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Mike Siegel 9-11-16

Sep 11, 2016|

Mike talks with General Jack Keane about the military response on 9/11, Dr. Sebastian Gorka about the 9/11 commission, and opens up the phone lines for callers to share their memories of that fateful day.

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I'm Bob before I'd feel good inject doubt. And it's my heels didn't. Lawyers on the ball command today as say. Very reflective day a day of remembrance. A day of sharing. But they have honoring. And the day of perhaps learning. About how we deal with the horrific events of 9/11. As a means of stopping that from happening in the future as you know we've had other events but certainly none the magnitude of 9/11. The largest terrorist attack. In the history of this planet 2996. People killed. Over 2700 just at the World Trade Center. Innocent people. Wrote her all people on that airplane. There Shanksville Pennsylvania. Where they knew their lives were ending but they took down the terrorists win them so they could not. Do their dastardly deed going who knows where maybe the congressman at the White House. We're joined to reflect about some of the important elements. Of intelligence. And protecting against these events what we learned there should've learned with doctor Sebastian cork of one of the great thinkers on the area such high autism. And the Middle East doctors or it's a pleasure howry today's. Very well very well thank you haven't beyond all of that could be the. It's a it's a pleasure to have you with us and that your expertise as. Well needed. Your first just a reflection of years about remembering 9/11. And your thoughts about it. Well I think you bother correctly. Lots of people in the media a lot. All American low level. Mode tax law. If yep the period of 3000 people got. Killed. Like got it compared to other groups that come close. The people that I used would be. There. Are tolerate. One of the debt. Market street. And that mall. I might be BA so Good Friday ordered my mind. Artillery. And read about people not a it is. I'll try to heal mold amount. It harmed through and it. So I got this change is treated strange the way America. Help it that they shouldn't. And it resulted in. Oddity page. Goal the global war. Which is now fifty years old and in fact. Long rule republic has been engaged. While the old law. Even Vietnam about war is continuing. The two bodies are built tried to. Let me back to gore who go back yet to pick your brain about. Possible prevention will we should learn from this and I want to go back to Zacharias missile couple facts and your thoughts. For February 26. To may 29. 2001 he attended a flight school and airman flight school in Norman Oklahoma. Mohammad ot top visited that school. Was solid and receives 141000 dollars in wire transfers from B and I'll sheep. On August 1 he gives 6800 dollars and 100 dollar bills to train. On a 747. Simulator at the pan am international flight academy in Eagan Minnesota near Minneapolis. The flight instructor their Clarence free vote. Had suspicions about Sally he convinces his supervisors to contact the FBI. Why because primo was confused. Because the Sally wanna simulator time even though we didn't have any basic airplane knowledge so these are all. Triggers for concern. Now given all of that and that we know that Colleen Rowley the FBI has testified for the United States senate. That she thought it was political correctness. The John Ashcroft refused to actual warrant for moussaoui's hard drive even more to work offend Islamic people Ashcroft we know the FBI. And that's. Lead guy at the fundamentalist unit. Which which would David fresco. Basically said the he would not pass up all of the concerns of Harry Sam. And FBI agent and Colleen rally another agent who was an attorney for the FBI he wasn't gonna send that information up the latter. And about Sam is concerned salmon had about seventy separate times seats that this guy is part of a terrorist attack is a terrorist. And he believed it would be an airplane hijacked nobody listened to savage that testified at a trial. All of that we knew the behavior the agents finding it Kenneth Williams at Phoenix and other agent. Knowing that there was going to be an attack an exit so wouldn't what do result reports two months before the attack. What do you make of that lapse on the part of our intelligence. Well I'm very impressed moved how much hope. All laid out that not measurable which. I'm not usually honest and brutally frank. Oh Ole Ole Ole troll and an old thought it would not connected. By federal lord of the village of active. On the old wolf we we didn't re all our national security establishment. To deal would be kind cracked the respect. We still maintain record brought to collect the attic and yes. Oh. The guys up all up. Local state or enforcement. We explore already that political correctness. Mentioned. Thought creep in that Social Security function this part of that you hotly. I've already tried that toppled we are now in 1990. You remember applying. Applying sure Ruslan. Well they the part about both probably got him now. The war America in 1996. And in 1998. So. Jealousy. If people had connected the bulk. If political correct the problem inspected. National security bill bill wade did that and pathetic OT dot work. Then maybe. Maybe not eleven being provoked. Well that do you believe. That the exposes of the nine elevenths commission report. And some of those facts we just discussed from that report about Moussaoui. About the obvious indicators of his terrorism about the fact that they should have looked it is hard drive. Do you believe we've overcome that because don't forget that was during the bush administration. And by the way those one other point about the core group during that administration. I remember in March. Two months after President Bush took office. The Gary Hart commission issued a report about the threat of terrorism against America they were they had been asked to do that and they assume that report. Very clearly laying out some of these prospects that was in March the president turned it over there was Vice President Dick Cheney. And I remember vividly that it just sat at a best nobody dealt with a is that another lapse perhaps. Well look we wicket which you know or blade that many many in their schools. The fact is well weak new bit off. All about guy that we knew