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MIke Siegel 7-24-16

Jul 24, 2016|

Mike talks about ISIS and Al Qaeda with the Washington D.C. bureau chief for PJ Media, Bridget Johnson and retired four star General Jack Keane.

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That it. Got problems or how they feel good eject and I'm attitude might they don't get your. Fox welcome back kid out of Sunday afternoon nice to have you whether that is a pleasure to be here with all of you with the voice of Boston WRKO. And it is a pleasure to start out the problem right off the top. When they guest who is the Washington DC bureau chief for PJ media. She is a fellow at the high of Solomon senator which does great work on the Middle East reporting. And she's gonna pays for the New York Daily News just yesterday. About the situation of the thinking. In the White House about ices. It for that matter al-Qaeda and terrorism at large. And what the reality is Bridget Johnson joins us was shot to thanks Mayweather is how are you. Very well thank you you make of some great points here. That in effect the White House's thinking about. Fighting ices. And a very traditional way the fact that they they went it would drones some of the leadership. About Barbara by Dotty has not yet been touched but a lot of others have. But that hasn't changed any in any way the effectiveness about a vice as matter of fact. I want to make the case that they're far more effective now there was just this morning a report at least about a guy with a machete. Going after people of southern Germany against Iran has been at three times this week if that report is true. And and so it's a much more diverse. And just dispersing. Of vices. And you even point out that al-Qaeda. Is though learning a lesson about this and about the reversing a dispersing all of this is well what about that. Can't meet that that's kind of evidence that this pregnancy I had to me as a parent and that's what I. You know here nobody have that battle or stop by this crisis crisis. Well the long term winner of this game is going to be up I guess. Her whole you know if if we're not paying attention to how they're either Paul Eaton. You know President Obama I am back in and into when he their chain. It was you know very insisted on the court al-Qaeda and other rat al-Qaeda has been nationality they made amid big point about. You know getting deadlocked at fault but Monica is still an inspirational figure. To both 5% al-Qaeda actually. And al-Qaeda has been doing fine under the leadership as as Ayman Al zawahiri. At least in places like likely with a QAP. And with the Taliban. If a leader is playing. They've already got people being ground to move into that's into that spot because you know as we know they they welcomed martyrdom. But you know balance theory at al-Qaeda has been opening chapters just a year after Obama made those comments about. A kind of been on the run they opened. The al-Qaeda and the Indian subcontinent chapter written could have a long term project and al-Qaeda to take different militant groups. In the area of India Pakistan Bangladesh. And had to pull them under the umbrella. Of al-Qaeda. And you know what we've seen is that is yes dating is attacks where you know Cano guys with machetes. Just attacked the person on the opened street Lou is. Maybe it secular wrist and maybe has hasn't been written about thing about it. It's just like a block Arab professors from the like that. And one of their first victims and we never had an administration. Was American couldn't that his men without eat Reuters it was from Georgia. He was in Bangladesh for a month that he was hasn't been a book fair. And duck and it was leaving and he and his wife for both attacks on the street because. There bowls atheist and they wrote to add a few minutes blonde. Based out of Bangladesh. While I was in a wise thing to do on their part to begin would've not that that they shouldn't have free speech but obviously in Bangladesh free speech. It is the cause of death warrant in some cases us as you just point and outer could be. But it but I think. And that that that the what we have to be concerned about the thinking in this country. We've seen. It really in the last couple weeks attack after attack. Whether it was in the east whether it was these for the attack at the mall in Germany if there was a machete attack this morning. The train in Germany using different ways and different tactics so let me ask you first of all about al-Qaeda they don't seem to be as. Overtly active at least they're not taking credit for attacks. Are they just now in the process. Of organizing and should we be expecting more attacks from al-Qaeda coming down the road. I'm I think in that the best way to kind of frame is that you know al-Qaeda is the more disciplined outfit. I just basically as as I find no better way to say they hire any old idiot encampment. You know they're just happy with. Anybody basically died out and it do in attack and it they say at that you know right afraid they'll people. I'm pledging allegiance to of the crowd back daddy and they're really happy about it. Al-Qaeda. Take issue with not just the palace it is self. With a lot of these tactics. Of crisis because al-Qaeda believed that caddie at greater Muslim populace on your side. Is necessary to establishing. Eventually decals. And you know which is why for example. I'm back to Bangladesh at the attacks that that we've seen there cases has tried to move in on that territory and we thought with that awful. Bakery cafe attack in Dhaka. Al-Qaeda as has. Fired back at running attacks saying you know you know that they have to under the guidelines of somebody is worthy of being killed. Obviously we know there were not veggie dish there they're not that judicious from what we thought I eleven. But you know this is basically how they're they're trying to destruction themselves. Now what does the the greatest regions that al-Qaeda has and we in America. Is through its propaganda you know if you compare the two English language magazine. Adobe magazine crisis and inspire magazine about how that inspires the lion where people on the west could actually yet. Practical terror as an instruction you know they have step by step pictorial. I'm building different types of bombs. They they discuss things like you know how to blended into society how to. You know recruit people who are you know who have been born in the US you know literature for a lot of time. And you know how to take assassination targets of that era so even a lot of the people that we see claiming that there attack. Are in the name of I think says they're getting actual instruction. At home for about vitamin here. Would that being the case. And if this becomes a very different kind of war even though as you point out the White House. Tries to live portrayed this in traditional. War terms that they hit the