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Gun Talk 5-8-16

May 8, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Loved it. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom precious guns off and it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. Welcome here. This is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Green lasers are enhancing and maintain your regulars get retirement crisis so preventing total overhaul in regular monthly target acquisition didn't follow Richard there's an energy fix and poetry style one making villagers like standard equipped now. Here's stop. Good day on Tom aggressions guns are. Continue to go unfriendly build out of New Hampshire our favorite flashlight company. And the latest news what's your re entry ports of call in now way at 866 talking god and now here is tall. Let's say what all we did this you know had a great read your first all we about the way. Welcome welcome welcome I'm Tom Gresham this show is called gun talk we talk about pretty much everything they're doing gun. Whether it's how to shoot. Better. Well it shotguns rifles. Handguns doesn't matter air guns absolutely. How to have your guns more efficiently how to. Protect yourself. With firearms store your guns. Safely how to become a firearms. Instructor. Organic geared to get what kind of gear works and we share stories we're basically. Imagine if we're sitting around. A campfire. There's a bunch of us and we're just swapping stories that's all we're doing here that's exactly what we're doing here. So are you calling and we will talk about the things you were talk about or get your with the Marines report retirement what you've been out shooting you took out. Through the range people here like to introduce people to the shooting sports and that's always a great thing. Short shorts procure laid back we only have a we have very few rules here one as we do require civility. We can disagree. We're not going to be ugly about it if you don't like guns call me until. Feel like gun owners. Call me until we are due to the floor that you had your. There's hard to give you some time to make your beat your case not an unlimited. Amount of time if you'd like to join us 866 talked gun gives you an 866825. 5486. Laps you can get you in this week was well hectic busy left the house at 3 AM Monday. Flew through Springfield maps. Where we've listed with Smith & Wesson reviewed plant there doing TV of course for our new grand picture. Cheryl Tuesday are yet Tuesday morning and we go back to super worsened to the sixty time and forge pounding out. Hot metal and making guns out of we've posted some live video under the gun talk. FaceBook page or you're getting their motto if you're not over there needed to go followers because what you follow our gun talk. FaceBook page you'll get the alerts live videos and we're just gonna get startled us. We're gonna get to report were pretty quick. We're gonna be able to. Take your questions. While we're doing video you can ask questions we'll answer them on prettier. Surely we ripped from took a lesson that up to root her. They're washing casting guns that was very interesting. Heating steel up to 3100 degrees Mel to get. Organ in the mold you got more video of that on our FaceBook page page then went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Do. The great lobster which was tons of fun. Get an education on lobsters then we spent some time with the folks that should be. Academy this six hour academy. Are wrapping that up let me shooting for all auto 300 blackout suppressed and yes I have agree and it was bigger than my face each. There was so much fun that over to Manchester, New Hampshire to fly out of that great little airport here in their studio where she spent your worst former lawyer. A Manchester, New Hampshire Georgia's right to our congressman frank give it to him hope we don't ever going to remember we don't have. Well we had a member lost to look at 200 would take a break we'll see you forget to congress to back in here in the meantime if you'd like to join us 866 talk gun. We'll get your hair back with more gun talk. I've with you were still try to get congressman we're having trouble with the collection but meantime we'll take calls. Henderson thinks I won't talk won't join us 866 talked to garner just dial hallmark talk. Go on them your junior now. A sad story from the week. If you're carry permit holder. Try to intervene and domestic dispute. Trying to disarm but fleeing. Schuker. Were shot and killed. Good guy Rocha and he watched this. Attacked mayor taxes. She hears your girlfriend or wife. Shares in the ground next to her ventures during the bankroll. The good guy former marine. Mission goes in pursuit. Summer gets up to this guy grabs and does something. Whereupon the bad guy the guy who shot this woman slapped the gun away from the good guys inched up on him. Those who don't understand or could this happen B slap bang. It's like crap so I've buying your shot. Do you get involved and our domestic dispute do you get involved and attack you see on the street I don't know. But doodle that's. If you do. You better pray you've had some really good to. Train. All I gotta go and already turning Lebanon allow life. Yeah right. If you have said those things you are an idiot. Is that clear enough if you are an idiot you don't know. Anything. Racial group. What is a firearm. There's a different situation what is a fire. It is a force projection device. If we didn't need a projection. System then we would just carry around big hammers. Who get up close when you get up close people or you close the bad guy who can hurt you. He can slap your gun or he can start view he can hurt you. Passing it over overdue and we do our first person defender sure that we put people into these. Four so for real life type situations. The brain just goes away at that we're