off. You know spray herbicide you have to do. If you had a small patch of this EU could spray it with herbicide that the recommended time to treat not wheat is not to. Early in the season later in the height of the summer and it's in. Full photos at this as almost ready to below mode. That's the time to spray. Spray the problem with spray not we've frankly however. Is that the plants are so large. And they they get the clumps often get out of hand before people realize that you know oh good grief that's out of hand. And so it is sprayed that area within herbicide is pretty formidable number one. And number Q clue. That drift from that herbicide is really likely to hit a lot of other plants. And so you end up with an you know a big area that you're not going to be able to plant in. I'm very quickly because herbicide past breakdown go away that's number one. And number two. Eight year other plants around the plants are likely to beat damaged by your side so. Having someone keep that plant that is probably a better solution. And I know that's you know everybody wants an easy. Answer to problematic it's I want an easy he's considered a problem and it creates. But unfortunately there is one. I'll tell you at the plant that we that I battle and yesterday in my car was on tour for a seat kit Kat factory to festival. And by the way if you come down to the cape Mike Garten is on tour on Monday. Aunt my cart is on tour next Friday. And sell make plans come on height at least I gardens. You could see what I got going on out here on. The property very fondly called poison ivy acres. Add we can talk plants when you come and visit but yesterday as my garden was open for the first day of the festival. At I was chatting with people I was pulling up mark wore my short as one of the names of of my gardening existence. And mud gore looks very similar Kirk took her chance among foliage. And it gets a hole in the garden because it looks so similar to a chrysanthemum. And people think it's a mom and then lately but for awhile and then it really troubles though. I'm constantly I have an eagle eye out for it and pull it up wherever I see it and I was doing that even as I was chatting. With the visitors to my shirt yesterday. If you want more information about how to visit gardens all of the case during the hydrate your festival go to WWW. Cape Cod height range of fast not cops. We are coming up on a Rick I am seen Alfred Larry I'm the garden variety. We will be right back with another half an hour of the show. Here on WRK. Welcome back to the garden lady obviously Alfred REM we are here from one until three every Saturday afternoon. Let's not your garden. I'd give me call. 617. 2666868. Hated to try and two annual this year to plant something. From the cart consider that you have never planted before. Column you know where you're planted in value like I'd love to try. New plants and I left to you know put something new in the garden. One of the things that I'd put in my garden this year that I have not had before. Is a picture plan that has these hanging down. Pictures look like Jim Henson designed them they look like they're in a Muppets that are gonna come to life and start singing at any minute. And jobs that trap slice they are carnivorous plants that trap lines. I'd put it in under my grape arbor and a hanging basket it's quite nice looking I enjoy it now looks. And who knows maybe it's catching flies farm I don't know. Six and 72666868. Good time to again tomorrow. And let's talk a little bit. About. An email that I got about an echo what this person was wondering if there an easy way to manage weeds in the patio. Add to ease academy it depends what you mean by easy in one fairly easy way to manage weeds growing impact. Cracks in the paddy was too weak plaque that weighed down. And then after their week back weighed down pour boiling water on them. And that will kill the routes the Portland articles there let's be careful not to bring yourself and the weed whacking gets rid of the cops. Let's go to Nightline and talk with Paul Paul welcome to the garden lady. I'd open and a Russian column. We got these are almost primitive vote and I think they're all sure they I don't like also. OB track Shura which Martin. It. That's I would expect partners who met him. Right you know what is the best way to eliminate and be seen if they've really well a lot of a Lotta shoots out there and a pop up here and there and a lot of the Oreo what's the best way to get rid of your line and are now. Is. It's been married a rule out a very large apartment in crisis here but we don't use much. It just its qualities that appeared to be very very invasive that we don't get out yeah well. If it's a plant called that I kind of hesitate to call invasive yes it's enthusiastic. Yes it can be kind of a book let's call it a thought the reason I I hesitate to call it invasive is it is it native plants. And it's a plant at a good number of wildlife depend upon. Okay a lot of birds depend on the seats of stag parties it my cell. If it was in a wild area an Al record Rhodes died or are you know kind of on the edge of wild meadow or something I'd say to just leave it but clearly if it's in your lawn you don't want there. And frankly it. Frankly. The best way to deal with it is to just every time a little when it comes up just pull it out. And if you if you keep doing that pretty religiously Paul you end up starving the root system. You know as long as there isn't a big patch of it somewhere close by he'll end up starving its systems does that compare. Okay it was earlier definition and make sure where we. I think talking about