drone attacks on some of the leadership. That we've got taken out. Some of the areas taken back some of the cities in Iraq. But luckily as you point out in your piece at that the terror group decentralized as it's called on the run. And then if they lose some occupied territory while it's on the run again. And then if they lose some leaders to drone strikes there on the run well I don't see them being on the run but I will last that's. You point out that al-Qaeda has a very disciplined. Organization if you will in fact when when bin Laden was killed. The the reality was. That yet they had to retrench but they didn't miss a beat because everybody knew. Doctor Ayman Al Zohar was gonna take over I mean he was his number one guy he loses all three go so that wasn't gonna change. And as you point out it hasn't changed what happens if and one of the military guys that was on one of the cable networks couple months ago said we're gonna get. A bunker of Baghdad in what if they get him what happens dice or say anything that they continue along. As they won't continue on. You know I am at Saudi you know I'd say they're people who have as thin. More headaches haven't linchpin for rallying people and the west and even handbag daddy has spent. So that they they. Jim has. You know organizational structure they have current structure actually in in the Islamic states that that that they can work down. And the and that if people want to play and millions of course Baghdad in the same sense that the line as he is very inspirational recruiting now. I mean living in their territory and Barack and Syria no doubt would be a great step back. But they're kind of already moved into the point where. They once the president and in Bangladesh in Bolivia. And you know that it and where where Boca rob has been in Nigeria. Cameroon at the they're they're they're kind of spreading out. You know we thought this disclaim this past week. That you know not quite sure it's if it's right yet. And I just have to meet founded in Brazil which is the first trying to Latin America. But you know we do you know for a fact they were I to supporters. Who were arrested there for trying to form some sort of plot and I have some information from a source that. There is an American. Down and very and Brazil and I just supporter that jacket and the weapons. Down ash so. That's kind of liken it to if you have a flat. Map of the world news. Village are salt you know on top of it and having little grain it's just everywhere that is basically the goal of full prices and a tight as just to have. So many entrenched people so many different areas. That even if you take. Fighters and started you know. Striking. The rock you know it's it's not going to win the war. I've heard reports. That. They might move headquarters if need be to Libya for example the levee that is is has no government basically it's and chaos thanks to Hillary. Forthright Qaddafi was actually helping us at the time and had been for a number of years. Would. Would that be a possibility that they might move the headquarters to Libya. Or for that matter Yemen or for that matter. Some other country that when that might be a suitable. I don't think that that they they would Bolivia and there is a lot of I just pushed back there right now there's there's a lot of fighting and you know a lot of the Libyans have given their lives trying to set. The push I decided this is the kind of got a little bit shaky ground. And Libya at the moment but I could see them. You know movie and two. Some place like he you know that it would kind of have to muscle maybe an ounce and got tightest territory for some real safe havens. That says you know one of the things that that you think is that the the hair area. That al-Qaeda and Islamic Maghreb really controls. You think the border regions and Waziristan are Qaeda has a foothold. So he is kind of thing that al-Qaeda is almost kind of kind of got the better headquarters of the bombing. Prices is Panama blend. Now and going back to the point about this administration. And the other day the president said but you know he Pete talked about the Republican. Convention are and I suppose Donald Trump specifically about being a very dark speech the way what's the American he's talking about early Islam and finally then the well. Obviously not everybody's fine and dandy 49 people of that and Orlando fourteen in San Bernardino we could go one on the we have 9/11 of course we go on and on about that. But. The bottom line is whether. He's got his head in the sand like the ostrich. Or or whether in fact. There's even anything we can do about this because of your talking about these grains of sand or salt being spread you know and their little. On claims here in the area got them and if you have that machete attack this morning had a guy with that truck the of those last couple weeks go in the east. And how do you stop that I could carry says you can't stop it that way is that can we stop those attacks. I think what the problems now at the Obama administration they're trying to wrap up these legacy issues. I'm it is they've they've you know one illustration to go out on a high note. That's for example you know we thought issued from the Treasury Department just the other day. Sanctions against. Al-Qaeda in Iraq. And you know these guys an honor notable. You know not just for the fact that that came Protestant you know shielding them for many many years. But he's ever gotten. You know they're like in their their thirties and you know. Are basically speaking to the right audience you know it's as people attempt to keep I think now. Though. If you have to really start with the reality check. You know yes you know you wanted to forge this nuclear deal with Iran so badly and have that. You know on air on your Wikipedia page actually leave office. But. You know all long time. They have been and supporting al-Qaeda and Iran a couple of years ago if you remember when he administration was was barking about. This group's surfacing in Syria called the course thought group. And warning that there were imminent attack and infineon the strike at them Allen actually up high and I thought they had you know waited for. Right unstable situation and got the great lights and you know moved into that area. So it's it's it's gonna happen is if you're gonna win a war. You know against these guys that have to be you know very. It is it's it's being united effort that that includes you know I'm intelligent. Counter messaging. Much collaboration not just with other countries that with the Muslim community. Interdiction. You know. You know terrorist suspects after a level. You know interception of communications this is not a multi facet effort effort that also includes military. Well even when you said of course I group that use or are you saying they were gonna go when do we run. Or what they already and Iran as an al-Qaeda affiliate wood