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08/29/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Beast of Bray Road; Dogmen; Bigfoot

Aug 29, 2016|

08/29/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Researcher/Author Linda Godfrey discusses mysterious sightings of creatures including - The Beast of Bray Road; Dogmen; Bigfoot and more. Plus listener calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio reserve recorded August 29 2016. Yeah Jason it's going to be a Greek week this week we've got some incredible gas line don't use their JV. I am here he ever have one of those Monday night's. Where you aegis you don't feel like organizers something's just a little off and you can only trying to figure out what what the mine's supposed to be doing at this particular moment. I have that. Every Monday through fresh cut outs there a story in my life Floyd I started out that awaited but I think now that midnight this year on the East Coast and we are alive I think everything has kind of settled into the into the groove that it needs to be in summary to go. Absolutely well tonight we've got Linda Godfrey she's going to be joining us and she's she's just incredible that on. She's a reef researcher and investigator of where roles big foot. A similar creatures of with a 424 years is the author of sixteen publish books and strange Kris creatures. Places and people and as she got book out of the beast of bray road tailing Wisconsin's where all of real wolfman true Connors monitor America in American monsters. I. We're talking to her many many months ago I don't remember what month it was we had around the that the podcast program the streaming program. That we were doing. And she was fascinating not pushy fascinating but I remember telling us some pretty cool details. About the Bibby superhero story that she broke in the newspaper if I remember correctly as a reporter. And it kind of turned her life into one of being an investigative reporter of scripted and obviously she's written a lot of books about it so she's a fascinating guest and we're really lucky to have her on a night yet. And the rest of the week we've got Gerri Willis who he believes that he's able to pretty much feel all the energy that's attached to all different things to an ability that. It's a unique gift that he had for a long time. So were we have him on tomorrow night and we will Wednesday reject Karen Anderson she's a professional animal communicators psychic and medium from the eastern Washington area. Social beyond on Wednesday and then Thursday. Is going to be a best of show from from a ways back because we are heading to dragging cot. Yes and if you're anywhere near Atlanta. Get in the car. Can come and hang out a dragging god because I've been once I know you've been a bunch of times. Not just the put this put the fact that Jay and I and Stephen tango and Samantha and everybody are gonna be there. Among bunches of other celebrity is just so much fun just the people are fun. Well the you're there you get 80000 people around you com and at the nighttime news or even more insane from you know mile 5:5 PM until around 3 AM. Because just the constant GC oh yeah when you won here I was there a guy as there was an. And and finally I realized that it's a guy up on like two floors above us leaning over the railing and he's controlling this whole. And the thing was amazing and just some of the things you see there just just incredible. But actually com am talking about our two. Yeah because an international team of scientists from this. From the from said he is investigating mysterious signal spikes emitting from six point three billion year old star in the constellation Hercules. It's 95 light years away from earth. And people are just mirror maze it's and they were kind of keeping an on a hush hush but it was able to get out there. But it's a strong signal instant correction of HD 164595. And I'm out to the Cigna conceivably fits the profile of in intentional transmission. From an extraterrestrial source nothing of that. That would mean. That it's an intentional signal being sent out communicate so let others know that that somebody's there are some things there. Yet I have to be admit something here because when when night you said and I think they read this earlier too. That this star is only 95. Like yours are light years away. I think I would never realized in fact I was just under the impression that that the closest stars were much farther than that and 95 light years while it's still basically. Exceeds the lifespan of humans so anybody traveling there even if they can travel the speed of light. Probably wouldn't live. The trip he'd have to have a couple generations on the trip to get to that. Particularly our solar system unless he could exceed the speed of light but on it's still rather do global as far as. Getting this a solar system like that yeah I'll think about them and it's and just to think that there's possible. Life that close to us that's making contact which. It opens a whole other world of possibilities but on and I guess they call it now on the power source would have to be built by. I'd certainly necessary cart issue of type two civilization. It's a scale that used to determine the progress of civilization technology. And this would mean that they were able to harness the power. Of a star. In order to be able to send his beacon so imagine imagine that capability it meant to be able to pop harness the power star. Now I mean that is the probably the ultimate energy source in this in the universe is our estimates are so let's that's pretty cool stuff and it will be interesting to see. If they can get any more information or decipher or get confirmation that this is actually an intelligent signal coming up from that particular star system that's kind of cool stuff well. But it just lets you know if something like that's out there I mean. Well just just the mere fact that something is sending a signal while. And it appears to be in intentional transmission lets you know that something else is out there now. When you get there you gotta hope that it but you gotta also think they give it this way OK something sending a signal out but if something came to our planet. Just the way our governments aren't there initial reaction is to shoot something towards it. And and that it's a little scary but now on. What how are they going to be how are they going to be if one of our satellites finally makes it felt that way. Are they going to feel like a lot somebody's trying to make contact with those are the and I feel like uh oh you know we need to. Look at possibly blowing this thing out of the sky. We've got to keep tabs on it on and if there's I mean that's the paradox and I wanna know though we knew what was the scale you said that they were using to measure it and just trying to make me say this again. Cardiff Sharon had type two civilization and you will how well we don't have any other civilizations to compare two so I wonder how they create that scale to determine you know as it scifi they look at Star Trek and say well if you reach the Star Trek level here this. You know how much and my share but I believe it that's that's a Russian word I would assume and so I'm maybe the Russians are the ones who. Design all set up yet because you know because it's by Russian academy of science operated or retain and 600 radio telescopes. Yes so I should I guess or should read the full story. Darn Russians back. He's come back and they're still center rockets in the space they're doing all the stuff and we I don't know what happened to our space program hopefully get back contracts some day. Hey but but this is a little bit of less happy note we lost a really. Really iconic figure today in the world film and comedy yes of course Gene Wilder now. I gotta say be honest with yeah I don't know too many Gene Wilder films. But the few that I know Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory young Frankenstein a couple of other Mel Brooks films. I need those films are so great and so iconic. Then yeah time is it almost seems as though Gene Wilder. Leave those roles he so attached to them and so was so good at them. Well let alone all the movies that he he did with Richard Pryor and let's start with that plan but you know one in just. Yeah just just for him you Leo Leo thrown song graphic which should. Bill one of the best ever. How you wake me and I think you're. Okay. End who we go RM. You know were. And. And we'll see you. An explanation. You want to do you. New man. Anything you'll run. Who's do okay. Warm things. Change the moon. I mean how can you it's there's nothing to originally. I do nothing to how can you know I hear that in just absolutely be transported into a magical place in united that is that's on them movie that actor. Unbelievable and you know it was even better the tribute gave to him with a little dance while I was planning to me like I was watching man and I felt those very fitting tribute I was gonna do the Oprah thing for him and I got a little America about a but enough and he he fought a private battle with alzheimer's and and finally just been passed on TV 83 and a rest in peace gene he was he was incredible thanks for everything you've done to make us happy and make a smile for sure absolutely. Our let's take a break when we come back of course will will bring a Linda got free under the program don't forget our toll free number 8446877669. And once again Alaska to stop by the FaceBook page which just beyond reality radio when he gets FaceBook. And give us a like. Meant to see those numbers go go up it's beyond riady radio Jason GB. