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The Garden Lady December 5, Hour 1

Dec 6, 2015|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to the garden late on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the garden lady I'm C Alfred sorry I am but garden. Right yeah I am here talking with you. Every Saturday afternoon. About landscapes bonds houseplants. Flowers. Homegrown veggies rubs and to breathe. And we always start off the program let's welcome to the garden party a little about what's happening. Right now. In your yard and garden and right now. It's time to get outside. There it's great. Whether in our listening area this weekend so Stockwell that indoor work. Can't outside plant those plants you haven't yet gotten in the ground there have been myself. Quote your local garden center and get some little ever greens two putting your window boxes and pots. And perhaps some lights but more the better work creeping up on the darkest time ears so. We need all of greenery and old illumination we can. Well it is my pleasure this morning to welcome my cast will go to line one. And talk with Debra Debra prince is a Seattle based writer and lecturer. She's the author of seven books she specializes in interiors. Interiors architecture. And landscape and she's really the country's expert acting on its low flowers. Newly back from Hawaii let's welcome Deborah printing. Afternoon dad in good afternoon in Deborah good morning to you. It's so. It's a 24 hours ago I was sitting on my let night looking out at the beautiful. North Shore ash collide but. It great flow flower in Hawaii and now I'm shifting gears to the continent. That's right I. Let you know Debra I always thought that quiet looks like the houseplants got loose and took over. And they are. I swear I toured Italy and keep its weak and category into the area as ground cover with. Popped out to nick underneath it was creating. Yes yes. That's at it over for those of us are we're used all of those plants. The barricaded her biscuits and things that you know. We we baby along in Doris and dare it's our right of those plants all over. In front term pour it out while. I am well and I'm so glad to have you want today and I wanna start out where. So far worse because. I think may be some of my listeners don't know that term what. Do you mean by slow flowers. Right well some people in my hand I think it means that flower are really slowly which many did so. Fairly accurate. But the term slow food has been around you know for decades and mounted just it started in Europe and it was sort of an anti fast food finds that people saying wait a minute we need to get back to distort. And celebrate at what we grow and how you know how it's prepared for meal on. So that. Workflow is showing up in front of fashion and and food and I don't know what else art and it all kind of and you'll see it show up in front of and meet the terms slopes flowers implied being. I'm mindful consumer a box flowers and there's a lot of directions you can go from not. I think. Most Americans are unaware that GD percent of the cuts are sold in the US are imported typically to south American countries. And not both countries don't have the level of labor or environmental protections that US farmers. How you flower farmers have to cure kids so I'm only their kids' transportation footprint tipped by a bunch of Clark the supermarket. It's neat that really creepy to the prepare actual product but as gardeners that you and I are aware of and your blisters or wherever we're. We now huh and they noticed that you know what we can throw Patton in our guard it the drug at least for a good portion of the year so. Do we know we can upload a lot closer than then put him on a jet plane. So so it's sense to me like there are a couple of directions. That. People can think. When they take a slow flowers number one. Is their own backyards. And. They absolutely about the about the fight stepped okay that's just right up your back garden. That's right and what do what you can pick on him and we'll talk about that a little bit more when we. Touch on your book the fifty mile OK. But. Also then they can think of slow flowers is what what is grown that I can purchase. Closer to where I am. Yeah correct absolutely. It lot yeah it's sort of a reference to connecting wins where what would growing flowers and where they're Browner what practices are being used and anybody is gone to a farmer's market Arab community knows that when you have a chance to meet a farmer. And talk about what they've grown it's really rich did you experience it either it's a meal or you know something he can come and prepare. Or in. At least in most farmer's market site in Q and we just want our primary there and I can find out about what that variety is considered heirloom and something that was passed on you know from much and grandparent or an uncle you know something that's in that region really special. Those routinely connections really enrich our experience when we think about oh. Americans polish farmers are not vital part of our agricultural heritage culture we want abide by their parts from them. Sure it's what our. Yeah I did flowers for a wedding out in the mid Hudson Valley in July and one of the a lot of them came from my yard but a lot of them came from a local flower farmer. And I I have found that many brides these days they are really interested. In using. Local flowers for their wedding have you found. Yes and actually the L I think that the wedding