retraining order renewed filled us in with and they just close the gap committee give up. The invented just. They force projection. Device projection meter distance. You don't have to get within striking distance. Of the bad guy. When you haven't gotten. This is the benefit. Of having a firearm. If you are for instance they won't. You don't want to give if you're 120 pound woman you don't want us walk up to a 230 pound guy eight. And let him get his hands on news. It won't. We are just certain. Don't give up the advantage. The fire and gives you and it sounds as growth from this report that you described a Dutch should have gotten involved. I don't know what mayor can carry. Obviously this if he saw this guy shoot this woman and then run away pursuing that guy. I can make an argument. That wasn't. The best course election. Helping the woman who have been shot. There calling 9111. Of them now they're the guys there and just why you know where you are beaten her with a hammer Kilmer. And yeah if you can stop the attack that's one thing but it's attacks over bad guys get Noory. I'm not sure that tried to stop sung by the there's most. Advantageous quarterbacks who. Were in the group and I mean it's terrible but the good guy got killed in the studio where you have the red got to have the shooter. Reportedly. Usually. Soldier stationed for crude. I don't charge him in return. Bad deal a deal where. All right let me give us so much good is going on here are bruised fingers with us right now is. Congressman frank give to us from New Hampshire joins us talk about his new firearms Trish for improvement after bill was introduced congressman thanks for joining us. Tell my pleasure thanks for having me on. Absolutely I was on your fair city just on Friday day. Manchester is a beautiful place. All along are you working here it is it's a great place a lot of fun and excitement. Going on in our city and none very very happy to be representing her to stay or sitting in the are so are preaching and capture. There you go on course site I had to partake of some luxury homes in the area in Arlington got to do that right. Oh of course of course you're you're in the north east some that you're near the seacoast sort sir cover. Well one of the things you've got to do in and appreciate some of the first search we have your. In the way of alerted apps were not let me explain for people who may not understand the ball law and the land right now is this. You can go to another state and buy a rifle or a shotgun from a gun store do the federal background checks there. And you can bring home. She cannot go to another state and by a handgun and honestly you know these it's the exact same question BI federal background checked. That's torture bill addresses is not. Cherish you know that's correct. Be it it doesn't really make sense to law. Allows or Rome bureau for for a long guns to be purchased in any and then he actually in the country. And then there are brought to your home state but vote her upper hand guns speaks you're not allowed so. Really what this does does two things first extra you're vacationing here visiting a friend and New Hampshire you're not going to be from Arizona or war or war or near the state. And you happen to be in one of our many gunshots you what occurred. Make a purchase. The only way really to do it appears to make that purchase and then have the dealer ship with two very. Blatant dealer in your home state. Tax involved restrict Turkey's involvement really. Just doesn't it's I can do so financially at that point to make a purchase. So we're making a minor change. In the law that. It includes. And guns so. As part of the quote unquote ability that you have picked action Carrick. Now it doesn't change any background requirements back early apartments. If you choose to keep that firearm in the stayed which you purchased that you've got to follow the the laws of that state if you choose to bring it back to your columns that you took all the law at your home state so. It really is I think common sense legislation. You know and I XP with the Second Amendment advocates and and Harman studious. This is a real frustration for them they just don't. Didn't seem to be any legitimate reason. As to why this restriction would be. In the law so I'm excited about it there's you don't sort of an additional benefits of the merger we have no income actually our state. So there's an economic benefit to the state of New Hampshire but this would apply that and see in the country. Now let me ask you what you said income tax did you mean sales tax. I'm sorry you lowly don't have any compact durable so OPEC are. Is your game that they don't have to be a sales tax run by the government there. Corrects. And that's why it from an economic standpoint. This would certainly benefit the state of New Hampshire we heard scores in the state Lotta people wanna comment. Staff does some type Gary if you like to purchase your firearm you should be alert and that you should be able to do so. You know and it just weren't sure people understand. This is removing a I can tell I was sure she comes from makes no sense unless there's a deal. And less the goal is to demonize handguns as being somehow evil or wrong. So will make it work we don't you Google large rifle or shotgun from another state. All girl we can't manage your network handgun engine though. That's what that's all well. Or that I think you're right there and either to be. It's it's a violation of the Second Amendment because it will shorten your ability. Accept accepts you know reasonable access to look. To a fire rubber your choice. So when you're in Iran. 0% and but the thing is and all the laws are gonna be observed. You are going to have to do when you're buying for indigo and story gonna have to do a federal background check the FBI we'll have to okay the purchase where there's no matter where