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Katie Johnston of the Boston Globe on the minimum wage action (11-10-15)

Nov 10, 2015|

Boston Globe reporter Katie Johnston discusses the action being taken by workers who are looking for hourly wage hikes

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Live from the boston.com. Newsroom. It's the boston.com. Morning shelves so if you could go back in time Jo baby killer would do I need to know. Hillary I would with Jim Carrey again. And John meter per round. I look at you. Lots of big things lots of little things you can call this anything you want but it might become president we're all going to be saying Merry Christmas again Vatican. On the voice of Boston WRK you know. 7 o'clock here on the WRKO boston.com morning chill quicker mind there have. 6868 and we have full of this morning love for you to participate in question we're asking on the heels of some information regarding. Citing work letters to restaurants here in Boston zone emergence factional. Services will be going and taken a lock in keeping your restaurant and he wore a see related to their cleanliness. What we're asking in this process that we go by that'll eventually get a seat by as we'll see don't you dare eat your. But at its estimate by the lack. So I'm asking you will you eat in restaurant than anything less than any ratings Texas it's exe sixty were to continue that conversation later in the broadcast but we'd like to know what you're thinking when it comes to. Those inspections. There's there's a system like that by the way in Italy and we learned this morning is also a system in new area the system like. So Boston dodged that system as well. 706 here on the WRKO boston.com morning show some of those restaurants could be in apparel. Don't have any workers today began a lot of the employees are walking out low wage workers in Boston joining. A nationwide protests today what the protest of course is minimum wage states the fight for fifteen they wanna see minimum wage product. He's thinking about this story today I think is that this has seeped into. Other establishments. Including. Some retail. And home workers. And that kind of thing not just fast food restaurants anymore. Katie Johnston from the Boston Globe joining us this morning and she's been following this case thanks for joining us who will be out of the picket lines and wind today. Well there are any out there harm I have been out there myself and starting at 6 o'clock this morning there was forum. This conflict to walk outs at about a dozen. I'm fast food restaurants around city they're expected possibly hundreds of workers should be walking off the job. And I'm to the walkouts were at the fast food restaurants and then. Like you said it on its spread home care workers restaurant workers retail workers. Com how has Turkey joining the movement with them and will be. I'm protesting and forming picket lines around today at noon they're supposed to be an action that the new prime market in downtown crossing. As well. Katie a lot of these employees don't just won a fifteen dollar minimum wage they want to unionize is that correct crack that's part of the plan. And and what's been you know the support for that idea. While truck. Among workers it's pretty strong it can be talks at these sorts low wage shops where people. And you rotate in and out pretty quickly and there's not a lot of long term. You're staying power it takes its expectation from people went to unionize that's why it option hearts united for peace. The jobs were pivotal to current for a long time. And of course employers are wild about it because he didn't get more workers more rights. Probably higher wages. Better benefits. In cost them more money. So they're not done that in favor that act in general. Now this isn't the first time at these fast food workers have taken to the picket lines they've done it in the past without much traction. And you don't try a couple of years and it is. Been gaining steam this is supposed to be the biggest one yet there's actions in 500 cities. Across the country which is the most ever armed so it. Certainly gaining traction in that people are noticing and more people are chewing the end and there are. Builder live legislature now to to raise the wage to fifteen dollars an hour. It's happened in several places including in New York game and I found that the current Massachusetts. Being considered. Pretty and enriched sketching out in our app. Shops and big box retailers. Like I'm not sure exactly how old. Likely that is to pass but it's definitely in the national conversation and these strikes and no problem. Driving force behind our. Politically it's stuff lists of a source of a conversation. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both say they. Aren't they were twelve to fifteen an hour in the Republican contenders say keep it at 745. Katie because it's gonna hurt job growth. Exactly there and they're trying to make it as an election issue by starting a voter registration drive where they're going out and seeking people who you know work in his early shock and a lot of them having voted in the path. And to form a voting block to get them out there and support candidates who support fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and I think in Massachusetts from 36%. Our armed people make fifteen dollars an hour or election we'll hire crushed than the nation and so are you know they're going get a lot of people. To turn out vote it could to connect to. RK Johnson thank you very much for the update appreciate it this morning. So what do you guys think there should these should these employees be successful do you wanna seem to be successful I personally. I personally don't believe in this I think the market should dictate how much these individuals are paid if you don't like your job you move onto another job. You get some skills and go someplace else the patient more money. And you know a lot of these these places have actually released the amount that they're paying your employees because. We're in a market. That it's hard to find people who will work in and were opposite thing how. We've seen this happen and it some of the big box stores Wal-Mart raised its minimum wage because they wanted to keep employees. I mean if you know. It puts it to do it though I'm new Wal-Mart you can be you know you can get by it fifteen dollars an hour but if you're single. Restaurant for instance right you won't want even moved to Dunkin' Donuts. This is going to be cost prohibitive this is the part that that absolutely kills you especially they would they would be successful in unionizing it would be very very difficult. So six or 72666868. Is our number we've got. These are rough fast food restaurant. And shop employees in downtown Boston Allen picket lines today it's called fight for fifteen they with a minimum wage. Rage. Raised how do you feel about it do you believe that the state should step in and raise the minimum wage or do you believe there should be dictated by the market. Personally I wanna see it dictated by the market but I'd like to know which you think six or 72666862. Or number 712 in the WRKO boston.com orange show.