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Kim and VB have some disagreements on the Ride-Sharing legislation 8-2-16

Aug 2, 2016|

Kim is pretty irritated that Uber drivers aren't forced to get fingerprinted.

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You can colony were in boston.com newsroom. He legislature. Assessing for. The rest of the summer they'll be back after Labor Day. And before leaving in they past. A so regulation for Cooper and lift the start these out right healing companies you know. And both of these companies who brown lifted particular. I think they are always been sort of all in on. A certain amount of regulation they understood they were going to be able to avoid by. They were very much against the idea fingerprinting. For background checks when it comes to their driver something that thousands of taxi drivers in Boston have to do. India this bill passed in it doesn't include fingerprinting which is a huge disappointment to Bill Evans the police commissioner. And it's now on Charlie Baker's basket not clear if two of the governor's been assigned as Dolan not although I think he's pretty pleased with the ideas that got something through. I am not happy about this I I always take this team stand BB when it comes to. He's right sharing services. It's not that I necessarily think that they have to be under the same old as the taxi drivers because I am absolutely convinced that you know. Taxi services didn't keep up with. The times in and that is what it is spot for safety. I would have liked to have seen that in the bill I think it fingerprinting is not that big a deal. And I think it weeds out individuals who if they are applying under something false a false identity of false address something you know that is not truthful. And they have something in their pastor trying to hide fingerprinting would bring them out. Several things one is shame on the legislature for not passing a sales tax holiday that is such an egregious joke. And Alexander pushed a raised level. That why that's not permanent and it's not set in stone and they don't get the vote on it is beyond me but that's an embarrassment and that's gonna hurt local businesses and so shame on them. That's number one number two on this one. It is rare for me to not. Say what Bill Evans wants Bill Evans jets but this is that rare case where. I don't care that much about but fingerprinting things there are gonna be background checks to these guys. Early in almost care about that I just want it over and lifted the airport at the convention center in this makes that happen. I'm all in favor this fail well I think that their reason you feel that weighs because your mailman feel I think is a male female thing I really do because. I feel like you know what would have ban. The great expanse. To having. Fingerprinting. And and white guys again is that anybody who's trying to hide something it just simply brings it out. It's proven on many occasions. With taxi drivers that individuals who had sexual assaults in their background people. In the police commissioner would say. It with so far is in Boston recently. Somebody who had been accused of murder. Was found as a result of fingerprinting. We knew it in the backseat of a car you are so vulnerable. Because you don't know sometimes where you're growing. You don't have a means by which to fight back and you you can't get out of the park and that person really takes over and has control who's behind the wheel. And you know EU giddy in the air with the idea that the company protecting you and that you're safe. And. I just think it was not that big a deal to say you have to give us fingerprints if your choice was personal a few choice was. The bill that passed or no bill and we leave whereas it is and how can you not be in favor of this bill would like. What's is still doing for me anyway. Bill is doing is he goes to the airport okay big deal. And that's a big deal actually that's a huge deal for it for now why do I wanna get into the airport if I don't know if I'm safe. What I've seen you use a rubber so you must think you're saying I yell just joined as a matter to be part and I did only because we were in Cleveland and I was thirty minutes from the airport I couldn't get a cab. Or did now ritual you've used it in your your estate did you worry then in fact your background checks in the bill also the only way to you are not safe is the guys using a fake name or the woman is using a fake name. OK but there's no reason that you'd be cleared up. It the next legislative session of the one after that I mean let's see how this goes in the meantime. Aid to states making money off and I don't care about that but they are that's why they pass the bill which is why they did this without the fingerprints he you've now got this where I need it switches at the two major places in this city to convention center in the airport and by the way. Currently. For you Elizabeth Warren people out there are only the one for senators could do that because uber black was a lot of those places which I found outraged your a lot of trips which is ridiculous seven perfect you can use it if you want a pony up more public since the bad guy you know. I think it's absurd on this is being added I think it's twenty cents now per transaction yes and you know Parker as the state park road where but. It it it's also gonna go toward a fund to help. The taxi industry I agree I don't think that's changing our technology that is pathetic that it'll any reason why who work is what it is is because people. Hate taxis and the service was awful and Hoover is the reason why we all went away from that. So to help them of that situation is completely unnecessary out absolutely. I mean that was up to them that was on them and if they've been passed by I mean. Does apple give