stated Jim because. It's the shame background check and all state scenario such look. The real critical part of this. Yet the six either he you have people need to be aware of this does not change any background check require that you would still have to that's what goes through as a normal background checks. That beat the they. So that they're really you know doesn't seem to renew your imagination walked into her to a dark chocolate. You will spur of New Hampshire and you used to start well you know what. I'd like to have to bison gets firm for people are wanna add to my personal collection or you're buying a long. Oh god that you that you particularly like you buy three or. We don't you say they have like device that can go on the other. The orders as well. If you're traveling your state of fortunately chip urged. They just doesn't make any sounds. Right into some people clearly understand four and also the rulers for that dealer Q Shipley and go onto another bigger. It has to go my overnight so you're looking at about a forty. 45 dollar shipping fees. Then we needed to this other dealership that leadership are gonna charge anywhere between 25 and 75 dollars for the transfer free. So you what looked like a deal originally no longer is. That it's almost a mister trade thing going on here. He had admitted it you're roughly add your hunger go first to look. To the ground purchase price of books of handgun which at that point you're just not going to make their purchases just does not make sense. About financial standpoint. There are nor from the convenience you want. So Ari you know that the bit to me. Would allow that that law abiding concern. Could make the purchase wherever they choose so if you happen to be on vacation in the works. If you are you're traveling from Massachusetts into New Hampshire is a good example by my in laws live in me. Mike your father in law and regularly comes down to New Hampshire to see you know our son and his great kids and he's sure he's an avid dirt car owner. And so he likes to go in the yard in the hopes that the next town over and go to shooters and why at least gunshot but unfortunately. If he's going to make that purchased. He he's gonna have that additional underdog cost. But what we've heard I was just it's not going to make a so so. And they're not really incredible your pillow walking historical. And they have a COLT python are great price you know we're reduce that. Yeah me and the thing is you don't you might even under a dealer who says you know I just don't wanna be bothered I'm just not gonna do shipping thing for so you never let me ask your card room. How does this I mean this brand new but once the the likelihood of this make it all the way through the process. So we're really gonna push hard and we've got. 21 co sponsors right now you know my goal. It is to first hit that you know that's Herschel of 100 co sponsors. It really you know we need. And we need gun owners all across the country call their members of congress. Perhaps in the sign on this piece of legislation that we can director. To order an eighteen co sponsors which is what is required. To pass legislation on the work. I think we can make the argument to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee is close to leadership that. You know we we should bring this common sense legislation to work I'd like to see it you know books or boots November election because I want and hope. The people rather around the country borders around the country. Will know know what their record is that there are currently stands are. Yeah on the Second Amendment are very common sense. Modifications so you know. We're gonna that was what putter are alike it's like absolutely make you make them take a stand. Absolutely I mean you know look look at forgiveness is common sense it doesn't change any background requirements. It is its losing economic opportunities. Pro gun shops particularly in places like New Hampshire. It provides the customer the consumer opportunity that's. To be more competitive in terms of their their shopping opportunities so I I I really think it makes a lot of sense I'd like to. I'd like to seat on the floor leader this year. You know we just introduced it won't work young sport growing that cosponsor partnership lets students. You have for your listeners around. Around the country to have been put their arms around the country or export them the caller are percent of what other dates we got to sign onto this legislation and make them. It's called fire arms transfer improvement act right yeah yeah. All right sergeant thank you so much I appreciate you doing this for gun owners are around the country. Yeah I appreciate you take the time to Vista whether some other word martyr martyr Harvard. I. All right you take care they guitars and yeah that this is this. It's kind of a no brainer it's like okay. Originally the idea was well you know there are different background checks about it around the states. This is she goes back a long time who you're several decades. What all. Out the window and that same background check your FBI agent same background Jordan or where your. Imagine walking into the store and holy you know they got a pipe here. Or remembered as you've been think about buying you're going to. I'm sure by here's our credit card listed background check here's my life since you can playing in the driver's license my. Boom toward her five minutes. Maybe twenty years because it's like two minutes to five minutes you're done you have it may be transported back in illegal manner. Makes sense I think it's great idea he told firearms trench. Heard improvement. Contact your member of house rivers and we'll. Let him over no looking back. OK okay I just cured me 8660. God I'm I'm Russian what have you been hearing. What have you been fine. Sign up for our guns our newsletter enjoy the truth squad at