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Trump tells Kaepernick to find a country that works better for him. 8/30/2016

Aug 30, 2016|

Fall out is growing against 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick after he sat during the National Anthem. Critics say he was disrespectful to the country and Donald Trump says he should find another country to live in, do you agree?

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This hour. More fallout from the apple Wiener scandal as the New York Post put it on their front cover today. Cool my cuts off Wiener. And the media believe they're not they're now saying they need to be even. More aggressive in their bias you're not gonna believe malveaux levels they are openly saying they are willing to go. Did deny Donald Trump the White House in November. But first my friends I wanna continue to take your calls. And the coal and copper Nick's story is just getting hotter and hotter and hotter. The corner country poll question of the big day. Sure it Syrian Muslim refugees. Rebuild Detroit. Bill Clinton along with the head of Giovanni are now openly saying in a Hillary administration. They wanna bring in 101000. Muslim refugees. Resettle them right in Detroit. Give them 101000 vacant homes give them jobs give them what ever they need. Should we be prioritizing. Muslim refugees. Over unemployed Americans. If you believe yes. Muslim refugees should rebuild the Detroit text or letter age this 68680. If you believe like meet held no we have enough problems here. Let's take care of vets take care of our own American refugees. So this day. Rather than dealing with foreign refugees. Text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results so far 97%. Now. And 3% yes yes. I mean I'm just curious I I assume your Renault on this one Britney yes summon now. Now what all you know Mohammed Marty Marty Walsh says he wants to bring in 101000 in Boston alone okay element they can live with and. Britney I ask you this by the way the whole car coal and copper next thing sorry Colin why do we keep calling him a colon. I would like you calling in Colin just it's a subliminal I don't know what it is is something subconscious. What do you make now of the fact. That he still refuses to back down and now you have other NFL players who are saying they're going to be joining colon GAAP. Well I think that rookie. From Philadelphia with the like I think that is until there is I think he this now it was a rookie mistake I don't think he's gong to sit during the National Anthem I think. He would probably. Be fired and maybe I don't know being cut but what I make of that I think it's ridiculous. A lot of come out. And freeze some for some people learn criticizing him for bass and you know like there are a lot of things that I feel they had that. You know when Tim Tebow played for the and I found that prey on the sidelines is vilified for that in this kid can literally sit on the sideline. And not stand for the National Anthem I think it's just incredibly disrespectful. To our bad trends to. Everyone in this country. You know I just think I think not only do the Fisher house. Telephonic think you know Brian pets and just a ton of them that have been there and you meet them and you see what they've sacrificed for this country and this person is making millions and millions and millions of dollars. You can't. Stands for the National Anthem. Look at it but this country has done for you and for your family near the practice respectful. So it upsetting that someone would just be so ignorant. You know you funny you mention Fisher house I mean how many we meet without limbs without legs. Paralyzed from the waist down are paralyzed from the neck down. How much they've given. And for him to openly disrespect them like right really vilify them. I know we I mean we meet soldiers doing you know various events and that everything Hampshire I mean I have. Family members that serve. I have friends that serve so. It's for me Fermi it's aggravating aunts and he really. Just upsets me adding I don't know I I believe he should be cut so we'll see what happens. Well I gotta tell you I mean if you if you notice. Hillary has been incredibly. Silence. It's actually deafening. On the whole call and cap for next Campbell Ehrlich a column Colin Colin Capra. Every seat and noticed with ESPN and much of the liberal media Britney hit the nail on the head war. Rule when it came to a devout Christian and look conservative old Tim Tebow. Why easy preying on the sidelines did so distracting. He has their older during the game result in the quarters some bleed to meet all age he distrust himself. All. Or Michael on his hands are clasped together at the Ole Ole Ole. This guy. Will refuses to stand for the National Anthem openly disrespect the flag. Since the United States is nothing more than an oppressive nation he deeply racist bigoted oppressive nation. And he cannot salute the fly and cannot stand for the