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Rev. Jean-Pierre Ruiz of St. John's University on Pope visit (9-22-15)

Sep 22, 2015|

Rev. Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow of Theology and Religious Studies at St. John's University, discusses the upcoming visit to the country by Pope Francis

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This story's trending in Boston the boston.com. Morning show on the voice of Boston. WRK hill. 934 get a WRKO boston.com. Morning show and as we have mentioned here and certainly has been. The talk for the last couple of weeks we are preparing for the first papal visit from Pope France's. This will be the first time that he has been on US soil he arrives. In Washington DC today at 4 PM act. And it injures air force base tomorrow morning at 915 he'll be at the White House to meet with the president and then after a series of masses and and different activities tomorrow. He will conclude his Washington DC visit really on. Will Thursday with an address. To congress and then on Friday he moves onto watt to New York. I he'll be there for prayer service says Saint Patrick's Cathedral. In the evening on Thursday and then Friday he'll be addressing the UN. And it has numerous other activities that go on there in new York and finally he wraps up his US visit in Philadelphia over the course of the weekend so. A very. The very busy to visit for this the Pope after having spent three days. In Cuba is at 79 years old still going strong certainly is. As a very busy time for him that one I think he's been in great anticipation of because as I said. He has never been here on US soil so this will be his first visit turning us to talk a little bit more about what is that American Catholics hope to hear from this Pope is reverend original Pierre who as he's senior research fellow. A theology and religious studies at saint John's university in New York City. And out reverend thank you very much for joining us. This Pope. Is coming to the United States for the first time in clearly he must have a message for American Catholics what do you anticipate you'll hear. Yes he certainly does have a massive tree US Catholics and I'm thinking that he's going to be focusing on three major areas. In speaking to the American people and speaking in particular tuned to US Catholics you can talk about poverty. Which is not just a problem in the United States but it is a global problem. Is here to talk about the environment in his recent encyclical letter rarity begin with the first words of the canticle of the son of saint Francis of Assisi listening in chose he's going to talk about are here for a common home for the planet. That we live on. And here in terms not trust of environmental. Justice but an integral ecology but takes care of people. And not trust the environment you're also going to talk about immigration reform. Which once again is an issue not just in the United States spoke. Which is a global issue of people who were forced to leave the places that they call home because of violence because of economic deprivation because of natural disasters and so on. But through all of this. He's going to be put on to six months of us is to reconcile or he's a bridge builder is not about polarizing people put into that bringing people together. To work together. To make common clothes are produced issues that affect us all winter we are carefully. Or not whether we believe cruise or not. Do you think that not American Catholics have strayed from the flock if you will over the last few years or. I think I could even say as far as the last decade. I'm I'm not sure what you mean by street from the plot but one of the things that we're certainly seeing which is going to be a shot in the arm for. Before this particular population. In the United States is the tremendous growth. Open Latino and Latina church in the United States so the visit by a Pope who is himself from Latin America. Who is from Argentina. Is going to call attention to what is being the largest. And the most vibrant and growing dimension. The Catholic Church in the United States. And so we Latino Catholics are jumping for joy at the fact that this Pope is coming to visit us in uncharted as we perjury can do with welcome. This wealth will come up a French school. Well I guess when I say straight from the flock from what I what I mean. Is that you know after an especially you know cure in Boston. After that the sex abuse scandal. Came to light. Other a lot of Catholics who. Who strayed who lost their faith. And I know that this Pope is feeling very strong and has taken steps to sort of mend and rectify. What has occurred. I'm so I ask you again do you feel that American Catholics have strayed some from the flock does this Pope. Recognized that possibility and will he be here to try to bring American Catholics back in our restore their faith. Apprentices spoken about the church as a as a field hospital church that Regis hopes so he's certainly aware that the church in the United States has been deeply deeply wounded. By eighty abuse scandal and he recognizes the severity of that scandal. I hope. Actually I'm confident but he's familiar with with the prep situation. And that he's going to do what he can. To bring about healing to bring about reconciliation. For a church that is sorely need. Are you going to have the opportunity to meet with him or see him. Unfortunately things are so crowded here in New York but it's it's not going to be possible for me to get a and to see him in person but we'll certainly be following him. Whenever there's a sensor light streamed and looking forward to hearing what you have to say to the church in the United States since two the American people generally. And tell me what is the vibe very New York City as they anticipate his arrival. I've never seen anything quite like this sort of record is quite like this the foes is just amazing. The level of energy is incredibly high. I hope will be listening very carefully to what he has to say poster congress. Since two the United Nations. How do you feel about the fact that he intends to address the UN. In Spanish and that really he's will limit his opportunities to speak in English. He doesn't feel terribly confident about his English and is probably being more modest than you would need to be about his. Command of the language I knew that he's been practicing is English but the fact of the matter is that the United States is the second largest. Spanish speaking country in the world for the Spanish speaking population of the United States. Is enormous and that's going to find resonance in terms of the fact that the majority of the pope's speeches. What you saw in the US oil are going to be in Spanish. In fact it's mask but he's going to celebrate after the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception is going to be entirely in Spanish. Right right but it should be an electric few days IE. Have had a great pleasure of covering a Pope when they arrived in the United States and it is an experience unlike any I've ever had so. I'm excited for all of you in New York City and hope that you enjoy the next couple of days. Thank you so much we are expected to. Terrific reversal Pierre ruinous thank you very much for joining us pretty special guy that can generate that much vibe especially in New York City. That buzz like Anatolia you know again not this Pope at a different Pope when I was there and I was in. Central Park and there were 3000003. Million people in the park that day mourned him and his ex top. I've never seen anything like that took that toilet on a palpable as the Haitian hopefully somebody without a powerful. Pollutants what is it and if it's just the crazy part about it is it that it especially like in New York when you go to all the vendors signaled it if you. This ideology bottle and examine. Collateral up. And they have to say that part of it gets a little bit or Asia this year I would agree that well what else would you expect from Beardsley. Let's see him in line at a deli yours human and that's a truth you know your submit the Dolly right. And stagecoach Delhi there on the stage you know in a crime bill like god of reverend voice there would have been perfect Ehrlich GPS driving it. They're learning like if I can use grown to voice and ways now did you get that guy on this but he did he directed most calming the likes of Patrick just full complete sentences. It's impressive you remember Curt Schilling did. Of the vessel was Schwarzenegger but you can. 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