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Are you surprised that Speaker Boehner is Stepping Down?

Sep 25, 2015|

Speaker of the House John Boenher held a press conference today announcing that he is stepping down from the speakership in October to spend more time with his family. Are you happy that he is stepping away?

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On John Boehner I just heard the news. As I was coming out of the meeting here. So it took me by surprise and I have took the time prior to this press conference to call. John directly and talk to. John Boehner is a good man he is a patriot. He cares deeply about the house and ask to have which he served for a long time he cares about his constituents. Really cares about America. A coffee popped up but. Is that just let cord attackers fired six minutes ago. There's. Good cheerleader back off. I mean he's not even that warm up when Democrats leave his cabinet. You can't so. What has so Boehner is now announce he's resigning in fact we're waiting for him to give a press conference we're gonna take some of it life. It's it is after the lunch break. John is known for upping a couple of cocktails over lunch so we could be waiting for awhile. But I'm predicting this could be Boehner is one last cry. We'll see if he starts crying again if he starts crying near river. But did you notice with the dear leader. So very is beside Chinese president urge free agent bank. And why we're doing a state dinner. With 821 gun salute. Welcome welcoming the president of China almost like he's a conquering Roman emperor. It's the champagne. When the Chinese have been launching cyber attack after cyber attack. Stealing millions of our fingerprints. Stealing our trade secrets. Hacking sensitive classified information. Building up artificial islands all around the South China Sea to project their power menacing they're neighbors. Engage in a massive military build up. Threatening to kick us out of Asia. Stealing our jobs stealing our manufacturing. A stealing intellectual property and yet we're treating this guy. Like he's like let keys are closest ally and friend okay. There it is regarded OK so there's bone head he's giving a press conference right now. He looks but he's not crying. Roll that press it. Just considering the environmental Capitol Hill let's listen in as the outgoing speaker of the house takes to the microphones asserting that so my way to work in the morning. Let's allow my mission every day of the five for a smaller left off play a more accountable. Government. And over the last five years or majority has a bear stood conservative reforms. Well but we'll help our children and their children. We're now on track to cut government spending by two point one trillion dollar problem in years. We've made to first a real entitlement reform and nearly two decades. And we protection 99%. Of the American people from an increase in her text. We've done all those with a Democrat in the white and solve problem vote what was a warrior you. More than anything my first job is speaker is to protect of the institution. Followed him all that. Now know it's that's so my plan was to step down a dim reflection last year I decided. Hello in November of votes when he two. Not elect a speaker that after serving two terms bush go ahead and at what apps apps act George Washington evident June of last year when it became. It's clear that the majority leader lost its election. I'd frankly didn't believe it was right. A for me to leave at the end of last year. So my goal was to leave at the end of the issue or thought plan actually on my birthday and our seventeenth. I want to announce we've been at the end of the year. But. It's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil. Would do well irreparable harm to the institution. So this morning I have for my colleagues. But resigned from the speakership and resigned from god usually do end of October the now legible from lover may say well this isn't about me. But people bashing institution. Just yesterday we witnessed though the awesome site notebook Pope France's addressing. The greatest legislative body in a world. Committed to merit island got really involved. Heed his call to live by the golden rule. About last start last night at certain thing about this now and this war and I woke up progress in my prayers. As I always do and I decided. You know today's moderate. As simple as much. Actually go and Ivo is low body if you do the right things for the right reason. The right things happen. That I know are good things lie ahead those house in this country and I'm proud of what we've accomplished especially proud of my team. In all I've been here rove might wanna for a year. I've succeeded in large part because I put a staff together and king via. Many of which have been with me for a long time. To I am about a great staff well you can't appear great merit as a secure a good speaker. Obama Geithner you know a hundred tablets are not what this all leisure Mike port girls are now 3735. Their first. Campaign photo. Was then that July of 1981. And so they they've had to endure all this reform that for me to have to put into words I've got fixed yet administered. I you know. But girls my wife. Put up a lot of appear. May express. Well my gratitude to my book your money comes searchers to the crime here those of us certainly hear a thirteen times. Over the last 25 years. Can't get here without what I give him books. Well but. That I. I've set this up and be blessed that what's the what's the greatest thing. About being speaker. Orbit about being elected