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Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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National Labor Day edition of quick bites radio that we Jake. Phone calls to break we'll sing we'll beat that to gourmet and we'll take you inside. Beat seafood festival which believe it or not is coming up this Friday Saturday and Sunday. Your luck didn't know wicket by its radio on WRKO. Golden boys of Boston. Well sound of a guy guess who's here I don't folks. Adequately back in his usual care. Scott it's been doing a phenomenal job. Filling in for me. Whenever I had. Received last week he filled in for me probably. If they. Know that implies it was a request I hate him or hate him. Yeah now all of their it is an excuse is the right away at 830 phone call that day of the men. Yeah that's on others who. I'm just giving back. From. Both the weary in the week of bowl. Vividly realistic and recorded the shuttle. Activity recorded at go to that they act you guys were in Bermuda. We were and I gather yeah very I I've seen is similarly. Some of the pics of FaceBook you know. And. I did go the group was at auto effective today all. I I thought the cruise line Norwegian dawn was through the ship that we were on certain did a beautiful job they spent I think about thirty million dollars. The end of last season. In dry dock taken that ship apart in a one month period they did every thing over. Now you guys have taught me one thing so whenever you have a TV camera. You negated anything no questions that Luka game. So how they treat an issue of those two weekends we have growth for all the journalists at him like yeah we kind of scam that deal. We have to feel. All the show and of course. People are not allowed take pictures and and a no let alone have a telescope lens but fired and no other magic and how much how much footage cheated during the show seconds but don't even know that to known. We we were gonna need to because you don't know what happens at the end of the show. That's the part you get a film but we gonna have seats for the whole time and I am I gonna 'cause it's pretty good restaurants is steak restaurant in the hole. It's in Phnom I love Cagney is steak restaurant are on board. I had and I almost finished Mike I think headed for and it will be 29. Ounces bone. In that. Tomahawk revised states. Yes it did and your dollars segment. And the second came out. Because we had we had Cagney schedule for the last dinner on the cruise on the last day and one that came out of Mike and I don't even to look at a menu. And all the sudden. We get to dinner the last day. And everybody at the table was ordering the tomahawk steak yeah it was a really good out through 36. Vials yet 32 bone Rabbani who was brilliant. Like now we're going to be going actually with you folks. Listening to it. To me right now listening to us right now. Next June. We don't have the exact wouldn't. We don't know the exact they were working on that now but by Wednesday we should have it all squared away on the dates remain upbeat unit could be July or would we're trying to figure that out right now. You know trying to get the best day. And try to BI how we can do because this is a little bit different for those of you troubled us like on princess and canard in there. Is normally like a sign dinner tables and well. Norwegian cruise lines they see as freestyle via so you know and I and I. Who's talking over Carol I think that's a large part of our. Of our group ours our group likes to be together at times and then then break off and then go to the specialty restaurants. So we're trying to work it we're we have a couple of dinners together in a section. Yeah one of the restaurants and then they can dine at the specialty. Places and in several I'm on our how many specialty restaurants that they've ever 24 hour restaurant. It a couple of actually. Did 22240. I'm sorry 24 hour on sorry yet though the you know the machines bars for a them that you were not Angeles at 3 in the morning the dogs. Fish and chips gained it near to answer my Alley don't follow. How the market. They are they're all over the place OJ ends was inside off the lobby. You know very popular place could you get some wings and you're just sit there have a beer or you know or whatever. They had a couple outside of course by the pools that they you know the spread throughout. And the entire ship. Now. I would like. Four people think. It dirt to remember that we only have known we can only get a certain amount camps right here right and I think if we often have now. This would make and that we can't right this very second disappears soon. This would make a phenomenal. Holiday Christmas gift right will be able to get them out to people that warm so you if you if you don't call it right now now if you called and asked for pat. There's no help at his right now no I'm sick and act now and not answer of how we're trying to do is to organize and altogether but as soon as they have it all together and I has taken a little bit longer because we wanted to make. It special for like our groups and try to accommodate what what the people that that trying with us. What we felt as me it's a special throughout the years we're trying to do a little bit with that and coordinator with the with the cruise line and we work we're just about there. We're we will announce the date soon and right now and out a Teddy right now. I may even embarrass you need him but I have two people that are definitely going to go. And they wanna hear from you as soon as possible and they are fully oppose an and a front room while they have if they're going from fully pose in which he has restaurants right. They have the largest suite on the entire ocean. Notice Norwegian dawn potentially bode well they're gonna happen and what we have Mike and I spent some time and there are there they have several they have like 32 home. And I will show you a little bit during the show we we broadcast TV show in October issue you know with that show. The largest suite at CU. Is a huge living room with day it was sixty inch TV plus it's ridiculous they have a bit of a piano. Yet they have a piano on a bartender and a bartender to privately that there are two private text their own hot tub architects that are larger than my pool deck at home. I walked in told Christina from originally you deathly Cutler are wrong mrs. Laura I was going to be and it and then they have. Not only of this this. They're dying they're living room area with the couches and even had one of those funky a good shooters chairs and you have to see it to believe it. And they overlook be cool. In the regular pool so you have that one went with the two the one way windows or people can't see into the sweet movie. And you go watch everything going on pull it up floor to ceiling windows. And then I went into one of the bathrooms. But of course they had a jacuzzi in the bathroom drawer and incredible pool shell or. They had dual hand watching each sinks with a view of the ocean right name you know and then they had counted four bedrooms. Probably won't fall stories like yeah. You know but that at that they even have like outdoor per mile. With a with a hot tub right there. Now there's one thing that people should remember. There's no flight. Concerning here you don't have to go to New York or Miami that it leaves right out of Boston so that concerns you that would take care of that on his right and always had utility a year ahead attempt because this thing sells out all the time. Right and our remind everybody too we have a lot of private stuff parties at all. That some people from. Boston is it OK I got to know hole. You have to have you know be a member of the wicket byte crew. And that's so important because these. When we do these private events within the cocktail parties or or special dinner section and it and we don't talk about this week as we do a pre cruise. Get we never talk yeah and then everybody gets the John us but it's on us and woo we have family style dinner so they just we just keep serving food here and and and you just get to meet everybody. And and that way when you go on the ship you already know a lot of people and get the bond with folks. And just have a great time. You know that's who a look at what right now it together like what should they do that if wade through them the best thing to do right now eased to make sure they've signed up for our online newsletter by going to wicket bites dot TV. That's wicket bites dot TV or New England dying dot com same website. And about. I would say near the bottom of the page on the right hand corner it says. Yucky get a second one it in the the positive that the higher powers above an honest to who circulates he'll get one. Now Scott has been going all week the reds games yeah. To say about it properly dispose now. In between. Mutilate a game. As the one Imus transcript Tuesday that it puts it. It's as legal. Ebert he is. He dole won it EU EU which you were busy last week Gagnon unit and the unit cru at the north in festival it sane man these festival. And I missed that and that's the first to have ever missed. And Steve Jobs and I get a mr. Owens and certainly. Maybe. No good effort but that's. Evidently they use success in outlook pictures. It was the weather but I mean I think I I I I knew instant when I arrived on Sunday that Friday it was was really or Saturday was really packed. Because the streets. Were clean and still there's the clean the streets normally on Sunday morning in the streets are clean but there was so many people there on that Saturday. They was they were behind claiming all this race at 300 now yeah just a big big weather was. Was I don't think it could've been a better nose and a really nice weather is warm it was warm like like it and but in Boston it was like 75 and editorials sabres. Yeah just a pleasant sunny. So you had a good day got see the picture do you have people of all that now and next week I know that edges gonna you know they interviewed you a little bit later I would tell everybody about next week to. Yet next week we're going to the Hampton beach seafood festival and I have hold on to culinary chefs lined up Saturday and did you list them. I can do that I Calista blows that are on the show what I just teas water to right now that are journalists all when their times. We got a brand new when the river house Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Beautiful view. This this was chosen to Misha yeah I was at a TV show that he will be kicking and all fun. On Saturday at twelve noon. So we're really looking forward to them and then mass in the nose. And the ball quality of mud A he will be there so those are some of the new ones this eleven. Restaurants. Involved this year the largest group I've had so far I've maybe over 300000 people with this event too but don't orcas