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Kuhner live at the RNC Day 1, Hour 3

Jul 19, 2016|

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06 here on the break WRKO. Golf voice held hostage. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Okay my friends it's now official. Trump's convention is now opening. We are broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland we will be with you the entire week. From Monday at least until Thursday night both Britain and die and the entire WRKO. Team. I you just heard Grover Norquist saying that trump will be an incredible drops president. He will cut taxes he will slash regulations. He will unleash the private sector he will get this country moving again. And so they're going to be emphasizing obviously his experience and skills and talents as a businessman. Somebody who knows the economy. Another major theme in the wake of all of these ambushes of police officers the latest being the carnage the massacre yesterday. In Baton Rouge three officers gunned down. Three other officers wounded one very critically. Is law and order is going to be a major theme of this convention frankly I think of the campaign and of course the war on terrorism. So it's not just going to be borders it's gonna be Islam. It's gonna be terrorism. Is going to be black life as a matter it's gonna be crying it's going to be the economy. And if trump can put the whole package together he may have one of the most successful conventions we've seen in modern memory. 6172666868. Is the number. Later this hour. He now definitive smoking gun. The 28 pages of the congressional report on 9/11. Was released even though highly redacted it doesn't matter. The Saudi government. Was directly tied to the September 11 2001. Terrorist attacks. My friends we'll talk about that later Saudi Arabia was behind the murder of 3000 Americans. Lines are loaded. David Europe next go ahead date. Thank you particular culture. I have been waiting forever but I have no complaints you have a Christine guess it was in college in your analysis is amazing. And you commentaries indistinct. And I hadn't I totally enjoyed waiting to get on so thank you thank you do that I don't I can't thank you got enough you know they're covering this works on your. We quickly so they can make a rapid fire succession. One hears I'm I'm so encouraged since Grover Norquist has. I'm like side with my friends were conservative when the liberals were empowered. And now that I'm actually trumpets and they're my conservative friends are kind of distinct presently but it is they think I'm nuts. And I it would placing your Grover Norquist find common ground in positive things to say and be supportive of property that is true. That's true unity you know I think it's gentlemanly also. I'm just secondly. On the situation in Turkey I think it's gonna come out Israel and that they have been so warm up and ready in case things go real crazy over there. And who actually. Oh I don't I don't think I've ever heard a reporter received the Blackwood is not a movement that they have achieved the opposite of what this so anything that leader so we're comedy black people so black. People can help you black people cops kill. We have told them that it. All I know it's incredible I mean look David used to go over the stats and last year last year. Forty. Forty shootings of black of blacks are black men. By police officers. Over half. Involve them tussling with cops resisting arrest fighting with police say like I you know big Mike. You know assaulting a police officer bum rushing the police officer so this notion that's being spread by the president. By Loretta lynch by the media. ABC CNN they're like literally David their fifteen feet from ram right now. And I see banjo own all of them I can take that back up left wing community activist that Obama act I see every single one of them. And they're trying to make it seem David. Like somehow if you're a black person. If you're African American. She may never make it back to conflict when you down the cops assure you it's a non. Re really hurt you honestly David if you go to the south side Chicago. If you stay in some of these inner city neighborhoods that's where they're dropping like flies. So if blacks whites really mattered to look at the police. Look what's happening in their own communities. They're very good and my friend also pointed out who Jeff Goodell considered the few people really think your very life matter. What ecological throwing themselves and put a movie cars. The people who don't hear about. You can pick me. No I know and look at the other thing I mean David honest Jack I could to a whole show on this but. It's that you don't know what really bothers me to keep saying these are peaceful protesters these are peaceful people who work just holding you know. Non violin. Row these peaceful rallies you wanna know what a peaceful rally is to take corner country rally. Where you get a permit. You can go to the state house or wherever like we do. And I kid you not in what the police tell us they keep you guys protest and rally more often because you leave the place cleaner when you lead that we knew Damien. So we all blocked traffic we don't blow up bridges we all blocked highways. We don't chant hey what