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Should Columbus Day be replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day? 10/12/15

Oct 12, 2015|

Should we get rid of Columbus Day? Jeff says no.

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There Kuhn a report presented by Kelly financial services. 15192. Hum the sandy ocean blue it was a good read just they wounded due to some. Sig Heil. Kyle. Is Kyle. That of course was a song that you are in school kids in America used to sing all the time Brittany used to sing all the time. She thinks but anyway it's it sounds familiar to Brittany. And I remember growing up I was even back in Canada. I'd be watching like ABC in the morning and be like super Franzen. And cartoons but they'll always be celebrating Columbus. And what a great guy Columbus was and he discovered a new world when he discovered America. And everybody took so much pride in Columbus. Normal normal not anymore my friends check this out now there is a huge bush. Across the country by many progressives. Hardcore leftists. The left wing that Columbus is for them a man who brought. Genocide to the native Americans he brought colonialism. He brought the enslaved me and he brought discrimination. He brought apparently land grabs. And so basically he bribe genocide in hatred in the Holocaust. Of native Americans and he's right up there without all of Hitler. And so they now want. Columbus Day effectively banned. They wanna renamed it listen to this. As and then indigenous. People's day. And so according now to the Associated Press. More cities are now decked are getting rid of the day Columbus Day. And replacing it where indigenous people's day to recognize not Christopher Columbus. But to recognize the native Americans Indians. Who they say that contributed tremendously the indigenous cultures. Comedic character command. Made a tremendous contribution. To the United States I would assume the Canada. To Latin America to both the north and South America as to the Western Hemisphere. And that now they want this new indigenous holiday. To take into account all the history and contributions. Of native Americans. To correct the historical record. And so now city councils across America. Are now renaming Columbus Day indigenous people's day. So for example this year and Albuquerque, New Mexico Portland Oregon Saint Paul, Minnesota Olympia Washington. Seattle Minneapolis City Council votes native American activists are making a strong Porsche. I got to me I'm just stunned that Mohammed Marty cousin jump on this bandwagon. That's coming give them another year to bet pretty soon it won't be Columbus Day it's going to be indigenous people's day. And so according to many of these hardcore activists. They say that Christopher Columbus this federal holiday which by the way began in 1934. It was in 1934. That the calm. The federal government honored. Recognize the great accomplishments of Christopher Columbus. And there was. You know remember these to be parades. And pageants. And then it of all of that not just to celebrating Christopher Columbus. And the coming of the Europeans. To the new world but also because Columbus was Italian. Many Italian Americans the way the Irish celebrate saint patty's day they would celebrate Columbus Day. And many Italian Americans would be very proud of their contributions to America to the melting pot. And what Italians did to help discover the new world. And their fundamental contribution to the creation of America. And so many Italians especially on the north and you see these wonderful parades wonderful pageants. People awaiting the Italian flag but waving especially the American flag. Those days are now gone. Post office people take Columbus Day off government bureaucrats stay Columbus Day off but for the most part Columbus Day. Has been vilified. And my question is this. It's not that I'm against that day honoring the native Americans. But honestly I I have a lot of respect for native Americans and I think on some historical issues in their right. But this today. Is a special day for Christopher Columbus. And why. Why did we as Americans once celebrate Columbus Day in a big way. And now we no longer do. It has been because of the war. Upon our traditions. Our culture our civilization. And upon historical truth itself. EZ form of self hatred. Why should we be embarrassed. That the European settlers came to the new world. Most of us even with this onslaught of massive Third World immigration have European ancestry. Even Mexicans. Have European and to ancestry most of them. Even many Latin Americans have European ancestry the Spanish. They speak Spanish. Der language came from Europe. Here in America. Our language our culture our traditions our institutions. Came from Europe in particular. From the Anglo Saxon Anglo British world. What's wrong with that. What is wrong with celebrating our European heritage. It is their heritage they gave us western civilization. As the greatest. Freest. Most magnificent civilization. In the history of the world. I'm choosing my words very carefully. Know whether civilization. Has done more to lift people's rights liberties. Freedom prosperity. Material benefit you name it. What are we ashamed up. And why should people be ashamed of Columbus. And the biggest lines and this is the why I can't stand. Is it's right here in the Associated Press wanna read if you can. According to the Associated Press. That according to these progressives the federal holiday honoring Christopher Columbus and the parades and pageantry accompanying it. Or overlooked a painful history of colonialism. And slave meant discrimination. And land grabs that follow will be Italian explorer is 1492. Rival and the