www. God talk dot com. Now back to guns are with The Washington Times opinion page regular contributor to our aggression. Social Security Administration. There's a side don't work things that we don't have him. Turns into law at all. What areas they're reporting people. To the FBI and the Social Security Administration deems to be. Mentally incompetent to understand. That according to the wall. You lose your gun rights if you have been adjudicated. As mentally incompetent. That means a judge. As decided that you are mentally problem which means you have a chance. To purchase was. Well just have to defend yourself. So the Social Security Administration is proposing a new rule to block some people. Unable to work because of mental health disorders from buying. Guns. No appeal. A judge can decide not so Mercury it's exactly what the veterans administration has done. 210s or maybe even hundreds of thousands of veterans. Report them to the FBI boom lose your gun rights for life. Can't get him back. There's no completion there. The law forgetting about. Sources and administration. Not psychologist not psychiatrist not a church. A bureaucrat and free skiing bureaucrat. In the Social Security Administration sends. A letter a note and emails smoke signal something to the FBI put you on the list. This just stopped friends neighbors. It will get worse. It will get worse under Hillary Clinton. She's already said she were used every single moment. Over presidency. Two of change and go and called sheer. Which means to get rid of guns. She's in favor banning gun she's open about that. She says is Supreme Court got it wrong when that when he said the you have an individual right to keep and bear arms. We have to get that change he says. Mean. Soldiers are administration. Diamond people out to the FBI. Now what would be delightful is if the FBI. Said no sir are not gonna do that unless you can present us with a court order you can go pound sand. Get lost the course or Margaret is ever concerned the Justice Department. Ericsson Eric Holder as in Barack Obama as in cricket as a snake. As in less wrong thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartel also people who get murdered. And then deny deny deny deny deny delay delay deny deny. Until holders don't. And only after his go under the release paper two weeks ago that show total cover up and how much he lied about everything. That you that on the news did you. Stranger and pricing. Opposing the CNN. MSNBC. Wouldn't tell you how crooked. Cooperation war broke. Are shocked and new York. And this is why this displaying a more human and this. Is why carry ago. This is why I carry a gun when I'm home. In New Orleans. Our Norton man accused of gunning down an Algiers. Homeowner. During the 2012 home invasion killed hill mocked by the way now stands accused of shooting a Metairie resident in the chest during a holdup. A lake avenue apartment. The tears destroyed four years also used twenty years old when he killed in Somalia home invasion. Report. The accused. James. Faces charges of second degree murder and armed robbery with a firearm in Orleans parish but. Wow. But you are released from jail without bond due in 2015. Under the State's. Speedy trial law. Yeah. This is a guy is walking past you every day. And hundreds and thousands. Of people like him. Who would shoot chew. With this much thought. As blinking. It was a one carrier group and this. This guy right here. This guy. RB James street four years old. Wouldn't that be home Warner. In the 2012. Internet. Attack. Murder at your shot discuss stone. Cold did. And this person this week would've brought chuck let this guy. Was at Scott urged them. Our hopes are. My intention to be very very harsh. Anybody who wants to hurt me or my family. Years and for your home different guy. I don't she won me. Riding and get one well can get one like this it was fought it can't have that we're because it's wonderful. But to me this BR. 300 blackout. When occasion. Yes. It cost money. Yes she got to pay for twice you can do to her daughter attacks on ESP are yet you're 200 dollar tax okay. But I'm telling you it is perhaps a hearing safe use of six and after about a maiden half inch barrel Porter plus rush compressor on it. Now you have thirty rounds. Through blackout subsonic which you can shoot your house. Which can do which needs to be done on put red dot on that thing because with the red rimmed out you can keep both eyes open. With a red dot you can shoot me either shoulder to keep both eyes open wherever the dog goes where and more ago us. And it short. It's handy. And you could operate well. This this guy right here. Have reached that Lutheran my usual all warning year okay. Do not get caught up in what you think the bad guys are look like this I don't know. You don't know. And if you haven't your mind or just guys who look like you'll be prepared when he shows up for the younger. Taller and older man and woman. Pocono that any color you want clothed naked to deal alerts. Could be thirteen years old could be 73 years old. It's behavior. It's nothing else 866 talk gun join me. There's something this morning I hardly ever do. Amid a political contributions. Online. Just because I was mad. I think that kind of feeling who's gonna drive a lot of election this year. Who's bigger house Paul Ryan. Cited. That. He would come out and say you won't he's not sure who to support for trumps the he's going to be the nominee right. Ryan says there are no words for him. Oh. Solidifies everything can be. As more and more of the in crowd girl wore it club. In the Republican Party leaders. Denounced for sure they're not gonna support him the more I like this. Trouble. Because those guys are protecting. They're bots. They are protecting. The great be trained in crowd their little beauty club the donor class billionaires or give them money. If they can keep