do we want dead Coughlin didn't want it now. We don't say pigs in a blanket fry him like they can. So it'll David if you went on just for the hell of it let's say you want to protest Hillary Clinton. And you won identical. That the Ottawa river on Brighton or at pick your street go to downtown Boston if you when I blocked traffic. Were arrested. If you will not if we blocked 93 the way those black lives matter people did last year you and I are in jail. In other words these are not peaceful protesters. These are thugs and hoodlums. And big are you have a right to block traffic. You don't have a right to chant calling for police officers to be dead you don't have the right to occupy the streets. You don't have a right to occupy bridges or highways you don't. And yet and coddled them and they needed batted down and and supported that I don't mean us I mean. Are the media the political class. The governor baker doesn't matter to me that Republicans Democrats. We've created a Frankenstein's monster. Well that was there that was the whole goal of the element foundation the dealers that Obama was kind of you know probably where I was the whole point goes to radicalize students and radicalized. And it's working plus. It's it's it's it's it's all Polanski and they're implementing it now to a and it's no accident that buffoon Van Jones is like like this at twenty feet away from me I'm a by the Wellman a challenge him to a debate. I think I'm gonna get Michelle fields on tomorrow she's part of the never trough moving members who want to get that call renewing vows he fired she's peddling some book. I literally had written button hole or to come on if you got the guts come on my show. So she gave me a tentative yes we'll see if she actually shows up but I wanna get that guy on. Because someone destroy Van Jones in five minutes. Yeah and number I'm gonna ask him point blank you keep going on block lives matter black white matter what Toyota is also in Chicago bam. Huckabee hitting belted Dorchester man. And then how come I'm getting though let's say yes the Bronx or Harlem man. They've done how come you're hearing your posh air by the way we're sweating like they CNN. They have like a glass encased little studio. It's like the green room its air conditioned or serving an off. Muffins blown out sandwiches. Are an honest guy keeps his waistline the waste of space but let that go. There they are in the comfort of their TV studio air condition. And black lives matter. Black college as a matter. David it's time we said enough is enough. It's like I can predict how the other debates gonna go it might have the metal what you wish you say you're gonna end up saying. Well I love you brother no matter what you have the rich European naturally you always ends up because she loses every time the. No final I mean he's got nothing between his ears it and if he wasn't a Communist and a and a community activist animal bomb he wouldn't have immediate career. But still I wanna get on one another and I like to expose these guys. Because really and and and hold them accountable you've created this movement. You what you've done is you've lit the powder OK you've encouraged it every step of the way and I was warning for months David and everybody she'll. Some like such an extremist I'm like if you keep calling for cops to be killed someone is gonna start killing them. And now that you've unleashed this gene you put the genie out of the bottle puck we put it back and until we get new leadership a new president lawn order until we get David I hate to say this. If I'm a police officer. I watch right go. I watch what I do. I would never by the way if black lives matter to all the police out there except you might think they ought to do your job. But if it was me. Here's my advice to you take it for what it's worth it's free so it's free advice. If there's a black lives matter protests. Don't show up. To restore to own all give them protection don't give them security. Don't stand there. You're target massive target on your back if they wanted demonizing vilify the cops if they wanna if they wanna unlawfully assemble. If they wanna essentially act like thugs and hoodlums and take over the streets and take over the bridges and disrupt traffic can become a public nuisance. And an obligation to protect them. And they. And we'll see help black flies matters starts to be okay. We start tweeting and now it's the debate you are we should be saving on critical article he does all its. Gloria please don't we don't tell if he's got the guts to big Jeff corner five minutes is only needs to come I'll even do with literally alto with half my brain tied behind my back. Some even do that form book as a favorite. Actually no I'll have a copy of the New York Thelma have a copy of the New York Times in front and up one night on the New York Times so how might rain is paralyzed. It he would repeat here whatever whatever all given you can have any I you get anything he wants iphones iPods anything he wants it. Our country wouldn't think you particular color or my pleasure to. My pleasure David gob bless you my friend 6172666868. Patricia you're up next go ahead Patricia. Yeah pocono country I'm in Ohio. All right I'm having a blast already. It's so fun and challenging all these