Americans. Are you telling me with a straight face. That you still believe in the myth. Frankly the racist myth of the noble savage. Quote unquote. He you mean to tell me. That they were born with our original sin. Have you ever heard of the mine and it's. Have you ever heard of the aspects. Have you ever heard of so many Indian tribes you'll fit. They practiced slavery the gay practiced colonialism. They were re being and pillaging and marauding held they practiced cannibalism. They didn't just conquer other Indian tribes I swear to you they ga dome. They hate him. This idea that you all think they grabbed other Indians as land. You don't think they loaded you don't think they pillaged you'll think they had slavery. Then had colonialism. They exercised genocide what are you people talking about. I mean this is so historically ignorant it's not even funny in fact you really wanna get into B pills let's get into details. It wasn't the Indians they gave us the constitution. With all due respect. It wasn't the native Americans who gave us the bill of rights with all due respect. It wasn't the native Americans who gave his common law and the rule of law. It wasn't good native Americans who gave us the free market and capitalism and representative democracy. And science and technology. And the Judeo Christian heritage. That has made America and western civilization. The pinnacle. Vogue model for everybody else around the world. Notice. Everybody. Notice nobody's emigrating to the Middle East right now look at the refugee crisis. Everybody wants to come to Europe or America. Nobody's rushing nobody's emigrating to China right now. They all wanna come here Japanese they wanna come here the Latin Americans wanna come here the Asians wanna come here the Muslims wanna come here. After voting with their feet. If this is sold big idiot and so colonial and so discriminatory. And so racist and so homophobic pencils Alex's Huckabee and biggest key white you can point the common. This is nothing more. Then they hatred of the very foundations of our society and our culture masquerading as tolerance. Why can't we have a Columbus Day. Why and that's the other thing I gotta say this I gotta say according to the leftist was noticed. Even some Columbus Day supporters. Say the holiday celebrates centuries of cultural exchange between America and Europe. Commemorates iconic explorer and honors Italian Americans listen to this age group that is insured it's all share of discrimination. So now the Italian Americans are getting on the victim Hologic bandwagon. That's the British is don't people want days off. I mean that's another thing after I don't want a day off and what you know what do you care what its orbit but let that go. So now Italian Americans may Emerson well or discriminated against so yes everybody wants. By the standards of two day which you should never impose upon the past that's being called a historical. Who wasn't discriminated against. And soul. Life was still much better in America than it was in Italy which is why so many came from Italy to America. But now everybody's a victim. Everybody's playing the discrimination card. How about we celebrate our achievements. How about we celebrate our accomplishments. How about we celebrate yes dare I say it. Our European heritage and culture. Which spawned the greatest civilization and nation in the history of the world. I'm not against the native Americans having the wrong day I have a lot of respect for them I do. And they're part of the American story. But this constant demonization. Of Europeans. Of whites. Of America. Of our Judeo Christian traditions. Enough is enough. My question to you is this. Should Columbus Day be banned. Because of supposedly of what it represents. And should it be replaced with indigenous. People's day. 61720666868. Mark Europe next go ahead mark. Just look at these pink people that if that's so ashamed of Columbia. All who think we're actually. You don't let a lot of road you don't need an American. I'm sure it even more outraged at Spanish explorer that. Pretty much destroyed and detonated in Asia people of what's now known in Mexico. Guess we can't keep your doors. Right I mean they don't written with the Spanish explorers and a lot beat people. I don't think ever in every minute he's let let you know it Merck. IE he was an hour later he was a semen. He was I discover. And so he went on behalf of the Spanish crown god bless some. I honestly was a hard working Italian like most Italians. And he said hey guys you want spice is I think I got and you will get spices. And he ends up landing in the new world I don't home I got a big goal look at this. And then the Europeans come. And in Europe the news electrified Europe. Arnold the well. Are you all right it's just more white Jill what what did beat these people that they just think it. We all because Columbus. Tad lighter skinned that he hadn't beat ED ball. You know it an act and the death of let's say eight people. They are no no no don't owe anyone an eighteen year had to eat eat all they had to be wrong. I'm afraid elderly people they are selective outrage. Is pretty hypocritical. Bingo. Market nailed it. John Europe next go ahead John. You know gonna have to Jack. Let them. How powerful nations and aid and a stolen from the definitely the top aide Craig having enemy. Stock and I don't want to secure the borders on the return manufacturing jobs in the US now if he were elected I'd feel much better off. Yeah 93 million people out of work at the moment. John what is this Tony Fiore asking where is his editing with Columbus Day. Well I'm I don't think they should be and all of it. And I just if the final go out campaigning I'm gonna feel like a bomb. Our guys not allow like Duncan honors a good guy. But you see look to tie it into open borders and immigration. One of the reasons why it's a key reason basic keep the border open. Swamped the country with Third World illegal immigrants transform America. Is this form is a form of historical payback. You Misch treated these so called indigenous peoples. You're a society based upon racism and sexism and genocide in the mistreatment of native Americans you don't deserve to exist. So were gonna literally demographically. Culturally destroy you threw an invasion. That's why a lot of us laps and allows up bucks this that's why so many on the hard left wanna keep the borders wide open. For them. It is the revenge of Columbus. 