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Ted Cruz finally endorses Trump. 9/26/16

Sep 26, 2016|

Do you think Ted Cruz endorsed Trump for the country or for his own political career? Will this help or hurt Donald Trump?

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Through all six here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Join me tonight please all of you starting at 7 PM here on the great RKO. We're gonna be on special edition of the corner report until 9 PM. Brief debate analysis. Will be taking a lot of your phone calls. What do you expect to see tonight what a strong need to do a one off what it would weaknesses you think needs to exploit. We will be playing the info. Hired debate from nine to about 1030 it's about ninety minutes and then yes the corner man above and beyond the call of Dodi. I've got kids I've got a life but that doesn't matter I'm here for you. My incredible audience so we're gonna have a special post debate show from 1030 until midnight. Will be taking a lot of your calls your reaction who won who lost. Will have obviously some of the clips of the hardest moments at the debate so we will be on from 7 PM until midnight tonight. Please if you can and join us I hope all of you can come and listen. 6172666868. Best audience in the business. And honestly the facts are always really good very interest thing. I just want a credit 978. I mentioned Hillary being any media protective bubble. 97 and trump is gonna rip off that bubble tonight and and shall be exposed. Yeah he's gonna pop the bubble. May be through her but you just just puncture in the ball but let that go in the hole that goes off. But 978 as it was a text. That made that point earlier some injury detects you forget the credit the techsters. 978. Jeff hey. I gave you media protective bubble bust their credit meet. 978. You've been credited. I feel people. Let me by the way comes up with some good lines or whatever and I just you know say in a steal by stealing my coach and I'm I'm like killer chemical up a maniac. I can't help but that. Okay. There was a major terrorist attack or appears to be a terrorist attack this kind. Not in Minnesota. Not a New York City not in San Bernardino. Not an Orlando but in the Pacific. North west. In particular over the weekend. Eight Turkish immigrant. Who apparently was here as a permanent legal residency was imminent naturalized US citizen. Unlike rock Hamid the New York City bomber this guy came in straight from Turkey. Twenty years of H had some kind of a green card. Now it appears he may have had some kind of an altercation. With his girlfriend who worked enemy sees. And that may be complicating thinks. For police however Homeland Security is now saying they clearly are not ruling out terrorism. In fact he was still a Muslim he was Islamic. And they now fear that twenty year old art and set him. Who went into way Washington State mall Burlington mall it's north of Seattle. Went into Wayne Macy's the cascade mall. Pulled out a rifle. And then according to witnesses all they heard was boom. Boom. Boom. Eight to nine shots. For women. Were shot dead on this spot in Macy's. A man who tried to run out of Macy's. Was then shot by are Ken Sutton he shot him. He was severely wounded. The ambulance came they drove him to the hospital he later died at the hospital form for women killed one man killed. According to other witnesses they were hiding in the fitting rooms in the dressing rooms at Macy's. They were afraid he was gonna pull in Orlando shorter. Where he would goal basically room to roam bathroom bathroom fitting room fitting room just room to room and shoot them execution style. So five people are dead. They initially thought that may be this had to do with him having a break up with his girlfriend to worked at a Macy's. And he was reacting against Macy's and against women in general. However now the more authorities are investigating this. The more it appears this was potentially. Another Islamic terrorist attack. Unlike New York City it's not 29 wounded it's five dead. Moreover according to police. Am they say that when they arrested him and apparently just arrested them without incident. He just shot him. And then began to walk away. Police say when they arrested him literally they say he said nothing. He said that certain venture away is done he was carrying a computer in a satchel. And this is the part that I think is most frightening because it reminds people lot of rock army. And sell these other Islamic terrorists. Quote he was kind of zombie like. They said he was almost like a zombie. Mindless. Staring off almost into the abyss. Like many of these other Islamic terrorism is is almost as if their brain washed. And it's like one and order is given beneath a filled the order and you know kill kill kill G. Jim had just had I bill handle hello. So. They said that he is an immigrant to the United States he came on a a visa then he caught a permanent residency basically a green