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Saudi Arabia responsible for 9/11 and US government covered it up. 4/18/16

Apr 18, 2016|

Do you think Saudi Arabia is beind the 9/11 attacks?

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Only RK you know. 106 here on the gray W. You are okay poll okay my friends. One of the most important stories I've ever covered frankly in my lifetime. I'm gonna stay on this story amok and let go of the story. You have my word on. But it is finally breaking now. Let me tell you the truth like I'm in the confessional let me just lay it all out there for you. When I was in the newsroom at The Washington Times. When the September 11 Attacks took place. Immediately. We were hearing rumors in the newsroom. But the Saudi government clearly had a hand. A key role. In the nineteen hijackers. Who crashed those planes on that fateful. We in fact believe. That the fourth plane the one that was brought down over rural Pennsylvania. Was intended for either congress or the White House. And I believe by the grace of god. How did not been for the heroes on flight ninety theory. That plane would have hit congress or hit the White House I think the country would have gone berserk. I mean maybe even nuclear weapons berserk the country would have gone does jerk. And despite the fact that we get the times. We're trying to crack the Saudi connection and the Saudi angle. We were being stymied at every turn by senior Bush Administration officials. And then. You see the waiting game is played you have to understand this the way the game is played in Washington is. If you wanna get damaging information. On let's say the Republicans well. If nobody will talk if not able leak you go to the Democrats. Because somebody know something or vice Versa if you want to look at it Democrats. Nobody leaks Igor there because some staffers some made somewhere is going to be telling you were has information I could give me some information. That Democrats. Wouldn't talk about the Saudi angle. Hillary Clinton wouldn't talk about the Saudi angle. John Kerry shot front swat. Upbeat he wouldn't talk about the nobody would talk about the Saudi angle. The Republicans wouldn't talk about it that Democrats wouldn't talk about it you want and all the true. The only person that I know on the record I would talk about the Saudi ankle was Ron Paul. And they were denouncing him as a Coke. OK but let that go. So I knew right away. From my cleaning ladies which is a term used the CIA for my sources. That people within the CI AEA were telling me on background. I couldn't I couldn't reported but there were telling me on background. The saudis clearly had a hand in 9/11 and there is a deliberate systematic cover up going along the way. I didn't all the extent of the role I just knew there was a role will now it is all coming out thank the lord. There is a brilliant piece by investigative journalist Paul Sperry he's also a institute at the Hoover institution is one of the best think tanks in the country. In the New York Post. This is now being followed up by aggressive reporting for the first time. From the New York Times the New York Daily News and now other media outlets are finally getting on this story. There are 28 pages I've talked about this many times before but it's 28 pages. That clearly implicate the Saudi government. The pivotal role dirt deliberate systematic. Involvement. In what happened on September 11 2001. In fact these 28 pages. Are the final chapter. In the nine elevenths commission report there was an inning. Wire redone. On what happened on 9/11. It is the final chapter where they talk about foreign involvement that the involvement of foreign governments in 9/11. That entire final chapter has been censored. It has been completely censored. The 28 pages comprise the bulk of that final chapter. I'm not kidding it is sitting walked up in a bolt. In the basement of congress. Congressman Stephen Lynch too is credits. A moderate Democrat and old style blue collar lunch pail Democrat. A proud Irish American. And a brilliant constitutional this conservative Walter Jones so what he's a Republican from North Carolina. And lynched this moderate lunch pail Democrat. Actually because they have security clearances Dave winked toward the basement. They went into the vault. And they read the 28 pages. However they had to sign an agreement. That they can never speak about what they saw. That's why they're being extremely. Cryptic and how they describe and define what they read and what they saw. Both Congressman Lynch who by the way I asked the come on the show he will not come on the show but let that go. And congressman Joan to a basket come on the show he will not come on the show. I think they're afraid of when a pushed them on questions and they're gonna say something that could land him in legal jeopardy. OK but nevermind I wanna get into motorist passed both they wouldn't come on both of them are demanding and insisting. That goes 28 pages be released. And they both say the American public will be shocked. To its very core. Once those 28 pages aren't are are are exposed. Once their