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Ferguson sued. 2/11/16

Feb 11, 2016|

The Justice Department is suing Ferguson over police conduct. What do you make of this?

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The constitution. Is under attack freedom is being curtailed. Founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new movement begins and Jeb schooner. Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. Am seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. That sooner report. Are you win. 1207. Here on the great WRK. All of our boys some Boston. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldoze their cleaning up bone liberal ball. Okay my friends this hour. It's it's getting scary it really is starting to get scary. That Justice Department is now showing. Their city up Ferguson. They want to completely. Transform the police department. The entire city. I essentially the Obama administration has declared war upon Ferguson. Also there is a growing portion now. For white shaming on campuses. As well as reparations. For slavery. Bernie and senders are now on the verge of calling for massive reparations for slavery. We've got told stories this hour next hour. Should women be registered. For the dropped. Should our mothers sisters and daughters be drafted to fight in our wars we're gonna have but debate. And discussion there is so much. For us to talk about today believe me all soul. It's not just Christine that's out. Carly Fiorina now is out as well. What does this mean for South Carolina for the rest of the Republican field trust me don't touch that dial. But before I get to the big story on Ferguson. And really now on this growing anti white racism and bigotry. Which is now exploding across this country in our popular culture in our government and on campuses everywhere. There is safe arm dish is not a paid advertisement and I would want to stress that to you. The Boston broadside. How is it column by me on their front page is literally on page one splashed across. About the right notes. About the rhinos in the state and New England. About the the meaning of the trump candidacy and why he is doing so well. And a has a really good shot of actually winning the entire nomination. And I've got to say this. I'm gonna talk about this probably next week. But governor Charlie Baker screw you Charlie. Now that his endorsement of Krispy Kreme Krispy has blown up in his race. Now out of the Boston Herald another Ryan or rag has been humiliated. By going all in with Krispy Kreme Krispy. We're now finding out and you gonna read this in the Boston broadside is the on the Boston Herald won't report it. The Boston Globe certainly won't report it boston.com. Won't reported channel for channel five channel seven channel 25. They won't report it. Now you're going to be seeing a massive purge of conservatives. Throughout the entire Republican state apparatus. Being spearheaded by Charlie screw you baker. So having failed in New Hampshire to get any rhyme no victory. Charlie Baker who has come out against their crews and against Donald Trump. Say that two men represented a quote slide in the Republican Party. That they are part of these dark demonic forces. That must be stopped at all costs. You were not good to see the kind of reporting. Anywhere else except at the Boston brought site. And it's about time that we had a print outlet. That speaks to our values our interest and will tell you the listeners of cool or country the truth. So I've got a huge front page story. Eight column in this issue of the Boston broadside. I urge all of you. All of you. If you can visit Boston broadside dot com Boston broadside BER 08 the SI DE dot com. Or call 97835. To 6800. For wonderful a one year subscription. I mention my name you get a nice discount figures like 24 box. After you get the discount I mean it really is a steal. And it's got wonderful reporters. The analysis that will knock your socks off. And believe me it exposes the liberals it exposes the Ryan knows. It exposes their destructive agenda that they have for this state for this region and for the country. So again go to Boston broadside dot com. Or call 9783526800. 9783526800. You can get the current issue. And read my column which confronts the Ryan notes. And explains why trump. It's just steam rolling on not just in mass and New England. But all over the country okay 6172666868. Is the number. Ferguson. A member predicted this was gonna happen I told you this was coming. No man has done more to polarize this country. Racially. Politically. Ideologically. Culturally. Than Barack Hussein Obama. What would you expect otherwise. From a disciple of reverend Jeremiah Wright. He simply reverend Jeremiah Wright. In a 3000 dollar suit in a Gucci suit that's it that's the only difference. Well now listen to this. Even though the Justice Department has admitted it. That this shooting of big bike by officer Darren Wilson was sick completely justified lawful shooting. And that they could find ignore evidence of racism or racial bias or police misconduct. In fact they couldn't even launch a civil lawsuit. Against the department or against officer Darren Wilson who by the way now has left the police department a great cop another career ruined. But let that go. Because it was obvious that big might wish charging officer Darren Wilson. Hands up don't sure it never happened. He was never on the ground. On his knees would his hands up shot in the back of their head execution style. As a block lives matter and many of these rabid left wing activists claimed. It was a complete lie a complete fabrication. But we now live in Obama's America. And in Obama's America like in the old Soviet Union. Like well when you have radical socialism taking over a country George Orwell said the truth doesn't. In fact speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary. Act. And white is literally turned to black and black is turned to white. And right is wrong and wrong is right. And what's false is true and what's true was false. The whole world becomes upside down so now. They are going after the cops in particular in Ferguson is part of the larger war on police. And indirectly part of a larger war upon whites. That's what this is all about deep down if nobody else has the guts to say it I will. And so now in a stunning decision. Attorney general Loretta lynch announced yesterday. That the federal government is going to show all the city of Ferguson. In particular than municipal City Council. As well as the entire police department. Because now they are going to ram through their gonna impose shall we gained massive reform of the police department. They want to essentially make it completely. Politically correct. And so they said you don't understand we were negotiating with this Ferguson City Council. And they want it out a few more amendments. And what were some of these amendments. Well a part of the amendments were they said hey this is gonna cost a ton of money. Like you're trying to force us all of the staff first. And there are very but he overseeing the police and monitoring them electronically. And monitoring everything that they do. And