in the future enemy use the beaches. Yeah I know that's spread out I mean you and if the weather I I've I look at the early weather forecast and I always. He do that. I think it's eighty degrees or 82 degrees on Saturday and like 75 on Sunday. Sunny that holds up. It's pretty good if it don't be aware that if you hear it is gonna 30400000. People don't worry about it there's so much room right now and yet they will but you win. Bill last year and and it and they have special. Bus lines I'm gonna talk with Jude just a few minutes to tell you how to get in. And that take these special buses because they have direct path I could. The EU will be having your shift in on Saturday and Sunday qureia. Starting at twelve noon each day got a better roads where that is and in the location across the street from McDonald's is the easiest way to describe it yes of everybody knows what McDonald's is an Hampton beach boulevard. It's right across the street. Drab world casino right you're right by the casino. You'll see you that you keep going north the next thing is. It is McDonald's and were right across the street. With the ocean to our packs basically the sands sore backs and more have seats in their planning samples it's always the most when the most popular tents. And it's hard to get into ocean get a larger tent and they can space. For now. All right I think I got everything epic to bring okay now opt out of the anarchists is today not that I am not a narcissistic every. But today the doesn't. It but it is a very special that it's okay. My birthday. Oh yeah yeah. And they can't take emea 24 years young you know paper but I Ford. To a four years. Here believe that. That right now here's the deal. I thought it might be niceties acts to tell me where it is over they should take. Well they don't know. We don't know we're going it went OK you go with the route I'm gonna go with these folks and raided NATO now. Beauty here's something that you and it was so good in close on nine cent isn't it. And I cured it. Boston Maine New Hampshire Bermuda the case that the even if you. Don't really care rise has it got a big family you know use illegal in the Boston on Christmas Eve. And celebrate. The whole family and it's a lot of us who. And it's is not a new one of those. You know and intimate dinners with romantic dinners and you can't act it have. The kids and grandkids screaming pureed but but it Allen at exit that. Excuse broken can't. But I am I am asking you for some help here for bam boom and I don't care how much it cost. Goes into today that it's in the damn day that the OK what what size of a group we will hear ballpark. Or do we need a ballpark to syllable. Twining aka and so party it's morning in married to a three hours at Boca. So that that will be coming up on me it will be on the nineteenth but they'll hear it today well I see the day that's good planning I think you're looking book at twenty person party tonight known elements and I'm in nineteen deceptive OK okay good so if you luddite is giving a call to help me out now we're gonna go away at it at that distributes it to somebody here sure the one the one that I've picked. Nolan then it gets him. My telephone numbers when triple A 4346464. That line is open now and you can watches guys I'm looking up at the camera who will tell everybody how they can do all that an iron FaceBook we. Our lives are now I'm not only on the New York or Boston but around the world on FaceBook lives so go to our FaceBook page it's FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV and it is the first post. Right at the time if my knees Kaye is watching in Memphis yes as they say and they melt this Memphis. Alabama line. OK 50546. Overs USC if you say so and gamer just a blowup. But even make it look good and in the the outward because uses sports show it. Let me give you an idea and I ceases on the phone levity suit says that she does I tore up my telephone a career took off a car where is one triple 8434. Or 6464. If you are calling for McConnell trying to get you on quicker it's OK one triple a Ford dining. Let can I give you an example of some of the places that I would like your show you an idea of art is Abbott deal needs us now. If you ever heard of the fans. And here murder carries his prime as a two until. You heard them all right now emotional at that leads idea that you have or were you quarterly list and example Leone's dress that I connected the fate of crazies to be a they had chip I'd recruit lines aren't in moments. It is a rule 13310. Central street and Ipswich so you know it's like the feet board. He do you know he'd do. When you think about them you know. You think romance. You think elegance. You think award winning. They have as arm over an open kitchen. The only have ten tables. He's seeking to get that many people and ten tales of short table so that only a tenth so it might just have to take place out front not the typical thing right. And that or a get reservations are highly recommended I says you're listening to make kids Zev Leone don't ask me how to spell. But I outlook and here it is the ZABAG. Oh in the wrist that I take. Owner and chef is Mike the eggplant parmesan is fantastic. And they went to Boston Globe said about this place astonished Italian dishes. All big flavors and magnificent presentation. Is that. W donate quickly became a popular destination for dinner for a not only if two weeks but surrounding communities. That's the Boston to move for yet. He's bitter at the guy it's a wonderful restaurant Ayman have been there have been in a long time. But the two pork chops I see it still on the menu there grilled and served over roasted garlic mashed potatoes and toward immigrants. Not pork pork pork via. They may have to get story there now you see you know and it's kinda like. What's the word I'm looking for. A pedestrian foot no no no just because his chicken broccoli and Z wait till you try before you say that I. Now is that the only risk that I take is our rule 133 at ten essential street in Ipswich a massive telephone number is 978. 356. 5466. Okay the at that and even that number again and again. It's really difficulty in there I have seen people did go on on the way to back weighted beat some tents and dead of winner Lou I've seen people who stand says ten degrees. Stand out there and line to get in place that good yet. Data the only risk that ninety ru 1:13 10 central street in Ipswich that number again 9783565466. Okay. So has been very patient so shall we notices silly error your first this morning on. Oh it invites on WRKO. Couldn't wait to call you I didn't and went from place as early as this week we took that kept Scobee very punk Portland Maine. Time to be elite island happy while main. It's 82 Allah what lateral amount like 20/20 I learned a lot actually beautiful. But when the boat docks and it ducks like competitive restaurant called cook. An enormous I hate to think about it back. We had heard about another restaurant just a few feet up the road. Caught more fish creek stone grill. Every other person went to cook field in the boat of like I got pick people. Go to this restaurant has been I could walk up. Did a wonderful feat in the restaurant it looks like more upgrade but attacks. It's actually quite like a lot and we want to deal and the food what's amazing. I think I guess. I would be Arab piece of paper thank. A broker peace in typing and we. If you add back Greyhound bus. Let's look at Augusta that carry out you know you take again. But very would have paddy and the bow and then you're human and you're gonna have heavily eloped the LT. It was just to dyed blond lobster and the like they got like they take fresh crew in like you know. Beat it down to make it drink tickets. Very local deputy very fresh legs people we had mentioned that most people going to the other rest went Crockett and it's still a restaurant might. Usually don't like. Take it step that the competition right they don't make you think to say about the place that I don't get the warship into an all this and that can deny people. And that they are often very helpful in talking about nothing funny I like. We talked bowed out when we only had like true Robert Fleming island. I would want to go back and she had wonderful. Debate which we've had one full information about the F you can tell the local. Local unhappy. Right now EUU rattled us so many things there at the beginning and that. I can't Sosa looked out and go through the process of getting there and the restaurant that cooks let's set that aside. And 'cause you're not recommending that even though he you probably would. It's not just dreamed that he does not I didn't even look back. All right so start out how to I get to the place. No worries it. Well if you wanna take. Out a lot of weight drive Obama at Ted. Up past Portland and that the outcome of the island's top twelve main adept at the end of the elite island. And I'm a week's close to take the captivate ferry which would go enjoyable. Lots of room outside of the depth and insight if you wanted. But it was really a great tool putting up palaces speed. The different islands and it was very very collected I would. Q2 out but some people might be a bit wrong but I and I really enjoyed it. And here we docket believed I was right into the caucus room. And I am a director who's that we know provides instant gratification. I did not want to wait between the people to be. That could Serbs. We took when it dropped waist up that street the public five minute walk. And the Prokopanko little tiny place from but you go in the door locked. And the restless like way out there on the wanna you know just he did do you go all around absolutely gorgeous. And I measures and great open probably in September and some part of October right. Yep yep yep got me really if you put your birthday I'd I would expect deal. That experience to people who feel and I can afford. And I didn't like I didn't wanna about a role and go I think I have a different type of Britons could well be true we can. You know he didn't exclude it kept a picture after weeks we have been at the back of the envelope and that truck develop and it was that we can live. All right gimme gimme the name of the restaurant and the town one more time. More this amoral FE a proxy asked crips stone Grail. And it is on Bailey died in due to been hot for me. And dammit decade would 1945 how well island world Bailey island and they have a reasonable number of to get our seven. 833. 