unveil. According now to Paul Sperry. Who interviewed people in the CIA. In the Pentagon in the NSA. Local law enforcement in Fairfax County Fairfax county's literally right across the border in Washington and Northern Virginia. And they were investigating what went on as well. What Casey agents. Repeatedly told Paul Sperry who worked on the nine on the 9/11 terrorist atrocities. What's that when ever they participated. Or engaging in investigations. That led to the Saudi embassy in Washington. And to the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles they were told by their superiors. Stop ended don't go any further. That they were continuously. Blocked by either the Bush Administration. By the Justice Department. By the CIA top branch pop officials or by the FBI. They said it was obvious. That there was a systematic. Deliberate cover up. Of that immense role Duff financing. That handling. That took place of the 9/11 attacks and that the nineteen hijackers remember. Fifteen of them were Saudi citizens. Who repeatedly. They complained that they were called to not pursue that there were called off from pursuing leads according to Paul Sperry quote. A common excuse was quote unquote diplomatic immunity. However. Some information. That has gotten out number I spoke about the couple minutes ago the 9/11 congressional inquiry report. That final chapter that was completely just taken out. That quote that dealt with foreign support for the September 11 hijackers basically the 28 pages in that vault. According to sources who have actually read the report or participated in the report. It deep sales quote unquote incontrovertible. Evidence. Gathered from both CIA and FBI case files. Of official Saudi assistance. For at least several of the Saudi hijackers who settled in San Diego. Furthermore. Some information has a leaked. From that redacted section that when he eight pages that only lynch is seen jones' seemed very few people have seen. Including listen to this. A flurry of pre 9/11 phone calls. Between one of the hijackers have Saudi handlers and solid and San Diego and gets wiped. That's Saudi embassy. In Washington DC. Sold the handlers of the south of the hijackers were calling the Saudi embassy. And guess what happened. Just before that 9/11 attacks took place. There was a transfer of 130000. Dollars. And guess where the money transfer game from. Then Saudi ambassador. Prince. Bandar. One of the top key figures in the Saudi royal family. Here's families checking account straight from Bandar prince Bandar striking account. Went to run a 130 get a 130 grand she went straight to the hijackers and decide and their handlers inside and San Diego. This does a lot more money this is just one of the league's OK there's a lot more Bellini with a lot more than a 130000 dollars ticket to the bank. So. The investigators. Then wanted guess what they want to interview prince Bandar. Why did you send the money to the handlers of the 9/11 hijackers because remember pulling off a terrorist attack. Takes a lot normal law a lot of cash. And by the way. Notice the Saudi money trail for the Boston bombers. The Boston Islamic terrorist bombers went camera land would go to Chechnya to these training camps or pray for the tickets. Who paid for him spending six months in Chechnya. Hey gotta feed hum. He got a shelter from got to get some sex slaves. You got a bio weapons a that's not cheap my friends but let that goal or nothing eight all peace a peace conference all peace. So when they wanted to interview Bandar. The US government AKA the Bush Administration. Protected him literal mean literally literally protected him. The investigators couldn't belief. That the State Department. Actually at at the State Department actually signed a security detail. So what you think about this this guy held a finance and underwrite. The slaughter of 3000 Americans. He's sitting there and you got to see the Saudi embassy in Washington the places palace gates a palace. And there are women going in and now and they're telling these low these parties you wouldn't believe the stuff that goes on there okay but let that go. And he's sitting there what is their arm. And we'd provide him. And he's a fellow Saudi top government officials. With security protection. And not only was he given a security detail that is embassy but they also gave it that is mansion in McLean Virginia by the way. McClain is sort of like Wellesley. No home there is less than a couple million dollars Bellini you live in McLean you've got a lot of cash. Shall we provide security detail outside of his personal home and outside of his embassy. Investigators. Wanted to quote jail a number of embassy employees because they knew they were behind 9/11. But the embassy complained to the US attorney and instead they're diplomatic visas or revoked as a compromise and they were kicked out of the country. Okay just leave get lost for dead at the partying is over do it somewhere else. Former FBI agent John one bowl. Who worked 9/11 and related al-Qaeda cases out of the FBI's Washington field office. Said prince Bandar should have been eight key suspect in the 