official I have lets people you get to meet and I've been in 2000 people in my own congressional district thought I would never met. Other than the fact that I decide to run for cart. Go over the years I traveled on behalf of all my colleagues in the party. I've met tens of thousands of additional people all over the country. And and it rich people we need for people oh you mean Bush's vision. Have probably if you boring ones along the way. But I can tell you that 99.9. Percent. Of the people I meet. Well on the road anywhere. But could not be could not be nicer. And than they've been it's. It's been but really is abominable. About an hour to serve in the sensitive. To what that. Describe all right junior good. They're hearing news. It's got a little bus we've got on instant god no but yes I do care about not a single thing. It took strongest. Do you know it is history they never see him. They never see them they call his his nickname is where's Joseph hunt paid her advice and Boehner. The column be invisible man. Go to the people and critically disparate threads for. They never saw you drawn you're always up the bar in the country club. Commonly take back everything I said about his hope. Got a. Yes not no listen dead now holy spirit is working here or does. We have now just with my friends we just witness the miracle. This poll this test. Performed his first miracle. He's kept it in congress he's became the next day bank nerves konduz is incredible. I mean obviously we should I discuss cup is becoming an every week. On May be done that Mitchell gold next week Mitch to squish. And then maybe who knows Biden will go and then we got the better Miller real goal. And and who knows maybe the goal for the whole enchilada and then maybe that the earlier goals. 6172666. Kids 68. I mean I gotta tell you that the greatest compliment what accomplishments. He's talking about spending what spending cuts. He has been the biggest spending biggest debt driving biggest deficit. Our speaker in American history. He and Obama have spent this into the ground. What do you puzzlement reform wouldn't be reform be more passing obamacare. We're what you do laying down and not doing anything. That's your bigotry your what is your metabolic error. I mean I'm listening to him an omelet you've got no accomplishments. Except surrender surrender surrender and lying to your voters. And you're standing there are acting like click click keys Churchill. Like not upset by does that set I got to put my sword down or barrier Washington he's only gonna serve two terms. He's the patriots. Look at bought. Art dark dark dark terms and all I auction and bad accent. And then he's like I just got up this morning and I was gonna do it all tell you what happened John. Did you Google can last night Europe late and you were counting the votes. And you didn't have the votes. It was you always playing believe last year want to leave for my birthday alleged. No John you've been saying for weeks now you're not going anywhere all tell you what happened here is the epiphany you've got up this morning at about. But all that. Oh I had a roach are hanging over our might opt iron heads Browning a halt all eyes Shatner. Arco oil copper pot aren't room or him. Let me pull. Out. Waltz. Rich rich could go to the telephone I I don't I am gone. I don't. I'm I'm gone. Earth like at Tekzilla. Why even me after our flight after colonel I'm I'm I'm gone. And has told his head I don't have the votes. And I'd rather not Lou is can this really humiliating to lose so you know what I got to see the wife and kids. Even though the kids are now 32. What did probably up kids not spent too much time with my wife and kids are done with Cingular once but I'm movement like that it's. I. UBS are you look up pride. 6172666860. Look he's still grind. Describe a good business includes its all man this. Couple. John White and I tell you. Only one cocktail at lunchtime I keep telling you that all right once you vote through your four Eagles this is all controlled for God's sakes. 6172666868. Lee Europe next go ahead Lee. I idol and. But I did want to mention a couple of bank show John Boehner and the Pope have a lot really incompetent. Here there Europe and their age and in so doing what they've endured for so long they really again. Article about doing what it's supposed to be don't think about this. If they're Kirk at the Pope is gonna come to the US and lecturer on giving money distributed to well. Why don't you go to these countries that are producing. Oil like Jerry. Nigeria produces a lot of oil and yet there are people live in poverty. You go to community she is saying thank you out to people in Asia the if you really going to do something okay. Then he's really got to get in there and see what's going on but I just cannot miss about the against all. This is just the fact that he lit so much in his cloistered area that he doesn't really go outside to see really what's going law. It's it's back to John Boehner he's been doing contributed by the end he's big he's doing a good shot when he opened up so thank. Leo I gotta tell you look I won tax stirred and it's a brilliant texas' 631. Know Jeff the Pope performed an exorcism. And paying guys for for this opportunist and fraud. For that house conservatives to finally beat him back. It's it's a semi miracle I mean it really it's. The ruling class is starting to crumble. Idiots. And there is out the party is being taken over by conservatives bit by bit. And he's now one of the casualties but getting back to the Pope we know look at your 100% right. He's not lecturing his low lecturing