National Anthem because he just respects our country. Appease caught a threat to pick Jeff Jeff Jeff he has a right to his opinion. All dead although mourn about said he ESP NL some of them are advising him. You've got that clown Stephen A Smith dishes for Dutch. This is a Georgia brought us to hold easily you know for speaking on behalf of the boy useless. So. You wanna pray on the sidelines that's read a book and forbidden. You wanna give the middle finger to the American flag of the American people in the military and those who died and served a separate country. Every you a text message really quickly yes 50 it my son died defending that blanks. Rights and that makes me fears that the NFL doesn't have the gone after instead of fire that puke. Well these days may be numbered these days may be outnumbered but I gotta tell you Donald Trump Hillary Clinton notice she silent. Everybody is speaking out everybody's either giving an opinion one way or another Hillary Clinton her silence says everything. Well listen to Donald Trump. Because he wasn't silent. Role it Brittany. Well I have not followed and I think it's. I think it's personally not a good thing I think it's added it's a terrible thing. And you know it'll. Maybe should try to country that works that are for him let him try it won't happen. He's completely right. Nineteen million dollars a year 114 million over six years. And your crying racism your crying oppression you're evict. So from one multimillion dollar victim to another listen out of this Spike Lee that that overrated hack. Okay that propagandist. Masquerading as a film director he's also made his millions and tens of millions. Peddling the garbage of a racist America. Apart fight white America. A constant victim Molly G victim mileage evict Kamal Agee well he goes on CNN with the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper. And listen now to what he tells a silver haired guy. According to Spike Lee. Colin Capp Roenick is a hero. He is now in that tradition by not standing at peace Obama calls the pledge of allegiance just assure Obama's likely is. No it's not the pledge of allegiance he wasn't standing forwards the National Anthem. But let that go. He's now in the tradition. Of black radical activists. Like Mohammed Ali. And apparently Jackie Robinson. Roll it Britain. So what do you make of it can't happen not standing up. I supporting. Act minded so interest and how people wanna pick and choose what rights people have. Not any kind of took the ball. It had done bond's. Q were run screaming about. They don't want their Second Amendment Rights. To me if there's upon the same way. John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Raise their black gloved fist the 68 Olympics in Mexico the same and Mohammed Ali refuse. The fight for justice. Award it was crazy. Refused rugby get the Vietnam War. V.s there. He writes Americans. Have you see you see what he is doing but colored cap Ernie is doing is in that tradition yes it's in a tradition of black athlete stand up usenet platform Hussein I'm not happy. With the way. Black people can call it being treated it's so now he's not happy with the Essex homes. You see that in the twelve cars in the driveway why can't it be thirteen. He sees that he says hey he's not happy with the year's supply of caviar that he's being delivered to my good amount. Is the president make them spike Lee's oppressed and Jesse Jackson's oppress. All Perasa brass. Colin dapper next suppressed are all abreast 20000040000050. Million a hundred million a year all oppressed. It's too much oppression thinking and all that money. My friends were all due respect this is obscene. And it really is obscene. And I'll tell you what he did. No one else has the guts to say it I will. Colin Capp earning did essentially the verbal equivalent. Of going to wait dead service members casket. Any urinating all over the casket. Why. Because there's a couple assuring access. Which by the way many of them have been justified but let that go even if they're not justified just for the sake of argument so. So. You think what. What country on earth is perfect. So and Donald Trump's raised I think the ultimate point. Tell me Colin what other country wanna go to. Tony which one. Because if you can't Stanford this flag and you catch Stanford this sent them shall tell me what anthem and what flight can you stand for. Fueled selfish spoiled loser you. Really you integrate you. Okay. Hold on. Curt Schilling got in on. And I think Curt Schilling also hit the nail on the head because what he's basically saying it's ultimately colon is a coward. He's worked because if there was a marine. Who's both of his legs were blown off. Who is right beside him on the field. This guy would've stood up in all heartbeat. He would've stood up in all heartbeat. Roll it Brittany. Yeah I would imagine what it ended up being more than a conversation. I'm some heated towel. He might be worth the perfect platform to