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Rich Rubino of the Huffington Post on the GOP Debates (8-6-15)

Aug 6, 2015|

Rich Rubino, political analyst and blogger for the Huffington Post, discusses the upcoming GOP debates

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It's now seven minutes past the hour Rick Rubino is joining us this morning is political analyst and blogger for the Huffington Post and he's the author. Of the political Bible humorous questions from American politics. And rich you sent me the book and he sent me all your books and they are so fun thanks so much for that gift that was very nice of you welcome my pleasure. Let's talk about tonight's debate who who absolutely have to make an impression tonight in your opinion. I think Ohio governor John take that he'd just barely made the narcotic tonic or or program that 3% threshold in ten Unita NCB one of the top ten candidates in order to make the you know the primetime debate this kind of exceed available for the people that you know don't make 3% or. I'm gripping it turned it on case that you know this is a guy on paper looks very gritty the governor of Ohio he's just pulled reelect with the 3% of the vote when he predicted mediate county to beat your opponent was very weak. He's somewhat charismatic he has to foreign policy experience as being on the armed services committee that the case he. Trying to make that he has comedy electoral board defeated he can beat. Hillary Clinton Joseph Biden or wherever else in the yard general election. But he really had to get a name out there I think he's the one likely have to make an impression but it's his home state they'll be a lot of coverage about how. Donkey Dick you know was essentially theoretically the host the debate as well as participate. Now let's look at this debate historically. Does a candidate who's doing well in August. Of the year prior. And whether there's a debate or not do they hold true throughout the entire election to that end up being the nominee. Not always bombed certainly Howard Dean was doing you know kind of had his front remember back in not 2004. His campaign letter Rodham voted I remember Rick Perry at one time was literally when he came into the race he was the front runner in any kind of you know locked it it were a bit Ronnie for a while he was. Iraq the last camp he was very odd because he had you know Michelle Bachmann. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich talk kind of becoming the alternative for Alberta Mitt Romney and then Mitt Romney Datsyuk on the nomination. But usually actually the person at the most money that wins but in this case I think it's a little bit different because it's part with the most money is somebody is self funded. So in terms of about Donald Trump so you know I mean he won't necessarily have to leave the rates because of not. Because the campaign finance issues but it's not necessarily cutting and I'm Pete you have kind of August. Sturges a candidate Steve never here we then you never hear again I mean member Gary Hart at one point with the front runner as well. And and that picture came out in that yes he's a little bit about monkey business they get. It just a little bit late Bill Clinton Bill Clinton didn't even announced his candidacy until October 15 of 1991. When he was getting ready to put this iMac if you're looking back in 1991 he wouldn't look at. People but digital pulse Honda dug well you'd think it about Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton eventually becomes the nominee. While snuck in right underneath the bellhop. Not Ted Cruz I think is an intriguing candidate I like we did in New Hampshire last week but do you think he's just allying in the weeds. I don't see where he has Greta I think it indicates that very simple in terms Donald Trump what think Donald Trump in many respects has. The planted him it kind of assertive and its rate and pressing its cruises and a conservative that a conservative sense since his days in college but Donald Trump. Is really acting using it because become the conservative. The conservatory being in this race. And take crude what he can do for golf but against don't compensate you know used to be pro choice tighter against abortion for example he can states. I mean change your positioning to be when you were thinking about running in 2000 reform party ticket Donald he's steady beat David. That I mean you said the Republican Party was to write for example but take cruise I mean certainly in the general election candidate. I did not see where Ted crews can garner any support other then amongst conservatives I can't see where he would potentially be able to. Reach out kind of you know Richard Nixon's stick in the B run to the right and Jenna and the primary and into the center in the general election I think Ted cruise's two part of the raid ordered to do that well I think you would be a very. He'd be very easy candidate for the Democrats to hand to tether it in server in the general election should he win the nomination but right now it is kind of that you took and hovering in the middle that pack. Rich let me ask you about the early card of the debate that's taking place at 5 o'clock of those seven candidates. Is circulated among them at this point. That you believe can push themselves up into the top tier. Well I mean I think that certainly Bobby Jindal the governor of Louisiana is one he's very unpopular at home state of Louisiana but nationally. On he's very young he kind of has that. He you know here's the third he has certain Demeter to a somewhat charismatic I think that. He would try to kind of keep that think he's the tech campus and I try to kind of make himself relevant and move is part of the right it's possible. I think Rick Perry I think it was really vaccine I think perform better disputed pain in the last campaign the problem Rick Perry even though it was governor of dust second largest state in the country. Not not even allowed in the first to be in the armed in the in the actual debate and that's really I think a let down for. For him I'm I think that you know you had an about a candidate coming Rick Perry up there certainly. George Pataki certainly have to make himself relevant is where there isn't opening there I think for moderate Republicans particularly at a place like New Hampshire where there is kind of Rockefeller Republicans. Palm bloodline the fact that beat that guard attack you literally at 1% in the polls right now. I think he only has he can he'll leave for here has to go up but yet living proof that. He's viable candidate and that he can actually win the election of the Adobe Mario Cuomo in 1994 and want but he could beat Mario Cuomo. Well it's an interesting field and we've got two opportunities to watch the field because we got two debates going on tonight. Richard beatle thank you for joining us I church enjoyed it.