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The Garden Lady, February 14

Feb 14, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to the guard and leading on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come to the garden lately I am currently behind the Alfred RI. And it is my extreme pleasure to be here with you every Saturday afternoon. Where we're talking about landscapes lines houseplants flowers. Homegrown veggies wraps in which read here on are you know. We always start out the program will be welcomed at the garden party it just mention what might be happening right now. Hand right now it is getting coal. And if you have any of people who hide arranges and you want to have flowers next summer. I would consider wrapping those up it might be your only shot at having a good bloom if the sides art already toast it. I have so many cartridges on my property act can't possibly wrap them all. But a couple of favorite plants my husband and I just went out and wrapped tarps around with pine trees around the paste all the Turks and place. To see if maybe we can protect our protect what. But it's our. Still alive and not yet toast. Well I want to get right to speaking with my guests today so we're going to go to line one. And welcome Debbie Bosworth. Debbie is the owner of dandelion house flower farm in Plymouth she isn't author writer blogger. Flower farmer Dan Flores and welcome cavium soak it could be here with me today. I'm hearing deputy Omar Epps. Hearing gap now. Well if we get that straightened out. As you all hell I am a huge believer. In locally grown flowers. And so that means if flowers that are grown in the United States number one number means. You know supporting our local flower growers who are right here in you know all of our neighbor. And let's see if god when I got Debbie now. Debbie welcome. I still don't hear her so oh well that's all right. You know me. Gardeners are used to touching evenings when things don't go adds plan. And will get it straightened out undoubtedly it's now. A button pressed oh all right let's now get. Out six that's. Well you know we we gardeners were good at at figuring out. And old are growing what we want to grow right. Well I I introduced Debbie on and let's start out by. Why don't tell people about the end of winehouse flower farm implement. Okay great well then winehouse flower farm is actually my backyard garden. In about three or four years ago. I became. I've always been a gardener 25 years of organic gardening. Most of it on the West Coast the Nevada. I'm a New England transplant about twelve years and I have to tell you I love the client this climate region to grow and it's so as my kids titles that we didn't need our backyard space between that and baseball all that stuff. Sort of convinced my husband to bills mean. A lot of different break beds and I started growing. To tons of annual. To go along with my pretty orders this stuff so. I'm basically I'm farming my card was local flowers in them. Wanting to provide the public with. Local hours for weddings and events and restaurant work and things like. Excellent excellent now. Do you Grohl. Both flowers for bouquets and may be edible flowers as well. Well I have grown the edible flowers. Assertion. But certainly some of these herbs and you know clocked split and things like that come. By mostly focused on ours but. OKs and floral design. Excellent okay. And do you find that. Mullah many people want to just by the bunches of flowers and that arrangement didn't sell or do they want you to arrange them as well. Well outside you it's an interesting combination. I launched my business last year here in south Plymouth. And actually played a small ad in our equitable social work and felt post magazine because I really believe that. But local flowers are just really coming into the air all. Over the slow food movement and I I had tremendous response by I actually got to do work what some floral designer. I did a few of the farmers' markets where. I provided them. But grab and go enjoy bouquet which. But people want to because. Week ago bought them for gift sore just for their cable for the weekend. And an and I worked with why brides are so last summer. And I both worked with a couple of well what brides that just wanted. Just the basic. Rustic country feel for the wedding centerpieces. A combination of interest which site which site upgrade. That is great so. Let's talk a little bit about what some of the flowers what. What flowers are good for cutting it that you grow or that other people they want to grow their own parents. Right well this the tip of my favorite things. You know I didn't really quite a lot of annuals for many years I think a lot of people. When their partners shied away from them because they think the value was and there there not long lasting it will come back atomic veterans so. I thought that was just some of the simple. Vinny AdSense sunflowers Cosmo. I'm saying you might as seen in your grammar guard years ago. And vote just super easy to grow you can. So them directly into the soil in here existing or right in here raise bad if you like cigars and that way and you're limited on space. And they just due to respective issue. But it meant the night. You know nursing soil and in the demented when it's nice and warm out after the danger of the last from. Sure and am I I love animals myself micro a lot of I would not be without blue horizon accurate I am do you grow that one. I don't groan that went in fact I I'm kind of addicted to this summit emirates now that your right up there. Beautiful. And the she hates them and that was my plan my garden this year with annual I'm I'm imagining. Bouquets and arrangements so what I wanna play west from a. Oh sure actually. Well I'd recommend Verizon to you because it's got that. Gorgeous lavender blue collar and it's a workhorse that produces flowers from from June until really hard fraud. An important one because what's at its base you know. It's not as easy to get into the succession at saint Mike's some of the larger flower farms and you sure about the great recommendation. Sure yeah. What to do you find is the most popular wecht what are the do it yourself brides wanting. Well here court the color trends change from year to year but last year the rights that I worked with. And even the people at the farmer's market Dahlia is or what sort of my favorite. People just what the bold color. And so that's and I happen to love them too. So I tend to go for colors that are rights and people and mix well with. Sort of wild looking pillars like are. And but perennial feed them in the diet for example or even better fight butcher cat meant some of those makes them. Really fun and well feelers forced some of those bold collars certainly contrasts so people like a poignant doing. The bolder color. I've found that two that I've done winner of three or four weddings recently with garden flowers are for dear friends. Children. And I and they all want bright colors. They'd. They don't want whiter PH they want. Origin low Brett that I can't get. I find that interesting because if you look at what's trending on interest and some of the in the match and this step of course they're shelling out these. And phone what she can't beat our own opinion I found that people they like some that they really attracted. Tom took a bold collars. Yeah yeah well I think what you're going for that casual country look the bold colors sort of fit don't. Yeah