9/11 pro. Quote. The Saudi ambassador funded at least two of the 9/11 hijackers with third party. He should be treated as a terrorist suspect. I should other members of the Saudi a lead class with the US government knows are currently funding the global G ought. But listen to what happened. They bring them around a little long on the segment just bear with his unique and Elvis. Begun. That was cutting checks. Big checks. That helped pay in finance. The slaughter. The murder. Up 3000 Americans. Who gates and trying to keep my my blood pressure from rising OK for him. Twelve days after the attack toward base. The Twin Towers are gone. Ground zero is full of rubble I remember I was in and usually in September 13 they were still searching for bodies. There are still people alive trapped down there at 9/11 forgot six. We still beating and have a definite number we're still think it 50101000. We don't know how many people were dead it was it was freaking pandemonium down there. Tool free ten days after 9/11 September 13 2001. According to Paul Sperry. Prince Bandar this this this this comeback this saudis come. Six and meets with President Bush in the White House. And remember the bush family like the obamas and the clintons. Vary deep close ties to the Saudi royal family. Because they align everybody's pockets you see on that their bipartisan the saudis make everybody rich just told their line. President Bush was there with prince Bandar cool days later. Word that all family France listen to this. There were sharing cigar worse. I think. I George. You non Molly who we must never an on button on my compatible must not moment at the moment eleven okay. This is between now send you know we pay your father of many well we pay your mind that are ready well. Neal bush when I went remember when meal would be just stumbled big trouble big money also the big money. We'll have built a prison where did. Hey when it comes about the younger brother of yours dubbed. Well what did get a job well make him governor of Florida acquitted. Okay Sorgi went on big money go to unfunny joke for election in Texas and for president of the White House okay. Now George you woke you went up football firmly members on the plan. Everybody we get out the dramatic. Look we don't like Saddam. The likes of Ramos and you'll blame disarming Iraq you'll blame this on Saddam. But not done us a good judgment. Mr. blitzer weighs just kill them or that there was illegal this is that this is coursing down here isn't adequacy gut. They were there sharing cigars on the Truman Balcony. The FBI cut to evacuate dozens of Saudi officials from multiple cities that we're getting them out of the country. Including at least one Osama bin Laden family member who was on the terrorist watch list one of Osama bin molds or does old cousins. They took him a Saudi they took him on a plane and they took him out. And so instead of interrogating the saudis FBI agents acted as security escorts for them. Even though it was known at the time the fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudi citizens and that prince Bandar and the Saudi government had their fingerprints. All over the 9/11 attacks. According to former FBI agent mark Rossini. Who was one of the lead investigators of al-Qaeda and the 9/11 hijackers quote. The FBI was awarded from interviewing the saudis we wanted to interview by the white Alps. The White House quote unquote let them off Mohawk. There is now a bill. Pending in congress it's called the 9/11 bill. Whereby. American family members who lost loved ones on that day. Could sure who the Saudi government for their involvement in 9/11. Who do you think is opposing this bill. The bush family. Yes. President Barack Hussein Obama. According to the New York yanks did in New York Giants. Obama is heavily pressuring congress. Republicans and Democrats. To not pass the 9/11 bill. To keep this Saudi role in 9/11 quiet. And covered up. And here as the kicker. You want to talk about Saudi scum. Now that it's all coming out. Now that there's a vote on the 9/11 bill. To give real justice to the victims of the 9/11 families real closure and the the truth may finally come out. These scum bags in Saudi Arabia over the weekend sent their foreign minister to say if we pass that bill. They are going up pull out listened to artists all over 750. Billion dollars in assets and treasury wants. Out of the United States like threatening a third are bankrupt us. Really. First of all that figure is BS it's nowhere near that high. But more importantly. Want to pull my money. Total money. Feel proud Saudi Arabia's economy we don't need June. My friends you wanna know what's wrong with this country. He wanna know what's wrong with the ruling class each right here in this story. Our presidents are bought and Pete for. Our members of congress are bought and paid for. And they are willing to line their pockets with the very monsters. Who fund Islamic terrorism and radical mosques all over the world right here in America. And they betray their own people. My friends. We bombed the wrong country. We shouldn't have bombed Iraq we showed a bomb Saudi Arabia.