what was their role. They were already in Iraq and al-Qaeda affiliates. So that win went saints in Syria. Back to the point where I kind of felt that they can move in and said that the chapter shouldn't speak. They basically moved from around here. Yeah and then there was village that had been Christian former B a thousand years. That they just all the people who convert or die. In a verb and a very peaceful bulls I think north of Damascus somewhere remember the name of it but they they just took it over and that was an al-Qaeda grow or more if that was the same group. That's set up over there. It's it's it's possible that that kind of that this step might have been Knight says that that's a tactic that that is in unfortunately. You know what they would include and say that that people can pitch is it tax you know that they won't be killed that's that's not something that. Usually am bears that reality. But you know it's it's. It would we have in a lot of areas you know ice is the al-Qaeda. You know fighting for supremacy and usually it's it's Ike is that it and and I al-Qaeda. Is there any point at which they mumbled. Global taking action and it's not my sister as well. Is there any possibility would be far more. Devastating probably because Boca Iran cut a deal would vices. And that they actually killed more people I think last year than nicest it. But. But is there any possibility of that al-Qaeda nicest could join forces. I think that actually I fiscal and that kind of catering now. Before then and it's not that you know are these guys you know who have basically just diocese schools attempted diet. That's a leap allegiances were. We'll probably start switching I think that book a probable actually eventually switched back up high Def. Because I think that you know that the at a temporary expectation. Aid just adding you don't wanna be with that with the group said that's most for Dolan and tennis match of their tactics. And it is the end Somalia's Al Shabazz you've got. You know a lot of standing internal struggle of members to want to get prices and the ones who want to remain without Qaeda. And I was actually a little splinter group that. That broke off in that region potentially decisive. But I think you know licenses it in the terrorism world without the flavor of the moment. Well you know that the the final point. For me is that we seem to be in denial. How important is it. And you've mentioned this in your piece in the New York Daily News yesterday how how important is it. To call this radical Islamic terrorism to understand. That that they are actually in their mind somewhat saying this the most Muslims but these. Radicals. Believe they're following the Koran amenable baccarat big Dottie has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies. I think you know a little something about the Islamic religion. And he would if you were sitting across the table for me right now and I interviewed him and say we're just following the core and that's what we're going by cutting off. Christian Coptic Christians heads and that sort of thing. But what but the administration them want to understand that how important is that to understand. I think it comes around the cities be realities that. You have to acknowledge. Religious element to it speaks says. At them and I feel that god is telling him to wield his sword against you you cannot sit negotiating table as John Kerry. And negotiate that man got that historic. Well unemployed you know Loretta Lynn says it's love I I I was I offered her a one way ticket to rock. To sit out at Starbucks would Baghdad Ian have a conversation to solve the problem. I mean you know that that's that that's the state of denial that there are in the mood. Yeah I am and I think you know they're there you know really afraid of offending Muslims at this point but we have tied to plant planning has sent move them to. You know. And interpret those that fraught differently then Baghdad neighborhood and you know that you need to support those elements. As part of the overall strategy. Against site just so so Islam have to be part of that. Well you know and and when the Jewish Defense League and have to be Jewish was. They're promoting the idea about destroying mosques I debated the head of Jews mostly at the time. Many times on the air. Passionately because I didn't want. The religion that I am part of to promulgate the idea that violence was appropriate. In anyway. And so you know I mean that my most Muslims that they were afraid of the most Muslims. Would play if we're against them too I mean how CC says that the king of Jordan says it. United Arab Emirates as it. The fact when cared Council On American Islamic Relations was put on the terrorist list of of the United Arab Emirates this administration called him and try try to get him taken off the list. Yet acting as the UAE is actually a great example on the side that says you know they realized for along time ago you know if you want to have nice gains in fight extremism. You know you don't pull out in their country. You don't have the other thing is that that what we're sort of going around. The that the administration because it's a report I saw this week. That a retired very prominent retired the military general from in Saudi Arabia and and a and this is cachet of people went to Israel to talk with the Israelis. Another awards and we we know that privately Saudi Arabia and Israel have been. Keeping contact one way or another now it's much more open that apparently they seem mutual interest in this thing. And I think that there's actually a lot of frustration. And among our leaders and Armani and you know Muslim populace some of them. About how the administration. Has been handled the and I don't think it's perfectly analytically you mentioned how happy they put the care out there. A nation is terrorist list and you know the administration won't like it that they try to step around that. He temple permits and get them a lot of questions you know regarding you know what do you think in. And you know it's just sort of yes stock. Can't everybody get a lot type answers. You know a lot of these these these leaders are edit re like that the war. Well and then I don't giving a little longer here but. Tough she Malik. The San Bernardino female killer who I guess inspired her husband the Joyner she had that we we as she was well known. In Pakistan to a bit of madrassas. Extremist. Mosques. Had become a radicalized individual over there. And then. Before they commit to this country now I that you might make a case for that for Americans. But for goodness sake. Somebody wants to get into the country don't look at their social media and the secretary of Homeland Security orders is analyst not to look at the social media have they looked at that. The would've seen who she was. Put a little. Target. In our record. You know for the State Department so that what you try to