other computer companies you know help to help them. Drag along knowing it will casinos after give money to anti gambling fund I mean does this stupid fielded. But that's not me competitors if that's enough competitor this is they have to give money to a competitor. To hope them to compete in this world that's that's silly. In this realm but there's a beacon of dollars and this is how they somehow try and justify whatever whatever he tiny portion of this I mean it's already so they're really do that. To help out with the taxi service and to help bring them along in this round but they're not willing. To go one step. Further and just have fingerprinting so that everybody who gets in that they those that they're saying evil why why would you see that something is better than nothing I don't understand. What have you so he. Why don't you see that do just one step further it would be taking I don't know why that's off the table I'm in the next legislative session make insane maybe we will also got you think they're gonna bring this up again probably not want to know why. In no word if I can take it over to the airport I don't know why you don't get it's worth it for you with you can take it over to the airport but it's not worth that the first time something goes awry. You know there's going to lie no matter what Kim that does happen in the world you're right because it happened and how have these hedge book which had fingerprinting by the way there's still are issues with that. Any sort of ride share. You were going to have an insignificant number you'll now sound like people with a bathroom bills and someone's gonna get assaulted we're sure how. Some nice things are going to how did this is not this is not against anybody who writes. This isn't hurting anyone. If put your finger up there and give me your fingerprint. If you look at I would put your finger up there and point the direction I want a goal that. I care well I don't that's because you're you're a man and new numbers you have pepper spray in there which you know has better I'll pick out music on BB. It's 813 on the W argue Boston doc amortization. The voice of the Boston. What do you think about this new bill should the governor signed it. He's in my favoring tax line. My favorite text X 86 navy is as usual the morning joy has their heads up there. On this issue BP's specific but we have and the only. You are on 1 side and I am on the other there is only choose sides and yet the Texas as we have our heads up our. I think this person does it may be it's a taxi driver who says they should just eliminated. Cooper left in all right I just think anything that gets over to the airport and is a good thing in this bill does that I really care about the rest I just don't. I do Bob and bill wreck Bob good morning. Good morning I think number one I would give Kim a governorship not signed the still because it's another example. Of how company reports and politicians. To tip the scale so to speak in their favor if you look at the taxis built taxes. You know they get up with a medallion system which really. Created monopolies. Now what they've done it did say you know what open Alexis is this a new thing in beating west to get an airport. Let's give them all to the bandages and destroy the taxicab say is an issue but also equal playing field for businesses and issue. Bob your courage your gripe is that the taxi industry sucks and they got laid saddled with the ridiculous regulations I agree with that but then why don't you have to make every future company you have to live by those standards. Because you know what the truth is you know debate competing in the same arena if you greeted him about it that they may have background checks for taxicab and it really don't think it. You know they all have no benefits these are industries where you know what that the bigger they thought about it companies of making money hand over it all the employees and think you know. Or subtract Ostertag played the paper these guys benefits could not say why don't overdrive it in and they're making cash. Big Apple lemon I record not money and we're paying for their benefits. Famous taxi driver. But I think it's leveled playing field for everybody medical people which a rich company he did so what did happen within would be needed to do a Chinese company why are we subsidizing them anyway. Nothing else I'd I do this is an interesting angle was his which is that you know for a lot of trump supporters they're going to be defending China. On what they'd made to Purdue which is basically sell locked as they wouldn't they wouldn't count out to walk. I and that's that's amusing to me that you're using China as the beef can by which we should be led because that's insane and any other walk of life where it is what China did does make any sense to what America does. Listen I have no sympathy really for the taxi industry I have to say Bob I I don't because I think taxi industry. You know was bacon fat for a long time and did not make the changes that need to be changed and kept up with. Tuck that technology and just you know the changing of the business but having said that. I do think that they have their hands tied behind their backs and I think it's time for the legislature to allow them to untie. Higher premiums how are you gonna do that you're not gonna do away with an Italian system you're not gonna do away with the regulations that are in place I can't they're going to die because they have been Mikey how do you assess the regular did not going to they never do how well that's the problems how NN is a medallion is either way is the exact reason whether or not gonna go back and say now you need beefing up but no matter what you do with the medallions as like this bill should be nevermind 300 grand why would I pay thirty bucks for