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Lena Dunham says she will leave the US if Trump becomes president. 4/26/16

Apr 26, 2016|

Jeff say’s don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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106 here on the grip. WRK. Old though voice of Boston. Okay my friends another reminder. Tonight right after how we 7 PM until 10 PM I will be on a double dose of cooler today. Special live edition of the corner report were obviously going to be covering these Super Tuesday primaries tonight the last one. Pennsylvania Maryland Connecticut Delaware Rhode Island. We'll be taking your calls analysis. I'll give you up did the minute results as they come and so police corner country join me if you can I'd love to hear from all of you. Okay my friends. There are a lot of conservatives now under growing by the day. Many of them in the beltway. Many of them in the media where saying there's no difference. Between trump or Hillary. Rich Lowry at national review George to pay will. Bill Kristol of the weekly standard you can just run down the whole list they don't like prom they don't like Hillary. And they're saying there's not a dime's worth the difference between the two. Well listen to this now because I think even if you're rabbit and peach romp guy or gal. You gotta admit. Trump is better than Hillary on just one issue alone and I'm talking abortion and our. The wall or immigration or something even more basic okay. There are now celebrity after celebrity after celebrity I mean a line of celebrities. Left wing Hollywood limousine liberals. Who are now vowing promising. That if trump wins the presidency. They're leaving this country there are leaving. Lena Dunham. I have HBO famed one lied about being raped did that did the fake the hoax or rapes story okay the one who. Claim that she was what do molested or raped she said she lied about it but let that ago. This star of a girl's. Well I'd be uber feminist or lean Obama. Said that according to her. She said. Aaron she will be moving pick Canada. If trump ever becomes president of the United States she said there's no way I wanna live in this country with a second Hitler. With. An American fascist these Hitler. And so before world rounded up our series before overall rounded up for the concentration camps she wants the fleet the Canon. Trump was asked specifically. Well Lena Dunham. She says that she's gonna be leaving Canada. And it's not just Lena Dunham. But Rosie O'Donnell says she's gonna be moving to Canada. Jon Stewart says he's moving to Canada Whoopi Goldberg says he's moving Pesci more Dicey virtually. She's moving pick Canada. Then Nona Reverend Al Sharpton. Says he's moving to Canada Samuel L. Jackson says he's moving to Canada share year. It says that she's gonna be moving to Canada. And so trump says well you know what they've there'll vowing to leave for Canada. It's now much solemn do we markets all by god it's my obligation. To and I'll win the presidency. Roll it Brittany. Said this yesterday I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this but I really will I know a lovely place in Vancouver. I can get my work done from there she says she's gonna move to Canada Donald Trump. If you get elected what your message to her. Worship should be actor and you know do as though you don't vote Joseph. Started Whoopi Goldberg said that due that would be a great Great Britain for a cut you if you have a list of people is that there's no Rosie O'Donnell. Number eight I love that John I get a real big. Now I have to get this because of the it would get great service. Cut it. Actually now are more important things that don't immediately get off this tortoise like campaign. I don't. Honored that I'm looking at this list and I'm like no really it's now late this is like let's cut. Feel like Mission Impossible this is what we gotta we gotta do this like this like a mission and Isabel imperative. You mean you're all going to be leave think Mike off. Cut to Britney you start campaigning lower or use our attempt eight everybody's got a campaign it's it's good dream. I mean they're gonna leave now I gotta say this. But I don't know what Canada did to deserve this. You know maybe it's the Canadian in me the X Canadian PX cannot can mean now speaking out but. Honestly is a good country it's a nice country it's our best friend I don't think they deserve this I really don't. You know don't deserve Rosie O'Donnell they don't Lena Dunham I don't Whoopi Goldberg they don't. You talk about a B actor Sam US yes I'm all jocks and the music is a C actor but let that go. And so look we're just kicking this around. Who would you like are you almost say all you know if there's one person. A celebrity. Derek you would love to see leave this country should trump become elected president. Who would that celebrity. If it's a political celebrity. It's the meets a no brainer to dear leader. Key in Marxist motel I'm not kidding they won court Canada by the way to go straight the Kenya but civil homeland. Well hello. Hello hello. They would go big go straight to Kenya they would they could do everything they need to from Kenya. So if it's a political celebrity I'd say got Obama did their leader. But if you say let's leave political people out of it just kind of you know famous Hollywood celebrities. Let's. Just pick one that's tough that's. Who that's tough. Now that's walk that's like. You know which in law would you like to see relief in honestly well I don't know which one accompanied god which one I don't know what is art or Mike I'm kidding it's a joke. Grace if you're listening I'm kidding it's a joke I love your sister's. Derelict in my crisis there Billick must Douglas sisters demean and might it look like sisters I love him right near my