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Derrick Thomas approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's scary time dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. It will be the best we can hear and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. Welcome back to beyond reality rated teams in college student Johnson again. I don't forget to stop player FaceBook page. Wanna see like at forest if those numbers up there we can communicate we knew that we what you know what's coming up on the program and what you know things that we're doing we're going to be. What we're doing and what we're talking about on on the show unreal on the radio some pencil get a lot of great things coming up summation you you like that page. Are so let's go to our gas line and bring in our our guest Linda got free Linda is a researcher and an investigator of where walls big footed similar creatures for 24 years. Also the author of sixteen published books on strange creatures places and people such as the beast of bray road. And many others Linda thanks so much for being am beyond reality radio could have in the program. JB thanks collection having me. Now it's always a pleasure always a pleasures are and you and you've always has so much information and we we can spend analyst time talking you always feel like we didn't get task manners nears many questions as we have. Angel thank you. Well it's it good good guests may good hosts is what we always say is so again stakes are coming on the program so why don't you for the people who don't know who you are and we've been talking about two for the better part of week and a half fear leading up your appearance. On the tell people who you are and exactly what you do. Well. I am independent kind of southeastern Wisconsin. Like lines and I got into their. A life interest as strange creatures. Gonna by accidentally. I was working as a newspaper reporter here in parking in Wisconsin and people of my local time about current started playing. They were mean what they would grab as aware while it still are ratcheting. We're usually running across the road conference. Former ally country called grade road thing that kind of they'll corn. Just these particular Burlington. And I found out that a Connie animal control officer had a file folder marked we will. Think the issue or Britney and now when you've got an colony officer. Without fault and back to where wolf and it's up puppet you know that can't live it right there and if it became a news story and ran. I began to interviewed the people that have been calling into him. I was very intrigued because they can elect liar you know like when they were looking for any. Kind of definitely they wanted to lean mean environments at first they were looking for any kind of fame or fortune. They just wanted to find out what it lives and and that's why you're calling it a diet and that means. You know there's very little normal and interest for community decided to find out. If I could what it was that they had seen and so that kind of ended up standing up from my outlet while request to. It's taking these things down and into the questioned why. Our people scene between bailing out these these. Handful of we're like six to twelve right away. But it came on in and told me about their opinion. And what it turned out when the wind story broke. Very quickly it was a bad there are people who not just the current Pakistani gonna action which currents in. Action that you glad that Canada South America Europe. All over the place where people mean it was found at collected exactly creature something that looked like a wolf. Wolf general Shepperd hybrid. That could easily run jumped will keep and one point nine blanks and you know you know is there major means of getting around. So. That was just can't mine blowing to me and it left me period. You know not only utility creatures that. You know why do people if it if it isn't something real excited them mainly into action put her finger running to catalog. And you know and give it an ingenious means everything to. Then why do people keep saying it. You know it can't just agree mystery a year to be stopped and terror and seventeen books later. Company are not exactly panic creature that they're most of them from related. You know I'm still searching for those answers and more ideas now than that I used to. And I have debt and lit it just like victory you know we we don't you know where it's better to declare the final proof. Yeah well in the first reports of the beast of bray road it was actually back in 1936 correct. Well it may or may not have been a good thing creature it titled little bit different description. It was not Andre Carter even mean colony was interpreted Connie. Which is a county north of Waller at of and it was. I would have a witness protection to on the witness actually directed his parents who was that the Internet to job laughter. DeWitt itself without that step and I believe it was an attempt that. And he just wanted to hand there are under. But it almost looks like something between a being crippled. And the outbreak canines which is not what anybody really ever describe if they get a good look at it. It usually either plainly canines are cleanly primate in peak for you know it. Which is very much different between and I actually had muscle since he. And life and things like that. But to open one according to catch her if could've been eager. Even injured at Macon county detonated as you can borrow which currently have and either primitive word. Are critically injured her a printout to grow because the Regina our counter you know for Iran an animal crawl. And it's a had it gatlin is a little MPG let. And I don't know all of Canada no good. I just gonna let you go quickly get over toward Jefferson we do have to quit banking. Well you know it couldn't get the only difference for me it is well. Aaron and I know that it'll reports of the description of this thing is anywhere from four to 700 pounds and when a standing on its hind legs it's it's seven feet or taller one outstanding panel for. It's around and two to four feet swollen and that's all correct right. No I expect a wound to idle time. And right now they're there are. And I think it's called a couple of certain TV show where they were clear. Between what the witnesses who are kind kind of do it. We're going in particular that has a number of cases in that. Area. But some of the witnesses and if you read my book making the American where there are some of the witness there. We're clear we're certainly it's going to try to recruit explaining it and didn't want it should be seen as anything but they've tried. And yet it was portrayed on the show you know under the defense and your equipment there. And Katrina it Pretoria and the shell as all being yep right wolf and that's what you would think. And that will be and so when when you keep it but that's where you get the ages of for. 407. Under what people are clear that it the wolfman it's normally. Like 150. Maybe 200 at the mall. Maybe maybe to fifty it's in the area outside the pilot be rather small. Big. So when you see utility giant to how it is it it's most likely that the witness that was some. You know can lead with with the top man. And it's almost I've I've had a lot of experience for the TV shows in. Almost all the more funds something other units do not yet been a little bit better unfortunately. Yeah I've I've seen that happen ally yeah I was gonna say just four to 700 pounds and being on full line all four feet. In the about two to four feet would almost solemnly like common black bear. So it was a it definitely listen it always made me wonder on the on a lot of those reports. Lisa do you want you know I think I am glad that quickly to. That doctrine do coaches disease learned I'll warrant and they line. I'm too late and then pamphlet here look here and standing up and then they jot down. And millions for our vice Versa so you know for a little rise up and chase can calculate it and they tried have. Many eyewitness reports of them running an acquired Japan when you are especially when their. In the area where there are humans to neighborhoods and and then accurate thing. Okay. Let did you say that says that you. Had really no interest in. This topic but all and he just happen write that article. And that kind of fuel you know believe the response and and that and the curiosity got became fuel to that point. Well when I say that I I mean particularly. Things that look like where wolf because I hadn't really occurred to me that there could be. Nothing like that outside of land of legends. I left college registered in and around. Speaks for my caddy Cadillac would heal and make of it won't be around in the sixties. Like our convened by the field where they were printing and those were done. Articles by bank and the very first Christian apologist. Yeah and I would and you think the picture bigfoot and the cover you know. And then there was an Irish actually books that came on I was dollars and very interested in big fray your follow. That's going to think psychic phenomena. I had an interest in all the general field but not in that particular. Deity. Right okay they hang on for us we're gonna take a break and a woman come back we'll continue to the discussion it's beyond reality radio Jason GP. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason on TV Johnson here got. Got a great great show lined up personnel we have Linda Godfrey tomorrow it's Gerri wills Wednesday Karen Anderson that's going to be interesting one I. Pet psychic income indicator. We've had a lot of interest not already then of course stuck Thursday night it will not be a live show it'll be a best of show. On that will be airing as Jason and I and many others from the ghost hunters cast had the Atlanta for dragon con. And did do a lot of handshaking in their picture taken were down there. And then if you tune in a Monday night you'll be able to hear Jimmy and I crying how much we beat ourselves up over that weekend and dragging power to solve this past the hour ago there will be a lot of crying for sure let's go back to our guest line it's Linda got three. Researcher investigator of where walls bigfoot in similar creatures for 24 years we've been talking about the beast of bray road. And Linda. You headset and I remember you talking about this when you run our program a while ago. That this particular case is somewhat unique in the sense that there's actually a government. File or there was anyway a government file about it which kind of adds some credibility that you don't see in a lot of these kinds of cases. Well that was found and I mentioned. In the beginning our colony animal control. You know and you let you know I get sent a government official contacted. By current cup from the it's in the car and time again but I mean it would come within about that happened at their efforts to her about it. Sorry Laura and I started asking around I was working with him. Because it's an undercover. Looking poppy. You know and I was planning to cover that. And you know I had tapped in the heat her body now when he showed me the file. You know if it legitimately. A government document in intention acting because. Not to line after our neck came out in. You know the course quoted in in my carrying in the newspapers. Offered his opinion. About the creature in everything. He actually lives in GAAP director of the turnovers. And is it really is kind of a strange. Situation you know I I interpret it to line. Were you looking you know so that that happened and then them all well and on the changeover happened that child was not in con. I was just gonna ask you that because they are remembered you saying that the file disappeared. Now when he showed you the file did you get a chance to actually read it and and if you did what didn't say. Well it was it was the Manila file folder. And in it whether. Pages that he had taken note currently people called him you know and the curtains name and phone number. And get the basic quick description of what they had NAND. Count me a word that we're live in and the time it would look like that kind of thing. So it wasn't it wasn't like a repeat in the pages of typed up documents it was basically he is no. On the collars. And I he shared those kind that contact information with C and then I was able to colonel in. By Patrick witnesses and talk to them. Did you know what did he himself go out and investigate any of these reports. And then I don't really believe now I'm here that the gas and do what they learn that telling people that. He felt that they were singing and the I can already. Now remember these people are praying something that was between five and seventy top priorities are. Really not large he would he was telling them what think that was the coyote that somehow leaped out. Whether it's other kayak and managed to kind of hangs suspended for a moment to. I'll welcome the current headlights you know flash and it's side to that they thought it was a really tall saying that really it was just stick coyotes tell. So it sounds like a magic bullet Syria in the ten K and it's Kenny notable and turn left takes a right jumps up goes down. So so so would you would appear impression at that point that he didn't necessarily take him seriously despite the fact he had a file folder called werewolf he didn't necessarily take the reports for seriously. No I think that he was much more. Did Kerry was working on the puppy knocking in and it had other creepy that it tragic and it being cute and very busy that at that time and this wasn't something he could really easily explain. So you know I think that's why he probably didn't. Delve more deeply into it but. At that time I think in this same timeframe. On they're wired. Sheriff's deputies that would actually you know it was a and you know our agent department which is Asian. That was called archer fire again in Jefferson County just north. Full I was able to interview later we get going investigating a call from a woman who was being harassed he had a tall furry animal. Come up right right to her front porch. And then she you can't go out to the court iron and hurt her or screen in the court for laughter peak. Flashes and it's neck and it found the PTA and the balance much more elect of bigfoot it wasn't never completely determined. But. Opposite on the intensity. Prince you know an item winter garden. He did from the flashes and a quarter net he believed the woman's story you know she had enough corroborating evidence. I don't know it it was investigated by at least that one. Official you know back in the times that was willing to talk about it and and affirmed the witness. On the tough thing as I'm sure that that especially with all these experiences that there's some claims that you're able to adjust chalk off says. Just and people looking for attention and they're all they're claiming they ran into this. But out of all them all the claims that you really investigated. How many of them do you actually believe are legit. I believe that I lost most of the people who contact me. Legitimate I know that there are there hook it up if I am I know police for a difficult thing incidents. I'm playing mode over the years. And only one of them. What farmer who contacted mean he was that trying to put anything over he was just like how high we're not there to correlate it just to goof around you know that kind of thing. An and the other one and never attempted to contact me at I get annual brought them from the people who an annuity we're. And told me about them. But after the mark and and even parents. I you'd think that if he were affecting numbers of witnesses that would have been able to connect and two pound certain witness reports you know that would have seen them about the time that we were going on gun that never happened either. Without looked like they they kind of went out and get detained into account the rodents and believe that they really. Cable that they can't confront spiritual brother you know that can't Wear a mask and there was another man again. Compared to. Well you know I I know they won't happen but most of the people if they're going to talk can mean coming their full story. You know I believe most of them are configured in Maine haven't seen exactly. An outbreak I mean I think there are times when. There have been mistaken identity wintry have it. It in the military are crimes. That contract closing exaggerated and just out of the gates out of sheer excitement of the experience. Are you Linda we were gonna take a quick break when we come back a lot more questions for you listen and Jason NG biamby unreality we will be right back after this. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the organization. That's right if you're interested. You need to subscribe to taps her match. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps her magazine has been completely redesign. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue is filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Our magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's happens CarMax dot com use promo code beyond the same. We had a great time and were enjoying their conversations in the country in the that we are talking. Mode which are in about a lot of things you were talking about some some people who may have been hoax yours and do you think that's a common. Problem when it comes to people like yourself for a out trying to get to the bottom I mean we know people hoax but. How common is that I guess is the question. Well you know if I can say because they don't don't get caught by. I I think it happens fairly frequently and camp I've never been one point shy away from the attic and I am looking cute have to do. Put it out there and so that you can. Actually an English between the hookers in and he opened fire people. I think it irritates me that they do that because that causes a lot of trouble it's dangerous it's not only for him. And those are two Brothers can't come we'll learn enact some pretty good credit because they were shot at. And that's what happens you know more than one Carolina people caring and in the world and then you may remember a couple of years old Montana. There was a man who weren't really is trying to interest in needed the extra. In outlook militant was hit by an outline but to vehicle. Intact. You know they'll acknowledge them up well for the Hulk there either. While NATO that'll take that into consideration when they're when they're doing this it's more just out of the you know the quick follow what's going try to scare somebody here or let's see him get away with letters something in only. Realized I had my doubts that echoed out location legit shot colleague because well my admin and other. Well exactly I mean if if I'm driving on the road my kid. In the backseat of the car in. Something like this runs out on the road action is going to be it's any eroded Jews ran in front of my vehicles and stop man and think about shooting at so. If people really need to think about that before they go on play these two games. Right exactly and not only an act it's the dangers if you're driving down there are with you can't. And sample jumped out