where he was an a grade did declassified. Memoir and information that we know that the IAEA. More flies. Bin Laden in this fight. Have the capacity to neutralize him credit welcome back president well it. On the black that it lawyers. In the 1990s that no we are still probably at all. You don't know you'd believe she hopped Robert yeah and they're. All the world even in the minds denied these so got it up would be fair about this that. It looked good playing out to be laid in a completely bought ought not are the old boat but the oh and don't people don't. National security professionals. Doing the job they were meant to be do. Well that only connect 9/11. And the horror of that day. To lessons learned because my team. In Orlando was well known he was investigated for two years while known to be completely radical point one of his colleagues. Quit the job he had that didn't wanna work with the guy the that the colleagues felt that his own family might be in danger from my team. And then you have. That have she Malik coming into the country after aren't social media talking about her extremism we didn't catch our cause we don't look at the the profile of social media of some of the people entering this country. Have we really learned a lesson. About troop no we haven't impacted book work. If you look at the information yet beyond that a debate. All of the bio all of it I work whether it's our job as an act on the ball and bombing trial we were given a heads up that the people with. It's the elbow problem did travel to Russia probably two feet. These would be you hobbies the church built docket. So you know the time and time again feed that red flag. He's gonna do indicated. A repeat it people either ignoring or shopping doubt. Investigation to go in there and civil rights. Privacy issues. Which in fact. Could have led the broad attack including the ball the bombing. Big prevent it unfortunately. It has only got worse look at your Lambeau. Not the the attorney general. The attorney general the most senior powerful off and not expect try to spend the pundits thought. The transcript of Obama being vocal but one patch. From all Mike up to remove references to. It's. They'd. That that means you are having political. Or altered village at about in danger is all about. Let me turn to Saudi rape EO of some country we consider our friend. Loving Google real brief background of your thoughts about Saudi Arabia. Number one they had several princes donate money and support for al-Qaeda prince Turkey than fossil Al Saud. Prince Bandar bin Sultan prince Al Waleed bin Talal and prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. He was the major donor rule al-Qaeda and he became king of Saudi Arabia and January 2015. What about the role of Saudi Arabia and now it connects directly. To the civil lawsuit by the family members of those lost on 9/11. Unanimously passed by the house and senate the president says he's gonna potentially probably veto that bill. Why are we protecting Saudi Arabia are we looking at the Saudi Arabia as we should. All of the crucial question it would if that in my book the beating up. Apple understand that it might be that divides the very important thing about but so did the better data are able to. Bodies to direct from around the world be Reagan revolution. Which. Would be you know that bureaucracy. Well I want a remote import of all over most of them at all about the Mac and not in there and I. Out out out out the equivalent. Repeated the village emote that well at all about all these. Secret bill would roll in the king of Saudi Arabia and the the clerics. Are cleric it's all the out of pocket sets that look guys. Jihad can never happen again Saudi Arabia battle read it you are probably. But if you keep my family they commit mobile Q did that in Saudi Arabia. That I will bomb the export of cheap audio ideology row but well. Not filed the embargo and met the work the next twenty years. Saudi Arabia was part of the problem. Not part of the solution it's all these other viable defeating. The fact that we have not dealt with this that we haven't told about it. Stop on being the bad guys unfortunately. I also. In danger. American lives. At at what it why do you think it is that we don't investigate Saudi Arabia more thoroughly there were 28. Pages of classified information that was to be released. We know that the president bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. A country that by the way probably was fifteen of the nineteen attackers on nine elevenths were Saudi Arabia. Yes you are not spirit built. Why are you. Well. You know let them I mean the American people have a right to Melvin and and certainly. This president hasn't has asked to explain why. But it's not just this president wasn't President Bush the guy who sent in the bin Laden's family back out of the country after 9/11. Arabia we haven't built on the Saudi Arabia. But many many years. Very. Geopolitical position where. You don't do it. He ticket order. That the people will be little big that I've walked it down. Should have affected the way we deal with that we haven't played up old. We need to play horrible Saudi Arabia and the wrong. All the bigger problem but it column. All should apparent. That vote how the patient. Cuba hold them back on the that aren't being that not a couple better Arabia this administration has to give it. And billions of dollars. To a country Iran that is bill base they'd all of rhetoric that how can not be good for America. Well it that it certainly is just gonna increase the likelihood. Of more terrorist attacks and and then we're still vulnerable and that's why I go back to what Colleen Rowley said the FBI. Attorney who let it try to get. They warrant to look at Bissau is hard drive she said that that was criminal negligence at the FBI by not allowing the flow information go what the latter. And that this was something that was this will lead but as Phillip Davis Pressler who was the head of the radical fundamentalist unit of the FBI has the FBI reform itself if they that's today supports you know doctor orca. Well I don't look very closely review PH in the habit but I'll audit. By the trade all of all on the battered Brett. The problem I wanna be very clear that clearly. The problem isn't that brave men and women who Wear the bats yet I'd expect so. They get it and they what do it's space or paid them back up patriot. Is there a problem