card. And he also. Had run ins with the law. He faced three domestic violence assault charges both in Burlington and island county. And the victim was identified as certain stepfather. So we had a back history of violence. He also apparently was arrested for drunken driving. Court records show that he was told by a charge last year. That he was on he was not allowed it was illegal for him to possess a firearm. Now. Notice. The more you bring in. The more terrorism you get. I don't care is the skills analogy is perfect I don't care what they say about Donald Trump junior he's dead on here bring in a hundred. Two or three attracting more but two or three will lead to murderers or bomb banks. We're not even safe and our own Waltz. You can't walk the streets in Chelsea New York. You're worried about running a marathon in Boston. The troops in Fort Hood you're about to deploy they picked you off there. Our recruiting center in Tennessee they pick you off their bye gay nightclub in Orlando they pick you off there. All mall in Minnesota they stab you bear a mall in just north of Seattle big gun you down there. What is this guy named. I'll tell you want it and it's. It and when we seal off the borders. There's so we start putting any proper vetting process. And we stop admitting Muslims from Islamist hotspots all over the world why we could mean immigrants from Turkey. It's an Islamist dictatorship. Governed by Sharia law. Why are we taking in these people from Libya. Many of them a radical Islamic extremists. From Syria Fermi raw. From Somalia. All trump passed to do we say this. There was another potential terrorist attack over the weekend this time five dead in Washington State. On top of New York City on top of me a New Jersey on top of Minnesota. On top of San Bernadine all on top of Orlando. That's just this year alone. Never mind Paris never mind one day never mind. And she wants to bring in over a 100000. Every year she wants nearly a million Muslim refugees and migrants. Is that what you want America. Because if you like the last eight years fought for her. You want more terrorist attacks vote for her. You wanna feel unsafe in the mall. Vote for her. You one question waiting go to one nightclub we're gonna walk the street vote for her. But with me you can have your Second Amendment. We can mean eichel protect and secure our borders. With me I will mark the hell out devices with me I'm gonna crack down on these radical mosques. With me I'm gonna put a proper vetting system in. A vetting process end. So journal longer gonna be coming in they're gonna start going out. Trump is clearly surging. Shocks CNN poll he's now tied up completely in Pennsylvania. North Carolina I believe what happened in Charlotte now is put him decisively over the top in that state. Ohio key battleground he's now winning Nevada he's now winning Florida he's now winning. It looks like the never troopers were wrong. Now unless he completely self destructs tonight or in the next two debates. He's on his way to winning the election. And one of the reasons why. Will be the decision I believe by Ted Cruz. To swallow his pride. Finally decisively. Break with Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is doesn't know what to do it himself apparently says now he's gonna take some time off and go to the mountains. Like live like a hermit well what do whatever you got to do because Ted Cruz. Late Friday. Bowed to the inevitable reality. With many of his own supporters in Texas angrier at him for not endorsing Donald Trump. With both he and Donald now fighting side by side against Obama ceding control of the Internet which is controlled by us in the United States. To an international body and eventually the United Nations. Now they're actually on the same page fighting this same war. Ted Cruz finally came out and said enough is enough. No mosque no more. He will endorse Donald Trump and fact he's endorse them he says he's now gonna be voting for him in November. And he's urging all of his supporters. To forget the bitterness of the primary campaign. The bitterness of the election between him and trump. And now he says under no under no conditions at absolutely no cost can we afford a Hillary presidency. And so for the good of the country. Ted Cruz is saying forget the divisions between trump and meet. We need to back Donald all the way and he also I think did us conservatives a big favor. He negotiating with the trump camp through Mike Pence. That you tossed senator. Staunch constitutional as conservative really a key party favorite Mike Leach senator Mike Lee from new talk. Being quoted. On trumps a list of potential Supreme Court picks to replace Antonin Scalia. Mike Lee would be incredible. On the High Court. He also caught trump to publicly commit. He will not take any other nominee. But then not and any other nominee or any other choice outside of his list. Basically it's it's a dozen. Every single one of the individuals on that list. Is a staunch conservative. You