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Feb 21, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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Coming up today on which divides we're taking your phone calls to brace or is it. From Pete insisted gourmet. This is where you are the food critic any good when he showed that average two on us or maybe a whole case of army gate gourmet coffee. Delivered directly to your home. The only place that lets you beat a good. Tanzania on AM fixated WRK how often talk station. The guards start your friend map for end its brain attack. Only in New England can have snow at night. The next morning it's at about sixties. That's so late yesterday today and edit gorgeous day. Welcome with the advice is on the radio. For those of you that are joining us for the very very very very very first time. We only have one thing to say. Where have you been so. The show's been on the aggregate since 1970. Six. Okay 1976. I was much younger than anyway it all started by a mysterious call it or recommended a racetrack that was failing. In its financial health. And because of the mention on the radio. That restaurant expanded to about five different restaurants. And in. That's it via. And we're still doing it all those many years later and I welcome you because the show does not work without you you get to praise. Or zing from pizza it to gourmet. This program speaking of pizza but you've average Jane that Pete sat. They get locations just about everywhere. Now Mike has a special that your favorite Regina I know where it is but you tell everybody waited Austin Austin in. Right there best mass. It's close it's got a great borrow lots TVs and catch the Bruins game and he any angle. Plus in Regina pizza so like the line. OK but I love the one on dentistry at Boston the original opened up in 1920 sure I mean you can't beat the game. You really can't Andy and I action news about telling you what the secret secret is. You can spot a Yankee fans. A game when they going to Regina in the line that oh yeah as soon dig in that game and they say oh my god as Greece on that no it isn't this the cheese melt that's the secret don't have enough to be generous global offense for doing I know. If you did and it takes active peaches and new York. At bank credit. And it's collided Lewis but she. But LA Regina pizza. And it's had a nice crew they've been with us for road there Verron downtime that you street location of the opening up soon that they line that that is they usually is. You know it's a Mexican restaurant. You know I can remember that day. When they're really award no Mexican restaurants. I mean I Hampshire might move. In your in your demographic. You always been makes it humid does it and it wasn't any. No I mean they have tackled well yes indeed you don't count them. But no I remember a time where that was at that that was the extent of Mexican restaurant here older that I think yeah. Should. Doug Hart took a look at the battle on but but I I always find it. It's kind of a positive and that that respect because. When you do find a Mexican restaurant like it's usually pretty good. But you have to travel. Someplace sport yet you know and when you find it it's almost like you you're gonna secret you don't wanna tell anybody that becomes like one of your favorite places to ago. True and it is sort of a well now there was a Red Sox player that traded up. And Dan he didn't think too much of the Mexican restaurants Tex mex Tex mex little different. There's a lot more to. It was those lesser candidate but buckles is one of buckles one of me has been traded yet. But. Tex mex a little different define a lot more Tex mex chains gap in the area where you'll find actual authentic Mexican restaurants. And I always say the best way to do this to decide whether or not it's a quoting Mexican restaurant or not is read off the bat. Fresh salsa hot chip. You win on the TV Asia. To a Mexican restaurant that was night one of your favorite las siesta and Winthrop I was here's an idea that was it and they think that as thick as city it is the board though usually eat it yup and a votes went for four. But yet another cup was. Again that when I when I lived in Winthrop by discovered it and it was one of those things we mere matter of minutes ago you know couple times a week just go to the bar have some margaritas. As the egyptians also you know the food was excellent. But when I moved away. It became like one of mean to nieces destination. You know when we wanna have like. Are really good meal guarantee we'd we aren't any questions about it or call us again. And it doesn't matter how far we have to drive for. Actually I went to another Mexican restaurant that's going to be up on the show I believe next week Scott. Yeah you went to one of my favorite place on this onshore winds aloft Pablo Alia do you have a next Saturday morning at a couple that's on next week and right up next starting morning at 930 on us big. Giant margaritas. Let's hope in days embedded in my time. This guy that's got my cat my caddie smallest drink of ever seen yeah it was about a gallon. It's like being in New Orleans all over again it was one of those things I was only talking of one drink a day so I'm Celia and guess the last possible that it comes with two straws and it just goes infested exactly have you had a Jumbo tubes. I'd totally tacky that Mexican restaurants a lot of other things today to I have a favored a kind of release favorite you can like in north and over I think the it's part of a little group. The Casablanca yet on the docket poker group. My least favorite margaritas. Yes several margaritas around at the chain have it's it's our right yeah it's great bar atmosphere maybe but the food is it's changing his system you have it it takes act Gina. Actor you know tonight I episode yet. Have been a Margarita thank it's been a long time since that moment of home. Well Allman has another great Mexican restaurant that area Braintree called Els or update and I am in there in years. And they had this should convert to a I believe. It looked it was Beazer chicken in this ugly green sauce. So yeah. Wrapped in bacon who is so good addicted I successor MySpace and if I'm in a bottle or given it's good though it was so good. I think this Robert page. About the birdcage and excellent. Act anyways knowing you know way to get degrees susteren. It would trade secret that week that yes we have Michael in and and Natalie. A U yeah. And out there happen to believe SF. Really big coming up that we want folks to know about who's going to be interviewing somebody is participating in just a minute. But tell everybody about. In news in I TV shows it is about date verve record and make Bergen. Bacon it's going to be held at the castle in in Boston couldn't do that again to be one of the suburban or baking corrects it. I think you're open thread as a burger in Beijing in an app the more cook. It had committed turbines already Burberry and bacon fest at the castle and thank you may go on March well yes during the afternoon. And sanity at this Saturday afternoon and we hope to be there with RTV group and it's going to be a little a worker senator. That would burba debate. And I remember right and bacon yes amber you Michael's worked for three. I guess I'll show up. That's the way have a cholesterol gets it one way department gets another way as our great idea now what it is is I understand is the shift to we've got some great chance to look at we do these chefs. But they only order of the day is to make eight dish using. Both bourbon and bacon. But not necessarily that way yeah use used just make in an aviation at a burn at. What they won't take your shot or in Ohio. BP. The they have a whole bunch of different that suburban is that they will be sample. Like Johnnie Walker. And as a whole bunch of other which election Michael is essentially yeah. But the restaurant's fault we sampling program that is separate section. In which you can get tickets for. When you order tickets they give you like I think eight tickets I believe that the door to get. Your shots basically of different types suburban. And all the protects him again about it do we know how to get to Egypt. Just go to they can and dot com I believe is that where senator Burris bacon and government that can't believe that US OS guys might as you know I was expecting argue about this heck. And it is. I'm just to go at it is Boston. Dot but he can and urban fast dot com his daughters to Dotson is that. Right now I'm coming up note no we had I gather one the high stakes world food championship there were a hundred competitors down in Kissimmee Florida. A Stephen coach he's executive chef bearable and and at the pine hills employment. Peak is the vacant world championship when he went first place he is going to be there. That's a national. 300000 dollar amendment. I don't know exchange street be stroke more than yeah I was just talking to John the other day and he's planning on doing a and this out I've actually had something like this before and has great. A bacon and Bergen popcorn. Hello Troy urged talk among them. I have outing Somalia pretty good then then. I wanted to guide it down the street from us and you know to build a member of urbanized him because he does crazy things that eating called back in his old sold out so too bad they let you know those restaurants court the of that and who really and I very nearly a similar coming up at 1030 -- general well. She's a private chef and owner of dared to taste and she. She. You know she won an Emmy not too long coaches on REI for over thirteen years you were for the Boston Herald the yes network covering the Red Sox. Yankees the Baltimore Orioles and the NFL Baltimore Ravens and now she has her own little company issues a private chat black. She'll be at the event and you'll be talking to her and a fourteen minutes from right now now many errors now Geithner. And quite a regiment. Emmy award winning sports reporter and yet. Now private ship and I first heard it worked out time the career never took effect at. That's the latest cast. Are right blessed let me Teddy about I hate saying that meet today. I am so that says that night. Vocalize polls went into iron rest that I face Serena. This is a restaurant that I love for a couple of freezes Deborah what is the smallest restaurant. That I think. We've ever. Advertise an issue. I don't think it has more than. Seven rate tables that it. It is a taste of Calabria. Italy. And they do fresh homemade bread which kill you all. When you look at the newer younger. Snows goes so good that bridge equipment. There's gore may brick oven pizza you know it you know you see it right there they have a full liquor slices to. And private functions and banquets in catered now. The owners Geovany Longo studied art. Hot but the art of Italian cooking. While he grew up in Italy. And he invites you down anytime you want to do his very special storefront. Restaurant. In Malden and eighteen that Lebanon street wrist that I anti Syrian and you can actually. Circular loop through a door and see him preparing yardage and as they're stepping out on the menu but something you'd like. I'm sure the it if beer's ingredients. We've more than happy to make it for you but if you get an opportunity please ago. Really it's it's it's one of those restaurants with you take for an tools they'll say how to find this you can say. By listening to that publicly. Okay. I'd give I give me by my rights and signing or my right you can use my name and act now. There hours Tuesday through Thursday 49 PM Friday and Saturday Forte and him have it open up. At 4 o'clock this afternoon. And a deal and Ford to mind is putting a parking in the rear now I. And and music goes on Monday that they do open up for private parties only. All right again it's the Longo family Geovany Alando handsome devil may care. (%expletive) went too easy. Wrist that I today. Serena. Eight team evidence street and mall in the telephone number 781. 