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Kevin Saito (CodingDojo, Coding Boot Camps)

Aug 11, 2016|

Kevin Saito (CodingDojo, Coding Boot Camps) by The Financial Exchange

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Our guest is Kevin Saito he is the vice president and marketing and product a product. Management for coding Dojo. And coating Dojo is a coding boot camp many of you may not know coating boot camp is that's what brought Kevin on the show I Kevin. Good good so tell us about the coding Dojo and what you guys do and where you're located. According Dojo or aware or on the West Coast to our politicians are apple. Panel thing we have that a lot and that. We will look at the heat and very very short and one ballot and very shortly will be opening our other option in Chicago. And would you do what is the Cody Dojo do it's I know it's a boot camp. Yet the what we do immediately give a program as a big thing nothing go back out. And it is important. It entry for Barack. Think street technology is. That in meetings or in more development environment that companies can look at our multi. It. What kind of like you say they don't have to have an educational background but. From what I've read about coding boot camps most people that entry than have a college degree is that true of coding Dojo. Backtracked let me out of their majority of work out and Arctic oil and ran out there. Waited about 20% of art and don't actually out on all. And some of them aren't more that got to. Now what's their likelihood when they go through coding Dojo. Are they gonna get a job and how much money the enemy. Though aren't typical topic Eric aren't expecting 90% of our art and quit within the month and I haven't I mean this is weighted average speed on all our and it. Under about and he ought not be decree banning most of them. They previously were making a service sector are now. Well so they may have been answering the phones at fidelity they come over to work for you and Andy get trained in. Three months in the making seventy grand. That's that that break that break typically. Yeah there's a high demand for these jobs right. Although they issued anatomy and build the waiters our economy is weaker in the Arctic economy. Become our programming job that you are all creek park the company is it continues to grow and everybody at federal aspect is based heavily packed out the web servers yeah not in play. Yeah this would really seemed to address the skills gap that exists the United States what's possibility the good you know lever this up and expanded across the country in May be. Result in a whole lot of people getting nice jobs. I think is their puppet opera and we're actually looking at right in the if you're in a different city it and where can gain look at I'm for crying out to outdo your tires and often actually. Would it what does it cost for somebody to go to boot camp. Our Bible camp. I've based program at about thirteen thousand dollars. We do some trade adjustment for some market out at the bit different because cost of living there and you know rent and they they are Beloit dot. Boot camp and noble it hired twenty conference somewhere cheap electric acting like ten. And you earned like a certificate or what what you get for like graduating from boot camp. Let me direct you get a graduate certificate from from our brain injury trying to offer an education perspective at Alec got caught discreetly get credit me. The boot camp industry doesn't quite have that yet means they've worked pretty new I think quite certain went quite well Ali what are so we don't have the that are already there eight bodies that Yemeni. Credit official credit. So George people in your area understand the value this I guess the question I have is if you know I got this and I came back to Boston. And I say here's my certificate they're gonna say yes so what. Actually you're right it would give them but baker curb weight that some people have been reading program means a lot out of it. Is used daily in the act if you're get a portfolio. And that you would develop as part of our program and they look at the codec the bit all the parties to go without programming they'll look at that their first interview be there at he. I think aggregate number of all they are or. Application you don't go you're right is that significant and meaningful that you record achieved our our our program makes a huge difference. Well I'd Kevin did it to your point. If you apply for jobs hub spot or. You know any online company they're gonna know who you guys are they're gonna know coding Dojo. Probably I mean absolutely is an important market you mean other countries in Africa and the and the let go out on. Our graduate. Topic for a couple of years and we get pull through from employers like. Up Expedia. Yeah I saw Northwestern's launching a boot camp as well in the midwest. I pray that partner with some of the yet but in that in the diligent than that the Arctic. Public. Very good Kevin thank you very much for your time we appreciate it fast. Therein there there in New England not coating Dojo but northeastern has been. And this seems to be. Kind of the new thing I've been following this for a couple years now because it takes so long for kid goes through and get a computer science degree. The these there these a lot of the people that are attending. Are people that was talking about it he had communications degree born a hundred grand to get communications theory take that job. Right in bright young man I really impressive guy. And I said it would well see woody and do they get a job in radio. He said while go to coding boot camp. Sort of a god gonna get a job and he's gonna walk in and make seven Jiri began rent and the gators still potential to make more you know that's that's the thing you're going into an industry. With tremendous to me and the key thing is this really is addressing the skills gap which is probably our number one problem right now we hear about all the job openings. We hear about people can't find jobs and we find that the so when he people who don't have the skills they need the jobs that we need. The jobs that we have. In this directly addresses that such fantastic was an interest in said. His best students with high school grads not the college Wednesday because they hadn't been taught the wrong way tonight and I got my. Eight and ulcers and I think that ninety big part of it right EM. There are also probably younger right so yeah kids who. Units coming back for military service and says and you know 23 years old now and twenty years old. I don't really wanna go back and get a four year college degree. And bright young guy coming out of the you know you'd use seat invest ten grand you know organization it's like learning the language before you'll learn another when it's like the first language these kids come at a high school picked this up. Quick what a big problems and is he can't borrow money do. Tickets to vote governments to blow and that's something we're gonna have to look at the dress I think the as I really think this is the future of America in terms of jobs.