industry has really driven a lot of distant and end and got it. Kind of produced a whole new generation of young entrepreneurial. Ships served while the farmers like the common thought armored florists. Approaching rallying flowers the wait some move being out. Rocks start Shas approaches outsourcing sued from you know a local farmer who's got expertise. Is the wedding industry has been real interest in that garden. Freshman guard at loch and that's why it's so great a year for letting you get had. Obviously started in your garden and the new augmented with with local flower. Sir it was fun because we we went to the flower farm out there and Hudson Valley we. Walked up and down and I said yes you know these all of these seventies and I was I was really wonderful. So. Used you to trying to do the research to find a farmer in New York. You Wear clothes to Wear that wedding and you want to mean that wasn't like facts are. You've got to do little creatures to get to that person. That's right at that gets to my next question for you which is if if my listeners are. Thinking oh well I've got a wedding coming up next year or my daughter in law's getting merry you know my future daughter in laws interested in. Local flowers how do people research. Local flowers and how they can plan them. Well that's really why it started its web site low flowers dot com which is actually resource to consumers. Give it I felt the frustration and every time I spoke to audiences or get a media interview. Where people it's okay I believe in what you're saying I believe it's important to first flowers domestically or local leaders seasonally but how to find them. And it became clear that there really is to these farmers and pat are invincible you know they're great early but they're not necessarily. Our regional story they're not marketers should both aren't dot com is an online directory that allows people to just go in and in a one on the site and search by city name or that code or state. And sliding a listing of flower farmers and florists who are committed to distort our commitment meaning they will. Be transparent about telling you this source supply or supply and in there are a lot of farmers you can buy direct from like the one you just described in Hudson Valley. They realize that. They can make a lot more money selling buckets of flowers to wedding party and you know once and at a time at farmer's market so to its lucrative for them and attack of keeping them. You can get. And there are people tune it should note that if they are ordering flowers for someone let's say for the holidays right. They have an option of ordering either local or grown in the USA you know. I recently ordered Lilly scams from start gays or barn and grown and the United States four. A friend I've answered you know OK for an occasions now. Very well and feel that that's really been kind of the issue that Americans. Consumers and people of Ireland Cheney asked such cases that we have. Many parts of the country where flowers are not you know feel about our aren't available buys 67 months of the year access. You don't think you might see I really care about sort locally but I mean you know region it's covered in snow what I like just. And even even in Seattle our lives I really have a limited when church world talented basically tweaked and comma first and so. We do I get the the travel and upon approaching eight started talking about the backyard and then he kind of expands out from there if you are in. New England or even in the northwest where I am you we may be turning to. Products from Hawaii or Florida or California. That can be option and it's like an overnight. Okay order and I have those. Vendors looking on the site it's well there's a section called you know flowers. Shipped nationwide you know they're. Our. There is there is I don't wanna be night there is a carbon footprints about right. There's the Fed extra testicle dear backdoor you know arch your friend south toward when your shipping cars but it you know. She needed to get the degrees of sustainability I'd rather invest. I have to supplies would rather. It's been my money on flowers that are gonna support the US flower farm. Sir absolutely with whatever we have to take a quick break to do some business here but when we come back. I watch it it's how my listeners about. Both. Your book slow flowers the topic we've been talking about but also work to fifty mile okay. Because I know that many of them would be interested in giving those books as kids for the upcoming holidays cell trait hold on and we will be right. Back with Deborah prince saying author and lecturer. Am slow flower. Flower bouquet. Experts here on WRK. Welcome back to the garden lady I'm C Alfred. Great pleasure to be here with you every Saturday afternoon. When we talk about landscapes houseplants flowers homegrown veggies and worked harking. Cut flowers were talking slow flowers were talking all wrong hours today. With Debra prince saying. Debra has the website of slow flowers dot com but she also can be found at Deborah printing dot com. And Debra. Let's go to your books for a few minutes and talk about. First of all the book the fifty mile OK can you tell our listeners about. Well you know your book authored these things from happening in surprising ways writes I was organically of hon we can yes there still are. But. I'd written altered the gardening and world. Stories over the years. And you know flowers kind of snuck up on me to be perfectly honest you'd taken