3243170. That 781324. 31. Seven now I had to stick to telephone cause of its okay were you guys were gonna go to Tom and Tom is calling from. In a car and you're on WRK Otah. Great I want to create a Ryan's find dessert in Braintree. Primarily due cakes. And I don't know if he's twenty years. But everything is always you know up not it'll blow I think it at a well it's an out you'd think that they do really well. And the great thing about they're you can go you can stop. You can get the eighty K we can try airing it felt larger variety. All right which is great. And but stopped by the ain't got or big cakes. To give. Yeah it will won it what politically different do what what are they. I don't bought between nick do a chocolate decadence. They do they'll order to that I really like a lot to do really good strawberry cheesecake. They'd strawberry shortcake. Probably do some great but decree. Prop in you know not apple are in need spotter like it. Should. Copy it well. I would have been the giver about the name and address one more time please it's why. Aren't there. Elm street in bridge. Ran fine Izard elm street in Braintree act got it thank you very much. Let's go to Marta rose calling from Brockton Massachusetts martyr how are you. Hey Greg how are you do a wonderful I'm sitting here having a hot cup of coffee talk and you could anything be better. Yeah dad can't get any better than that extract oil went on my game register on the had been around decades and decades which. It's good luck gala 128. In her and all who always Billy (%expletive) it's been tried to dig beautiful. Chair book club you know I'm not a big dining room lobby lounge bailout fire play. You know like Fridays and Saturdays is a new day. And everything about it is great the wind tried to the bottle of wine which. Is 22 dollars or something like that they you can it's really it's a wonderful place you on again. I'm beyond trade we love chicken a good eco and we generally. Split bad monitor that have to bring leftovers home and everything you just it's lovely it's really a lovely place. No one thing the one thing that everybody has to remember. They do not accept credit cards there with they do have an ATM. Yes and that's very important to remember but you know generally speaking towards fifty dollars. We split in half of that spirit let it in there and have a bottle of wine and I don't think you can do that anywhere. I thank you very much for the call I do appreciate it that was the scholars in Randolph mystic about the call here are on the restaurant program Ted with the when is going to be next. Yeah you have first and call I appreciate you'd pick in it in unfortunately its approach phone call I have to give it then too little restaurant. If if I could. I thought my wife you know we've glow at least Troy to not three times a week so this will not like. You want he would diners where oh we're although we're not sixties and a we widget to get around but. We arms away caught in the though it. How crisis politely. There's one about two and a bit there that control the whole. Toys soft but she's a hawk is so whatever I don't know what she dominates. The conversation threw out in Sydney. Somewhat rude and I'm not the only person who has felt that what I understand it it's so. It is it makes it a little easier on some of the people who are sitting there. I did I actually today Ted this first we had a Zain. Or bartender who talked about horses maybe he's not happy with their handicap. It's a woman it's a horrible thought this is now and it hit a good idea I would in the business for years and well again we're not all once he but. Just it's just a very very shop attitude him. Actually the couple next to a white did not note it's good up and left. But other than that you know we've been hit several times have not been back since that is through about two months ago. But I and I find I was very hesitant and Carlin because. I just didn't wanna. Be overly negative but it is good very job. It's different you know and then I'm sorry I had to say that but. He only did well to that we are well. I stand I stand Agassi is my first and to have his thing. Full correct about late at four bartender. That tugs that horses. I think maybe that maybe you're probably you're famous act is a dying art it's six dead thank you very much for that to comment that's the white doors. Appropriately named the other white Lawrence. Oh which and that trying to think about it though no she's talking about horses. Violence. That is or 110 in the though and it's right there on the Merrimack River. And I thank you very first time ever I we'll scratch him now. I united days I am very briefly. I'm not a big better in I don't go to foxwoods in places like this often. Bode well you know when I do many is like luxury as the years some talent there and you know money blow. But I the once bet on horse race to bookie. Yet still bulky. And it was a friend of mine whose long since passed. He. He fixed yet was this book. Now the book he worked in the north in any awards and a bakery. And they called him that cookie bookie. It that's what is great is this a good gave bookie ads main. I remember that. It's so that cookie cookie hope these guys doing business. Our opinion trail you know Teresa's prime. Is a phenomenal stake as I think you'd know that right now. Brandt beef is served there they had cab lawyer revive bones they had a film lays it all kinds they have the Porter how. Hangers takes it sliced they have lamb chops they have the Fed living on New York's showing Ager revise. They got a lot of great great dishes especially. They had divers gallons. Answered scout breaded fried to Iraq have beef steak tomatoes they easel. Aides to both cement vinegar. And lobster Friday outflow okay now and Nikki about owns this place. It is again a spectacular. Steak restaurant. It and now I'm not gonna say it's it's it is that expensive because it is. And am dart into the person that doesn't mines renewable money to get the best. In allies say that in that wanted to set so radio as it now. Nikki have. I actually thought he made a mistake and a copy here that somebody wrote for races neck. Doesn't care. How much it cost him he will please you. They you'll find the owner of this restaurant touching every single table every night. Opening himself up for a lot of them that pleased to okay. But ever and and I ask you Monday as the issue you may say things in Asia as true after Illinois. Right now I get a special deal for him. Teresa is crime has a 35 dollar pre fixed menu. Every Tuesday every Wednesday and Thursday from four to seven Tiago more time. 35 dollars prefix every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 46 PM the first course French onion soup. Or house out of the second courage under the entrees rather Banco requested that chicken breast with arugula. Hanger steak with mash potatoes and asparagus and finally pan seared scallops. Now for dessert the choice of cream relate. Our chocolate cake. Now their hours Saturday 49 PM Sundays one until a PO so they open up today but this is for. I Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday four to 6 PM. Teresa's primus located twenty elm street this week GPS twenty elm street north Redding. And that's on route 62. He can't miss is a former. Golf country club that he just been a couple of million dollars and six it's gorgeous place I. The telephone numbers to 78. 2760044. Vanessa at a one of his other restaurants and had four at they need help of any kind. Where is an amber a lot of allow the restaurants that have made this they need help. As stories you know awaits death. If you'd like to jab and classy place to racist prime twenty alma street north threading its phone number again is 978. 