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Rep. Lori Ehrlich on no-fly bill (12-4-15)

Dec 4, 2015|

Rep. Lori Ehrlich (D-Marblehead) discusses her bill that would prevent those on the no-fly list from purchasing weapons

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The news you need. Live from boston.com newsroom it's the boston.com morning show on the voice of Boston WRKO. 748 got it up more. New show. Our number 6172666868. The San Bernardino situation continues more and more about the investigation there. And one of the things that we learned is that this individual. I I don't think their names because I just don't think they deserve that I just called the gunman in the murders in the savages centauri. In the gunman in this situation. He purchased two of these weapons legally a few years ago in. California at two of the weapons they used in this crime in this murder were purchased legally by someone else outside of the state of California. Now at the time that they guns were purchased. There was apparently no record of this individual. But we learned very quickly after all of this occurred the president said that people who are no fly. Lists people who are. I'll under observation. Because of some kind of suspicion related to terrorism. Still can go in and bio weapon in this country. That's just so unbelievable that was a very surprising. I'm statement that the president made subsequently there's been a lot of follow up on that in not that I would since president was. Lying when he said it but he wasn't lying that is a true statement. And our next guest before. The San Bernardino shootings actually filed a bill up on Beacon Hill. To stop. These individuals toward central no fly list from purchasing weapons so we are joined this morning fire representative. Lori Ehrlich. From Marblehead and are represented a thank you for joining us tell us about your bill and we knew filed it. Are able thank thank you for having me on gas. At the turn download. Horrible coincidence but it was coincidence has filed it. Just hours before. The massacre occurred in San Bernardino. On. It I think it's it's it's it's right aren't they your pointing to the fact. That it is so easy legally to the scene at the weaponry. That that is so often used in these massacres. So what my bill does is to try to. Just not allow weaponry to get in the hands. Suspected or potential. Terrorists. So it seemed like a no brainer on have been following this on the federal level for years this is not a new concept. Something that was introduced in 2007. Under the Bush Administration. But congress has not been able to pass it. So. At some poorly you just cut your hand and say RA. If you can't do this on the federal level then it's up to us if states to step up and try to keep yourself safe. So that is the thinking behind the bill and that's why I filed it. And it just happens to. You know just happened to be found on the very same day. Represented of their a lot of people who filed their first reaction is stay away from my my Second Amendment Rights. I I wanna ask you argue against the Second Amendment do you not want individuals to be able to purchase and to carry firearms in this country. They know we're not against Second Amendment. Apt and it gets bad that's not what's different about. But I think there are. You know on any constitutional matters there are. Eat you have to allow for reasonable limits and I think not putting guns in the hence. Of people here that the the FBI is already. Colleen. On an island to list they're not allowed to board airplanes. And there's there being followed for suspicious activity I think it makes absolutely. No sense to allow them to buy a weaponry. And and you know this should not have thought a hypothetical. Situation. That the title govern Government Accountability Office the G-8. I'm sure that more than 2000. Suspects on the FBI terror watch list legally legally. Purchased weapons in the United States over the last eleven years. On that that's incredible. And it it goes on to say that 91%. Of all. Suspected terrorists to try to buy guns in America paths to the necessary background checks and completed their purchase. So at some point we have to say whoa you know it will Dwyer we keeping this last. If if we're not able to. Adequately protect ourselves. So what do you say to those who would argue though that. Anybody who wants to get a weapon like this would get a on the black market. I mean EE entered the the fact is I mean but we don't know what the situation was in San Bernardino completely. But it does appear that these guns were purchased legally an app actually I I don't believe. But he killers were honoring the terrorist watch what so it actually is in even. On directly applicable. That I think he he you have. It just makes no sense on the flip side to its commitment to make guns available. And the only mechanism we have right now it is illegal market. And you can't just turn your hands up and say oh well will do nothing and you know we we have I think the best possible. Route to go is Swiss federal legislation. Eat you really have a choice seed if federal state and not saying. And nothing just scenes and except. It all seems that it seems unconscionable and it. It's on Kotchman then you have the support clearly of governor baker. Who said I you know at that we need to stop this period end of story. Right I act I was I was happy to see that and he earned it he didn't specifically endorsed my bill that he did in an unequivocal terms. Say that absolutely. No no weapons in the hands of people on the terrorists can no fly list. Coming up just logistically would be carried out represented in so how how would people who are selling guns how would they be aware of this. Well right now when you go to church has done in the background check that you have to pass has nine criteria. And they would just add another what would add two criteria like that on the no fly list and the terrorist watch list. Two of the criteria that is already part of a gun purchase. So in other that your behavior at that convicted felon. You can buy a gun to there are already limits on your ability to decide just added another one. Is it is that that's quite so many people are saying to me this is such a no brainer. And I heard they look at me fight it and say do we really need to do that. We do. And my my hope is. A state. That we can step up to not only. Keep people safer in Massachusetts but also send a message to congress. In other states that it is if you can't do this congress the states are gonna have to step up. Yeah where we would be the second ski and New Jersey. Actually pass this in 2013. And now Chris Christie signed into law. You know we were were not placing a brand new trail hair but it there is precedent. And you know I don't know how far your audience regions outside of those outside of the state it's. If there are legislate legislators in other states I hope they step up and do the same. Representative Lori Ehrlich thank you so much for joining us this morning. Thank you it was a pleasure have a great you to 6172666868. Is our number. Love to hear your reaction to the representatives bill. It is now 757 here on WRQ boston.com orange.