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New York Times smears Trump. 10/13/16

Oct 13, 2016|

Do you believe the allegations against Trump in the New York Times?

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So now the New York Times. Which is just an outlet for the mainstream Arab Democratic Party that's all it is it's a media outlet for the Democrats. In collusion with the Washington Post. Whose mission it is to destroy the Republican nominee it has been since Watergate it's an open secret. Now they've come up with another sex Campbell. So according now to the New York Times by the way. None of these women have ever press charges against Donald Trump. None of these women ever complained before. None of these women. Ever made an issue about this none of these women ever went public they never told the journalists they never told People Magazine they never pulled The National Enquirer. So this man who has been in the public spotlight for fifty years. Age seventy years old for fifty years. Who never once had an allegation. Of a sexual assault or driving groped a person or if I treated women as you know forcing himself. On I'm now all of a sudden. 27. Days before the election. With him now you believe or neck and neck. Having pulled off a debate performance for the ages. All of a sudden. All of a sudden. Six women just find them they just don't them after Anderson Cooper said it up put the question. Did you ever grope anybody did you ever grope anybody so it's a clear set up. It's an obvious setup. According mounted these 61. Clinton. Temple tiger. Who competed as an issue taught in the 1997. Miss USA pageant. Claims that Donald Trump kissed her on the lips against her will. Cassandra sir earls who served as miss Washington in the 20s13 pageant. Claims that trump grabbed her I can't use the word. Grabbed her rear end and invited her back to his hotel room jury the competition. The net cash storing off. Currently there are issues that journalist for People Magazine. And by the way never mentioned this it's been eleven years since this incident happened. Never mentioned it in fact wrote a really big puff piece about trump. And that 2005. People Magazine interview but that was then this is now. Net cash just going off. Interview trump and Mira log go back in 2005. When she claims that trump began to quote unquote forcing his tongue down her throat unquote. Men. Claims that she was also what Mara Longo and she said she was also groped by trump she was apparently epic a photographer's assistant. And she claims that she felt somebody grabber rear ramp. And when she turned around she saw Donald Trump walking away. You never complained and complained band hasn't complaints sense but she's complaining now were rich old crux. Claims that trump kissed her on the lips against her will this was eleven years ago 2005. And the one the media is really jumping all over this is worthy of the wind the octopus comes from. Jessica league's. Claims that trump sexually assault her on up. Playing three decades ago. In particular. Here is now we're Jessica Lee said she's now 74 years of age she's a former businesswoman she lives in Manhattan. Are diehard Hillary supporter by the way she is the first woman and the the because the biggest profile. Featured in the New York Times hit piece. According to what she told the New York Times she was assaulted by trauma on a flight when she was 38 years of age. She describes how she sat beside trump in first class. She then lifted the armor arrest tar heel lifted the armrest between the two Obama. He began to then feel her up. He began to grab her breasts she claims he began to grab her private parts. Quote he was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere. She says initially she didn't mind when he grabbed the breasts. But it's when he went underneath her skirt. And started that feeling and up down there she said no she was then sold discuss that. That she rushed to the back of the plane. To escape trumps clutches. And she says that what really triggered it for her. Was when she heard trump answer the question by Anderson Cooper you see the coordination. That went when he said that he never touched a woman against her will and Sunday night's debate she said she quote one at the punched a strain. Now there are no witnesses that say she went to the back of the plane. The plane itself oops apparently. Nobody else notice this even though this was done in front of up. A packed people apart cabin in first class. Built Kelly has told me always as I I flight coach I'm not one of video rich people. I've never flown first class in my life I didn't know this apparently there are no arm rests in first class. So would bill Kelly and others have been texting me a bill always travels first class he said I know were stories bogus I said why bill. There are no arm rests in first class. Britney then looked it up and fisheries another little