2760044. And that. Just want to make sure if you're driving around and you would like to visit one of my favorite people in the world is a lady. Named Dallas who is from Shanghai China and she owns a Chinese restaurant called great law. Is it 308. Be a great road route nine in Bedford. She has won they reduced choice award fifteen years in a row she this catering should as she just spent a lot of money. Refurbishing. The an area in the restaurant and it's kind of a sports area of high back chairs and all these curve I have forty TVs. And you can watches the Red Sox all season long they if you want to. Bush any other sport that today whatever it happens to be done today at the masters soon. The red sex opening up soon. I just remember this and say hello Alice she's about the nicest person I certainly have never met the great law 308. Be great road route. Four and Bedford and don't forget to say Adam. My dear friend. Map body. One and only Alice this segment of the restaurant program which it bites instructive that Regina pizzeria Boston brick oven pizza world famous. Since 1926. Coaches try. One of their newer locations is is there about two excellent in Connecticut. Material but also a Bentley and thirteen thirty books street Boston. Great great pizza bluntly combatant. Making it shifts and sport is gonna have an opportunity. In royalties and private jets. She is the opponent as there to taste and even wanna ending in addition to dad's been Sports Radio that idol just ask you to do one thing stick around because you gonna find out more about. Urban and making them. You're locked on to a weak advisory and now we're not just for gourmet. Sunday's ten to noon on AM thinks they DW RK out. Often talk station. That's me right. Expressed about then I pop up no idea and bad quickly good morning to you are beautiful Sunday morning. Michael tell everybody how they can get in touch with we get bites during the week. FaceBook dot com slash wicket bites TV is probably the best and easiest way to do we are also on Twitter at which it bites TV. And instead grand wicket by its leader over socially dispose of the whole bunch of videos for YouTube page also which is YouTube dot com slash with the likes to be. The the stuff from Philippe boats in the north and old with whom saloon and Mac and cheese night. I believe peddlers daughter with the start trying to Irish whiskey yeah fish and chips in of course lead setting fire to Tomo. Literally that kind of the Jessica. It's worked on both lucky and leave behind a bunch of what could go wrong but if this week I. At the TV shows on again Monday to. 2 PM yes Andy. Opulent grumpy white stack and burgers a graduate in Quincy. They've been on yes it's comfort. Yeah his story was pretty cool the origins of stuff but this Monday 2 PM NASA over the Red Sox won. And so the size well over it now. My gut read that rhetoric or poll. Or Ecstasy baseball fans can't weigh in with it bites at WRK oh Sunday 10 AM. Is brought to you by references are. Boy you know my sugar gets out of control if I go out and eat a lot. And found a product that made this made right here in doing. And you take. What if you take it before meals amazingly. There's no bad affect both issues your level stay at very manageable levels. Now I'm taking shoot down whatever rate starchy foods sugar down black scarves and sugar and is clinically tested. To support healthy sugar levels in meals and meals after me now whatever and that can help you manage your weight to. Then carried out offers a sixty day money back guarantee. This is how confident they are this year good now or view a sixty day money back here and that it is negotiated out right now. Sugar down dot com sugar down dot com or call 800. 2784939. It's 802784939. Save yourself that sugar down dot com. 802784939. Do it two day but use a code or radio. And get 10%. Off. Visit shoot it down dot com. Call 802784939. Also available on Amazon and again don't forget to use. Radio Asia code when he in for the 10%. Yet then. Yes okay out one final thought this program is present in part by. A good friend a dear friend of mine in this family at the village restaurant Jenkins who won 33 and 22 and Essex that's the places summertime. I often take Sunday they'll vote right now. Which 4 o'clock in the afternoon that's how hard it is to get into. They were they written they've they've been written happened all kinds of national. Magazines that boy you name it they've they've been that. Written that in there written up in very favorable ways if you they try to Coca nascent. Now most everybody like they seafood of one of vesta which is if you want it here is serving. That they Syria build based out. Bullet base Essex that for 1999. As the village restaurant Jensen went 33 and 22 in Essex man now it's my pleasure. Right here good bye to radio six AD AMW art gala that three point seven FM. Of course it's HD two. It's my pleasure to present engine loyalties he is a private chef and owner of dared to taste we'll find out more about it. Why was this the bulletin hi Jana how aria. Right pat Ari I can't wait to me too complacent. Why well because Everett so much about you. A guy's well let me give everybody example Euro ward will it stop me when I'm wrong. An award winning sports reporter over thirteen year career at WEEI. Not only 81. If 17 as one correction. But it seemed like thirteen years I at the Boston Herald and the S network covering the Boston red side. You. No I covered in here and eat. And me at the F there are me EI yes sir Bob and I thought we are out. The Baltimore Orioles in the NFL Baltimore Ravens. Yes and you became a F finest for ABC's the taste season altering event and of ordinary. Yeah and now I joined up with Mary Joseph Vitale. I can't tell a lot to a restaurant Boston it would by the name. Pop pop pop up off. The top in reference yeah I was on the opening it is fast. And where is it Boston. And couldn't seaport and supported tried on the empirical. Okay now boss tell me about dare to taste that something that you. What are just you started the start from scratch and tell me about I came up with the idea where is it in his development etc. I cannot be I CEO while I was Bobble by an I ate and light I think a lot of the decisions that you think you are. Ideally things that you can eliminate all and not really wanted to work at a restaurant and I realized after he money that they didn't like working in a restaurant. I am. Up until I ask you I had to what you're saying you sobered. Yeah. I don't they act so I have a lot of different direction and as I say I would do what you do for any amount on an hour. Funny I was only minor and I I I would not work in somebody else as a test in a lot of work enough that I am against hard work by. Matthew dialect or are you gonna put in seventy hours a week and do you know how to act be telling you when you're not eating your dog is developing your dining out. Because you're never home for me. Obviously a little bit for myself so. I started at cook for people on the eye and I realize that that was a little more rewarding to. They're below our personal and I think of people Kurt and I love what about the eight people and then you know what do you like about it but didn't you like about and it's a gratifying. Serbian people and can be eating Pico and cooking repeat. A lot. While I was as part of a company hermit in the background and then leave. I I could get fairly busy on the weekend it was it was crime beat the restaurant business. And I never used the word because I'm not religious but how great black tie my is being moved last season. Over seven months and I was is absolutely slammed on the and now it's low fees then I think for everybody hopefully. And this simple fact pick up and you on that hopefully up this plan began in in 2016 by. I get higher. The beginning. Yeah I think three months into my business at a higher pass away like we are tenured professional severed. And basically occur in people who owns fanatic. So if your father would have to graduation party are you happy prior Tyler. I would if we show up here how the grocery food and on this and if I share. And you know it's a disputed facts as the evening like the afternoon goes on and I do this topic and not and I highly. None of it in our credit Escude up a intelligent questions okay. How about it if you're doing this in somebody's home. Yeah and the owner if they want to stand over your shoulder to see how it's done. Yeah. That that was a question that's a Smart questions that thank you. I know that's fine. People ask me all the time I eat or they without my goodness the militia not to mention Alex did it. We have it it's a very personal experience and you know I he's paid his thumb. Mom especially when their son's graduation or is there a party attire when they they teach you need anything at that yes EG can be expected. And I think that's what I stated that I want would enjoy that I want to be able to. You know you know pretend I'm not here because you hired me and you don't have to put up. You don't have to feel any effects how I think when you have your own party in your home and you're doing your own food. You don't enjoy a little worried about you know burning things and cleaning out right. You know everybody ready for a while they want why won't a lot more heat aren't pretty he tried effigy that's and they roared back after my job. Aren't happy about how do you come with a menus for and now it has to be individual and it view that I have a crowd. I am and norm and that I didn't. I keep adding he'll rating. You know things that are sort of a pain but acre things that I don't saying you know what are these their right to take right off and then you pay off its people wanna hire them. The great thing you know specifically that you're looking for and they think you know I had no idea peeking under action so while you're gonna do obliged. She did this and that and that and that and I read every day and I watched a few more work all day and I am up a few idea then. You know my leg mile thick and that they can be a little bit overwhelming so. I sort of kind of you know push people in the right direction toward AP give me a little bit at The Hague got what they want and then -- camera so I'm I'm legal back and forth. I've heard it time or are. The bank and it's I think I'll show up at from the house and I hugged them because it's like it's my own part of our hockey mom. If it's really a great experience that I don't keep in touch on the everybody about it what I'll ask you which is over RB IMO it. You know I can act and adults act can't see a concern here but I hear it's part in Europe that you really enjoy this. Yeah you know it's funny about you I think I hated people. I started doing our part and I got a lot of well let me and I and that as a loving me am Ali is and and were bugging you call eight. You know. If you you know I'm not every big guy so it is let's bring people together and all the but you know when you're going to somebody out in your cooking for their engagement party you know it. If you can't party you know I mean you're responsible for the food at air engagement party and I mean I dare I wouldn't everything you know when you go to a wedding photo a RD. You know you walk away and you prefer you comment on food. Jan one of the things that aren't 11 of the things that I that I I don't know long time ago you're pretty good at what you're doing. 