people to debate the role running on an actor come near you. I think it's just think rattled Ayatollah might there's one I don't wanna say his name because it was kind of off the record but I still give you three minutes to my one minute. I really I should gotta go you get three I didn't want you get three I get one. My last night that the media can't they can't by you on that one. But how quick your feet yesterday and I'm yet how many callers asked that question and I know that women that I talk to him with a permanent and we cut the media I think in frustration. And the question is why I think he'd been impeached a president plot. I would you're describing earlier than he'd keep our country and all of that and think he's done over the last almost eight years just. To prove that he. Did our country take it down. Yeah. I mean I noted how many corrupt people on both sides of the aisle but how you've been a cool move that. You know I've spent intricate you know the interest of the nation to face did he need to know all of it could be. Your opinion because we really know why. I mean Richard Shelby very candid with you and everybody here on media row knows what I'm saying is that God's truth. It's because our congress. Our politicians. Are bought and paid for. Okay and they are making. If you knew how much money they're making or their spouses they everybody's part of this corrupt system. It's houses are lobbyists or they have jobs in the administration is like a rotating door. And I they are making millions upon millions of dollars and so it's professional wrestling to show. You are the two wrestlers go up and they'd yell in the stream and they're gonna fight each other. And really it's just a big show yeah and so look Paul Ryan is a sell out right McConnell is a sellout. John Boehner before him is a sellout. All of them should be told Marco Rubio they're all owned by the chamber of commerce. Frank either owned by the Saudi Arabian government I'm really getting into this after the news breaker to cut to 35. Okay you now have a report that's been released from the official 9/11 congressional report the last one each pages. Patricia I kid you not. Senior Saudi government officials. Including prince Bandar himself he's the top of the food chain. Were complicit. In the nine elevenths terrorist attacks. I mean it's there it's there. Now yeah honey put up why. 9/11 when you're looking you. Back. Mean listen you know. He's a half court Smart engineers aren't hiring people back. Want to blow it and and we don't 9/11. And so it is in it so much more then people care aide and now. Well I Tricia here's the thing look here's the thing why are they not considered state sponsor terrorism. Why are we still doing business with them why are we and they I think there's not just that they take money from him. You're swimming in Saudi money right so we are literally in bed with the very people. Who financed. Funded and supported. The mass murder of 3000 Americans. He's a critical matter what no but I mean this is not Jeff cooler league and now it's been 9/11 congressional report ominous sight you multiple media stories. Pulse Barry White he should be given a medal of honor. Is it incredible investigative journalist for the New York Post. I got a call from him he wrote it up on Saturday I young guy. I mean. He gets to the Saudi officials. The Ministry's. The ambassadors. Everybody that was complicit in helping the 9/11 hijackers bring down the Twin Towers at smashed up plane into the Pentagon. So you ask why haven't they call for Obama's impeachment right Patricia honestly there whores. Their I'm not at a convention. I'm at a brothel. Yes a decision this is a brothel. High class call girls you've got to pay a lot to get him to lie on their back but believe me play on their back they will. You could say that right we are still frightened perk for prompt you to know that rocking. If it may be exposed there's going to be ticked I can't even imagine what would they like to see. Don't already I think and that trump does know a lot and he's hoping that I'll probably get a little thing about you know I think I certainly not now. And oh yes oh yes. Reading and reading and feed back on each of the first debate when he in fact. But now with praise for his feet deeper every one safety I just hope that people start to realize helped line their pockets are. The president doesn't make enough money took part of how but he. Did been reported that he's black mull I hope I will. Now all he's got a multi million dollar mansion in Georgetown. I'm not on a 200000 dollar a year salary Kelly how hard I don't know how you do that it. He'd be and it made it might be and yet and how quickly can. Asking if plant in how they handle the didn't thought. I might be able where. But what if it's an open secret in Washington came from the saudis are well Patricia I'm up against and I gotta go. Thank you so much for that call 6172666868. Look at this Mark Twain used the what it. Congress these that is the best that money can buy. And believe me they bought all walks over the years more your calls don't touch that dial. Like this is series in Renton chances and flip a coin you get. I yeah. WR KOK okay my friends I still likely mangled that quote from Mark Twain it's a very famous