get in here it would pop up on the screen and they wouldn't let Iran. If you're gonna if you gonna make yourself vulnerable. To lose to an attack by letting the murderer and you're not doing your job and that's why this administration. Has done everything to look the other way. Add back at this is really ridiculous especially for the the fact that that's open source intelligence. You know different health care for everybody just see what people are tweeting what people are both in other FaceBook pages. Well at that that's terrific and then even even the guy in Orlando. I mean his colleague resume quit his job as of rather colleague of his out of fear for his family because of the way the guy was talking. And he goes to the end the company's G four arrests and tells them. About this guy how are Martina I guess is nameless a Mormeck team I think. And and how. His is very extremist radical conversation. Really far extremist. Conversation. And the FBI looks adamant and looks the other way. How do you expect to protect your country if the pin if they're tough and sending with the of this are I have Brothers and in Boston. I mean added of the way it was known that the guy went back to Chechnya for six months what was he doing there having a kinda have a go to Starbucks like I said there. Or was he getting trained as to how to do that attack of the Boston Marathon. What we're not protecting ourselves and I think a lot of us do what this administration. Falling down on the job in my right or wrong. I can't that's happening now a lot of people that do get through these you know administration I want him and other pilots because they're really not that have. Our. And you know they've they've made leaned out of hand they've they've you know they've they've they love the fact that he got through to FBI investigation. You have you know one guy who was released from from Guantanamo. Who you know was involved with al-Qaeda in the Buchanan he joined eight QA peach just a couple of years. After it and they feeding sizes basically. You know leave the Shawshank redemption. Jeanne I'd. Ellen who who you know crawls through the river as. You know US intelligence failures and came out clean on their side. And yeah now they're here to teach other jihadist how to work that you that system because there's so many of them. Well and then in 2009. When the Iranians sought some ratings were trying to do and overthrow of Ayatollah Ali come and I and his crowd than one that dictatorial. Theocracy. Obama did nothing and you think this is the rear end. Of of come and I now gives them everything he wants in that deal and now we have a report that they're gonna have nuclear weapon a lot quicker than anybody thought. It's it's it's stunning to me how he cal house to radicals let's murderers. Out of Guantanamo. And and and that does nothing really to protect us I mean I mean there's an absolute violation of the constitutional requirement is commander in chief. Hand liquidation. Fund has been so. Dangerous because you know he's been setting for example. Prisoners to sit they had it like what you're you're putting them under the watchful eye if somebody has won it by then. National criminal court for genocide. Against humanity he. It makes it. An amazing well Bridget in any case people's take a look at your piece in the New York Daily News it's a terrific. Piece of food for thought yesterday. I was like 23 Saturday. And I'm sure people get an on line and take a look at it and that continued success PGA media those great work and so does the I am Solomon senators lead with two great organizations and that we thank you being with us. Have a good day that's average Johnson and we yep they're on the run mr. Obama right there all on the run. Port 6172666868. That's number of Boston anybody feel secure and comfortable. What we're gonna get into this whole thing about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Here we have the chair of the Democratic National Committee being told you're not gonna lead this convention. Devastating blow and it's going to be very interesting to see how that plays out because she. Behind the scenes manipulated the election. To defeat Bernie Sanders on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton the question now is what are Hillary known when that she noticed somebody said earlier today. Good to have you with us and get your calls come and M on that on this problem with terrorism that we're not confronting. And on the issue of the Democratic National Convention what about Debbie Wasserman Schultz being cut out. Because it was scandalized by WikiLeaks. That all of those emails demonstrate that the Democrat party was rape. As Donald Trump has set 6172666868. And Robert Boston Mike Siegel here. Good to have you this 133 were back on the other side stay with us. We'll talk welcome back then back in good to have you that's all choked up Mike Siegel here you ought to respond to that conversation with Richard Johnson. Who is the Washington DC bureau chief PGA media also a fellow at this time Solomon senator. We're glad to get your rug comes station about that its interest in what she points out. That these organizations are certainly not on the run what they're doing is dispersing themselves she used that example of the salt shaker pouring out assault and spreading it. Small little groups and on claims and really how do you stop those attacks. You can only stop them by having a very diligent approach. In your country. We don't have that as I pointed out. The the part of public security won't let its analyst look at social media of people coming into the country these are not citizens. These are people trying to get here and they allowed them alone they let them come in. And these guys are ordered not to look. At their social media rants and raves about their radicalization. If you can't look at the social media how in the world. Do you determine whether or not they should be coming again in the first place and that's number one. Number 20 is that the policy. Of this country. Is that Fort Hood was workplace violence is that these are lone wolves just radical not so we're going around killing people. On their own and you'll remember that and Orlando. Loretta lynch actually put out the guys 911 call and deleted or covered. When he said that he was. Faithful to Abu blocker Obey god. They actually covered that up or when he said doctor. I'm a lot. And Lula. A lot. The god of Islam they called that they they replaced the name a lot with god they don't want you to know. That we have a problem with radical Islamic terrorists they they wanna hide in the sand do they think we're complete idiots. In this administration. They give us a narrative. That makes this sound like well it's not really. Any form of Islam while of course the vast overwhelming majority of people of the Islamic faith are just like any other group of people. Wanting to do well for their families for their kids. Colonel living with a peaceful life all of that but there is a small. But radical. And focused pathological group. Whether it's al-Qaeda or ices. I'll show Bob. Welcome Iran. Islamic Jihad Hezbollah Hamas. A locks of martyrs brigade go down the list name anyone of them you want. They all have the same goal lead in the Iranian government's part of that same crowd. Which used to destroy the west. That's what they do. And this administration is opening the door getting and it's Cantonese letting people live here. Letting people out of Guantanamo Bay. Who are the worst of the worst. Going back out 30% of them have gone back out. To actually go one. And go back in the terrorist activities. And that's where we are that's why the people of this country are very clear and that's why. When CNN. Referred to. Donald Trump's speech. Thursday night as being dark. People would understand that was the truth. 