care about the Supreme Court. Vote Donald Trump. You care about security and keeping our streets safe. Volt Donald Trump. You care about the constitution. Ted Cruz himself is now set it vote for Donald Trump. Between him and Hillary there is no choice whatsoever. And so my question to you was this. What do you make of Ted cruise's decision. To now formally endorse and support Donald Trump. Was this opportunism. On the part of Ted Cruz. And trump has warmly embraced Crowe's almost like the prodigal son. Should the trop movement in race Ted Cruz and his supporters. I say yes. The bigger the movement. The bigger the coalition the better our chances in November the real enemy is Hillary. But what do you say 61720666868. Cruise control. Is now on the trump train. What do you make of his decision. Will it sway other never trump Republicans the jump on board as well. Your calls next from 78 wind you can text that sets 68680. Quick reminder. Special corner report from starting at seven tonight pre debate show until mind. And then will be on after the debate 1030 until midnight or carry the debate as well. So seven to midnight. Two into wrko.com. This is from 781. Jeff. When I heard that Cruz was endorsing trump and Mike Lee was added to the list of choices for the Supreme Court. And that trump let the stick with these choices. I said to myself pure brilliance. Brilliance on all fronts. And this is from 617. Jeff. Teddy clearly sees the errors of his ways. Completely political. Smile and thank him but I will never trust them again. This is from. 978 Jeff opportunism. Probably. But who cares this is very in caps big. 727. Jeff. Cruise only dated to save his own neck. 781. Is Romney and baker are they gonna go to the mountains when Glenn Beck just. What about Jim alliance what do bug Gary. I lost a good friend in Gary crying shame all well. Let me ask a lot of the big crew supporters out there in the audience. Are you happy with cruise's decision now to come on board and endorse support trump. Or do you feel betrayed. 6172666868. Lines are loaded limbo and letting them go ahead and first time caller let me show thank you Linda. But I am just something. Our outlets so you. The I don't think that that tribe should. And spinning bit that is I think it should make. Well purple thumb so well Anderson the man woman. And Hillary. Won at C. A real. Estate. And reception. Deep grounder that they inch. I. So what would Rick Lazio won when he walked up to Hillary Clinton kind of invaded her space and he sent bullying and threatening. Yeah we have a supporter excuses perception is everything. It's the pound or any issue only because. The rule different when it's a man and a woman. So Linda you would advice him your shake her hand be very presidential. Very gentlemanly. And then you don't be don't be tough in the debate knowing salts you know but be forceful. But no none of these mind games. Linda thank. Maybe you wanna say something else. Linda thank you for that called don't be a stranger call again. Let's go to one another Linda Linda in I just see Massachusetts so limber and maps. Hi Jeff club I love this show thank you. I'm what I wish I wish trump would have apologized to the people only offended such is the disabled person and some of that. Women before the debate. So when Hillary stats bashing him on that subject he can say he has apologized to the people he offended and let's move on and discuss the issue. And that might have just kind of counting it down a little bit. Linda my understanding is and I think britney's gonna try to dig up the Connell the the clips for us. He already did apologize I only did he did happen at a golf course all win though of course Andy's gonna say oh look Tom I've already apologized and all right. Hey I say some time now some things in the heat of battle and I wish I wouldn't say thank you to people and I. Yeah you may I think he may just you know I think the way he'll play it is look. Sometimes I I say things I in the heat of battle I didn't mean to say it when I'm wrong guy admitted. But you know I'm focused on the big picture I'm focused on the country record federal. Evan my friends won't fall for him because of that could be offended so many people. People Linda Iowa both firm has you know I can't stand Hillary. Don't know I hear you but Linda people don't notice OK you can look this up don't take my were fort. When he made fun of that reporter that New York Times disabled reporter. He made fun of other people in that speech. That were you know generals are able bodied. That's his humor when he does Wu. So it wasn't specifically. Aimed at the disabled reporter. In fact he made fun of you talking made fun a pit crews. In that same speech. The same way. So this idea that he shingle dialed back disabled reporter that's not true. Now he's not as funny as he thinks he is his imitation is probably aren't as funny as he thinks seeing its. But in all honesty Linda if you look at that speech he made fun of two other able