it the political level it's up to China Camara and in many cases what we're worried about the FBI we should actually be looking at the department jobs that. Especially the civil rights abuse which have become the expected of political correct about your Bob urged. It is a civil right that there's that at that in federal counterterrorism training you cannot get up this law probably would use words like you. You opt. Which is the enemy that our image oddity that it pop up that bill but out. We're at the other abuse. Describe themselves. How we got a win that war so. The problem is that if saying what are the Ulbrich that is saying and Hungary. But I had bought the bearish about rots from the head. Look higher up the chain of tomorrow is usually bad weather got to involve very. Final point doctor orca and of course your book defeating Jihad is something people should really look at because it gives us a lot of background especially under after nine elevenths. Commemoration in and memory of this horrible event. Former senators Bob Graham of Florida and Bob Kerrey of Nebraska. Along with former navy secretary John Lehman all say that the Saudi role in the nine elevenths plot has never been adequately examine. Agree or disagree. I agree I agree with those congressmen and senators. But it makes up the stated that the media that all Americans have a right. See people out but it you know member of the Saudi regime but I need to be. Boat looking got. That lead to higher level that it Reggie ball we doubt it though law that's every bit operational level. Bad result certain diplomatic position. Connected and Tuesday. That are specific Eric. That need the vote and not could be admitted the it's been all that idea I checked it with Saudi. National. Well at five but don't final portal a lad. Is that I named for prince's one now king who all supported al-Qaeda isn't that a smoking gun. Yeah it's when he quit you know there's no you know back. Buying by the king that it is all here you're instructions what we want to do it Weyrich money borrowed there brought it. Vineyard the Broderick that you could very well. All like. People like you know probable Germany. There are thousand and did what individual print that do not thirty job all of this but we outlaw that that's in that spiritual saw. What culpable. What we'd be like that. Doctor gore good it's always a pleasure to have your insights I really appreciated in this week. Commemorate and honor those who lost their lives on 9/11 in the family members of those we appreciate your time on this program they think is there. Vacuum that's all of those who lost that all about it. But it up. Atlas thank you so very much doctors that the suspension cork Mike Siegel here on nine elevenths commemoration this program they were joined by general Jack Keane. Right after the break Mike Siegel view. At the voice of Boston WRKO. Buck back we are folks welcome back good to have you with us on a Sunday that is. Really fifteen years after it day of infamy. As the president Franklin they'll Roosevelt's at about Pearl Harbor. This event but the worst terrorist attack. In the history of the world. Took place fifteen years ago today the first powered north tower went down at 1028. AM which was what now Lauren best. Actually two hours and five minutes ago. After fifteen years two hours and five minutes. And I'm sure all of us remember where we work. What we felt I got a phone call early in the morning to turn on my TV. Couldn't believe what I was saying. Got out about think it was about 1045. And then that saw the remnants of the first attack. And then of course we have the second attack. And that it was very clear what was happening. And who knows you know I it to me the most wrote people. And that was so many of them the firefighters the police. The first responders who went back into harm's way. To get people out. Of that horrific circumstance. It was just amazing. To watch and learn about that subsequently I was able to. Get to New York I was. Out of town and got back to New York that reports for six radio stations like after two days after 9/11 913. And to look at that site I was. Probably two blocks from the World Trade Center itself. And deceive the way in which that. Large. Blocks of steel were mangled. And the debris everywhere. And the smoke in the stands still pouring out of there. And that only the 2996. Diane that day but we know that about 14100. Who were there at that time have died subsequently not not all of them necessarily died because of the after effects. Of what they ingested. 9/11 from the carcinogenic. Debris. But certainly a substantial number died from. What happened on 9/11. And it was a just an added number of casualties. To that act of war on the part of the terrorists. And all of us remember that where we were few respondent activists call it what they hear from you at 6172666868. 6172666868. As you go along in the program. And we yeah share our memories. Of that day. And I think we'll do right now is here if we can John that the first cut five I believe it is which is the attack on the south tower. And it's about two minutes. And all of us can listen and reflect where we were that moment and casual listening and few want it is called to. Talk up reps loved ones that you lost people you knew who you lost. What you're reactions work then what your feelings are now about this horrific war on terrorism what the pitcher calls. The voice of Boston but he or Treo 6172666868. Here now is that description. Of the tower being hit on 9/11 2001. No Tim says about both fell for the fight back. Those in Washington protesting this because the Pentagon with the fire playing and there's a fire under Washington law. And all and end there and as a tactical. I live within the women who evacuated women and men who believe also. Another decision by the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration. No player and I'm going to be allowed to take off from any airport in the entire country. All friends know Clinton and picking up the bank and have made the decision to stop all air traffic control all. I had a all right here we got into that you get while live from topic to yet another explosion. Did anybody could Jane let me see that have been an airplane president. It's not the most of the top collapse and all of to boot from the building's falling down towards this now look at this method of them. How do we have to we have Jim