there around and you were to try to play you have an accident and you and you can't beat her now aren't they they could not possibly. Content should injuries to other people. Right models were provide analysts were nervous that hassle enough and have been serious and actually with a with a lot of and it and so many so many police officers I I drive with you know I hang out with when the but then ms. To sum view of Q when you you can others oh is an animal runs on Friday you. Hit the brakes but don't turn the wheel right and and that's one of the things it's you know I feel bad when score runs on front anemic to turn the backseat but I say you know this'll. By atomic at the same thing you know you use swerving is that what's gonna get you killed and it's unfortunate that they've been big in after the animal but but the Karl protect you from the animal but is sector protect you from a tree for swerve into the tree. I'm Linda let's that's the lower Olson's. An icon you've detected so notes that errors universe world where we have about twenty. Thirty seconds here a before we go to break again but I wanted to plant a seed and we can actually have the conversation when we come back. We have we're talking with senator under the name of the guests last week about lizard men and and how frequently there's. There's some confusion between a lizard man. And may be. A bi pedal where Walsh type creature because they've although they're quite different they still from a distance and in the dark smoke very very similar. So when we come back from our break let's talk about that it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason G-8. Protesters in the conference were talking about prepared specific these degree road and talk a little big foot and I just asked a question Linda and I. And I'm really anxious to hear what you think gum it was while Blackburn was our guest it was a last week check. It was last three it was last year and I'm he was talking about their sometimes some confusion between. A lizard man creature. And the bi pedal. Boys men anything or anything and for that yeah Africa just. Just because they hair gets all matted down because it's wet it's an swampy area or whatever and also just because. All the mosques in the algae and in the water in that area a lot of times we'll get a vote coat a different color look agreeing low get is like fan. Yes so it is do you view share that opinion or you heard anything that would that would substantiate that. Well I think at any time you've got. Some kind of animal that normally quite Japan locking and it's kind ranks. Depending on my agents cat island distance and things like that it might be very easy. To make any one. Species that investing. Across being used and you know rock electrical plants there and you know bear bear their flat footed the humans in front we're flat footed back. You've got like all the a year ago and here man open and then. And a lack of time you know people will say it's one thing at the other end and I showed them my. Get relating quite awhile ago and I can't be indigenous dot net which is I kind of composite of what most people stating he. And look all that Frontline that currently you know enough. The same effort think that would be at a little man now making its gunmen are banked embers that. You know we're at date I have had a few situations where they thought maybe it was a little like creatures and they. Currently closely you know in years and it came out I can't look at me and that would mean. In. What they're projecting munitions I can't that there was a little man. Malia and had an academic Eric I can't believe that there are several Internet settings and confidence going here. While illogical to meet directly. And that was a man in front who are looking for a lot in god and the shore. One of the rivers in. Look in the crap Wisconsin which is on Mississippi in the in the Black River well not north east eastern leak from and me. Trapped just capped at Princeton app. And they looked in there in the river bad what is land and I treat you with the details being Blanton yellow line with that pupils. And asking all of Europe but it body and very very human. And they have been looking entry is the second Anthony Grant and it evidently in the line begins. Later find adopt the the dog was a lot but the interesting thing is that. Right around that same time. If you filed but the Black River opera has certainly except to Medford. In all. And that that the northern Wisconsin. And within a couple of days time all of sheriff there are at this state patrolman it was. With the children and then separately. A chapel privately repair workers. Each encounter similar looking guy or creature standing in the middle of the highway. And handled. As Beijing near it mapped out a pair of previously in the wings from behind its back and then it kind of filling up their way. They'll possibly the one that the guys on the riverbank opt out canceling but. You know I'm sure I'm sure that in. And electric glance at they had that the creature they their mind which little for a check dance the people describe rhetoric. What is that you know count note dot milk or milk. You know living now book and as president Jacob while I often had people around me. That they cannot leaders which is you know revealed. Troops for like it. Go man can impact it blurred. And then changed their minds and in front of percent. And people I think content people have may have not with the app right here which will stand like two feet I England around backyard. To the picture of the panel upgrade to feed an expert Peter Burke can reach it or is there are picking your particularly scrumptious leave and treated. Local golf stand to get in and coming right come along. And from that and he's a big. Yeah old year old do that when in an aggressive stance to those book comment that. It coming and it went threatens local madam kicking with the front legs come on their hind legs so yeah I've seen that. No later this is this creature that you said spur spur out of the wings and took off about how to hole you say that that creature one or how told the basic sacred to us. Okay it wasn't carrying anything need to presidency or the right from the typical man arrogant or do you attack. You know tactics and. Huge huge thing to you've beaten. Leading off though. Yeah yeah you wouldn't think that was we used to hang up to step behind your back and then they expect out. That it would be able to get that kind of you know lift the so fairness. Special exponentially just a guide I grew up in upstate new York and we used to fished on the Salmon River and you'd see huge birds. Budget they'd have to have these seven and eight foot wingspan to meet swooped down they grab salmon they take off into the trees and stuff. But they have to have these huge wing spans just. Justice helped because of the size of their body let alone when they're grabbing. And praying worked at some of these Eagles and and things went well I have to do it to lift us and and take off off. So to think of a man a man sized creature. You'd think that that thing would have to have. Good tend to twelve foot wing spend ten to fourteen fully expect if you think about it. But I guess that's regret that big if you think about it is a six foot man put his arms out of the side and that is about six feet so. It wouldn't be too far too far fetched to him to double out of gas. Know what they act they remind me out these things because it is not that much in the car which reflect back in hand action between. And to let slip these men that pick up truck and then at the last second shift again and end up not sound like. A man in it was a rocket pack a little belittling that would net annual income and we're going to design. And I laughing at what you're. Yes and exactly. That Cano too little little Wayne entry has not looked like it was flying. But it had you know like a rocket pack and back and be in humans. People they're negating more sophisticated now but they've been in the richter. For quite some times elk at the possibilities. The people cool. Thought these things you know none of them thought it was anything like that especially. Editing that things worked with the kind of glowing yellow huge. I was with a limited you know pupils that can really look at all. Like anybody who. Strapped it. They would have but to have been really close to be able see the pupils like. They where I mean they walked almost you know right up on it listeners debate debate for the record and and executed just crawled out. And they were looking alone that are being prepared dog food anywhere quick or by. That makes you never won a swimming that her her and I. An X. We're talking with the Linda Godfrey are talking about crypt did send the beast breeder and specifically in and some of the other investigations and read research and reporting that she has done. When we come back on the other side of the break we're gonna get into some of the other stories. I'm and also when you need to think about this during the break. I wanted to know if in any of your interviews of people that any of these encounters if if you felt there was genuine fear when many of those people who experience those things. Most people are surprised buddies fears a different thing altogether. It's beyond reality radio with Jason and TV don't go. My name's Robert Welch. This road California roads bridges fish off we general OK fair here at night. Confession here for twenty years and last two years now we've been getting grow all day and hearing what no action had large stones thrown at us and been chased out of first but numerous times. Welcome