have that this speak about it messages but when you think about come from the military sadly these couple different times. It's a deal around our soldiers and there's our soldiers I crawl. Ali G rooted love and respect of the men and women that serve this country end when I see someone who is afforded the opportunity. Two leading ports over a hundred million dollars wasn't my only disappointment is it him delivering a message that is slightly disrespectful. So the men and women that it is that it lost their lives organization. And I guarantee you call in jeopardy was sitting next a marine who had no legs and it served in Afghanistan during an act like them because that's what is set up. He's completely right. He's a coward. He's a gutless spoiled self absorbed coward now why is this issue sore red hot. Why is this issue resonating. With so many people across the country because it's not about Colin peppard it's not. It's both something much more profound. He's an open supporter of black lives matter. And as I talked about at the top of the segment. You now have other NFL football players coming out. Saying and one of them is a linebacker rookie he may be walking it back but. There are others now that rookie linebacker at Philadelphia and other saying no we're gonna join end. We're not understand as well. Because we stand with Colin copper and can we stand with black lives matter. You've opened up now a can of worms. And the reason why you've opened up this can of worms is because think about it. Here you have. An explicitly. Anti white. And T call. Anti American. Hate group that's a black lives matter it's. That has been aided and abetted by the president. By Hillary Clinton. The official platform of the Democratic Party and much of the mainstream media for what the last year the last year and a you've legitimized them you've encouraged him you've supported them. You'll why in my system. You don't think of sports figures are celebrities are gonna follow. You don't think they're gonna say we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity the black lives matter of course they are. And here's the bigger issue. Look now how everything in our society is politicized. Everything. Everything. I mean even. Think about football sports the NFL. Easing is one reason why we watch on Sundays or Mondays if you late Monday Night Football which I do. You get away from your problems you get away from the world you get away from politics. It's sports. It's supposed to be above and transcend politics but even now the NFL is mired in this why. Well it's the same NFL would all due respect. That threatened Arizona. And so we're not gonna play this Super Bowl where if you guys defend religious freedom and religious liberty when Christians say for example don't wanna Baikal wedding cake for lesbian couple and a legislature is thinking of passing a law. Then you threaten a boycott. Or now because the governor of new a North Carolina. Has developed they've passed a law. Opposing transgender bathrobes. Now the NFL says what we're not gonna play the probe or whatever the NBA the NFL professional sports they were gonna boycott. Well if you wanna be politically correct. And you suddenly now one up politicize your decisions. Hey guys. Don't start complaining wanna start seeping into the actual locker room. Don't start complaining when this cancer number passed the size is and you can't control it like the call and cap predicts of the world. You now introduced black lives matter onto the freaking field. It's gone from the ESP and Blackburn mouse. Now right into the field. It's toxic. It's completely toxic. It's poisoning the locker room they hate him in San Francisco his teammates are speaking out the NFL is divided book. One of the Marx he's always features as a professor at it this is almost textbook definition. Update totalitarian society and I'm choosing my words very carefully. Every institution. Every layer of society every aspect of society is sorely and completely politicized. That's part of what living in a totalitarian society is you can't escape politics. And you're judged by politics. And politics fault you were for you go falls you and follows you and follows. Look at this. I'm paying you if I'm the owner. To Colin Capra nineteen million dollars a year nineteen million. Why don't sure gold was starving country used. You love Africa clo blacks gore Africa. Korda Africa better yet. Why coach or a downtown Detroit forget Africa quarter downtown Detroit. Quotas Southside of Chicago. She would life is like for many ordinary black. People and you'll make in nineteen art and many Americans such but to specifically because he's presenting himself as a black activist. And you're complaining and you're making nineteen freaking million dollars a year. Jamaicans so much money you know how to spend it. And the only country in the world. That would even give you I should kill up off this kind of opportunity is this country. Peaceful like this national. If your mother didn't tell you. I'm gonna tell you you're old sore and your entire movement. Lack lives matter they're all a bunch a losers. And now the NFL. Gave opened up my can of worms that genie is now out of the bottle. This is the same NFL draft that denied the Dallas Cowboys. Police officers were killed. All that massacre in Dallas yes yes I remember that when they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the police the NFL said not a memo. From within black lives matter. Well let this jerks it on the sidelines. And the National Anthem I collect ninety million dollars a year as a Scots staying. 