the same where they can get to be quite all it means we've got so yes it's been people not current. That's correct they can get to be like small trees they they can grow to be Sykes all trees and they look kind of tropical right. On. Yeah they have a tropical look to them and they get a a little bits are red you know. Bunch of seed heads that come up later in the fall and grateful color. Yeah. They're they're you're walk out read our I'm in what. Welcome Ed and I recognize that it can be passed in domestic landscape because they are. A little overly enthusiastic. And defense. Just keep blowing probably every seat line in just go out. With your favorite beverage in the evening and you know look around and every time it's popping out. Pull it up they they also may be it. It may be coming from root system but they also may be Burt planted because the birds. And they pulled my ear you know property in there. Okay. It. I appreciate your call 6172666868. Pack happens to play a lot. And so that tempers eyes you know response of course we all have our plant biases and I happened at six pack is one. Stylish. Way. Yes it can be induced and particularly if you have a small properties that. Boy you know a combination of that tropical. Almost primitive look as well put it. And that foliage and the purple Fuzzy stand. And then the op right flowers that are most noticeable in the seats happens. And turn Red Hat and incredible all color. I just plants that so locked the party. So if you got on the edge. Roadside or whatever or kind of wild area. It might consider leaving because it can't eat pretty. Six and 72666868. Tries this year. It means oh. I did get an email from pack it her or is it gender that is roses have stopped our. And what to do. Here's the most roses put on a picture oh. If you write some time depending on the weather at the beginning to an end. And end that kind of Peter. Some varieties are better about our. Varieties to repeat at all. But you can't go wrong by dead heading those plants right away at their owners after the show it's over. And col off. And our heads of those rose. I did some yesterday during record tour let's chat with folks. I hated Michael Klein that's his favorite climbing roses. And I did that yesterday. And I've got a whole bunch rob rose out there right now just waiting to hit this cut off. The roses develop C. The more likely that is going to go ahead and produce more hours. Now on some varieties today what did editors. They don't produce flowers. And there's some varieties that. By having you get rid of the roads are just too. Roses that make very colorful rose hips disease so there were leaving alone in. Ages for that reason. But most roses. Option it improves. The plan to stimulate growth. And roses flower always. Grow so. Get out there cut off deal hours that's used in fertilizer. Because that also stimulates growth. And if you are stimulating growth that again. More likely to ours so. Time to do that it's time to kind of check out your roses. At a variety particularly. To black spot. All that plants there black spot please or leaves are starting to turn yellow. It's. That drive all the same drive all that air strikes spree story after story. An abundance. Of Gypsy moth caterpillars. Also came out. Flax product rose right lowered. It that way well. We have about lack of black spot up until now. With the rains. Last week in most areas. The arc male audience. You may blacks but start to develop on those that are around two at this point. And if so you can decide you can either take the approach. I do nothing. Or you can start spring side and and it if it's important to use my one. First purchase. It starts for that even before. The plane gets black but because it's easier. Delayed or suppress the disease is to get rid of it once. The upshot is this right now fertilizer. So keen sprayed with an organic cheese used agree directions to my axe. And use should be off running for more roses. We're going to take a quick break when we come back your phone call 6172666868. I'm alpha are the cart lady on WRKO. Welcome back to the cart. Lady I see Alfred. Until they. Still time to get that question 617. 2666868. Is number you can call we've got a couple lines open it time to get through. I wanna remind you about something that I I got up about the when I was talking earlier about. The wedding flowers that I did and that is that you can see them on coffee for roses. And and you just rolled out until last Monday's post when you go to air. Go to carpet for roses dot com account last Monday's post on the fourth. Or maybe it was the fifth the fifth the sixth and posted anyway. What I was picking up as the bride had flowers and clear glass bottles alt on the table I doubt it. We should do except for ourselves more often get. Bunch of clear glass bottles you know all the liquor bottles then wine bottles and this and that. And make yourself a little display of one flower to flowers in every model and it's time. Let's go to line one and talk with Dave Dave welcome to the garden variety thank you for taking oh. What's happening day. If I don't wanna say it's great to hear let's talk radio with a Saturday afternoon. Well good I'm glad it's great and I am loved being here so we're gonna. We're gonna grow great things together right. Great I don't like it like jade plants to blow. Okay do you put him outside for summer camp no that's what you should do. But outside. Put them outside initially at a place with a couple of hours of mornings on if you couldn't do that. And then move them gradually over the course of a week or so two more sun. Then what you do is and you water them only about once a week all right treat them as if there in Southern California and there's a drought. So I don't water them that frequently but you'll leave them outside. As the days get shorter into September. You don't of course want it to frost so watch the temperatures. But you leave them outside for awhile while. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. And then about the time that it starts to go into though lol you know the high forties I'd say at night then you bring it and put them in a sunny window. Start to water again and you have flowers sometime in December January. Perfect thank you very much very calm let's go to clients Ivan talked to my. More from the garden mine my garden lately in afternoon I had an afternoon what's happening. Salt water my tomatoes and onions that is how roster might supposed to be. So Verizon did every two weeks said the agreement nice soil and they realize in my first tournament usual actually. Well you well. We do an hour for every Gartner it as it if it meant different method but what we do. Is we give them fish and seaweed emulsion every two to three weeks. And and kind of mixed up a pocket and pour it all over the area. And we do that every two to three weeks. The occasionally I will also. Apply tomato tone. And usually either in the beginning when I plant them or right about now in mid July. So. That's another and if you're if you're not going organic if you're using a synthetic fertilizer. I would use it according to directions but you have to be sure that the tomatoes are well watered. Before you apply. Well you said Neptune tapestry. That we got absolutely yes that's that we as and that's I think that's sound like a great schedule every couple of weeks with the net to harvest. Fish seaweed is is available fairly quickly to plants. Whereas some organic fertilizers take you know about four to six weeks that. But the on fish fertilizer is available a little bit faster so it sounds like you're you're on a goods get to a. Tries to those quest we decimated and a couple of I think a lot of great if somebody has frankness softball and. Accident like this does that good spot. Wonderful. I'm so glad to hear it there's nothing like a homegrown tomato. Q thank you let's go to line three in talks with her days what's happening Henry. Japanese maple that I. Grew from seed so what Paul or no one is about time that transplant but it's one mobile locations. Okay I well. If it's about a foot what you could certainly do it now I'd either do it now or wait until next spring or the fall after it's gone dormant in a sort of any of the above. A football. A foot tall shouldn't have a real extensive root system. Probably the worst time to do would be an August. But here's what I watch didn't know about plant transplant it Japanese maple Hendry when you look at that little tree. You'll see where that truck meets this soil the road flare. And that's and that's worth the trunk kind of flares out and took the roads right. You wanna transplanted. With that showing just like cutesy now. Because Japanese maples happen to be very particular. And they don't like to be planted too deeply. And so if you transplant at that and put soil an inch or two up the trunk from where that soil level is now. That plan is likely to solve and may be even die. What took about 402. Ported and in my whole big war what the Korea. Well that's the current thinking about planting trees is two years the native soil what you do issue going you'd get a wider hole then. That you're going to need but only as deep as what you don't got the root ball RA. So so it's going to be the same level. You put that in and then you put in native soil around you don't amend the whole. But what you do is you have a back of compost cow manure. On hand. And after it planted. Top dress with about an inch of compost accountant or you know all around the area. And at what you doing there Henry is your amending the soil from the top down. See at the research shows that if you amend the soil in a hole for a tree. You create a five star restaurant and the tree's roots don't want to leave the five star restaurant but the fast food joint store right. And but if you put your admin native soil back how nature of humans soil is by the leaves drop on the surface and they. You know rock down from the top down and amend from the top down. So that's compost commodores doing the same thing it's amending from the top down if you want all over the manure you could put and it's a bark mulch. The best. The best mulch for at a maple tree would be ground up Maple Leafs in out yet another maple leaf tree on your property. Go Breyer believes in the fall with a lawnmower and use that for soil amendment around that little maple tree. Pat. You're okay so it's not. To plot to transplant that now. No you contrast planet now because it's so small if this were a bigger plan I would say no but because it's so small. You should be able to dig easily get up good sized root ball right. Go out far you know and and you should be able to get a good sized root ball and not really disturbed that plant too much. And Tom and then you know so well at certain issues transplant it don't bury him too deeply in and you're going to be called it. Okay now exceeded only commodore. German or on next year if you wanna give it a little organic fertilizer that's fine but for this you're just some compost accountant or on the surface. Andrea got an hour at the end of the show you I appreciate your call I appreciate everyone. Carlton and everyone listens and join me again. I'll be back here next week. On WRK. Well. I. Okay. Yeah. I.