well definitely have to take a quick break and I'm speaking with Debbie Bosworth who is the owner of scandal and house. Flower farm implements she's also an author or writer we'll talk a little bit more about that. And we'll talk when we come back. About fields to face dinners. How people confined. Out at details about going to a professionally run one and how they might want to hold one of their own so we'll be right back with. More car talk on the cart lady. This is WRK. Well com. The garden lady I'm CL for Ari and I am hearing every Saturday live from one to three. Where we're talking about plant gardening and flowers. And it is my pleasure this morning to have or this afternoon I should say to have Debbie Bosworth who has the owner. And the land house flower farm implement. She's blocker writer flower farmer florist. And we're talking about how. Local flowers low flowers that as flowers that are grown right in your neighborhood so. Did you have a FaceBook group what I tell people about that. So I recently. Started a FaceBook group for the New England power farmers. Connection. I thought that there are a lot of FaceBook groups out there. That are include the every one but I opened there was that gap in. You know regional FaceBook group that might my reason for putting it together is that I ultimately hope that. We can get flower farmers together that where were close enough we can drive a couple of hours and possibly in the futures are. Holding events and conferences and things like that but we can learn and inspire. Each other. So for now with the FaceBook group is building grow. We've got close to a hundred members after just a few days of mean I'm making it public and and and about obstacle was sitting in the meantime people and just share information. Successes failures seats sources. Coral call for information about. Growing flowers. That's wonderful. Ed and I should say for members of the public tour are listening to who are not professional. Flower growers right there are. Many wonderful FaceBook groups for sharing just general gardening information tell. Yeah if you are on FaceBook and you haven't tapped into all of. The horticultural networking and and various backyard garden groups there are numerous. Numerous groups so. Let's talk a little bit about fields to face dinners tell people what that is. Well I feel that they did not really and product. It is a coalition. American farmers. And as a web site called American girl flowers that people can go to. And that's where they confined. The schedule. For the field based dinners but basically what they aren't they just bring people write in to the flower farm right into the field. And they have speakers in and I'll local food. So carefully. This is a great place take your we've hired a friend and go in just have local into it looked delicious local food wine. Beer. And press local four hours on the table as well. And each one of these dinners features. Bishop for locals so local for the finer and of course. But the farm posts as well. Oh yeah and it's so wonderful thing. Usually these are outside right you know either under stars or. Sometimes under a tent if there's a possibility of rain band and their beautiful as well as very festive aren't. Absolutely. Yeah inspectors the web site that people can go to but that is America and grow flowers dot award and here's the schedule of the 2006 teens scheduled for the field to based you know towards up there. Ten. Dinners schedule for this year and you know ran out there might be one within a couple of hours driver right in your backyard that you can go to. Or you can look at these in out for people who are going to other parts of the country on vacation. It's worth checking out because that could be. A wonderful event to attend if you're just visiting in an area right. Now. And a let's brainstorm a little bit about how people might hold their own field to face dinner or garden to pace. Dinner. That could be a fun thing to do to raise some cut flowers. Make a whole bunch of okayed it. Invite friends over for a special dinner whether it's outside in your garden or in the house. And then EU could give people the bouquets to take home. Absolutely and I one of the things I thought that it got me thinking about this before and show. I think. One of the things that would be great and we all know. You know great restaurants and well local people like to source local food so it would be great same contact the folks that gather and and and you can have a combination of for local food be your own flowers and then invite some floral designers and to get above cases well and now I think it would be great for guard organizations. Or anything like that. I think that's a great idea so you know not out ivory is working with the now that you said that may be out. Maybe I will partner with a local restaurant will do. A field to face. Dinner during the kick out hydrate your festival in July. Echo a lot of fun so well and you know I think. We week. Need to seek opportunities. To celebrate. The garden celebrate the abundance of flowers you know and whether that is are having friends over in cooking. Dinner prepared out of your own garden or having friends over really. Making. Real special display of flowers on the table. And eating at a polished image that mr. shams I think that's one of the best flowers to grow I would not be without mister Simpson Mike Garten. Not only are they beautiful and cheerful Natalie can be used them in bouquets that vote to leaves in the flowers that. So you know it's win win win not add and they're so easy to growth we see it. See what is your favorite varieties if we keep chickens well. The findings variety of mr. Shannon era I add them to clambering all over the chicken run offense and they were just beautiful. That's wonderful. Well Debbie before we run out of time to help people how they can find out more about damned island house farm equipment and out where they can read things that you have for. Well great thank you both so if you're interested in learning more about our little backyard flower farm. My blog is. Deborah Jean CEO RT HJ. DA and yes. And the line dot Blogspot dot com and that's where I write about everything bad that happens here on the farm and there's a little. On the court and Mary every now and then it recipe is well. Now if if somebody. Is driving and they can't write that down they could just go to FaceBook and search for damp Atlanta house rent. And it'll pop right after a great way to reach you yes wonderful well. Keep us posted here on the cart lady about what's growing wealth for use this summer OK I. And we look forward to talking again about cut flowers I know. Cutting flowers is something that he can lift everyone's heart and I I'm a great believer Debbie and what I call giveaway bouquets. Which is you make a little bouquet that just little right you know four or five little flowers to try to scrap over ribbons. And then you know handed the teller at the grocery store or put it in the drawer when you go to the drive up window at the bank. Yeah now are just a random pick a random stranger and handed to them. I you know you'll you'll change someone's day for the better. App I mean on the drop on doorsteps is well. And I just love that idea what happens when you wrote that many file in your yard there's always extra there's always somebody continues to list. That's right. That's right and we need to take every opportunity to do something positive in this world