7775. And I guarantee you can't you would not be disappointed I almost wanna paint that might occur to Pope Benedict. Come feel like my good crawfish so a lot you you know got a guy got like afraid about initially. From. I don't know how to end by Marvin would know something like this is he goes. Near and far and wide memory everyplace you go in this line. Shopping restaurants well I got it now the telephone numbers 2078337775. Thank you very much thank you very much. Right. My question to you. I'm looking Fuller but. Place to go from my birthday. Tell me where you exe field you can call appraisers thing from pizza tomato that a couple of weeks. Now we're gonna have a big announcement concerning which it bites. I think they can now. Fans would be good a great place to go fans 76 wore street Pickering wharf insanely sit outside today. And this is historic Salem mass and they have covered Tom Barnes and Florida State in glass walls fireside lounge so flip seating. And a built in problem and great food. In the weeks city. Then 76 where street triggering war in Salem mass Scott we'll take your name and address when you call that telling you about I gonna get certificates. Now again I would suggest that you suggested it would be a great place for my family takes me. On my birthday one triple a fourth. 346464. Splicing the weekend up. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. One day but then how I everybody you know this segment of the restaurant program it right you Baghdad friends. Correct read Gina beat necessary. And Greg can't stress that these factors street location via regional location in Boston's North End. 1923. Q&A it but they've got them everywhere now Regina feet. Right now I. It idea you sentence just open up things and wonder what the heck was that. One of these places just open up index card and I see where it written down now lost it. I see where have written down. Yeah is it. Do do you need to do to use this exhibit is this. Anyway frank graphics. Frank peppers via a. I can't find and yeah I had the exact location and everything that. That's a great pizza place now the reason I'm even see your original than the one of the original note I am asking I'm gonna ask evade the new and to open till its over for humans and the other is just little. A testing tomorrow. Yeah total the total mall anymore it would exchange network. I don't. It's in shops and food some that that they do together in just one of it is that is the one. And you name it I've haven't been so that's them in the New Haven news I now you know before we get back to phones you know etiquette and election. Three is prime Wear let's go into unaudited. Now what I'm asking today in so easily use it is just tell your favorite restaurant that's but it has made it. Make it easy and this this man who should get some restaurant go maybe a lot of people coming as lot of business that's. Nine average one triple 8434. Or 6464. Or Scott we'll take your name and address of the air. The one I cheer us. We will send you a restaurant gives him at the two people. And in that restaurant must be ready for it. Primate is a restaurant that is though Las Vegas style restaurant steak house high and stake out very very high hand them. It is all so I know a Las Vegas looking. In other words. Unites it was on the ostentatious. Noon news it just happens to be sitting on a golf course. With swimming pools and tennis court's intent so around it and it's when you walk into. The main part of the upstairs restaurant. You'll see a place. As they hubris. I mean outside fiery you know the flames rising in a lot of false. It's exquisite. And inside you're gonna have items that said the find stakes in the world. Absolutely some of the finest steaks you will have period period period. Fillet mignon. The rib by. McAvoy were by bone bone and bone now. Bono all around about the border how's that anger of state. And lamb chops. Yet. As and it now I right now that's. The more expensive and we expected to be about to these brownies or Brandt prime beat them. And that guy's name is kneecap he is a guy you see on TV is is I don't care how much it cost him please you dole please he comes to every single thing. But they also have something else she should know violated going to be open tomorrow Labor Day. He got it dead I urgent it's got you know I was in Labor Day in it. The open only good via via their Italian restaurant. Open on that soil rule 114 and now their family restaurants he's go out now OK but but Teresa's. 114 medals than Leo all right it. Now if you go to three is prime here's the deal. This is a deal for a family 35 dollar pre fixed menu every Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday 46 via. Okay inaccurately that because if I am birthday party today. After the Asia and and and and take me out so that'd be perfect. And one day of Labor Day who go to Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 46 PM the first course is different and into word of how salad. And is an entree that Banco crusted chicken breasts with a Rubin that he's not saying that I rue guy. It's an exercise we. Try Conakry meet them not to those citrus a holy oh that's that would shape primary Jeanty. Angus steak mashed potatoes I and it's very instruments sliders in there and pantsuit scout breaded fried much today. Aso age both summit Vinocur and choice of desert to remember lay our traffic all of that. With 35 dollars. That it could deal factories is prime. All right there at twenty elm street north rating for your GPS that that route 62. It's right on the north rating and Middleton line on route 62 again the phone numbers for Teresa's prime. 9782760044. He got that. Okay and now so. I'd let's get back to telephones or took Caylee you guys my numbers one triple 843464. Or 64 Marvin. If you admitted on today show or am aren't. I reassert very good thank you share. I'm. Telling you really wanted to it'll explode it. The portrait. You know I'm have been to the new less. I have been there may be used curious crime that they used to have orbit this would be perfect preview car. They used apple is called bishop's table which was. There wasn't in the restaurant was on the ground floor but it was near an Egyptian yup it was a a private room yet that they you could have maybe too well ultimately what are people admit but it was absolutely we. We normally gone there. We went there women win the hole location in my house in Gloucester are sure that. We would go what they have the pairings in the tastings and we want to become a mother language says she will go over I mean it was just. It was a really really that's that's something you do what so special occasion birthday anniversary. But the food is in impeccable. Well he Marvin Marvin. I was that yes not spending that much money but maybe like going to Denny's where you need for for a fresh. Got you Saito who I bet you know or Bob Bennett. You go to if you read people voted not your average Joe's on your birthday your dual screen now it's digital. I can easily or our price range right now it did anything we don't pay in his in my brand that our price rate Europe pastor. Today. OK go away they etiquette of get checked if you look to chip and two yeah. Well you'd be you know. You know pat you could always reminds gut that he will be you was adopted you know. That's right I'm pretty sure mark and I am adopted. I'm pretty sure. It. I've made thank you. At it look at that is a greater threat I mean is that that's probably. I don't analysts as a blocker. Was limited in its day I don't know game. And McCormick. Frank McCormick. Pieces of is today opened in to a larger place these new Gloucester street break and they opened an into a larger place. That the company is now. Dublin tough who who I'd go to a taxes and the most its in its. It's right across from. Late right cowboys and streak in the car. Inside the mall. My telephone and here's a one triple 84346464. I don't think I've found the perfect restaurant for me. From a birthday. In Cuba once your relate forward and it where would you suggest any place in New England a place that you have been due. A place if you would like now I am. I know that a lot of people listening to the show or probably. For probably. Get there before I do. So let us know about it and I love. I Rick Howell of someplace and I have not been before you know so well like that that place up in Maine the island's main island eat. And yet though that it could take that many people in the car for the incentive to have our act it over the area I don't area capital area as. And debt so if you have simply says SBA's great. Higher end. Very tired yet but worth every sit down I wonder if there have restaurants. Back in the day when the show for started it was a thing it was a really up poppy. And I did not care for. But you can actually dying in the kitchen. You know five terrorists for sure shortly that was kind of their thing. I ally. Is sort of like a restaurant owners when I go into restaurants. They still coming this much is I don't analysts. I'm not interested. Okay. Look at the same way that we duplicates and stuff on the show and I try to steer clear that the pilot Scott Malia and Alex Solis knows cents the united. Actually it's the smell it and that a just. I'm you know when you tell you can smell that something about utensils even some. And look at and justice say that have come story is how we're going you know every now and and what road hosts were you repeating it. We'll put that were up Shah overly that was always wrestled that we are doing there drawing your state could easily at Illinois and I believe actually what what they've done with that. I don't some places I've I've seen some was actually still do that and Jews who accounts a to person tables are delivery intimate things away is what most places have done to kind of do that but not put jewelry in the kitchen is called the chef's table. Where it's like you sit overlooking. The kitchen you know you're it's usually open kitchen type thing and the table is maybe you know. Five feet away from its chief overload you watch everything happening in stuff but not. Yeah in the fire yeah. I am I'm just not into that another a lot of people saw her right. But and I appreciate it is that this is them that you and enjoy your statements in the process Fiat and at and I don't wanna. There's a school. That servers go to. I don't know if you don't like it used tweezers accident goes so you know you'd Buick in this group. Oh I went to the Steelers aren't they edit they can do await the it's hot new map goes into a meal can go live there. No I wasn't that attentive observer but I've had people lived on that who actually when the other night was a place. To those. But. I was every almost every bite. They can. I don't know Mike yeah I'm good yet and we're done talking. Beautiful again in eight or your having a business mean that's what's worse right. And become an era in the eighty's keep erupting right and finally I said. Just leave this alone will cause he'll all if you don't wanna be Ruth I don't wanna be seen just throw the guys really Baghdad have been ordered okay. Let's take back off from Phil and it's gonna rose very Cairo's married. Well good morning how would you today happy birthday thank you I could not be