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Media blackout on book about Clinton's. 6/21/16

Jun 21, 2016|

A book by a former Clinton secret service agent will be out soon. It's being reported that the Clinton's have reached out to various media outlets to not report the story. What do you make of this? Should we know about the Clinton's and how they acted in The White House?

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106 year on the WRKO. 6172666868. Okay later in the show you don't want to miss it. An assassination. Attempt by an illegal immigrant. On Donald Trump over the weekend. This story the media is trying to suppress but first speaking of censorship. This is an unbelievable story. And I've got to tell you this is the thing that has really been worrying me or the last seven and a half years. We've had liberal presidents be proud conservative presidents we've had good presidents we've had bad presidents that's that's life. That's just life. No country is perfect no leader is perfect no political system is perfect. But what is starting to happen. Is that we are now seeing among the left. They are no longer just liberals. They are now becoming authoritarian. Progresses. They now value censorship. They now value destroying and suppressing the First Amendment. And take just for example. The editing of the transcripts. What are you so afraid enough. Why are you deliberately willing to censor the true. What was said. By. An Islamic terrorist. Who committed the deadliest mass shooting. And the worst act of terrorism on domestic soil since 9/11 and in fact in all of American history the second worst. Terrorist atrocity on American soil after 9/11. Why would you want to deny the American people the truth the reality of what he said and what was said. And they're not just censoring this is the key point. They're censoring. With the open collusion and support of the media. The alleged fort estate. Which is the very year in theory to hold people in power accountable. To hold politicians his feet to the fire. To calling you to the First Amendment. To say we must have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And the liberty to speak your mind and the freedom of the media and the freedom of the press no matter what I at any cost. And yet it was the public backlash. That forced Obama to back down not to press. In fact the press as again and again throughout the last seven and a half years. Were colluding. Were collaborators. In Obama's lies and manipulation. I mean censorship. Now. The reason why I mentioned this this is now we're getting frankly in orwellian levels this is becoming un American. Genuinely. And T on American. May be a mother Russia I'm serious in my dive shop you see stuff like this yes. In Eastern Europe you see stuff like this yes. In Latin America take Venezuela you see stuff like this and have forgotten see stuff like yes. But not in America. At least you're not supposed to. Listen now activists. I've touched on this a couple times already but now it is set to be published. Gary burned. Is a former Secret Service agent. He spent nearly thirty years 29 years to be specific in federal law enforcement. Not only was he a Secret Service agent he was assigned to the first family the clintons. During the 1990s and for three of those years. Listen to this as this is key. He was stationed directly in the west wing just outside the Oval Office he was being year. Monica Lewinsky he was there. Hillary Clinton talking to bill he overheard everything he was the year. And furthermore. You just don't take my word for beat YR. And you Gary burned look it up yourself Google it. He received one commendation. After another. Not only by his colleagues not only by his superiors but literally. By Clinton's own chief of staff. Clinton's own director of the Secret Service. Came out and said. He is a Secret Service officer. Of the highest caliber. The highest integrity their words not mind the highest maturity and professionalism. So when a guy like him. Writes. A tell all book it is called crisis of character. I first hand insider account. What he saw with the clintons the first family in the 1990s. It's already rocketed to number one on Amazon.com. But it's that kind of book. Everybody should listen to and he deserves to have a fair hearing. Agree disagree he needs to have a story hurt. Because his credibility. Is impeccable. It's unimpeachable. According to him in his book. What he saw firsthand. With bill and Hillary Clinton quote sick and. I want you to hear my story. And in particular. Gary burn paints a picture of Hillary in blow by blow excruciating. Detail. Corroborated by other Secret Service agents who also were on the team that a court pass to cut to protect the clintons. So he's got not just his word he's got other Secret Service agents who will back him. Per train her as a quote deranged mad woman. Who frequently ran interference. I mean enabled Bill Clinton's sexual acts like patients. The book is set for release next