44 wedding party if the two families are still talking to each other at the end of the mayor. That extra point but you know like the horrible say like you know I I thought is why I I I do wedding it's fun. I don't enjoy writing for some reason I don't actually believe that marriage I don't ever want to be married I never. Read about my wedding has a little girl meeting that said I'm not my age are likely to. I'm going about writing and I don't really enjoy doing but I noticed the fighting really never. They've operating room never ever ever he can even if you screwed up the fear that writing group would never know. And let somebody why epidemic that aren't your food would Arafat. Late two. Well. Why are you weddings are funny you know but I think I'm doesn't he. Well you know you know again and I'm Marie I'm originally from down south music and when I was in the date that when they insulted down there. It's okay if they say god bless your little heart okay yeah your kids are ugly god bless their hearts I cracked it. And event I can act and I would that's one of the reasons that I could known restaurant too because. She put so much hard so much efforts is so hard to do but you wanna pleasing everybody in with somebody. In many times it can be routes and I am sure you don't have as much of that of a problem these days. And now you do a lot of in. Well that happens is what I left my second career so much as what I think. I spent eight years ago. When I first started radio if you ever mispronounce a baseball player's name people hate you forever. Right. Well that's true and if done about it. And neighbors. I think I covered this and I covered Orioles for a few years in the bar I was there. Guilty Porter and then they have pre pre game show host for their. The debates are seen. And they had a player must feel called Felix IEA and he felt his last name eye you felt. Court but I feel like I hope and top. I would have thought I yelled everybody. I'm not involved why I murdered their children of my eye and Eric let's get bigger I am IE in the upgrade. Yet oh 01 as thanks to when you when you go over to estimates house. They want to income goes for two of them. Everybody as a company while I get it and I have a party out. It was a site parties for this woman for Eric and it's always by the end of the day it's me and I'd and it won't refund and a quick and I talk about correct. And about patriots and if it's really funny that I talk about good in the beginning and I LA and I talking about or Indiana and so what's better for the Rex really nothing. Life and admit now I haven't thought. I know that you're happy exhausted that's the difference okay yeah but this technique 41 figured out I'm happy yeah I tell a lot of people ask me and I still could have been America's and so on he was Zito they read and I know that I what percent that's not taught them was so bored major ego. Eric Guerrero after a beat you gotta do that and like what do you do if you don't like what you do then don't do it. I or not. Flag got out of like that we're whenever Elvis one or Red Sox won the World Series and I didn't care. And I is the parent I was more worried about getting home on the soaking wet the campaign and I cared about you know what I was covering I think that was a moment right that. You don't love that I'm Lou I'm I'm definitely I'm in the. Right now in this interview we have to move on to a met one of my favorite subjects OK I think I love this idea it's not my idea about oh. Though we are obviously promoting a 100% suburban and bacon thing. Who now handle those are two magic ingredients that this afternoon as I bet they. Think about this day. I. You know I was younger apple my knees and cosmopolitan. And I'll be you know crazy Nancy during. I never understand why woke up and I went with savvy holiday it's quite that a couple of my head up but I realized it wasn't necessarily be alcohol that was up there. I had I agencies are Ben the past few years which is. Very manly in my opinion. I do at a tech Heidi we went out viable like it better then they can and Irvin might really nothing. You know I'd like to how much help in a shot how much. Heidi would you put it. Are probably maybe. Maybe a table. Well I got an outnumbered I'm sorry I thought apiece and I bet and it can't attract capital honey in the Irvin. And then I didn't he could be I in the Irvin and never honey. The Drake and I are so called doc I actually read says it crystallized it and get it but the bottom of of the during you have to kind of delete a highly in the urban and empathy and. Are to be very embarrassed walking around trying to lick the bottom of the glass. But they're very it's why it's. Really you think you're there an input error not been any talk present honey come out. But it's very embarrassed in order a drink and I might get our there was a little bit if I need by he'd been a favorite people on earth and a I barely what ever he Eva. I had. And it made up your mind as to what you're gonna do the it was the year recipe you don't have tummy and I. Good now I thought my my head at all on whether it is amazing. And the other thing I've learned over the course that I mean I am business is what is a pain in the butt and they and what makes life a little bit easier. I'm and if I don't know yet on restaurant was our hope is someday your box and my whole concept is really keeping. And well I think it's very difficult to go to a restaurant and get this. And OS. Benched. You can't really get it anymore everybody trying to be so is he adding their adding that right earlier that the good news day we're gonna put you locked a year. It's it's a pilot and when it collapsed. I. Men and he's been a long time. They're exactly that would be up urged Spain on tiny apartment complex where do you get these plastic items. So that he I I am just and it you ache or last I B I'll see went out. My little acts of glare and Ali but it's back like. You know you can't arrogant that it could be LP anywhere anymore mention that it would Dinah. I won one final question okay. Michael you can be very happy with that appeal to you know that that's a pretty always at the time of the guilty and. How ways that you can't let Brady get some irony I don't hear about it I there. I tell you what do I if people wanted to get in touch with EU. I dared to taste geek kids you give me your email address and you. Remember. It sadden ad aired his case dot com is very simple. Form and number 85. 765. If you eat the Arab. 26522. What I sit in 88572652210. 80 chance I had I love talking to you you. With Bentley yeah. My phone number now like he ill. You got so here's what we're gonna do. We got to get a TV crew abilities based. See what it is that you do and how you do it at that. And they had a lot. And thank you Selma act are right I am happy about things you straight. Patti what Patti good tickets this event well I'll attend in just a segment Tuesday. I had Rosie in a minute visit W arcade old. At the. All American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Spirit you know American tavern. The area. Leave Hungary. By pat leave from the bush who grow enough credit and inviting you to some of the best barbecue in doing. Hamas low smoke Saint Louis rip squad piled high nachos pop legendary Paul port. The move for state got to try and cut salt fork stay tuned for. Great food and drinks exceptional service from bush who grilled north right. And as Scott with Leo what's in a wicked bites radio. Also cause the fab with the restaurant program and we will return to more than show with pat just the second. Our phone number to call in today where you are that food critic is 888. 4346464. X told free throughout doing an 888. 4346464. And who knows maybe you could win the dinner for two jester be in the food critic 8884346464. Evers of tire and they have two locations one. Newton place. Which is in Newton that's a great spot for people watching in the its second location in Wellesley center at 27 grove street in Wellesley. Cameron's of Thailand prides themselves on their level of consistency from it now that she asked. To their freshest ingredients that they used to they're extremely friendly wait staff. They've been in business for well over thirty years now they go it's the united Sam for us this is a very special restaurant. Matter of fact emirates a tyrant had a couple tables set aside. That it's the authentic type but dining in Thailand it's called can't go. To answer that make reservations there and that's what you dine on the floor. What I recommend grandma's shrimp. It stir fried shrimp with ginger snow peas tomatoes baby corn and white nights and a spicy yellow bean sauce with thirteen fifty. Or their hand that he dynasty simply delicious it's ought to be with fresh tofu. Mixed vegetables with a black being garlic sauce for 1175. Again and airports of Thailand. What Newton plays 287. Centrist in June quarter. And they validated parking there and 27 grocery Wellesley center in Wellesley. And don't forget about the coliseum restaurant reckon which shop and Terrance hill New Hampshire that's in the relays to desk is place. They've won about every award imaginable for best Italian magazine stop in today and tribes stick up I'll up at Whitley reveal coliseum. The coliseum restaurant route 28 regular job and setter in Salem New Hampshire. Can't peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though with all those who got famous and then run them leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurant and hey bro and Nashua. Captain on the TV episode up wicked site. This Saturday morning at 930 unnecessary. Boston red fox and growing. This is weakened by its radio London AM leagues they need WRK how often Caucasian. I wonder my friend and out of primarily as a back here. Here is the owner back maybe I should say was the only. Rest announcing she and we just because political crowd is gonna take it over. And he's going to be opening up for the rest you know Washington street at Hackett known you know involved. Yelp he dress that I didn't cheers at eleven Mount Vernon street Winchester tone by the president the way a nasty references. Did not know how to lose. That it. That is a good you're listing to wicked night since 688 MW RKO. And I appreciate the fact you're doing that won't come back. I was gonna be doing gift certificates and a whole case of harmony bay gourmet cost. Oh in about two minutes will be doing oh ice. Them you know and I thought that this is our music coming back that was sad for the alone longhorn it is kind of Texas guy yeah. Not get off this confusing not raise money you know what's going on behind you openly admitted devils' side yeah approach would support the nicest events. It could do until you continued good reason for G aid to eats Jimmy needs. Good friend of mine Dodi I radio posted something. That I like is it dead fish seafood restaurant and bar which is your 12511. Twenty Osgood street Noah and route 2860. Mainstream country at allied Jimmy d.s for a we've inference for a very long very on tennis those guys. And it is very involved in the community and things like that those. And he has arisen from legal seafood the front lines of party shift. Who is dynamite yeah and really you know brown eyes guide to. If he or. If you're in for something if you miss him different logic try this at Joe's lobster tacos. And lobster pie. And Joe's famous lobster rolls you know all different sizes