75%. Of the people said they like the speech agreed with the speech. By eight CNN's own poll when they were stunned by it. They don't get it. Because those turtles live in the wrought on enclaves protected in Washington DC or wherever they live. Away from the actual threats. And fears that many other people across this country feel. And that's the same with the Democrat politicians a lot of all ahead. What the Syrians and Hillary want to let in what 550%. Increase in Syrian refugees. Without proper vetting. The let me turn to. Deborah Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Who is the chair of the democratic national committee for maybe another ten minutes because she's going to be gone. But this woman. Basically conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders the emails thousands of them now demonstrate that from WikiLeaks. That she and her crowd at the DNC. Suppressed gurneys that Bernie Sanders. And and basically program this election for Hillary Clinton. That's what they did. So now Debbie Wasserman Schultz falls on the sort but my question is what are Hillary node one the chino. Because I don't think there's any doubt that this was done either with the overt. Or. Subtle. Support. And encouragement by Hillary Clinton you have to say anything. About this. She could just give it our thumbs up to go after Bernie. And let the Democrat national committee do what's worked up forget. Hillary and bill a bit around the Democrat national committee for forty years. Well let's make that. 24 years. I wanna be unfair to those people 24 years two and a half decades. And so they have a lot of the wrong people entrenched in the DNC. At to have that thing rape was outrageous the questions going to be will be Bernie people. Support Hillary. Now seeing clearly officially but Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her thugs that the DNC rigged that election. And what the impact of that is going to be. What if your thoughts about bad thoughts about the way this administration hides from the reality of our terrorist problem. Number Boston 61726668686172666868. Your calls a welcome Mike Siegel and on a Sunday coming up to 143 at the voice of Boston WRK go. That we are folks that you what that's coming up about a 146. At the voice of Boston WRKO Mike Siegel and on the Sunday afternoon what you're doing well. And I guess I'm gonna have to watch the and the democratic conventions. I did I feel like I need to take a shower after watching. The portrayal of what this country is about. In this very delusional way by the Democrats. But. Looking need to know your opponent right. You need to know where they are what their thinking she can exploit them I will say this it's going to be very were interesting to watch as I mentioned about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Now there's just couple hours ago. The announcement was made that she will not be chairing. This convention I don't know who's gonna be doing if they haven't said to my knowledge. But it's going to be very interesting to watch. And see how that plays out this can only add fuel to the fire. Of the people who are supporting Bernie. There was actually another way in which Hillary suppressed burning. Because he was trying to get a permit. To speak outside the convention to 40000. Of his supporters 40000. Of his supporters. And apparently. The deputy city manager of Philadelphia refused to issue a permit now if you think he did that on his own. Your living in a dream world. Because that was that no doubt done through the either subtle. Or overt. Pressure. From the Clinton folks. Not to let Bernie have that kind of state who has it all would have happened the media would have covered it. Even the mainstream media. And you would have seen. 880 split. And the Democrat party now the question is going to be how far will most people goal. In opposing Hillary Clinton will play a poser. There are many of them. Who say Hillary is just part of the same old same old. Collecting money from Goldman Sachs for speeches at toward 25000 a speech. The Clinton foundation. Whether it's. Taking money for Hillary in exchange for favors done by Hillary. Meant how blatant. And how unlawful was that an I I am so disappointed and James called me. Because that should have been on the table. The emails as bad as they wore and she did commit a crime there wasn't any question by the way because. The loss that gross negligence. And call we try to say that he wanted to be based on intent. That he didn't think that they would be able to get a conviction on gross negligence well that's dead wrong. Because when congress passed the Los angles gross negligence without having any intent. To get these things out to the enemy. Or vulnerable to the enemy these these documents as emails. The fact was the reason they did that weighs because they wanted to make it clear that you don't have the intent to commit a crime. You just have to be very reckless and negligent. When you. Make those messages. Available. Potentially to our enemies. And so we're gonna convict you of a crime even if it's not by intent because that's how serious it is to make these messages available to our enemies. So we call it gross negligence call me. Played the political game. And would not prosecute and he said nothing about the Clinton foundation so he's just another one of the guys even though he had all of these accolades about as integrity. That's gone in my opinion. And he should have prosecuted her. Certainly the Clinton foundation has clear evidence of quid pro quo. Give us money at the Clinton foundation. And me Hillary Clinton will do you favor. With respect to a your interest as well so that's been going on. And that's gonna come up more and more I think during this campaign and that's where it should come up. And that's what the the American people should know about the so the independence could finally look at and say enough is enough let's make a change but Donald Trump was gonna have to be. Focused on Hillary and again and it yesterday was talk or today on. Meet the Press he's talking about a gold after Ted Cruz and John Kasich Kweisi wasting his time. It's a waste of time to do that that's all ego rather than doing what you need to do politically metaphor. His campaign manager got to get him under control to go after Hillary period case closed just build the speech that he gave the other night. And elements of it throughout this campaign. Going after Hillary and going after the problems in this country. And there are problems in the people say that it was a dark speech don't get it because the American people agree with trop we are difficult times we'll go to the wrong direction. And that is so clearly. Now or we ought to be our number to Boston a 617. 