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Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton. 7/12/16

Jul 12, 2016|

Is Bernie a sell out?

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106 here on the great WRK. All of those boys of Boston OK my friends. Later this hour. You now have growing calls I kid you not for a essentially segregated police. Black police officers the police only black communities. Find the black Panthers. Who are going to be at the Republican National Convention. They say they will be carrying weapons they have just now announced this. All over social media. They are calling for a separatist. Black homeland. An independent black revolutionary. Nation with in the United States they want five southern states. Are we going forward or are we going. Backward. But first. The establishment. Strikes back. So first you had Jim bit tall Jeb press two for English bush coming out of the shadows. And giving an interview damn mess left BC. Saying that trump cannot build a wall trump can have a temporary Muslim band trump is a product of reality television. Trump is a disaster he will not vote for trump he will never vote for trump. Warning all Republicans to abandon trump and try to sabotage him at every turn. And just now it just concluded may be about half an hour ago when Portsmouth, New Hampshire just north of the border. From where we are right here in Brighton. Bernie Sanders just sold out. He has come out and endorsed Hillary Clinton. And you know I gotta say what I find incredible. Is just think about it for a second time. Now the left keeps arguing this is their mantra that the walls don't work. That's fences just they just don't work if you can pick it up and discuss it. Okay so in Hungary they've built a big fans to keep up the Muslim migrants that worked. Croatia is in the process of building one it's working Serbia is in the process of building one it's working. But forget even countries or Adrian as wall of the Great Wall of China or let's say Israel Israel is open nice fence some nice wall it works. The Berlin Wall and obvious case that worked. But I don't know just think about it for a second. Paul Ryan Ryan all Ryan who keep send more current trouble hey we have to have opened or. He's got a mansion in Wisconsin and you know what it's surrounded by. A massive freak him walls. Hillary Clinton. Their mansion up in upstate New York. In Chappaqua massive. Fuel which gated fence. Did mother fence. It works. So how come when the ruling clocks. When it comes to their homes. And their properties. And their villains and their mentions. Suddenly walls work. Surely there local wal they won't a big mother fence. But when it comes to protecting a nation. Or bent protecting you or not. From the gang bangers and drug cartels and the illegal immigrants. Then suddenly all jet won't Jeff ward Jeff. We all know. Jeff Walz old work giraffe oh it's unrealistic Japanese. Jeff he's. C is saying hazy. So we can give amnesty to twenty million illegal immigrants a problem. According did you beat dole we can invade country after country and literally were there wasn't democracy ever for thousands of years they've never seen democracy no problem. Plant it right there are no signs of the Middle East problem coal. Problems. Global warming joint bid though we can conquer global warming. We can just basically take over the entire economy and play with carbon credits and emissions and carbon emissions at. That's all problem home. Joseph bit so we can do that. But build a wall normal he can build a wall. You see for his house in South Florida big mother wolf the bush compound but not call for us not pay edit mode all Freel. Now you've got Bernie Sanders. Who just sold out to me he sold his supporters right down the river. So here he is now at an event in Portsmouth in New Hampshire. Where. He openly comes out and says he's supposed to be against Wall Street. He's supposed to be against the 1%. He supposed to be against the big banks. He's supposed to be against the financial elites remember the economy is rigged bowl system is rigged his for the working guy. And so what is the guy for the little man and the working guy do. He literally endorses. If you wanted to put one on paper ape creature of Wall Street. Eight political candidate more be old temple Wall Street you couldn't come up with one better than Hillary rotten. And so now he endorses. The ultimate 1% there. The ultimate embodiment of Wall Street cronyism. Hillary. Rotten Clinton roll it Brittany. Clinton goes into the convention with 389. More pledged delegates the way out. Secretary. Clinton has won the democratic nominee. I I'm looking at this I'm like are you kidding me. The way they stole it from you. But wait they insulted you and your supporters at every turn. The weekly read all the debates. To be on Saturday night or Sunday night special featuring the NFL football season or college football how they try to Barry did debates. How they had the super delegates already giving Hillary a massive lead from the beginning. They stole it right from under this guy's nose and the whole time she was staking check after check after check. From every Wall Street financiers. And in particular. The mother of them all Goldman Sachs. She's giving speeches to Goldman Sachs at 250000. Dollars a pop. And this guy who's been telling us his whole campaign is built on normal Wall Street lot of rain amend or out of control. The financial elites have rigged the whole system they're killing the little guy they're killing the working class. And you