it. This is gonna discuss a break our budget. So can we put in some caps to make sure this doesn't bankrupt the city of Ferguson. Loretta lynch. Said yet. Obama said and yet. Literally holding practically a almost a gun to their head the proverbial gun to their head. Shut down across from the people of Ferguson. Essentially blackmail them and say either you sign that you guys are essentially gonna completely transform. Your entire municipal government your entire police force admit that your riddled with racism with racism. Or were gonna impose it by Dick cock and sure Liu to oblivion. And they just broke the back of the mayor and they broke the back of the City Council. They should we don't negotiate it's my way or the highway. And so now incredibly. Incredibly. Now the city of Ferguson is gonna be schooled. They are essentially now gonna break the back of the police and listen in particular to what's gonna be forced now upon the the citizens of Ferguson. And the particular pundits police department and the entire municipal government. They are now claiming listen to this that there is a systemic violation of the constitutional. Rights of the citizens of Ferguson the feds are. The Justice Department. Why. Because they save that blacks are being disproportionately. Targeted for traffic stops. Fort Pitt gets. Whether going through a stop sign or red light or speeding or whatever. Because the government is using this as a way to generate more revenue. And sold this is a clear sign that they're going after blocks because this is all about racism. And I'm looking at this. And I'm asking myself do you really think we're that stupid. First of all you know why there are disproportionate numbers of blacks putting prisoner put in for a jailer given that it gets or. 'cause there are more blacks than any other group and the city. That's point numero one role. But more importantly. This is what liberal cities do everywhere. They have turned to police you saw dramatically would build big bird the blahs you know whenever going after that poor guy. Over selling those cigarettes. Because they need the mining. When you're spending so much frankly on illegal aliens. And on welfare. And on public housing and there's so much corruption and graft and stealing. You don't taxes don't do it anymore. Shall you have to turn the police essentially. Into a revenue arm of the municipal government. That's why they're going to actor ticketing people. That's why they're going after people and trying to raise money because they're under pressure like every other city in the country is that's run by liberals and run by Democrats. Now your gonna claim all of a sudden. That this is somehow part of our our racist conspiracy shall always big bird build oblige your racist. It's our Mohamed Marty Walsh are racist. And I'm gonna get into this later. Now in Boston listen to this. They wanna upped the fines for Jay walking. 75. Bucks a pop if they catch you Jay walking because it's freezing cold like today and it's a red light than you're looking and there's nobody on the role in alleged. All I'm freezing my butt off let me run across the street they're gonna force the cops. Pressure the cops to slap you would a 75 dollar ticket why. Because they need the money. This is known personal racism here. This is liberalism. Take into which logical conclusion but let our goal. So now. According to these people being pressured by black lives matter by the mob. They want their heads of everybody and our police department shall listen to this now. So now they're calling for. A YouTube brought it all kinds of sensitivity. Training for all of the police officers and Ferguson even if they're black. She even if you're black you're still much sensitive enough. So. The officers have to ensure they never you always body is at all and policing. They have to monitor now listen to this all of their emails even their private emails FaceBook poll social media. Still they never once utter anything that could possibly conceived as racially offensive or biased or racist. Furthermore. The police officers now have to be under that they have to do list they have to get out of their cars so they're driving around all the cops out there. At. Like I think this guy's a drug dealer nor I don't know you have to stop get out of your car. And you have to get to ignore the communities. You've got to talk to the local Al sharpton's you've got to talk to the local drug dealers you lot of Needham talk storm. Maybe have a coffee with them whatever because you see if you have dialogue with the wolf. All gang bangers and the local drug dealers. Then you'll understand their side SharePoint give you a little bit better. The drug they wanted to stop searching they want to stop that getting. That's why the city council's open arms if we don't get tickets were finished so you don't stop people you don't search people you don't that give people. Basically what's gonna happen I'm telling you right now the cops and Ferguson gonna say we're just gonna sit and our hearts and our cruisers. And what just let him go out. Because anything we do we'll be construed as racist. They broke the buck the police in Ferguson based on the line. I wonder City Council and the mayor tried that desperately standout. Now they're being shoe into oblivion. My question to you is this. Short police departments. And city councils. Be essentially completely transformed and dismantle. Through federal Vick thought. This is what Obama is doing and Ferguson. And it's a model for the rest of the country is this what America needs I'd say Elmo what do you say. Fargo police. Are essentially under reconstructive bigots. 6172666868. All of your calls next. Department of Justice is filing a lawsuit in federal district court against the city of Ferguson as soon. Alleging a pattern and practice of law enforcement power. It violates the first before. And fourteenth amendment of the constitution. Just smile. Yeah. Alleging a pattern and practice of law enforcement. The violates the first. Before you fourteenth amendment of the constitution we intend to aggressively prosecute these days and weeks and to prevent. The residents of birds have waited. This city to a guy. That would protect their rights for instance. They violated the fourth didn't I stop people without raising suspicion. By arresting them. Applause and by using unreasonable force. They made enforcement decisions based on the weight individuals expressed themselves. And the unnecessarily escalated. Nonlife threatening situations. Obama Justice Department led by Loretta lynch essentially Eric Holder and untruths. I was now set their sights on Ferguson. On their launching the mother of all lawsuits. Could destroy the police 617. 