better even if I try. You each day you get better and better yet. Now I took my daughter well first of all my daughter took me to do need some like per day. Then again I can't even use your god and my son and the very next. We can interpret they get right to occur. Outside to do. Yes and I. Was really. We enjoyed it tremendously in the wake of what grade. They they say it was the little candle and a cup K get out it was adorable we have a wonderful wonderful time this service is great. And the food grade I enjoyed and we both enjoyed it. Now let me say one thing about that agree with the UN you know disagree. Yeah I have a feeling. Because I know where year year year you live. Now at them coming in your house everything but 9/11 o'clock. And I don't think. He moved it. And ended Denny's offer for many five in Lawrence North Andover is not that good. That's not yet know like you guys went on sale. I want to ban it now though one they yield go two up near the Rockingham mall. Hampshire is pretty darn good. Yeah that's why via. And it's a great. Okay see you think it did these guys that these vests what Scott's voting for you know. That is statement do you know what. He is to go my husband and I we always used to go to the prince grotto when it was being able we just loved that place. Yeah not any longer but we'd love to debit there was such a fine. Yeah my daughter had whatever whatever it was things with her old waiting staff there years and years ago. And it's a beautiful works of whether old prints what prince spaghetti place who. Yes I'm in little weekend. So romantic and we just sit out on the other terrorist they would cheered and have flowers it was just so romantic. Yet they've very kind of went down I think it was a problem. I'll still bet I wished. The coach said let's go somewhere else I could've found out where they went. You know I used to know. And guy I. And I could wave a list that you don't company. It's charming and gave probably open up a place. I was thinking about. Eddie April but I'm Ina tomorrow he was involved with the print some it can't remember how Heidi April rooting gets on those condos and yeah yeah. Aren't I've but I am measures I shouldn't I shouldn't say McKay. Rose grant. Good you gush all end up. I tell everybody about it and they love it killed. Oh thank you have big announcement going up into extra. Yeah a big enough to commend them do. I was thinking of calling it would tell you I would works for you for nothing because I love food so much. Well that shows you what you wanna do is going to need accurate century. Act act. If I haven't read it every time I heard that. A yeah I don't know why you very much. And that made America tonight thank you. By the way this program is regulates that smoke show. That is it stogie Ameren. America's biggest selection and the highest volume independently owned and operated cigar shop in the world. David drop Roosevelt and about as they. However for the crews that the gunman. You know what smoking lounge on the cruise is actually very necessary Garland in in India and you're you're warning of all the cigarette smokers and not true. Blown out activism. You know it was very nice of her life and let my one quiet place Alicia I know and you can actually talk to people. You can hear them. But I did I went to two guys covered before the crews still stuck up in the stately but I don't like Stevie out about it that made me feel it is our chip I spoke out. They have three locations are off exit one and Nazi guard tax and sales tax free Salem Nashua Seabrook. And dad and history they'll. Gentle bright knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting book. Start smiling again we're into got X Perry of that export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Four visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. A couple of quick notes before we get shipped back to more wicket by its radio with pat with in just a second. A reminder of the village restaurant and Essex is normally closed on Mondays but with tomorrow being the Labor Day holiday they will be open this week. So we're looking for a place to go for lunch or dinner. Think the village restaurant and Essex they will be closed Tuesday instead this week so there will be open tomorrow remember that the village restaurant and Essex. That's you're gonna find those incredible fried clams. And I'm town right now they're steamers Ipswich steamers. Are awesome absolutely awesome. So make sure you head down there and say hi to Kevin her any member of the Ricky family and a village restaurant is only about 45 minutes from downtown Boston that's it. At the junction of route 133 and 22. In Essex masked the village restaurant. I coliseum restaurant any relate to desk has placed their located directorate shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. And able latest chapter one just about every award imaginable and you'll see them. When you walk into the restaurant they lined the walls and there's one. Award that they of one that this award is the only time it has ever left Italy. And it's it's there for all the sea at the coliseum restaurant on route 28 in Salem New Hampshire now what would I recommend. This deal coliseum that's my personal favorites to know that deal cut and its paper the end. And and he believed by Heidi is great really doesn't pound his cut. Paper thin and he stops it with pursuit of broccoli. Mozzarella. Vermont cheese bays of touch of garlic and the breads and he sought to raise it in a mushroom Sherry wine sauce when you cut into it. All that goodness just blows right out onto the play. The coliseum restaurant again the record ridge shopping center route 28 in Salem New Hampshire. Select farms in North Andover where like for meter remind you apple season has now begun that's right. Era picking apples so if you feel like. Running out today or tomorrow with the family apple season is in full stride and here to bear crop this year. They really got devastate with the cold winter took out your peaches in their plums but there apple crop. Is sensational. The drought did not bother them at all. So you'll look with some that it would fairway. Big Apple picking small lock arms and by the way they have a great farm stand that you pick up some incredible doughnuts they have this one donor. He eased just out of this world that's an. Apple cider don't it I think they sell a 170000. Of these doughnuts a year. And now they have an apple glazed donut that's even better. All try to stoppages once Russian come out in the warm. Small lock arms 315 self Bradford street in North Andover. From the moment she came into our lives and should be something special. Every day she spilled our minds join. To me shall always be daddy's little girl for all your special moments there's and Joey Tennyson Middleton. Dental break knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where antibiotics Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot com. You're locked until we get fights radio. We're not just for gourmet it's seven days tend to do it on WR KA go go boys of Boston. You'd like date if you like to talk about it you found a place right here six AD AMW a RKO. Voice of lost our problems. I haven't trying to make that the here. I used. The at some layover in my life time super in the heat they change every six months of a I made them take me out in this first approached him then it's probably not but co manager for the movie about an hour there. I was the program. Who sits at WNBC. You're bullets started one started. In them movie I was made him look like in any move and but that was their reason behind that who who can we went through the rating books. We've found out that they were confusing like Imus in the morning and putting him on WABC. So that's why it was done. I IA it's over that later on on change is 66 in basis. I don't have item that act so that that that WNBC. Was you basically yelling and at people. No idea what to say. Make sure it's. Me and VC okay. And and so anyway Howard. Loves you obviously now the I can. See him and I and it's no wonder drunk tank. One gave them a book will be here. You know I've made I've I'm sure it's a lot of things rather narrow things shored. And losing you. On them believe or weakness in Europe or talk a okay no I wouldn't ever. Beat bears. Had to get a outlive every. To write that book via. This isn't isn't the mark but I animate in it she is dressed tonight in barn when testers standards of Philippe over early has taken man who had at 10. I boy oh boy 04 Wheeler now. This is in hopefully those in in Boston of course in the days that she is in the North End this hurts you know analyst who. It's always a line. In Winchester. Line. Okay Colin village. Magic when that they do if parking right there not only that. The Winchester train goes right there that treasury and walking five minute walk from if you think your loss about the timing it to train station groups. Active as it before GPS it's great it's great for public transportation it's wonderful. Now. If there in the news front of me and move them to go on. About a month there are lot of Italians. That wouldn't surprise so. One I know it's it is it today especially in the and it's really so. It's gone Marco Polo. A suit for seafood delight it's made with shrimp clams mussels. Filet of soul alum audience got some like man there's a censored over it going it's O. Evocative five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. And now here's an another deal if you don't mind that I'd like to give you four inactive on. If you are driving around today looking for a place to eat. And I suggested China blossom once when if I'm in north and over that later on this afternoon they have an all you can be a thing this is one of the. Finest Chinese restaurants in all of doing okay she got all of that in about things. Thank you that are today and Rosen he crab legs feel nature of many of sushi. They even have Peking ducks and they have prime rib all you can eat close all you can. Primary it kind of blast threw what 25 North Andover. Tell us Florida gulf. Come on you've always wanted to. We give fights TV on FaceBook good. Google+ and Twitter you're listening to. This hour on big bites radio a special Labor Day. Did you we'll take your phone calls the Braves we're saying. From these ends it war. We'll run down the ship's. You're locked into a wicket by its radio on WRKO. Golden boys of Boston. And I looked at it thank you so much for showing. In the North End. Way better than a quarter million people over 300000. As a matter fact. Saint. Speeds. Thank Christine. All the folks did it help put this thing together quality of morning. That frame with caddie. Chair arms and was there was suit Johnson that was really really great event that we thank you so much out of positive but the 25 when we've done in a row. And speaking of Tony five or so that's