don't wait. I totally agree with that and now that's one of the things I think it's so. Inspiring and captivating about growing flowers that really does become addicting. Absolutely. Well thank you so much that you have a wonderful weekend. Bryant that was Debbie box where she is the owner Dan Ryan how's our farm in him. As well as a blocker writer and far reaching flowers for slow our way things are to yourself weddings ago. I was glad to talk and let me tell you. We need to focus on flowers because. It is cold it's getting very cold tonight extremely difficult night so anything we can do focus on the growing season. It's a good statement it would create a couple of war over us we're going to take quick break. I went work that's your phone calls here on the garden variety on WR Kay ago. Welcome back to. The garden place. I'm CL from our area we are here every Saturday afternoon talking about plants indoor plants outdoor plants. Everything from cutting garden flowers to houseplants. To homegrown veggies shrimps and to race. I have several emails that were going to get to it today again. Your call 6172666868. We have several lines open it is in that. Room. I had an email last week from chili and cheese that we just got back from vacation to find our foundation shrubs blade open and frozen to the ground. I was thinking of pouring hot water over them and pulling them free that my husband thinks that this will damage them war. What should we do. Jill I have to side with your husband heard an excellent. First of all hot water doesn't stay hot for very long once it hits ice dance now. And so in all likelihood. You would just be adding more ice to the ice that is already there are one. Number two in L who wants to be out in freezing temperatures. Possibly burning yourself let out water. So that's also problematic but also. What's really convinces. Me actually. Is that. If you try and you know he would be tempted after pouring out what are over. To try and kind of pulled them and force them a little bit out of being frozen snow and ice that is keeping them into the ground. And that often can crack the plants so. If I were you know I would just leave them and next week believe it or not it's supposed to get warmer and as soon as you see things from melting dad. Then pulled them up at that point and evaluate the plants for breakage. And if you need more information about what to do they are broken. Actions in other email. By the way. You can always find my contact information to send an email by going to garden lady dot com that its web site. And my email is there you can send me an email I may or may not respond to you by email but I will answer. Those that I have not responded to write emails I answer that next week on there. We have several lines opened 6172666868. And we are talking with Kathy. Welcome to the garden lately. Hello yeah last week that got to lay it could talk to you thought I was too late. And I can't forget aside and do it I didn't read and so Abby. You'll you'll. Yes you you what it got to watch every one Greg. Oh my god and I can't wait do you pick. And I'll collect glad yes we had down one of the representatives from the dram company and she offered to send. Someone a watering wand and chafee's name was drawn out of a hat at the end of the show and she. My god I'm so glad you were doing I have a question. You know that had happened some bumps in a pot was you know so it was really did because they'll. It was some I got for Christmas made is doing a lot out. It was finally allied attempt about the motive in the silent Monday you'd think they're gonna come kind of a basement. Yes I think they will help what what happened however insists it is you can put them outside in the spring art is your plan to leave them in the pots or is your plan to. Plant in the ground. Not Arafat that kept the lead because that a lot of road America is still bet outside in my I mean don't we. OK but it are. Are these com bulbs like Amarillo spoke. You know it's like almost like a till that. I have yet realistic had to lay did just coming up now. OK okay because you mentioned you mentioned that you got them Christmas. So. I usually the balls that are sold at that time you know hammer Ellison paper away nurses as. Because if they are a hardy spring bulbs like two laps. There act they're actually going to be better off if you put them outside sometime later in March. Okay. And they'll put us out in March. I don't know lemon my I'm just to JJ. But the I mean it's just the nine elevenths. And then kind of one let me just eloped yesterday. In a bit I was the last one. Does not need anymore. There are believed sell off yeah yeah. I'll mention on the left to play. I. Kathy have they've been in the same pot for a long time. There Lemond had been but only want yes. I she not maybe a couple of years both of them. Couple of years. I and how bigger the pots that they are in how how big across Germany inches. The island is them really nice and big big what dilemma is also. It's not that small. Well are we talking more than twelve pages. It. Okay. Well if if I was. Wonder if they might be out number one number two with both. Oranges lemons it like a little higher rate of fertility and most house plants. Haven't fertilized them recently. I certainly would fertilized them up. At. My guess is that will put out new new rules foliage. In response to being in a sunny window and fertilizing them. That can't. You know what he wanted to put them in the sunny place all right. Because that's why they drop their leaves it if they're different sunny window. Then they dropped at least because you know leaves in the food factories and if there's no sun. Layoff all the workers so. Cut remotely bad go put him out note down to that don't do that I think you'll see you. Welcome Kathy you have a robbery that. You have a great weekend. 6172666868. Citrix. That like actually to the fertilized once a month. And so. You know most houseplants we've bring them and they've been outside or are we stop fertilize things. If it stayed in the house usually sometime in September and we let them have a little resting period there from our whole berg. The rules date January or maybe February. Citrus is an exception to that if you haven't citrus tree house whether it's let manner or orange line one of those. They really do well with constant level of moisture. And never letting them get to enter. It and once a month fertilization. Now you can if you want you can get right granular organic fertilizer. That is made for citrus. At first I check your local garden center of local garden center does have one. You could ordered on line or use something as as commonly available. As planned total or flour. Both of those expo fertilizers you could find it I'd be willing to any of the local independent garden centers. And it just going to ask for plan tone or flour to get a small bag. And put tablespoon of that on the surface of the soil once a month. And then he'll be he'll be taking care now if you use organic fertilizer. Plants be aware of it sometimes she's little mold growing on the surface soil. That's not a problem or about it. If you read potting. That house plants that. History. Mix a little of the plant or the flower child or the citrus food in with its soil before the plan and and in animals on the Internet at what you want so. The moat is just breaking down of that or can't fertilizer and it doesn't cause the plants any harm at all so. I just feel like to warn people about. 