Monday. The Clinton camp is absolutely petrified they are in panic. So now what they're desperately doing is listen to this you talk about a media this is this is Libya forgive me this is a BS media. This is that our media owned and bought and paid for by the oligarchs. This is a democratic this is a media owned by the Democratic Party. Then Hillary Clinton Campaign. Has already reached out to all of the broadcast networks ABC news CBS NBC news all of they're trashing Gerry Byrne and they're saying whatever you do don't run the story. Don't interview one don't discuss the book. Don't get into the revelations are the details of the book we want a complete media blackout. And they're collaborating. The Clinton Campaign says jump and they say no why. And I wanna see what CNN does an MSNBC. But we know all the big broadcast networks. Will not be mentioning this story. Many of the media big media papers. The big liberal papers will not be touching this story. They're trying to censor the truth. Fox is scheduled to. At least on Hannity. Hand he's gonna be interviewing him first. And I think Fox News is the only major outlet. That's going to be interviewing him and giving his book a full hearing but outside of Fox News. The Clinton camp has been working furiously in fact over time. To block this book from appearing on any broadcast network or any major media outlet. They're calling it quote trash for cash. And already now they're getting their media allies like political. And they did this in the 1990s regularly. Just start writing hit pieces. Trashing. And smearing Gary burn. Remember they smeared Gennifer Flowers. They smeared Juanita Broderick. They smeared Monica Lewinsky. They smeared Paula Jones and anybody that spoke out against them they smeared now they're smearing this Secret Service agent. Because they don't want you to know whether it's true or not they just want you to destroy him destroy him destroy him so we has no credibility. That's called the Clinton's role. Well in the book. And I wanna give a big hat tip to break Barton used as they go one of the first explosives. Listened to artists. According to Gerry Byrne. Who is there for years. He discusses how regularly Hillary Clinton. Was at times completely unhinged. That she has an out of control temper in fact she's often full of rage she's paranoid. She sees enemies everywhere. And according to her. One time she got so upset at a Secret Service agent because she was convinced the Secret Service were leaking to the media. She picked up a Bible. Not to pray. Not to read it. But literally picked up the Bible and throw it at the back of a Secret Service agents at. That's how she ropes. According to burn. Secret Service agents being assigned to Hillary Clinton's detail was quote a form of punishment. Handed down by passive aggressive middle management. They said that she often for no reason would events. And if she was in about mold she would just rip and the Secret Service agents were just standing there doing their job. Telling them to go quote blank yourself. Go to hell another one at a fuel another one go F yourself. One day he said we met to talk about our respective posts. AB will older new officers Secret Service agent. By the way he was a veteran he had just served in Clinton's war in Somalia and been given the purple heart. But let that go. He says he describes the story goes you're never gonna believe this but I passed the First Lady and she just out of the blue told me to go to hell. A second young officer responded you think that's bad. I passed her on the west colony and all I said was good morning First Lady she told me quote go F yourself. Are you serious go F yourself. He imitated her pointing a finger. They reported this. To the sergeant. That oversaw their details. And our sergeant quote we're speechless. We assured this rookie you know the guy who fought in Somalia. The guy who bought a purple heart for Clinton and his war let that go. We assured the rookie that this wasn't the jobs normal atmosphere. At least not under the previous administration. This sergeant fume and called the watch commander. Who pushed things up the Secret Service chain of command they eventually forwarded it to chief of staff Leon Panetta Leon Panetta was then chief of staff. I remember the squarely. Apparently. Penn met apologized to the Secret Service agents not madame Hillary. That it was beneath her to apologize but he apologized allegedly on her behalf. In another excerpt. She now is panic came to Bill Clinton. Saying that these Secret Service agents served under bush 41. And so they can overhear her. Yelling at bill screaming at bill. Any screaming obscenity laced pants from wherein she referred to Secret Service agents I have to clean up this were a kind of on the air. Buchholz. But you know she said it. The way it was intended to be sent she referred to Secret Service agents as a Buchholz. Continues. Quote they blanked us bill she's screaming. The president tried his best he's trying to calm her down