Smith is available in microphone job Bertuzzi Casey's. We can Jim yes I am here. Tell us tell us what's happening out there all we've just witnessed some kind of secondary. Followed the explosion on the eve of World Trade Center number two the water that is. I was like outfitted that the bill would make out through the debris and spoke but it does appear that a portion. The top portion of the building has collapsed down to the streets below. I'd like unbelievable we have seen here at the debris it's I'll discovery means higher proportion of lower Manhattan. All my guys. And we know this is terribly difficult for everybody was sure to please stay where this whole how they were this. An audio we should tell people our crews have enough. Running from that seemed to have everybody then this entire area has been our good evacuation for some time in just moments ago. You saw the real loud enough through a horrific scene as one of the towers there appears to have collapsed. Well they you are. In memory that all of us probably wanna forget. But a memory that all of us should always. Indelibly remember. Because those events. And they were multiple events that day multiple attacks. And as horrifying as it was. It could have been even worse. Had they been successful with the plane. That crashed near Shanksville Pennsylvania. Thanks to the heroes I was mentioning earlier the heroes. On that airplane who knowing. They were going to die. We're not gonna let those terrorists. Take that airplane to Washington DC which would think it only a few minutes from Pennsylvania. And hit god knows what. Whether it was the capitol building the White House whatever. And they should be. Far and they are thoroughly remembered by all of us and our prayers and their families. For being the heroes that they war. With regard to people after the attack the 2996. Who died more than 6000 were injured. We also know that as of August of 2013. Just about. Two years after. The event. We know that medical authorities have been concluded. That 11140. People. Who had worked lived. Or studied in lower Manhattan. At the time of the attack. Have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of exposure to toxins at ground zero. That's 11140 people. Who suffer from cancer. And as I mentioned over 1410911. Rescue workers who responded to the scene. In the days and months after those attacks have since died. Eleven unknown babies also died on 9/11 unborn babies should say that a bottle. Jim is what this gym you might say look the voice of Boston WRKO LO. I enjoyed it well remembering as all of us are sure. I captured the issue of basket of deplorable. You know like most watched but what are what are you. I'm not god I didn't get that by the way I don't know I did at an all seriousness. Anonymous wanna see yeah medical harm the winning candidate currently Hillary Clinton. Passed out at that the ground zero and they had taken to a hospital I don't know I ever meet later reports. Hopefully hole which is a statement. That there aren't open. The fair enough good that repairs by. However all the portals yeah okay that's like that I know I would argue hoosiers you know it's about Arafat are all facets of the oval. But this period I don't care owed an intersection. And they sit this small plane at the outs yeah. They're old they're considered to choose beautiful white church that I still remember most. Aaron. I just don't like twenty years where. The next play. This morning I went into that church. That was complete series victory parade of people aren't allowed. To collect. Now. And her own. I think what happened I was you know I was sharp it was not Fox News or we introduce you we owe it to float in which unions and what it crossed the field. There's a bugle. Reid Brothers are artists in New York. You know he's you know spoke off the chart you know you didn't know as well as well as. Yup the web a lot of people I remember. All the reports from lower Manhattan. In the the days after because I was in New York. Two days after and stay there for awhile and I remember around fourteenth street. Background what they're Gramercy Park there was a huge park area that had pictures and photos and descriptions. For people who have lost loved ones that did not know what happened. That did not know what they have lived their diet and how could you know because in that the massive catastrophic. Collapse of those two towers. The remains. Were next to a possible to recover. And so these people were just in total despair so now. I presume most of those have to just look with the assumption. That's a loved one was lost because they have no other way to those though recovery of bodies there was no confirmation that was the way to do any of that tragic. Well I knew that it did. Something for you that I'm sure a lot of mean going back to that same church. And I appreciate you call for much of it thank you for extra artwork. Gutless YouTube. Let's go to Casey's next Casey at the voice of Boston the New York KO howry and well remembering this is the way to put it today. Nine era at regulating kid liked about him playing gotcha back on the air. But I have two men were once stories. I sister is the ABC news reporter in New York. An anchor and she was on duty that day and when those planes see that the towers she stayed in the year the whole time. Yeah I've there has she talked you about. How she dealt with a person I mean that you know that people in this business. Have a responsibility. And I've covered. On occasion covered wars Nicaraguan elsewhere and and who you know you're in the middle of something that is unfolding before your rise. I have no certainty about anything it's not as if you've covered the you've gotten all the facts who what where when and why and you're affording it it's happening. As you reporting of this you're talking about how difficult that was. It she said it was very very difficult. She was actually 54 blocks away in Manhattan. Capture ABC broadcast from Wright issue with a on the air the whole time. I can trying to Culver to make sure she was OK and I know that cellphones are just like blown out he couldn't get through to anybody. And I finally capture about like 8 o'clock in chooses Blake and devastated. She that you can't believe what's going on here and the wonderful list of all the New Yorkers bringing water doing is doing. You know what I was down. When I was down at. I was right I was covering or next