6172666868. We have several lines open at the time to. I got an email from Alexander. And he said we just moved into house. Screening between ourselves and neighbors can I plan ever greens now. Well let's think about this Alexander first call by the ground is pretty froze. It where you are you in southern most parts of the WRKO. Listening area around expert. And shirtless on line from Florida. The guards and is currently don't have could. Good selection. Screening plants at this time here. So first volume wanna wait too good selection of plants and in most areas in the north east that sometime in April. And so we might visit your local art and Aaron asked them when they're expecting. Their fur shipments but usually depend on whether it sometime and it. A law. Alexander I want to think about this while you're waiting for the plans to go come and and the ground to fall off. I watch it about the fact. Sometimes it's Smart to play that game mixture of plants. As a screen. Instead of eight long whirl of all one plan. Now if you're going to the formal look at corporate it can't shore formal look you know our righty pitched okay go ahead do it. The advantage of mixed screens. Alex answer is that it's an insect or disease comes along and attack any one of those plants. And you know at the plant dies you know that your whole screen you only use our plants and you can put anything back and it's place. And it just so let's think about that. Where you are going to take a break here on the voice of busted when we come back. Your voice at more garden talk on an hour ago. Welcome back to Bedard played eight. I'm C Alfred. 2036172. 868. We are tracking poll Lance and gardening here and it is. A perfect thing to focus on. As that temperatures dip so COLT tonight tomorrow. And tomorrow night. That's you know that's going to be our little window of sub sub zero in most of the listening area. And it's supposed to get warmer on Tuesday that as the good news. But. Good thing good time to talk about plants and gardening to focus on. What you want to grow for the coming year that's one of my great pleasures in the winters thinking about what I am going to be doing. In the coming growing season getting on my. My scenes. In place so that I'm ready to start. Vegetables. I will be next week. Starting some of my pepper seeds and a little bit late with that. Because of my speaking schedule. Next week is my window of opportunity for those are going to grow something interesting this year for the first time and I don't know of any of you have grown it but I am going to grow pot. Plants. And I'm growing a variety that has purple leaves so the leaves or purple. And then you know am I imagining those white cotton balls once they get right against those purple leaves. I think it's going to be pretty exciting. Let me know you've ever grown. I'm going to be starting it early I am assuming that content needs a pretty long growing season. Which is why they grow it yourself and not here in New England. But does I'll start us plants inside and out plant them. Probably in my flower cart in my front flower garden or maybe. Back in the pack perennial garden haven't quite decided to earn the plants here. But that is part of the fun of it is that it is figuring out what your going to try that is due. Where you're going to plant it and what you're going to raise its you know it's something different for the coming season. There are also plants that I have that I will grow every single year. Like that blue horizon accurate him that I was speaking with happy about. There are some plants that you know they are on my must grow list every year. In addition to the things that I'm trying that never room before. Let's go to line one and talk with Linda Linda welcome to the garden variety. Well thank you so much it's that surprised it's not that he'll act and call law. So I'm familiar air but I since. And well I'm so glad you do and I am so glad that you called it does so that we can say hi you know boys to boys have not face to face. Eric Eric Eric rich OK just quickly to a point I get a pure pleasure out of listening to the lady with the in my arm. I felt well article while his parents and that guy I don't question you know. Is getting points and I have but how well they're still healthy and Chris inside. Japan iron and cold eyed people in the that if I were sent in on brown bag. Here in the basement and their days will become don't think it will come back. Usually. Ollie. I think you're gonna have a debt points at antigens that. Well there. I think of something else maybe they're thinking you can do that with the uranium. You can do out there any plans that you can. What. Dormant in the basement but a point that it's not one of them now how I think confusion on this arises. Is that in order collar up. Again next year. These plants need fourteen hours of darkness every night. And some people accomplish that by putting them in a bag. You know and and and just or putting. Brown paper bag over them for fourteen hours so that there and darkness for fourteen hours a day. I swear it. Well what you could do let's let's talk about what really works okay. At what really works is for you to keep doing clearly you're keeping it alive so you're doing exactly what one's right now. Keep doing that is it possible for you to put it outside during the summertime. Well yes in fact that we had to bring them to Florida. When I leave in the fall. Next I'll be right there may or they hand course of uranium or I mean. Yeah it's EU. Yeah well it and and watch your doubts out if you could plan to an outside if you want to. But in the meantime this. When you're up here up north this summer sometime in May sometime in May put it outside. Okay and introduce it to the sun gradually sell it outside in the shade for a little while and then gradually introduce it into more and more sunshine. And you might even wanna put it in a larger pot Linda. And fertilized it and then let it grow outside. Over the summertime and it will get it will double in size it'll it will really get a lot archer. You can pinch hit if you wanna keep it simple. It'll be a beautiful green plan. And then you'll be able to take with you where you'd drive down the floor next year. On that it's wonderful to know saints Q I. You know exactly what you say. I'm so happy and then for a bank I thought was sent to be there and being that I currently my friend and then just but it day. Oh and you're paying. You know full of its ground. Well well yeah it's in order to Holler out they need a long night for our rights. And and went went greenhouse growers growth easily and for Christmas sales. Yeah they you know they manipulate the hours they they make it dark in the air early on even before the sun goes out. Add in the last if if you do nothing if you haven't in a window where there's no light in the room and no street right outside. It will collar up on its own but usually it doesn't start to do that until into January. You wanted to colorful for Christmas then you know you need to manipulate and start that darkening time in September. All right well. Army will take your eyes and I have two different Laurie winer is sort of a pink you know why. You do it sort of more. Active and very. High grade or something. Sure sure. Well enjoy them and whoever we're out of time right now so I have to say goodbye but I know you're gonna love those plants and enjoy. Keeping it to the summertime. We. You're welcome. We