61720666868. Progressives now want Columbus Day renamed indigenous people's day sure Columbus Day be banned. All of your calls Max. Benin have. Murray the owner Salem probably dozens. June Benin. Murray got creative creative pieces that this. Hello. This is today days you didn't. Listen to make ends of the listeners. Who I am yeah. 6173666868. You can also Texas at 68688. The moon bats now wanna get rid of Columbus Day replace it with indigenous people's day. It's a movement now it's gotten about a dozen cities. It's coming to a city near you. You can text us 68680. Jeff my daughter came home from the fifth grade she says that Columbus is a bad man. Because they have them read a book telling herself. So now and a fifth grade they're trying to indoctrinate decayed state Columbus it's incredible. This is from 781. Jeff how about we create annual holiday punch a liberal more bout in the face day. That's sounds like a good idea. If go up and I wouldn't I wouldn't argue with you there are 781. Natalie Europe next go ahead Natalie. Hey Jeff I'm not against having an indigenous people then why not in town but docked at the plant in Columbus Day. You know. Yeah I would have to right. Hey you have to victory is universally. Basically of Malcolm migration and conquest whether you're talking about. In chip apple honorable woman detonated almost. There are. The stone age people and then you look at the time would then came over here a thousand years later it got so big that the stone age people are good continent. I had at the time they'd be out text reading and decimating the tribe surround them so that they had an adequate but. So quiet explained that they picked up they're living heartfelt every single date offered the final thought that would show up the next day. It went pretty humans don't have a war and shortcomings that's what it means to be human. But one thing that I think would be really cool about having a native peoples day and encourages people that think know how. Women but mostly talk when needed. Native peoples what the introduction. Of bacteria and viruses from Europe. Which would not understood that the time 90% of them died from contracting the disease that they didn't know immunity but they never been exposed to it smallpox thing like that. Colleague McConnell called. But. Bacteria as a content that he's. Once understood that was gravel late 18100. Neatly coincided with the time went but federal government was why you need to keep saying. Leaking fuel with these tried and then. And pulling them and why else. Trying to convince them that they. Q did not feel weapons. And you admit and be compliant with the federal government the federal government would give something. And assure them that they would be taken care yeah they can't think like smallpox infected blankets. That they understood or infected with smallpox. Then that we could frame a holiday called indigenous people say it. Trump lying cheating when when federal government that. You one thing night and they only got to hand it to kinda take everything out a way to go back. Brilliant Natalie brilliant brilliant. While look. I look the only thing I want to ask you the moon bats is this you're gonna give us an indigenous people's day let's call it. I'm Elizabeth Cohen Elizabeth Warren day. Change spreading bull bay. And I want Elizabeth Warren's face on this new flag of this new day let's do that let's put put the chief on the flag. Barbara Europe next go ahead Barbara. Yeah it just doesn't interest and I'll tell you why I'm thinking what Aaron had hit days look put out but the conditions set Columbia's left. And I mean that he wasn't killed TO. Are there Ed is this stuff like some hope presidents I'm not present get a lot of prayer. And they get game day I'm glad about calling god not able to kids day. You know and candy day. A company like that or not. That they sounds doesn't. I'm missing I'm. Second time although these people we'll let. Accomplishments. Like the water in the White House that Watson library issue get a jailhouse. And they don't trade demand and a lot of the pilot didn't have what it put up was crossing the ocean but all the hardships. He had to bear I've second I didn't. Barbara bingo bingo. People don't realize how heroic he won this and and got kind crossing the ocean. How dangerous it was. And then landing in the new world. With all of the disease of the jungle the primitive conditions yes the native Americans were scalping them. Killing them butchering them scalping them. Columbus is he's one of the great Uros. And now that and now we wanna turn this into indigenous people's day. What did Columbus do except give birth to the greatest civilization in the history of the world upset. And the fact that he was an Italian to me is he an extra plus 61720666868. The man brought the house to the new world god bless. Coming up next. It's not just Columbus Day they want a band I swear to you to school districts now are thinking of banning. Paul wean. That story next.