for granted when your partner you. You know cook whatever you like bringing indoors I wasn't didn't consider myself. A processional floor and I didn't consider myself really anybody in that had ignited a teaching me that was a different and you can. What really brought that home with a series of articles I wrote short run it romantic poet magazine back in the early 2000. I am sort of month it saw a column. In the magazine would admit its film that to back it for digital and there. Could this film on my side table look at it called of course to do an interview and ask. Jimmer her about what they had to find and I would sort of shocked yelled at and you probably didn't it. Many of you or don't know the names of any in the Arctic defining win tally to two broken into two different world to me com. That a Gardiner would know the botanical names of the powers that you know that he was touching anything. So I you know I was curious enough to start studying not count. What really brought me into the down the rabbit hole of the world industry was when I started meeting flower farmers. In my own community in about ten years ago in here in the Pacific northwest Washington State is the second highest are producing at large state. In the US after California. You're he's number three cap and organs and the force so there won't be webcast potato and northeast component of lower production from going on which. But. The root for the picking up okay began with the that relationship with the farmer like started hanging out with them going to they're gathering cheering their stories an external link to document what they were facing in Mitt. World of what I was on uneven playing field with. Trying to compete against imported flowers. They could not win on price that's closer to our church is simply the cheap. Since you that farmers don't tap it don't have a chance to compete on price but they could compete on. There's story and on the freshness thing on their sustainable practices and affected me at them. Succeed by growing emerald varieties state like creepiest something that can't be (%expletive) So they're they're kind of beating South America hot Mitt. Romance I'm the delta air land and compact category of flowers that. They can be better. So that's exactly what does she do complicated about it telling that story. Who penetrated far and we've just signing with them. And how consumers are interacting with the American red flowers. So and and did that after you you wrote the fifty. Mile bouquet which I have to tell my listeners this is a lovely book and it's a book that has received. A great deal of a claim so are a perfect for two gifts as a gift for someone whose interest in local. Local folder or. You know flower cut flowers in general sit. Yeah to give a shout out to the photographer but David Perry who you and I. Garden writers association he she really. Is photos art and the powerful and the actual story in itself. And beautiful that is your right it makes that such a gorgeous book not that that lead to slow flowers did you. As you were either working on the fifty mile okay are finishing it dude did you just. Sort of automatically give birth to the slow. Lovers book or are that it. Look at. Way you know a lot of time I would help people are working on a book about the near floral industry or which we're working out of might be called to do not okay and it became hard to explain that dirty it in the short handed but you know it's like slow food but it also flowers that that was my. Way of my my elevator pitch trying to means people. And so then I what really prompted C a fire that which is a basic Leah. 52 week. It ritual that I went through where I created a bouquet every week. For a year cutting from my own garden war. Sourcing from local farmers in my community. Started at an event. I guess who dare to myself because I had. In trying to sell look at you now blockades that before I hooked up with our mutual publisher Paul Kelly statement Pratt. Might be trying to solve but it's not okay I'm Leone and I had an a former editor of mine from random house. You know big China New York editor made me. You know let China can live in Santa Barbara you and I authority around the different relevant to people around the country Chad I was eighteen I share her. I'm nick about K every week and uncle and I I didn't think it was going to be able about it a lot project can I. Started that project in November. Really ridiculous like why would you start a flora project and the most dormant season. My first arrangement was. So tight ranges big mop head height range of for a blend of from my gardening and paired with. A caller I dusty Miller campaign some quickie grass come up to the top and of course that's fine when everything kind of going starting to you haven't had a church frost make an appeal like pat without arrangement lasted endorsed five month. It. You know actually air dried even the testing Miller didn't crop ball so it's on another. Aha moment but. Going along you know light hasn't let me think process and back to flower. Bad loan and it was a real meditative practice stormy and you know I I took its period in every week you know Wednesday morning I would. Dot think about what they've added if you think about what flower there connect clip. I am lucky to live near a wholesale. Cooperative owned by. If she flower farmers in the northwest which you've visited that you know what I'm talking about to. I can go buy it from them four mile from my house which scanned. I