he couldn't. We need to get rid of these bottom holes bill's she thought she was being tough and command but the issue commander in her. She fumed at the secret service's uniformed division might branch according to Gary burn. Word this loyal left overs from Papa bush. And that they have been conspiring against the administration she kept yelling they've had an eye out for us from the beginning. Every time somebody tried to complain about her behavior. They got slammed. They said that it was well known within the administration. That if Hillary didn't like Q you were fired. Now. Coming up next. Maybe one of the biggest bombshells. In the book itself. And it shows you clearly. Beyond the bullying. Beyond the intimidation. Beyond the unhinged. Paranoid. Frankly low class behavior. Why she's not fit to be president of the United States. And why the media must desperately. Black out this story prevented from being hurt because if the American people know this and if they read his book. Her boosts her big. Arafat balks. Is cooked. If backed up at Austin. You know I. You know I got to tell you there's Bob have been a good time with Monica. On the Oval Office desk. And I think they're all month there's something in the background what's behind the doors. There's Hillary rotten can expect a. Are you guy you are you okay my friends a blockbuster book is now set to be released. The Secret Service officer is now set for TV interviews. Fox News is gonna be the one that's gonna break it first I think is going to be on Sean Hannity show. But the broadcast networks are planning a major blacklist. Under pressure from the Clinton Campaign. They don't want this book to get out they don't want people to know what happened. Let me ask you this. Do you care. Does it do you care at the chief federal bibles. At the back of their heads of Secret Service agents. That she would tell him to routinely go blank themselves. That she would talent to go to hell. That she's got a dirty filthy mouth. Do you want these people to be back in the White House again and essentially turn it into a Bordal. In its not just that she'll be back bubble will be back. And is the White House a multi well. Is it a brothel. And should it be a brothel does that bother you does it matter to you 61720666868. Is the number. Rice syrup next go ahead. Trust Kamal if she can get our hands on a full chalice that was consecrated in the body it god she would throw those of someone so what's you know what let that there's no limit to what this woman would do. You know Jack we all must make an investment in stopping this evil person from become in the present the United States in this what I suggest. The best way can we can do this is to get the message out we all need to buy at least five copies of the sport. We need a loan out at least for them to people we know better on offense in the selection. Asking them to at least give him through the port and please return it within one way. And we must definitely communicate this out to everyone that we communicated to. We also should retain one book that we constantly used as reference points. And we must do our part to educate the American people what an evil woman this person has and the other thing he has. Sent letters and emails to the radio and TV stations. In and ask them why it may not covering the story. And then every chance you get whatever communication he got from them then let other people know about it and let's try to hurt these networks once and. All rights are you concerned looked to me the bigger issue -- a look it's her it's her character disclosed to the heart of the presidency no question about it. But what is to be so amazing. Is how the broadcast networks. She calls them up or her people call them up and they say jump and they've networks say the media says how high. First of all Jeff you have to remember that Hillary Clinton is a Marxist okay. And most of the media 90% of them in the rain brainwashed by their Marxist professors. And they say her as a great idol to push their gender. These people are no good and as I said yes but he OK you know we have freedom of the press for one reason. Is to keep an overpowering central government to totally control the people in bail letting us all down. And really they don't deserve their freedom of the press. Because they have no respect for freedom of the press whatsoever in the number one thing. I hated these SOB's. From when I was in Vietnam and I came home and they constantly lied in this reported everything that was going on the wall. And that includes the most trusted snake in America Walter Cronkite didn't wrap up in the rest of the sponsor in the media. And all they've done now was expanded that by how almost guns and that was before that so like Wednesday. I thank you very much for that call Russian very well set 61726. X 6868. This is from 617. Jeff. The White House has been a mosque ripped for seven years. Why not avid become a brothel. Not another 617 Jeff would you trust your daughter to be an intern in the white house with a bill gnaw away. No all for REIT general way are you just keep your grubby little pods. Away from my away from my girl job already don't even look at her. Torrone but she made the Dow and SPD just from you look at matter all Neiman locator. 