back to be on riady wrote about radio or talking with Linda Godfrey and letting you probably recognize that says sound bite from a witness. By the name of Robert Welch I'm not sure if you actually recorded that are interviewed Robert but it. You know he's he talks about having rocks thrown at them or hearing growls obviously these creatures can be menacing whatever they happen to be end. My question do you before I went into the break was in any of your interviews or your discussions with the eyewitnesses. Have you seen any that have been really fearful. Maybe for their lives are just in general knowing that that creature is close by. Does that affect people that waiters have more to see curiosity your finding. I find a lot of people who are really really clarify it and that they exciting people. Just golf completely light pale pink lower body began to Turkish ship her. I remember I had one woman who was not certain medical worker. And he had to leave really early to where she was solid. An alien like at 5 o'clock what was Tarek and Lebanese just kind of popped up out of that gets shattered. And she almost went up the road and is there a couple weeks later which you're telling me about her husband should two different to attack about it. And she just ended up weeping she was so I don't care I can't. She was one that she felt she made eye contact with it and she felt that it would have learned is. Landing in English but the method that if she told anyone. Actually thought it would comment by enter into here. And it ticker you know constantly picking up her courage to tell her husband. About it. You know in the one that I make at the most but. You know I've seen other people just know they're letting. And they shaking. To light in the mad self tanner. You know I don't have to stop and protect and an answer minute. Not everybody can compete and you have had a few people who said they think side and it that it was just some kind of it was a really cool thing that they we felt privileged and they didn't feel fear. Most of the pregnant or people are. In his vehicle and just beating and you know are going by either they're viewing it from. A pretty safe vantage point out other people I know I had four or people in south lot he. Chased by one. Matt jumped out of the court fielder's Baylor locked in at the garden weren't actually went down to two at school or. Lake Michigan. So it is handling our place to encourage ethnic and any change them. Back to where around the tree lights began again and it. Don't back into the cornfield. But safe Hal is bashing though at the slowest guy who is at the end of it. Really thought he can here at feet pounding behind in fat and it feel. You know reaching out for yet we're countless times you're currently Kenyan village it was but it was sort of billowing behind in the NC ran. And there were little splash marks. Indenture. And he lent experience. I tried to hide and they would look at that the Clinton meaning that the do. You know to prove anything. That made us think about a plane that I would player and he was. Very trapping. Like 22 year old student. And he was just absolutely. Will be out went to his mother power unit and his brother and their friends. And the end was there at the end of that and Communist ham and cheese and they they can effectively you know companies that are kind of no band. Act I can barely speak and achieve felt they were they would not have come home made add up to her and and other. What's you'll saying you ought to be the Francis Gary just going to be asked a slow start. But on ethnic exactly so outright you. Exactly as long as you good kick to the anybody's real slow them down enough that you can pull ahead. But so has there ever been through all of your re surged. Has there ever been any documented. Attacks I mean I know you talk about the guy red shirt torn and so forth but. Is that the furthest of an actual attack that happened or is it mainly seemed late these creatures main goal is just. To get you out of that area just you know leave leave us alone let us beat. Well according to. You know my my own research report that I mean it may be other people will kind of been and report. While people were attacked and I haven't writer usually. You know approach you know much about them. But am I can't one man and I have talked about the and they before where. He lived it are quote back anyway. Trail hiking by now unarmed. And you're a campaign to face with an upright will like creature. And they looked at each other and he was just all right and it. Nobody can really you know which made it all you. You know wouldn't that meet the Albanian girl in Ireland evil in there and they are mentally in the news or that way. And that's kind of what happened any feels like it clumsily. Got and it's Wayne's it was trying to just by hand and because it's where. One bit and it all the open Atlantic and kind of increase. Playing in yet they went past. And he sent me a photograph of the cage and it currently and it's like you know state in the album of the year because he did not think that. You know they would believe what what he really. And the only. Yeah exactly. Setback in only known human injury from a cut them off but now on the big flat or something different you know. And I actually was hiking with economy. Won't be about two years ago to. And not let her use Baffert stretch of cattle greens they are. And he thinking about six foot in it but trees and power. And we we did that I had actually suggested that he tried shaking rather snapping trees at. To see because I read that the account be communicated with themselves there or intimidate is that people. In our territory we that it might just promote the action of the he did that and Iraq came sailing out of nowhere and being written that. He had attic baseball cap and very good protection. And I was looking sort of in the direction whether Iraq came from if presented to adapt. And turn which they live and it's done in order for it to. Get him from the angle campaign. I certainly have seen an and I think justice black coming. From somewhere out of the band Bush's. And and getting him and it actually. It'll look passion. And he had a little difficulty remembering how to drive home. While but that I don't believe without a dime and because. They're not need to be able to do a grant something like that rack. Question when that date Allenby. Put your arm that they don't have rotator cup you know or arms that are made are branching out and holding things. And I believe to be really difficult for a dot man who chuck Iraq hit somebody. And you and. It. Well overall everybody else they're listening or talk to Linda Godfrey. About the beast of bray road amongst the big flatten everything else because she just talks about and most cryptic creatures and a has a knack for it on our numbers 8446877669. If you had your own experience you have a question from Linda feel free to do physical. He has so. I so there's never really been any known attack except for. You know the mistake of that one guy getting getting caught him but that that's a common annoy you when you're dealing with the bats they tell you. If you've got bats flying around you not to me to be quick movements to as the Al Gore around Cuba and it's the people who make two quick movement and end up getting hit by that or. Having that so it's it's a common thing especially when dealing with the in the animal world. Right and I do always adds. Yeah that depression manic and he's their only the ones that lived in town. Strongly now or I mean some people could've been killed by an end acne. It's harder because until ignorance that's exactly why that's an out. Right right fell you know rank to prevent and then I got there there are another researcher can detonated they can't. You know arm. I'm kind report that contains what happened but there was never any proof for anything like that. So I don't rule it out entirely I'm just saying in the report that I've received over 24 years. Acting on the right hand on it in and debate her again at any different they're insisting that. Linda let's talk evidence. You've had a lot of conversations a lot of people who've offered their encounters the stories of their encounters but has anybody been able to give you anything. In the form of concrete evidence of their encounter whether it's a picture obviously be great. Or aide who clump of hair or footprints or anything like that. Footprint yes you know that's footprint here fairly plentiful. And they get most of the time. For the dog and they look like large canines trained by Gary Gary large wolf coming prince to be alert act. And sometimes. In the printer made miked up and our lack. And the creature is it rearing back to spring according to start running. Hough all that the what we accomplished in the human ankle joints it's rather late. Well Qaeda in and out and not the contact the ground and then he would have been really interesting that looks kind of with a combination. Canines and big for the really to be the elongated. Total footprint with with a high joining with the taupe pants where it's usually that usually the pocket Papelbon. Of foot and a vote for. The ground so. I think in theory that event that you know we do have footprints that's probably the best. I can't have people offered some care but it turned out to be at their animals. And I'm not gonna happen with the big foot to a debate but probably. Leave a lot lower evidence behind and then of course you probably not very active effort to repair an attempted to unique. Study in in pennies to come out they can handle it and of course that will form or primate and and even more specific violent intolerant and I'll just let lying and being Patrick you know. But. Bigfoot has more. It and almost more of a culture you know it it seemed to construct they brought. And I might shelters of reactions. And it is. More likely to use it and it and so it can interact opening. Leave behind. Actually had. I don't particularly at my new book that's coming out that and continue this shared with me. Where people had brought him what to believe work group of the day for her impassively. They tried dropping two era and Billiton have come on interest into in inner. Inner. When their can't. So we have not kind of thing we don't have talent and we don't have complete dead carcasses that are known maybe they've been pound perhaps. I wouldn't back and he's been confirmed in the government knew about them. They would be spirited away and we wouldn't be informed the public thank you CNET experience. With different government agencies. My we're. We're Syria we're gonna take a break Wyndham were our Melinda gun free we're talking about scripted specifically the beast of bray road we're talking about wolf men dog men. Big foot running the gamut here. We've got a lot more comets beyond reality radio with Jason NGV. 7669. 