including the big Kahuna. Which is a bit. Then he has out of this she was talking about a few moments ago in this you can vote different names and things you know and it's you sell at that marketed that way. At define what this means. Redefined. Fish and chips you know need to redefine and no it means that. And may use college chip and fish. Ministry of anyway they have that there and it pantsuit tuna off which is delicious. And Joe's baked seafood trio fresh addicts these doubts and go try and make. Can pass you with garlic butter and Jack cheese season crown shared with your choice of two. I'd give Eli Jensen telephone number and just a few minutes and make it stick around for that Joseph fish and seafood restaurant environment went 251120. Osgood street in. In North Andover and when he sixty main street rating now. We're gonna be tracked about Mexican restaurant business. We're not just for more name. Coming up today around which divides we're taking your phone calls to brace or is it. From deep into gourmet. This is where you are the film critic any good when itself dinner for two on us or maybe a whole case of army they gourmet coffee. Delivered directly to your home. The only place that lets you beat a good credit. Tanzania on AM six AD WR Kay Yow Boston's talk station. You know I happened to be a creature of habit I'm afraid. I developed favorite restaurant. And then I have a tendency to go get there. Of course I forced myself and others. Because of this program and what it is. And it that's my really depend on you. To help me out in some areas here over 20000 restaurant in the sound of it's scary in 1000. And that if you ask you for a special I remember. I really thought. That Mexicans who was just absolutely awful. With the sand here first. Then when my sense went to San Diego cop. And that will hasn't done to meet him. It was sort of reminded me of back down south barbecue places. Are ugly places they grind down but is it that swear that this it is in the world. As we get grateful for you know and I don't wanna say there is good as Southern California. Texas. My grandson when he comes and visits from Dallas season less I know what to do is technically an Tex mex restaurant. You know he loves the lob staff Tony comes to a lobster but I was wondering. I went. To a restaurant ES SES today. That I just kind of it's kind of a habit. I go to it. I didn't especially like what they had yesterday with that was my fault not theirs just what I ordered. I would appreciated if you would let me know where some great Mexican restaurants are you doing this for your friend pat okay. Now will mail Lloyd you. If when you call ends Scott will no doubt take your telephone call. And Il right and you name and address and the reason we do that that's how we go mattered didn't get certificates. Okay sitting column you when it gets giving in addition to that in the next thirty minutes or so we're going to be awarding. Our whole case. Of harmony bay gourmet coffee delivered to your front door. It's a best coffee you have it's made locally it's Fraser's roasted here 100% pure Arabica coffee beans. Delivered to your front door that you can't win any of this an issue appeal for in depth and Woodley. Who's saying tell me where your favorite Mexican restaurants. Okay. An average one triple 84346464. That 21 triple eight for dining and it's really easy to remember one triple eight for dining ware is. Your favorite restaurant. You're driving around today pick up the telephone give me a call right now. One triple 84346464. I am waiting for that call query your favorite Mexican restaurant or save me to travel those tomatoes rate it if he meant to Mexican restaurant you don't like. Let me you know now although there either he had it. Thank you one triple 84346464. When I do little for business champ waiting for your phone call. One triple 84346464. Now I'm gonna give you another telephone number. After that to write down the website so apologize. This young lady that was with me a few moments ago. Actor. I'm never matter. But I just love her personality and I am a lover. The way she thinks about life. Now she's a private jets and she's the owner of their two taste which is down the seaport area of Austin and I don't know I shouldn't say that that's where the restaurant was in the last Russia. Was it she work. She's a private chef so is not like go yet shouldn't have a restaurant now anymore. But there to taste is actually a website as well matter to us and shouldn't write down there to paste dot com. Thank you if I had I appreciate it actually keep. At that 5% that I listen to at and he. And that cards you go to the locker look at our mention. Election. This is she's great you at least happens is that I can't with a simple everything I know it's research it's not indulging absent that the days when you but he is on him and you write off system to believe me immunities is doing taxes this week candidates owner put that trip down I called into the show yeah our guys put pictures on the faces a muted. Yeah I can outbound through that if you look at when you go to court now about a fifth. Not one of them good on but I haven't played for another court case with Atlanta at. And here's related. I would love for you to talked in this young lady and have her cater. Ali if you wanna talk baseball or football there anything I mean she's a sports four or reporter and an Emmy award winning sports report. As we did that the guy for the New York Yankees of Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles the NFL Baltimore. Ravens. And now and the finest in the taste season three event in the morning's program. Okay yeah I NGOs are joined area of the county. For the alliance that'll Boston. And is now propelling herself into the most creative and innovative private chess in Boston. With their opening there to taste as the united talked here and see how this works and see what she can do for you. What will the world and advance because I have a feeling that. And next couple weeks he's gonna get a lot of business that yes she is sounds like such issues in person and I just noticed doctor art here's a phone number. 857. 2652280. Write that down 857. 2652280. He got a line. China blasts. Aaron under Richie the other day. He you Richie and I were our abilities and as you know that we inserting give that we shared at the same time. And that didn't pandering though that that you know he was in the army but he was I was started eating at restaurant back in the back in the seventies. Now there's one thing that you've got to remember China blossom by. And I'm only telling you this because they have great I would really. Urge you to try what's on the menu to you know I suggest prepared so Wendy Wright into CO. The experts chess master chefs doing their thing but they have about Faye. Every evening including this evening. It is one of the largest I think it is the largest all the north of Boston with fresh homemade Chinese specialties. That is gonna shock you solicit. From egg rolls to king crab legs. To peel and eat shrimp. All this sushi you could probably launch there's even. Our this is all you can the primary and all you gave primary all you can eat Peking duck I've told you enough. I'm going there this that if you see Richie Zito and pat would we sent you winner's wife Connie huge and Jana blossomed rule one Tony five in North Andover Massachusetts she data. That's Chatham blaster 125 north and owe their very very near the airlines airport the phone numbers 9786822242. 9786822242. Speaking and Chinese restaurants. One they biggest orders here two years in a row they'll invest Chinese restaurant sue Chang said beautiful building there and at 373 low street and people that it is sorted that leave behind. The notional mall down down low. Street that grilled rack of lamb missed something issues this night. I think I should go to the cause because the lines are all full blown up so let's go to chuck check your next NW RKO. Hi Karen let me show thanks for having me my pleasure thank you. They just wanted to let you know about cafe Azteca. Uncommon streak at large just about Mexican restaurant yet. There's some of the best around very very authentic Mexican food and not a lot of people like to go to large these days but I have a soft spot sort of they grew up there and but incredible what you can't go wrong with anything you get on the major entry dessert they have paid out through burrito. It's were tortilla with brute inside all wrapped up to try it and then it would scoop ice cream on top absolutely strict diet or. But that's my record. Right now not a shock you here. Okay. Yeah so we out last year we I get it we have a show you know gigabytes in the have what we call the Wiki quickie. Only check comes at the into the program I did a wicked quickly last year on cafe Azteca. I OR I have been there many times. Is our common street which is you know relatively safe Ares is City Hall. And there is parking in front haven't. And I would strongly urge people who try this restaurant if they have not because he is everything that you say it is phenomenal. Right very close to China are actually yeah and look forward to funnel it. What we see that you have a good taste in Mexican restaurants jet. You know either you and somebody radio still all my this year listed that first look at. I Betty thank you I appreciate gay is calling from Drake it's. I'm Mary pat and I am great thank you. In the country everywhere I love your show thank you you're the one. I'd spread the word here super as a you're my own FaceBook. But. They collect do. I would just went through restaurant. And as Phil and it just felt like about the podcast a black guy. Yeah it's phenomenal it's really really good. Well and Larry it worries it in the it and located on 110 and Mac so unreal 110 yeah. It's it's red on the gravity and the beautiful view of the river as well. Enjoy your meal. It's very very image and it's family are they just opened up last week's end of the voters just so good out now I create it's wonderful. How about debt comment it is it near the lol. It's a near lol you know a close to the role Lowell line. Or good morning when you come. We are aware that I would get up violate. It passed Phil Jackson and Scott I'll cave in their struggle yes OK that's it yep right to cast this net and be on the left hand side yeah. UBE marcher omitted here. You brought your own aid with you today he's helping you uneasy. Yet it's I liked it. Qassam I like it or now I know where it is our rule went in in the Phil and now you're you your favorite dish there. It's I let me. I like six image that is yeah you can add and edit he at this steak