61720666868. Is the number. Abdul. You're up next. Do payload kept his two friends out the rock mad. I Abdul. Might. Chip. I thought aren't. Being released transcript so other things about Hillary Clinton and at the let me tell you what he wrote book and read our series. We must vote for Hillary aggression we're open borders and allow us to do more she got it pains just hover in office he says. Women should make Thomas and clean K but she's easy puppet booked a jittery and it just under. Oh a. That's humor that call up bill I. Know like and that but by the way at all kidding aside. Omar Mateen was Hillary voter. I swear you he would say Hillary supporter the old man his father you're the one middle of the Taliban Sadiq Martina I swear to you. Registered Democrat. It there are no and let's see pool I've by the way at home army team and his father couldn't stand Donald Trump. Lol and reviled Donald Trump she is I Wonderwall. And I want you eat at. OK wait. We want don't diplomatic we want to blow up America going to pick. Donald abnormal normal normal he build lol Moore he ran us and all normal normal. He'll let me feel any dog so it'd be as driven president. We love my ability. He was a Hillary supporter. Why is the mainstream media not reporting that. Axle Europe next go ahead axle. I just realized I'm long time all year acts. Now like well I just there's books got to be true because I. Crucial undermined added another. I really cute look at not just Syria we have enough. We're sighing Q clintons back in the day at the White House and we would stop short trip and aid givers to sort all etched option. And I date so recent stories about world Roger Clemens pitched recently can't beat down anybody anything but. There was trying to control while they're neutral reasons stories and I believe. It is guy's got a book stroke about a vote him in a limited in the probably you know real crucial work. So these guys these guys worked inside the White House lawn on kills with them no no wonder what other country everything. Well acts like I knew some guys in the Secret Service there off the record they spoke to me. I didn't wanna give me their names and it's exactly what this I that's why I'm always telling the truth it's almost word for word what he said. Brian I think I excellent she's got a filthy mouth. The app for this woman that he afterward. The way she talks about Jews the way she talks about blacks to wish she would talk about killer a sorry bills women. The way she would treat these Secret Service agents she treated them like garbage. Throwing off for round. Axel what do you make of the fact that she picks up a Bible she went without to a crime that I guarantee walk around. Mole I must be treated with plastic gloves that must not be soiled but a Bible she picks up our Bible. And throws it at the back of a head of the Secret Service agent. I can't think of anything lower than that I'll be honest with. And it's like. Who she neutral or anything and anybody. Are these guys do to protect and she's shortstop Adam especially a Bible but from what garrido in a picture this he has an Angel. Guys that can vacuum up on this thanks a bridge or a mature my body's just one of an agent book. Go to college did you know he just retired and upside I think they think shall we shall stop that was back in the day when there were no where else. And it's it's. There was supplement later urged the memory edged are you at all. Well more barter you know borrow things charity care mister dagger like it I wouldn't wanna retreat. He. Axle which should allow any of your two daughters. Let's say Hillary and bill win. And they wanted one heavier crude are both your daughters to intern for them would you want our two daughters to be a turning in the White House under Bill Clinton. No off. It's bad enough you're like like I got my particular broke Clinton years ago it was in orders in south. And I had otherwise well Eliot your bridges of President Bush and mrs. bush I approach stick with them. You know we're Giuliani and like that I go to that you attempt I don't know why waste oil up is because you're so we expect to be the president but you know. I feel like we're gonna do you generally can't it's you know after fiance and everybody else was great people you know. You know it all that stuff split if you lose a little bit. All in all people I met your troops cover troops out. And like I just brought me the wrong way but acknowledged that mr. Richard Donald all the might Obama also normalized. I want to throw in the fireplace. I didn't know whitewash right I should probably do that at all. But I get rid call axle 6172666868. Is the number. And this is from 617 Jeff I think you're hearing of the nice things about