will be right. Back with another hour of that currently here on WRK. Bonus. Yeah. It. Welcome to the guard and leading on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come to these second hour of cart. Late eighties we always start off this hour. A question. And my question for you today is 2180. Hardy factory each. With pink and white flowers. That is perfect. For shrub orders or mixed privacy planting. Well guy plan for. I am loving height range. Q. EP pinkie commonly call that pinky we see directory teacher. Actually name for what it's actually a very elegant. This is a plant that is Mary Hart party to its own history. And it is eight halls shroud. The flowers are cone shaped and a bit lazy and upright. This is not one of the hydrate your particular lot of varieties that flowers get so heavy that they banned the branches to the ground. This what is very sturdy and very upright. And the plan states that little bit war new aero some factory teacher and a lot of varieties. What I love about pinky Inky is not only the upright nature and parties. But also the fact it adds that flowers they each they turn pink but it turned pink from the bottom up. Unlike some other Q a lot of varieties kinda get a lecture all of the whole thing well once. What happens with pinkie wing keys is that you have a call enough white. Flour and that. There about 010 inches long at least. And then they start to turn pink on the bottom part of that cool so. For awhile you have pink and white flowers. Kind of like candy corn and at the bottom as a bright pink. And then. The middle it's a little bit faded lighter pink tips are. And a wonderful plant floor. Edge of the properties for a flower gardens. Back a flower cart. A wonderful plant combined with other archer shrugs them arch perennials. Now a word to the wise here. Key swing key in a place where you'd need to shore up to stay small. The guys yes flowers on new growth and yes you can if you need to fairly heavily. But it's crazy to have to fight plants genetics and thinking keys genes. Are telling it to grow to be six to eight feet tall. And frankly I suspect that overtime. Eight feet it'll not stopped eight feet it'll keep on going so. I'm a place where this plan can't get all. Mix it with other flowering shrubs it's particularly. Wonderful. What we're at. Earlier flowering shrubs such as a force at PJ and wrote a children's. The pinkie Weinke come and flowers later. And particularly nice I think with the purple leaf price of her arrest in nine park purple leaves a chance. Summer line or center oh really you could com. As always you can see a picture of the plan that I started out the second hour here currently. We have. By going to my block crossed for roses dot com. And just heads up about what's coming up for me in the future I'm in the process. Of moving my walk over to the cartons lately website my website. I decided this is crazy and need to consolidate and my website was in need of an updating anyway so that is all process. And still lose we've launched a new design of the website currently are common and switched over to. Have to hear about the month of march on March 19. I am going to be broadcasting live from the Boston's hours ago. So I really really hope that you'll folks who regularly. Will come and visit me here. We are going to leave broadcasting there at the flower shows Saturday night team for the polls show. And I'll be talking with some flowers no people on the air of course it will be telling all about what's going on our show. But I hope that a lot of stock rise seen me. So it will be the regular time. I'm 1 o'clock and I'll be there of course earlier than that so. You want to stop by Nancy high before going on here that would be wonderful as well or how many of you. In Boston at the flower show on Saturday. Night. 617. 2666868. And number you can call. We got a lot of lines open so it's time to. And I had an email from Rita who just got back from visiting her sister art she said. My sister has garden where there's something in twelve months the year she says I could do the same thing up north with different plan. That we can't do that in the Boston area right. Well Rita your sister is absolutely right you can do that in the Boston area you can happens action plants. So that there's something in our. In your yard twelfth year apps now of course the bigger your art the better will be. If you're out of their very tiny art might be difficult but. For example right now I have how pours. Him. Next to my kitchen door and they have an hour since November. The variety called JJ. IA GOP. Help war. Has flowers then start out light and then they kind of needs to be pinkish green. And they come into flour in November just about Thanksgiving. And they continue to flower. Into march in cart. Now right now of course there is a hole. But until it's how they were there. And it's now it will be back. So that's one example another example is with chase. There are varieties of which it'll come in to blow in February. And there are other varieties come into bloom in March. One of them most. Widely planted which Israel shrubs is Arnold's promise. It came from our aerial Arnold artery here in the Austin area so. Two step plan Sharaud. And it looks sometimes people mistake it for an early flowering forest because that's our bright yellow flowers and many times people think 00 my first as well earlier peppers has a very early blooming. But these come into flour in the winter before. The that forced it hour. And the other flowers that is looming in many people's hearts guards right now are snowed so. And that's just three examples Rita Pagliuca have something in flower even middle of the winter. Let's go to line one and talk with Rick welcome to the garden variety. I am well what's happening. News. Spoke. To. Use questions in the it's. It's eerie. Thinking about what he. Spot. I'm. Pitchers. OK let's alias might be happier in part chain location. So that's number one what is sure what. You spend the most time out there and accurate is it in the summertime. Yeah pretty much would like of that. Law. Okay well I I'm like I might encourage you yes golfer knock out there that are nice roses and they do bloom pretty much all summer long. I am I encourage you however true you know maybe plant a group of three knock out. And then. Plant either. Something like one of the height ranger nick a lot of like key week key lime light because. Table for a really long time as well. And there are things that you might want to think about is. Putting in some things. That flowers. Early on and but that you know has nice foliage for the rest of the season. And one of the barricade at white Julius would be nice for that because that would be blooming in May before our caps really start. And then they have yellow green leaves for the rest of the summer so that would be good background for that knocked out you could plant a a barricade at quite chilly up behind three knock outs. You get kind of you know a lot of bang for your buck that way. Oh and it turned despite Rios there could tap shrubs and I'm particularly fond of this by areas that have golden foliage. So again you get two for one you get the pink flowers early. In the summer and then you get the pretty yellow foliage later in the summer and great fall colors well. Oh. Oh. You're welcome and have fun with it I I think it's a great plan. We are going to take a break when we come back more of your call 617. 