fajitas and and vacated as somewhat stick it was unbelievable really. Probably it's big it's played not once thought they don't let it out and fire or whatever they'd settle in but at this time they make a chisel. At. 800. A bit of it and nobody would open up the campfire in the middle of the restaurant. I. Had tipping yet to grow. I think that's what the tipping Yankee group. That now. Well that's where they landed on fire at RFI. And I think you'd think he gig big call. Ron has got to from a large of them in the with the in Merrimack Valley hey Ryan. NATO today good thank you expect and in the I like the boat particulates. There that is the senate bill and the next two heavily doughnuts and that dropped out of there yet I do. Yeah and at the food is always fresh or on their always stretched give me an idea what it is that you like order. Well Burry a nice burrito well they have a different type about gore promoted make that's pretty good and the culture is like drowned or it's it's not too but but not touch or read about. Median age could use the chips so like always. If you don't get that if I can go to choate you get that. In Evernote and it ships come out of this economy. A debt now write it to run this restaurant it is this is this a once and also McClellan. At its peak district crutch if you oak brook yes yet know exactly where it is known as I have it's pretty it's Australia. Mexican restaurant make it on the tomorrow meant that very differently and all that stuff. In town and make you feel like give spam illegal and they got out. There aren't thank you appreciate the call here's my never won triple A 434. Or 6464. Patrice every year of the next and that have their experience just a second a first imitative hopefully tourist and I think now Michael you guys. That aired easy you aired your segment I'll organize TV no radio from Philly post right correct those two weeks ago two weeks ago you can find it on YouTube dot com slash with the bites TV right now I'd you know is an issue. Do market history repeats itself and fully Thorsten nineties located 283 causeway street bosses north. And I have been going and effort as long as they've been there I don't remember when that started. Wrong wrong wrong wrong time you know I don't a talk so much about visiting around and all those wonderful addition on to tell you about their function facilities upstairs. They have the largest function facility in the north it. Is divided into two. Separate dares even open it up and make one big place okay. It's it got a beautiful view. I into the down NC old ironsides. In this is the beginning of the north in the gateway to the north and there's parking right next door. Iron in their own laced steps from the garden is steps at all right there Oprah for luncheon that are seven days a week. And you'll see me hanging around. And you'll see me hanging around there there's really nothing like the north and the boss you know and other restaurants try to recreate the and the answer this story neighborhood. But it is impossible. My friend if those people for a purely does is the right way fully Forrester 92 lady street causeway street. Boston's North End guys if you're looking I don't know what's going on with the stock market. Up and down up down sideways and it. I don't want thing gold pretty much ozone. So we're pretty much Helen zone the point is if you had like a person that has a great deal of integrity and my backing. This is a man that I know because I've been doing this is them for over twenty years she's been in business to over thirty. Is David Warren mills. He is it is the expert experts. He's on TV he's on radio. Lecturer teacher you name it that's what he does that you have a coin collector you can call war. And do you appraise your inning even get a real appraisal hilly and buy it right there. I used to at least Terry. List and is on the news this guy Agassi north and I simply order him to a appraise this state going collection. And the Dallas really you know few injuries but I I want at least. 2500 dollars for this nothing less nothing less. Office Toledo and those of like okay. And born to a without giving to a 500 but it worth about 270000. Dollars. Oh cool I was pretty nice to mashed. Now if you would like. It is united says you're going to view. By your local. Here's what you do you call Warren mills talent adequately told you to call 802257264. That's rare coins of New Hampshire guy there. 802257264. Angelica is angelic as in Jan joke. I go by they are 114 in Middleton. One in secret court coalition they'd just missed him. They have the ads in these. Alley the big board's outside. Monday and Tuesday they can cut primary of their for eighteen that that folks and I mean keen. It. Thank you Kenny this. You can save some for later and simply ago. That's how much it made the dominant today. It that that set for Monday through into used to. Today is a cup of soup salad choices for different country. With potato and vegetable of the day for only 1850. Now I have to tell you that I am drawn to Angelica is. Because of the tiny little Meebo Swedish meet balls that they knew before he even opened the million. And then pacers. Hot pop over. And you take the butter. Excuse that we don't know about a play tennis to have a better. Putting it inside the pop over. And watch it melt in the crease all takes. So. And that's part of the mail that comes with a male. Angelica is route 114 and Middleton. For your GPS is 49 south main street to big restaurant in mrs. You get a felony out of Boston clubs are on about about ways they sent that he CI TV show. It's a full pound so choice. That a whole strip he has only one such cut. And I early bird special and that everything is huge bucks and facilities. Angelica is 9787504900. That's 49. South main street. Rule 114 in Middleton again 978750. Four and and it. I got a good I mystic tomorrow because Heather have to experience going to be next to each other. Heather Heather Heather. What happened Heather had to have that amount or online is I am Patricio there. Obama hello another you there. He can't there's another way they're set their advocates have any pressure but what may. Let me Angela. I I would look into. A couple of weeks ago you had a guy I just turned the Radio One. And you had in the end I think his name was they showed it was of the restaurant. Is that it was the best practice so sure. And I didn't have the name of that. And oh well days. Somalia. Already been nine days ago my exes Foley's name. It would be gene had our crime jammies edit it wasn't today. Yeah. I don't know where. Add at cant act can't remember he benefited. You know it that sort of like I get some of the calls for him recommendations people say. Hey remember when I call you for years ago. You had to get piano. But I I don't deliveries are looking at me like I'm crazy. My name Dave best seller show brunch. The phones during a maybe you're gonna tell us okay. So yeah I'd like I'd like to tell you have until. Our great state house last night and ever met. Election yup that's a little late now Pakistan because we couldn't get reservations about banks did and it was superb. Mean everything was wonderful way to sort of wonderful. The it could break good onion. And great green beans and and. And it will. This was kind of world that article bet your into. I should've got went to take home it was wonderful. I tell everybody the name and address one more time and and a. But please state house I don't know the address that it said. Net interest. We'll get that I they've actually been mentioned several times on the show I've never been there there have been. Should know what I'd been there it's I keep listening we'll see if anybody can ring a bell and Telus. Who that was it you're talking about Akram sure I should note that you know. Patrice in reveres next day Patrice you're on WRKO. K you're acting you fine now. Hi I am calling in support of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Salem Massachusetts. It's called for lunch throw and the run derby street Salem Massachusetts. What you like Idaho what what's what's your favorite dish luncheon event. My favorite dish there I liked her margaritas are consistent every single time there. Floated all her food and drinks are consistent every single time I like the mockery out and I guess it's what she is still. And I get the but he does so much grow and I just or famous pastor. And she sort personality issue a little crazy. To occur in Salem and I just want everybody to know what a wonderful place that is. If you've been their Michael. Now a.s and the new book I've got crazy going together about WB a perfect match is perfect marriage. And every place. So why do you. Salem mass. Baghdad Patrice thank you thank you rate armory near the great wall. Is it 30 wait to be great road route four in Bedford him anyway no but that that's where Alice resides. Now few seconds have about two recent prime. Nick Evans restaurant I just want to remind you victories his prime is is to Guantanamo state gas that now a couple of million dollars or refer rhesus place. Well a golf course itself and to see. They have some very special and there it's every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday four to 6 PM. Your first choice is. I used to perhaps how salad in his Banco crested chicken breasts with the rubella. Then there's hanger steak with mash potatoes and this various and there's pan seared scouts. Breaded fried much today left and then there's a choice of dessert cream or lay our tactic chip. I'm telling you right now about about this because we are looking to get into a restaurant. And only spent 35 dollars from one of the fancy restaurant and never go to try this one. Nice 35 dollars prefix every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 46 PM. If you want more information call to reach his prime at 978. 276004497827604. For their twenty elm street that route 62 in north rating. Near the Milton line in the you have as the owner and easy on the first nine knows crazy enough to say. Out damage because now please you when you commit. Them. This program on 680 AN WRKO and that three point seven FM EST two the his right to buy harmony bay gourmet coffee. 