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Apr 22, 2016|

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends I promise. We're gonna come right back to your calls. On Charlie Baker now cave being on the transgender. Rights bill. By it's now all but inevitable. So we're gonna take your calls but first we're joined as we are every Friday at this time. By former US ambassador to the United Nations. Everybody shortlist to be the next secretary of state should the Republicans win the White House. John Bolton ambassador Bolton welcome back to the coroner report. Well glad you factor in the back again. Ambassador I want obviously talk about Obama having a major press conference with. Prime minister Cameron David Cameron in Britain. Meddling in their internal affairs but before right get devout. There was a lot of stories that broke this week about the possible Saudi connection. To this September 11 terrorist attacks. There's a 9/11 bill going through congress. It's got strong bipartisan support. My question to you is this what do you make of the media reports. That the Saudi government had some kind of lead role or complicity. In financing. The 9/11 hijackers. Well you know the election commission. Refute that question concluded that the Saudi government is out of that fact that. The Bush Administration obviously. That was very concerned about that too you know it is it possible that a member of the Saudi royal family. Or others who was involved and I I wouldn't be surprised by that at all. You know it's senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island. Near you what's that it's a government run back streets out. So the prospect that somebody I didn't ball. I think Israel my personal view though is that X. If the Saudi government more involved I just does the Taliban government in Afghanistan plus if they work it's an act of war against the United States. And we should respond to commands surge action I don't think I'll walk in its. Yeah it is the way you respond who chairs the act like let's start with the basic others are hurt you or 28 pages that it not spin. Declassified from congressional report on nine elevenths. Dealing with Saudi Arabia let's be clear why didn't they just let Internet aren't public but see what they said. Ambassador army almost anticipated my next question. Of the 28 pages a congressman Stephen Lynch a moderate lunch pail Democrat that we know him from South Boston. Conservative Republican congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina. Both have read the 28 pages they had to sign a nondisclosure agreement because it was obviously a highly classified. But they say that the American people will be shocked. When they read those 28 pages and their both strongly hinting that it names key figures. In the Saudi government. And the one that everybody keeps coming back to his prince Bandar. Who is Dan the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to it to Washington. If it's found out that lets say prince Bandar did. Send a 130000. Dollars as has been reported to their handlers have two of the 9/11 terrorists. Is this would this constitute an act of war and what would let's say secretary of state bowl and abdicate. If this was an act of war. Well it and various serious allegation. You know there's the question that would arise as evaluating any peace elegy. Is that it come from single source credible source. And we don't know I don't know I never read sloppy agents. But in 88 can hardly be worse or the United States. Are eager for Saudi Arabia assert that. I think at the ages. Withheld from Americans eat. And I don't know exactly what to make this that I think people should know. Department site itself that led her ten or twelve years they liked it just released publicly to. So I think that debate that we eat cat. Should cop and I usually come after we see that age let let's hear what people say a bit as people remember one thing. You know nothing surprises me about the administration but were hurt. Liz George W. Bush Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and others. Responding to the 9/11 act. I I personally are finding it hard I find it impossible to believe that it would seal acted Saudi government and I'll. But people can have their opinion on that let's keep quiet about it it is it is also. Ambassador Bolton speaking of Obama he has written an op Ed. It was published in the telegraph. Urge think that Britain stayed within the European Union. This has infuriated a lot of people in Britain including the soon to be former mayor of London. May be the next conservative leader and prime minister Boris Johnson. Who has come out and said Obama as inconsistent. Obama is incoherent. Obama is a hypocrite. That the American people would never allow for their country. To have their democracy and their sovereignty. Eroded and undermine the way the EU does regarding Britain. And he has said that Obama as a part canyon. Who is an anti colonial list who sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to England and clearly he's driven by an animus against the British empire. And that in many ways he does not have Britain's best interest at heart. He is now being called a racist. My question to you is this should the president of the United States be actively interfering. In the internal affairs. And a vote on the key ally