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Gun Talk 5-22-16

May 22, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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You are get O. Good start to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with some questions guns off it doesn't matter if you learn to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and talk Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politic. So grab your phone and call him right now 6668255486. Sport just dial one Domtar. Now here's stop. Today until aggressions go and talk comes in and out of the room grew drew Griffin 2016 NRA meetings and exhibits in global Kentucky's these dog didn't guns. Am both sides updates and more now from freedom safest place people NRA show or global. Here's Tom. And we are. He's in Louisville, Kentucky actually in the room is from here it's gonna talk on Tom great rescue. Could be here we're just kind of gathered around with no I don't know 5060000. Of her closest friends here. You know we're gonna react about well everything God's politics of ammo and youth leagues and I'll sort things and got our friends walked around until like you know. You wait and everybody is ago why it's just who did so much fun. I love Hillary show because we really talking everybody in here to discuss hang out. You beat them all we have people walking up to us just tons of stories are great stories are actually just a little bit. But they were right now where the river route and we're distant why are you still. Rom reader might have been good are you doing today on good he'll tell him what to do group. The directors sales are reuther. Have the pleasure of dealing with that are great customers both distributors retailers and consumers. So far this morning and talking to a lot of people here it's been fantastic endorsement over for an hour and places already getting this. Absolutely and this is on we're actually doing this through Friday night and we can crowd yet. Exactly that this is going to be something else and I can't wait to the traffic clears out there and everybody gets here. Yet not give him the morning a commuter traffic still going out there are problems with Tom price is also with us the junior of Pennsylvania yes or okay tell me about your business. What we have a retail store in central Pennsylvania. Yeah. Leave that prided ourselves as being one of the largest gun shops in Pennsylvania. And maybe beyond. We have a lot of the firearms on the display for floor probably due to 3000. Firearms on display we saw a lot of reloading the components optics all the. Major victory in Canada but you're a little bit under selling your store and I hear some amazing things RT there's a reason we got Tom Riordan yeah absolutely. We're happy to announce I believe it's our eighth retailer here. Grace gun shop. An incredible partner for Ruger. Supports our entire line stocks product. That's very few people. You don't wanna keep a lot of inventory. Don't do it some special things we've gone from absolutely your governor about. Are a bolt action rifle and reach 58 with over 350 Winchester. 358 when you water cooler cartridges that most people don't even know about this Tom's idea village. There we decided to do some special runs in the river hawk eye rifles week none of 35 we won last year in his. Based on the success that we decided for a few other cartridges and 358 just that one of those. Unique cartridges over the years and there's still a lot of people out there that like to see the. Frequently those who don't know who recruit native Houston freeway that they'll do 35. Yorvit could call up 35 we led lights our basis for know it's very far will ensure. There you go that's where there's Jordan action there are probably right at some there you go and Ford dealers don't know moose gun when everyone huge hog good. Plan that would be awesome and very present. Oh good sort of you guys do construe. We have some sales throughout the the year we have what we call shooters sale in January. Is basically aimed at the re loading and shooting. Sports. We have a lot of local gun clubs in the area command and the right display other stuff. And try to get people interested in coming to their ranges and it just get people exposed to the shooting sports that are in our area. Let me ask you what do you see in over the last. I don't know 567 years in terms. Shooters gun buyers. People talk about the changing look of people who are buying guns missing person gunfire we're using. We're seeing what they're seeing in the across the nation. Pennsylvania's been that great hunting state we're right in the middle of a million hunters right but that numbers declining. But fortunately the number of recreational shooters is increasing. Offsets that but that. Yeah completely different audience. Williams just opportunity it's a lot of people's hard fun place to hoot you know if you didn't go do and it hurt ego had to connect all of that but you can find humor. You can go where there's an indoor ready you know going to combined quite huge blue your buddy keep going your time right your round. And you know and they're all kind of cool guns behind me now is strictly for human being and not necessarily proponent. Perhaps boom. I mean that the market has evolved so much in the palm the first one to tell you would have never thought. That the handgun business would be a primary focus in his store being in that home to cure all right and yet. Kills thousands of handguns is your bill if it where you know most of our business was long guns right now stepped where most of our businesses and. That interest you and you know of course reliable. The kid into against the gateway is supposed to protect sincere here we're gonna go put protection in the coming won't go into an. And then they get a good mister Houston and they go. This is what I do some more. What that's gonna shoot it you know in the coming back do you say you know what are you gotten any government played about the toward you wanted a contemplative and giving up. We're all the races and seeing and happened many many times that they're great yeah absolutely. And like somebody says look if mama go feuding and primitive here. And you get moment go to raves and it's a different be announced not you know what is going cute and we got plenty to do when we. Now we're all out together. Absolutely got to make a product of that for a while he's kind of focus and are no question the you know tenth when teams are always fantastic but like the SR twenty pistol. That we want to refuse yeah night's postal small we really small and and it's a gateway gun to people he gets somebody dilution that. And Juliet and it gets you down the road to the next hopefully it will require argue it reduces them to QB sports the fun of it the little recoil. Relatively inexpensive retrieved them with the Houston I think it's a path that we used to be able say that about a sport is much. And then now. If you can do it. You get womb during her right hip and revered now has a silence or and you talk about you reducing some by Hugh do you plug away. Holy cow can make some mild first time I pulled the trigger fissile answer here enough staff at the Disco yeah and with a pistol. You students locked on you can use the supersonic MO. And it still goes subsonic because you sure where exactly. So now you don't have to go out to find. And velocity you know if you were every guy and still going to be quiet morning. That's pretty cool to how people reacted to the silent. We see that the picking up. Warm more especially the last couple of months. Listen to ATF flaws that are coming has it's stimulative a lot of people do look at the site. Right right well. Hell would pick first with the MacKey thirty for the with a 200 dollar tax on assigned to reflect what books you know I have to go back to debate. Now signed through 67800. Dollars through bucks doing okay I'll do that. And then within the lock. Many of our election goes here we might be able to get that 200 dollars you can move through Houston five books and then you guys couldn't make enough. Silent partner well that world is definitely you'd. The amount of time that it takes to go to market with products. Is different than what we are and anything else right all the ATF. People are waiting. If it's. Totally new perspective can you imagine how frustrating that is we're used to build the new product in distributors can't get enough of them and they're sold to the consumers down the channel. These source slowly working their way through and just now the consumers are finally able to get the first ones after introducing them. You know final months ago that it it's crazy but people are willing to go through that are absolutely absolutely and these guys have with the process. And don't let it at the hopefully this is how I can't do this just goes your dealer you can convert your feet he handled silence there's he would know how to do it good the care of it make it easy for. It's not that are not really oh congratulations to mom billions of. Very cool river river bureau of the year and I'm very flattered and an owner of the and that he lead group we have a great bunch of employees that got us there good. Family business for an hour. My mother and father started business and my son and daughter down to business as well my life or where renew. Tim that's a good fun thing to do. Mark you know you guys are busy got probably some new things in the group of people look at it here absolutely we introduced couple new rifles to Tony too late. To go along with the 2045 late that we had out for a few years. Carol ever hold that thought we're gonna get to them liberally groan of the shelters were coming coming back what reviewers would bring about. We'll talk about that if you got a lot of things to brag about could go to visit absolutely really helped quite a little while we come back we'll have more from the NRA's annual meeting took Louisville, Kentucky. I'm Tom Gresham and this