6172666868. Brittany as usual. You are spot on this. Point I mean. You know like Exeter. Netflix gives you the right to do you want and Iverson and wants of that and I agree with the but the same time yet to show some respect especially in this position we're in where we're playing a game for a living and no. It's almost like disrespectful. To you know he shoots pictures of these veterans that have no legs understandable the wheelchair. You know and I had a brother that serve and he lost friends and I know how much of museum and it's just it's shameful I'm very emotional person. So I figured if I had known that my emotions liberal and we probably would have had a problem so much. That of course was the former teammate of luck Colin cap for next. He's an offensive guard Alex Boone. Saying I'll tell you this if I was on the sideline that and I think that'd be it would be standing. I think that mama look at the Italians say I then got mama Luke would be standing 61720666868. Dying and Europe next going head Diane. Jeff I don't. Greg I want to add Colin comment. So with an hour and look what we're gonna call him Holmgren crap and OK or are. Crap and it lacks some sort of I think that that is that new last name go to our Tripoli where you are. Her name. Like and how you. And that it Colin crap and it. May. It's or the Pentagon not gotten in Vatican I can use it. I'm not gonna try it you can you are all right that's Diana everybody sues everybody Mallard not. I'm not happy but I I and started at age changed topic but maybe next week you can talk about. Michelle Obama and the deal would she pad with a guy that culture Bonnie you gotta look that when. And you know what I handled. This helps us out. I can't hold well I am pleased the floor is yours please educate me. So. Excite you at educate you. What Michelle Obama help that I'm Turkish guide to Turkish billionaire. So he's working each. Turkish on a high struggling Greek yogurt incredible incredible sorry going Iran. And I've known about that truck contract I was so glad you added on to get I boycotting and people what they have been boycotting a very long time to be at least six months. So apparently. He got a contract pastoral. In eight months that usually takes ten years than what I read. To put should Bonnie and every public school and Michelle Obama was behind that. They don't look that we're not just our public schools yet one absolutely. I read that I was like I can not only. Diane. Best audience in the business and a business thank you for that call 6170. Paying. Oh boy a 61720666868. More. Well I have plus hours and I think kids. I think it's personally not a good thing I think it's as it's terrible thing. And you know you know. Maybe should try to country that works better for him let him try it won't happen. 138. Here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. As always you can text that sets 68680. This is from 603 Jeff they should namely yogurt after Colin. Call it coal and shell bombing a. Mel bouts of bad taste. 508. Jeff yogurt to replace him meet. In healthy men show old school lunches on. So that's how they got you Bonnie older. It's what a bunch of weasels aren't they just a bunch are weasels it's incredible. 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded Ron in melted go ahead Ron. Rob I'm so I have Ron on the board. It's all right up when I called it regarding the ever billions there. Oh yes yes. Sorry rob I don't mean to offend you what you see with millennial now if it's not automatically spell check they test well you know that rob. Yeah I don't enumerated. Oh. But to go to what accounts. I've liked these MIT's Britney and the boot but really in the lentils and tell you that. That's. Checked okay its corporate. And your genius breaking my if no my apologies no offense rob I'm sorry the floor is yours. All right and they'll only way to do it right what you captain thirty terms on the NFL. And once the NFL and you watch the game. Albeit networks AB CNBC. Dollar. All of its screwing us for about 08. What you get it they were at one of those Kirk and likes it like out opted you're on. And you're all doing now nationwide boycott the product to get there and it does their role in sports it's rejecting all. And that what you gotta do it we're gonna get hurt and everybody want. Export of op but aren't boycotted nationwide