of ours. The answer that question unequivocally now. Is there ever. A personal views on that subject I myself I've written op Ed the bears and the newspaper the Daily Telegraph. Urging the British vote in favor we. The European Union and I'm a private citizen. And it's one man's opinion the president obviously and earth are actually those. Who have expressed opposition to the president's intervention are exactly correct that this sort of thing is that's an. It's bad enough the David Cameron government using every. British athletes and some tax revenues every advantage you incumbent government. Scorched. The voters to stay within the European Union I think it's a it's a big mistake for Obama again and I'll from the American perspective what we're pretty sure they'll. England and democratic society let them vote but let's be clear Obama brought Cameron in our debate over the run your. Having you all senators to urge that to go bankrupt our assurance that he simply. A week and parents and say that can't do it it was a mistake it a case. Somebody out there and yours senator might visit one day enhanced camera in his opinion I don't mind in the expressing public. With the knee intervention particularly into the referenda. I just think it is inappropriate and it lists negative required for the United States at the British rank up there on. Ambassador. I know Europe against him but I got to ask you this final question. As a private citizen hours are very learned man. Why do you think Britain should leave the European Union why isn't a bad deal for the British. First the European soccer's from what they call a democratic depth if we don't as we Americans for example like the government martial beat as. It's been run by unaccountable bureaucrats. We do things that the people would never agree to add its voice they're at it even worse with the European Union institution and for. The British parliament almost secondary now. Rubber stamping deals are made him the members of the EUR. Expression in Brussels so I think just the perspective. Maintaining democracy represented government. That there's a lot of states that racial lots expresses well. Besides that I just think the year he union does not seem like free trade area and started out the building would object that's all work they're creating a super state in Europe where they're trying to. And I think the result of this is the European Union is Al hey you're so less so in the solomons. I think the British would be more secure outside the EU I think the United States would be more secure Britain outside EU. So I ain't it's critical of the British but I think it's important for us. We have been talking with former UN ambassador John Bolton. Ambassador Bolton thank you so much for coming on the corner report and have a great weekend my friend. You can just act like young perhaps. My pleasure god bless you 6172666868. Okay. We'll get into Obama's meddling in Britain. A little bit later but I wanna stay on this. So you know Charlie Baker chicken Charlie or is now some of your calling him Charlie Baker. Is now saying guess signaling very strongly. He is not gonna veto the so called transgender rights bill. That would allow men who claim to be transgender. Full access. Public restrooms of women's public restrooms. Showers. Locker rooms. And schools YMCA's. Colleges universities you name it. And my question to you is this really it's it's it's a very simple question. Do you want a man a stranger. Showering next to your wife or your daughter or your child. Whether it be out of YMCA. Or wherever it is or changing and showing his anatomy. In a locker room. Is this the kind of society you want for our for our women and our children. 61720666868. Is the number. You can actually call bakery if you like 6177254005. Apparently. Baker now chicken Charlie at all these chicken. Chicken Charlie doesn't wanna pick up the phone. Now it's all gonna voicemail you see when the people start speaking out when his own voters start calling him. All of a sudden now. All of a sudden now. Chicken Charlie's not available. So I this is from 617 Jeff. Governor's phone keeps ringing and ringing. Then it gives option to leave a message of course the voice of a mailbox is full than a disconnect the call. A unbelievable. Unbelievable. This is this is from 978 Jeff Charlie Baker will sign the transgender rights bill. Because he wants to use the ladies room himself. Because he has no I gotta clean this up because he has no car owners. 603 I just tried to reach the voicemail for chicken Charlie's office the mailbox is full support it's incredible up but if you're the owner. Lawful. If you had a check for chicken Charlie. All all all Benny gave you his private cell phone number. If you're part of he had big gay mafia biggest apple. Or if Europe. I call mister reporter from the Boston Globe telling him what a hero years and I always being compared. Action. And taller rent a showing respect for byte for city. No problem Daniel take your call you see here just one of the ocean marks. They either voted form. Are actually gave him a campaign contribution. In all a point 550 dollar campaign contribution in all the ones with the signs the bottom elected. That's all that's all you wore it does the president. 