100% pure Arabica. And you can pick it up at places like staff a job. And effort market Bassett said rat senator Roche Brothers etc. it's that are part and eBay. Gourmet coffee pots of average Jane that beats that we agree if that's an easy and Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. All right Sandra Warren would you please Obama. I never went triple 843 fours 6464. Risking those are your favorite Mexican restaurant is during your least favorite thing that. You're locked on so we've hit 5:3 PM we're not just for gourmet. Sunday's ten to noon on AM six AD WRK yeah. Often talk station. And what they hear at six say the AM WRKO. And death. WEE I F and then three point seven. Hey Steve. Yeah that commercial if you want to look at the sandwich there's a bright days sip devices he's gonna leave you could take note here. You'd rather die. Your mother lost civility and you've dug said the country western zone that. Sure okay what you got Foreman Michael I know the gym a couple of things including. Police right but they say cast as his onscreen. I've got to do if you haven't it's 438. Daniel Webster highway route three. Merrimack New Hampshire but please state house okay you know now you that day information concerning they gave urban. Short break and mr. Pickens delicious urban goes great with that and that's that's the information you need to know he had. And on March 12 at the castle park plaza we're gonna have plenty of it for all of you in Boston but if you wanna get tickets to this wonderful event. Go to Boston dot urban and they confessed dot com and get your tickets about a way. Lots of restaurants. Make enough bacon and verve conditions while suburban. From Burma providers and you've heard piece of the interest in Phnom. We are also some subtle some have been to some I can't wait to try. That looks like friends at Jimmy's going to be there. And I should be fun to see them again and logic que Los accused going to be there. Just the court quite a few. If you have been to go against what if you have like to get to. Yeah analogous to sample a case of the address on more time Boston dot Bergen and bacon fest dot com. Thank you Mack you're okay Jamie's grow 63 Emma get your phone to just sit in Jamie's grew six country. There are three different locations this place. The 63 is in Braintree and offers a contemporary American menu. With 63. In thing clever was 63. Beer selections. Toy for a beer. Our craft beer on tap and they recently remodeled this place rules that bar area to really really enjoyed it radio what's the masters. And if there and I like the Bruins soon to be able to watch Red Sox by the weighted. I heard WRKO promo full gigabytes. And aces on 930 Saturday while it is 9:30 Saturday morning but that show also agree shown again. Monday at two. I'm nested in the it's actually Bruins station do Smith. Does such a fine job posting. Are now they have at Jamie's grew they have a barbecue hog wings now I wanna try that yes to say I tried it. I have no idea what it tasteless. These are many port shanks. Slow roasted flame Guerrero. With a chipotle sutures barbecues just how slow. There's a gross 63 sliders to gourmet burgers. There's the Boston baked North Atlantic kinda. The ale house battered fried chicken wings in waffled wow now that sounds good. Marinated volition it. You know battered and fried golden brown. Served on a Krispy Belgium waffle. When their home late calls this is Q and lottery anymore of that. And had breakfast yet. I don't forget that black and his meatloaf magnetic continue to do this all the widow maker. The auto maker. In full proud of Angus ground beef flame grill and topped with two sides of double thick cheddar cheese. Four slices of Hickory smoked bacon. And our tomato onion rings. Jamie's growth 63. 63 Columbian street in Braintree. Jamie's grow and profit rose thirteen. At the junction to route 27 and Whitman and Jamie's group and pub. 360. Gannon road and situated. If he would jab and around the last adamant that trend there Ralph Constantine who owns Jamie's Aaron. Art or asking you the column about it at that time it to asking you to call and tell me. Where is your favorite Mexican restaurant connect it through an avid Tennessee goes same one knows. And I this is more from me and anybody out. And I don't care and a identity and merry right now a lot of men have been led Boston South Shore metro asked New Hampshire I don't care. Oh where are the best Mexican restaurants now when you call and Scott we'll take your name and address. And the reason we do that that's how we sent that dinner gift certificates to me your callers and you have a chance in the next ten minutes to win a whole case. Of harmony bay 100% pure Arabica coffee beans gourmet coffee bean session that. Will be delivered to your front door. OK so which are favored Mexican place one triple 84346464. If he can't remember that just one AAA for dining let's go to Sondra who's gone from Salem mass say Sondra. Good morning. It's up to excuse me a little. I had a little case of laryngitis. OK just a breather on the please. No no not contagious but it is. Leo woman who called just previously. Global. Still it further but. We're not recommending. Is. The howling wolf. That's in the assailant. I get on derby street yeah it is. Amazing. Whenever one goes then there. Packed all the time and I couldn't even begin to tell you the best. Item on the menu because everything is prepared. But it is a wonderful place. But it is it's crowded yeah and it absolutely delicious there isn't anything they have one could get that. Would be. This under that meets video this is a very worthwhile cause a call. I have passed the howling wolf. A hundred times I know when I take people embassy Salem and Alice said it was a tourist trap I'd never been in it so you're saying it's a good restaurant. Although yes it did have all the time. Very the son and daughter in law always via. Who last week test and because my granddaughter. And we went and. But the forty year old waiting was going to be a problem that we made an orderly ticket so. Everything that was absolutely wonderful. If it tourist strip because many of the locals. But I just what I thought and I guess my that was my own ignorance I should've known better but he. Bill you have street yeah well there's a crowded out what kind of open for lunch the roping together. And everything you've been epic single thing there it just just wonderful. Lou as you take care of that early years OK send a thank you very much for the call I do appreciate it Mike is gone from South Boston hey Mike. Madly there. Oh the other Redmond OK Lauren and I had to New Hampshire. They want. Good morning are you very good thank you. I heavily election if it affects them. I'd like to preface this by saying. Correction making birdies so much Eric. At a much in the restaurant in Ventura county Southern California. And the majority are or aren't so well from LA. Which is a good borrowers realized. That particular play as I was very close. What we're used to cook. What I am truly it is a good owe it to Nashville New Hampshire go so who will be my Mexican restaurant. Who in living in this state in Mexico. I know it's against a mom and pop restaurant. Would you like your interest people all absolutely Nolan. OK that's 116. West pearl street. Nashua, New Hampshire 0306. So. Err on the phone numbers six oak street. 8898226. Aren't an issue I got it right. And I it's a lot Paloma at Oklahoma. You know. Spoke Korean hero or Lima. But can Alpo Lima. And gays in the located in Nashua, New Hampshire are at sixteen to a west I can't remote right now apologized. Six or what was the address where. Street west Borough street the phone numbers 6636038898226. Thank you very much I appreciate the call aren't honest go to jail is gone mojo work necessary into one more collected. This and it's going to be OK couple things again today after a jam. And me Gortat. Couple places pull it from Hobart so oh to wrap me in Wayne made is that just amazing. But that picture. Mexican food. Love the burritos in the Greek side green they announced they got a really good low heat over their you wanna have a drink with your round real. But my primary vote plate number K so when I go to helmet. A NATO is down in downtown helmet. Just an amazing restaurant the only problem is it's always so proud and so. If you go off if you go off follower you can really get into it on have a wonderful veolia. What's the name of the one more time down down in Tony Armas. I only Obama the sale and more Tamils trying to write it down Salem attack. Its own may owe it all and TJ. Oh. I you know I couldn't spell that. I think that it. I don't all right. I'm not a big Jim thank you very much they appreciated. Now we got Mike in Mac is comes out Boston semite. Club catalyst that is caught nobody I'd never been and the Ben and Mexican restaurant but I just want to do that. Or big guys who you expect me over accidentally trapped partners. Cheated to branch out. Think just it cuts that I've got wanna comment about earlier in the show. So they needed a couple wait us out. In children. I'd been up they don't I don't remember all of that type of condition are but I admit that the net and that this you know they're reaching their part about our our our. But a player she was pretty sure that harsh dial. And that is charged it'll certainly not in any talent you know Palomar you know like what sort of. As they exited about it except from Lawrence won't show. So you Gretchen at opal. I. Well let me just tell you that an EU brokered peace day. Avid at this restoration of reluctant nobody's ever called that. About a bartenders anecdote about horses before. That was brought. You brought up at all. Yeah at. Night thank you and that I. Yeah Chevy bartender that is one problem was rears Singh's effort here. I mean that's easy welcomed the places usually uses you'll you don't want the the distance quiet bartender because and you never get served yeah if you got a Jerry Barton these are afraid the whole time you don't drink regularly these cubs brokers creative side. All right let's take a left turn into that street but dateline the because. Like Jenny varsity of madame sun's. Out public makes it a Billy Herman to a Turkish prison before. You know. Because what happens is. You go there and you pay a hundred bucks and you wanted to Israel act going any time they chant taco attempt I don't wanna talk. With this in the saga creek. Coups d'etat and David and Friday when we do the filming on the the Norwegian dawn I was chatting a bit too much for the woman (%expletive) around the room. Screaming crying hysterically. Elect dad was tough Scott as I don't think composure a self put itself together and cover of the drum Briere and do the the panic she was so chatty at that particular I don't know why an aggressive and you invited me to awaiting their garlic in the next move you know getting married next visual but she's a what you want completely and we dot see that now. So little on Sigler Mike were were filming that's able Mike is getting them aside from inside this