how many of them have to be seafood. A festivals we've done we've done it's that's gonna tell you some of the shafts that's going to be there and just 12 but it's next weekend. I'd Friday Saturday Sunday there Hampton beach seafood that 17. Anniversary so that means president of the 26 you know we missed the first order Credo we've yet they have they have like eight people show up that and I. You know when you sit how often we do a lot of things that re fried this and pretty fried that and do you know what re fried means real leases. Spanish word feelings OK maybe attack approach I know it's. It's cooked red beans or could be potentially. You found them they mash them then they triumph and they Fryman melted law argues if they're really good at doing they do it. And refresh be answered and so candidates in most supermarkets that. If fried mash being basically is what freely. And now you know that you know I just. Everytime I look at that free Franklin won what his. Might never hears one triple 8434. Or 6464. I thought it cost got in here again to. Teddy about what he's lined up because. Several years ago Scott you took over at the cooking tent that they shift demonstration Tenet Hampton beach seafood festival. And it's been massively successful since then. Right it's it's it's one of the toughest tends to get into right now it's Israel get their right okay and a bit of it's also free food and asked the free samples and them don't you know recessed handles great chest as we get chess really from all around yeah. They show you how to prepare these yeah and then it's it's it's like it's like to show that put on a little show when people and ask questions about what they're making amends just. Since there chefs just generic questions and they can answer the questions as they're looking I have my favorite cigars. I Jeff Jerry Jeff church and arrows I need to an end. Rep but every time Jerry's there he is he always puts the rest of the day behind. Yeah. He just has cocaine and cooking and cooking and making he did it the entire event be happy yep you're us via the bloody a six foot he eat he made in his oven that morning and then were rushed over. To the event a six foot lol well Brett. That they cut right down the middle and made this 45 pound sand which ended audition. Two trays of criminal ways that he made and all the food that he brought in prepared to that event that day to attempt to go. To be on a rogue wanna go to the Ayatollah twelve noon on Sunday because they are samples there won't be driven on your meal just as I get off. Right okay now am I gonna be in the tenth issue that I have no doubt that. Hot sun I think we're gonna put us right in the middle attack because a lot easier for me because that I can just we'll issue out of the way and they are tropical storm Maryland and I am outside what's I had what you can't say you're in in the in the ten but I'm outside because somebody had I myself but my dad you know. And that is to become an interview civic chef you know but anyway hot and tell me about this as good you've got some great. I'll I'll run down Saturdays in the Al this unavailable later on the show house. Saturday we have it's twelve noon that's when we start off we have the river house in Portsmouth Hampshire that's new nominal restaurant sought on TV about that a TV show be on tomorrow at 2 PM nests in the Red Sox and Bruins station and the next 31 PM we have Joseph fish in the law proving there law. And then at 2 PM one of my favorite guys going to be throwing out church and you name it. John from the lobster Q and Pelham Hampshire on crazy town like old salt on about John the old salt wrestle be there at 3 PM. And I'm sure. He'll probably do something is clam chowder recipe. Because every two I filmed a segment and cooking that show people Jim has like 200000 plus views on YouTube. That video at 4 PM we have Jimmy's famous pizza in North Andover and then at 5 PM next Saturday lose and Alston. Gore make no little food she will be there chef Sarah shouldn't mean that 5 PM Saturday. On to arm. I wanted to meet you if you unit that is where you can by 5 PM on center you know happened on Saturday and never read it back vehemence not for Ollie there. Just talked to a few moments ago actually she's really looking forward to. I don't know what she's gonna do. I she's trying to figure out what she I as a phenomenal. Person now. Mentioned the bad Casper. In Tibet expert or the white trash bash one more sample were the waitress Japan. The why is it you can look at me please say. Bush makes. A matter fact they have today loose balls and that is the brunt you only do they do they Rachel don't Syria dipping donuts fresh. So there's a line right there have been Agassi is still alive. Still would be a line to get into this and different there always yeah they'll do it on Mondays and among them. Is Monday tomorrow but I don't know. They shouldn't she should tell us just to work and of the day you exits please. Call so you need to open up to. Right now you're going to be tablet you'd David who is she's the person that coordinate it reaches the big cheese is that she's. And the she's detail what all is there and in addition to that Heidi and we're apart packets they. Buses. Whatever it is that they have to transport people yep in two quick he's a way to get him. And what's it like time this show and act and where we are good directed at the entrance it can't misses you try to misses but angle work. I have my telephone every one triple 84346464. I said. I'm below narcissistic today acid in them on board this maverick they would. And I am my family rented out they promised it me in my life out to dinner. In what I wanna do is to get a suggestion from you as to where we shoe ago. I'm it's on Iowa. A place that you have been too that you were you I would add some rather exotic places. Almost an erotic at the that's a pet and get them out office or just say that at. Anyway exotic at places. And it tests. Some of it too far away but in Italy's image upon boss scenario our you know our support thriller conquer in Hampshire and Providence in the cape it though OK am open to. Our telephone number my telephone number to suggest a place will take your name and address off the air that's LE. Give away our dinner gift certificates were to Google in less than 45 minutes and one triple 8434. Or 64 64 if your first time caller. I give us about would love to hear from it from ever. This program go on for almost forty years almost almost already years. And there are always seen and talked to thousands upon thousands of people that are recommended restaurants. Or zing to restaurants primarily. Represented. Favorable impression shore. And that reminds me too he's going to be ten Simpson along those lines that I can't. The lieutenant some element tease there that relevancy and the game big announcement announcement to announcement. Okay. Now my telephone number here if you wanted to that we think. Would be a good place restive my family take me and now wife to birthday dinner. Comet one triple 84346464. Okay. That's one triple 8434. Or 6464. Or when Tripoli for dining it's easy way theater remember one Tripoli for dining now if I wouldn't call. Here's kind of places I would suggest. Is a little place colorized that on day Serena. I don't know how many they receive its is damaged it was I don't know but it has now more than ten. That's off at ten table that so it's operated by the oh Longo family of the gentleman is from Calabria. He was in executive chef and owner there is an image Geovany Longo. Now he was raised in go to school for this he was raised in steadied the art of Italian cookies cooking mainly in his mother's it was born and sworn in to this life. He has items that result of fruit and demand. Which users of those shrimp mussels clams alimony and scouts and a Red Sox. And it's also. It will we have. Either TV cameras went in Atlanta its leaders are very intimate place and it was around Christmas time photograph is beautiful move inside the restaurant. Now when you go to and he says people from all over when they hear this they go. An inner bring France because it's so unique they have a gourmet brick oven pizza right days see the flames and everything as they make their own bread to imagine that. I smelled so. It's okay that's. You know having you buy bread off a truck it's not the same I'm czar if when they make their own brain usually it's now now I itself. They have plenty of parking in the rear or even par right and for a it is congress that I. They opened today. NBC Tuesday through Thursday afforded 9 PM Friday and Saturday 4:10 PM Sunday 49 paean to the anti cancer open. They closed tomorrow though. Several private parties Reston not to Syria is again a team evidence street Marvin. Telephone number seven a 13243170. He got out that. Well it's good. Now if you're in the mood for Chinese. Might I suggest a great long. At 308. Be great road route four in Bedford Massachusetts. What do they act. They have a lunch and a phase they have a dinner of a say in the ambush a dish well one of my favorite issues. Is there the shredded chicken string beans as sounds again it's it's it's kind of a mundane things what you try. The great or call platters chicken smoke grip essential one spicy cabbage and whose five spans five. Different items like be shrimp jelly fish vegetarian doubt. Median 26 dollar slides 36 doubt. I and the great wall special that I told she's in Shanghai. They'll I was over in. We were in Shanghai and Hong Kong we're in Beijing. And other places. There. It was nowhere near as that is where. And defended issued as a serve you know over there everything is it. He uses this roundtable may have though what to Mexico lazy Susan. And nature of the photo lazy Susan and it takes forever for some people would get things off though lazy says. I and you just hope there's enough left when he gets to you know actuary about that. And China you do not hear the great wall 30 wait to be great road. Root for and Bedford. Alice's that lady's name the telephone numbers 7812757007. I just wanna list are some of the places that I would really enjoy going to you know what I mean. Salem Massachusetts. There is a tough place. That you really can't feel too virtual ones zone. It is on by Joan I George Cary. Actually two places these fans at 76 who wore street and preparing more for sale on the which city. TCU votes come in and out right they can test and the pain you to die now or you may also on the sea level which is right next 294 wars tree. I always I it was listing this got to the program. Last week week before last. And they have that. That. What is it that thing at tower. Rob Barr in the world war and that tower is and this fantastic via. Fan on technology in ornaments and then on through the group and having no oil it and an appetizer and me 'cause it's. It's points that's a meal real it is supposed to share. You know you disposed you don't have to do I mean by all means go beer go home to him right now who both of them. But it's fantastic you know they do a really really good there I expenses 76 wore street Pickering wharf and Salem dissidents and sea level he owns that too is it 94 wharf street and now also in Salem has the rate next door. You can see one from the other you'd you could not miss it notices right. Now that will place I was talking about thinking about a few moments ago when most definitely be. About the French restaurant used to be up there and Salem and analysts say lol lol. I was wondering if any April happy the asylum and he April's family. Owned. The Europeans yes and buses that yes. And android tunnels and that that the appearance there may or did they put on shows downstairs. Committed county shows that I do not know I think may very well could there. They like government they really are a huge tradition or no two ways about it. As Sylvia opened up is another one of his family restaurants. And stone. 