bodied people want I believe was Ted Cruz. And exactly the same way as the disabled report. And by the Wayland here is trumps apology just sold in our sound guy. And speaking on a multitude of issues. You don't choose the right words. Or you say. The wrong thing. I have done that and believe it or not I regret it. And I do regret it. That's always a Linda he says that and so I don't look let a bigger issues to fri am sorry and we've got to save the country. Yeah now another thing the moderator. Kitchen night. You seem democratic republic. He's a Democrat he's a liberal he's Lester. Well I would listen to MS NB SM and a MSNBC. Morning and they said that he would say Republican. I can't stand that program I can't I really fired Scott Barrow I just can't stand that week I can't stand. Off their complete liars Linda mound that's MS am I Seles beat. That debate that that's all the loose a nation on that station. 61720666868. He's are registered Democrat. He's in a liberal liberal he's a big Hillary supporter. So the big question tonight it's how much is he gonna try to screw the Donald. I wanna ask you in fact is he planning on bringing up. Bill Clinton's marital infidelity during the debate itself this is something he has discussed. On Fox News Channel and and other places and Nissan it's something that he's talked about. In speeches. Mr. trump plans to the question that I Lester holt the moderator and he has a right to defend himself against. Anything that mrs. Clinton Secretary Clinton may say in response. There there's no there's no plan. To do that I'm not going to reveal what we've been doing I'd heard the conversation but the fact is that he has every right to defend itself. 239 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends tonight starting at 7 PM. Special corner leap forward we're going to be on from seventh hole at 9 PM. Doing a pre special pre debate showed taking your calls. Ninth at 1030 you can hear the actual debate between Hillary and Donald Trump. On RKO and then at 1030 herb Pope on thirty ish we're gonna have a special post debate show life. Taking your calls getting your reaction what do you think one who do you think lost. OK Lester holt he is a liberal. He is known in Washington as a liberal. He was a registered Democrat. But if you know anything about the beltway here's how to always say this he's a Colin Powell Republican. So whether he's registered as a Republican or not it really doesn't tell you much about his politics. Because registered just means you get. He the literature. You know for many of them in fact is probably a public relations point. But Lester holt has. Am repeatedly supported Hillary Clinton. He has repeatedly denigrated Donald Trump he said trump is dangerous. Trump is a racist trump is a big hit trump is on electable. He's gone on about Hillary having so much experience in foreign policy knowledge that she's almost tailor made for the job. So he has all but made it obvious who he's gonna be voting for in November. So the media is trying to portraying him as sort of this downed the middle moderator. Look I suspect. He's gonna go after trump he doesn't want to have happen to him what happened to Matt Lauer. You ask her any tough questions look at model our. They practically exiled him into Siberia. I mean within the media landscape they've they've sent them off to some kind of a goal lack. I mean for him it's the goal line he doesn't get invitations anymore everybody says he's not a serious journalist he's lost his credibility. So and the Clinton camp is working very very hard. To Porsche Lester holt to go after trump the fact checked romped to humiliate trump to basically Paula candy coral. But don't just do it once doors for ninety minutes. So we'll see what happens tonight. But if I'm Donald this is how I'm preparing. Sloc going to be one on one target remain a man no woman no it's gonna be 211. That she home the moderator is against you. Take that as a given. 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded let's go to pony in Gloucester going head to only. So those are great to bring this we keep on hearing from the left wing media in the Democrats about Trump's temperament. But I think everyone's got its worst. The trump that we're seeing now and we've been seeing in this speech and someone that's the real trump. I I actually talked to people who worked for try different people work for trump. And that's a real trump the trump from the Republican debates was what he had to do tickets and nomination. Being allowed bombastic being the way he was accomplishing now is a real trouble maps relevancy tonight and that they really don't know how to deal with. They want him to be trumpet once from the debates. Tony I'm just curious and wanna ask the audience this. Somebody while highly respect he works on our sister station EI follows politics very closely won't mention the person's name because this was said to me confidence. I said you know he wants trump he's backing trump he says