medallion when I can pay zero bucks to drive for over you can't beat them they EU they outfox Q your dinosaur you're done it's -- Taylor yes but that's it you can't win this now had there though war harks. Bill is in it can't always in his cab as a matter of fact. It's been held up a high note I don't off my Al taxi but I can have lots of 31 yeah and let's face it right chair tax. And there around the stage for a lack of anyway. And I still felt the little plane that a lot of that despite the key technical. All right for us with Ike scale up technical or edit. Who overcame it aggregate big L marks the spot they came in it just. Where grant shot across the country do what they wanted to do all government local state regulations. And call the shots basically known as the Obama calling the shots. Our. I don't care music you like sheep thank for it and ball. I am. In a product you know the you got killed six people Kalamazoo Michigan. The Dwight Matt Rex likes. It raises red flags but it's one of them I mean I hate to use the balls were but it's an anecdotal thing I mean what's the percentage is on violence in a liberal list vs the percentage of violence in task or by any publicly. And vegetable articles. Violent incidents squashed in the media. Like immediate darlings. Few but read the strikers let me grilling him back to. It's good for society that's why bill well it is good it was it I think it is good for society and again I think that the taxi you know the taxi industry. Just did not keep up and that's the cost of doing business I don't know how they live kept up I don't know how you could keep up based on the way that tab drop you one choice you we Japan over in the left in good luck with that. Because they're going to be able to figure a way out around you it's like banned alcohol you just do not going to be able to do it. But if you don't pay and had been you have to be all in on him and finally beat you know recognize that and they got a little money now. They had they had an opportunity there was a good year or so when Hoover first came out here people were as convinced like they had the nap. But they would go outside to check for the taxi furs that there was a sentiment out there that they were going well you gonna do issue is that there forever it fertile regular note to regulate over at that time when at a spot you would win and you're right on that I doubt I started about the taxi stand point they got beat to the punch unfortunately that they had time. To adapt to new technology they failed. I feel horrific for the taxi cab drivers it's been hundreds of thousands zones from down in the house underwater this article as a CG Iran I feel horrible for those guys. But there's no way around it you were you'd done your beat him you can't get it back it's over you've got to get I don't get bill. He's driven a cab for thirty when he is that he doesn't own I would get on that now and I would start driving through over a lift if that was my ideal. I would assume he can make more doing that with less regulation why wouldn't he do what I honestly I mean I know movers marchers I know they make a lot of money I don't know how I could do is owned media. A meta dude in Philadelphia and he has his override was the read all course. It is three Cooper writes from from Philly to where rework. Oops because there were made money on Ira I know it's insane it's so cheap it's cheaper than caps it's just it's and they ended. No it's a lot cheaper listening Cleveland. Yeah the only time I was in anywhere by myself in Cleveland I was YouTube otherwise I was I was and that's where you were in danger because you were even closer to me than normal and I don't like your opinions general now on the ball and you're in danger to is usually a hot coffee culture and I had popcorn which you wanna bit. But I Oscars. And you just Wright did if I'm by the overdrive if your pet if you're usually the front. Over the want to Mike did. So might override was 21 dollars and you guys remember the day before I'd take care because thing that we had to I'd go back until you stayed. Mike Wright was 48. Dollars it was the exact same right now now here no actually it was insane right lamenting the difference was there were shorter though in the Hoover. I was driving in the backseat of a BMW. And indeed taxi I was in the backseat of some generally lousy car that was. You know did you request to BMW's are now because that sounds like you know I didn't I'm one up for the appellate and car there number we're center often over in the UW came up I would think her phone would have a law that says if it's not a word. Apps rarely do I got a budget every night I cried for the which. It's just find it got me where I'm going to check I did I I was in a seven series BMW's into ethnic. Up bit. It I'm arguing the idea that Hoover's great is I think it is great I'm not arguing that it's time is common at cabs are in the past. Are any event I just don't understand why he would go about one extra step with this bill. And just make sure that fingerprinting. Is a part of they're background checks. Just the government isn't your argument is teachers have to do fingerprint and gun owners yeah did not doing what is the big deal is way behind in the meantime. Let not getting tonight you are to get used Owen I know that'll never ever happen you just I don't know that ever going back on regular I don't Nextel are gonna do next home may or may not but I don't care I just don't care. Until it's proven to me that this is a widespread. Loophole that. Non fingerprinted dangerous people out let me tell you get is gonna become more and more so because what happens they can they're trying to build its so quickly. Eight you can ask Ann Cooper driver they're gonna tell you most of the time it takes about 48 hours and boom they're told go.