is gonna talk. Are you back good progression of this congress can't talk you're in the river group. After Italy's annual leave and Google Talk. I'm joined by Mike McMahon are everybody here from helped that them marked with healthier new mediums but it's really for a lot of us it is these. Hillary show because you've got this huge exhibit all right. That's right that's right it's really a place where. You know people come from all the country can come in and meet the owners meet the the head guys meet did developers meet. Everybody that gets involved in that process. Good point you can committed meet the CEO we can meet the owner he can meet the developer's did you years are liable to be here you can say what do would you guys ever think about this and they're gonna say well maybe. And maybe you'll say yeah we did it didn't work. Or are they say. It just the idea I bet you've gotten ideas from people that generation. Absolutely. A mighty mighty. My company has been customer driven our on all of all of our products. From day one and and this is a great show sports is literally. I I bet it'll be seventy or 80000 people who that a tennis then and now we'll have. Me February 2000 didn't ski exactly what happened to have all those people come and buy exactly and we listen to every single one of them yeah. Yeah exactly all right so you've got some really big news for everybody come on look at your shirt is does not say. Double tap on it it's a real pretty blue shirt weather across the front you've got a four letter word. That's right it's a beautiful four letter words colts. So don't happen and Coulter announcing. COLT ammunition. That's coming out specifically. It's. National match. Competition Boca a line of ammunition and COLT defense ammunition. And we're keeping it simple we're going with. Mainstream calpers. You know sort of the start off with the help you know the work that's right obviously eventually made some of the things that. So would we've done is you've got competition ammunition specifically. Kate Taylor to people that are shooting in competition so they had it it'd be. To the Arafat to crack power factor. They are accurate so plunged. There's no. US TSA. And I've got to make a power factor in Q I'm nine millimeter you better a load that you chemical in the box who meets this. Her practice right OCR to Arafat to run on the box from the Maryland shot from. Can keep from wondering am I gonna make as my family on the power factor in my going to be OK you know especially with him loads yes could be all over the place. There were things about your loads it's really interesting. Is howling and relatively consistent. And they are. You're not physically if you if they work you could they can be testing your MO. And you get something that it's a little bit hot and all the sudden that the most acute you're out that's right so how do you baker Hamilton consistent. Well. There's a few different things that we do first off. We are our quality control. Specialists are just awesome. They literally put their hands and every round goes out still even though he learned a lot bigger. We still put their hands on every round goes out. And and our machines still. Even if they didn't armor she's a really modern we don't use a World War II stuff right it's all know modern. Machines or robots and last eight to ten years. And and they checksum also really. Really quite well. But the but does that guy is at the very end before they put in the box actually touching and they sent a lot of little things that you would. Never were and what I found is that. They were rejected a load her around that I pick it up from look at and I swear I don't know what the heck they saw we get here that precise or pursue nick can you maybe. Yeah yeah exactly a and a lot to me that way I wanna seconds while the B. To be heavy a lot of. How much future secretary the Qaeda and I'm in this you guys are just that way but let me ask you more about the whole deal a concerted. You're Macon pulled him right that's right because it's branded as cold yes. What's available to them. It's gonna be it's could be ability in nationwide so all the calls stocking dealers. Will be taking. On the on the product right or should be taking on the product so where B to buy colts. He should the other by the cold ammunition and had a nice that's across support from Hawaii to to Maine. And and actually. We we will be actively into the international stuff to so every everywhere it shouldn't get colts beat the and by the by. By midsummer or use we should be in the stores or character was cardinal words okay so we're starting off with 380 ninths. Forty fives. Of course ten millimeter grew I don't know to whom they're gonna gore did yeah it in and out. Obviously it's a real quick they just redid the delta elite you got to see no real the first time they've been deep every down this eighty's yeah. We are and that was what got a lot of people younger of the two millimeter in the first place be included and then that go on just how disappeared. And it's so cool and they probably have I got a glancing the sickest. I'm comfort in knowing that so that's right so I don't see that that's very cool. It's worth looking at pressure so they sent an and then we got to wreck the caller's really in and teaches recites firefights it's creating. Nine millimeter. Forty fine again. You hit thirty I'm not 38 yet he's at ten millimeter demo and then teaching history in renewing okay yeah. Match in hand with cantaloupe matches offensive and each caliber yes while you're. We're depressed we're going to be on this turn in the range program operations and other reasons from even though still made it's made in the same. Shot by the same people that make double tap and yet but he knows no tax expense of ammo right. We've kept the price point down. That the competition Campbell be similar. Two other domestic. Manufacturers like Remington Winchester real federal yap. The the defensive I am oh it full retail. You know you look and it and it dollar or less around full retail. Perhaps for good if that's the gap really made double troop withdrawals may well that's right that's pretty cool. Whip and and how we're able to do that is now we've. Vertically integrated. I purchased through to its failure to make a lot of your own stuff that Nasser you're exactly right. So who would you buy what do you make them than house well we've bots. We bought four bullet lines. So we're able to make four different. Bullets at the same time funeral bullet yes yes and so our capacity for making bullets so there's about 300 million. Bullets in a year or and so they say it's nice to go controlled via they're welcome to do we're we're we're truck we're trying to be a larger gamble company and sales but we're trying to keep debt small atmosphere of ground. And always remember were came from and always remember that warmer Burris brass is the other thing that actually. She just hit the ground and it's and we're starting first with that ten millimeter forty. And Astrid you said that they can Euro break in our own. All that there's a brass and now we expanding as we keep going on that allows arrested two. To control our own flow. It's something crazy happens. Politically or whatever. We will not even on a vendor that's right we will still be able to get product out to customers and on the flip side that the customer wants to get good products for cheap. Price well and we can control everything that way out that's holding a united have to pay a market somewhere else Judas during all in house that's right. So where people find out about the told them I mean that we know the double tech dot com don't tell about that would get you to. But do that right. As pricey go to your adult app now what I com or double tap dot net double doubles gets you to where you need to be. I'm also. Cold will have information on that and coal dot com poker and so you can go to any of those you can also just. Go to your your stocking dealers say hey I'm a Sununu colts analysts coming out they've all received. The information and and they should be coming out here. So if your competition shooter. And maybe use either don't want to you don't you went for the reasons that I'm not gonna him. Or I'm not brochure about my handlers you can go by the correct power factor with the power factor mark on the about. That's right that's right ET you can you can do it and not have to worry about it because you literally buying from. I'm really high and ammo company that's really keeps Torrance as tight. It's all Sammy spec that is so cool and you could do it. And not have to worry about lots a lot. Variances and as a precaution on the way it's an early part he had a tough poll mavens got double that behind it that's right so you know your worker with here. It's an outstanding and they got some of the stuff. We're gonna have had to come back we have to talk about the fun stuff which is due out the range we head down there we were cute then do we know from. Have a good time for guns a beard stuff who they were we'll get you back on the show before too long and we'll talk about some of the other thing to do and we'll talk about tomorrow's big boomer jamaicans to. All we have we have a lot to talk about yeah I mean person we were wearing some stuff and lot of laugh at lunch you do that every time ago already we have a Volvo or more gun smoke the better they're exactly like it might admit from double them and now pull Cambodia ethnic told him he congratulated that is very cool excellent you. I don't go forward we come back a little bit more for a review period he generates annual meeting on Tom rest of this is done talk. Don't go. Now once again from freedom safest place speak NRA show and cool cool let's get back to go into our. Well welcome back. We are distilled. Who's furiously generate annual meetings have a ball we're just. It's it's fun could you get to hang around with like a zillion of your close friends people that do avenues that you do. They kill off