but if trump does the crooked Hillary thing. That works on the stump that works on the campaign trail. But if he doesn't at the debate tonight the way he did it let's say with that cruise line and dead. If he starts calling her crooked Hillary he thinks trump is gonna kiss off this away. All of a lot of a lot of the independents the swing voters. The suburban soccer moms that if he starts with a crooked Hillary he's gonna come across is I'm presidential. Agree disagree. I IE RS and he's not gonna do that these are gonna do that he's got to be as they say focused he's going to be on the mark. He's not going to be doing this is the moment he worked himself a real work himself too which is the it you know him and Hillary. Going rate attic he doesn't need any of the other stuff doesn't need a corporate salary but lion Ted little Markel that's gone he's he's already succeeded there. The credit surprise everybody tonight because he's got a white car route and he's gonna do it presidentially. From your lips to God's ears are. IQ Tony the after the call my friend Joseph in New Hampshire go ahead Joseph. Welcome. Four. Story. Although insurance right now. I which oil price you'd what is caught just this past July it was wonderful great caught halfway through like he would political. Just under five minutes and to my surprise in the body. Won't vote for Hillary I swear this is where it happened in the audience all. Into our. Cities it was. Social problem. A little nervous here that's I lose the trump in the audience erupted with applause. So if you would take a poll that moment which I would try to work. One important 90% of it. So whatever it was too little action quota. It's important to prosecute these subtle messages on the nose. It's slanted towards Hillary you know that. But I yeah all of our peak he's. You have a lot of wind it you closed caption. These clothes are in our four polls and I definitely true that to a couple I went from pre ELE. I think that's where the compensation and listening. And people. Joseph look I think he's gonna win New Hampshire. I don't believe the polls I really don't I think there is a vast underground of support for trump. That people do don't want to admit they're supporting trumpet is gonna wanna be called a racist or bigot or sexist or in other words a deplorable. And so on or they're fearing retaliation network or whatever it is so they just say forget it. Keeping quiet there's going to be no sign a bumper sticker or not telling anybody. But secretly wink wink I'm pulling the lever. I'm gonna pull the lever for the Donald. I think there's an army of those out there. All let me tell you what I would do if I'm Donald Trump and right out of the bat. Hillary. How dare how gear. Do you call half of my supporters a bunch are racist bigots and the other half basically a bunch a pitiful losers. Who you feel sorry for you have just insulted half the people of the United States at least how can you govern. And your slogan is stronger together. You have now just effectively alienated half the country you're presidency is broken before it's even begun. By your own words. You have forfeited your credibility and legitimacy. To be president of the United States and I want an apology. And you all half of America an apology. I would just hammer. I don't care what Lester holt TS theater thing don't become a prisoner of the moderator. Whenever Lester holt past. As yeah yeah yeah yeah. David and make your point. In other words prosecute her in the eyes of America. And remind everybody she just called all of you a bunch of racist sexist pigs. You want her as your president. And might even backed not even bat. OK you're not part of the basket of deplorable how could she affirmed. She just kissed away half the country. As basically. People in exile. As basically people or sub human. Who work in her words here redeemable might even a part of America. So if find Donald Trump I would just basically say hey look you don't question my temperament look at her temperament. I think I'll have to country a bunch are racist sexist pigs. I am only four people dead and been Ghazi. I didn't want to pull a pat Smith there a point better I am delighted that poor woman who lost her son Sean Smith. I didn't wanna pay to play scheme. I'd analyze the American people I didn't break the law I didn't set up a private server. I didn't stander line my pockets that are two and a fourth 240 million dollars on talk to me about temperament. The person you're a temperament problem is her. She couldn't tell the truth if life depended on it do you want a compulsive. Pathological liar and equal work to be your president. Is that what this country is comfortable. And then I look at her straight in the eye. And I say madam Hillary with all due respect. Your time is up. You when your husband and your gang have run this country for 25. Years. You wanna change you vote for me because with her you're just gonna get more of the same. I ballet. Where she saved. What