120 eco consciousness in the open up this when April's European restaurant. Which is Andrew 38 and North Chelmsford mass that is a beautiful restaurant in it and know wonderful air I meant not inside outside sort of broke. It's basically did they converted an old mill into a ridiculously beautiful restaurant. That that added that of those ghost only and that water coast Toni. The water away and overlook it OK you like these huge windows knows proponent those propeller like fans they'll. That are vertical loop and it it. It's hard to describe you have to sort. See you really have the sea org you can go watch wicket blades because we featured. April's European restaurant this this week. Inextricably actually so next Saturday so you DVRs 9:30 AM on lesson. So you can see these propeller like fans that were describing in the beauty. Of this old mill turned and people's European restaurant now the TV show on tomorrow at 2 o'clock am to that it is and that's the child died there how old designer. Were low go in South Boston. A sore right eight show my face into the challenge burger at village tavern Salem. Bit it was a as a hefty glued to take butt up and and Lee is actually making sausages are Carlson David. Not taking no not today tomorrow and that's and you can seared it. A broad European restaurant at three a 75 princes street in north countered. Okay steady interest on announces that group creates out that 293. Boston road in bill were Hamas. Owned by three at three Brothers Bobby stand and Tom it seekers. I love the fact the years and years ago I know they're tired of me saying it. I love their restaurant and one day they decide itself lives and salad tonight now please. Is now pleases enough of those things make you cry doesn't. In his they they unique in different in non. Percival. And not manufactured. Essence they use nine. Like that myself. Let's. Anyway. They later about it. Now aren't they original location and it's constantly goes to that says to just embryos. I too still Leo's return next grow. Stereos restaurant and lounge is 38 south to 93 Boston routed to repeat see the big move affected by the river you get missed the blue roof can't miss it down. And if for breakfast after making park that Amber's real. OK got out that. Delhi as restaurants they have a lot of my friends. Bobby east and tomcat sickness. You better place better I told them that you iron. Step Leo seafood in a primary voice echoed about Lucci is a few moments ago so Asia now. But I will likely to argue about a person makes this program possible. Me. And naval. Alina. Two guys vote at. Tried it might found his way you that you wanted to netbooks that we got. Absolutely that the stock up now. And in you know I don't like about that to this note of the fact it. Especially your buying for somebody and let's face it a lot of people do shorter I know it like it and guarantee about cigars to guarantee. In what they do is they they know me this apparently you can't and so to get a martini who brought us. And they'll ask you what you like and they can explain each one knows enough now and it Uga. You know hold much in the same kind of gave. I do I kind of I have my thing that I'm on right now my brand and Margaret now so I knew what I was getting but. I mean if you're not. Now Whitley I don't know you by name date that experts there they literally are cigar experts it's not a gimmick they really you walk in and tell you even if you're just an obvious someone new to cigars they will walk you through baby step even if you need to and it should be right cigar for you whatever that taste and I have got a million albums sold millions got one. Literally they really don't stop island and recently and I said you know years ago I extra eyes on this or Garko Sherman who and I nose out of Fifth Avenue in New York. And I'm David knew his lowest on Davis and the one they help OK okay and these guys is ease it's sweet cigar. You know death. So he took me over and he's in the we have to to him that and then we have another feeling trying to though with the same effect right now exit just exactly is remembered them. I mean that's. I OK so I'm Al Gore man when it comes to setup yet. But if you're not gonna make you feel Andy's special and they'll ask you elected dad likes it tender husband. And it's a good place to ladies if your shopping Christmas time. Drop your husband off because they babysit or do they babysit they your husband gonna watch games and everything now Ugoh shop. Today I spoke Japanese stogie haven't. They are not only America's biggest selection but they have the highest of volume independently owned and operated cigar shop in the world yes they do but they have three and so she. Okay and there are off exit one cigar taxes tax while you say tax tree that's good that's a say in a single Seabrook and naturally you picture okay. This program and a variety of I Regina beats real world famous since 1926. How made brick oven pizza I authentic fresh ingredients. 44 generations. Regina is delicious pizza has been inspiring people all over not just the knowing and the doing and to take them and have the real original thing. 1926. SE 271920s. They have now that location infinitely apart he's to a don't vote in their day because I believe there in Oakland. Whether it's section of manipulative player but I think they're gonna win. In the door and they're really really good now I gonna worry about the patriots who. I have reason yeah I think it's an orderly and another thing okay. Now at Fenway Park near look at it thirteen thirty books mr. investment and you solemn are also down at foxwoods. We saw Armas foxwoods and I was actually it was the Alston location last night. Was I was I wanna dinner didn't wanna cook him you know what what's better go to them classic she's Regina pizza and ice cold beer. The medic come up I understand one of that juniors eager we just talked about it or. This is being there at twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy yeah that's right out of downtown go Hungary. All the guys and make sure your shocks and your karaoke because Jerry will failure to connect inevitably this Sunday he's going to be at their ten Anthony's Sunday at twelve. And again come Hungary. Does the idea samples as your idea of the meal the you know I don't know we should say that had that puts it because it because now I cannot assure the tenth tee. Why is it to go by I've learned that. Gerri give. I generic embodies that very entertaining guy always excellent. Jerry's that eateries located twelve Blanchard route down on the South Shore and Quincy moss cheese it's okay. I guess that's one thing to get coming up and yesterday. Drew that David is going to be here and Jude is the chief honcho. But the big chi snubbed big Kahuna as they say have they have to be seafood festival had been for a long long time and we're very familiar with the everybody there and we know why it works in. What a huge successes. I mean it's amazing. You just can't imagine it's personal how big it is how many varieties of food or now they have the Bard goes out into the water. Only. East I think there was apart there was neck that was that no lawyer at their parents yet there was a period that the beer tent saved us what two years ago we have some arraignment. It was with a nice it was listing though the rain held off until we're done filming and then. Myself and and Christian our chairman at the time went over to the beer tent in shenanigans ensued when it. That is that they did the and I'm going to be broadcasting everything yes you have a lot of people there. And and it will be interviewing and if we get an opportunity combines. Just a fun day it was a religious every camera sure you know bring the Celtics together but counsel. Act like you know ordered the they had a two immigrant kids. I gave probably broke Lou Smith. At Iraq go to him now. Probably can't get FaceBook hooked up give it to main killer for populist or tweeting. Boy I don't start that technically I'm sure you can gain. Packers used to work at twitters looking into the national candidate. I will be back in just admit it you need to do David like to those have a heavily snout at that and tell you about. A telephone number if you get online. It's one triple eight point 3460. Fours sixty or praise or Zain. Pizza did gourmet and don't forget. Do not forget the rest that I am Dave Dellucci yeah five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. Built Leadbetter. I love the OS are like me and my my kids one. Best. That an American football player packet radio equipment however that the mark. Though they'll let go to that's explains that. I think that there are right at five Dexter to Mount Vernon street Winchester terrorist they Dellucci. Yeah. We're not just for gourmet ice. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gourmet this is we get by its radio on WRK oh the boys of Boston. You're listening to wicked fight them six AD AM WRK. A hole in Boston. Tomorrow you've seen with it bites television at 2 PM on mess in the Red Sox and Boston and Boston Bruins. Television station is 2 o'clock but to morrow or just DVR. That's easy as it is said that DV RC and never miss NC what's the fuss is all about a statement. I don't have much to do it shows with pottery and so successful that affect after that it. The reversal that. Avail I think the night in Orleans that duo work that side is sit back watch. I go at silly comment especially that production bag does that mean nothing birth. That means a lot the people who put the production went with that so. So let loose with a we will pay you accuses the company Joan right. This program it right you bite down oh anyway I do David will be here this guy just the second we talk a little bit dom sausage company. I got to mention these folks. Are right now here's the reason why. The reds at and it patriots. Will open up with Phoenix. With Arizona Cardinals. Right. At 1 o'clock next son. I guess it's 1 o'clock I should've said that room of them I would think that measure but anyways full blown open and naturally. And from that point on. My wife that I probably will be speaking until after the Super Bowl. I am that much of a finance. And I got a great idea for a car for you. Dom sausage will cover your football parties like nothing you have ever seen. They do all of this is that famous down sausage. The people that make those great steak tips and that won just about every single award that there is to win. Again veteran butchers there guys and San end zone as a matter of fact. Are you gotta do is to call them outlook kind of experience they have they have almost eighty years experience. The bunny Shelley families that they opened up a deli. Eighty years ago. Ten Riverside park is where it was then and still is exit now it's expanse eve very big. They serious. Delhi's. And markets all across New England. And they do it in you see you but you can go in there too and by Mozilla. I'm. What is gonna take it. If you would love. If you would love these folks to come here as I say love because elevenths of what's a combatant on some other attempt at a football season. I got everything porterhouse steak or ground fairly if you'll Billy mignon they got it land deal you name it. But most beautiful park and and they have also Everett's or absence of those beautiful part. They were nice to come to your house Bayless said that and they will cook it in the and who cleans them. All you have to do is to call very reasonably priced okay. Dimes. Sausage company go to dom sausage. Dot com dom sausage dot com. Ten Riverside park in Malden. The phone number is 781. Three to 413 ten at seven at 132413. Two and give them a boost would you please. One other thing and then. When I talk to Jude. We're going to New Hampshire preakness this program they presented at the last ten years. And they got to be doing something right because. With bam like I say to people that advertise on the show. I can get them in your place. That I can't get him back that's it to you. You have to be what you say EU. As Denny Green used today. They are Wednesday said that you're. Or according to New Hampshire that would. Google and a new final warn those to me a man of integrity. A man is certainly knows what he's talking about. And a man is interest in that is so key when it comes the other corn news that is on the TV folks here the sather road. Deanna have an establishment you know because I and I got Byrne years and years ago when somebody else. And yet this is going is valued damp but not at degrade that they're going tour. He can give you if you are going to take you going to I just had to estimate you know how much have they were they'll do it for. In some cases it can be a house got a state sales come. Aren't and he'll buy it. Horry on a cell that's fine if you don't want Acela trying to about him as scientist. One thing that he has knowledge about this that that you know that is the banks ought to do this it deal in going. There are many reputable dealers and it being burned aren't being burned right counterfeit coins at the China. He says that he cannot tell himself. They are so pure. They do such a great job they counterfeit. That is absolutely impossible for him to tea. But. NASA helped him out he went to NASA in Houston they have a machine. That your coins can be tested on to find out if they are legit. And he would suggest to banks to other dealers please call you only use. The machine. But don't just go by these content on you crazy volume from a rep you'll get a they Maine that now. It has because he has that machine I don't know as far as I know is on one with a genuine. I took a McCaw it's Warren mills. Telephone numbers about the way let me just say one thing. They started counterfeiting four years ago suit you're going to or purchased before four years ago they defy. On the telephone number to call is 802257264. One more time tell warn mills said. Pat Woodley told you to call we are very good friend 8022572. 64 you got that this program is also present by sue Chang is at 373 low street and feel that he. We get that grill rack of lamb today that luncheon specials is a fancy book in Chinese restaurant. Very Reece 11:30 AM to 3 PM. 575 to 650. And accommodations are readily available for people opted to ordered people you know view and get into their function room. Sue Chang again 373 low street Peabody. Here's a telephone number to call 978. 53133. 66 and now I get Scott with me. And joining me right now is Jude David Hampton beach seafood festival I can't believe it's here this Friday it all starts. Can you believe you know the year's gone I'd like any old EDO. How high it just flies by at and it's it's like the end of the summer every single year that's what it feels like to me but it's always. I think it's about eighty degrees every time we do we go down Hampton beach always beautiful. We have had the best of luck with the weather Al fayed I think it's really the best weekend of the summer. Com he's reality that black is beautiful weather and you know being held the weekend after Labor Day. Com it's just GGG agreed to it'd be really. And this season the last last event of the season show. We're gearing up for doing largest each party agreed Collin com. And edgy you know. Wicked fight tackle and that Pat Riley curry demo can that is such a spectacular place. Yeah we get some great restaurants this year too including the river house which is in Portsmouth and a couple of new ones lose in Austin and she she will be there. Incredible shelf. And it was a lot of fun and one of my favorite guys Biloxi Q. And Sean will be there he will entertain the crowd I promise you throughout T shirts to the crowd that tiger almost guarantee that. Well you can't find it paid under that plan when you get talent there around it Jimi thing it's one of those spots. And that he could trust on. You know you always have that signature people to like deal now they come down and if there's people they aha there me and I'm able to save the shade all I could get gored him pinch hit L. I don't look forward to see them do you know you get to watch simple. And take on their recipes which is that. Yeah and and we also put up on the Internet so people could see him and try my idol tell the people you try them. At home and then going to that restaurant CA stack up against the pros and see if you could that. Body. I don't think anyone can beat the press Clinton. But it's fun watching them. It worked and the best part about it is they can ask questions of the shelves. I'd white paper why are preparing the food so they can learn a lot to. It's true that I need a lot of bomb teaching myself. Two I take out really well. Yes we're getting getting geared up and they said I mean. We have an incredible weekend she impact would entertainment. You know besides the current rate demo attend yet to speak is. The region's best and we have. He crate escape which is the ultimate. Journey tribute candle yeah they play on Saturday night leading up Hughes being spectacular by it works shooter that he even down there. And then that we all still on Sunday September 11 we have. The US. Army band playing they're actually closing the gospel. On the last three hours they'll be at sea shell age. And then along without of course we have. A lot throw eating competition. Which is crazy act. Deal what's the record right now do you you know what the record is Hampton beach. Eight I believe it is now well who 12 o'clock strolls in ten minute and a lot of lobster rolls. If you have never seen. A lot trillion competition or eating competition in general I mean isn't really become one of the biggest event with him at all. In the biggest festival within the back to law and this spectators there it's just to keep people all the way from the shelves ate all the way across all art and her clerks in the air but. You know we had competitive eaters that common in the compete in either people who travel around the world in different. I'm eating competitions. Matthew Sony. Who is now of course with. The meat and you know Coney Island competition. In and I don't think kitty when you're here order. We'll come to expect and I can't remember but. Anyways he started out and bought stroll eating competition at him impeached that was his first competition ever. And I don't know how they've they've put down all that food I spoke to somebody there couple years ago those competitive eater he won the would be pie eating contest what's going on that's great. This is no it's a giant will be part. The first on the finish it and he can't use your hands. Oh yeah. That law yet that was the hardest working it would be a zoo. But it it's just a fun competition to watch and I would suggest that people get there early that where they get seats. And it's for it to get it did to get that when during the festival. Any you know we also have. He ran all nineteen. And train ride in eighteen and all that. Probably kids in the young born. And then on Sunday we have. I got New England on extravaganza there. Six jumped into that he could well at 5 o'clock on Sunday they'll be really you know it it's ongoing entertainment all weekend long and I mean the biggest thing which we haven't even started talking about and all those restaurant on the and we asked if he is dead because talk restaurant serving an abundance so. He food if you haven't been that he could trust well. You can't lobster. Anyway you like hit it in they get really creative Q you know it prize. Oil lobster dinners. If it on the stick and lobster anger they have macaroni cheese with the lobster they have arms mustard grilled cheese. Lou so it is just amazing how many ways you can eat lobster at this he could actually and of course we had this thing assure that native Fred claim him. We you know. Fish tacos scallops taco or if it's amazing the amount that he could down there she actually Newburgh. Isn't continues honor and they were all these giant tent so if it did happen to rain which. Normally don't like aren't you know we do not what you covered anyways. So you can enjoy the entire fassel without getting wet at the same time and there's plenty of organized parking so people have to worry about that you have shuttle's. That will bring people write to the event. Did we have actually upped count we have thirteen different parking lot locations. And we offer free parking increase shuttle from thirteen leader Trent Lott is. It's the act is what it. Well it cost effective way to get down there being right court to trade but and we all go a lot of people don't know that where the (%expletive) is. We haven't expressed our claim to that get cute downed that he could smoke. Quicker armed than any car in there. And that's it that's