the talk with you have these shared interest in mound to amber to my favorite people. But Connie Randy Brooks from Barnes bullets. And thanks guys I appreciate you being here and that's got Terry appreciate your friendship because have been friends for a long time I just appreciate that. You know electric co Tom because there's a lot of friendship going on in this industry and we are great friends I mean we've. How to carried out together and that's by the banks and a lot of guys just all we yeah civilized never don't always been the truth yeah it's always been the truth and no. And you guys have been known to kill thing or two you know eight yeah I think so yeah no kidding so. All right so you guys just came directly here from a huge award deal and orange boats. A golden bullseye word right. Well we've we've actually got three gold people lies or. Just what is the this will to me. And it was the pioneer award yet as the pioneer awards is bigger than practice bigger than the gold balls is this the big deal. They made a big buck fifty minute video of you guys this is like the lifetime achievement award right. I think it's yes it's it would so proud and perhaps her letting him beat them minor Europe at the year wears it buried just leave. Very justly award. For isn't a nation of the X bullet. What's gonna say it's all about the explode which was the at that time people did recognize how revolutionary was. To tell the story or how that came about Randy you. To almighty with always aspiring to do something better first idea was was pulled north to being bullet. Hormonal Jackie didn't work by Carol Baskin. And that we come up with a solid didn't have any Libyan. It's always have brown bear when you're 1985. And I Heidi it's sitting on the perch we're glass and prepared. And I just thought about this part of what we need to man who went home fashion doubt. A year prototype of course at the time rivers that do we have to have lived this live to solve the that's what's gonna help expand. In the copper is harder and that's not gonna play right that's right. And it picked me three and a half years to figure out how to make that happen and and literally three Ethier worked out of every day while it was there it was on my for a for a border play. But anyway he could you kind of went to a little bit insane on this thing excess that you idea didn't hit it well like you're watching the whole thing yes I guess if plus at that very excited I must say yeah no hidden in the darkness you bring up this all comparable of people saying that's not gonna expand its never gonna work. Now we have a lot of a lot of that and are. Are industrious real slow to change you think you are happy with what they got it and again is just awesome and it says since the expo. You know what if it's kinda sparked about their ideas and whatnot I'm sure and I'm proud to be part of that. The way you you really were the first and there's an update there it's a different way to do this than what we've always done before. And there are some advantages. To the all comparable to that it's not that deal. Lip or bullets are not necessarily good it just that there copper gives you some advantages right. Yeah that's that's correct you don't get fragments. And thinks like that I'm a terminal performance guy and guess bullet I made. Port terminal performance to hold together to penetrate bone breaking Kate buildup it won't penetration is what always impresses me. You get XP to maybe it's it's interesting to me how expansion seems to be a little bit smaller than some bullets. But for whatever reason the reaction on the part of the game. It's like it got hit with a big. Huge mushrooming bullet because we've seen this incredible our heritage is drops. I used your bulletin six millimeter Remington that was 85 great books that sound right yes okay. Shot six oh and one day. And I couldn't catch a bullet. We sort through everything I finally got or the lineups like you go like from rare here Paula through Pollock caught it in front shoulder. And every one of them it looked like you jerked the earth out from under them they went down so fast. If people would normally they won't if bush goes through all the way like that it's not gonna release demonstrations are well. A robot that they were dead before the bodies hit the ground. How to work. Well my my theory on that is. Tissue destruction. Kills animals not vote count the standard team. Right and people the argument uses on that particular bullet is we want a new stadium that way the animal of sorts. All of the energy well. It's it's actually delivering more energy it's it's traveling further. And that's been documented on honored dvds and things that we put out I I'm right there with your award maximum tissue destruction. Because that's what we'll do stop some of the paint career people from running off or keep it hurt me. That's her and there's no part of it especially dangerous game yes that's that's absolutely not fact is that it's like OK that was what would that that you payment with that. 1985. Is when I made the first pole Robert doll but it was about 89. Win win any kind of numbers hit the market to a rude talk with three decades. That's right yes or no deal. Then Davis rivers threw them people now yet they understand they do and it's widely accepted and you know we've got to we figured out a lot of accuracy. Things moved and that with a triple shock in the ring to the bullet things like that. We we've had dinner under ground radar. Doppler radar this world I know you're really the first people I knew it used golf career where we Lone Ranger on that went and I'll stay wife told us so much it was amazing what's. And cadavers that we don't we let the operator of the could you are already had a lot of time. After that's great that you guys have it but barge hit this a long time ago and that you know. There's a pretty cool things you can do that they're oil habit and I hope you guys over would do a little bit more one more segment because we're talk about what offered isn't how you use in developing your your bullets in your ammo and really talk about your cool MO which you guys are making these days off here and tell them that talk about where you go to heaven knows. That's what's really held about a half absolutely we orders you're gonna their photographer Randy Tony Berkman with Smart people of Stockholm right yes there's more information out of bullets and loaded limo and storage capacity and everything else uses it to you guys. Like laid waste to animals all with. Young I love the idea a lot of that I don't go away guys we'll be right back over her right back and let the NRA's annual meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. Well continuing the conversation that we have when we're not only hear people always who knows what he has talked about when you're not. Between them the brakes and all of us who think we talk on the air right to your retirement guns and ammo and Hutton and everything out that stood up. It starts when a borrower are worth already kind Brooke from Orange boats. Well people are less we will. You guys laugh because you understand how can you talk about guns and shooting for three hours and some. We talked about I talk about guns hidden from atomic you have to time go to bed. Every day just like you guys to write nothing and a byword talk to a without our at least until the the school. The operator that you guys start using a decade ago personally I was aware that did that. What do you learn what is using doll for allow you to do. What it does digital. You'll track the bullet through the year every thousandth of an inch if we want to do we can see the operating right you can pick up all kinds of things and develop a bullet so that it will maximize. It's with the pro fish you get a real political vision for your you're seeing what the velocity slowdown is. As well as you can actually watch a few factory that's correct yeah and we've even got some my figured out a way him kansans that brilliant guy. He figured out a way to actually looked at a shotgun going off. And watch in this a lull in a muscle motor road now the more well so therefore we're able to help. There's another there's a store with a story of actually stupid that we look at it while it's in the barrel the course you've got this very expensive radar. Well antenna dish and you couldn't shoot to go to the raiders of what premier mayor. That's exactly right now who Lindsay with Mears just Brooke did he really does do with Mears yes ten half at at at that that this that he is brilliant no doubt that just it is brilliant. So arts in year two years left to maximize your BC. And then for the actual performance terrible performance you'd go out cute stuff. We actually do. And you know for many many years. For instance what time we were he had hit hogs throw me in a trailer new while talk to Texas. And that it would go out we tie him up to a post. With behind lake. And they witness the accountants wheel and Connie would shoot him in the same place every time it gave us. It gave us a realistic feet. Performance data that you could only Gideon a controlled environment that you're outside our little animal testing bullets and Macon bacon strips. At and we had butcher hit right here without it with my. Operation room where president reduced at the ham and bacon or are they gave all they ate meat at that eighty which was really awesome so that's cool yeah. Out I took apparently you are what most have at home owners I know. Now thank you like try or you shooter and you'll destroy you do very well so what is that if he says that's an okay you can go on haunt you anywhere in the world. We give you two day who want to have something or someplace where would you go would you do. Well I love panning out. Help is just amazing to me I love being out there in the vehicle sees it just sends chills down your it's still question about that magnolia a fact I get chills down my back just thinking about it is is just truly. Truly awesome