did she say how can she possibly read but that she can't. Lou Kym Hampton go ahead look. Hey champ Oreo love this show to listen I get attacked. If the ratings are right and the hundred million people watching and I think about that that means there's. Fifteen million deplorable people all watched television ads in Iraq. Didn't opt opt. Out. I mean eight at work. Like packing up once it is one in the trunk and going to talk a personal I don't believe there should be studio lot and I don't like. It becomes like a taping of the it's top secret talks yeah. Are you modeling and another yes I was completely keep going on the role okay he did it the second thing too is that armed Kurdish pocket. Putting Gennifer Flowers in the audience and Paula journal actually little. I mean to me that's kind of conflicting himself by his own petard I think it's just candlelight. It's all stop its water under the bridge is it would be Clinton got a look out of the audience go up I don't. You know I don't think it makes any sense to bring up that old stuff. And stick to what's going on on the campaign couldn't speak about China are as what it brought he'd probably raped her and. Disputing that but it's old news and it doesn't I think all it does really is hectic it hurts them board and it helps a great. Look look here's the way I agree with your cares away I would phrase it. He's got ninety minutes. How hot ball park 45 minutes forty okay yes you got 45 minutes the country is in crisis. Right. Would they need to hear or two things. How is he the best person for the job. And what is she gonna do to fix it. And part of it is why she's not the right person for the job she's part of the problem. He helped create the mess. If he does all three he's president. So that's why I think they played the Mark Cuban card in the gonna put him in the front role in the gonna try to bade him and get under his skin. So he starts getting off on some of these other issues like you're sitting down tonight here's what I'm thinking. Okay my Ashton my Ava. Their future. The twenty trillion dollar debt. I can take them warm mall now without being word you're gonna get killed. I've got common core which is destroying their their education there's no jobs there's no opportunity. Ices his rampaging across the the Middle East and here in America illegals are flooding our country. You've got a congress that's dysfunctional. You've got a country mound it's increasingly lawless you've got a riots and now in streets all across the United States Imus out of control. Donald can you fix it it's a union my children yet. It would go at church it. I would Bill Clinton set the Hillary yeah Jake Locker room when 100 are. Iran's god bless you Luke all you were waiting for that one out. 6172666868. More if your calls met the goalies Boston. He's got to be rocking tonight. But nobody can somebody get a body that I had been a body to the bodies and other rare and for the but but but but. He's got to go it's got to be a full frontal attack the body build but they had the whole thing goal for the knock out Donald. Won't pull back leave nothing in your clip. 617266. 6868. David in this Sanctuary City ups Somerville how are you David. Each that I'm I'm glad that I got on Kazaa. I'm just about not cost worked well I I yeah I believe. There we actually eight years of the Trojan horse and Obama but what I really want to talk a little horse was. Task. Hillary the right question. An odd. Is she going to do the world the American people you just don't know what the majority of Americans. Obama's been there once it'll last. Eight years. And down once ran in. New York she wore it on this whole game it's time for change. Well that changed she didn't tell us was away from the morality guard. Armed. And we are. I'm more. Bearable. Are good and try to use. Our country in order in the war. And. David I'll I'll tell you what the changes is the change in their pocket. It's totally terrible. And line their pockets and keep getting rich enrich. Fatter and fatter thicker and thicker as all of us have gotten poorer. And if I'm Donald Trump. I look at her in the eye and say you're a crock. You're a criminal. You embezzled money you set up a slush fund you wind your pockets to the tune of 240 million dollars and then damped out our national security. And the State Department. You want real change. You vote for me. It's time for sheriff it's time to clean house he brings that message. Of putting America first and law and order. My friends. It'll marches and heated debate this century. It'll be done knockout. Of the century. And will be back on 7 o'clock in just all four hours and one minute. Special edition of the corner report from 7 until 9 o'clock free debate shall be taking your calls. The debate will be aired life here on RKO. And then at 1030 or 1030 ish. Life post debate show with all of your calls in reaction. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up vote liberal ball. Donald's. Goal for a baby. Then. Yeah.