little but five by eight room with six of us in six of us are there. It media Scott. And Ian Lee or on the couch beside me I'm half naked. That every so often you could see it on a camera I will move my camera up and then all of a sudden you see. Lee's high heeled shoe in the scene ripped from behind go up got to move the camera and that act act and it was a hundred degrees in their business well and. But that's it one time this trip I was invited down to New York tribute to take a look at the ship that we gonna have an screws up. And there are a budget travel agents on the ship and they invited everybody in. You know go to if they would like they could go to the sonic go to the health club absolutely and valued experience humanity's that's correct so so I had and I had to speak to this group. You know because you from all over new England and tell about the cruises that we've been on sure. And as they gave me at at a set those frantic aside goes out and help them jerk and is still dot wooded enable it to see so up. Sat jumping on the white robe that Saudi bat on certain. And int and it and it's sort of like one of those. Doctors things in only go after they have that she's not big enough to cover you totally innocent and so the front of my rope was very difficult to. And I am sitting outside and I just have to be in a hallway where the entire. All of the people within territory agencies passed by me sitting there. Watching me try to point dressed down. Like at their feet I got that beat so the first time Denise and I were in Mexico and we went to be Spock. And this is the first time I had ever been to a full on the spot experience. It's not really announced on it not the nails but but you know them the massage the water treatment. The mud stuff all that good stuff but anyway. So. We were told we you know. We were I was told anything I was I just showed up and ask these before leaving Russia Britain bathing suit as the senate nominee won't be OK but so I don't. And we show up and we get there in the woman's like OK with Hoosier rope hoosiers slippers knuckle put your bathing suit on and come back out with the robe and slippers on looked at and it's. Oh OK hang on a second goes and comes back with a little. Plastic bag and no one reading you can't see it so it may be the size of a small cell phone. Okay and yeah it's it's about yeah yeah. And I go into I look I enormously as those who exacerbating sitting home in one. Poetry walker an open this up. Now speaking of hospitals act. Now you know those blue things that the doctors put on their their feet so when they walked around locals should slippers should we know the shoe covers it's like oh it's a paper yet so it almost a shower. Okay what picture of that same size and everything with two late holes cut out. I and now picture me at six foot 3200 and something pounds trying to put that off. You never saw the blue. Every part of me swallowed. And I had to go the next hour and a half with like a group of four other strangers. Going through you know hot tubs and cold water and ice water and mud bath items like. At a certain point to have regular except that your your backside was hanging out for everyone I'm constantly you know it went in Mexico for a moment I'd. It's something just champions and you know well except nobody on the and you have some money. Not really no new got nothing on me but it I was exposed to the world. I scared you gotta go back in any event Tuesday when can I do and don't forget we have Kevin Cullen are psychic medium China blossom in north end of march 13. Unbelievable show kind of lost in north and if we get order tickets by going to his website or our site. New North Shore spirits dot com and doing and dine dot com. Or just call 86674511678667451167. March 13 trying to plus north and. All right Salvatore to restaurants they're located in Andover Lawrence meant for South Boston Boston's theatre district. We get large portions they're open for lunch and dinner so little. Gentle bright note smiled acting agent and they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where and I've got X Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry teeth dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. And this discuss with the US in a wicket bites radio that the nation restaurant is located on route 11012. Output street and they were right there in the film in line. Right off of route 495. The Tunisian restaurant remember that name only open for dinner they open up 2 o'clock today for dinner. If you're familiar with the old bishops restaurant in Lawrence. Well this restaurant. Has a lot of the staff there from dishwasher is right at some of their cooks at the Venetian restaurant in April. And they have the same menu matter effects of the Bushehr shall see them they'll come in and get an early dinner time to time. They have three pound big stuffed lobster with the nation's famous walnut stuffing they have the French Fries. They have the prime rib it's 3COM primary race I think it's three comic and cut its enormous there's no way want parts that could finish the king cut primary of and they also have their assortment platter which I like to call the Mediterranean poo poo platter. Because it comes with stuffed. Peppers squash. And cabbage and grape leaves and they can't be Lima beans and rice and they have the best Alam anywhere. That they need shin restaurant PH OENICIE. Eight and Venetian restaurant. Route 110. Twelve Al mystery right there and he broke right in the with a one line and in the opener for dinner today at 2 o'clock your hours are Tuesday through Saturday. And 4 PM to 9:30 PM on Sundays from two to 9 PM the Venetian restaurant. Hey guys this is patently of the restaurant program would get I said these ten to twelve on WRK out brought to you by. Shook it out they've heard me talk about a fantastic product that's made right here renewing and rights cause you're gonna out until now it was only available on line but guess what. Now you can just walk into the theater pharmacy at 1784. Mess avenue Lexington and house Pharmacia 29 main street and cost out New Hampshire and ask for sugar down you know I'd let the great restaurant well I take shoot it out every time I need starchy foods like bread pasta or potatoes and it helps me keep my sugar in check one attitude Schobel tablet depending on the size of my cameo really works sorted out is that you mobile dietary supplement. Made with natural ingredients and it's clinically tested to help reduce after meals sugar spikes that could help you manage your weight and feel less fatigue after big car meals. Re never sure about is Smart guy scenic help. People continue for the best things you can call me. When we were thinking about it designed we wanted people to come and feel comfortable here like they were eating in the room dining. Our lives are slow smoked over apple went through the meets falls off the phone. I'm doing enough family for some real home style cooking up a chicken connection here. Catch an all new episode of with the advice TV this Saturday at 930 on NASA. Stuart Tinto wicket by radio and AM 680 WRK out of Boston talk station. Yes that's ass and I appreciate the fact you were kind enough to tune in and listen to today's program. That it has brought two in part by dom sausage company. This sort of my best friends. About a joke family runs this place. Dom sausage company is it ten Riverside park in Malden mass choose right. If you want any if for any case this summer orchard of bear this one thought in mind. They will come over indicator in your backyard barbecue you're choose. And I called them if famous sort several different issues. And that was gone down sausage company veered. Men estate here unbelievable just as steak tips just a real. Dobbs sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden the number is 78132413. Ten. Dumb body gently I asked forum seven at 132413. Ten. The village restaurant Jenks is a 133 and 22 at Essex Massachusetts. I'd that's where my friend. Kevin Ricky resides in his Swine Flu and everybody else in the family. If you're looking forward time to go now's the right time ago because as it gets warm in this restaurants at that easy into. You always ask me what do I recommend Alice's coconut from the tips on the other dishes in the emphasize that I love. It's have you ordered the fisherman's sweater and then have everybody looked at you as they deliberate because it. The village restaurants Jarrett junction of 133 and 22 and S exit 55. Main street. I hope you got oh OK now Michael. At issue the one is gonna deliver the good news about the winner Michael he left Warren of Hudson New Hampshire. He won Warren of hops cuts and New Hampshire one he went off he won the whole case or. Me me show about. That his interest there and these guys to be giving it to a couple weeks comic up today sure weeks days at a coffee. I think what you complain that's free right via the I had to act yet that happened on ten and it greatly Agassi go to restaurants you like authorization code crumbling. The title of that bite the hand defeatism like the dad who's gonna complain about a free lunch of Carolina won and it's now real name is splatter all over studio if she'll go to this. I am duplicate. Sue Chang street cemetery low street in Peabody. I gotta get it cease a look at this year at a C Ireland and they have lunch and special out of think this is a very expensive restaurant. Spicy saves one. Salad chicken penis with this spring roll and pork fried writes for five. Such prices sweet and sour pork. 575 general GAO's chicken with crab Rangoon in pork fried rice 625. Sue Chang say had a sue. At 373. Low street in Peabody. Finally Jim Dietz one more time that that laughter restaurant. There were 1251140. Osgood street in north and it would near the airport. And they have what they called the less than 500 calories. Menu features things like zucchini spaghetti. Really really. Now they have you know Greek grows avenues. Shrimp scampi and baby back ribs and that's not under the 500 list. Calorie items so the laughter restaurants they added Jim I'd beat her arm reference yesterday to news stations there. I have to leave you on a really positive note here solo though Sam my buddy Sam Cameron's of Thailand he's been. Advertisers program 450 years you know and I appreciated business and it really really do it helps keep us on the here. And they have that great pad Thai. Which is the most famous Thai noodle dish fried and shrimp and trips of tofu and ground peanuts and eggs and bean sprouts and Thai spices for eight ounces of milk itself. And that's how it surge between seven and made about Monday Tuesday.