2666868. Times the cart lady at this WRK. Ago. Well come back to. Took the Gartner. Lady I'm seeing Albert aria I'm here every Saturday talking landscaped lawns houseplants. Flowers shrubs trees and home grown veggies. At any for dinner I am cooking the last are carrots that we harvested. In January yes we pulled them out of that ground in January's so. Still pretty fresh. We watched them put them in the refrigerator and a back Adam cooking the last of them today. This is a wonderful thing. About growing your own vegetables is that that's that's satisfaction that comes. And I am I just wanna encourage you well as those of you who are planting a vegetable garden this year. To remember to cry a little bit of extra seats so that you can sell some. Second and third crops lettuce for example are. Don't let this is something that is so easily grown from seed. I can't imagine why anyone would buy it in a six pack strictly dot com. And not only that that you couldn't sell you know sell it short. Row of seats or a little patch of Landis and three weeks later so some more and three weeks later says Amar. And you'll be harvesting lettuce. Throughout the entire summer and into the and even well into the fall and sometimes to the winter. So we were harvesting. Carrots. Cameo. Pop. Choi and arugula. In January this year so. They took out getting enough seat this year so that you can continue it really is a wonderful thing to do. I had an email last week from Amy who said it's supposed to get so called over the weekend should I protect the chips a couple that came up. In the warm December weather. I don't think you need to Amy if so it's in our. About bulbs is. All though. They do poke opt particularly Catholic in those rape highest since sometime in December. And those tips or are there and green. Those tips might get a little bit frost burned by that grow out of really quickly in the spring time. If you want it to scatter some leaves or hate me over that you know now. If this afternoon. Certainly you could it's not going to hurt anything. If you put anything over at its happy however for instance if you put. A lot of believes there and that leaves them later cut packed down and wet. That could become problematic. As they try him. And break dormant later this brings you just need to remember. To take what ever you put on them off a little bit later. In the wintertime. So that they don't get smothered or they don't turn yellow. I'm sure you've had the experience Amy. Breaking some leaves either offer a quarter align or offer some perennial plants. That have been there also the wintertime and you'll find the plant underneath. Is either yellow and speedily or even sometimes. Rotted and. You know. Dead because. It has gotten smothered by that heavy mapped out leave so be careful. With our using least protect plant or anything really that's going to mat down as the summer goes acts of winter clothes on. And Fisher take off and plenty of time. Macon sent me very interesting email last week I appreciated hearing from Macon Macon as a younger person and she says. I just moved from an apartment into my first house what basic garden tools should I. Great question make him and I pick. At the very minimum. Year for the maintenance of your property. And to poke a few plants and you know you'll want to have a trowel or maybe two. You'll want to have a good pair of pro owners and for pre owners is that something that you don't want to get. That cheapest thing at the dollar store thrives. Prisoners are one of those products that you'd truly get what you pay for. And it's worth investing in good pair voters go to your local garden center. And ask them to show you the best quality prisoners that they have. They will undoubtedly show you felt close or they would show you. Relatives or maybe sisters crooner prisoners all of those are very good quality. And that's sort spending money. Il Y a appointed blade not a state that has a flat rate of one schaeuble that you can put easily into the ground so what has appointed place. You might need a break like a bamboo or plastic clean freak if you plan on taking up your own leaves. And then. What else you have kind of depends on what your going to be doing all the maintenance that your yourself for what you're going to have. Our landscape for help you out with some. If you're going to have a landscaper a lot of course you don't need a lawnmower but if you're going early on neo Natal on our. Add you might need hedge tremors. You'll probably at least one carton house so that's the basics. For getting start. Now let me talk for a minute about a tool that you don't need it most people end up having an arc Raj. And I bet that a lot of people listening will say yup I've got one of those in my crash and I never use. And that's these little hand held cultivating forks. They look like you know they've got three prongs or little work. And it got a short handle. I don't know what. They are used for they don't pull up waves well. He don't really need to cultivate soil in effect it's not desirable to cultivate to turn up soil around plants like. Perennials or shrubs because that damages wrote. So it's a tool that almost everybody ends up where at some point either we inherited from some minor we buy it thinking that we need it. And that it's in the garage had. I don't know we've we've got to start. May be thinking about our creator of ornamental. Youths hurled his cultivating forks that nobody is isn't a card. A good tool for weeding by the way is cult cobra head to cobra head leader. For pulling weeds that's a good tool one of my must take into the garden what I am weeding to wall's physical or had. And the other. Make that I would recommend that you check into depending of course on on how much gardening are our work you're doing in the yard. Either a cart cart or will Barrow. Is very useful if one didn't come with your house. Think about that. Add something like a big plastic bucket for collecting clippings that we sent out of that sort of thing. I think she'll be able to find that all local guard center show. Check it at that. Is to basically used bushel baskets but. Their little more scarce now let's go to line one and talk to calm. Problem gets started out I've got about a minute so we don't have enough time after the break we'll come back our right. My problem my letter thank you for being. Informative Mike in a question about my values. Sort of in the brown paper bag wake recommended that. Different mediums for its hand and some mulch pretty. Amnesia they just don't come back but I put him in the ground work to do it wrong. Okay where do you put the paperback is it someplace that gets to freeze. Well don't go in and a fools stellar. Medical seller okay. Are they sprouted when you take them out of the coal cellar. Yeah that's part they look great in orbit a quick it would torment and they need to achieve what I called little by little hot here. Fudged it a gray put it right back where that words. Yeah well. OK. I would say time did you did you cut individual bulbs off of the whole clambered to put the whole club back. Spoke her because usually what we do with diocese cake and and just play one to her off of that club. A little more about is what we come back from the break okay Thomson. Hang on we have more Dahlia talked at my hour here on news radio. WRKO. Well I'll come back with the art blade. I'm CLR. 617. Think 66868. And we're talking with Tom about his gal is so Tom you know there's oh. 11 thing that I think might be going