2666868. Could get your calls comments reactions whether it's on the terrorism battle whether it's on this Debbie Wasserman Schultz being. Thrown out as a chair of this convention whether it's Bernie being suppressed from getting a permit to speak to us 40000 supporters who were there any and all of that Mike Siegel here at the voice of Boston WRKO. We'll talk welcome back into that Q1 us might think the limits could be put you on a Sunday afternoon as we move right along when we come back. We're going to be joined by general Jack Keane who is the I think premier. Expert authority on the military matters when it comes to how to deal with the terrorism that we're facing in this country and I say that because while we have a Democratic National Convention coming up. This week and they think their heads that they basically be absorb their heads are in the sand we don't have a big problem in this country right I mean everybody's living well according to the president. The bottom line really is that again this morning there's a report at least of a machete attack in southern Germany. So made that that you had the attack on the train. Earlier in the week. And then of course you had. What was it nine people killed. In Germany as well. In Munich. And it just goes on and on. And dot. And we have. I had a note I've sort of prolonged drought in more many people have it's pretty obvious if you do not define a problem for what it is he never gonna solve. And the Europeans have been just an MB maybe even more. Irresponsible than we have because they've had this open borders thing where the Syrian refugees over a million payment to Europe. You tell me. Out of over a million people. If even a thousand. Our ices trained terrorists. And that's that very many percentage wise of thousand out of a million even if gorgeous that many. You tell me. Whether you put yourself at risk by letting people win without vetting them properly which Europe did not. So you've got the western world. Either having to wake up. Or actually face destruction of life as we know it. Have to fight with a this problem of terrorism. And an ongoing basis from the vehicle stop until we define Mike Siegel here backward general Jack Keane after the news don't go away at the voice of Boston. WRKO. We're back but you folks that I have here it is. 206 in the afternoon. Mike Siegel and we're joined by general Jack Keane who has been here before. And who lives in my opinion the premier analyst for military strategy. In America understands this very well general that we talked again I want you. Could talk heroic. Well let's let's get right to it. I was gonna start someplace else put the of those report just indicated that that. In fact this attack machete attack this morning. In the southwest Germany was done by a fellow who apparently killed one person injured one or two others. And they described it in the Germany as a lone wolf attack now that it's pretty clear to me. That these people are connected you know if you have a hub. I'm on a bicycle. And then you have the spokes coming out. The hub. You might argue is Rocca Syria but the spokes. Are all of these other people intertwined with their connection being too. Ices and wanting to do ices dirty work. Whether they do it by inspiration or my direction is irrelevant because lives are lost in either case so. Had a would have they continue to call these lone wolf attacks. When there is a connection. To a very radical Islamic ideology. Of murder and terrorism. Yellow water but it but it gets it's an appropriate whether they attacked. Wherever they occur in Europe are United States. That they are inspired. Directive motivated by. A radical Islamist organization. That so this terrorism and I think that her lone wolf it's probably appropriate these. These are terrorists who have committing acts in the mainland of an ideology that they want to dive for. And and I've been mobile. Description just seems to be an adequate. Indescribable. What what happened here had been in Germany shortly. One of the problems that they haven't. And I think. Did they pull over reported on this machete incident. You know as somebody who in fact maybe mentally unstable but has sparked by it stick McAuliffe but. Bit their problems probably is. 1200000. Refugees and in the last year most of them coming out of out of the Middle East what hardly any betting whatsoever. So it detonate you know criminality has risen. And absolutely it is an indication of somebody. Who may be out of bounds emotional and notably it and without any proper vetting. They really have some problems and problem. Yeah about that we I was making that point earlier when he mentioned that about the lack of vetting and over a million people go in and they Europe. Another paying them the price for it. But that would have been moaning and the other thing general is that yeah maybe he was mentally. Deranged. But again that doesn't even matter because in that arrangement these people are still affiliate in and motivated by. Prices or were a radical terrorism to give them so what have for whatever reason they have. It's still that the existence of vices or that existence of radical Islamic terrorism. That's motivating them even and in a deranged condition to do that because when you say they're deranged and lone wolves. You marginalize. The nature of the problem you've you've separated from crisis instead of making it part of that I think. Well I thought I agree about that that know the facts in this particular case I was the machete attacker to. Devices. And that the park yet support that those that there was an argument between them and some warm it's about a weapons. Forfeited right fortunately who you know what I I don't think. You know what what we talk about these attacks than this so difficult. The book type of attack although electric Scotland Yard in London and we have some police. But I in New York have had the most success with preventive attack. Largely because of its sophisticated intelligence network. But most most police forces you know do not have that kind of capability shortly. And so they they are going to happen that people