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Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seeds here on. Don't forget these telephone numbers say 446877669. If you like to call on Chara. A story you've had an encounter or you do like to talk to Linda Moran asked question about. Any of her books or her researcher her serve her encounters herself Lynda. Again thanks for joining us some beyond reality radio. And in my correct in understanding you've had personal experiences you've faction run into some things along the way during your research. He had that screw up I. And out in the field or not I am thinking if you do spend enough time in the field in areas where these things are excited. You know sooner or later it it may happen a I I definitely have had experiences yet. What would you say of your experiences stands out to be the most. Head scratching for you. Well they they've really all on her head scratching and means. He just kind it's like coming up against the against them as being brought to go in February where you have no experience and it's it's a very humbling experience and a lot of ways because you realize he app. It really is something out there are bigger than me what I don't understand. You know and and perhaps never will. I can experience is what we're pretty sure there will be but I had a very accurately at. Or one experience where I may have seen. The back of the animals. Where it was upright I what I talent grief for. Eliminated. Project contracting in the spotlight. And a fairly vertical and it was at least seven feet topic for the plotted out. Reflective bird found in an apartment across the road and have enough other thinking at this point adamantly. I'm locations can be shown to witnesses in Michigan did you get a picture. Dull dull I had actually. My camera at that time had run out of every batteries everything. And I hit pretty Indra. Commands that the TV crew refusing. So I I didn't have my camera out functioning anymore and I can government is stepping up and down the app for that way. Why I asked I asked that question with a bit of objective because I knew I knew the answer be known because you would have shared with us. But it just illustrates I mean so many times people say well you know if you saw this big foot run into the woods he saw this front of one into the picture but. That the that the problem is it happened so instantly. And I and it's also a bit startling and a bit stunning and just snapped that picture you gotta you gotta have your wits about you. And if you actually have something in your hands to snap that with. Armed in the encounter alas for sometimes fractions of a second or second or two and getting pictures sounds a lot as it sounds like easier than actually yes well. And that's really really true yep because even if you're willing camera. You'd have to England should it make sure you can write lines I like to cook fabulously you know of Turkey can pecking at my picture window delete before last telling you realize I had turned and Alfie. Let's take it. Legs and now it wouldn't agree Hackett had a million views on YouTube lecture but. I had another experienced just about exactly a year ago was on it. Out. 2015. And property owner and a colleague of mine we're taking out eight field. At night in an area where I've been helping conduct a two year study with the property property that is the because yes we call it in the in the locker range because he planned. All kinds of things that we do and shoot seventeen. Year carcasses which and that mutilated a weird things and the I mean you know camp never work and we had a market that was out there for a while and nothing was touching. And we thought well maybe there's something else out and it's preventing. Anything up from having an earlier. Sitting there watching and we are a crack at a across the field on the link our appeal genuinely in practice. And I would have been noted that there was a light that I tripped up for an airplane and accept it stopped right over the tree line and it backed up. And then it went forward again and I think that the guy that mattered near clean and again and able not and by ethnic violence and crucial I think. The time that I read about all turned our attention. Fully upon it began to move across the field toward. And it will be in a minute picture that. We get to it and the light at that time you know and then looked at being an advocate of making ever ready Alec. Amy in the viewfinder and the will secure and in particular battery markets. Close play at Barack I want completely you know why and in the and here I with the candle in honor. A blue leader won it that and it back to where it was within about thirty feet at the car. And maybe thirty feet in the air and approximately. And we could pray we could see that it was. Perfectly spherical object that was sort of felt a little needed. Very evenly. It didn't cast any light what was abounded it was just sort of self. Self lit and it has tapped at that point it was a robbery turn of looking at it. And I would just rate in my camera my ha kind etiquette here and accurate driving around my colleague. Grabbed a large crash site without saying anything any shown it out his window out directly but the abject. And I we off or hasn't later. In hesitated for a moment. Can cook Albright group riveted. And then it just kind of put it but look that kind of what they collapsed in candidly and normally he might go out sometimes. Brent and halt went but it wasn't no he it was it was a globe that was peer. And we all yell a favorite to epic packed. Well because that was a shocking it was just against the dollar laws of physics and this particular property owner is retired math and physics teacher from Chicago. You know and and he was just going mattered currently can't beat that could at a camp and that that's possible. In Atlanta really but that they lacked there I had my camera I was ready to make it and that. You know my own colleague kind of ended that because. There and kept going to nothing left to take my dad. He and then at that have been that he can attack any went out of the car walked around for thirty seconds and then came back and would. Definitely wait and sent. I'm Rick I have to leave. And you sound a little Q and you're selling a one of the will the way it's the type things. Phone company. Like that Ivy League college UFO because it was an eight and it's I it was sort of flying in abject. But it wasn't like I hard construction of any kind Fred. I actually how big would you say it was. We would say that we often. Estimated at about is trying to look at the law. OK so yeah it would be about the size of the that will let. Yet the type of flying or you know or that we don't know what life but we do feel that it was aware of because it was lonely out focused and it did it Democrats appealed to lack. And we all watched and then. You know it sort of had that feeling it was to try to and a flashlight beams in it to. Okay well. We're talking with Linda Godfrey about to be sober eroding towners and monitor America American monsters and bigfoot you name atlas goes on and on. And we come back after break I wanna get into. What you think it'll take for us to finally catch solid proof and video pictures or something. To acknowledge that these things are really out there and organ take a real quick break and we come back we'll get into that the US and Jason GB. And beyond reality really where. Welcome back to beyond reality radios Jason GP don't forget agreed to a week of shows lined up here tomorrow night it's Gerri wills. He's going to be talking about his understanding the movement of energy throw things and how relates to healing. Wednesday its Karen Anderson a professional animal communicators psychic and medium from the eastern Washington area will be talking to her about. Animal communication and her profession as an animal psychic and a. Q my animals times and we have a whole lay down sit out I guess it and it. Well I mean Elena when I knew when I won't give them a chipper some tonight can tell the envy and emotional and stuff. But it would make me an animal psychic that makes it an in animals and animals sensitive but it is so current. That's yeah that's going to be wins and nine and of course Thursday it's a best of show as we head off to drag and can't. Don't forget the toll free number is 8446877669. Our guest