to CNN. At the front of the group of media organizations I was able walked out there because I left the senate in December recorder market goes down close. And and you had. That was a local. Cafe. That was just giving people sandwiches. There was. I mean there was it was unbelievable everybody. Got whatever they needed them they brought in. From from what one of this several of the companies. That the food companies. Since food water ever needed delicious page is brought whatever you needed. In you know just touched many many brave Americans. And then my second story is. The veterinarian and I was working in Warwick. Rhode Island. Great and and we had a lot of police. They came military dogs. And this in. Had his police dog. And they went right down key issues it cadaver dog. Right and he wouldn't let her go in with the outbreak a face that column for the toxins. But she's still ended up getting a fatal cancer. Policy. If there isn't that all of her wet out. People love arthritis medicine used the we have the eleventh hour and forty people as of August of 2013. Who worked in that area lived there. Or studied there are at universities other ways down there and others. The basically came down with some form of cancer it was. Yet it was like a good start to enter its relatives very common cancer ones but adopt would get. But she get within two years and they said as sentinels for people convey of its shorter lifespan. You know people still can be diagnosed you know pointers out. Well doctor Casey I think that that case it was the case that he's your. Outlook at all. A little levity on a day of memory thank you very much case appreciate your call. And let's goat to Hank next who I am I or anybody you know we don't want negative there anchor you do. I am America racial match idea I have slowed to a Hong Kong lots of amber at. It's 8 o'clock and a model and all that it caught on September 11 at 8 o'clock in the morning. We get on the train I don't really get married my wife. Got an Alltel about I don't know 83840. In our strategy beyond it to see what we approach it'll it'll all go wrong. And Baring her point is that the out of our base got to look at out of playing. Yet at the building job plain don't know what to 300 foot wingspan and I write all might go out what went back. So you knew right away exactly like that at the and then the second one and the third one. And I at all org that's our state and all can't you know I could pitch in next looted nuclear weapon going not art somewhere. In the United States because that's out you know better what we felt like globally. Well you know all the if you think about this two things. That we were fortunate maybe goggles looking down on us because one was that the Pentagon. Did not have rebar. Yeah except in one area. And if if it at the plate wound up hitting the area talk about you know spinning the wheel. Played rule right rule let. The plane hit where the rebar was. Which meant that if held for 45 minutes. Which was enough time to get the people out of the building. Had had a hit anyplace else. In the Pentagon. It would event and end up the building would have collapsed. And the reports were that we would have had a worse. Situation. There that we did even at the world traits and that the casualty numbers would have been greater. At the Pentagon had that played it any place other than where the rebar was in the reports us it was only in this one spot. As and so that was and the other thing was the the heroes on that plane and checks to open their Shanksville Pennsylvania had they that that what they did about the got to the congress or to the White House imagine. What that would have been. We know our imagined it would better about what happened and I'm surprised it happened rapidly wars against but it will be. In the near future because. The people running this country and are protected notes. I think what's gonna happen. God help us and after bitter perhaps opens. Never happened but I think what's possible. Is that there's going to be some devastating. Internet attack of some sort. Hyper space attack wireless attack on our water systems. The complete banking systems the airline systems look what happened adult a few weeks go in internal problem and cost of the cancel thousands of flights. Imagine if if any of those areas I just describe the water the electricity. The hydroelectric power if they got to that and I think that's what they're trying to do and that's with a working on and that's pretty scary. I don't know what that they're preparing just sharpened because that the stuff that's being distributed around the RP. You won vehicles and equipment. Something probably we don't know why but yet prepared to stop. I hope we we we I try to put out the first half our doctor core group that we seem not to. Been diligent with 9/11 it could have been stopped if they have listened to some of those reports from the FBI. Thank you served great tart Hank he take a careless go to pat next pat Iran the voice of Boston WRKO. They might okay pat. I was they have fresh high school. September 11 2001. Yup and ever since said today. And his new edit joined the military so I joined the navy. Right after high school and I searching 2005 to 2014. Well thank you for your service but that's a wonderful. Thank you know I just remember that day I'm a member being the score I was living in Braintree at the time. And not me in my French Dutch flags and we sit up on Washington street in arrow speed but it ought to matters. It is ever since damion did a couple of my other bodies in the military sutures. In every year since then. I just hope I didn't know. Well Linda you are a large lost nine years in the service and you've done your part and and so. You know it's an incredible. Incredible. It's. What are what is it sounds like it had great impact on your life certainly in the decision. To join the military tell us about how you feel today that in effect that you now we're talking fifteen years after the event how's that affect you even now. Or continues to expect just urged it to join the military after that date which are so strong some might have to do in. It's as I had to do some time it was like you know the guy World War II apps to pearl. It was felt that sense of duty in prides country. And that's what. And it's still there obviously for you appreciate how much. And again pat thanks these service I appreciate it take good care let's