course might not what my most famous my leopard which I took it really nice leopard emotion be it when he fourteenth which if you were 338. They're 225 grain to triple shock and vortex ammunition. Yeah man it was phenomenal it it was. I mean and I'm like god it is life sized mounted this and Barnes and and I truly let that that's my dream that's my dream but alleys the back now. I love it up the pet meal here. If anybody has about their during the beauty season with a big bookstores. Cut loose it's like an organ we'll all the stops lashed down and just it's so deep it's like from the bottom evil well and reverberates and when they're close to you that we did it make them understand from the back you know it just does. It's a collector just. It also are likely to really get to calls you could call your work room all it took time token you can seasons the best. News. So. How do you go about developing your choosing which caliber to reload. It really felt that because this six bullet changed. How you look at things you can use a smaller caliber. And yet at baker Kalla the right performance or a lighter full wave right to get a bigger we'll wait and you know what it's a Ford this year thing. I'm at 300 bags 338. And for dangerous game. For sixteen to 500 right and you know I kind of specialized that way but you know what's wrong with that poll thirty six on this date and then he. It's not a awesome awesome car and I'm well aware echo what you still don't people understand the other thing that happens is because these boot forms of where you can go to way. Smaller diameter or smaller caliber or lighter bullets. You can have an effective long game cartridge that has less recoil that you shoot better and when you shoot better you get things in the right place. And hit in the right place good things happen right. So it just it's a multiplier effect. Yeah out I you know people ask me what type of the departure should like take dumb idea you know kind of don't like what's the lifetime. And night you have to use common sense with this but I say. You take the largest gun. That you feel comfortable cutie who can't get him win if that's a 27. Absolutely I wanna act era do it right to get used to it give you want people over guns if at that you have 300 Bagger at 338 her kids don't use apply. Not exactly right to select a better product a lot of people that we don't barbecue for 36 forever Bernama body say any of 300 mega Brooklyn road this year to 36 world just say yes that's right. And you have a fitful let's had a verbal gaffe that it was all about is all about confidence in it bit the happy rightfully yours she didn't really learn bullet. How content. And how you don't have to load of you dashed by you or your bullets and load them with the vortex I'm. That's right when we have what we sold to the riveted companies. They found it has any ammunition business and it was just awesome that's terrific then of course all the operations available on were stuck on. Arthel start on both Stockholm I. Congratulations. Pioneer award is terrific you truly are pioneer in this business Connie this was a shared reward I know you know that bush would say it disappears you guys did everything. Lockstep together you're there every step of the way. Week he would and it was it was a great deal we upped it to attract young let your speech you know if you told you burn your primary therefore I'm speechless and walked off. Yeah I usually the spokesperson that the this I'm proud of our top topic that was awesome. Time thanks guys. I don't go forward right back where you kind annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Hello and welcome again we are at here. You know very genuine media capital ball here on top Gresham uses gun talk Fred if you could join us now obviously we're doing this recorded so. Can we be hauled in right now with your record this a few days ago. Because it's not early Sunday while we're here at the hero but we are held the ball here where the removed river people have been so we'll kind of loosely on your own and operate. And I am Giordano on my philosophies on my. We're just talking before. You were professional football player quarterback cornerback quarterback right good after all could you believe. A really. Really in the ex FL and played every single lead we had North America while I was at. A and then you're. Broke your net to get out that's part regularly ask sort of mine had fused it Peyton Manning surgery having not about a minute before heated I don't golf Los user you know I don't know why can't imagine yeah it's like to act after that had a fusion had play. Came back the ex FL 2001. Bryant and my last year I had my neck broke. Got my fifth knee surgery had my rotator cuff towards had to get surgery on that well and my son was born on the Monday of the championship game. We're more used to it I think I want to get out of this second caller had an epiphany right there Lila is literally we are in the shotgun. And we were blocking anybody so that also help you try to do you handle times it'll tonight. But I any and we market and he's done an LA it was just out classic sobriety of them. And as championship you as you don't plug in my. 31 years old you didn't researchers used season and he got a baby boy it comes time to be an adult you're an hour ago hot and yes I wanna go I wanna live long life do what I do out there are still some are yeah. It is true. September or to hurt he had gridiron outdoors on Outdoor Channel run every Sunday -- times like 6 o'clock eastern and so we tickle we didn't football they as you know I still broadcast college football pac twelve network or to account radio network. But we so we take all these athletes out. And guys that are currently playing in the NFL and former greats like their old Monica ordinary year. This year we had Ben Roethlisberger on me and Jared golf funds are deadlocked these guys love the outdoors love the outdoors and Jared had actually never hunted before this before he was the number one overall that while he was quarterback now but I knew recent special. But so he and his father came out with us we automatic shoot on the U Ruger American rifle there's no way right and he went out and congress' first big. It was ray and so we get this opportunity to see these guys in it you know. Give them experience the outdoors. That they won't get otherwise and that a lot of guys who do play that's their competition off the field lets its policies of athletes where you really feel. Good about ready able to compete but rotted the fund still Stacy bright healthy right so we get him out there we compete we have a great time and yeah make it up on like you back and locker room that's we try to bring people's homes and locker room feel until the back story and these guys actually she got behind. Did you so are these guys accept it you know you get somebody out doors. Filled the pressure's off and relax your jet you talk and that's nearly two or somebody put glitter to football player or your buddy you were hunting camp for whatever that you really find out what people all about. Yeah you get the stories the media want to tell you when you're watching football writers. When you're watching sports network she get those sensationalist stories that really sell TV viewers. But when you get a moment thus you get to see the real people. Behind the scenes who they are what they're about what their values are that's not really comes across we talk about football milk which intercede values these guys. People last TCI ever have anybody on the show you don't like I said you know what Connie is called fire there these guys that you get on the show that want to on the conditions I. Bonjour for that to probably okay good character guys all the way along its we have not had one backyard to gun shots and ray. I know you tell people that they go really ears not to know really registering a market that just they're just. If they're out there hot weather is the dispute so by the name of the jargon. Gridiron outdoors you can fires could Aaron outdoors dot com the web. Title sponsor go wild camel brand new analysts cannot issued similar looks good targets these fantastic stuff that's been exceptional but as he'll while Canada Tomlinson. It's exceeded those please channel Outdoor Channel where the room Sundays at 6 o'clock eastern time Eaton also catch us Monday and Wednesday. Right got a great outdoors dot com you can find the times we can also find some FaceBook like sentenced yesterday DVR course set your DVR definitely do. There you go hard so it's it's a great kills a great contest a lot of work to do and I'm glad to help. Topics you are you Dick Gephardt the local phone right back with the you and you'll be good outta there about Cabrera shot. Who are gonna blow. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom grisham's guns are bad doesn't matter if you learn to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now. 8668255486. Sport just dial one dom thought god. Now here's stop. It's the NRA's 2016. Annual meetings and exhibits a little boy and Tom resolve location absolutely boots on the show floor so let's get back to go and talk. You're back here or at the root of the clearly that you're reading them but over here congressman portraits done talk. What are they don't like the most probably about the generation and posted the shots are in charge of. Great to get to steal your old buddies that you don't have time. To talk with anybody I'm joined by Jeff Cramer your. We have got the short together we've done this for a long time but now earlier we with a different company to him yeah and you do some pretty cool stuff so tell me what you put up to the last few months. Short so I'm with SP tactical knew who. Some people may recognize as the innovators and the originators of the pistol stabilizing brace. That was first adopted by a six hour sit right it was a difficult to sit where there's pressure out there and and century arms for the AK platform okay. It didn't go to that's mixed abrasive and great we actually make yeah we actually make it and what a lot of people don't realize and that's probably one of the reasons I'm here. Is that there are actually sixteen different. Brace brace is on the market realist art and I had no idea say that's one thing you look supporting and a whole host of her product. AR CAK's. Sees the its scorpion press HK products. And interestingly we have we have some new products that we actually launched here tonight. Artworks the concept of somebody that has never heard about this whole idea of rifle postal. You know what what this is for real shirt so. So the original. Designed concept came. Really because me. Disabled veteran. Was attempting to shoot his they are style pistol at the range. He had rarely limited upper body strength and control on the range master was very nervous about the level of control that this individual was and kind of shut him down. Alex Bosco was the founder vested tactical got irritated with that situation went on to his garages and whittled out something that he thought would help. This guy better control the gun proved. It seemed to be took it to the ATF and the ATF says yeah that doesn't change the classification of the pistol when used as originally designed. So it would make people pistol grip they are fifty postal and then you have on the stick to that would. The lack of a better script you bellcore around before. Right it was it's it's a tough that fits on the receiver extension to them and they are good you put your arms through the tough and you you actually then strap yourself to a third point of contact on the okay much more stable so much political storm with one hand out there or you could do was to me you can get your vote to vent. But you have more stability in this thing is. You're sick or locked onto your wrist while you're holding your. So a person with one arm can shoot this hasn't ritual a short paper on it much yet perfect but the salacious hyperbolic the whole idea they are postal. But I like to be it was too little bit better yet. That assume you do that there. And that's where that's where I think we're the innovation comes and so. So even if you don't necessarily need the brace because of limited mobility or LeBron Armstrong right with a brace does allow you to do is while having a pistol and allows you to have a third point of contact. And that's their point of contact most typically can be. Achieve wealth. It can be sternum they can really be anything other than on your shoulder. So let's talk about that if there's a lot of misinformation about sure the brace and what you can't do with the idea that says. Fill me in what's the real skinny here right so. They tip opinion letter the most recent one bit basically still maintains. The pistol stabilizing brace any of the variance from. Our legal loan legal to install on a pistol. Legal to use on a coastal. They believe however that once shouldered. In the act of firing. They believe that that changes the classification. Of a pistol to assure program. Which are server arrival those who don't know at that point lead to a dollar tax stamp it with the paperwork. If you have a sure we're rifle that is a rifle with a brochure that sixty pitches and don't have the paperwork that's a major who wore it. Maybe it is and and the reality of the situation is that. And when you have a pistol. Configuration whether it's a pistol caliber rifle caliber so. You know a Sega MPX a nine millimeter or NAR and 5563 and a blackout and a lot of jurisdictions. It is illegal. To transport. That platform in your vehicle loaded. But it is legal. To transport. 18 pistol just in your vehicle loaded if you. Possess a concealed carry permit for. It is also. Not illegal to transport your short or rifle across state lines without notifying the tip right. Right but it is legal to transport your business phone across that much and now you have these functionality of this we are. Without the headache the paperwork and restrictions that come with that. Right and what were what we really tried to do was was two things first and foremost was find a way to make. The pistol a more usable platform for people that needed help. Specifically answer and our target audience specifically was was was veterans but anybody that has limited. The political yeah. Well limited upper body struggle but the second the second reason. A course that could see that sort of radio program this is the troops on the whole thing going this is so cool and you know billions. It's overwhelming. It's it's not flimsy DT plastic you know that's this is what real deal. Yeah so we're we're really excited about it we're real excited about the latest the latest ruling that said. It's OK to have an adjustable rates because quite frankly people have different size arm you don't you don't have one side issue. You don't have right one size belt you know you have just over its. Then the inevitable wisdom of the TSE's you have this one into words you're shoulder to Lugo was you do that constitutional over this and that goes into depressed patient. As well or say what you do on your own who's who business. Yes and I think that distinction is is critical here because what what they went in the latest letter they sent into the act of firing from phone. Previous interpretations have been just placing him so. There are a lot of dealers that got nervous you know that we carry these pistols that'd be more demo it's right have they went and donated a firefight that said no it's the active duty you know if you look at. Now I'm also thinking look at this and they couldn't look for people who know. Here and move boot gun guy yeah I mean you're you're going to dive from you you really do we talked about this in part but if you took this thing and put. It exercise device on it yet red dot or laser yeah. When and colonel platform yeah. Well really good for actually and and becoming quite the thing for home defense applications as well we're a good job there of course on the maturity uterus to him counterparts yeah absolutely right and I think you know we've had trouble it has been in in terms of talking about what category this this. Type of gun is of people wanna say it's air pistols but it's not just there for us because there's a case there's. H case as a bunch of things that aren't they aren't perfect but I think what really makes sense as this is the PDW pistol category as these personal defense weapon. These are these are pistols. These are handguns weather 55630876. To about 399 known they're much more powerful and more to. Yes then what we think it was traditional unions and a lot of fun what does that mean there's that there's a tone phones that look cool. You can have it your car where you might obviously have a loaded rifle or listen you're dressed casually or you're exactly right. They hold a lot more ammo. They do then your hand. Don't go. Bill this is this is mr. thirty router sixty rounder and rounder around on the counter and you can get this whole. You can do in this BR within the you could so so and what a lot of people and that's beyond that there are black. You don't turn it like kind of like looking at an asset but your point about heated as the area so a lot of people are doing now. Is their. They're buying the pistols right or put a price on their submitting their formal one. To SB or the gone but in the interim they have a usable pistol until the tax stamp has backed and they put the stuff in the pro stock and the start with a pistol. Then put it into a dollar that's B or the computer until paper comes in using the Braves yes and then re stock dipped. Let's put slipped on a best of both world sir that is sowing your put your original plan. Nine inch 300 blackout with a can. That site that's I've gone that's a regular I know that people didn't know. Your your cabinet SP RPM. Three or black out you like to wring all the stuff that yeah your thing you know. So now you have a very effective cartridge. Lots of ammo. Marketable are years off. And just terribly effective yet Aaron ended up Superfund platform which is it to get your phone yet and and. You know in that caliber guns supersonic very effective for hand them on their for things inside the house with subsonic. You're not killing everybody spears right when that there has authorized and those are. Indoor ranges. You're not you're not every American custom effects are really good. Sort of people that were so. SB dash tactical dot com there. All the products are up there the just abrasive since we launched it today will be up shortly. But the other sixteen products are and out fans of press or HK or any of the other Protestant drugs or I've even seen some braces on shotguns later well. Just be best tactical. Concept like a look at it now we have the adjustable. We re just what brings is a sickness this uber cool thing that's. I hear Q when you see it you're gonna want one cent of that and it's thanks to thanks Tom Bryant we'll be right back. And I'm still having fun at galleries and you'll be here in Louisville, Kentucky. So of course you can't don't generate media stuff talking politics and that's a lot of what's going on there's. Leo election coming up you may not heard about that but we do enjoy it right now by Alan Donnelly from secular foundation and the citizens committee for the right. Bear arms now thank you so much coming over another here. Your Booth it's crazy busy in that I appreciate taking the time Tom actually read the in person rather than doing a good girl Florida ballot or whatever it's true. Phil all right we've got this. Election coming up eyes. And explain some of the sporting that look here's the deal. I am not an apocalyptic. And you know that's not my thing I don't but I in my view it's just been put words in your mouth. This election is apocalyptic. It is. All or nothing. If Hillary gets soon begin for eight years not a done deal then. Q will try to and possibly succeed in getting route and protection. Four of lawsuits