wouldn't want. They didn't have thrown it to have the computer I was kind of in my own them out in the garage in the garden or on the back porch. Pulling this all came together and photographing it and I count now immediately. We really mindful practice that is it's. Wonderful prize byproduct of this whole thing. Absolutely well Deborah we have about a minute left before we have to break so I want you to tell people where they can find the books the fifty mile okay. And slow flowers. Okay well I'm needy garden centers Barnes & Noble. Your local independent bookseller and then also. At sea wind crept dot com at PLY in the end at. PR ESS dot com you can buy direct from the publisher cash and of course that's where your book copies of her for road to duplicated. Your lifted a party person that but I'll bet that easy place to buy direct from the publishers while. Excellent well both of these would make excellent gifts and there they're not expensive box they're very reasonable and down. I think a variety of people would love them sell. I really appreciate it taking the time jetlag or not to be with me today. Think people might feel happy holidays. RT you to Debra that was their preference thing and you confront her hip reference dot com we'll be right back here. On WRK. I'll. Welcome back to the garden. Lady I see help and Ari and I am so pleased to be here with you until 3 o'clock. Talking about landscapes houseplants homegrown veggies shrubs trees. Lot excellent 72666868. Let's go to line one and talk to Tom Tom welcome to the garden variety. Good afternoon graduate area. I am well what's happening. Well it's funny edges of the strangest segment on guardian for a special vote in your mind at your column that I am. Is not just see it's essential I was watching them American ninja warrior was a gentleman from taxes. Actually finished third finished of course the third fastest time the truck or let alone second. And the gentleman had a restored restored yeah. He had gotten weak and yet. Very low muscle Grady went the doctor. And the doctor made a name of Allah we should get a paucity of you've seen these tissue low muscle generated to me. Which it went home and opened his cabinet it was all food manufactured in plants so we're all out. So RD rock groups that flows and plant some late Jack lane which are in the years ago on. The point is not only are you what you see the other quick point. We have some call free radicals they stayed measurement every in on this planet and the food and everything has certain amount. In years and years ago my brother kitchen we found out that the Jews. Fruits and vegetables as some innate immunity or it doesn't even allow radical accumulate. But to achieve together and union of the coin. I'll be hitching a few years in ultimately the natural my old. What credibly strong like wage stronger than everywhere else they called the holy Grail for college my numbers are what I can bench squat row and there's no secret it's called natural holistic who cleans Marin clean body and I don't in a day's show with toxic emotions back. I'm Tom I've really appreciate the call and it's another reason that people should. Grow their own and any fresh organic food right out of their own garden right. A 100% accurate YouTube cure the problems knives and your problems. One quick point they don't have diabetes and kidney failure in the Third World I traveled to Lebanon Syria Iraq Jordan. You know emotionally eat themselves a low great food into kidney and eye and diabetes you know even have those medical conditions medics in. Well I appreciate your call and fresh as always best fresh is always best. And I have to say that worst still eating fresh vegetables at a barker we still have carrots that are going gangbusters out there. And we have K all it can't of course is one of the best and vegetables for a person and we have Tuscan kale. Out there as well as fresh lettuce salads and rule collapsed so it is possible to grow for a long time even in England. And I'm talking about my garden doesn't even have protection that there are ways of course you can grow weather center. Under hopes with. Harvest cards. A fabric or. You know in various ways that you couldn't grow plants protected for a longer period of time as well. There's so much you can do even without protection. In terms of raising your own good fresh and to my mind the best thing more flavorful you know that food is more flavor of than anything you'll ever so. For by the way that seed catalogs have started to arrive I have gotten my first vegetable seed catalogs. And if you're interested in planting a garden for the first time I would encourage you. To get a few seed catalogs start with some local seed catalogs like Johnny's them and Vermont bean seed. Catalog and take a look at them and start reading about various vegetables you can learn no blocked by reading plant catalogs whether it. The seed catalogs or whether it's. Plant catalogs you conveniently learn a lot so. That is a good freeways. That many people can start. Getting themselves educated about what they want to plant in their card for the next year. Now let's say I have a few things that we need to talk about today number one. If you have noticed after dark in the evenings swarms. Of law where you are having seen that. I mean we turn on our outside lights. Before we take the puppy out and hundreds of mosques will be beating themselves against our doors and windows. Within a minute trying to get in many of them actually do get them to