go to Bruce next brochure on the course of Boston WRKO. And my colleague prevailed that day. It is a sad day and that's what we need to remember but go right ahead there's. I was not work in which holds its benign and Allentown Pennsylvania do it for I've. Local production. ESPN what was actually since production. Okay I was on my weight from who lost to Massachusetts. I was getting fuel at alleys and sort of albeit in twenty minutes late night said that he would send it out. Want to get all of the New York Yankee Stadium you know with televise the game on the ball. And now he goes so you're not going anywhere in all of my. And that you don't go anywhere comments is this a much rock I walked into the so that's Florence ala. They'll all audio message went out and I know it. And I almost out of plane comes loaded them into the other Dolan. And I just I called like coming up right away and you heard it and Eric who's company. And elect me. Well and make it all going right back. And I said yeah I was also open up you know Bob Bennett not yet. And I'm like oh my body called me on the ball it is terrorism what route I liked it so it could be up on. Bought a company called up public backwards at the local anywhere don't go anywhere so. And I was actually got that one year anniversary. And I lost a friend Bob Bob Patterson war bird. And that might spread from Saint Louis it was like extra. Body I'll Westin hotel right Boston's big and they are saying it will. Bruce I got to got to close out the hour but that your losses. Are so reflective of so many other people we cannot forget never forget. And always on those people who lost loved ones thanks for that sharing that story. That is it's got out of four have been a good eject out of my hands on my heels didn't. Welcome back give folks good to have you let us as we share our memories. Of what happened on nine elevenths 2001 and thank you for that last half hour poignant and meaningful and the source that told just fabulous in a fabulous background now from. One of the great American military leaders general Jack Keane who is a retired four star general chairman of the institute for the study of war. He was a deputy chief of staff of the army and that was in the Pentagon on 9/11 general thank you mean what this on this memorable. Let me ask you about. You what happened on that day I know that. You were at your office as the plane hit. And that apparently you instinctively knew this was a terrorist attack and that was first thought as I recollect. Oh cart is. You know what one might step Russian in my office to put TV on and says service opened that door and York. But apart terrorist airplane that hit the World Trade Center. Well born and raised new Yorker it was a blue sky today and it was technically that apathy. The terrorist attack nobody could have it at the World Trade Center that they liked that by accident you know given its location of those buildings and and I and I recalled it immediately that. 1990 pretty credible these buildings once before from a bomb placed in the market watchers fortunately it. You know it's good in Britain villains council. I ordered mine area the army operations which is downstairs. In the Pentagon. You know global force levels are at low level. I'd I told they operational two star general and up to full Manning. That was Ford Taurus at the time. We needed on the stand. Well was about to unfold for us. The the second Bill Clinton in New York the world trade sort of got hit. And and I was on the phone talking to him about it air. That they would he was following me every communication work at all planes and they said that it was still supported her account for what was on that. I'm gonna of the that this the but as an Ohio or grow it back. To the East Coast and had moved up I 95 and when it got close to Washington and it turned east and so now. And we were we to obviously aware of that that there was a plane targeted wash DC it would discussing. You know you sort of before about some of OK what what evacuation procedures and Washington for buildings as well have been accomplished in. The plane hit. Rock my office do so but the ceiling came down but not dramatically. And smoke immediately. Storm could fill. And tonight if you feel that to him and he says not try to edit the cable that plane just hit us. And be given he would probably sort of meet the ground he he didn't feel it and I noted. My immediate staff to call home and evacuate it took my. My aide and made her executive officer eight scroll. We build up. My church from at office water we went down. We're only upper floors to blast site to try to help people get out of there. The smoke there was consumers more effective it turned it to black. Six smoke its support them. So we were doing all that. There's no heroism involved sort of like I just hope that people. Are. Utterly petrified that picture they know what to do and what are golden sort of and a bit about a couple of my guys Serbs are you gotta. What lead this evacuation of loose and books but skipped two. The German operations center and maintain command and it should be got a close that's what we did. When that that we visited the world but in the hospital. There were many years there are five different hospitals spread Attleboro District of Columbia and pigeon has some good data for weeks. I realize tremendous sex or was that technically just looking into the stores. Shortly civil what we have discovered. In New York City. The first responders some of them who would still live Mike from. From the Maureen even though this is what might shift. And it instantly they did you know they do problem that this was going on and they tested. And they said that the it was so. Hopeful that the attacks have occurred. Beat us. That many of them are people were part of the first states people really hurt open wheel. Some of them needed tourniquet that that we know how to stop the leading they would know how to treat shock. So they would say that when they arrived on the scene. People who may have about the fact that one out in the world we had. We had stopped that waited in. That would stabilize and sort out that was fascinated to hear that. That report at all while portions that might. You know this is the first battlefield global war that will probably take many years. Because we're we're going to be fighting radical Islam here. With a stop treating terrorism as criminal acts. That will finally. Go to treat terrorism. And so what it has always been an act of war of the nation state what is Israel is able to respond that. And of course I knew that we would respond in kind. Obviously we do. Feel very rapid vehicle after. These killer. Have we general become. In these fifteen years. And not not the military certainly but the but the society at large. Complacent to some degree that there have been no attacks of that magnitude certainly Orlando happened in San Bernardino but. Nothing like the worst terrorist attack in the history of the world was which was 9/11. 