2666868. You can text us 68680. This is from 781 Jeff the taxpayers a Ferguson. Ultimately end up paying for this lawsuit with higher taxes and now we lawless populist and guaranteed increase in crime. Bingo. Lee Europe. Next going. Good afternoon are you going to look very. We talked about this almost a year or more a year ago he talked about the booted out our and we set that this guy would pull out all stops. And we know that he's doing it and we know that what this is about is just too divided are in the country. And they're gonna get a little bit more upset when he Donald Trump doing what he's going to eat people. And you know you have to look at it from the whole perspective. We know that Barack Obama category threatening Bill Ayers and bill earlier that growth is bought. So my father he saw that he or she is going to do so well liked me I can't understand why people. It. Take a Republican congress. They've got to it Google slip as. Because why would they do everything that should have been impeached. I'm just saying racial past ridiculous. Our regal. He should teach all of it is thought to this country and but it just a week ago couple days ago four trillion dollar. People seen what that's going to do and then you've got. It again Hillary Clinton gore did claw out. Being you know we you nailed it honestly I couldn't of said it better myself and now. By going after the Ferguson police department like this what you think is gonna happen. Truck gonna do their troops. Who's gonna suffer the most the black community and Ferguson. Actually the real games are just for the drug czar does for the gang bangers are. Who's gonna pay the higher taxes they Whittle the working people. So what Loretta lynch and Obama are doing to not just flattening the police department. They're flooding and frankly the African Americans and minorities a Ferguson. I mean this is how we seem to cities but they're playing to their base Anders or racial fervor now. There's an anti white anti American fervor. That is now gripping the left in this country. And I wanna take more of your calls because I gotta tell you what's happening on campuses. It's happening in state legislatures. I've got more stories. Believe me. Don't touch that side. Active in the city six had a. To step forward instead they've chosen to turn backwards they've chosen to live in the past and they've chosen to adapt. Use of really ignoring the voices of the citizens. The great golf. Voice of Boston. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Okay. Don't touch that dial sure. Americans pay reparations. For slavery. This is now the new progressive frontier. We're gonna have that discussion and debate. In the next hour as well as should women be registered for the draft. Should our mothers daughters and sisters. Fight in our wars should they be drafted 61726. At. 6868. Is the number you can text us as always 68680. This is from 603. Jeff instead of focusing on ice that's unemployment. Vera when problem illegal immigration. They focus on this. Is it because Hillary needs the black vote but let that go well now Ferguson is back front and center. They're inflaming racial tensions. There are trying to dismantled the police. They're painting the entire Ferguson police department he went to City Council. That's completely racist. And so they've now launched a mother of all lawsuits Loretta lynch does the Justice Department. Against the Ferguson police. And the City Council. In other words if you don't roll over forum they'll destroy. Mark your next go ahead mark. Does it take for taking my call my. I eat other topic you can only be just in your own time and wreck the reparations arguments ridiculous. But I did like comment about his range is that the same read a link to a couple months ago had to do they end. The acted forfeiture program. Eighteen people rocks away because it is. Suspicion not a proven. Armed drug dealing and they couldn't even make money with stealing people vehicles and selling them off an option. That's why she called the Al app because it's wrong but because they wouldn't make money sound like it's good. To try and make money. I'm mark very good point buddy don't be a stranger or 061720666868. Bob Bender Twin Cities Europe next go ahead Bob. 82 up pretty bought eight the solution to the sub madness for the simplest government does dictate our police department. And basically they're neck and have a rally to sport the police. It into history. Online has asked the people it's gonna help them to have good police. And protect abrupt. Environments per day. Basically all the reality so that you at the people do. Organize get together and after the local county sheriff's department the local police departments at the syrup and achieved police. Yes pretty epic struggle and they received the consent decree from the federal government. And if not. Art and they registered. With the console here and please. Peace officers. Association that spare Mac organized. Signed the resolutions that so that they stand with the people. In the in the time any. In other words. This community service to get all the community LA is when addressing sold a commitment. And then a commitment global ways. The bottom line is that Linux it hasn't been any a look at violations of amendment fourteenth to call though it's from the federal government. By. Misusing the fourteenth amendment four quarters in racial instead of holding everybody. Law on bingo ball yeah I mean you're right you're coming now. I affirmative action racial quotas completely violate the fourteenth amendment equality under the law but let that go. No look here's what's happening. It's so obvious what's going on. The Obama White House is in bed with black lives matter. And now they need to all the racial division and racial tension. And so Ferguson was on the back burner and now they've got to put it back on the front burner. And if you noticed in the last couple democratic debates. Bernie Sanders has come out and said the cops are racist they need quote unquote fundamental reform. Hillary Clinton has come out and said the cops are races they need quote unquote fundamental reform what is fundamental reform. It's like what they're gonna force on Ferguson. Constant sensitivity training even if your black lot of corporate sensitivity training. Day one and now monitor all of their emails all of their FaceBook posts and private. Does she because they said they found a couple of emails by some Ferguson cops that could be construed as racist. So you see those couple emails that shoals that. So again have to go after the emails then they have to do more so called community policing which we've got to get out of your car. And basically I was at a local politician. And they got to shake hands and got a much kidding. They got to meet community leaders the local drug dealers step camps they're dying man angers you know because you gotta talk to a woman if you just. Far too warm. And reasoned with sermon understand their grievances. You know maybe won't be throwing a minge payroll. Because it's releases the throw them in jail when they shoot somebody or kill somebody or rapes somebody god forbid. Or they're dealing heroin or crack on the street corner. All we have to be caller and a compassionate. And have respect for the labor. Our city. But you see it's not political. This is my point that I'm trying to make. It's it's cultural its educational. It's all pervasive listen now to this. Again a police story but part of the larger culture. I don't how many of you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday I thought it was a great game. By the way I