motivated. To do them. When you could be isolated. It's impossible for about. You know attacked and involve around the country and any place where people gather. In terms of one of the sought protection. But it is possible to stop that radical Islamic movement which is fired these attacks I mean that that is the thing. That are naturally and not one of the scouts. So we we have a rival Islamic movement. That is now a global Jihad if he expanded tripled in the last few years five years. And it's risen now Torre quit being. Stupid is that we have a 28000. Pill but as a lot of those bombs terrorist and of course it being number will be higher than. Then these. What it took a no vote. My total war like do these things would talk about here it in terms of mentality but. We have no national leadership here. Or in Europe and it's unlikely in Europe sure. Stepping forward they would need. The form of global alliance to deal with this global Jihad and come together with a strategy and share intelligence to work at this together. And and that bit the second part is. When you have a radical Islamist terrorist organization occupy an eight safe haven where ever that they pay the news. It must be destroyed. And we cannot let it stay. Opportunity attractive level of I just moved into Syria with several hundred fighters and toward a twelve reported fourteen they grew to 30000. Bought it because Turkey facilitated. The people's movement. Into the crisis and kept them in rock. But from toward fourteen for the present not to put few years. There has been a total aren't safe haven in Syria would just praying. On the world it's inspiring and motivating parent to feel that fellow citizens what I just has expanded now. In 211 affiliate the most recent was unabashed. And the Philippines. That they pay for this series should have been destroyed. Last year at the latest and the long what we committed and maintain. Its president had maintained an identity. They'll be continue to motivate. Citizens to show their fellow man and it was safe haven Olivia should be destroyed there's one game. In Afghanistan and so what do Palomar part of that should be destroyed. And yet we are not doing we are not making that commitment it's so much when you do have safe havens and it become attracted. If that we learn it as a result of our eleven. In Afghanistan we did not destroy the Afghanistan safe haven even if they are about to embassies in Africa we have the USS Cole we still would not so. And we got a lot of love and as a result of that better than Melbourne. Finding of the report what it felt with the head of the other faction that is when you have a safe havens. That the enemy has established it must be destroyed otherwise what happens is that it tax it more frequent. They get more bold and get more lethal. Well and that's what it and and that if you're you're you're good that's an eloquent statement because of that the finds the entire problem or most of it. But then you also have. On the side here al-Qaeda. Which set up in the Indian subcontinent. And they've been doing a whole bunch of machete assassination so maybe this guy in Germany. Who knows maybe picked up from all Qaeda we don't really know yet as you pointed out but they're doing a lot of attacks there was an American citizen attack. In Bangladesh aside from the restaurant that was hit and al-Qaeda. I'm told is much more organized structured. And rigid. And that they don't just wantonly recklessly go after people the way ices does that much more defined in the way they do things and their building. Their network as well even though it's not of about friendly when vices but at least that's another problem we face is it not. Oh yeah absolutely. Radical Islamic movements. There's there's a number of them probably don't know multiple artists. One is I is because. They complained. A large swath of territory. As a calibrate and not had never been been done before and it may mobilize. On here that didn't want to expand their organizations to. The vocal worldwide following that had never been achieved either. Al-Qaeda is expanding organization despite the fact that we feel so bad lobbed back and Torre called him. And everybody would take a bit victory lap on that's about almost bearable but that we drew conclusions. On that solution to a conclusion is that what totally inadequate. That and that was. I'll cry and had. Was on the run and had logged have been defeated and destroyed then and those folks with just not actually collect them all the organization. It was expensive as as a matter of fact they're not the organization that we see today. If it continues to expand and has a significant presence in Yemen it has a very significant. Presence and in Syria. And measurement and I'm on the sub continent and also has a presence and book Africa. It does operate differently. Devices but. Ultimately they also like to disable this same ideology. You know Obama walked the Islamic fundamentalism. You know the I mean look I'm not that I'm not an expert in the field but it was obvious to me at the time when the laden was killed. That it was well known at doctor Ayman Al-Zawahri was gonna take over and it was already established. Between the two of them that it would be a seamless transition which it wants. And what why would there be this lack of understanding gifts if if a layperson like me understood that in many others why would the administration that understand. That also are just gonna pick up where bin Laden what effect he was really. Somebody that bin Laden relied on for a lot of the leadership of al-Qaeda even when he was alive bin Laden. We all remember that you have to crack but look we could have some successful al-Qaeda led and we should. We should acknowledge that I mean. We Trace amount of aftershocks. We should've followed them in the pocket and with with the fact we should football be. There's sit by the abortions system on that. That that the 3000 dead. You read a lot of the files so loaded Buddhist Pagoda and also I want to move out. It was good should've. He's been very very. In certain dogmatic about that fact and then so we could pursue them. And we would've been able to destroy them much more rapidly than what it took bought it on about a decade to capture and if Sullivan bin Laden. But let me. But the reality is while we perked leadership you what you don't know exactly the fourth. This is an ideology. And as such they have probably is that that and pick up a bit. And they've been successful that all of us. And they've and that that's that's the tragedy of this is not understanding that would be my point but. And let me ask you this because when these three attacks in Germany this week and again we don't know for sure about the guy this morning but. A machete attacks have happened before. And and these various kinds of attacks tell us that there is a dispersion. Of crisis or whoever al-Qaeda whoever might be. But