on is that. You know that you need to cut the individual who were off and just plant one. It's by itself okay and usually usually what I do is I pick the ones authority have a sprout coming out about men and very carefully cut that off. The other thing I'm wondering is my right. You know clearly you plant them back where they were in May correct. Correct in Shia more you better question about matters but what I think cheese is my question. It's the rumor out there and I only chipped the in the maybe four inches it's and so. It's hot and it's so cold fight for reasons. A low so maybe it's throws well but oh what. If they get subjected to. Under thirty were. Immediate beer with in. It might yes I think that they are too yes that just went down to under thirty. You know briefly overnight they'd probably be all right if there and in Sanders taught Lester something but if there. If it's for at least today. That's a little much I think that that would finish them off. Here. I'll tell you what I keep amid some place where it's. Probably not any colder than forty degrees if possible. Correct that that's what state. Am that want to ask about late in the sort of I wonder years in particular but are you achieve your. Passport RE FOR. And AR I. And it is Italian. I took that name when I married my husband did he is first generation Italian. Yeah majority at this you aren't a. Oh absolutely. I have some rate recipes from my mother in law including. My favorite which is a recipe for cooking. Zucchini from the cart. Analyze that with some fresh bays so it's sort and Italians believe it or not all men. Jewish recipe. And it uses just zucchini. Or all of oil Bay's zone and garlic and Vinocur and it is still wish us. Which. And Kosher. Love. It. Slash BO. Are. Used. To protect. Much no. In question why don't act to do is. Sure legion water. To. Treat it hurt you. Version. Oh. Do bleached out dark out let me let me stop any any conversation about bleaching your vegetable garden right now. And if you spray your tomatoes with that it's probably gonna kill them because. That but there are there's an organic lunches either couple actually one is called acting you know eight. And one is called serenade. They are both natural bacteria naturally occurring bacteria. And you can spray the soil. And you can also spray the plants with it. And it really helps. How it works is the bacteria. I'm kind of out compete the fungus and and the 22 biggest fungal problems for us here in the northeast for tomatoes are early blatantly like both of those. And your right on the money in terms of Europe mulch layer Tom. Because what that does if you put it nice layer of mulch what they strapped to leave sir heavy or whatever it is. All over this surface at the soil early in the season. Then the spores are less likely to splash. From the soil on to that leaves the tomato plants and in fact the Platte. Absolutely. It's vote it was. Milk eggs water. Okay okay okay that's long been used as a fungicide and it does have some mild fun just title. Properties so it's not terrifically. Effective for Milton. But it can suppress. Other. Other. Fungal problem in in this soil so. EU you know putting our cup of milk and a half gallon waters bring it on plants. Actually can't suppress black spot roses for example. It. I. You know I'd have to look up I don't remember exactly what it is in the milk it suppresses. Fungal issues that have to look that up. I know it's one of these things that I'm Geoff Gilmore wrote about his book. About you know hop home remedies what works and what doesn't. And it's it's one that the research bears that does have some some merit. But map bigger question here at the scratch paper but well we're. Working seat. In the that whole bunch of follow traditionalists that have fallen. That I act the rest. Bag UG work warmed up in the cellar. OK. There's no way it goes up. I can't wait there's no you first. Where I want. That's right that's right stickam itself some department may usually in this area it's around the middle of may that weakens plant depending on the seasons ago. Dahlia to kill it without some clarity to keep the mice away from them so that's a and it's what struck the ground broad though about exactly exactly plant them two or three inches down. Have to soil down so that the squirrels won't know that anything has been tucked in there. Where the crows and water at them and you should have year. Your tall giant sunflowers again yeah. The report and members of Q. Remind me of them who. Treat it used to say and what have these to make paper grow grow in books. Values. That make it. That's a good question Thomas to might not should know I know that the this stark don't stage two heart like bamboo does that the bamboo is great because it it's a sturdy crystal ball right. And so you can you can construct. Houses and perhaps out of it Maine and the last three years. But I think that these sunflowers stark break down pretty quickly once they die. But I don't know I should look into it and see if in the past they were used for anything I certainly. If if I was hard up for Kimberly I think probably they would make great Kimberly once it dried out right and a fire starters and all of that. In addition to just layering it in the compost Megan's along with all the other organic matter so. It's a backcourt and you were caught idols well. Edgar was one night listed it is not the idea it was paper. But it does make a couple other sure. There it grow our right well I'm so glad that you're enjoying your plants Tom. Are kindred spirit fresher you have a wonderful weekend. 6172666868. And number you can call to join me. I had an email last week from run he sent out. Can I water my plants with water for cooking and things like spinach pasta or soft boiled eggs is this good for plants. It's isn't bad for plants run and I I admire your. Desire to conserve water and off we all. Were less reluctant to pour. Watered down that terrain that would be a good thing even in areas where where we are not ads. Drought and I stressed to him and water challenged as they are in places like Southern California. Of course this goes without saying right you need to cool the water to out before you put it on the plants and pour. Boiling water from your exile on the plants cool first. Is it could for plants it's certainly not bad for plan. I'm sure you're thinking there might be some nutrients in the air and there might be some very. Mary. I'll. Minor amounts of nutrients. Depending on what you're cooking. There would be more for example. Nutrients it's spinach water. Then there would be in T eight water. So certainly isn't bad for plants and I applaud anyone who wants to think a Nazi water conserving. What is. Going to be an increasingly. Valuable resource for all of us. So for teacher. The the only thing I can think that you might want to do is try to think there's any any. That I can think of that would suppress growth plants come to mind that you would be cooking. You wouldn't want to for example oil up black while Apple's is the whiter. The plants but I can't come to my mind as to. Something that he EU would be cooking that would be bad them. For your plants. And speaking of that just makes a connection to Rick's column minute ago about sunflowers sunflowers aids. Receipt shells. Actually can't win there are a lot of them suppress the growth about a flat they have. The ability to prevent. Other plants seats from Germany and plants from growing. So you know it's