against gunmakers and gun sellers that Q does that they go away. She wants to undo Heller completely. Anti sit you want to spend every minute every presidency changed in the gun culture in America. To me that is not just four or eight year deal to authority here impact with the Supreme Court is to me it's all about the Supreme Court everything. Yeah is a pop accurately and luckily for us to witnesses and owners know that there's gonna turn that record now that's what I wanted to ask you about. People give this wheel gun owners can't OK there's no doubt about it and if you ever physical across the country. Are people understand what's at risk. And all rights are at risk. Everything you say it is totally true. And this election is is. It is keen important what people some people don't realize is every focus on the Supreme Court is changing when judge Wright and you know you fellas gone where rhetorical gallery on. For us I don't know what definitely the real problem at home with a lower courts. You know very few cases into the US Supreme Court. Yeah I tell you if you lose the appeals court level beyond the kitty cases in court are slim to nil what it's like 3% of the places that are here that I'm right get them to this report so let me given ninety some percent chance of he's dead at a lower court. Actually making the final decisions were to say correct so our problem is it's knowing that stack the appeals courts you were big big trouble strike right now. The majority circuits already control. Of them probation yes thanks to Barack Obama sure. I mean is it take three years it's it's usually about one year. And and we have a peak peak peak problem. While it and thing is separate changed her advisors. Instead it's okay to come out of the closet and admit it you're going banner. Whereas some of the past the Democrats had a hit behind it or support certainly am no we know we're not protect owners goes away bubbled up she's just out that you look. What we're doing with Hillary. We're going to reinstate our guns at the Clinton gunmen were and she's got like let the whole list of it's what happened that her advisors to sit out say if you do. Well first look at what he's saying is true that's what you want you morphed into she's always wanted juror. I don't know why he's out of the closet so to speak with this is because Bernie Sanders is money to the left of Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders well he's saying that the offender gun owners is surely not coming any media Hillary Clinton is hitting further and further to left to the anti go inside them even Bernie. Right you know because obviously he's further left in other areas in and right and he's getting at based democratic. No the socialists support. And so little to home state that's that's why he's emphasizing right now after the primaries humane and emphasized so much but look beyond as the captain of the bag yet we know what she wants. Yeah exactly where not to let them sit there and talk about now while all of that is true and we have to get everybody register to vote have their right to vote then look. Peterson was not crazy about truth I don't care. Need I do. Triple is three words I don't hear. Because the early Tutu or to secure her him her so we're going with ABC anybody but Clinton and they have to be troops are you. You have to do you have to do any of the vote and it's throwing your vote away yet and are to vote for Hillary. I'm gonna ask we had to in the midst of all of us we've actually had last week personal ripped a pretty good decisions go to the courts have with. Yet they're great week for gun rights the court that's when all the all the more you ethnic usually doesn't get on. In the White House right Pacific cornerstone gets them in our phase we're in big trouble we just had too many EU month it's becoming. We bigger than a lot of people understood the the decision in the ninth circuit now through it was a three judge panel. But it was still huge because they basically says that. The right that selling a gun as part. The Second Amendment you can't ban gun sales of what this zoning that basically do. But the part I love about another support of the Q talk about the swim in the decision it completed the Second Amendment with the First Amendment. Consider just as you couldn't say where you can ban all bookstores there's you can buy a book on line. You can't say we can then got stores because there always have been by Africa. It was beautiful. Yeah really brave I think that I like this that it was particularly the Second Amendment is not the second class right. There you ago. I mean that was really just perfect. And then of course the other really important to uses that yet this I'd like to argue that you know if they can only particular inning on home right. We'll occupying usually dances and did your own home right and and the courts recognizing that it is this is. You know goes far beyond that and that you need to have a heightened scrutiny level and the system and it's really a fundamental right rightly applied the higher scrutiny of this abuse. Now this I assume this will be appealed to whom won't. Well this is document foundation case to be brought right. And the that I do miss that poor people in here that is a second in the case that correct huge deal and the Alameda County is already talking about that this you know they they're planning on appealing it they've they've asked him. For an extension of time to sit if they can get to right away. And the company went extension of time. Part of any tennis tournament the clock out the other side wants to make sure that you know you have with the election exactly smooth manner and so that's we're up against now is we have stalling tactics but the other side. But I feel pretty good about it and I'm not sure in this case that they can it be able to get an amount penalty here's the case. They can ask for but in the story tomb by panels that. Her two cases right rude and Richard's ninth circuit had to issue an opinion. And it's been a long long time now and there that the wrestling with this. Because they'd like they'd like you know smash them rise but they have a hard time doing it that could that get your conduct in the constitutional manner so there's another food donation pin. Yes I have a nation at peace I think and to keep taking a third case renouncing soccer and I do wanna make sure people listen this is the Second Amendment foundation. Please don't let me explain why it's also important not that none none none just what you just said which or all is. But this case impacts a number of other cases that some information that's around the country prepared he's still two in Chicago as an example. The defense has to be chase which is the so called laser printed you know to be the gun right. This affects that case there's a number of cases all across the country this ruling directly impacts that we make sure that all the judges in those cases nova. Oh good that's correct and then of course we have the decision in Washington DC kicking out there it's your purity law because. They require your show good cause or need to have your performance at an hour he can't do that computer get your people you have your jovial why you should have a Second Amendment right those. Cool yeah that was great and again when island and that that that this court decision reaffirm. The brand decision to him information one at the lower court level and in the appeals court ruled the technicality. That that judge didn't have the right to rule that he's the authority to rule Nike's wood brought into the circuit for a little limited time right it could rule on that. Of course this judge coded all of that that opinion which is just really rate the fifth. If there's a lot of good things happen. Us or revise all remembered for for a three playing in the court for quality in congress were fighting election. But people have to be involved they have to be on board and they have to be informed in the us are still and then let you do that belong to every. Gun rights group. Because it does a different thing that you need the information. Correct and is also little balance in the court of public opinion and that's another when we're winning big time right now they are pulling data shows the American people get it. They they understand the Second Amendment how important is that wanna keep it. Speaking of Poland just checked real clear politics dues that's an average. The Clinton trial. Split. Two months ago it was Clinton by eleven yesterday was Clinton by three of the campus mirroring and here we Merrill. Hit the out. My concern with that there was an option to get our people he would get the field of knowledge confidence the reason being used is that from got to balance when he wrapped up the nominee. I. Hillary would get a team down fifth at the convention drew and a person Hugh wraps up her nomination then the real battle starts. And my concern is the amount of money being poured in Italy than campaigning is his record is unbelievable I mean I think every notice anything over one. Billion with a B dollars right. There will be some of those big donors to come on our side there are some moments it back so. Where would sleep where it's person's got to be involved past two basic pocketbook your body registered to vote to for an extracurricular and then if people work. Absolutely. And for more information check it out and say or is it different from what effectively prevent. Well thank you so we'll take Tom thanks for everything you do that we'll be right back. Again broadcasting from the show floor at the NRA's annual 1415 leading gun talk continues. Actually hear how aggressive. And you'll be. You need in Louisville of course who thought they don't need the that's where their people to go to that we hear about for a lot of us that since. This much or maybe even more about the actual show their exhibition. Hall they give us got a miniature shots you open wheel where everybody can go particular juncture