that. It's it's kind of like taking a salt shaker pouring out assault and then spreading the salt all over the place these little. Grains of salt. Become. These so called lone wolves were really connected to the original. Organization in the first place but would that all being spread out. How in the world you deal with the patty and how do you defeat something that's become the are actually stronger now than they were before even though they lost some land in Iraq or think. The yes they are over he thought about al-Qaeda. About nicest to immunize this is seems to be more effective now than it was before. I think it is more territory of Syria and has lost. In Iraq but the fact that it made me that they tape in this series is the move this all the Mets organization. Organization together while we can claim. We can claim some success over this organization. And in the past two years in a very thriving organization. They're director of the Central Intelligence Agency is almost not almost too good month to go public testimony. Predicting exactly what is happening. Saying that they are they are going to conduct successful earth that act. Again. Likely in Europe likely in the United States and they're very dangerous. Coherent. Organization. That is expanding. And and that's the reality. And I like that the war. It is possible. To defeat this organization we should Wear wherever they have not that there's two things you have to build one as organizers got the ideology. And that requires leadership of the water cooler and share intelligence so we have not about it which British I don't know that about. This organization and as the civilization. We've sorely organized because Communist ideology of World War II. With political military alliances. And yet we we've. But unable to do that effectively. As I mentioned when they have when they are required territorial we know what that currently is that we go over. And that's how. We have to hold them accountable because the record behavior a little longer but hold that territory the most successful. Was no question though that with a one final point I'd make those that. Homeland Security we know what three months ago memo was released publicly which was from Homeland Security telling its own analysts not to. Look at the social media people trying to get into this country. And that's how tough she Molly got into the country could she had been radicalized before she got here. Had to look at our social media they would have known that she was a madrassas she was an extremist Islamic mosques in Pakistan. Have become already radicalized and got her husband radicalized they in the San Bernardino. If you're gonna avoid doing that due diligence. That that fundamental due diligence. To protect your country. Then how could you ever stop them from committing these acts even on our homeland. Right up and so it I think that's all part. I'll just put them but mechanisms and inside our country and this has been do. One of the opera. All of the because Wellemeyer. What pleases but do in terms of domestic defense they're half hour. It has the power at the border parents have to what the betting are currently anybody that's coming over correct area. It's you we've got to do this group the end and Betty and expert that part. But not have. A terrorism background and and that may warrant yes. More of betting. That in what some other person is coming from another country's state. It in Europe that they had no no no history of our on the weather area but clearly. We know the enemy was the typical trait into Europe was a trait in the United States they are almost back. And usually everything they say they wanna do it they at least try to. Some there's this successful climate gotta wring our hands and not do that type of war is is your response we've got it's going to be. General it's always a pleasure. Continued success and we appreciate that your time always and I'm sure unfortunately we'll have we'll probably talk a lot more because I think these things are not going away and we need your expertise so thanks being with us. Get good talk and you might as well. You take care sir as a general Jack Keane and the point he made as a military. Expert. We got to take out rock cop. That's the bottom line. Now how can you take out rock hard if you won't even vet people coming into this country. Oh for fear that they might be a terrorist. Perhaps she Molly the woman at San Bernardino should've been kept out of this country based on our social media ranting and raving about her being a radical Islamic. Followers. I mean it was out there. And we were on our Homeland Security Department said you can't look at her social media. Well the analyst at all the security can't look at the social media then they don't know that she is that way. And this country is. Allowing itself to be used. By terrorists and making it haven for them. Maybe unintentionally but certainly it's happening. Number of Boston 6172666868. Mike Siegel and on a Sunday afternoon good to have you what this coming up to 224. At the voice of Boston WRKO. And welcome back give folks good to have you with us Mike Siegel and on a Sunday afternoon two point seven and as. At the west of Boston WRKO. It's very frustrating because. You have to ask yourself the question why isn't Donald Trump leading by five or ten points. It's a no brainer that the American people look at where we are today. As being. Number one in the wrong direction. Number two sliding. Number three. For the first generation parents believe that their kids may not be better off than they wore. Because of the direction this country is going 95 million people. Are out of the workforce the highest number since 1977. When that statistic was begun. 46 million people some people think 43 million on food stamps fifty million in poverty. 51. Or more percent of African youth. Unemployed in the inner cities African American youth unemployed in the inner cities. It was 35% when George Bush was president that's a big number to begin with but now under Obama. It's increased by about 50%. As far as unemployment among African American youth in the inner cities. So I was wonder why it is that African Americans. Think that Barack Obama has been so wonderful for that he's done nothing for them. But Donald Trump has put his foot in his mouth a number of times which frustrates me. He has the right message Thursday night was the best message and get back talking about Ted Cruz. People wonder if that in the independent category as to whether he has the ability to be commander in chief. They wonder about that the the stability the and he's got to be good to do that. Otherwise we're going to be lost in this country if Hillary gets elected god forbid I hope Jeff corners right you can't be elected. Good everywhere the sound of Sunday afternoon Mike Siegel here begun to yourself in the world the world will be good to you what WRKO Boston.