heart. I'm with Kim card action on this one. Celebrity C yeah. Syllable the celebrity she's the one you'd like to see leave the country yes that can't stay eons. It's really does mean war they are everywhere personal angle. What Paris Hilton and blows it. With Nicole Richie. They are the big thing and now all of a sudden lack actions big thing I just can't wait until they're not anything. Also politically I would love to seat Hillary Clinton eons Elizabeth Moore and those. Another couple and I kind of cheating now you're just going on I said the shooter in the break those those two that I like to see gold medals at Y one epic one like. Because then you could mean Larry is run down a whole list we could be here all day you know like you know George clone he let me see Carl role of I read it just surge seven to see you know Leonardo DiCaprio all. I'll Barbara strives and you know Bill Maher. These are just Jack Jack Jack he's got to pick one that's the whole fun you know I mean that's the hole that's that the contest here. Say all right so your number you pick one. Kardashian and Kim Kardashian wobble just Kim Kardashian. The whole the whole gained out will include again look at all the production trashy and they can now. That the car trashing and yeah I like that Britain. That's good. Him. Caucasus. And there's a quarter to stake at Hanover street chop house. The cowboys. The T bone steak the full menu home. Once it summons that Antony said the view. I agree with that absolutely I can't even watch them Sean Penn. And I'll call one off. We would be sold out of public and a lot of people say oh beyoncé that's a good ones and so on and that's a good one clue in the Colonia Mena office summons and mad demon form and to match. Damon and Ben Affleck could follow him picket at the romance between those two guys on and never once you've been separated they can go oh. Jennifer Lopez it's like to you like her yeah I mean just to stop seeing her wiggle rear Randall upon every time my wife is assessed Luther. Every time I see a movie with or shall I why she's in we're seeing is a rear end. I liked you I like to American Idol like Oliver movies like her music. But James Taylor instead okay. Okay are getting a lot of a lot of interesting Bruce Bruce Springsteen. I could see that he's there and join me Michael Moore. Well yeah he's got to go Michael Moore met to me I would send Sean Penn and all and goalie Ron could you please raise appraise the mullis. Sent straight that Iran. All blends elements out all I can Netherlands boy. They can put all those two Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin on the same plane a lot of the same celebrities. Allen degenerate. I told us at Arizona's newly dialed all the time is always dancing and beyond I think she was funny and she is dancing in the idols and really thought I used to watch out of Russia's final thought she was annoying. And everything with or is always LG BTE same sex were there are some checks on seven just and be better. These are easily Canadian. Yeah I think Agassi. He's not an American and joining me about the candidates and if not a big deal OK let me ask all of you. If he had had to have one celebrity leaf your pick if trump becomes elected president. Six on seven QB parry. She doesn't Hillary. Used her song roar as her like. Campaign anthem to be honest I mean I'm not a big fan of Katy Perry's parents are conservative. I don't see the animal I don't. Get animosity she just leaves me cold like I'm kind of in different that are. You know but a guy like Sean Penn and just really gets under metallic finally project it out. All. Mole. All. And they ham we served the North Korea. Him let him go or real gulag. You like to imprison people elect the persecute people Roger. Elect to make deflated football's the crime of the century. Let me send it in North Korea. No secret real oppression and Lindsay Lohan. Allen and the name on ethics said the allegation once you have become. Muslim think she she better because that is the way she drinks in the way she does drugs I mean. Using I would rather up Muslim Mormon you gotta clean yourself up and that's what does now and went on Scott in Marlboro Europe next who would you wanna seagulls got. I am Ellen show that list Cairo in big letters. To book a break before even talking. I would I would say again awful war I would a cat and all the money. I would I would Sean Penn in the order anywhere I want to Mexico. I I would do. Saw them is that the drug lords and say yeah. They are old Castro lobby and little global socialistic anti American home. How much it I think it got. A program that's been announced that it can handle it on. I got. Honest on this and I would go with you my friend. I'm not kidding I swear you in my uncle we few I'll say oh god I'll pick up the guys all pick up the polled. The only things got you got to deal with the drug cartels and against the Tijuana. House in the car. Are a Celtic to. Keep that. I've I've been worried for your life you know yeah and Sean Penn and man will want him bang. For the future. The car a driver to get out of there. And what might actually it. Was. Like what you. You know. And so this thing you'd like ordinary get that you know. You know to. Make like I brought a well. I don't. It's got Pope is stranger might Fred great call 6172666868. Tool she in Boston don't she how have you been my friend. From wherever. Four current admin says so. And general. Almost all being. Look dumb something is happening whip Eric. In Manger. Cleared. An important place. Go ahead shoot two. 200. People we take you on B. The result is both larger and we. Aunts and fall. Well what is that you can. See nobody spoke about. It is so critical. It and then it evolved truer. I'll probably have people and how important song love me