quote. Sorry it's a little hard to hear yourself think does it say quite loud and chaotic here. We're broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Toronto radio row media row. It's the best congress money can buy. And not to repeat that you won an ally that dear leader hasn't been preached fall loan them mine need. Sioux land you're up next go ahead so when. She went in Woburn coed swing. Oh it's purely Joseph I'm so I have on the boards to land I'm so sorry Joan. Now that's okay. No offense intended concern. My ears perked up when you mention editor. My parents the Greek. Living in a lot of talk Asia line. Ethnic class along with comedian. Is Jewish and Turkish neighbors. I thought I had left that area. About fifteen or sixteen years old he went to work I'm afraid there. In my mother had to flee twice because of Ataturk. It. My father wrote to her father asking for her hand in marriage and and they married on Ellis Island she hit him I hit her. Through Ellis Island and she came through and they married civilly. In new York and then drove to probable Massachusetts. Where they were married in agree talked about sure. I have to live Brothers being Vaughn in 1920 full well she can't let. Progress being made me shift gears. Who had fled to the lead alliance troops just hurry up and Athens Greece. Debt. Does religion of peace. Heck yeah headed her father and her brother. JoAnne. I grew up with stories like that as well obviously I'm on record thoughtful work respect orthodox Christians are very much. I'm obviously Croatian Croatian Catholic. I mean boring can have my parents that's the right. And I JoAnne I'm sure you know this but I don't think the audience does so let's do a little trivia JoAnne. The first. Formal genocide the first great genocide of the twentieth century was committed by what country. You got it against the Armenians. And so the Ottoman Turks the Muslim Turks. Have murder or Armenians. They have murdered Greeks they have murdered Jews. They murdered Serbs. Bulgarians. Romanians all across the Balkans he went all up into Croatia near Vienna. They have a horrible record of genocide mass murder and ethnic cleansing. And what is frightening JoAnne is that this guy now this president they're gone. You just survive that coup attempt he wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. He wants to bring back sure real long. And I fear I shifted breach don't have enough problems. With what's going on domestically. What's going on now with the EU. And with all these migrants coming in and JoAnne mark my words it's an open secret in the Middle East. Those millions of Muslim migrants are coming in through Turkey that they're going into Europe. Aired all gone is repeating what the Ottoman Turks did for centuries. Old ball this time they're not in beating us with Muslim troops. During feeding us with Muslim migrants. Now and honestly JoAnne if you have any relatives in Greece. Tellem dissected them they needed Donald Trump. Dini could build a wall in Greece Serbia by the way he's building a wall you know that Serbia is building a wall Hungary's building a wall Croatia is building a wall. Joey and it's time I swear. Joseph when it's time Greece builds a wall a big one few walls my mother won't. I would death six years ago I took my granddaughter. Good grief and I had never seen that picture Asian country. If I had gone prior to that I would my husband when he was still alive that we visited. A lot of maturity and evade get a whim I had it not a problem. And I remember sitting at a cafe and I had put my handbag definitely they're thinking outside. And the woman who was frighteningly addictive it not. She. Came out they should grab my baggage should put here on the other side of my body. Issues particularly in the week but translated. It's not how apple does not you remember. This person differently. She picked someone could come running buying picked up get back. JoAnne I'm up against that I got to go to a news break but I want to notice I said this to me my Greek friends. I don't think there's ever been a greater or more proud people than the Greeks. And they survived the Nazis. Communism. I don't Ottoman Turks for centuries. Look what socialism did to the Greeks did two generations. Joseph land it broke their back. That's why we can't allow socialism. To break us here. Thank god bless you right got to go take care JoAnne I'm sorry got to go but I I please call back. What if if we don't wanna become another grease my friends of Burt socialism. At all costs. More with your calls next. We're. 240 here on the great WRK. All of the voice of Boston. We are broadcasting all I from the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland the place is rocking. It is now official only officially opened forgive me. It's a very loud actually the most heart beat yourself think but. It's now officially open. There's going to be some speeches tonight tomorrow night and Wednesday and Thursday obviously Mike Pence Wednesday night and that Donald himself Thursday night. It is electric. How long a lot of people feel extremely confident the way things are going right now that Hillary's best days are behind her. A law does happen in the news over the last three to four days and it is buried an incredibly important story. I wanna