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Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe on Patriots/Bills (9-18-15)

Sep 18, 2015|

Boston Globe sports writer Michael Whitmer previews the Patriots/Bills

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Your news. Your voice the boston.com. Morning show on the voice of Boston WR KL. From the WRKO boston.com. Morning show had difficulty coming up. Tonight obviously. Guys that if I recognize. You bet but but we have talked about what's happening on Sunday pats and bills and was that a lot of smack. You know apocalypse. Is well while. Michael Widmer from Boston Globe joining us and Michael. And first off what's the spread what you say and. You know I think the spread is patriots they were slightly all a big well good. Not being done on the way to build no perceived and I am going to pitchers are open received and it's really given. A reason for for people to. What in the game I think it might be competitive which which haven't happened can often in the recent history between these seat so these huge career Bryant. He's the editor to the bills now with the jets for the last six seasons was very entertaining really edit despite that robbery and maybe he can do the same here. That's a one point says spread of their of the pitch to drew basically is a wash Michael but. If you look at this game objectively used to thicken all right this is the game the Tom Brady has problems because rexrodt Bryant always gives him problems with his defense. And Buffalo's loaded. On the defensive end. But the one thing about that shifts in my opinion is the fact that buffalo has Tyrod Taylor their quarterback and that's the great equalizer for the Patriots defense. Any interesting guy you know it really hasn't had a chance to play a whole lot of respect and Joseph Flacco for the last four years in Baltimore chased the patriots one time. Had some mop up duty back in 2013. And only only played one series that that was sort of in the XXX table below one back. So you know they have a little bit take off but not much. You know Devin did you would ever recorded said yesterday that even though. August steal the patriots haven't faced Tyrod Taylor much when he was football or they played so it would quite a bit when he was there are so Taylor is. Accustomed to preparing. To play against the patron even though they have faced them he's been Purdue's game weeks he's been of those meetings seat on the crack field. Getting ready to play New England didn't do it but you know he did is not a team on the part of that you're unfamiliar with the pitcher might be slightly it was you know. But he's not completely unfamiliar with them such a Beatrice and. What did you make of the Bob Kravitz report you have in your notebook today the Indianapolis reporter broke the story of the NFL investigation. He set a former NFL headlines there was so suspicious of pages staff member Jim McNally that he relayed his concerns to it'll lead. Governor there mark faults. Yeah I have reached up to the NFL and and and did not you're racing back from them just trying to get confirmation that. This official did. Sort of the report is concerns took the lead. So I you know who knows I mean you can put a lot of stock is in it or not. You know Lou the facts. Sort of don't jibe with what he was saying. You know it didn't take all research did a lot of time to do that research to see exactly how many games. This gentleman that did it officiate urinary let it. So. You know I'm sure that it's another. Opportunity for patriot stands to look at that. Make certain conclusions about. Beijing trying to make something out of nothing. Getting facts wrong. If you strive to make them look bad. You know I don't know Bob Kravitz have never talked to him. It was you know interest and report in interest and enough to include but not gonna make any. Any judgment on on what this is special you know so ever thought about about it. This seems like Kravitz is evident from the get go it's not not a big fan of the patriots organization. I think the bills have better be a big fan though Rob Gronkowski. He owns buffalo do you think Rex can come up with a plan to neutralize. You know if he does he might be the first because. You know brought out into the late what is this six here I think and and you really. He's really horrible idea I don't know I don't know what you would do I I would love to city. I koehlke Galapagos the Belichick defense to see what he would do you know it never really had to back as you wanna do. Your opponent any pennies inside and how you might. You know defend a guy but he's I don't know what you would do you know he's he's big he's been a good target he is that it protects radius. And any groups pretty well so. You know I mean you put all you want back door that's gonna give people speaker deeper. Smaller seat the Augusta to get the facade that I had I don't know I hadn't read you the he's he's maybe the toughest matchup in the league. And it ends and Brady's got a beef properties had you know but he added that LP is just such a weapons but she devil the reds and communities see you saw that last. And now you had Scott jail over the last four years of buffalo. He's 67 gronkowski sick sick it's just that it's really really tough matchup for for differences. It is man hair around the league one thing that I was stunned by it I'm sure you kept that nine it was the fact that bill O'Brien we all saw. Hit hard knocks on HBO one week he says Brian Hoyer is my quarterback. And this week he says right now it's my quarterback he does boil water week which is pretty much unheard of to lose faith in the guy after one week and that's it sends a bad message doesn't. Well what's the old adage in the you know Tokyo future quarterbacks that you'll have a certain quarterbacks. So. You know it's not like quarter. Lost his job because he was hurt or. Where he thinks so it's yet it's not a good situation there I'm sure. It's a tough locker room. I guess it's this sort of you know I'm Richard you put your your your straighten your confidence in you could've been disk direct our coach ask you know it's got to be. It's gotta be tough on it and I'm sure Brian just was one got a separate himself but when that doesn't happen. And look it's it is so it's a results based business and I'm sure in a mile in that matter to go to Brian as one of football game to keep thanks. But after one week. Porter. Were relatives of a better chance to do that is economic disruptions and maybe works maybe it does that maybe they give back ordered actually delivered a first got. Notes Tom savage will be the quarterback next week series. Deaths could Michael thank you so much men enjoyed buffalo you go to the anchor bar. You know you know our record horrible. My first appearance at the C yes Selby. The camel and tiger cats playing Edmonton eskimos. Kim has another bucket list nobody else. That play out you know that's good stuff man have fallen partner Michael it. Thanks so much. It's now on 927 year and WRKO boston.com or in show following a breaking story baby goes the child whose bodies was body was found on deer island back. On June the 25 has been identified. According to five investigate Kathy current. There was a search warrant apparently issued to a home in mental pain yesterday. A suspect has been taken into custody although it's not clear as to whether charges have been filed. The child's identity has not been released yet. But we do you know that the Suffolk County district attorney's office says the investigation remains very active. We're continuing to follow this story will update you as soon as we get more information. I forty here in the WRKO bus about how morning show.