person like me she's never flown first class and it's true. There are no arm rests in first class so. Nobody witnessed that. Nobody saw but nobody in first class allotment of the stewardesses saw nobody sought. She says that he then began to like I knocked the west the feeling her up. Listen now to Jessica leads in her own words. Roll it Britain. It was over 35 years ago I was hired by and newsprint company and as a sales rep who is traveling in the middle west and is coming back into New York City and it was on that flight that the stewardess asked me. To what I like to move up to first question. I didn't need to be asked twice and I sat down next to train young man and he introduced himself. As Donald Trump now we just chatted back and forth nothing in particular it wasn't until they cleared. The meal that somehow or another. The armrest. In the in the seat disappeared. And it was a real shock when all of a sudden. His hands were all over me. And she says there was like an octopus. And she which really bizarre. Is she actually say when he first began to feel I swear you can it's all there. When he first began to touch her breast she didn't mind. He started encroaching on MySpace. And I hesitate to use this expression but I'm going to. And that is he was like an octopus in his liking it's sometimes you learn all over the place might have he had stuck with the upper part of the body leaders I might. Not have gotten we and I might not gotten that it sent letters when he started putting his hand up my skirt that's deficit now that it was it. That's why did it I was out of there that's at a cheaper he ran to the back of the plane and she's yelling and screaming at nobody saw this but anyway. So you can feel her up upstairs. She wouldn't of minded. Yet touch her downstairs. Love you man. All night across that's my redlining. I have heard bull you know what bull crap. I have heard BS in my life. This is the biggest piece of BS. I don't even for Hillary and the crooked media. It's a new low even by their standards. This is a new low. Donald Trump is in raged. He has now instructed his lawyers he is going to be filing a massive lawsuit against the New York Times. They say that is 1000%. False not only is it false it is utterly reckless. It is completely defamatory. In fact it is libel it is the very definition of libel. They say they're now gonna unleash the mother of all lawsuits. Trump is already destroying their stories some of them have already been exposed as liars come and get to that later in the show. I mean one it's ridiculous. It's literally word for word her complaint from and I'll get into it a bit later but. It's clearly was copied from another case I mean it's worked for worked. The New York Times is gonna have egg on her face. The New York Times is now deliberately acting as the propaganda arm of the Hillary campaign. This is the worst smear. The worst kind of propaganda. The most slanderous libel. The most reckless irresponsible. You wanna call it journalism this is this is the stuff for the sure. Greg this is this stuff IC in the Balkans. This is the stuff that is vintage Communist Eastern Europe. This is honestly this stuff of a banana republics. I mean this is really even by their standards this is grotesque. And pathetic. And sold Donald Trump is now teeing up as we speak the drafts have already been written. Of a libel lawsuit against a New York Times. I stand with them a 1000%. This is why you see why is the media not held accountable. That's why I want libel laws like you have in England like you have and other democracies around the world. Where if the press completely fabricate a lie and a smear and a slander against you. They should be held accountable. England is one of the greatest democracies in the world they gave us the Magna Carta they gave us common law. Much of our system of government and law comes from England. It's good enough for them. It's good enough for other great democracies around the world while still a good enough for us. This is nothing more. Then a desperate. Pathetic. Grip task. Smear campaign. To try to get women to turn on Donald Trump and to do what Lester holt couldn't do. What the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper couldn't know what Martha Raddatz couldn't don't. With the Billy bush sex tape couldn't do what all their efforts now for over a year were not able to do. This is the political assassination. Of Donald Trump. That's how much they fear him. And sold at corner quirk a corner country poll question. Sure as the French would say of the day. Do you believe the New York Times story. That he touched slash groped women in appropriately. If the answer is yes Jeff I believe the New York's lines. Textile letter eight this 68680. If like mean Jeff. Yes. This is this is such BS. It's even too much for the bulldozer to handle this is dumb mother load of bull you know what. Then faxed a letter beat the 68680. Is