and see what happened at a and then. I thoroughly get rid of the people it is quite thought that network. Coral Gables based again he would face their partner in. People large psychological all. 800 bucks a lot of money every year the order and get ready on India where Arby's group all of Hollywood it is able trade outs for. Then make a sports so now trying to get rid of the leaders. Rob I've noticed you watch any ESPN rob. I have a black down ever I don't watch regularly get involved politically. Exactly that's the thing ideally I'd like good sports talk until before getting him or whatever it only just. The break down the offense the defense the coaching decisions. Just talk about the game but no on ESPN. It's races. It's homophobia. It says lamb of phobia it's. Political correctness. It's. I might watch CNN MSNBC. Or watching ESPN. What is a political comment very unless your Curt Schilling W conservative. And everybody else the political commentator. Not the last comments it's edited out pillar of the reptilian stare adding a new word of a light of people on the left up or else group glory. Cognitive. Dissidence. Oh. Savient Salem going ahead saying. It is I'll aren't that I'd be talking about the bullying Kirk but just before the act. That call that all of it now obviously coal is not an ideal that's eighty coal coal nation. Stick out there are a popular college. Idiot at. What I he. His actions was deplorable. Dep I would it matter I rep packet is here and Jenkins GAAP net the other booty all the way down. I same idea but I remember at century or target and have a true. Michelle Obama comment which statewide a court. To put under that rug. But her comment about America. Before Obama became president. She also made this statement. I. Never lied to America. Do you remember that. She said it was the first time I was proud to be an American. Yes first I you know Ed court that they gave credit committees and and the lord does it add up of the perks which she is fairly indulge yourself. All I'm taxpayer money out court. Back in any of that I want it jumped chew the out that Cleveland. If you look and see how much is that the billion dollar package by the way. Not only would they be giving these get out there are other people's palms that they work so hard. It means that you Detroit. Yes escalate it go ahead thank you. But get closer to the taxpayers. Would not only be picking up the tab for their multi children. At 20000 apiece per child. School. And then we have the head start and then we have to have and we paper that train of waiter. And Egypt goes on and on just sit kept the iceberg. That happening bear. Now my favorite subject of course is still weak. So Weiner well did she now and I heard and you have to correctly. Debt Bill Clinton. Yeah to air president peck well. Is the one who is very. Go clean air to the oh I love. No I know they were very big wedding oh I know that there were. Well Hillary pretends he's like a mother that Uma. Yeah actually about mother are right. You will be out pretty wide open court. Did he actually. Perform. If I may use so proud gatekeeper for art and start their. Plug it up there they're. Apps apps apps at a moment ago on on stadium and one road there. All. Well that's the truth O six what's the whole idea yet six exit of. Duke is 666868. Is the number. I gotta you know. The thing about Colin I crap Burnett here's a little bit about cropper okay about the cola mad. He's. He's thinking of converting to Islam. Nobody wants to mention the Muslim angle and all this there are multiple sources is all coming from his girlfriend by the way is that BJ she's a very devout Muslim. And they're probably gonna get married she's his fiance they're gonna have a quote unquote traditional Muslim wedding. And apparently now she's been introducing him to numerous quote unquote Islamic teachings and they sing he's on the verge of converting. Now if you look at his beard or just look at his beard that's a Muslim beard. That is definitely a Muslim beard. Now. Bringing in Muslim refugees into Detroit flooding the country with Muslim refugees look what's going on in Europe. Notice how is a lawn is always Hoss file to a western action or western country. You don't Muslims don't like the German flag. Muslims don't like the British flag Muslims in France don't like the French flag. The militant islamists there they can't stand those flags. Now very sought the big game is not football at soccer at what they call it football but we mean soccer. Dale listened when they play the French National Anthem. The militant Muslims in France and are not rising middle stand. In England they all stand in Germany they don't stand in Italy they don't stand. So what makes people think. That if you bring more of them into this country and obviously there are many militants and radicals among them you're not gonna get the same effect. This is what happens when you have the Islam isolation of a country. You begin to see pockets