bring the puppy in and out. At what these are our winter thoughts and here's the funny thing all the ones that are flying. They are all males those Adam mail went Vermont's Shutterfly. And we have a articulately. Large. Group of them right now because it's so mild in some ways the though when the wind or monster out at this time this of course is why they're called which Vermont. Is that they come out and fly and may at this time here in the early winter. When the winter. Temperatures are warm as they are now we have huge numbers of them laws. Now welcome males are out flying they're out playing or looking for mates the females gals are waiting at the base of the trees but they don't fly. Based attorneys waiting for. Some guy at a common law and after they inmate then them female crawls up the tree. Lays eggs on the tree bark. And that she dies the blogs themselves are only. Alive for a very brief time they don't eat by the way and a doing any damage them on themselves. They don't eat they exist for one purpose and one purpose only which is to make way addicts. Then next per game. The larvae hatch out of the exits are that it really do damage to our trees. So if you are seeing a good number of mops out where you car. Then you'd need to be aware that you will probably need to take some action. Particularly. On your fruit trees you're crab apples sheer maple trees. Those are all trees even near oak trees those trees at the winter month mark that absolutely. And they can definitely those trees very quickly. Now not all parts of the WRKO listening area are affected by Winter Park so. If you don't seem moths flying around now when there. Fairly small there somewhere between the size of a dime quarter. That's about the size of these laws and their brown kind of damage brown. So used to that's which are seeing right now it is Tammy year. There are winter months in your area and you'll need to. Be prepared to spray either with BT. Or spinach. Neck. Spring. With earmarks larva can't hatch out somewhere between march and April depending completely on the weather in the temperatures are very temperature. Related in terms of their hatch. Well of course keep you updated about that patch of the winner off Ervin next year and you know in addition the winner mark we of course will need to be looking. Two it Gypsy mocked. Population next year because in many parts of this listening area that was also a huge problem last year. O'Hare here it is you know winter's December. We think we should be off the hook for all of these problems right. But now there winner must fly around the chicks are still bad out in the woods deer ticks. So that's something we also need to be aware of if you're out. Cleaning up the art be sure and check yourself over. Very early tactics when you come in because they are in great numbers. That'll be a little wild because our our warm temperatures are going to continue so. On the one hand we're blessed by that the other and these pests are asked for. 6172666868. Up. Several lanes open it time to get through one of the things I want to talk about that today's program. Is. Gifts for people that are garden Bradley did not tell me about. Gifts for cart meters per say although any of these things and talk about are appropriate for Gardner's. But I think a lot of people don't realize that the same. That that makes a great gift for eight Gardiner also makes a great gift for other people to. So let's start out with gifts were new homeowners may be you have children or. Purchasing or have purchased there. First home or maybe you have nieces and nephews or maybe you are one of those people who have and you hold. Add one of those gifts that I would heartily recommend for anyone who is a new homeowner. Is out immediately good hair I'd apps products. Now I passed prisoners are foreigners were at the waves go past each other. The other type of crooner which is called the hand opener has played it comes down. On to a flat surface that's not what you want you want a pair of ipads sooners were at the blades like past each other. And three very good friends I think probably the top brand of prisoners are Falco FC OC well. Falco sooners a few. Look in the coroner holster of just about every professional landscaper you'll see a pair of focal prisoners. We're gonna take a break when we come back and war gifts for homeowners gardeners and beyond Theo and our in this step EU RK. Welcome back to. The dark lady I'm see elf scenario where talking so last year every Saturday from one until three. Good time to get through 617266868. You know I was talking earlier with Deborah prince thing and not her. Her around. Web sites of flowers dot com. Not only has podcast. And get to talk about that she Arafat. But also you can go there and she tells me that there are twenty's well flower listings. That are within a hundred Miles Austin including me in New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island and Connecticut. And they range from flower farmers to Flores who source both domestic and regional in creating so here you know. It just because. We are here in New England does mean that you can't can't slow flowers. And finally to finish my thought about buying or we could hear a bypass. Gunners were gift. The other two brands that I use in addition to outgrow our fists Paris whiskers. And corporal both American. Companies so let's go to outline one and talk. Paul Paul. Welcome to BRU. I am well Hillary. But what is happening today. Got a question about. The like Christmas