thought that Denver's defense inning when the greatest defense is I've ever seen but let that go. Well I don't know if you saw the halftime show. How ya Johnny. Do you she's incredible. So listen to this. Jury witnessed this is the Super Bowl what is more American than the super what is more watched than the Super Bowl. Well you know these halftime shows like how big band big singers celebrities. They make almost into a half an hour extravaganza because frankly looked at as much as the country the world is watching. So they make are really big shindig they're really big deal. Well beyoncé. The famous black singer comes off. And she shall around and I kid you not with all of her dancers. Now this was eight and she admitted this this was a deliberate celebration. Of Malcolm X. Of black power. In a lying since sympathy wink wink with black lives matter. So there was beyoncé singing in the middle of the field. And all the dancers were sporting Afro was deliberately don't beret he's got black Panthers used to Wear the military style berets. They were dressed in an all black style similar to the Black Panther Party. And then at one point in their performance. The dancers Herbert block parties to raise their fists to the sky a clenched fist. The dancers raise their clenched fist for the sky and then they made a formation on the field in the shape of the next. You're the war's biggest honor Malcolm X. Now. All Lotta people I was I was completely discussed it completely outraged but you need to hear about tennis you need to know this. Who was Malcolm X. It's a very key point. He wasn't just some you know are all lefty rather cold pushing for more affirmative action quotas and government spending more welfare. Lift her relieve. He was the black version of the clan. He talked about black supremacy. He said whites were quote they gamble. That they were so imbedded in their DNA with racism and hatred. That they were the source of all evil on earth. He called for violence against whites he called for the violent overthrow of the American government. He converted to Islam he became an Islamist. He championed shore real law he wanted a Muslim state in America. He hated did you wolves. He was a vicious anti semite sure later my guardian despise Israel. That's who they're celebrating. I'm Islamist. Anti white. Anti Semitic big hit who championed violence and the overthrow of the American government. Shall. Up police sergeant in Detroit I swear to you amok and mentioned this person's name remains unnamed because. Seventeen year veteran of the department are because this four guys understood how his life is being ruined. Obviously he probably reads a newspaper or magazine or listens to talk radio so he's informed. And he knows what the hell Malcolm x.s and he knows what's going on the field. So German at halftime. On his own FaceBook again personal FaceBook account whatever happened to freedom of speech but let Doug go. He then says rule. Rule. He says this is discussed think. And so what he does is he says we'll you don't like to be fair he's always been tongue in cheek he says you know next year's halftime show. Well they should have the kkk on the field. He goes you know because. You're in other words are trouble falling puts a photo of beyoncé is dancers but instead of wearing the black leather in the U Malcolm X the black panther uniforms. He says normal. Just have a photo of beyoncé and the dancers wearing white Ku Klux Klan ropes basically signed or just a black women. Shall next year and interest of fairness of have a Wear robes of the white Klan. So he says quote when he writes in his FaceBook account quote. So if the dance troupe at the top is okay for this year's halftime show meaning beyond slate and the black panther dancers. Then the one at the bottom the one would beyoncé beyoncé and a block and a dancer produced by wearing the white kkk ropes. Then the one at the bottom should be okay for next year's right. In other words if you're celebrating the black clan and then is it okay to celebrate the white Klan. Making the point why are we doing this. All. All of our ya ya you all. Are you would think this guy regurgitate it might come. Here's FaceBook post remember it's on his personal FaceBook page he's watching a game. He's giving his opinion by the way he's a 100% right but let that go. All. Peace coal workers all mother all sensitized. All of them now they're all sensitize. Like like little school children they thought of running to the teacher the principal I swear like little kids big run to the police chief James Greg. Who did you keep winning and he mentioned McCain gained saying things criticizing beyoncé and Malcolm X and black nationalism and the Black Panther Party in the black let's mattered much government owns our jobs I don't wanna be races. I don't Loretta lynch and Obama coming after a nominal please please please. Please so now the police car chief has now come out he's condemned this guy. He's excoriated this guy and he said right away normal normal. Kid this sergeant views seventeen year veteran phenomenal caught call. Not a blemish on his record. Puts his life on the line every day Detroit to overwhelmingly black city. To protect innocent law abiding blocks. Okay that's what this guy does mix and accurate point about Malcolm X. His views do not represent those of the department team any way shape perform or listeners or any other officer. He was forced to remove this post. On FaceBook the sergeant. He acted then he was forced to replace it with a message again to go on to the head. Either you remove it and you replace it with an apology or you're gone. You're fired no pension no benefits no nothing so this poor guy at the event offer an apology. Now he's still on the job but I swear to you an investigation. Is pending. Because the black lives matter mall are calling for his head. Now you tell me. How the hell is Aaron key white racism. And in this case even anti semitism. Not now seeping into the mainstream of our culture and if you even speak out against it. On your own personal FaceBook page. Gone. Off what their heads. Brenda in Beverly go ahead Brenda. Well I am that I got I got much like a session. And I'd like to say I'm gonna say something on a spiritual now. You know. We have come a long way and it is not good and that's what happens one animation that's turning it back on god I'm not saying that everyone I'm not saying that. With a holier than thou attitude that they get up every day recognizing mice and on that. But this didn't really. Getting growth track at this point that somebody and I am adding that sound like a broken racquet catch by. This is about protecting ride and read I mean Dutch routes and added what we have going here and a regular basis. And I don't think that what is happening now than actually or shed more light on your side topic what's happening in Pakistan that they Chia Ali. Orchestrated situation going on just to pat and what you Obama administration. No doubt I wouldn't. I have no we did not believe that it would have some kind of like an Occupy Movement that something on diet outright then and I think that he. And the Jack that the bottom line line up like a bright and good luck connect the dots. We have this presidential candidate who toxin like Obama he talked revolution. You talk actually in the nation. And now we have not so reverend Al haven't practiced with Bernie. And how many kind the not so reverend Al Shaq then and Dwight Howard and document cops that write a blog a right to target them. That plan that not so reverend Al has done at the White House should be just so happened that a little out of our defense and I think he has like. The fuel and the matches and let and and he bought me an idea when the late and now. That and he. All Brenda look is. This as we know words coming from. It's coming from the likes of Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson the blockbusters. And it leads straight to the White House don't touch that dial. Oh. 106 here on the great WORK. Although voice of Boston. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer okay. Sure we pay reparations. For slavery that's going to be coming up very soon. No and either at this hour or the next hour deftly wanna do this. There is now a huge push. For women to be registered for the draft. Should our daughters our mothers our sisters our nukes it's. Be drafted. To fight in our wars we're gonna have that discussion that debate 6172666868. Is the number. As always you can text us 68680. This is from 617 honestly best callers best Baxter's best audience in the business. And in fact before or reduce tax I want to share something with all of your corner country. As you know we've been really burning the Midnight Oil here the last what week ten days. With the events that we held first one for Ted Cruz and then of mother went for Donald Trump. We've had some special shows with and the debate and the primary. I wish I could read to use the emails. Because I can't I've been that's the kind of private emails. But I can't tell you the compliments. That I have been getting. From some of the top people in the entire talk radio business. About how incredible this audiences. I have to share this with you I mean they're like your callers are the best here techsters are the best. This is one of the Jeff. What's your secret to getting this kind of an audience I swear I don't know. I just talked didn't call me packs that they listened. Honest to god there's no secret world there's no special recipes but I want you to know in fact when we did. The debate. And we get a post pre or post debate show. Some of the callers and the techsters I swear to you were so good. I was getting emails from top people talk radio saying this was better. The quality of analysis in terms of being not just intelligent but interest think finally colorful. Blue fox and CNN out of the water. I just want to share that view. Because it's a big source surprise for me 6172666868. Is the number. This is firm. 617. Jet now faux our SARS have anyone my bet. Now fox has an upcoming comedy show a body Middle East during family. Living in the United States they are just ramming this down our throats. 617. Jeff. Obama is trying to nationalize the police force that's what he wanted while this suit on Ferguson is a big step. Towards nationalized in the police force no question about it. This is. There's a very good text or wanted to read it where are you where are you where are you. OK look basically or when it's a very good text that can't quite find because so many are coming in Britain. Let me just sort of summarize it that my word for word but. It was from a 781 batter remember. The reason why dispersants that I like trump. This because strong on issues like race and religion is politically incorrect. And he will stand up to political correctness on race and religion he says in a way that Ted Cruz just wouldn't. And that's one of the reasons why he likes Donald Trump so much. And I've got to say yes and I am I want to share this with you. One of the people that worked in the show yesterday one of the people in the back made a very interesting point to me. He's a guy probably say what we say Britney jet. In his thirties I don't wanna say is maybe you haven't asked them for his permission is very good guy work with Britain yesterday. Laura was working with Hercules doing a great job that he was there yesterday. And he said you know Jeff I gotta tell you. As a white male. I'm really getting sick and tired. Of constantly being blamed for everything. You know I haven't done anything to anybody. Honest to god I'm a color blind person I believe overall equal in the eyes of god in the eyes of the law. I. Have a whatever respect women respect blacks I really don't have a races sexes bone in my body. And yet I'm constantly being told I'm a chauvinist pig. I'm a sexist. I'm a racist. I'm responsible for slavery for Jim Crow for segregation. For the oppression of women for the genocide of Indians for the mistreatment of gays and lesbians. Are responsible for every problem in the world. Everything is always my fault. And I haven't done anything literally to anybody. Except try to work hard make my way up is very tough business. Which and it is a tough business and honestly pay my taxes pay my bills and put food on the table. I have black friends. I have Asian friends I have women friends. And I am being blamed for everything and then he said this and he said Jeff I'm telling you. A big part of Donald Trump's appeal. To what I feel even within me. He's he's finally gonna stand up for us. Somebody was gonna stand up for the white males in this for whites in general to the white male in this country. Not a racial racist way but just you know stopping it blaming whites for every stop to it. Trump is almost like saying you know what enough is enough white people want to double stop blaming them for everything leave them along. And I got to tell you I think it's part of his appeal I think. There's no question about it he speaks for through forgotten working class. For the forgotten white working class. And honestly for a lot of white males and white females who are just sick and tired of all this politically correct cartridge. Which is really anti white racism. Now a couple of other quick stories and wanna dive right back into the calls what you need to be aware of what's going on. Because if you change the culture you change the politics. That's what the left understands. So now they're going through the Super Bowl. Now they're going through the government but listen what they're doing in high schools and universities listen to this. In Portland. State Portland college. Portland community college is now putting out a program. They've now unveiled a program that they're calling whiteness. History month. Now it's not like Black History Month or Latino Hispanic history month. It's not a celebration of quote unquote rightness or what white people have contributed to America or two world civilization. Normal normal. It's the very opposite. According now to the campus diversity council. They are now going to be organizing a series of events beginning in April. Describing it as they quote unquote bold adventure. And what the organizers are now saying is they won a force Schweitzer gonna compel white on campus. To either attend lectures