tonight is Linda Godfrey and may and the time flies. I'm Jason post a question Linda before he went into the break and I'll let him or revisit the questions you've been answered. Okay. Yeah okay so had think they're fresh that's our. So what is now. An illegal overseas and Russia and so forth everybody's got dashboard cameras on their cars and and that's why don't you see a lot of grief and showing up on the news. But what. What do you think it's going to take for us over here to finally catch solid proof. A big foot or this beast of bray road or some sort of a creature that. Has gone roar as of right now. It you know it's one of those things it's a legend is Laura's or truth minded what do you think it's gonna take for us to finally catch something. I you know perhaps some unprecedented. New intensity and yet I would. I was thinking that when everybody had drone. That we might actually be something that could sneak up and flash you know a picture before from you can see it's. So hard because I own a bunch of that'll fly them over the backwards by in my house. And me on the wild turkeys are back there all the time but I'll tell you right now all put the drawn up in the air and I won't be able to see the deer and turkeys from the air Agassi and from the ground. But I can't see from the air so. That's like that I used to think that it's sensitive but I liked it and they've really coming use. You know nobody's really got rule being whipped it you know people think. And on into prime Detrick laboratory near and acquaintances. Maybe it refund mark. I I also have thought maybe. Maybe goes to collapse in the opening camera. Earning it the picture packs. And only a couple of padded the pitcher I have to be really close to you. Think it could sack and hit it at that night and especially you know it just meant that it happened I went there there manually add equipment or different writings. And Internet I live high security clearance from Milwaukee Mitchell airport. At a currently lack to fire from operate wrote. And our friend of mine but it was a clean and got to borrow police night. Kitchen equipment. And we joke around that entire night and come from from and now until done. Trying to take pictures at whatever we keep the end. There are phenomenal animals that we used without fox is national. We signed here with that part of the night. You know when you're driving even loan equipment are only calling twenty I think our camera but we're not we're running well in the camera work in an internal. And we are really up camp for the night. You know and it just shows how hard it is even if you have equipment equally lonely and hear the camera app. There was another addict and I account illustrator art as we had for some reason. A big blank sheet showed up north of popcorn actually. I knew that too far from where island nobody Mueller came from it was a unit stayed in galloped in Monday. And was in Europe and the canary in the Arctic and eventually it may lean ground. And it was reported that while the call me. The issue reported to be married and any in now. We can't know the critics. Crazy you know and so I kind connected to be married in and and you know it can't eat humble pie yesterday Italy is right side. I got in line. It cracked the ground running again galloped right print my car. I had my camera right and the next week I pulled Albert picked up to camera and by the time tank at the better practice it was out of sight for. He Linda we're gonna take a phone call here we've had. Hey good morning guys good morning mist got pre okayed the only my question I really had for her words. What is the Hough is that spelled HO CK. And built what what part was she referring to with that. I could say. Probably the reason that both these creatures aren't able to be. Captured. The tiger flir video would be. They're too they're too Smart for that they're too quick and intellectual witty. What do you believe our did you believe in the intermittent amend dimensional. I think they're. People are talking. I believe it almost everything possible honestly. But with the explanation for a bit. Russia is the country at the bear. As America is the country let's say the eagle but also reptiles but that's how we have something to the reptilian represented and both America and Europe. And by the way that it appeared on the back of a dollar bill. That it eagle that's that's that's an example okay so that bears is that Russian factions and that is why. So that's what part of their. Let's say he'd be alien race she's. Sorry appraisers species or colony comes from. That's what you pocket was represented and Star Wars. And I think it could be maybe even tied into planet of the apes but the big led that squad it is Geddes all of that. Probably our inner dimensional or tied to them and but they're basically just the worker bees when they're here. The to explain more so while I ate some of these creatures looked very human micro kept me and tight to them. The chat there are shadow government shadow entities that are despite being humans with animals. And that had been admitted that they are doing at. And then you have that aliens and other in a dimensional beings that have been breeding with humans for a long time and that's where you have a lot of the abductions and things. Not to mention Lucifer concern. Has been unleashing creatures that are Earl Ward trapped in our hiding in our world and eventually they're all going to be at least on that I'd bet that that before. Stern opened the gates of hell earlier this summer and Switzerland back in June and now they're continuing to open portals and temporary gateways. To and from there. And you think and you're suggesting that some of these creatures are directly. That's where they're coming from. Well I would believe there is the reason why is that big foot or stats crutches and all that why that's been seen Purcell ball. No I believe that it tied more to Vietnam. Tickets are coming from the other dimensions or first base RB wanna put it which is basically one in the bank but here more recently. And it the quickening cap that is that we go further in the revelation that more of the field and the trumpets and all of that how far along we are. I really suggest people do that resource apart at a that's where we are at what in what it's coming and what the mainstream media not telling you. Bible revealing things about. Anybody that element I should put you to refer to news to start with. Boy I was trying to determine the rapture and stuff of that nature Jack are you referring to the rap I think are you referring to the rapture I'm in things like that. Yeah but not just the rapture I mean in the world. You this question today JA ME ST let me ask you this. Let me ask you this question why the hell he cannot do why the hell you're not doing your own radio she's a I mean a you to go on I'm a you don't operation formation you're really do I'd. And I mean that and all with the utmost respect you really you've got a lot of great information you should be out there doing your own show. Well. I don't wanna put any more the target on my back but I bet they are up for you want him. Jim we've got election we've got to let's go right now is organ cluster break in I wanted to give Linda Chancery to respond tear tear kolbe thanks so much for calling it's always education when we get to on the line. Linda any thoughts and any of that. Well in client is one of the actual question was what perhaps is. Inherently animals blanket and that would be. It can take part in dog lick it when it it makes as little pop prince. And you look up but to lay people off and there are dot net other banks apparent act or it could actually what they're seeing is what would be. If we could actually actually contour. Eland and local during that would be analogous to the Iraq. I'm hopeful related animal. And consequently look like related bent backward but we're we're we're expecting this Ian eagle Whitney you know and then back out at me. All right let's take a break when we've got an more callers hopefully we can get to them we are running out of time it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV. They yankees TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you. It's Gary Conn is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar it's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his scare comes a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. Were October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. At the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here gun. Welcome back on reality radio time is flying by we don't have a whole lot left here and we got another phone caller for a minute we wanna go to line this is Chris welcome to be on reality radio Chris. Great thank you to it will show. Thank you I'd request was below and a the the show that was on I street might be but it lets drop about it and it. You hit a couple of episodes of to what the and note that that's arch its India Sochi. Pat what are joke but that's what you are up mountainsides. And then at the very end they actually show. Yet yet but outs and they are still orchard somewhere. And captured. Clear or picture. That's watched him behind me and I wanted to keep in this show are big he charts in the air and that struck the show where they're out of you're your take on. Yet he out or GB. Yes great question Chris has have you seen that show and a. And I think as I've seen it that clip I don't think there's a cultural but I have seen it clipped Eddie talking about you know that the pretty good to me and you know. It is they're filming me blocked clash things that