important the opposite the traffic. And that's rid of it but you know you forgot one thing you'd Wear my favorite things. Right there are on the sand on the beach is an incredible beer tent. We have a 200 foot. Com by 100. At the beach cabana bar. And it is the only place you're the only time that you can actually. Legally had a drink in the hand on him impeached him on because it's illegal court any other time of the year that we have a special permit we have it all keyed off. And Don you know who we have incredible fear for worrying. New Hampshire is shared greatly but blade and read her. And I'm older than anybody. Ice cold beer and a line. Yeah and that just makes it perfect setting and you also forgot I mean this so many things that you haven't been to this before and if you haven't gone. There's a lot of repeat people that come to the event year after year because. Even the shops. Have like this aren't really yeah it's it's in my wife loves going through all the shops. And shopping for a day that's one of anyone else. You know great is under the tent we have seventy art and craft and what we Huey we jury in a mall you know all the and we'd offer very unique variety of arts and crafts so when you go down you know I'm not saying craft issues. Can meet incredible and he walked by the anti like oh my god. I do a lot of my mom. Shopping here because it's such unique items that you cannot find in store but then on the other side and the boulevard. Period hundreds of ocean boulevard merchants that are doing their tendencies in its sales at their lack. We can that there are open pretty tired he's hinted they're trying to get rid of all they encourage. And they do it incredibly just on the crisis failed. It's a great place to shop I actually. Yeah I I probably teach you much shop him here but you. You're gonna need a lot. I hands ran back the stuff but you get plenty of stuff and he'd eat until you're absolutely. Silly at this event. And just enjoy all the entertainment is just so much to do and it's all starts this Friday night I it's still can't believe it's here it's right here I've run on the corner. If it feels like we get candidate Howard Stern all over again yeah. My favorite part they can't do beach keeping track well I must say it. What I get a chance which is an auction but to sit back and just watch it all happen. You know I mean it's just that's your great atmosphere. I always say when you go to him impeached she could factual you walk away with twenty new friends. Yeah that's part app is here it is we QB sitting down at a table on the beach cabana are. You know up on the street haven't something each and next thing you know poor people join you went. It sure at a reunion of sorts mean I know domain group that. They started out is she of people in here and really don't actually got to bring our friends will. These groups are now twenty people every single year and it's just so great is he all these people year. A year and are and I know her crown I know every year that we do the remote as will be down their next Sunday broadcasting live. A person comes up from Texas are more in taxes because they are actually listening to the show on the Internet a couple of years ago. And decided that they would they would go up to the Hampton beach seafood fassel drop in May and again they're not from New England at all. And now they've been doing it probably about 45 years in a row and they absolutely enjoy the event and the time here in New England. It it'd be amazing how many groups come from around US in the story they tell about how they first started coming any I ever group that. They come from Connecticut in the they are actually bringing 26 people this year now though. It's. You know and they've actually become friends of mine that the big conference acted remember them well is there. It's it's amazing to hear their stories now there's shortly in Europe. And I love the people that dropped by and say hi from the radio and TV show and and our caller ten it's always great to see and talk to some of the people that are watching or listening or TV show and we're glad to give up for any samples that people are combining our ten out a run down the list a little bit later on the show all the chefs they gonna be there at some the items that they'll be serving. And on the tea I think it's one of the best lineups we've had in many many years and great restaurants will be there so we all look forward to it all starting. Well the cartel will be Saturday and Sunday for the event starts quicktime on Friday. Friday at 4 o'clock hour days so ban on Friday. IQ I will see you down there the united Dawkins singer and everybody for us and get ready because it's just around the corner. They keep out. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. Dear leave Hungary. Ever return to the finals segment of wicked bites radio in just a moment and don't forget the Hampton beach seafood festival are culinary chat the week abides culinary tent. Starts at twelve noon on Saturday and Sunday at we have some great chefs in store you just check out our FaceBook outpost up all the chefs by days. And you'll be able to see it which it might TV on FaceBook Salvador's restaurants there are several of them now. Including Andover Lawrence what a great day to be outside a large. Right there overlooking the river have met efforts up Austin and in Boston's theatre district are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. And my favorite thing on the menu. Is the ship's playground section. And what that is is each shaft that each location decides what he wants to make it may be his specialty item that Alonso maybe just an item that's kind of fame is indicative of that area and add it to their menu to report the ship's playgrounds action. At Salvador's. Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. Idealists that we give bites radio AM 680 WRKO. In Boston every Sunday from ten to twelve noon so make sure you tell a friend. And join us every Sunday where you are the food critic the no name restaurant is located at Boston's historic fish here. At fifteen fish here by the way the known ame restaurant believe it or not. Has free parking validated parking that's right you know I can't think of another restaurant entire area that has free market. The no name restaurant does ignited Jimmie when you go in the opened up by the way in 1917. And then the only restaurant that's allowed out in the fish pier and the famous for their seafood chowder. Get a bowl for like five dollars is so much seat with their seafood chatter. They use spoons sticks straight up in the bowl. Go for lunch and dinner the known restaurant again free market in that area unbelievable. Fifteen fish here in Boston's historic waterfront. And don't forget about sleep oh restaurant today. Which is located at the gateway of Boston's historic north then I stop by and tied a police boat just the other day coming out of the thesis Anthony's. And out there open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Sleep or restaurant today as a function room upstairs that I think is the largest one Truman the entire North End. It can accommodate groups and 2235. People. And even entertainment license decade permit DJ is denying he's lie bands. And you say well you know maybe I'm in charge of school trip bus trip. Where are gonna go in the north that within the parking lot right there and they can put together. Incredible values. Family style where you can use the function room and then explore the north then I put. Billy restaurant date to 83 causeway street in Boston's. North End. But it kept still waterfront dining in doing then there are few places they can match things. Then heads and innovative and inspired menu. A raw bar carefully chosen wine and cocktail list. For an extraordinary gathering experience for lectured dinner it's been Pickering lawyer Salem. Heather's daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. Of them every dispute though it would all those who got famous and then not get that leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's a Packers donor restaurant and paper and Nashua. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins this means we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. So don't forget them Labor Day gets sent to do in the afternoon and eloquent going to be like. Storm moving up in this general direction. But make do whatever it is includes. He'd be hiring at least when it bites out of I would appreciate answered the average. Joseph fish seafood restaurant and bar now they are going to be at the Hampton beach seafood festival. You know what they've that they've got real yellow fin tuna. It's eight out there fresh tuna. They lightly this is the key to it they lightly season it and then they grow. And served over jasmine rice sugar snap peas. It's only three and managed accounts consumers. It's really. Kay concluded that the Kattengell. You know whatever you and they get to location when a north bend over the other inaugurating. You'll love image Jeremy you like Joe's lobster disk. I don't wanna analysts blame it did you okay. I guess it's a porky at Portuguese. Who who planned job and I explain it to you it is I mean it. What's what was shift a shift Jay is deadly mother's recipes and note his mother has a recipe there. And the other one is his creation and it's I actually had a when film there's it was a a little spicy but not. Not like over powering hot in this or any of that stuff it's a really tasty tasty twist on clay and trailer you'll pick count seven you're right I know you'll you'll be able to enjoy the rest your meal they won't burn time off okay. Joseph also. Jo fish seafood restaurant and bar here the location through 1251120. Osgood street in North Andover. And route 2860. Main street inaugurating. Fareed GPS OK. Jimmie gates he's the man it lead he would go by and seekers. He's the man you know what I mean humidity Teresa's prime Nikki have a they're going to be open. Two races on rule 114 in Middleton. Tomorrow. He's got to say it in case you're looking for something to do tomorrow. Now he and have some. Races on drew went fourteen now they have Teresa's prime. Which is about the fancy steak as you'll ever go to. It's beautiful just absent court if they have got a bit Brandt prime beef. And you've probably seen negev on television saying I don't care how much it cost me you've come into this restaurant. I'll make shoot your police I don't care how much it cost. To guarantee that you leave happy yet guaranty ago. Kim beat but. I expect. To see what the medical Maryland and that's a whole different show that it's. There is pride. To audio on the street know that there let's get cozy and actually giving Hampton beat seafood festival though forget. It is started it all off at 10 o'clock. Which advice radio with pat Bradley is a presentation of wits media and.