or watching videos or listen to speakers. Talk about how whiteness. Listen to this house quarter unquote been institutionalized. Imposed. And internalized. And they say unlike heritage months like Black History Month. This is not a celebratory. Endeavor. Is an effort to change our campus climate. And to make quite signal knowledge. That they are responsible. For the genocide of Indians the oppression of women. For slavery segregation and Jim Crow. Now and they're also edition they're they're inspired by the black lives matter movement and they want it to black lives matter. And they wanna put it on campus is not just in Portland. But across Oregon and across the entire country. Now. I want everybody just pull back for a second look at how do we get into the arguments against this because. Just pull back. Quote. They want this. Question addressed. In what ways has whiteness. Being institutionalized. Imposed an internal lights. Pick up the word whiteness. That's cool back to Germany 1930s. Because they had a very same discussion. In what ways has jewishness. Being institutionalized. Imposed an internal list. Same thing. It's the exact same thing. The Germans the fascists argued you see the Jews. They were suck and I strife for years you see the Jews they had all these privileged positions you see. The usual they were everywhere there are in universities there refinements they weren't culture and there are in the arts veteran government Hayward the once. There have been responsible for all of the deals are pressing the German people. Game or the ones. That helped to enslave Germany. Dame weren't the ones that have forced us to make mistake after mistake and have led to so many Germans being dispossessed and not achieving their true potential. So how did jewishness. Getting to German society how was it institutionalized. How was it imposed how was an internal was among us that we except enjoy business. And we didn't want it no we didn't get dammit we can wipe it out like a virus. That's exactly what's happening now. When Chris Matthews. And Britney hopefully can find that cut. Recently said this about Ted Cruz because remember crews and trump really speak for the same group of voters. What the debate is is really always the best general to lead us. Think that's that's a very important debate don't get me wrong that's why it's very heated and passionate on both sides but essentially they speak for her. The same movement pretty much. The same and certain types of values believe supporters. That same massive segment the silent majority. And so the question is. Who the best general but let them ago. When Chris Matthews. We are and said who are these people supporting Ted groups. They must be even lower. Than anybody in the human race. That they're beneath the human race. To eskom. They're stronger animals their rafts. Hitler. Does a front that's Franco that's Mussolini that's airport. Look at these Jews. Look at these they're sub human. They're below the human race. OK now listen to this. This is now and Virginia. School they luggage Glen Allen high school in Henry Cole Virginia. Is now Porsche in that all white students. Must now watch a four minute animated video. Your you have to what do you want to or not. And they say that this video is called the army equal opportunity race to be on equal opportunity race. And they say it's designed there's a lesson in quote unquote racial discourse. Sold the white students have to watch this. And then they have to have a discussion with their teachers and with other non whites and their classroom. And so yeah I'm looking now what these pictures or British replace some of the sound and a second but basically. It's a video. Where UC to whites. And two non whites there for athletes. And they're taking their remarks at the start of a truck race they're they're gonna be running and they're going to be doing track. So now the two whites. That do white athletes they immediately take off. They hear the starting gun they start running but that too mono white athletes. They must remain in the starting block. While they read like you should this read like it's blocking their path. So others they're staying there and a starting position and are now more thing and of course the white athletes are just running and running and running. You hear the music in the background and then on the screen. You see words come up they'll sing it they just pop up. And that viewer is bombarded with words like this slavery. Broken treaties. That's the Indians. Genocide. I think that's the Indians may be blacks to. Segregation. Jim Crow. But it did just keep hitting and slavery broken treaties genocide segregation. It's like Marxist style propaganda. They just keep hitting you and hitting you and hitting. The white athletes continually they're running around the track. Getting older so another getting older kind of getting you know older and as their parent would arm as their batons. Their batons have a money symbol. The money symbol gets bigger and bigger they're making more money than they're getting older. And the guitars are getting larger and larger. And the athletes are getting older and older. And eventually they hand the baton off to a younger white athlete who is running beside them. The video wins and there's a message that's flashed across the street quote. Our affirmative action helped level the playing field. When the parents heard about this when members of the community heard about this day were up shall we live it and outraged. So they start to complain as normal Americans would do this is this is propaganda this is brain washing this is clearly anti white racism again. Go back to 1930s Germany. Substitute the white with a Jew. Look at digital running around Thursday German aryan stock. And a Jew has the model the baton the symbol of money. And the money is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and they keep passing the baton off to a fellow drone but the German is just stuck there. School officials listen to this big big businesses have defended the video. I say lesson. I guess is we're somehow historically accurate as a lesson in American history and racial discourse. Even when confronted by the parents. We confronted by the community saying this is such bigotry and racism it's outrageous. Normal normal. This is common core. This is what the progressives are waging in our schools. In our colleges and in our culture. And it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse until we stand up and say enough is enough. Here is just a tasty a little bit of video the video Britney. Here's you to share the music and the word tradition again and again slavery genocide. Segregation. Broken treaties. And error there too right trying to. The money simple. Under the constant bickering baker. Is a lot of grief from the break. It's. Easier. To. I. Yes I would just put in the commentary early. I am the most conservative political what I wanna meet I didn't even focal Obama the first or second turn. But would be a lesson in what police officers is absolutely true I have trouble wife Florence who. Tokyo saw and say oh that's not true at all when you Marty you must be more