their train going to go make a lot and lots and lots of money. Regardless of who's White House. So I actually went aligned. They're out under whom don't poke around. Figured out who are was running against Paul Ryan in his election beard name is Paul made an Indy Chilean 200 bucks and his kitty. Just because. Just. Because. And you know I'm not a great fan of Donald Trump I'm not. But it's weird I don't know what it is the more these. The establishment. GOP. Denounces him in with holds its. Support. The more I think they should be out. The norm not long. I just go to low lying to finish with a seven North Hollywood. California. Oh Tom you gotta help me out with ordered that coyotes. Were gorgeous green or not here in the city and coyotes. Hack the little dog and liked our effort and 22. Our and a bolt action. And down both times you know he gets spot picked out by these little thought in the coyotes now help aspirin move. Air. Chalk accountability you know we want to make sure that it's going into coyote not getting the dog not hitting your neighbor. It is great and quite you have we will all action. Yemeni vice shot would theoretically when that it happened about thirty to sixty. And it was district to violence to pass and to mature green or not the flames like shooting the rare part it was part. Well I guess a lot of questions ferocious can illegally shoot where you are worried news. I you know censored not itself current situation I am I always lean toward. It's prohibition that state so it is property is large. You no matter who is he inside city limits. Art. Best probably prohibition against the shooting in the air look culture everywhere people got coyotes. You Bernardo like this former slave riches they will come and take your normal they were featured on. To whom feel the coyotes don't original dog out there. Now if you're walking your dog carrier gun. They shoot or so ago and when they come up ultra toward Texas governor period you're walking his dog. Kyra came up and he popped collier went through 380 had his pocket. But as far as taking a rifle and trying to welcome if if you're prohibited from shooting someone will W. LaBelle the police they won't. Drop a dime on news California for help in six. And the other thing is I tell you this. Trying to kill the coyotes on your property now there is like trying to dip a hole in the ocean. YouTube for everywhere you kill another one comes and then comes in and comes it's a never ending process. I don't think. That shooting it was gonna be the solution were regardless of all the other aspects of G they're fast and I'm not real good shot I influential guys don't need to be doing the city or flee bullets around so. I would just say may be changed behavior is his call for here. But I don't I cannot recommend. Well knowing what through the whole situation is a particular gun or rifle or anything like that about. I was probably wouldn't let Malone dog run around out there cause or coyotes everywhere beyond by the un report. But lower for those who don't know what Torre to rim park and travel or Vermont legislature we're all real clear on that and point twos ricochet like. Who raised. So once it hit the ground you don't know words skipping to what direction it's gonna go and actually going weird. Directions so I don't know that helps your brother but hopes appreciate the call of Bryan's up. Oh are left to the students really coordinate primark Obama gonna get Q okay don't know going wherever it's not fair to drop you an over the ligament ago. So will shortly get Q would you sector register report that gun sales of set record for twelve months. In a row. You wonder why that would be. Wanna bet that goes for thirteen months or fourteen months and fifteen months. Then whatever is gonna happen win. We get closer to the election. This is going to be just software this is going to be a really Smart. Time I think. If there is a gun or multiple guns or lots of ammo in your future right. Now are really good time prices are good people haven't gone crazy. Yeah. And they're going to undergo a look bad if I could've gotten all that you can preamble. Here you couldn't tell you right now if you're not buying. I think here. I gave it a bridge reports lined up 11 marks where with this out Houston Texas. What you do it to the range work. Hook three guns. With my time he just recently got his licensed to carry your Texas. In the I took gate command treat 57 mag. 1911. I took a Henry 357 mag big boy rifle. And I took a Smith & Wesson 686350. Haven't revolver for all of 350 seven's that's great surge. So I love loaded up by like I always like the 357 revolver. And so I wanted to get something where they ammunition would be interchangeable so what I did. I came upon. It's a 120. 125. Grain. Any of the 125 green ammunition were working at cocooned a little finicky. But but they've they've they worked it worked good in all of and so our son had a blast he he was able to shoot the same ammunition basically in all three guns went to the range and so anyway he's. It's it was really exciting. That is so much fun that's some quality time to spend with your son. How old Lindsay. He says 23. And the heat he's gonna give more involved he's in school right now any any work at almost full time so he has very little time really to. Spin and anything other than work or school. I told him. I told him that you once things blog about foreign. You know we can spend a lot more time to get. Dot com also wanted to mention about the election I'm kind of glad trump is again because. Cruise I had a real problem with crews in that I know he's big Second Amendment guy and all that but. You know I I have some friends down here to let's just say. Very different orientation and I am. And they're just deathly afraid of cruise and there post Second Amendment a lot of them have gone and gotten licenses to carry. And just that