unless you're in the business of doing now by then Stephens and every good friend of mine. We've done a lot of different stuff together are your ergo we talk with about George gone but. You were in the industry for quite awhile doing real guns at all different things to discern try to explain to people that. There's an open different feel from shot cure for the NRA show the courage is wide open you could just come. Oh absolutely that's one of the beautiful things we don't get. The chance as manufacturers we don't get a chance to to work with the consumer audience like we should rise in a venues this huge. We're really accused walker would say absolutely no problem with your broader product or a load your product or. Have you guys ever thought about doing this thing right home. All of the above you see people that are absolute fans. People have you know comments about something they want to do and everything in between so honestly it's refreshing and it's the good litmus test for us. To see how we're really doing out there. Sure you can also pick out of a sense of what people if you if one guy says have you thought about something that's one thing. You're gonna have to go to people say you know this is at least open new you're gonna serve. Contention and ultimately that's you know that's something that's invaluable this when it comes to product evolution. He need to hear from uses we tend to to listen to each other internally over. I view this kind of insular and only Pentagon's new for make it very innovative products and that got really good engineers and feel like we're his kids super practice people here. But you also have to know people are actually doing being with the product out there honestly hope I like this but if you could just do this one little thing could consider just just that followed us right. Exactly that in. And reaching other consumers you know we've we've really reached the tactical market and a big wave of military law enforcement and we're trying to branch out into a lot more money market personal finance. What I like call consumer tactical also open competition. Right we are doing that and then these this type of event really helps us tone so what if you'll hear what's your what are people talking about Portland you know would key in on like three probably three items in particular. We launched the if tomorrow. Background August of last year in the term miniature rival optic right it was a sweet spot between the arm are the miniature reflex and some of the larger reflects on it. And it has been absolutely phenomenal modestly to red dots thought he red dot sight for your right. It's a read that site is designed for right we use to be totally honest that's where it was developed. Intended and I think people are printed on or about exactly what we do absolutely Turkey hunters anybody I just get through a shooting to Rio Grande Turkey's with a man on a much shock at exactly. You know I've seen people that really wanna put it on large frame revolvers and that's for sure it's it's really coming on. It's been a blockbuster product for us and it's not slowing down where he makes especially when we're supposed to it was a special is its side is it's like again it's not the it's not an arm Mars not the little miniaturized by. But it's a the good midsize. Ripped outside. It weighs just few ounces. It's electronic it has multiple brightness settings right and the battery last. Forever like on a mid level sending don't have the exact number on my head right now. But several three years only in the sense I don't know number force would you choose to replace it every elector small storm batters to have absolutely I tell people with this may I ask you three or four years with. On your birthday or some kind of occasion that. Just put a new variant generally don't if you want to use the term you know you know leader and her personal offense. Optic. That's a great idea that your that we re picking up its own good to go absolutely so. That's extremely popular countries three different base options in that way you can it's allowed to consider adjustment any platform you on whether you wanna 13. Co witness or Falco in the zone and they are. Or or none at all you know and bring him down a little bit low world platform aren't where gusty guys you one thing that's also extremely popular in this industry in general is. Fully supporting this we've seen it over the past three years. Is the use of me nature reflects optics on handguns should also be farm are the tree to come. Rugged does miniature reflects. The drug and as a pitcher reflexes. Designed for for use with just about everything but handguns in particular becoming super popular. And so we we have that on display in full. Fortunately this. Tampa has lot of guys like me get to a certain age you laments it's hard mercy those aren't cites her and red outside this limits the issue you look at the threat put this thing up red dot goes on it good to go and and there was no way to think you're anti or low. Doubt at all railway any thing they don't affect the cycling of the gun right there very durable will stand up to thousands of rounds. You can get an adjustable version elite the economic just royally the or. We treated which should come as no for the treatment fiber optic certain right which is always on all the time brother you know I think about it. So you have all those options there that's extremely popular and we are seeing. That doesn't at least major manufactures that are that are milling their slides in a factory that's a big deal now for the zero group Iowa to third thing think the third thing I'd like focus on is the trip to town actually power lines and this is our line of terrible power optics mean in the it's an elite. And one thing to keep in mind is you get all the durability all the clearly all the quality of the lands the tears to rifle scope rifle scope with just woman who made its. Eliminated all the price it's way more affordable than what we've been able really to provide in the past doesn't mean. You are made really good Scopes but they've also been right the hi im sure a lot of people tourist Lori slightly out of reach for a lot of the average consumer marketplace and we're trying to take care of them by the introduction vacuum power. I think 999 is the most expensive. Maria that we oh that's MS RP pessimists are being used in the real world is gonna be somewhere south of that pressure absolutely. All right. All that's available at first until web site right now everything's good to go available and it's gone to a decline dot com that's it it's TR hi Jay he'll win discern how to do. Spellings on my if they did great you pronounced this stuff. Okay this year appreciate you being here we just had about twelve a lot of putts roll organs due to give an okay we need to do more all right four. All right we'll be right back with more gun talk. Here we are still at uniting in the count about fun and we're basically hot season. People park in the pop and we talked about a lot different things to a logistical for a moment on broker slash media law manager got error by those guns broke and because course. It's got broker it's like the cloud it's everywhere he's right to choose not to present its and I mean you guys should simply you know to eBay every day we do we do with the fifth and wake up every morning and I think he did pretty basis probably pistol guns here you got here. Removed leaving being opportunity. Hillary if you're absolutely how big is gonna broker now give me an idea what you guys do. So last year in terms of sales made about a billion dollars in sales in my era agnostic in terms of we sell all firearms all manufactures all rights are models right puts me to spot and it's not just individuals only a lot of drug dealers use government bond dealers like huge and we're now about 60% new sales compared to. You know four years ago was almost eighty perceive you cells can't. We almost flip flop that's a lot of interest and a lot of people in the future sites selling out of our sites and top hundred seller list in their work through a force that. For those who may not know and they think oh I heard about people buying guns on the Internet so you're you're gonna win this stuff. You know between what spy networks so we are a broker between the seller in the buyer what happens for us is we connect people that wanna buy firearms and we still have to go through that the normal channels so on down to an effort fell. They go in the due to background check they go through legally. They go through all the checks and balances are gonna shift to a gun store yes sir nobody who has and I've been federal farm plus some. And then when the individual ball they're going through now from both the room good broker rates go to the store. Then an FBI mixture of background check is done that all the Walter complied with the nobody's using this as we do. Get around the law is exactly right you know in fact we were very close with the FBI and government agencies they work for the state looked to us you know and we we try to b.'s complaint this weekend with over the top we were where you're. It's basically as long as I can understand the law which is one of the parts is that what does he get a straight answer which is not that the different answer for what you go from the last night all right agency right exactly right. And he talked you make it different answers. Any given day didn't get writing yeah that's exactly because on Friday around the retry we run a so are actually a gun broker would have this massive web site where people can buy used guns and guns all the rest of the but Dario realized right so what is medial. To meet you lodges via a group of about 45 different web sites all targeted firearms space at this point guards we've got sites like tee time which the truth about guns concealed nation got to work a bunch of people what's it's either that we own and operate more that we manage for them and we self what pocket real started via