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Rich Rubino of the Huffington Post on the GOP Debate (12-16-15)

Dec 16, 2015|

Rich Rubino, columnist for the Huffington Post, discusses the GOP debate

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Richard B knows joining us he's the author political Bible of humorous quotations from mayor from politics Richard have you with this morning thanks for joining us. Welcome thank you so what do you think curb judging from you know just that the response that the electorate has had. To the debates to the polls. Could we be looking at a primary season with record breaking numbers of people out and about voting. I think we will actually I think part of it is that is going to be a watershed primary because candidate from the last. Pretty standard on the right don't property you're gonna bring a lot of people into the process or in the process would deport those specific candidates who normally would not be voting. I think that they will bring a lot of those people and I think this will certainly be a different type of election and you know what this guy get that the wild card at all put it all these people don't like when judgment terra. Ran around governor of Minnesota and all the you don't pull partial content points but behind. But they look at the put it looked and dom there were more people actually coming out for or register at that date and voting. And I think a lot of people cannot just for payment and to be one of those that can be very similar election. We're trying give us your take on last night's last night's debate in do you think this a move the needle at all for any of the candidates. Yeah I think the two candidates who were think we're essentially in other political desk as is but where ought to be written work. Chris Christie and me and Paul I think people kind of people essentially open. I think both of them kind of came in with flying colors plastic Chris Christie there was that one exchange where. You know Marco Rubio with the it would essentially talking about with going with Ted crews were talking but the defense authorization bill on the average person not this thing you know. What is the defense authorization bill world what's all this about meant. Chris Christie is kind of compare narrative into the the depth about watching doesn't work descent you know Lebanese governor have been detected we actually deal with things you know in the congress is kind of debating society. I think exceeded that and Rand Paul. You know what that Turkey I think because he I think he's going back to this strategy it has bothered remember his father. Did very well in New Hampshire and Iowa the last time around because he had more libertarian message. This but I think started there was this feeling for his father and try to become more of a Republican called couple libertarian leaning Republican that necessarily can't stop the libertarian. For remedies that we ignore it hit in his opening speech immediately went after potentially become the war statement and any kind of went after he he went after Marco Rubio he went after. A lot of the candidates were more left neo conservative or more or less supported armed US military interventions and member that robot of his father's support came from. I'm one of those people have admitted amid a sense because he was seen just kind of another Republican but his father. Would be able to get what it Democrats and independents particularly New Hampshire a tent which allows has an open primary. And allowed them a Democrat become Republican would pick up Republican ballot of all the people voted for Ron Paul because it kind. Anti war message. And when Rand Paul rapper Chris Christie later on in that you know if you look at a forward looking at world war three this is a candidate that help is thought it would is that. Some really impressed that he would be Libby Peter those two can't police give them a little bit of light sport in Rand Paul Casey he barely made it into the and activated using undercard debate where a bridge he would have to read he would have. Resigned from the race and spokesman as we election just remember he ran for keeping don't want it re election. To Hispanic and he's running for the presidency but apparently the two I thought really kind of stood out I think they haven't they have another life and that's. So rich if your candidate like Chris Christie for example and you go into New Hampshire let's say you come in about second or third. Right you don't win it it to come in second or third. Have there been candidates in the past who at this point have. Are this low in the polls that do well in one of those first dates that can catapult themselves into a position of of some kind of you know. Competition. Yeah absolutely remembered didn't just about thirty gigabyte a month before. Hit it Hampshire primary John Kerry remember back in this would've been right on the time in 2003. With that was right or over Jeb Bush was that he was at 4%. He was establishment candidate this is remember that covered being afraid that he had a Wesley Clark craze. And John Kerry was seen as kind of the candidates company to pay deluding candidate to candidate who was you know was kinda path used to establishment. He'd support the authorization of the book of the war in Iraq but any had a dynamic where. And it happened in Iowa actually demonstrate that the equipment John Kerry did but Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean went after dropping it would just mutually assured destruction. And people and Iowa specifically Lee are very kind of couple late. I'm apocalyptic necessary like that but what happened is John Kerry and John Edward the other two major candidates the rate at the time clock was skipping Iowa focusing on New Hampshire and talk about