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Erin Bradley, Children’s League of Massachusetts,

Apr 6, 2016|

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This is something dancing. I don't think about very often it's lurking in the shadows and it's time for to be exposed to more people to learn more about it. I'm good morning can I was listening to your conversation. You're right it it has been in the shadows and I think that one thing that we need to remember that most of these. The young that young people are children don't have employees and the Statehouse in and government. To actually make change though the fact that the baker administration and the state police there are doing that is a positive thing for the commonwealth. To us how big this problem is give people like myself and education. On why this need to glaring light shining on it. Aren't something that's been going on you know where for decades and there's really no way to put that number on cam unfortunately. I'm one of the things that the children break it to working on is every home they have children which Atlanta child is adopted usually do international adoption. And that adoption just drop and then they go on a message board and they act that better child that I can't care for anymore. And it's somebody a stranger can just comment pick up that child. About what that GAO the general accountability office the federal government found out is that. I'm Stephanie. That of these re homing hits our international adoption although they cannot tell us. Exactly what the number is because it is so much in the shadows and underground. And look. Happens to these people who post children available on boards does anything is there any repercussions any any punishment. Unfortunately it right now there is no penalties McConnell out the children break out of bill and and it's past the and it's currently in front house ways and means. That would put penalties in place for the practice. Because they're not exchanging money. On it would not be considered human trafficking. So we have yet another loophole in this you know moving children out from one person that currency to another part of our city. And because there's no money they they can't be found on the that you're scratching our. I'm surprised there's no money what what what is the benefit what's going on there and. What are you know the benefit can just be that somebody at tactic only children taken away from DC app and so now they have an opportunity to have another child month many times these children. I'm art sexually exploit that they are you know not there obviously people that are picking them up are not screened there's no background checks. There's no anything that goes on when you actually adopt a child. And to the children that very high rep for the benefit really is is that that the person receiving the child the opportunity to have another child home. Operated as a that we needed to. Know him. You might find it bizarre and Eric I find it bizarre that. People can just because there's no money involved you can use aid trade for it for humans trade for children online like they're baseball cards. Yeah yeah and check out the writers did this story back and point thirteen and actually exploded it was happening at its ilk Massachusetts. There's Yahoo! message or Gmail and Google message sport. And luckily they've been slowly taking them out. Conflict but the Government Accountability Office still was able to find any Mets sports are people we're transferring curb your children. Air and I. Think about this I think about kids on the streets. Are they also incredibly vulnerable. You know I think that goes Sandra Moore on vulnerable to just sexual exploitation. So it's picking up it. I'm trying to think of a better where I can think of attempts. Content but I think that those children are more apt to be lowered by that height. Person I think the people that the re homing they'll hit our kids that are brought an internationally. But on the kids are homeless are definitely at rest or drug use. Herbs for anything that offering a roof over their heads. Comments that that's that's definite signs of something that needs to change a thing that we now have a dedicated unit in this state police department to look into the bank. And that happens I'm sorry not just to say that will be part of their jurisdiction. A do we know what happens these kids that once the trees off you mentioned that you know some people might one another child in their home them you know maybe DC after the wave it. Is it more likely that that traffic in to had a filed Warren oral or worse. Am yeah I can speak so one case there was an Arkansas State representative who re home two of his daughter. And both daughters where it's actually. It's abused by that person that took them and and now we have found many times that people that come and speak out about this when they're adults. Have been sexually abuse and actually had they kept it very horrific conditions. And now Eric go. Will this also address individuals who are not necessarily. You know through May be illegal adoption brought a child into this country and Ben re child them if you will. But will this address the issue of people who travel overseas just to get kids for this reason. I'm did you mean every harming okay do you mean a special. This special task force because I'm thinking about you know people who are just illegally getting kids in bringing him back into the country in and that kind of thing. So can I really can't speak how often people go out of the country illegally bring kids back again from my understanding the State Department has very strict guidelines work that what. Children are brought in an out of the country content. I am not sure that we could even get a handle on it yet they're being brought in illegally you know through trafficking. I'm I don't have those numbers at kept my fingertips. But I think that that this state police unit and and eat the apple actually has an opportunity now to go and and it brief surge that it actually investigate what's happening maybe in our sport. Maybe you know I'm trying to think how much they would get an. I would seem that would be more shrewd waterways that what we should be airway sure. But again we don't have enough research to tell us how many kids that traffic through the commonwealth right out. So the re homing bill is really the real focus of this group. I'm yap are hurt and suddenly it absolutely is it something that you know we have been working on and we model that actually after the human trafficking lot which is half. In 2011. And we really hope that that the legislature takes action on at this session to protect their kids. That are brought here thinking that they've found their forever home and that I did in our kids have tried our kids act up. And when that happens they never think that they could be tried to way to look at from a stranger. Abu partially to do harm to them so that they're real important and one more will all we need to close. One more thing that that satellite election speech about the baker administration can do to protect children and we are looking forward to working with them this coming fashion. Air Bradley thank you great work. Hampering thanks you too.