of ghetto hosts. Of of of segments of society essentially says seating. And then being at odds with the rest of the culture. I mean when you really think about it it's really sick it makes most sense. For a guy who's making a 114. Million dollars nineteen mil a year. And hates America. Now Spike Lee mentioned Mohamed Ali. When did Mohamed Ali become a militant. When they become to become an America hate being. A left wing man who bash the United States relentlessly. After converted to Islam. Spike Lee holds them up as a hero I don't he was a good boxer not the best boxer he was a good boxer. But what he did to war vets in Vietnam. How we trashed this country relentlessly. His associations with Palestinians radical Palestinians. Terrorists. Radical islamists. The way he treated women nobody wants to talk about this. How many wives he had how many children out of wedlock he had his attitude towards women towards June loose. Mohamed Ali was a rabid Jewish leader he was a vicious anti semite. Nobody wants to talk about that. So if Colin can't predict is walking in the visit the footsteps of Mohammed Ali believe me he's not walking a very good footsteps. You know you can praise them all you want you can put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig. Joseph you're up next go ahead Joseph. I'd like Joseph thanks I appreciate it my pleasure record right. It back made to me oh. Why are we. Oh it all in black and they should stop. And nationally and or are. Out. There. Sure look back in and out that it ought to. Series around who. I don't want. That crap Nick Cole what we'll ask him for his autograph just. And apps apps apps out. I didn't recruit what about this show like it would arrangement national. White still up. And I can get away what they did in my grandfather. Came up and read. Your gut. I break average property jam up I backed. I. Is it whites is quite like it out but back at Asia children which they. Like most are sure you don't look at it. So the only. Art. It. Direct oh I'm sorry we. All creation. I am a black president. I I I'm discriminated debt are wet the last we're at the restoration. Joseph Malone. As well. That is very Joseph I can't shoot two hole. That is a very interest in point. I've been complaining about razor I mean it's when you are used to complain about it in Canada I had friends were mohawks they wonderful and I remember. Jason. He was a just a wonderful guy good friend of mine was more literally pure mall walk on both sides. And just. The way they were just you know he lived near us and then they would escort or when I almost segregated just corner reservation. And I are thinking well why they live on a reservation want to just live with all of us. And you're completely right it's like one massive prisoner deal. And they just throw on the air and essentially blank you. An. Important in Washington as we check our out in the wash. I thought. Well. I've tried as a at one point just as we show. Up Patricia always debate. An. Eight inch and a gradual. World. Bet you that's called Joseph can we squeeze one Moran. Are right com New Jersey Tom you've been holding patiently thank you and welcome. Thank you Jeff corners 680 or KO disrespecting. Our National Anthem and our flag is definitely not red white dynamite maybe. They kept this this colonoscopy. Cap acquire. Oh he'd be reassigned a big guarantee to six billion dollar contract. The broad range we've got a black president we got a black attorney general. Disrespect. The entire movement of Martin Luther King. You know jab. These same at a spelled it ran Tim Tebow out on a rail because it was a forward practicing Christian. That's the aim at a bill will reap lord. This left wing radical. Cap or quack too. You know what did forty niner fans should do. Well he's sitting down disrespecting. Our flag and our nation date should sit down outside the stadium. Staying with the tailgate to not go out to the game. And caught this last week NFL. The demo right in their pocket Jeff we don't have to stand with us. Tom let me ask you this what if the next time I see the opening of the the season opener since I Roberts in San Francisco but the first game OK and San Francisco the regular season. When the Colin man when he comes on the field and he won't stand resets for the National Anthem. If he's gonna show us his colon why isn't the entire audience then turn around and show him bear. Colts absolutely Jeff he sits just on the guy everybody just move them. Yeah and Rush Limbaugh said he took third string quarterback. His career artists but I didn't need no more relevant on the field so this is what the brats got a bill. Thank you for that call Tom 61720666868. Is the number Mort your calls next. My friends will take more of your calls on coal and craft were neck and the media says they have to be even more aggressive. In showing their bias. Against Donald Trump and Anthony Wiener a winner man. There's even more fallout from that don't touch that dial.