now the media out to destroy and kill politically Donald Trump. All of your call smacks. He was like an octopus. I did encroaching on MySpace and I hesitate to use this expression but I'm going to. And that is he was like an octopus was like yeah it's summer so he was all over the place and that he had stuck with the upper part of the body I'm mind. Not have gotten my mind not gotten that upset but when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was that was it I I was out of. Okay my friends sphere of calmness and the media and now goes in for the kill. To assassinate Donald Trump. They're now claiming six women have just I don't know where they never complain but ever. Now 27 days before the election. What a spectacular debate performance on Sunday. With arrests Muhsin showing him in the lead. With other polls saying he did sold well Sunday he essentially reverse the damage of the bully of the Billy bush sex tape. The sex sex talk take. Anderson Cooper teed it up for New York Times did you ever touch or did you ever grow pomp. He said mall. And they came out with six women. Do you believe these women do you believe the New York Times if the answer is yes text eight to 68680. If like Regis is the biggest laudable Jeff I've ever seen in my life. Text a letter no faxed a letter B to 68680. As always you can vote. On line at W or Kerio dot com. Winds are loaded Julien Waltham going Judy. Pretty simple outlook for extra box she looked older age. It showed that. She is appealing to local. What this case right now. From our own words she let him on she let him on T guilty sheets and complaints X number one and island police tape is now. I think can we shouldn't have been damaged turn on it and because I can keep coming up. Can support which it will delay could damage it won't have to look at what I would do they point out. Can I get the picture down and track. I can't eliminate it and it challenges them to take a lie detector can't. He's right that I have the light I was pregnant. I have a picture of the Oval Office. Bluish color and me left and partly because video is at. Odds. A matter. Shelling in election yeah. What a typical thing. Judy thank you very much for that call you don't notice. The New York Times will give quote unquote voice to these so called women. How about when your Burke. About Kathleen Willey hub up Paula Jones. How about Gennifer Flowers. How about that girl in Oxford that old claims she was raped by Bill Clinton how come when it comes to the women of the bill. Dave will not give him even one letter 11 comma on the pages of the New York Times. Or better yet ask for Danny Williams. There's Danny who just came out with a video. The he claims to be the love child be illegitimate child of Bill Clinton his mother was a black prostitute. And he says I just wanna see my father. I've got kids I want them to know their own granddad. There is a complete and utter media blackout when it comes to the victims of bill and Hillary nothing. Now 27 days before an election when it's awfully convenient six women who never complained before. All of a sudden. He's stick in congress don't throats he's ground and I'm like a mock applause in the playing. He's grabbing a rear ends of the guys like a complete out of control animal. Really. 27 days before election wow. It's the ultimate October surprise. It's the ultimate. B yes. Voice of Boston. It's like an octopus. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Now it's in New York Times this turns to try to cut Donald stride trumps for growth. They're now saying six women have come forward they lay out their stories front page. A bouncing off of Anderson Cooper's question Sunday night whether we actually forgot talking about groping women did you ever grope women. And now they claim these six women never complained before. Never told anybody before. Now point seven days out they're claiming the he groped them. This one says it was on a plane first class. She she says that he felt erupt even mine she didn't mind always feeling up like the breasts. When he went into the skirt area. Many when he went I there was no problem is when he when you month low and it became a problem so my question to you is this. Do you believe the New York Times hatchet job. Do you believe there hit piece you think these women were groped by Donald Trump. If the answer is yes text a letter saying the 68680. If you're like me. I've seen BS in my life but never BS like Dennis decks the letter B is 68680. As always you can text that set them. A WRKO sorry you can you out vote online at wrko.com. So you can vote online wrko.com. And as always you can text us 68680. Not just on this from anything pertaining to the show. OK Brittany. You made a very interesting point you're on a plane first class you've never flown first class but not your first class app. A guy just starts like octopus. Starts grabbing your don't upstairs he's feeling