from. Another 617 G I have noticed how the clintons never deny any of these accusations. Where there's smoke there's fire and all I know all they do now on the other just trashing this guy. They're mammy Steenland mean singing. Cool. Apparently he got drunk one night 35 years ago all more gonna call him an alcoholic let's destroy him. Notice they never to deal with the substance of any of the allegations because they're true. 61720666868. Our third Chestnut Hill go ahead art. No one the world orchestrated by the way when it circuit board searches of Jeff. We've surge surge ship ever since. It's itself the rigid. OK good because we we've been deprived of the real change stories. And at least have been changed or is been distorted. Electors so that's what goes sort of and by and and fascist countries and Communist countries. And that's what we have is the reason that Hillary lost Obama is because the president cited. Obama was very candidly. And you know and that I appreciate that so we get a dog as bribes. The report what's going dog. Dedicate continue to grow walk. Arthur. Looked you know of are far Russ was very eloquent the Vietnam War look I read on the Vietnam War started the Vietnam War there were completely dishonest. There were dishonest about Reagan they covered up for Clinton I agree with all of that. But now they're openly sensory. Now other here's a major bombshell book. By a highly respected it's I mean everybody admits this highly respected Secret Service agent. And they're just openly blacklisting the book the networks are simple OK if if the Hillary camp doesn't want us to touch or we won't touch him. Have you ever seen anything this naked. In terms of the press now. Essentially imposing a regime of censorship. Well we're just electors surge just before maybe this has been going on. Of regard those so long. I have I sometimes wonder. If you go awhile ago OK big caption military Cuban spy. I bet have been here for a had been spotted having USC seventeen years. Where they partnership said that it was bridge up as Communists took care not just from Cuba could they have help of Russia. To commit to this country. And they said we waited to infiltrate. You know commit an established ourselves as part of regular life that give it to them those -- okay. You know what is stop and think about you know these people who turn around and what other agenda can they have that they have to be anti US. OK to block looks like there's said that obviously you have a troop I mean I did you don't if both people took a lie depressed. Lie detector test you know would be would be cleared but. By the book but it becomes activists say I think we are so this country gets back in August purse. I ought to split the problems than those in the edit forms the American people what's going to be laughable. A local what do we have ever gonna have a country because these people go once they what they want and they don't get challenged and and and other goes what goes in our country and and it is set up by the way as a Jewish person. What I said what a Barack Obama was bingo was being elected to some of my Jewish friends was so that was out of my mind. Every Muslim becomes its in this country. There's an anti semite because that's what they've surged with the principle we've ever ever ever go to maybe have a Jewish people's social I would like. I thank you very much for our call Arthur 6172666868. Let me tell you what the mainstream media is there the fifth columnists. That's what they are. They are the traders within. That enable the progressives. Enable the hard left to seize control of this country it's so obvious. 61720666868. As always you can text us 68680. This is from 978. Jeff. If it was trump a tell all book it would be all over the news for weeks bingo 978. 617. Jeff I hope of author has his own Secret Service or he may end up like Vince Foster a if I was Gary burn believe me. I'd look left eyed look right and I'd be looking behind my back every step of the way. We're gonna have a mom we're working on a Brittany so hopefully Britney and I can arrange something ASAP but I definitely wanna have them on for a full hour. So you can hear his complete story. If the media's gonna censor it fine. We won't. It down Hillary. Easy easy to expect a path. Good land and Hyde Park we've got about a minute go. Hello Glenn. Yeah go and I got about a minute shall. Yeah I had no I don't know what our trip you know you mentioned what. I'd like to know or shall you'll Doug our chair production ready a bull in a quarter overall brush guard soldiers who brought against you guys saw all. Stricker nobody has been just stroll to an you don't really don't know. I mean it's. I go Clinton you are going to get until. Try to slow them all of the attention diet Sumi. Let it go call up Hillary Clinton I'm serious Glenn call up Hillary Clinton I'm be my guest teller Sony. And we'll start deposing people they won't do it I'm telling you they won't do it you know why. Because everything in the book is true.