you see out there and kick in jaded after awhile. And that Laura Allen met Alan McPeek and I I do think that there are probably. And number. Fairly. Blurry shot. That really are sent you know like you know you know what you taking a picture of you know they taking a picture he dock and the dog run through you know what you're Don. But somebody is looking picture because it was running and Larry could say at at that dot I think that happens happens. When people. You know are actually pictures of these animals. And now if they are indeed animal it and then of course another theory that. If they act coming from other dimensions. That they are not in the same. A light wave vibrations that we hour. And so they don't register. Are instruments that are made captured in a leaner dimension. Right hold that thought though Linda went take another short break when we come back we'll give you an opportunity talk about your books where people can get him it's beyond reality radio. Welcome back to beyond reality radio. Jason and GD integrates. A show coming up tomorrow night don't forget Gerri wills joining us tonight it's Linda Godfrey we've been talking about. All manner of crypt kids in odd creatures and the beast for erode specifically dog men and Linda were. Pretty close to being out of time here and again thanks for being on the program but before we do let you go work and people find out more about your books and more about what Europe to. Well the best place to start insulin to Backstreet dot com. You know WWW. It's not my blog you can find. Recent stories there there is a link in my new book coming out October 11 from. I'd torture pain that random amount. Landscape among an exploration without their worldly they play well and portals antenna and asked for them and. You kind of what we were just talking about him. And when tackling and Ali it's a fact marsh tracking it it's really. A lot of reports from the likes of which have never received before. And one that can be associated with a Amylin and things and the full report of that two year. And you wouldn't in gentleman in his field here in southeastern Wisconsin will be and it other things like and it's available for pre order. On Amazon and other places it into currently backing up coming up physically equipped for that and Al alert from Asian and Ali. And I'm going to be at Lockheed heir apparent in block current and October 14 and kept talking earlier that we have will be Ireland we have New York daily new shown you can watch my Latin. For four. Frank information and then I can't release he connect. Date yet and then there's the whole bunch of cut because that took. Coming out on the eleventh Atlanta turnovers created in inducted I link should be out putting in you're looking at Keeneland to act Kinect camera isn't about Pete. And you consigned am Brooklyn. By Harris and calendar then going to be updating and we're very well I had to explain it. We've been buying we're buying and telling how the bell at the moment he knew that they hand out summer. But that yet that just just keep my ability at feet that happen eventually you'll find Arctic into the kingdom right there for everything. Know I have to say I I visited your web site affect the money now and I'm looking at a picture view with the John's after us and I just have to ask Heidi get mixed up with a character like that. Ali look magazines. And. On his John's band gave an example came back parties to create packed yeah yeah inspect every new picture of me with Rosemary Alley. Orkut which we take in different years at the Michigan here at upper it would. I can't like 12100 people and I mean throughout the middle of nowhere really and yet 12112100. Attendees to that great great. Her parents just back from Nat within ten weakened. It's awesome well thank you so much for coming on hang out with us tonight in talking about all these from weird creatures that you you don't with the new written about the growth years. Cult it was my pleasure and it it did go so fast did you teleport cac. Feels that way sometimes the or sometimes we think it's a black hole I'm not sure which it is to ask at present there Italy I'll you you have a very good night gonna make you very much for your time. Thank you to both of you for having me at any time on an. Want to come back. Thank you and its when he got free and we appreciate your coming up by the way I yet she is and I just wanted to I didn't mention it before but thank you Chris for his phone call and has good question there. We had let him focus went in to break but sound. I always love talking about this stuff and I always find it very fascinating I wish my memory was just a little bit better because. I see this week of connections that go between her guests you know like while Blackburn and some of the things he was talking about it. And how it connects to some of the things that Linda was talking about and how it connects to the the gentleman that we had to. From the this from. Where was the Alabama she's just an ideal security issue. Heard an agent lives. What that. Among you're not even old what's going on with ya know it's business as do many things going on my notes so you noted is that what you're doing you don't four days a week you do it from midnight to I am it's like. China retain anything and later on right now man because they we we've had guest coming on said you have him at this person right and now I'm sure is that to go back and look mentally and so. But it's pretty amazing how these these. Theories and stories start to intertwine in and down and connect and it starts to create a pretty interesting pattern and and a picture of of what these creatures aren't and how we might. Eventually need billion evidence and proof of others. That all of the planet payment or catch in the the signal coming from that's just that's an incredible story in my mind boggled a spot on my mind all day. I know it just just the mere thought that we if we actually are receiving intelligence. Intentional signals from another world I 95 light years away it's pretty pretty amazing. Have you been watching the chat room and seeing the the mention of the clowns. Point eight I know you do it I sought and then it became a clown spiders and I don't know what's going around from all the reason I ask you slick Eddie sent me and I think number one of the get one of Robin the chat room and actually. Had this as well. But there was a story. To see if I can find it here. In Greenville, South Carolina and of course we here in Greenville and you know them and their residents in an apartment complex there and Greenville are on edge after reports of an individual dressed as a clown has been attempting. To lure children into the woods I saw something about her. That's. And that I would and a beating him to death news review as a bowling ball Q what about that and get within that they usually juggle on around them. You know while I documents state that residence at fleet wood manor apartments in Greenville did call authorities on the 21 of August. To investigate after children reported seeing a suspicious character. Dressed in circus clown attire and white face paint trying to entice kids to follow him or her they don't know if it's male female into the woods I mean. I have to agree with you in in a lot of settings may be nine in the big tub and a lot of settings are clowns are just darn creepy. Yet but standing at the edge of the woods trying to entice kids in personal let's Estes kind of sick. But than you did the the image of that is damn creepy. What I love I love the people South Carolina and I head down their often you know Jim is just there in on few weeks back. And I will tell you that they agreed people South Carolina will gladly resolve that issue themselves but I thought if I go there and that's the event. You really tell if if there's a clown gentler kids into the woods yeah that's one of those people who deserve to. Yeah to be found later on. Mrs. Rivera them you know so but I when I saw that in and knew of your disdain for clowns like especially that kicked out of a circus that time because my clone leave me alone and I threaten him. Effect has so. It's that your story it's later would be to Delhi and I honestly I three times and anybody pizza smile on their face you have an issue if you have to penis my own interest that's true. I'm you know if you've noticed so many people are terrified and he clowns. I don't even know why they still happen these. It's like I've never met anybody who set I love clowns. Because first are peppers and you sell with the veil of clowns but I it's just with the amount of people who have these these terrifying feelings towards ground. It should be a real dying industry. It seems like it would be. I don't forget tomorrow Nigeria will also join us talking about the movement of energy for all things and how it translates and his ability to help heal people. He talks about healing and and about how in 1981 he had a near death experience and it really changed his life so we'll chat with him about that then of course Wednesday night it's Karen Anderson a professional. Animal communicators psychic medium and then a third states' best stuff or a best of beyond reality radio won't be alive programs are no phone calls Thursday night. If you all are anywhere near Atlanta Georgia may she come on down into writing com and it'll be a Jimmie he'll be there Steve. The tangle my daughter Samantha me you'll be there as well. Come down sick guy but they should tune in tonight everybody good thanks to and Linda Godfrey and you'll have agreed that he listened Jason NG Giambi on reality radio catcher tomorrow.