quickly share with you and then go back into the phone lines because of the niece attacks. These shootings yesterday in Baton Rouge the killing of three police officers and ambush. And everything else that has been going on the attempted coup in Turkey which failed. By the military on lots anyway Erica on the islamists are clinging to power backed by Obama but let that go. An incredibly important story took place. And it's been sort of blown off the news cycle which all of you need to know this. It's a story that's not gonna go away. It's a story that's at the heart of Donald Trump's candidacy. Why he's revival. Not just by the house of Saud. But by the political elites Democrats and Republicans an official Washington. And there's been some very good stories on this but the person that's really driven this story is an investigative reporter. By the name of Paul Sperry who I think should win a Pulitzer. He was the one that put so much pressure on the government and also thanks to Stephen Lynch Congressman Lynch from South Boston. And congressman Walter Jones Republican from North Carolina. They along with some of these could find reporters. Got the Obama administration to finally release the final chapter. Of the 9/11 congressional report. Now it's still highly redacted. To protect the saudis. But even what they have revealed late last week. These incredibly damaging frankly infuriating. Paul Sperry wrote a column I urge everybody go out and read it it's in Saturday's New York Post just the title alone tells you everything. Yes this Saudi government felt the nine elevenths terrorists. Are you wanna read you his lead. Now we know why the missing 28 pages on 9/11 were kept under lock and key for fifteen years. They show the hijackers got help across America from Saudi diplomats and spies in the run up to the attacks. Because of the coverup. They Saudi terror support network may still be in place inside the United States. In that final chapter of the report redacted as it is but we still get some information. Paul Sperry points to wait CIT. Classified memo. It's dated July 2 2002. So it's not even a year after the 9/11 attacks. We're the CIA admits fun equivocal. That there were profound. Deep its connections. Between then 9/11 hijackers fifteen of who by the way were Saudi citizens. This Saudi embassy in Washington this Saudi consulate in Los Angeles. This CIA even admits quote incontrovertible. Evidence. That there is support for these terrorists with in this Saudi government. The FBI. Has numerous finals. Which fingers senior members of the Saudi government and the Saudi royal family. Who were financing the hijackers. Funding the hijackers. Giving them assistance. Because think about it. How could nineteen men fifteen to pull themselves. Who hardly spoke any English. How could they move around in this country for so long as they did. How can they be able to. That practice how to. Hijack a plane they wanna just learn how to take off a plane not a how to land the plane. How could they maneuver within the country as easily as he did. And now they're finding out that it was prince Bandar he himself. One of the crown prince is one of the senior top people in the Saudi government who apparently was signing big checks. She several of the 9/11 hijackers. Especially the terrorist cell the al-Qaeda cell. That hijacked the plane from Dulles airport in Washington and slammed it into the Pentagon. Saudi intelligence officers. We're training the hijackers. Finding the hijackers. Financing the hijackers. Helping them maneuver across the country. They had spies within the Saudi embassy within the Saudi consulate. Even within our own government. Trying to make sure. That those attacks were launched successful. And what is even more remarkable and has now been found out through these 28 final pages as false every point so. When people in the FBI. Began to try to go after prince Bandar and the ambassador of Saudi Arabia. George W. Bush. With the help of congress both Republicans and Democrats. Let them leave the country. They covered up for them. It wasn't just the bushes. It was the clintons. It wasn't just Karl Rove and the Republicans. It was the Democrats. And everybody turned a blind guy. And everybody looked the other way nobody wanted to say what was so obvious as the plane as the as plain as the nose on your face. The Saudi government was not just complicit behind the nine elevenths terrorist attacks. They were directly. He's involved and sponsored the attacks. They are the ones finding the madrassas around the world. They are the ones who are funding and building all the mosques across the ball kids across Europe. Here in America they are the ones who were radicalized in large segments of the Muslim world. Because they ultimately want the world Muslim empire remember Saudi Arabia this sea of Mecca and Medina. It is the cradle of the Muslim world. It is where the Prophet Mohammed was born. And where he preached and spread. Initially and expanded is wrong. And not only have we deliberately ignored. The role of Saudi Arabia. Taken money from. We're calling them Alex. Hillary Clinton for example took just herself. 