Carolina. They moved up. An event seat on Cape Wind up winning Iowa so yes it can happen and you also see aerials were people you know can win New Hampshire but then not go further. Up much further opted out of a Pat Buchanan back in 1996. Really try to stop the Republican establishment by winning in New Hampshire but that cannot help Carolina and then Mitchell what is the firewall. And out Bob Dole the Republican Party essentially you know that was kind of collapse in the Dallas would need Dobson one at that point but. I do think you could beat certainly scenarios where candidate wins I will win in Hampshire and then there was nowhere after that after an interesting one. And it that they get would've been 1992. You had essentially this is really cut because. Bill Clinton member of the Gennifer Flowers the draft issue and the fact that he just comment lady came in October 1991. Anti in Iowa that you're really peacocks that were not contested because Tom Harkin of paper but it's. So he essentially was gonna win Iowa with a really want to know on the democratic side there were no caucuses and it it would actually had a bit with the pro forma thing she and the new camps there. Bill caught Clinton got a plated opera pop on his home state because he's from neighboring Massachusetts felt. Paula thought it one method to this but 32% for the next day's headline where the Bill Clinton calling himself the comeback kid because he came in second place. So he watched both Iowa and New Hampshire. Little later on he had to kind of Super Tuesday were a lot of southern state came in. And the hood it came and they were all we can always fall worked for built for Bill Clinton so he certainly has that you've got a snare a really all about and happen. You know interesting to go back to 1988 the two people came in third place Republican and democratic side respectively. The Democrats with Mike Dukakis. And Republicans it was George plus Abbott George H. W. Bush so you know that chose then we'll probably end up putting cancer circuit that shows that I was not to decide to be Ellen and all. But rich let me ask any any of those scenarios was their candidate leading the way that Donald Trump is leaving at this point. Did actually that one that lost. Well that decade. Was there was there any of those candidates who made their way up through an end up being the nominee but at this stage of the game had another candidate leading is dramatically as Donald compass. I think it's not a not in terms of somebody who's on the right to left I think the closest would be somebody like Howard Dean powered into private closer to becoming on the left. But it campaign that they kind of implode in Iowa. Not because of the dean scream but because he I think he made a real strategic miscalculation that here. But going after Dick Gephardt in Iowa and it really backfired on him and it benefited John Kerry to that would be a thing prep perhaps that would be just saving grace are desperate Jeb Bush. If he'd been very similar predicament they're all essentially espouse deterring candidate. And if you don't Donald Trump protect specific particularly adult trumpet Ted Cruz really go after each other don't think they're going to now a particular potentially benefit someone more that was the late. Right right which that that's it was my next question that why Donald Trump. And Ted crews are not going after one another. I think so I mean you know you could make you could argue that it some sort of the conspiracy I get the part of it I think Ted Cruz Kate. It's keynote that don't front dropped out of the rate of one of the people who support Donald Trump tech crew just their second choice. It's like birds with tech crew and don't prop so people don't want to alienate the person supporter to the point. That they're gonna that they are not necessarily technical not support them in the in the primary putting purple cow looking at you know each other in that respect mistake. You know the latter it's on the issues that they have do and it becomes the point where they have to whack which other thing to do it very very politely very subtly in very strategically. Because they really didn't know that was one of those people dropped out to support probably go to the other one. It's going to be an interesting run that's for sure had before which ago that the Keyon and give us like a minute synopsis of the key battleground state for trump. Is going to be South Carolina isn't. Well it's been I think that he had probably eight its intra it would be about a Hillary to be a battleground for state for trump would be because it would be crippling Catholic either higher or New Hampshire he could lose either iron cancer. He Luke could detect crews find an opening win New Hampshire. Becomes a South Carolina that's really that's really be that you would generally speaking about these ballots had stayed at the state the state George HW book to eight state Bob Dole. If you can win in South Carolina that proved that he essentially can can take on the Republican establishment candidate. And I think that that certainly would be an and you kind of have this you know. You may eat you have a lot of down ballot Republicans I think a lot of lenders what do trepidation because they're saying you know it don't help win the nomination we're gonna run with trop. And then what do we do do we embraced all trop do we say you know I support my party nominee without mentioning don't count. Or to be essentially completely distanced themselves with Donald Trump. You know I think a lot of down ballot can't they can yep health care want to come to stop Carolina this can really beat. Could it really can be quite the squabble that state. Richard being oh thanks so much for being a part of the show thank thank you. Seventy DH during the WRKO boston.com morning chill.