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Joseph Aiello on the MBTA (10-1-15)

Oct 1, 2015|

Joseph Aiello, chairman of the T's fiscal and management control board, discusses the board's first report on the T and the concerns about absert workers causing cancelled bus and trains

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Live from the boston.com. Newsroom. It's the boston.com. Morning show with Jim Carrey again and John meter per hour. Each. Thank you for us you know. They hate so much they hate more than anybody in this room is ludicrous. And but it's political. Race. On the voice of Boston WR KL. Gotta be hurt him. My thoughts here you can't problem that you tend to. And it. You have I have a liberal yeah I don't trust outlawed now I had no idea. Battle through your of the W or meal Boston died from mortgage you know I don't know. That's yet when you look at this new report that's been released about the MBTA you might use their words a guy this year in let me give it actual quote. The key is it a state of disrepair and I have a feeling that's probably. One of the nicer. Quotes that it was used. Very unfortunate situations going on here. This week members of the fiscal and management control board released their first report. On the MBTA this of course after last year's debacle in and years and years of what has been neglect. And they say they deities in the state of disrepair. Our next guest sits on that board to telephone but more about what they learn Joseph. I LO is as I said a member of the fiscal management control board thanks so much Joseph for being with us this morning a state of disrepair is that putting it nicely. I I think I can it's important to put the ballots. There they're cheap performed a lot of great things of the date and accessed directly delivers a lot of servers to its customers have been great but it is not delivering. The service up to the expectations that the ridership in the public has a bit. Although a service perspective and that cost effectiveness perspective and secondly. It has not been able to reinvest in this system to keep their systems. Rail car is a signal Susan's house citizens as an example. Up to date and that is significant deterioration in the infrastructure. Right how would you say is state of disrepair I think people immediately think about the infrastructure but as you've just pointed out there there are some other issues though that go beyond just infrastructure will get to that just a moment. But I think it's just amazing that you guys learned that such a large part. Of there there expenditures last year were on individuals who worked at work. Well I don't think that's so one of the findings I think that. What we reported on was the fact that. There were. A lot of missed trips. In an unacceptable level of miss strips and goes in the strips had a wide variety of of of underlying causes. Some of them are simply that they were not sizing example a bus network there weren't enough adequate number of buses available. In good running condition should you debt schedule. They were some live in legitimate excuses from family Medical Leave Act and that certainly caused some of that. So the wider variety of reasons why he goes this trip so happens. Right let's talk about the infrastructure. It's an astronomical amount of money that is it needed to take care of this right seven point three billion dollars to try to. To update the equipment is that in your estimation in the boards estimation. Is that something that can. Can be raised in can be done or is that unattainable and so we're gonna have to find another way to go about it. Well I think it's it's going to be an important public debate on this was a as we as we testified yesterday the state of good repair backlog that is all of our systems that should be chipped up to date for the not. Beck are placed second today's dollars as some point rebellion we were also clear that there are. Or the categories of capital investment that the detention. Are between now and to some sustained when which is why not next. Reports of the legislature and the governor has to our intention is to. Look at polls serious Sissy with the needs. And on top of that look at what that she can provide you with respect to lump all sorts resources. To be able to combat on its own some push up. They are very likely will be a gap between what the and the kind of system that the largest stakeholder community expects the C. And that's going to be a this can be a Arum an important debate happen probably in the first half of actually. So in the meantime Joseph what kind of service can we expect should we have another very difficult winter and I don't think any of us thinks we're gonna have something like last year we recognize that that was. You know sort of a record breaking winter but I also remember that there were all kinds of issues related to the T. In November before we ever softly so what can we anticipate this winter. Well I think that. One of the things that we're very pleased with his stuff focus that general manager frank Apollo has so put on bunch of resiliency. And now being ready for this went tore big government was so was wonderful so there's a transit starting providing an additional 87 million dollars. Of assistance so. Would respect who. Heavy equipment that we can use the snow removal. With respect to their ability to troops have stepped trots available since we accelerate the repair things that needed in advance of the winter. Those are low. Those are perceiving. Ahead of the plan actually that the that that management has got to put forward. In addition to that they think that. We now have very clearly revised set of communication and