25. Million dollars from the Saudi government from the house of Saud 25 million. If you add in what her husband is also raped and I think if given the clintons nearly a hundred million dollars. And it's not just the clintons and frankly it's not just the Democrats. Paul Ryan is swimming in Saudi money. Mitch McConnell is swimming in Saudi money. Jim did dog the Bush's are swimming in Saudi mining. Now you know why they want to open borders. Now you know why they wanna allow anybody to come into this country. Now you know why whenever you criticized radical Islam you have the ruling class saying normal home all normal home. We have to be politically correct. Now you know why we never put sanctions on Saudi Arabia. To me their terrorist states. They were the people who sponsored the greatest terrorist attack the greatest attacked. On the American homeland in our history. This is that's criminal regime as the Iranians. But concede. Money does the talking. He who pays the piper calls the tune. And so Washington DC the ruling class. Is essentially. Saudi occupied territory that's witnesses. So when Donald Trump comes out and sense we're gonna find out the role of Saudi Arabia the 9/11. And they're gonna get punished. And their gaze of dominating OPEC and the global price of oil that's over. The days of us caught doing radical Islam and Jihad ism that's over. That day of allowing our borders to be wide open. So anybody can walk on hand including terrorists who have been infiltrating our borders those days are over. Did days of the Saudi cartel is over. Now you know why he's such a dangerous man. Because he poses a threat to the very regime itself. 6172666868. Your reaction. Your calls next content graduation Kate O. W arcane you know the voice of Boston. Live from the Republican National Convention. Powered by New England found Los dot com. Should go in Florida thanks for holding go ahead show. Yes sir. C talking about. You sort of a plus long. Situations. I got to mention I'm kind of nervous and I Grover Norquist are complementing trumps. Because my opinion is they Grover Norquist the exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Republican Party. That's right that he is say open borders. You know PPP free trade. And he's also Muslim immigration. I that's my opinion about it. OB if you give me the same path that. Known all right Joseph listen you're entitled to your opinion. Can't agree with two and a lot of your points I just remember him as a big tax cutting guy. And he was really against deficits and the debt that was when I was at times years ago. And I remember a more from those days but no look I've got to tell you want a lot of these issues he's wrong in and you're right. No can you what's incredible droll that you see on here I'm seeing it. All of these establishment Republicans are now jumping on the trump train. So I don't know after I don't know if it's because they just know he's gonna win and now they suddenly only one winner. Or they're just doing it for show because it won't be blamed shooting hoops. Now they love trump all of a sudden now they look trump. Well I think they know he's got ended up big populist. Movement out there being donated he's gonna go not only Republicans a lot of Democrats vote. Who we it is he's showing Hillary to be what she is. And you Democrats have been really good at getting away with talked about how they're sort of people went and knocked it. And Bernie Sanders show sort of off with apps. And they're reading it he leaves. But they also seem to edit data loops. It was this election. At the end of the Republican Party are not supporting a lion but Kabul. Romney ticket again I'm done you know would now would that stuff we did the goal was Italy's McCain's that we don't know this. You people liberals. In disguise it. Didn't recruit. Crucifixion. Which was wonderful leftists that I respected. And he said. A fiscal good government's fiscal conservative but socially liberal is a guy you want to tax shelter for his money and abortion we'd go. They're really useless there's no such thing. Bingo anything goes and hello Joseph. OK we lost them joy that was you're brilliant point we just growing a little bit technical difficulties that we are doing this via remote. I think I have time for at least one more call Annie go ahead. And Jeff. I expect here listen to what you had to think they got to that report. What came to mind and I think correct me if I'm wrong please. I do not believe that that eleventh has stopped I believe it has continued only in a different way. As you explain the saudis they had a plate they boarded a pregnant they were erratic here. We had this country night right now in use head follow the money will be kept the money as they would have a Scully look at the box of what's happening in the mock. Without driving airplanes sit through I police officers they'd be shot and killed. We got black white magic you don't feel that the money they act we don't have the bush is going to that convention wide gap. But we have a nationalist. We have somebody's gonna put America first. And that's the thing bush isn't going to be here Lindsey Graham John McCain. Marco Rubio maintenance Mitt Romney. When we have an America first Nationalists. All of a sudden. None of the establishment Republicans want to show up. My friends will be back on the air tomorrow I gotta go 55. The full report has been presented by.