the Chinese. The big polluters in the world are not free market societies. Canada the United States Switzerland Germany Eckerd rundown bowl is Australia New Zealand we have the cleanest environments in the world. If you're actually pro environment you're pro capitalism. Because capitalism creates the wealth to be able to fight air pollution or dirty water or whatever it is. It is Communist countries. Cuba is an incredible polluter. China is an incredible polluter. Never mind my mother Russia is a huge polluter China is a huge polluters notice he never lectures them. He never lectures the African countries he never election you want like about a polluter he never lecture is a main call. What you lectures us. And here Kim needs the biggest hypocrisy of animal. He stands there at the United Nations today and especially yesterday in congress. Telling us we have to take him all of these refugees. Many of them predominantly Muslim refugees. Where we know ice is an al-Qaeda has infiltrated our ranks we know it. Never mind all the other illegals pouring across our southern border. Many of them murderers. Rapists. Criminals gang bangers. But here's the question I have for you. And I asked that the my wife last night grace and she didn't know the answer and I asked that the people in the Booth and they didn't know the answer. So let me ask all of you this honestly don't Google it just answered this question in your mind during your car or in your house. Which state in the world. How is the strictest. Most stringent immigration laws. Which state. In the world. How is the strictest strangest laws on immigration. And secures its border like nobody else. China Japan. North Korea. Had. My car are shy man. Jaffray. Switzerland Jeff. I swear to you as god is my witness. The Vatican. And not only does the Vatican and I don't blame them. Have the most stringent immigration laws do you know which state has the highest walls protecting it's borders. You guessed it the Vatican. I'm not talking eight feet tall ten feet tall even fifteen feet tall. I'm talking I'm scalable. Forty feet high Waltz. You got to see the pictures of the walls around the Vatican with the Swiss guard on pop album. Why. Because if the Vatican is overrun by saved by Muslim refugees. It's no longer Catholic. It's no longer Christian it's no longer the Vatican it becomes the Mecca of Europe. So my question to the Pope is this with all due respect holy father. How come you can secure your borders. And defend your sovereignty. And build a mother walls and we can't. The golden rule father. Holy father. Do want to others as you have do unto yourself. You have a wall we wanna wall. 6172666868. More with your calls that's. 126 year on the break WRKO. 815 Jeff boy where you write about Scott Brown. He was on Fox Business today outraged. That conservatives are getting rid of John Boehner. Apparently the model was very upset about getting rid of the bone had. We are supposed to just sit down and shut up while you see that's why they fear us. Because we don't sit down and shut up. And I said this before and I'll say it again. Scott Brown is a rhino home. Jeanne I'm Jeanne Shaheen. Cleaned his clock because he was a rhino. Kelly Ayotte is a rhino Charlie Baker is a rhino. It's kind they say no to the Ryan else. And that's why they're all crying today thing Boehner crying they're crying because the chief rhino is now gone. Russ Europe next go ahead Russ. Jeff Jardine banner should take it is on as a way to much and home he should take Johnny McCain with a as far as I'm concerned. You know the other big old in the dip I heard John Dana that they say clean ex commandos let's not forget about. Oh I don't think about the tanning salons Bieber you're right. The Kleenex vendors all the good news is well out of business now Russ rolling ought to drop for this guy right now. I want your opinion. A as a practicing Roman conflict that tries to live by the tenth commandment. Now this morning on CNN they interviewed Governor Cuomo well Matt what the poll. He said the Pope exceeded expectations. The Pope blessed as a long time girlfriend. Was a cancer survivor and now. Interpret I don't know much about the governor. Now its he's hit longtime girlfriend. And they sleep together and then not married. I mean that is somewhat of a problem which is seen in our society today where any day votes. Although this is acceptable and even though that's what the Pope city residents and that's okay. Well I mean I think the poll probably getting get into their personal lives and how much trying to offend the Pope Russ I'm just. Lucky swamped with people and you know can you give her a blessing but. Look I mean I don't wanna sound like father corner here but you know the last and I'm gonna answer. If you're living with your girlfriend you're not married according to the Catholic Church are living in San. And you know it would have been nice had he said something like hey you two married. Maybe you should get married families beautiful marriage is beautiful sheet that's something that a Benedict would say Horry GP two which say. That this poll just doesn't say. Because he's battling moral equivalents. And we don't need moral equivalence. Which we need is moral clarity. Call me crazy 6172666868. Is the number. John Boehner is gone the Pope now addresses the United Nations. Your reaction from your calls 6172666868. Doctor grace is in the bullpen getting ready. We're gonna have now along with her next doctor grace putting liberals in their place she's gonna give us her take on the papal visit and the Pope. Your calls don't touch that god.