some of the rhetoric. That cruise is spewed out that is just look at that you and I think we're on the same page and that we you know everything else beat Cruz says we may and I could agree with the except for the Second Amendment. I'm just really glad truck cookies are spewing that garbage out. That that that that Cruz was and so maybe now we can get some of these people who approach Second Amendment but they're definitely I mean they're just deathly afraid to crew couldn't just talk about. Hello people register. I mean look at look at your gay. And oh just get right to Richard gay. You're not gonna vote for summer like that even if you're strong sacrament of pershing there are a bunch of people in the gay community who were strong Second Amendment. Advocates. And they would like to vote for strong Second Amendment person but when somebody says I'm gonna make you reg like sex offender or something like that. They're not gonna go there I mean just. I I'm I'm with you understand exactly what you're saying their market appreciate that. Our Braga what metaphor you get in line for Memphis tell me about what stirs the range Brian. I guess where I took I just bought a brand names savage savage. More to rip the eight. To get a new rock of my twenty Q so what. That I shoot and it's. The thing about it is I'm obvious turn strictly. And with those William site are that. It's amazing now. That he can actually see the this site and Mittal. At the same time. And in real quick become almost out of time how's the rifle shoot. Well obviously not a beer actually odd yards not and I can shoot. Fired five rounds out the mag in front of but half dollar. There you go that's exactly I mean everybody I talked to senator low. Moos averages murders they're accurate they just are. We have so many great guns now there and then I was at this matter where assumed. A season removed and six hour of this week. And they are all creek got guns like crazy in there all at the lazy stuff through come back let's talk about. Flash why he'd want you really do. But we're a lot of trading at about you know. Inspiring orator to not have to pull that your target out of chart or extricate myself. How -- use verbal commands how to remove Cooper car between me and the bad guys can't realize how to live how to live. You cannot come up with this stuff in the middle of why you usually not just how to shoot tree that's silly really. Not nearly enough until much wheels. Turn you can save your life. What's your opinion to make a difference. Log onto our web site and take big guns drugs full www. Sun dog does go. Now once again that opinion very regular contributor for The Washington Times you have done. Secretary 866 talks go on YouTube style home talk gun battle also did you and your. We're pretty much overwhelmed or shall we won't talk about a year ago in the tournament by an accessory that you were asked about sure Elmo or what. Program and yet we'll talk about that our viewers were your story. Absolutely no question his Mother's Day. The thought. Yeah actually was off by umpire mama got another thing not so sure. You know I feel about that triggered by some myself troops don't let her by her longer. I had a good idea for you. If your mother's interest and your wife. Or your daughter. How about buying it lasts armed clash. Good self defense. Laughs. Then let her trigger Borger and she wants you to just like everybody to our drew instructor who's shooting range. That would be good I like that that that can work for. Let's go like four roses with us out of Marshall Texas Hawaii Rosen welcome to go and talk. I. I want it to kind. As you well let me start over. I have a toll at thirty. Winchester. Yeah and I was wondering why ticket premonition pull it. It's going to be hard to find at local stores you were probably are going to be best off for giving us off the Internet. I can probably. The best place to go. Would be website call Campbell who seek to eighty MM oh yes EEK. Dot com. MRI he can like seeking and broke the news put in their 2535. Billion searches of purple whole bunch of stores and have a you can order online or you can call him. Inflation or they'll ship are directed to your. My dad used. We Rhode. The delay he's and have a box that's like to get another problem the. Well I did you could do that insurance are going to be a lot more spirits of their reloading register you know. But at least you can get a couple boxes that were so I would try and most seek. Yes EEK. I just looked and have a bunch of plates one a ms. bond's gun shop. But all these or are online or mail order places. And but they'll be happy to shoot your box. The desolate done. Is old westerns were larger Michelle are Costner's this trial westerners drones are also so very ago when I wish you luck with that type euros I appreciate your call. Let's show a jump over to line Warren James who this out of Alabama hey Jay you use torture looking for. Yes sir come up. I have let my double question. It will probably apply to see any caliber bullet to us and child man millimeter will go with a of course you can get hundreds shifting grain 124 Brian 147 grain in now mellow later. But first the stamps I was wondering. Does it matter. Which grain you'd get psyched for self defense. Which Brian would come near bring an attacker down. I'm leaning in toward the cluttered and 47 grange for the extra away. But I. That 147. Grain bullet comes out of barrels a little bit slower than not 150. So today to balance out about the same art does that little bigger bullet. Lead the way a man. Or all the problem Jews this is how we start bar fight. I hit it at that she. Yeah our show network. We got bit then you should lighter ball look the goes faster crowd ever got they heavier ball going slower crowd to. And never the Tories shell made. College they were I have fallen on this I feel strongly both wars. So I but I