support a candidate I want you to think about this okay. Who is the mortal enemy of the middle and working class I can objectively prove it to you who supports open borders she'd us. All that cheap labor forget all those on welfare but that's gonna bankrupt the welfare system let that go. All that cheap labor coming in stealing jobs from Americans driving down wages. Amnesty twelve to twenty million illegals whom the moment she comes and you tell me how the working man now gonna compete. With twenty million illegal short now suddenly legal nevermind ever right to Social Security Medicare Medicaid obamacare legally now. Food stamps section eight. Could bankrupt the country. She supported NAFTA. She supported most favored nation status to China she supported the World Trade Organization. She's been a huge a supporter of the PPP of fact she's called a double standard. All of this loss of manufacturing jobs 60000. Factories have disappeared from this country she was one of the architects of this new world order. He says he's anti war. Who voted for there were more she didn't. Core support cores we are one of the architects of the major of the of the Libya war she wants. All she wants his war after war after war endless wars in the Middle East in fact people look this up. She wants another war this one in Syria. To overthrow Bashar Asad my god. So crisis is gonna take over Damascus. Here is Bernie again. Saying she's Argo. And are in today and that everything I can to make certain she will be the next president. You Salant. Q who phony you fraud do you. We are joining forces to get beat Donald Trump. When and until November are. And as did gatherer. Now they future are we can all allayed. Now notice one thing. OK I mean he's such a hypocrite and a fraud for backing her it's not even funny okay it really it's. On almost issue after issue she's a polar opposite of what he says he stands for OK but let that go. Notice the difference. Notice the difference. Brittany do me a favor. Planning a small clip of Jim beat don't brushing trump and then play juxtapose it would Sanders endorsing Hillary. Look how the Democrats I swear delectable shucks. Der like that Communists were my parents came from. Day stick to gather all these thieves do they stick. Together. Conservatism. Is news temporarily dead. I mean you look at it we have two candidates Donald Trump. Is here earlier reply and he certainly not a concern home. Clinton goes into the convention with 389. More pledged delegates the way out. Secretary. Clinton has won the democratic nominee. Look at the difference. You want an all white Democrats keep winning. Look at the unity that they show. They're always on offense they are always united. They always Barry I mean to meet you reconcile double differences but let that go they bury all their differences it's win at all costs win win win. It's all about winning now look at the Jonas Republicans. So you've been running the party now for how many decades. How many candidates how many rhinos we put up. And conservatives held her nose and back them to I have to go back. Bush 41 Bob Dole even frankly bush 43 was no big conservative. John McCain Mitt Romney one after another after another finally we get one of our own. A populist. A patriots. A Nationalists. And America first conservatives. And all of a sudden there's a bit tall. He's a Republican. Is barely a Republican. And vote for him did you vote for him. So these guys are holding hands sitting on words that victory. And our guys are knifing each other in the back. And you want and why Democrats win and that's why Democrats win. 6172666868. Jerry sorry John you're up next go ahead John. I don't know if I'm. Or they gave you wanna Democrats good morning until I. I got a couple more. These Democrats. To eagle on the country Republican twos and freight in the country. Now what are we gonna do all these illegals to come an end. In eastern and Adam we're losing jobs overseas. Markets in the world Donald Trump ought to say. I don't know what it's all going to be yeah that's one of brain. Or as they say that what Ali's job letting all of them also from. We gonna take American and so on welfare. Right that's what's gonna happen. And on to own it but I also say that. Democrats for the party of which includes. They want everybody at a chicken coup that combines give you feed once while. You free range chicken because offense and while. And chicken that's what Democrats want. Baxter of. Very well said John very well set 6172666868. Joseph in Boca Raton Florida go ahead Joseph. Yes there while Percival. Regarding phobia of its outlook liberal call or go to the wall was below 200 BC. The Monroe did in grade and col above twelve sort of you know our debts. How many years that is just. That's 14100 years ago at work. But no joy 127914100. Years later. The mongols went around the wall Joseph what are C 14100 years later it didn't work journal. Well you know these guys you know elicit good. I Jeb Bush and as a concession that a quote regardless what you expected appointee he can try to keep going I had my talking points from the moveon.org in media matters like aspect about it just Q. How they're you interrupt. The bush apparently it was whoever concern whenever conservative. Prescott's bush was remember. Was a board member of Planned Parenthood. And not that it was a bad thing in those days. It just told the historic day. The family is very liberal. Bush senior nickname was our. You know why. I guess when he flip flop. What Robert Robert Stanton for current. The call of upper. And