something ball control a lot of them have the opportunity bargain Obama. The color page and getting pulled over for no reason. I went out to dinner going to sporting events it does happen. And I don't care what you say. How you say is that happened in the Serb prevalent I had crops award marked the backup my car so close I can be received the don't want. If and when you switch over to shoot for and so warns locating new or yup and not argue they're called the blue figure triple threat ultimately thank you speed up and you you brought to. To speed up. Anything else who are a lot considered I wasn't boring entry. At this CVS waiting for foreign to come out of school are also on the partner in the parking lot which it was another person also parked in the car he drove along the parking lot and pulled up behind me and stopped. Luckily enough once foreign to him out of the store at the card and we drove off. I mean this happens all the current and what are at least market pulse in the morning to go to work. I aspect to protect our lessons are their own reference and poor people. And to protect me from the police. And people have heard me say that they plot that is to troops amassing a mark it does happen. Tom what do you think the solution should be do you think Loretta lynch is right is it to sue police departments and she. Don't you know a job that part of guardianship as part of that and so I would we call and tell you I don't government I don't know what effect. But I just know from my experience. Erin that was from mark like inference in the car with me on several occasions different once they all agree now this does happen. This all happens all the time and this is to choose from what I'm telling you saw honest to god truth the most gold on and ought. Art and art I will want to pick up your radio show but it does happen. Well Tom look I can just tell you this. I really appreciate you called sport from the bottom of your hard. Come on us than we speak from the bottom of my heart you are always welcome in corner country. I don't see the color of your skin I see the content of your character. And if you're principled courageous conservative. You're a full member of corner country and I love you like a brother. God bless you Tom camera. 6172666868. Is the number. Okay Mort your calls and reparations. For slavery. Sure it we have to pay for what happened a 150. Years ago. This is now the new frontier for progressives. That story your calls next. Said. 136 here are the great WRK. Also voiced some Boston Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up vol liberal bowl. Okay my friends should we have to pay for reparations. For slavery. This is now clearly on the the left is now pushing this very aggressively. And listen to this story. A couple days ago. Delaware. The state legislature. Overwhelmingly. Passed a bill that was signed by governor jock Markel. Which now apologizes. For slavery in official apology. Formally apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow. And even though Delaware remained in the union during the civil war. The state apparently kept a right to own slaves until the thirteenth amendment was ratified in 1865. So even though many people in Delaware. Fought against the south many of them died. Fighting to free the slaves of the south. Delaware did have slavery. Until the thirteenth amendment in 1865. No the state legislature estimates that an 1860. Just on the eve of the civil war. Delaware had 1798. Slaves. While the free population was 1101400. Any team. And so that Doug the governor of Delaware has now come out along with the state legislature. Saying that this is a stain on Delaware's past we can never remove disdain. We can never forget. This stain this stain will stay with us for ever. Today we affirm that we refuse to forget our past. Governor mom moon bat Markel said jarring a signing ceremony. We accept responsibility. Of caring down the barriers. That faced so many of our neighbors as a result of the abhorrent laws and practices. Carried out against African Americans. And so they say look this is a tremendous symbolic gesture. But before he signed a resolution Markel said that the egregious sin of slavery. Should never be forgotten. Must never be forgotten. And can never be separated. From what occurred with segregation which slavery. And from Delaware's current racial justice challenges. That there are still so much racism in Delaware. And a black globs of matter. Is that embodiment. Of this continuing resistance. To white racism. That you now see in the police UC in America you see in institutions everywhere. And so he said look I'm it was a shame. That even jury and Jim Crow and segregation. That's so many people remain silent. And we have to speak up and that's what this is all about so we have to keep speaking up. Against racism today he. Against obviously Donald Trump impaired grows and conservatives and Ronald Reagan in the Republican Party and it's so obvious what would return a world's leading to. But Merrill and apparently now eight states have now signed. Resolutions. Officially apologizing for slavery Maryland was the first. Delaware is now the eight state. He in congress the House of Representatives passed a resolution in 2008. The US senate passed a resolution in 2009. So what does all this mean in plain English. You look at the beyoncé. Event at the Super Bowl. If you look at the brain washing of the kids in high schools and colleges. Perpetuating white guilt. Responsibility. For all the alleged sins of the past. Do you see your school's going on about slavery segregation and Jim Crow. A good drive to purge America of all of it symbols of the past. Now you see. Our state legislature governor congress. Signing resolutions officially apologizing for slavery. And now you have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both of whom openly saying. That there are open to demanding reparations for slavery they haven't yet come down one way or the other but they could be persuaded. All of this guilt. All of this brain washing. All of this condemnation. And hatred of whites this assault on American history. Is clearly leading up to one ultimate goal and objective. Reparations. Malcolm X wanted to reparations. The Congressional Black Caucus wants reparations. Bill Ayers wants reparations. Jeremiah Wright wants reparations. Many in the academic community want reparations. This is for the progressive left. G civil rights struggle of their time. And so the question is this. Short somebody like Jeff corner. Who is an immigrant to this country from Canada. Or like many of you in the audience. Has done absolutely nothing to African Americans if anything. Except try to give them some help or assistance or support. Should you be held responsible. For what happened a 150 years ago. Or let's say Jim Crow and segregation that ended fifty years ago. When you did absolutely. Nothing in any way shape perform. To perpetuate those evils. Should you be held for the sins of the past. Let me making even more personal. If you're grandfather did an injustice to somebody. Should you be liable for what your grandfather did or your great grandfather did. Even though