kind of there are survival mechanism. To. Come out compete. Other plants in areas and for this reason very often. It's very difficult if you. Feed birds a lot of sunflower seed in one location and the shells. Continue to follow on the ground follow on the ground you'll notice that not much grows. Underneath there now of course under bird feeders is already challenged because the birds pick up and dig around there the squirrels are kind of round there are so. That's already a difficult situation to plant in. But the sunflower receipts make it even more difficult to grow plants underneath the bird feeder. If you have shells continually dropping so another interesting thing about plants planter endlessly fascinating. And we can talk about all the quirky things plants do in the ways they insure their own survival. You know. Every week here from what did you theory that'll never ran out of things to talk about. We're going to take a break when we come back. Your call 6172666868. On the garden late in the WRK. Well how to pack the car. I'm C Alfred Harry and I am here every Saturday. Stay connected with me this week of course it's actually my website at our lady dot com. And you can connect via FaceBook my FaceBook page is the cart lady. And on Twitter. At the cart lady on Twitter as well. We have lines open good time to get through and I will have time to finish my last two emails first evolved. I had somebody emailed me asking me she said it she remembers her mother had a plant. It was called something like mother of bounces or mother of hundreds. And it had little. Play Hansel on the edge and they drop off and they wrote. And I guess that is a plant its mother of bounces is one of the common names but it's also called mother of millions believe it or not. Dry elf island is the genus name BR YOPHYLLEM. Some people call alligator plant as well really sheer. Why that would be endless maybe see that leaves are kind of point it like an alligator maybe the little plant let's look like T I don't know. I'm all parts of this plan by the airports. So this is not a plant for those people who have kids who might be tempted to eat a little. Let's drop offer web pats were going to eat. It is succulent plant it is it easy plant growth for that reason it doesn't need a lot of water. And I think they're still sold in the garden centers of my check records center. If you you know our interest in getting me mother of millions mother of two Palestinians. Mother of hundreds. Whatever you wanna call it basically how the plant propagate itself is that along the edge of every leaf. Chinese little new plants grow with Chinese new routes and then they follow often wherever they land they were grow. So. That's why and game plan to use this is appropriately. Commons passed along plan a plan to somebody will have one. And of course and they have millions and so they give them a way to other people who will then also have millions and give it away. But a perfectly nice house Blanton and then nice curiosity. Good went for older kids who like that. Curiosity factor of it end well enough not to eat. That's finally got at my last email the weekend is from Cassie and cheese I seem to kill every plant and bring into the house. I want them frequently I talked to them. And I put them in the sunny window what am I doing wrong. Cats let's start there a few basic things about houseplants and first evolve. Yves saint put them in a sunny window make sure that you have a plan to. Want to see in the sunny window OK because some houseplants. They might want right like that they don't want direct sun. So I would always be sure what you buy a plan candidate at your local garden center where they can tell you exactly what that man needs. And and you know you can discuss with them how much that is truly coming in your window. And am now help guide you about what that's a good plan that location. Secondly I think that most houseplants. Either get killed because they're over water or under water. And some plants are tolerant of both of those extremes are what are the other those extremes for example peace rallies are very tolerant about too much water. Snake plan. It's very sensitive area it's very tolerant of underwater so. I would think about what EUR person who tends to water too much. Or too little and then once again ask your curtains and her for a plant that kind of fits in with your style. Always Fisher that you let a good eyes processor under a plan I I sometimes. We'll talk to people who just have the plant sitting on the floor and so that of course. They're reluctant to give that much water because they don't want it to Rico but there are and I don't want might actually caller my floors either. But that's why gardens herself to Oscars is that you put at sites masters that you couldn't water that plant very well. Water will come out into this officer. Watch let let the plants absorb some of the water from the sponsor for a few hours if the saucers still filled with. Water about you know 45 hours later you might wanna stop the exodus out with the old Howell. Or use just take it out using. Turkey baster is too common ways of giving credit to whom much water in this officer. But watery really thoroughly and then letting the plant code dry is important. Another thing sometimes what we buy a plant from the garden center or from the supermarket even. There already route around and it's hard to keep them. In good shape because they dry up quickly because they're out. And so sometimes plantings that. Right away in the bigger pot as good idea and here again. Greenhouse people local guards and or are excellent resource for you prize. They'll be able to say yes this would be good to put that plan in the bigger pot or know you could leave that plan. Just as it is you know for awhile so does the things that I would check into that the lottery is really key and finding a plan that meets the way you water is is very important. The worst way to pick a plan to cap Cassie when your not that experienced with plants. Is to just accept that you liked the look. And take it moment stick it in the sunny window not knowing whether watts that's not. You know and not knowing whether that's a plant that really does last a long time. Because here's the thing every single supermarket. Every home center. Every guard sector cells plants that are designed to just sort of temporarily. Lift our hearts. And we enjoy that while there and flower for two or three weeks and then that guy. And there's nothing wrong with that but those are not plants that are made for the long term so be sure that you are choose a plan. That is designed to live for a long time not one of those temporary. You know pretty roses that make us feel good about it. You know the fact that it's winter it's very calm. Those are going to live so. Oh well. It investigate. At your local garden center and talk with people about finding the right. And finally let me finish up by saying that even when you know plants. And your good with plans. And you are experienced with plants even. You'll kill plants. Bottom line. I killed Rosemary a week ago are for cracked water it often enough it with him might sunny most window. I went back to it it was dried up and it was past the point of Recovery Act. So you know everybody kills plants and and art part of part of the process part of the swap thank you so much for joining me this afternoon we will be back next week. Here with a garden variety on that you are a. Okay. Bonus.