everything is not going downstairs. I don't think we got off the plan got a black if it was me. So everyone on the plane would totally now that's something happens. And I don't know I just how does there how there are no witnesses. I mean would you you be yelling screaming and I like playing inappropriately of course. Yeah lot of people know that this guy assaulted me. So. I don't know what to believe I definitely is this you have a billionaire. The first of those the ever complained that yeah claim this much and ago here. I don't know if he had won 38 years ago. I know we had a helicopter. And he used to fly around Manhattan in a helicopter or by I don't Fiat is on plane but let that go. He's a billionaire multibillionaire. How come under the imminent respond to court or something I'm right if if he felt you up on the plane would be shocked the palace. Who would ensure they have pressed charges or be at a minimum sued the pants off for the guy who basically never have to work a bit in exactly. Exactly. 61720666868. OK Brittany what are the poll results so far 94%. Believe a distant happened. To their beater saying he had 6% believe it and it did happen interest and that's little from my audience than it was going to be that high. So I don't know fits the animal bats or toning him. Or some of the never trump Republicans who now are just saying no more no Maas 66172666868. And marine in carver going ahead and Marie. Hi Jeff I just wanted to make it to very clean air. That I as a woman. Com am sick to death of this crap. I'm sick to death carry out the women say they're good about fertility credit because she's a female. First of all I I try to hide her disgusting. Ed that the two if I want on an airplane that I Tokyo pool we he would. Ever put his he had died beach everybody from the fact that play conduct after that play would now like and then actually paint talk. Did say it plainly if you don't wait thirty years said that the fact that you're going to face up thank I have friends of mine who have been raped. And it's not a nice thing to happen or even groped. But what they do is they don't keep it to themselves they at first they do. They don't want to say became but it affects their ally. Five lead they confide in either a sister. I'm a good spread they confide in somebody. Because it will win when their life that never goes away it's always there. And I agree. With what everybody else to say this is the apps that you know why. It could be after the point words affect he'd meet personally. It's a fact he might like living in my country. It's affected the fact that we've got to have people coming in here that want a kill a lot. These the issue is that we need to be discussed in this is what's important. Thank you very much for that call I'm very very well side. John in Needham go ahead John. The oil and our. It was also lose the but what it calls. Wanna compare Donald Trump for our founding fathers. The finish line it's put up their lives misfortunes this country so doesn't Donald Trump he doesn't need the history of if you lose you have any idea of Louisa crucified him. Is light truck hopefully but it certainly is fortunate and he knows that and he's fighting for the country we better damn well. Behind a mole all hang separately about the change of registration from Republican. Democrat because they're gonna compact. That's Volek. Thank you for that called John six oneself to me 6172666868. You know these liberals. Never gave a damn forty year Broderick never gave a damn for Kathleen Willey never gave a damn for Paula Jones. They don't give a damn for any of these women. Now all of a sudden. Home. If they say you believe the wrong now all of a sudden just when that finding his show all perfect. All of a sudden they're very same liberals in the media won't won't. This is unacceptable. Abuses and he's not fit to be president. To meet with even more sickening. Is the manipulation of the media. And now with weak if you don't want talk about WikiLeaks. T that what they don't wanna talk about is how devastating the WikiLeaks. Email dump Sar I mean der der -- devastating. The incestuous relationship between the media and Hillary. Where they're acting completely as a communications arm of the Clinton Campaign where she's dictating stories they're dictating and angles they are dictating quotes. They are acting a journalists are acting is basically advisors. To the Hillary Clinton Campaign. CNN and Univision the Washington Post the New York tanks. Okay you want this OK you don't want what you want you want this you don't want this how should we play this story you tell us. They have no credibility. Whatsoever. Yet these very same people who completely. Where's surely I mean on Q she should be saying they're not some slots. If we're to be consistent. That's what she said about all of bill's women. How come she's not coming out saying trailer trash. Our RBs and cancer of the word. I