cactus. When Elton blot on the beat Jim what is city because of the Columbia last week say and as the as the Christmas cactus variety. Well the what I was I was talking about how you can tell the difference because the ones that are. Have a jagged. Edge art at the thanks giving cactus. And the Christmas cactus have tees moved it should. Know what what kind of edge that the leafs cap on your it was a little after Christmas cactus. I. Want to. Get you got the heart. They're both good you know I I just had my Thanksgiving characters just finished our. My name is just about finished and I want to go over Christmas because she didn't take deploy its that is frankly. Christmas cactus with apps will be out of this world for Christmas celebration. Well and at the other thing about I mean I'd love points that is an appetite and those later but. But all the other thing about our Christmas cactus or Thanksgiving characters is. They are live for years and years ago. They do. Like here earlier vote early at this time about. Re plodding it's known as sick. Six inch plotting to put it you just said it hater ten inch right. That's right that's right. I stepped it up at least to an eight inch you know so that X two inches bigger all the way around I don't know that you have to go up the highest attendance right now. And lest you think that it would look better with the plant I don't know how big the plant is. I'll concise. Is there is do they like to be part bound. Well they tolerate being pot bat that would say that they necessarily like it because. Although we call these cactus they're not really cat guy. And they like kind of an even level moisture they don't like to dry out a lot in between lottery like. Real cat died. Self for that reason you know what but the more pot found a plant is the harder it is to keep a consistent level waste. Okay when it's outside in the summer it's under one in my abortions. Initiated all the time. And I water are pretty much what they're one of the very best book what I remembered best. And I think that's probably. At least two days a part of something like that. I think that's sounds perfect the way it screwed up. Enough you have that pot in real direct sun you might have to watered every day and hot weather but under a shrub like that where it's got to appreciate their ticket a couple of days sounds like the perfect. Perfect thing and I'm sure what you brought it and it got all butted up right away right. Beautiful feel I put her on the porch. That's a little bit cold rub my porch. And the breaded and wanted to really studied it to the book too called on the porch and it did beautifully. Well that's good that that well. Well I am glad that you cop and I am glad you're enjoying those Christmas cactus Thanksgiving. And I have a great weekend. They are terrific plants and other so many wonderful holiday plants talked about that last week but if you have a question about the holiday plant. You killed last year give a call or the holiday plants like. So leave your life and it well later life cubicle that as well. We're talking today about gifts for people who have a yard and we'll call those people gardeners. Gifts were gardeners. And in addition to look good pair of bypass foreigners and other candy gift it every. Certainly new homeowner I think what love is folding pruning saw. Most people don't until they have a yard. It down and I can go get things and critics' eyes are really necessary because there are so all mentally. Williams hand. Branch eve then. That it just took it to cut it either eight foreigners or he even a low purse which got a little while archer branches. You know of course that hasn't been for a couple of years earnings. Add a full earnings it's really the easiest one to use because talk your pocket you call happier. You're foreigners your hand at your full pre earnings in your pocket. And where and you get to those limbs you can't deal with and you can without. The folding pruning saw. And it just makes short work and you definitely want to eight innings you know want to go down into. You know the basement drag your father's words. In order form you know cut something outside because justice to it as quickly and efficiently. Couple of brands. Full thing. Earnings sides that are rated. And so peace key is the Japanese company. And keep things arise. You almost have to be careful with them because they're so sharp and cut through. Branch is so quickly. You have to you know be careful not to have got something you'd want to cut like you know your skin. So so. That's a great present for someone as well who has just recently gotten. A yard. Add a couple of other. Gifts for homeowners for golf course you've certificate to the air local garden center. So that they can get a tree he or some Mary bush. Or some other Lansky plants but there are next season that's always appreciated. And one of my favorite. Known to walls I think is the cobra head sweeter. Cobra head is a weeding tool. Manufactured at the United States. They handle is made of recycled materials. But best of all it works beautifully for a variety of situations you can use it to. Quickly calls to plant annuals. Or balls. You can use it for getting meets at a small cracks. And for just general meetings though corporate head leader also acts. Well of at Ole is the first hour has flown by here on the cart lady. So we will be right back with more of the currently we've got our coming up I've loved to hear from 617. 2668. I'm CEO are currently on WRK. I'll. Bonus.