honestly. I feel like shooting 8047 grain bullets in my millimeter but. Only four shooting. With the suppressor because they are subsonic and their quiet. I would not want to you've heard for submarine bulletins myself convinced lords. I'm we're going to either 11514. Reporters I want to more bluster and here's why. All handgun bullets. Are just flat terrible. Stop the bad guys that's the reality. Young gun bullets really had an ammunition doesn't work really well all. We got some great makers are ramble and all of that but just the reality of it is going to take. Stood from a statistical standpoint it's gonna take to earn their shots to know correction tour to have hits. To stop bad. So don't even assume that one shot gonna do so my old yours look where you start shooting don't stop. Until the guys turnaround and run lawyers on the ground is not doing thing. But once you commit to shooting your shooting and shooting a lot of bullets really fast to make sure that you or takes a bunch of mix up happened. I like faster bullets in nine millimeter. Because. You're using expanding bullets hollow point MO never ever useful little jacket. It and you need the velocity. To get the energy. To make the bullet experience. Every year she more boards tend to not experience. And they can you not always but they can and a functioning. Performing like full metal jacket which means non expanding book so 15144. That would be. You don't buy torches Jim Mitchell report and then of course. Verified that whichever ramble you choose works in your particular god recycles it Vijay does all that so. I would not go out by you know. Thousand rounds of self defense them or not that while people do. But I would you buy a box gore to the range try to make sure that'd be generally well then once that works I would stick with that. Campbell that bullet here where there's a doctor waters you're. Or brand or anything else but stick with that was you know that works or not go so. That's kind or I come down on that. I would I would go with the lighter faster bullet missed everybody millimeter round when a 45. Actually her slick I like the same thing or 485 Greg bullet. In the 45 same deal I wore a little bit extra velocity. Yes it starts all. Larger. 45. But I'd like gets an expansion. Even better than you go how do you determine. What am here. What do you hear what doesn't matter to shoot a little gun free verse 45. Torture shall we she's. A solitary we're gonna do another please share the big share share some stories about your mom. Guns hunting that type of thing I've read a couple I can offer up we'll love to hear about did you ever go shooting your running with your mom. Your wallet if you're lucky enough to have your little room mightily by the the other. Dreams 866 tall girl and eight. 66. Talk in the it's. I've aggregates execs talk gun. Urged Al tomahawk and get you in their heels and Erie Pennsylvania a three year old law what has happened to your chart guy. Well I know they're not quite well and warm barrel and I'm wondering oh did it well. So you heard it. Who really hurt. But yeah after white organ out there. The guy's just a 2000 makes them cleaners that will actually take care of that that their carbon clear. The car recovery killer with a Carl. Wold lose all the plastic can get them there also. If you go to the slip 2000 it's SL IP 2000 dot com since 2000 web site. You can take a look at their butt. If there are several companies that make solvents that we'll take out of plastic. But I'm I wouldn't spend a lot of time word about it is not a big deal let me ask every round you issued him a year here's shudder. Oh. Maybe two or 300. That's not a lot of new people issue that. Real before lunch. You candidates were in we unload or know people who shoot one a one lady. She 2000 rounds a day or twelve gauge everyday of the week. Or. That's a lot of them everything about that appear virtually destroy the out of Take Two weeks off we're still talking about. Or better than 33. Better than 300000. Rounds. A year. I don't think I could stand up front and are triggered that my arms. Until my camera already its course now she does have five. Olympic medals in shooting and going for another win this year so pretty cool stuff we I would say you don't look into it knows what about no. No no big deal. They're launch almost definitely cure them thanks Leo appreciate. Why do Jennifer is an Alco Nevada hello Jennifer. Hi I have a question about that he knew. I'm gonna modern Obama trying to pass wit debt social security and disability mental health and I'm. I have defend the act burger I keep my husband in and we and I have all been competent Richard and so it might sank. Can't I was wondering how that affects my son and my family. Or two great question I do know that the century as we don't know yet. But. They get to back up and say what's the goal reportedly trying to do between the veterans administration and the Social Security Administration. Reporting people with perceived. Challenges mental challenges. That and their report them to the FBI. So they get approval list where they killed by gun here's the thing we want people understand this. This is a lifetime thing. Marchers they're here they're. I think the goal that would pretty much understand the goal. Is to increase as much as possible lynched. I'll people who cannot own guns. And so I would offer that I think Perot probably. Either if not now then as quickly as they could under the Obama administration or Clinton administration. They would use Social Security. As a way to tag your son. I with a node to the FBI is says for the rest of his life you can never not just pulled a gun must make sure we understand this. Reviews are prohibited person can even pick up ago. That would spec Mike Stanley and we would not be able to own them either. Very likely if if they were treated as though he was convicted