a video platform called gets zone about nine months ago so. And that's designed to be a social media platform video platforms just for the firearms now towards this receipt. You know the YouTube to the world leave the Facebook's of the world they're really starting to crack down on. How people putting content out right they're not very firearms friendly as we know try and we know we need our own plea sport certainly to myself. Yeah we've got so its target zone and gets zone dot com don't get zone dot com yep and yep so who they idea being and I actually wrote about this in the Washington to kind jumps about in October about how FaceBook. Clamps down on firearms. Companies. Post about it this is wrong before and they said or other during those two conservatives are going to go out there under the gun owners for a long time that's very true point of literally turning off your FaceBook page for a gun store overnight become an eagle. My FaceBook page is down and that's juror. Get your sign on the highway towards our patients your actual store. Oh yes absolutely who seized are two ways one is the technology so they'll change their algorithm to say. We don't want as many people going from these sites to the Internet you'll want stand FaceBook and put him in in due guns compared to beaches are algorithms will we see is. You know the web sites that we work with about in the last thirty to 45 days we've seen traffic referrals decline between forty to 60%. Perform FaceBook. So there cheated her out of this happened in the last 3045 days yes because it talker today yeah. And in the second part of what they do they have a whole advertising stream that they can sell products where you and that's going to on the continue to constrict that are on the farms pitcher now. Output firearms or margarine products aren't that bright so that limits the sailboat builder that people say OK well that's part of the canoe they want. True but at a certain point. So that becomes large enough to be a utility yes. That fairway or putting. If so what happened today which is inching her perspective the days that FaceBook traffic now is the same size as the Internet was about five years ago. You think about that percent while our people on FaceBook and how often they checked that. Is the same as the Internet once by right that's it's a big statement so at that point it's like air nobody has. Yeah of everybody has that and it's where you do business right that if you. Do business there you simply cannot reach your potential customers so it is a huge constriction on. The businessperson but also on the consumer of port or go I don't find it. Because it just simply makes it harder to find things absolutely in that points to also critically still have to figure out how to work within the rules so you can still drive traffic to your sights and he's right manager on the capture that data and everything else synthetic what do you Allegra Palma before. And you can get the same answer from two people so true so he ruined we burned of that having every. Business in the gun business I know that Vernon that would place proposal was to boost approach there were to do this through your failure they're so pointless. I mean I don't think percent I just can't do FaceBook anymore but. When at one point six billion people right. It's like they want just never gonna advertise anywhere or. Look at that you can't do that yes you know go to look to find a polite person talked to but what exactly these just thinking about that we've seen is that we get so much data from all product sales of I receive you know whether it's going broker of FaceBook group that you know the different sites that we have we now see the trends in the industry so we're not just one manufacturer. We are like the Nielsen of the firearms as early action for us we'll pick to the data business for us we go places that the manufacturer support talk about motor market over the nobody's ever we're talking a bit more about that obviously got brokered or come get zone dot conduct on record. As we go to watch your videos. They were talking over about that. Eight they don't harvesting what you learned from that horrible was simply too good. Are not intuitive writes can I do feel that there would never thought of the Internet now things are going. But what she knows that whether to help we will consumer that's information you absolutely touch and we'll be right back where theories annual meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. How dumb question this this guy okay. I exactly here here is your leisure she'll talk to lose just please we are. Grumble from the largest single. Jeff you're talking about that they got a few guys come up where it's because you're tracking. How many singles we do what a billion dollars in sales -- on the tundra pursuant to attract another seventeen million unique people every month throttle oversight soccer which you know what's going on out there feel so it's all right so. What he'll learn what what's your permission might surprise us or might be useful so few things one is consumer data how people are consuming media. We're seeing that traditional television especially amongst young people's going down right recede into watch about ten minutes less of television per hour in the did about five years ago brought to it's getting harder harder reach them. But on the firearms side that we sees it gets it's we track all much manufacturers makes models we see that. Overall gun sales are very strong which were happy about Greg we know that we're a political season right now so that helps with gun sales. And we could see how the cycles happen with a gun sales within a political season. We see that seals among suburban women are growing strong which would like to see who went to new people into the player and industry so youth. First time shooter women are three big targets would go Africa. We see the sale polymer pistols are really strong sourcing that grow really quickly. Primarily because polymer pistols or fantastic firearms this point there right quality firearms and they're really inexpensive for the most part sure were seen that grow a lot. We're seeing a resurgence of long guns we've seen it can Peter out a little one there we're seeing it through it's good to a lot of sporting guns we're seeing a lot of the comeback which is most seat right let's see that come back. Also seeing that big ticket items come back to people are spending more per sale may work even two years to work we're happy to see that. Regardless circus here and there was a point where people were really. Horses don't look for bargains yeah absolutely all right and so they're looking for the deals are but mark respond to what they are sparse and we're down to education was pay people I find it really right now so now there's been some money again yes absolutely to what we're seeing his. You've got more people buying firearms in the per purchase is going up and I. Don't know yet if it's fear around the political season where there's just more disposable income in the marketplace and that's what sort of look at now you put your overall it's very healthy market where we're seeing that most manufacturers as well. The other people using gun broker to sell just one or two guns. We do that we do have you know and we love those people we love people to just come on first time on Campbell we find just wants to come on want to see the ease of it the come on the do much more times so. We have it easy on ramp for them trail which orbit that's basically the business well listen I will make of these euphoria and here you should put. In your to worry gonna stiffer gun to have an offense though right you know and that you've got. And he actually help them find an FS though we do it again Donald president uniform in and do earliest years go there are star poker house Republican leader and figured out yeah absolutely it does look pretty much simple is. Because you guys are so big and you are still questions what do you think. We are we're gonna see more buying as we started toward election but we are and I think you no matter what happens I think we're gonna see some more buying. Think there will always be panic as we get closer to the election. As we start to see finally what people's official positions on how much to beat and you're done. I think there's feared not only presidential race but also can across the for sure so I think that I don't sort ratchet up here in the next couple months when I think I hear you saying is met right now this week could be a really good time to start. By some things slowly prices go. I support 100% yes and of course in the supply goes down and availability goes down. I would tell people to look if you thought about mines and animal. Now it's a really good time because it's fairly inexpensive and it's really available and we know what happened two years ago yeah absolutely try to really quickly I mean if they can go away. In few days yes yeah administered demand goes up in supplies get short posed nude down to about one week and there's no im going to work it's amazing how fast this happens to go to the maze of people who will. Then we didn't do that. Really yeah it would have been telling you to do it probably two months so just go buy something somewhere it's like what people listen to us you know its own point and various sort of go bad thing guns through global friend your money and there's. Pretty good investment because it was such ignorance. I sure appreciate your shirts of this information we got more what had gone if you love to feel uncomfortable and it's always appreciate you guys see on the go to. Information guides you through report from the day you're really think they the guys what we need to do this we're trying we're doing our best go of brokered home. Zone dot com. Haven't quite done brokerages you don't it'll if you listen to him. More fast thank you appreciate it off if I don't we'll follow you right back with more from Hillary and you didn't get.