operational protocols that. Where are surprisingly not so I'm not into action. What do you think it is joked that the infrastructure was allowed to get so into a state that is so far down the tracks if you will. While it's not an uncommon problem national. At. You know Republicans are structural we tend to be. Reasonably good sign of the resources. Our surge to design and build. And new pieces of infrastructure are replacing PC infrastructure. But if you look at that the database across this country and it's not just transportation relates to public buildings schools with several. We have not historically done as well. In the area of preventative and long term maintenance. This salute. Asset management. Routine has not been astray and of the public sector. Joseph do you think that the team should be privatized. Well at this point that's not our radar screen on our radar screen is getting to achieve to be the best possible he can be. To make the transit authority one of premier transit authorities to countries. I think we need to do that if you look at what's happened across this country. And understand that competition is on a national and global basis and looked at what's happening. With respect to the repair of its infrastructure investment and capacity in new York and LA is an example. Those communities really have begun to understand how important it is to have a terrific transit system that the court the economy. Not just the economy but also for the quote real life. And I think we've got to find a way to make sure that the chief can meet those expectations of the greater. Plus in the two popes and. Every time you hear the word unsustainable well you and him and it. T.'s annual operating budget growth is unsustainable what do you think. While that term and sustainable I think trend chairman struggles that the epic that the committee hearing yesterday raised that point about. Whether or not that that term. Unsustainable structural deficit was was an appropriate term and we can I do. About whether the right English term ones but what what what it refers to what that term we pursues the fact that the transit authority has a series of all sorts rebels between spears. Sources coming in from real estate concessions. The contributions cities and towns may. All of misses there's either Mike Foreman our own within our control. And what what what looked at channel that. Does that government baker can convene. This past winter and spring. Pointed out that the she was on a path where would need to enroll. Additional assistance from the legislature or some some of the points to be able should matched the difference between what it's rebels were hurt us. One of the things that at MCB has taken. As a central point is to make sure that we treat every dull oppression. We've got to make sure that we wring every dollar cost side of the equation. The re gonna make sure that we can bring it every piece of revenue available to less. Into the equation as well so to the extent that there is a need for outside assistance we can we can shore. Folks that is the smallest possible number. Right Joseph Aiello thank you very much fear in slightly appreciated. Well thank you both appreciate it quite Tesco. Much like 127. Million Kim shortfall it's like point one. Well and I wanna have we we talked about this once before when there was another report that was released tonight I recognize that. There there report here. By this board this fiscal management control board. Was about a lot more than this but they had this board would go before a congressional. I'm hearing yesterday said that. Lang said it has to miss this has a tremendous impact on. Our ridership and the writer's experience and what he's referring to this is the fact that so many. Trips last year were dropped 34347. Troops dropped on the MBTA buses and subways. Between January and August Lang attributes eleven million. Of the tees 53 million dollar over time spending last year to unscheduled. Absences. And vacation it's lowering the overtime it has to be spent to fill those positions. Will free up money that can be used to help. With some of the infrastructure issues. Some of the other deficit. So bottom line just go to work. Well hasn't been in gonna miss work but let's not call an hour before right it is the bottom lie I mean is that the bottom line for the team of course it's not and I understand that mr. I LO was saying that that's there there's bigger problems than that but having said that I think it points out the fact that the T. He's broken not just structurally. But it's personnel policies. Insurance administration is broken as well. And they do use this as they said this is it in a state of disrepair that disrepair goes way beyond the fact that behalf. Buses that don't rhyme. And tracks that are talk seven billion dollars to upgrade from infrastructures standpoint that they've got the they have to have an astronomical amount of money. That needs to be pour into. The systems. Themselves to make sure that it works. At a much more efficiently. So how we will continue to follow the tee as we all now I'm very anxious to see you know we we heard some of the explanation as to what's gonna happen. This winter and how they're preparing for. I can only hope for the team standpoint and for the commuters standpoint that they're prepared for the candidate coming. It's not fifteen year on the WRKO boston.com morning show David when we come back or we talk and whether speak you know whether whether they Joaquin he's. Just churning in the Atlantic now a hurricane. To category two could be three or is that the exile three now while. Could it have its sights on southern New England lineup coming up next.