but good club and you want to audit and that is. It's obvious danger uncle spoke about what wouldn't say an early bid on this is a pub in 01. Proud to party to mom bit calmer on potential all these women who ripped off. Two machine just for the audience to understand. Most of these are Christians. Many of them are women and children this is radical Islamist this is both core horror rom. These are people who want to impose sure real law. And the port Christians of Nigeria are being slowly and I massacred. Borchardt and annihilated. I doubt it. What in your opinion about being. One. I do right now is if people want this solved is greater. On the Internet couldn't fool eventual couldn't fool out. People are held by rebels in the final eight are being out on me and AJ. Who spoke in New York. Obama was part about it but in what party you want to quit. I didn't mean it blocking it's no wonder you watch how can bring it. Went up a lot in my account. I mean you'll always swung into what about it. But Tucci. How come George Clooney. We're talking about these big Hollywood leftists. When and remember when I came to dark for. Dare wish George Clooney. Leading one protest after another he visits Georgia bar she visits Obama in the White House saved our force saved our four. Where is George Clooney where Sean Penn whereas Barack Obama when it comes to the Christians of Nigeria to cheap talk. Cold uncomfortable. As a manager are toward Japan and do what they reported that it once did what they. And what not but I enjoy. It when it. And it would be. Terrific. I don't know I would think to. Recruit a moment ago I mean there on the when the Muslims are killed up north right. I don't remember. In America brought one he's got that one stroke problem. It could be. Against. Those children I wouldn't reach America. What is born I don't know he's going out. Tucci can be very honest with you. Like I'm in the confessional. I think this president secretly loves the Muslim world. I think this president is a cultural Muslim. I think and to a -- look I understand is very personal for you because you're originally from Nigeria. And I I know many Christian Nigerians are incredible immigrants. My neighboring Washington was a Nigerian questioned him and his wife and their children wonderful hardworking family. But to a sheet yet just if if it makes you feel any better he has been silent about the massacre of Christians in Iraq. In Syria. In Libya. In Egypt across North Africa wherever Christians are being massacred by Islamic terrorists he says nothing. So it's not just to Nigerians to Christian Nigerians. If you're Muslim and you're killing Christians did dear leader says nothing because I believe deep down to cheat he likes it. It does it people are a sport. Quote completely. Undo redo. It talks. Tucci I gotta go I'm up against that but thank you for that call god bless you and I want you to know. That the Christians of Nigeria are in my thoughts and in my prayers you. And then you guys you're. Next go ahead Linda. Hi wolf well. Two things they've been nice if they get poverty. Act and aren't like me. And I got what we weren't all going to look at this little thin Mexico would it be in Mexico but it never quite. Alex can't. About air leaking it okay. Ollie and that to share aid to share aid. I mean it's sure have you noticed that they're always defending you know. Illegals from Mexico Guatemala Nicaragua. You know Sean Penn loves he Ron. But you'll wanna go to Canada. The next best thing the United States it's incredible. Josephine in North Andover go ahead Josephine. I would like to think you're right Betty hacked go to Canada. Playing my name for her really cure might be hearing. A. Joseph Leo I got us Cubans. A hug me late Canada's so much why would you wanna inflict joy they are on them winning the comedians ever do you Josephine. I'm really aren't that. We're. Already complaining. The stones and if I would have meant I really. Don't know. You know or I'd love to send Joy Behar if you could pick the country but more. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia. Our ball she'd come back a different woman Josephine. You don't think I'm second time at Bobby I don't quite have. And principal opponent. I'd never that old Josephine are third Europe next go ahead Arthur. I support so first wrote the top of the list that surprised nobody should recession be Robert Redford. Yes. On manned. You wanna talk about the crunchy granola but Parker. Neo hippie liberals like me that's Robert Redford to Whitney. Yeah and at that point that I wanted to make. It is now we know why in the sort of way in the forties. Do you know we have also American activities. Or they were to know blacklisting all these people more Hollywood. Well you know I wish there were back to give because these diplomatic approach or climate that's the better approach your small banks and bloody years. A man Arthur amen my friend. Arthur and enjoy what you said you want to make another point my friend. Yeah you know something all they see you soccer ball fascist Communist. You know other revolutions or the media. And then that there are reasons for at least they'll upload of fascist against the climbers. You know the same thing ever and Nazi Germany. And and I'll be with you have ever since we stopped fighting communism. At all other tours or call customer has contrary I mean that's just that's what we got. Or if you have. This new operation does that then it's social. Right. And the only socialist countries that I can that I thought I lifetime was you'll you'll so source republic. You know and the national Socialist Party which is the Nazis so that taught about it. He's both. That's what he is he's both 61720666868. OK my friends or more worth your calls and the dear leader sends troops in to Syria.