2001. Are you are you comfortable that we are still as diligent. Today as we work that they after nine elevenths. Okay worked apparently dropped I guess who's on a cell phone if you wanna join get a back. But let's take the break now. John if we can and then get the general. Get him back and I want to ask him that question because I think that's public has a lot more talk while general Jack Keane Mike Siegel here with all of you with the voice of Boston's. WRKO as we celebrate nine elevenths fifteenth anniversary stay with us. We're back with the folks Mike Segal in good to have you here at the voice of Boston WRKO general Jack Keane. Retired four star general my eleven was at the Pentagon generals asking whether up before the break with the U thought. That we are is diligent today because President Bush. Ari Fleischer took notes his presser to area right after the he was notified. About what happened at the World Trade Center and the president said we are we're at war so your point about the war was clearly obvious president made that statement as well. But we've we have not seen that call war today at least at at the executive branch. And I wonder whether or is diligent now as we were for the days and weeks after nine elevenths. Well I think that's. An excellent point and and hope that we should reflect on you know give the significance. Of this day. And what my my judgment as we have on this administration tried it distance ourselves as much as we possibly. From the war that is taken place inside about it was all meant obviously that we are very much involvement. Because the united states of weapons civilization. Is that our. And and and the underscored. The significance of what I'm saying. It was fifteen years after this so reputable. Which largely killed civilians who was the target. And so lead police. In the forum and then military people were killed but the primary target was civilians. And we still have no. Comprehensive strategy to defeat radical Islam. We have not form I'd believe this actually essential. It is a global alliance. To deal with this. Threat so that weren't listening. That knowledge experience. Of those who are directly involved and it and also who understand this ideology. And and that's that's tragic and because this is a generational let Mike. And is going to continue. Till we Hornish a strategy. And an up or want us to do. When you I met date general what you were. Aware that this was terrorist attack. You really I gathered could not know that there might not be more maybe more airplanes maybe a suitcase nuclear bomb of some sort someplace in the country. How did you when you realize this was a terrorist attack. What we thought she brought the army operations command together and but he brought them away from where the plane hit by the way. The house bill world war two and it didn't have rebar except in one area I gather and the airplane that hit the panic got hit with a rebar was which gave them 45 minutes to get out edit it someplace else. You'll likely would have had more casualties in the World Trade Center might correct. That's writings were in the wedges is about hold about 5000 people that was a little bit about 25000 people out of we had some people. In the wedge that have been renovated. Even renovation was completed all the courage had not been so they were actually work on site. So it was only 2000 out of the normal 5000 there. The chief credited it to beat down on 912 with a warning that stated take a look at what I was look at that as part of burned out. Parking garage in this deal was a collapse debates more so it was horrible wars. And department of bottlers largest office building up serious I was so Chicago. And what the cheaper it is that is that look at the rim forest. And less about the everybody told that story just set pace today held fortified its old people only couple was outlawed the global sure. But we suspect that most of them got out of here. Because they they have an Atlantic sit in this place treatment to any part of the building. Boldly up what was with a collapsed immediately advocate and despite thousands of wedges. The casualties could have been on a scale that we had seen in New York oh brick bat that well and so that was a good thing that happen. On a very very. I'm very very bad. And. Now it them immediately after you realized what was happening. It's on the back to my question about. That you think there could be more attacks and nobody really knew there could be more. We we we we all suspected that there would be more we had countless meetings about that I had ordered via. The 82 airborne division I just took that that provision is there or from Fort Bragg just go to and as we could go on the next most of us security guys went along the current. So I don't you know there are carrying. Semi automatic. Assault weapons. And I was scared affair with a round. There. And it would with what we analyze what the potential could be one of the ones we were concerned about. Was. Was secretly chemical so we've moved. We've moved. Somebody sophisticated classified. And detection capability that we have a good product on we've brought into the city of Washington. Air defense systems that were posted and strategic locations or Washington what was in my house I'll play a lot. That was a sold it. You know I've been around these weapons all my life but to see it in the nation's apple C aired to set up. In the nation's that that was striking that in of itself BO we were we don't walk floating analyzing what the potential threats or. And in working against post writes as best we can across the most significant they do. This shortly supporting Central Command. Which would have the responsibility. To go to Afghanistan. And at this than what we that was rooted pretty remarkable how fast. We did go after these guys were able to bring a column