you had nothing to do with it in fact you me refine Richard grandfather did actually deplorable. Because that's what they're now going to be asking us to do. Let me ask you something else. I'm not even gonna get into. The 600000. Americans who died. To eventually end slavery let that go. I'm not gonna get in to. The rampant discrimination faced by the Irish. By the Italians. By the swaps by the Jews. By Asians. Let that go. So wasn't just blacks but let's not go. I'm not even gonna get into. That every major society and civilization in the history of the world how slavery. I'm not even gonna get until that blacks out of slavery. Muslims to this day how slavery. Arabs are slavery European charge serfdom and slavery my ancestors brawl serfs. So while there was slavery here my people were getting kicked around Europe but let that go. Don't let all that go. Let me ask you one question. Just another one of short open to performance. Let's sleep. All of that going. Let's talk about your niece. Whatever a family member. A hundred years ago. We're sitting around now the campfire. If somebody. Kidnapped your daughter or your family member. And sold her into slavery. And then somebody bought your family member your daughter. And then how to wherever as a sex slate that is does this for the sake of argument so you have a daughter. A guy kidnaps her. And then sells or to slavery. On the sex trade and a guy by user. Who would jubilee more. Who would you go after more. Would it be the person that barter. Or would it be the person that abducted her kidnapped her and sold. Because what nobody's mentioning. And this is an historical fact that cannot be refuted. 99.9. 999%. Of slaves that work that came to the United States. Were kidnapped. Abducted. Captured. By fellow Africans by fellow blacks. Many of them tribal leaders and local warlords. Who then sold them to Europeans on slave ships for a pretty penny. Gold and silver to be particular. If you want reparations. How come you're not going after the people that abducted and kidnapped him and sold him. And why would you want a bullying people or completely innocent. 150. Years later. How come we never hear about the sins of African slavery a black slavery. How come we never hear about the racism of Malcolm X. How come we never hear about Teresa is a mound and the anti semitism. That's prevalent in say black lives matter. Or say in the Congressional Black Caucus. Why is it. Think about how bigoted these suits. How come only whites are born with the original sin. How come only whites. Can suffer from the sin of racism and discrimination and prejudice but blacks don't. Asians can't. Latinos can't. Arabs Kent. Look at how would we have done. Is we have replaced one form of bigotry and racism within mother. The only difference now it's not a Jew baiting and and it's not. A black hatred. It's no white debating. That's all the series. This is nothing more than anti white and key European. Anti American discrimination and hatred. Masquerading. As compassion. 617266686. Create should you be responsible. And pay reparations. For Jim Crow segregation. And slavery for the sins of the past. Mark in Georgia Europe next go ahead mark. And yet it is doing you took some guys I don't know what they. I didn't have to go back to the source what you said work. Will slave traders lawless. It's the quote from Michael Savage or considered about a year ago monitors shows. If you want to this reparations business that you have to go back to the Arabs legislators. You know the slave trader came to Africa. Packard were. And don't look a local leaders to sit out the applicant and to slavery. And also if you don't wanna get the blast actually get back into history. Are duly there's an arrow and the great people of Egypt soon and has detail reparation for the Hebrew actually slid out early years. And and you know mode as of freedom I mean in the media are. You know. Mark it'll never end. And ignore it's gonna leave so early to civil war. I'm tell if that's what at least two it'll leads to civil war civil strife ethnic and racial hatred that's all that leads to. And my question is. I think a lot of the people are pushing this know it. And my fear is I think that's what they want. 617266. I could be wrong either they're incredibly naive and ignorant and stupid. Or they're really fomenting a race war. Bruce in Boston go ahead groups. They'll cost a lot. Argument for and I'm doing good changeup well until we get reparations. Social security and maintain. Obama owns or go to it won't slip wobble much. Why is important issues. Colombo. Live event celebrating. Thank you so much Bruce this is from. 603 great text Jeff this has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. It is simply another liberal left this scheme. Can transfer wealth from the makers. To edit takers. Natalie Europe next. They test. First I wanna talk about preparations but I'd like to address your previous caller on the on the African American gentleman said. He's only getting hassled by the police. Tom I feel your pain because I'm in the mouth he has rarely if ever and that popped her on media light like on molasses. I don't think anything that are out I think frustrated didn't. And they happily for every little thing it. Haven't happened yet thank you know I would not a theory. I'm being helpful because I'm black and it's like I'm not black but even heckling me I could certainly understand. I mean it happens cockpit canopy. I and I don't know why I did in the have a difficult job I'd get it but sometimes they do it just seems that why you are not that. Again I want got helpful particularly Walken and affluent community accept stock advocate taking a walk and a beautiful. Spring day and the cop that asked me what my business was in the talent like that but don't you like wanna to enjoy it. And that put me to make my visit three you know I'm black I would that there might get. It's kind of a black enough but not I don't have that one I can't explain that one but now that delicate that I'd like to talk about reparations. I think yeah we should pay reparations just. And bill Perkins persuaded me to death was bullied or not I was listening to NPR. And they're interviewing an elderly rabbi and the subject was whether or not Germany should pay reparations to the server I think. Some of the Holocaust. And the rabbi said absolutely. Not and he said because one. People take that payment. They've been paid opera ball wrong and how clean it up like on a ball well but you take the paint it put the bat yeah. I'm saying. Make the payout to a supported the debt want to crawl it. 600000 Americans dying in an apple for a yearlong war but he keep our country destroy the rapids. And essentially I animosity that still won't die. Welcome an up and bit. Yeah with the preparation and put it said that. Thank you very much for that call mentally very very well said this is from. Okay yeah. Deliberately. And OK here is sorry is the cuts are coming itself but start to read it okay 50 wait Jeff if my great great great grandfather. Robbed a bank a 150 years ago and got away with it. Well I have to go to jail for a while or under the moon bats logic yes.