felon prohibited person yes that he wouldn't be having guns in the house. That Central Park look. Well for those who keeps saying well he can you have to have congress I heard this before Obama's first election. During the by himself the president would candor than it is congress you know and they won't pass that. Well this is what he can do by himself. This is the kind of stuff he can take gun rights away from hundreds of thousands of people from stroke compared. I guess you're the one they'll say Jennifer is contact your US senators. And an alert due to this and say look you have to take care of this you have to December it. To send a message of Social Security Administration. You can't do this route to stop this right here right now no more not another inch we're not gonna put up with this anymore. Our. Art that you appreciate Uga Uga like for Steven. Jackson Mississippi. And Stephen. There are clear to all the old secure machine to be. Able to sit peacefully through here as a goal is certainly enjoyed the freedom. Italy it in this political states to be able to pick ourselves sole sample various. And I don't want to miss even the even. Even I have one minute so you gotta go fast. Okay is it. A recognition. Cheating isn't visible to all all sold also or will it. They didn't she's able to bear arms open to all to military school. Then to Vegas seems sort of let it AS UJETHE. Shut that hole like TrueCrypt said the false. And she should doesn't it does they liberal arts. All of that is great what a great story thank you so much for sharing that Stephen. Yeah or I have some good times my mom like to put our shoes to burden. He did kill a deer actually shift the she killed. Here was yours regular missions to pregnant when you read him you climb up the hill to go get the bigger shoes were about. Drew and that she was an artist they went to bed that my hairs over the air go get it for. That's the way there. A lot of let's drop. Down two lines usually good Lynn in here Shreveport Louisiana hello oil and what do I do where you think I was wrong. Now Telecom I think here you're right you're GP but the way I I love cross. We're here if you had brought her drama vessel. A brain around all up early ordered a grilled about write you up or bring it up. Okay sure what I said was. Crossed drawl. That you look for. You if you draw it injures spree that sweep it up toward the bad guys. You're actually point the Mosul or could you could conceivably. With a muzzle at people as this week being across assuming that it starts off supporting almost behind you. And then sweeps and 180 degree arc toward your saying is that you'd draw crossed our poor are key demos reported out of your feet come all the way around to your right and then raise it up. Correct what you're saying carpet ride if you draw. And born Al it is sweet bitter end to your target yet you're gonna expect bad. But it is he not. Tell you want like crossed. Are you connect it in your vehicle lot easier. And come at a bad joke perhaps trouble and and back. Oca. All right want to fix that are artists are talking to god this week about are called appendix Gary seemed like. Appendix Carrie because you can brought in a vehicle true same deals across straw also. Mocha is this the worst thing though and you obviously are thought about this. And so you have modified. Your draw stroke to make sure you're not sweeping mobile. And keep importing your people. Bought you for that. Not a problem it's just that. My concern disprove that my concern is that. A lot of people wouldn't have thought it through that much and they do GA get out and others are basically the mode described as huge arc. Could be a 180 degrees. There's pass him by a lot of people at a time when people are very excited if you pull out like you do. Rigor around to where it's almost like it's coming out of the bill told stronger right side and then raise the Mosul. Then you eliminate that so. More and more practice a lot I would be and also of course to other years be careful if you're going reported them reported Richard turnovers he put your outwards. If it goes all who's gonna do ground be referred to in front of your little bit further out front so. Expert report well there are a lot of waste carried. Were direct. Out of paying jobs considered got to be on full right. Where I got you to full ought to 300 blackouts depressed yes. I yes we are of course I am gonna give this BR three or blocked out with some pressures that what has happened. But he was describing. What he does Ruth appendix Kerry in one and also ankle period and one he goes both. All the time. Appendix here in bank workers is got two guns on this one is none too is one because we know. I'm in. I just take away from all this would be thief gets through figured out. And then go shoot two or three or 4000. Thousands of Rome's. From the way that your carry your gun. And then figure out is this working for me how do you will need to tweak is not like. You're fighting to you will did you tweak it out or did tweak it portal or need to do is a working for me. And do please please please please please do a lot of us in slow motion. I would encourage that the government encourage your in this came out of some of our shooting your TV issue this week. Consider getting an air guns and pellet gun. That is they've mimicked a replica of the gun that you carry. And do a lot of work with that I would also suggest maybe getting a blue gum and hurt rubber or plastic whatever. Go in that failure holster that is the same as the gun that you carry into a lot of work with. Personal point if I do this where's how to why do this if I need to turn. Nobody knew Bernie you've returned home and under that over and over over all all these options. The time to figure this out is not. Where you're trying to keep in mind hurting you or one of the members of fame he didn't work on the stuff.