on now. You know very quickly there. Yeah that was chosen. Expeditious. Action this at least there were five airplanes unaccounted for general on that day and at there was one point at which Vice President Cheney. And gave an order that if necessary bring those planes down and of course they had. Mostly innocent people on them American civilians and we we might have had our pilot shooting down. Innocent American people just out of the question of not knowing what was happening on those planes out of that play out. Yeah well. We dolby now but. That was or Sovran. Incident you know out of our operations and what's obvious Syrian movies all of us feel and you know screens ball screens that we have an operation on broad operational now are happening so. We're all on the stand and it would looking down on the screen from Cadillac area. You'd see in the mezzanine a load area in the in the the other. And he would announce what you just said that there's it's bound airplanes from. Europe that account of what no voice recognition. No radio communication. Whatsoever. Squawk boxes aren't aren't responding. So that they he would force that requested competent. Acting president vice president of the United States to. Which India point we waited a few minutes and came back to sit vice president authorized. The fighters to take down the aircraft that necessary because they were able to make it visual contact. With those airplanes now and bound and eventually get voice. Bush communication contact when I remember cited the suck it all the god could you imagine we're going to monitor goes it's vital airports. We order our missile killed hundreds of innocent people save thousands. But fortunately we did not would have to do that is just one of the many. Unusual. Unique experiences that occurred on on monologue and social well. As a matter of procedure general when the vice president gave that order so as President Bush was not out of commission so to speak. Oh with US. A general response to a vice presidential order without first getting the commander in chief's authorization. Yeah I was so it would be this week we were just instinctively know. Exactly. You know as I am there is bushel it would yes the Apple's assault ticket and he. You know everybody was pretty conversant what was going on. I think that the news. I was doing a pretty good job of you know people a sense you know what causes such world order or reveal the location. There's no what the plot was. That I think the president made the right calls so loans advises this horrible to watch it can all get a good. It's it's compact and White House who know Michael. Yeah outlet but what what did you make of that worry the traveled around to several different locations. Because I guess the Secret Service wanted to do that protected because nobody knew was happening in Washington DC. That that debt does that affect morale of all the fact the president. Not that anybody. Thought twice about it because look at the great civil. America's economic power was hit at radio city its military Powell was in Washington DC. Yeah we do to play and it caught on coastal Arabia also boasts. Concluded that was probably headed for the capital would could've been the White House and at such a hard target to get to. You know what an airport in respect the way it's puppet among the trees and buildings but. I mean most of us who know something about Washington. Public bought the seat of the United States government was a target but who knows how many. Is it worse although being that the terrorist we're we're gonna use of terms follow up attacks from the way it was stunned by strategic surprise. That we will that we would dearly. And it would trying to make sensible that I think you're just not actually take as many cautions you possibly. Because. You don't know what is what happens the next forty or forty years ago. General we don't normally have an attack in this country this was the worst terrorist attack in history of mankind. And we know other militaries typically. Overseas that domestically we have the FBI and state police local police sheriffs departments. Given the situation. In southern whites were to happen again. Normally the military doesn't do domestic work what what role with the military play should there be. More these kinds of attacks. Well I think we're we always play Boris subordinate role being. The first responders absolutely capable to deal what it will. I've been repealed and that. Most of us had our mind. At some point was the potential towards Selby and deal. That's kind of a catastrophic. That would probably boring in the military to deal where it's open like that you would have. You would it would certainly have questions on the on the saying. It would bring into the National Guard. Well I I given that. This horrific nature of something like. You'd probably also have to deploy some active duty soldiers. As well you know to cope with a catastrophe. On that scale like we have done dealing with natural disasters in our country I mean we. We've deployed active duty soldiers Jew or hurricane Andrew we order to. Tuukka Katrina to assist. You first responders and the National Guard. We've played all little scenarios out believe they have plans to accommodate the and there's been so much try to you know what was last fifty years in a major cities in the United States and out of deal. With a major terrorist attack and dirty bomb or axe actually at W and B of so people properly organized and Walt event at salt would be surprised. We be able to global playbook. You know chose what to do about it. Well it's it's it's it's it's great work that. Our military do I know that you created an award for civilians. Who were wounded and were heroes that day as well and all I can say is thank you for your incredible service even to this day. In the private sector giving us advice and counsel we appreciated and god bless all of those family members of those who lost their lives on the panel of. You know Monica you know what I expect. Most of it to me today and my heart stumbles out all of the 85 teammates but I lost it. The wobbly table or partial pay on that day that. It has been an assistant state media. This does seal the deal with this group has been called a lot of hoopla that's why am hopeful that. And bellies up who have suffered the loss. No question about that Mike Siegel because the yourself on the world the world will be that the U.