earn. Well. So if an endorsement I'm I would you know art I was a little when I was younger aren't long hair. I don't with a football and in a debate where it comes to a liberal but darn liberal. But that well the liberals. But they're finished liberals believe in free speech liberals believe in war. Liberals don't blow up even slightly in importing illegal immigrants but possibly in an environment. How can happen and environmental environmental program when you when you're bringing millions and doing to people they've. In Carmichael told that he's been zero population growth. What happened. The. That's long gone Joseph now. You got hardcore socialists now. That's right so the last look what was it going and not pitcher there are no point. Who said who says we're going to defining deviancy down. And and an end when he bought a paper about what went Walker's got the black family was called the race. And he and they shut him out. And so this small ball levels you know I I think I could be arrogant but. Sometimes I talked to a lot of people my age younger they've really don't understand what has happened all the that your. You're history got a ministry got we understand what is going our. Joseph I got to ask you this is your calling from Boca Raton. Jim Vito is he still is Jeb Bush. Does he still have a lot of muscle in Florida do people still care what he has to say that he's trying to openly sabotage trump like this or Zito is considered. You know aren't gone with the wind easy yesterday. They know is gone with the wind screen to Republicans are surrounded where. A little warning urge Arab and Ryan. Is based sabotage. Trumps initials on court it is sabotage trumps. Election. That'll be the end but in the Republican Party Republican Party will forever be the minority park. Because I'm not voting was just forty dot about what these people. Joseph I. A joy I gotta tell you I think you you who speak for oak for me. And you speak for much of the audience I'm done with the establishment Republicans I mean I'm Don Don their dead to me. This is from 978 Jeff. Even Ted Cruz understands and knows he has to put his personal feelings of trump aside for the sake of beating Hillary Clinton. That's why he's speaking at the Republican Convention my goodness the GOP will never learn (%expletive) It's time to unite already. The first socialist. What Satan. The first rhino was Jewish. When yard joining forces to get beat Donald Trump. Win and he'll now battle back and asked to gather are now they future are we can all only bad. That was Hillary Clinton up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire earlier today getting the blast seeing. Of fact comrade burning. Socialist Bernie has now fully endorsed her. However. Latest NBC news poll it's a shock it's one poll on a one over play one poll. But now trump has taken a lead he's up 4744. Against madam Hillary crooked Hillary. And she's having a hard time especially with younger voters. She's hoping that Bernie's endorsement. Can may be Porter over the top at least what they young bats. Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. I thought I had the and it's gonna let you. Answer Iberia yet. Oh equipment if the Hillary and we get that aren't. They can get it ready for Hillary gotten an up and so he going to whip ball. Just wanted to stand up for Bernie for a minute what do phony years. He all of the symposium for one week with all the big banks. Down at South Carolina on a private island for a week you need to these people yet he railed against some. I think we're being duped. Just have it back towards about Hillary Clinton we are better off it's always keep. Her mentor at Yale with a guy by the name at Harvard professor Thomas ever since he was known as on the economy. In 1972. She worked for the law firm of Robert truly have to. Robert walker and Nell Bernstein. Stayed at the founders of the Communist Party USA. In their direct involvement with the KGB. Jeff it's hard to beat goat goes to pick it was involved in in a few little shady things particularly. Dec 281984. To 1987. GF he was involved with a gentleman by the name of he yelled Rick Kelly junior. Well it appears is called I NC international medical centers. In big big big perpetrated the biggest fraud against medic here. In US history one point eight billion dollars. Many fled the country. In any setup should be dealt. In a business deal with the Contras to provide doctors and health care for the Contras. During the the insurgency against the Sandinistas. And at night. Gerri what do you make now of jab publicly just before the convention just trying to gut Donald Trump. You think that's gonna work. He's the right know what you said Japanese. They in with the first why. I the first socialist with Satan. He that's correct in Indian built the right note that the first backstabbing Judas is our day. Jerry do you think people care. GPL says do you think that's gonna sway Republicans to not vote for trump. Absolutely not absolutely not disk you know what to G up the use of propaganda right now and all these polls the a lot IEA. I believe Trump's gonna win in a landslide it's going to be 6040 split. Jerry what do you make of Bernie supporting Hillary you think that's gonna help Hillary. Or your supporters are gonna stay home. All the young birdies supporters took a gonna be so angry with him. They're gonna call a sellout. If that's what he is. This is from. 603 Jeff I wonder how all those people love Bernie bumper sticker feel about automatically being a Hillary supporter. Now Bernice Trudeau is initials. BS.