61720666868. Is the number. Jake Europe next go ahead Jake. Hello Jake. Gap I don't you could go so. Why you go into the discussion I I don't understand. So. They wanna call it a minute ago when his room. Because they feel written in. To go to the back up front about the man how do you think the women feel when they go prancing in Cutler and got the ladies yet I could cramp. And another thing I they let him go because hopefully some of the women I train with. Will be here mayor and they'd be more than happy to return from route to a chicken one on. I'm with you Jake. Look in all seriousness I got to ask the man now because it's gonna pass they got the votes on Beacon Hill and now he's not gonna veto it he's clear recited. He pretty much sent poke a signal very strongly Bakken and so I got to ask the man out there. Really the father's. Brothers. You know people with you know your husband's. You're at a public restroom. You're at the local Y. Your daughters in high school your daughters in college. She wants the shower. She's in a locker room. She says that she calls on the cellphone. Porsche calls the husband. There's some guy and I think whatever pretending to be claiming to be a woman he's obviously a man and he's prancing around naked. And I would why do. What do why do we are making me uncomfortable what do why do I can't complain now. In the old days before this what was bows he gets kicked out if I can even be charged for sexual harassment. Now he's got every right to be there always got to do is say all in my I'm and they become a woman. I just feel more comfortable here I identified with the female sex. And there's nothing you can do nothing. So my question is in all honesty what do the men do what do the women to. That's a Britney was just saying she was well liked what I can sharp and what I got to go home. What I got to start canceling my membership. Here I go to a local Y. Herbert my kids there my one of course there. We're members. And if I go in there to defend my wife for telling her get out of the shower just get out of the shower. Get lost. I can be sued. That's why I'm hearing all these talk show hosts in this and in Boston kids who only dean. I mean they're doing it man down hole it can do it now once the drunk alone. I'm like no they can't. I had my YE. If some guy goes into the woman's room dough ladies room are as migration showering our she's there with my you know with my little Ava. You kick the did the Gunner made some money they're gonna remain somebody. All your missing the Pauline. It's. Is that these sexual predators now they can congregate there and there's nothing you can do about it. You see now they can look each shoe making it. Like in Janesville Wisconsin now they can stand there and pick pictures. Nude pictures of little girls. And of women. And there's nothing you can do about it. Now if you can't kick amounts. So they hang around and they hang around and they hang around and as like Caylee tiller pointed out one of the abuse sexual abuse victims. Dots were rapists and creditors call. That's that they hit locker rooms and showers and they wait and they bide their time. So before you can kick him out right away now they can stay and wait. And eventually pumps. This I'm telling you. Maybe. One of the stupidest. Most destructive laws I have ever seen even contemplated. This is only see on so many levels it's unimaginable. They're already getting raped. They are already getting molested where these laws are passed already. And I go back to her I have to go back to her. Because it's all moving Caylee killer sorry Caylee trailer. Give me that clip again about a legitimate trigger. How many millions of women. Sexually abused molested assaulted raped. What they have to ensure what they have to live. Nobody takes him to count them. That's why we have these laws it's. Tough so we have women born women's rooms and showers and locker room demanding man. It's human nature. Guided by thousands of years of wisdom and experience. Thousands. Because these women when they see a strange man Amish long. It's you wanna talk about a trigger you wanna talk about igniting sparking a trauma. Rule that Britain where it hurt them front tributes for ten years of my life. And I had to work. We really really hard. Care to overcome some of the damage that that policy just in my agility test the function normally or defeat things clearly. And I know I knew that the for the fact that a lot of women. On the same plane and the fact that Meehan paid sixty at the possibility of being in the locker room situation and in particular. Where it is showering with minority of the hour wolf spot we turn around you can find what the male anatomy at the trigger. A legitimate trigger for quite a few survivors of sexual trauma. Impeach yes he's a real thing and I won the doctor and studied the brains of children who had grown up a sexual abuse. And he said the court at all levels works similar to what you would see in Vietnam. So I just had to wonder why. We weren't being invited to the table. When it's time the pockets are being considered. 6172666868. Two questions. Do you want your daughter or your wife or your sister. Having to show our next to a strange man and number two I really meanness. If you're a supporter of this law called the show honestly. I wanna give you as much time as you need. And tell me why this is good for America and why it's good for Massachusetts. 6172666868. Your calls.