bees slots. Not some slots how come she's not trashing them. Membership talked about the vast right wing conspiracy. To go get her husband. When it was complete bogus when she knew he was guilty of saying what he did with Monica Lewinsky and then thanks thanks to DNA evidence they admitted it. This is a genuine left wing conspiracy. It's a genuine vast left wing conspiracy. And remember how many get into this later did Billy bush Kate didn't come from the Democrats. Cheat. Hat's what tells you everything you need to know. It came from the establishment Republicans. In fact. Ryan may even have fore warning. I'm much singing was behind it. But it now appears and trumps are raising this on the campaign trail Ryan's behavior was very strange for about 72 hours. So this came from the bush camp. To knock trump out. They couldn't believe that he resurrected his campaign on Sunday Anderson Cooper week Hillary Inco launch of the New York Times although I forget it now did you ever grow from we got the story we've got to start all Barry with us we'll call him a liar we got it we got it we got it. Because I know I said he'd they got something they're planning to run something there's a hit piece he won't let go of that question. And now you have six women think about it never before said anything to as one writer for People Magazine. K net per share whatever last witness. Get a puff piece on him in 2005. She didn't say anything then. They gave he she wrote a glowing piece she hasn't said anything for eleven years. Now all of a sudden. She's flying first class she lifts the arm rest but there aren't arm rests on first class all okay. I liked what he felt up my my my my my my my boobs he was like an octopus like cannot deploy us. Any witnesses and home did you yell and scream all. And then you want me to believe somebody who says yes you touch me upstairs I love it you touch me downstairs I don't. We who. We know. Donald Trump to win this lawsuit. He has to prove malicious intent the -- prove malice. He's got WikiLeaks now. He will prove malice he will prove it. Because that the the to defeat Donald Trump. So he can argue in court rightly Earth Day. You know why they did this should be some meat lies complete fabrication it's. Because they wanted to defeat me politically it was malice from the beginning. And if I'm Donald I hope you show warmth for every penny they've got Carlos Slim. But Mexican billionaire who owns a lot of the times big amnesty open borders guy he hates trump. Sure unfreeze billions. Because I'm sick of this garbage ArQule. Dark day in Beverly go ahead Donte'. They're -- years ago where are our children years ago I took the commercial broke a true barrier are coming at opposite anyway. There are such a big interest classic in Europe right now people are. I'm sorry don't think you repeat that I said there's neurosurgeon thing interest class gonna come true reply commuter flight. Okay I'll come I don't know about that don't there are just. I try to take circuit to pretax do we have that opinion that you do you know sure I'm my areas are. Sure I'm I'm married. Don't let me read this is very sure. My name is sure I'm a married hours and I Iranian scientists. OK we dropped you ansari Dante try to call back again Mike in Boston go ahead Mike. Hello I'm Mike you're on the air. Yeah I was just got a little personal note this city and believe they're called just dropped Arnold he's talking about the Iranian scientists it was a hand. You know although it was named buddy who is. Indian and two leading meals things out. All I'm so are okay it was the pronunciation. Yes you know with six she named him in the emails. Remember on that's why you don't mean things you don't put things on unclassified ever. And he was an Iranian scientist. And she named him as being somebody very sympathetic to us and they caught him the Iranians hang them and they killed and executed them. Relate. You know I don't know what though all I was gonna call was just too little -- get to look you know only the sixth round of WikiLeaks. Don't today little thousand personal things I emailed us. Some juicy stuff the Ehrlich to dole wanted to see promote. Immediately call. The Khader a pattern you know sent. You gave the Clinton foundation the a million dollar check for Bill Clinton's first today happy brook state prison. Incredible. Incredible and Mike notice. When the first WikiLeaks dump broke on Friday they had to pay. And they play depicted drawn out WikiLeaks. Now that's the best that is being exposed. For trying to subvert the Catholic Church. It's all coming out now the rabid anti Catholic bigotry. In Hillary's inner circle her hatred for southerners. A Latino votes. The way they describe Latino as as grasping in needy and pathetic. The racism that bridge prevailing throughout that entire campaign. Which would just sink Hillary's presidency. Bud Norris. Now they have the New York Times. But we'll keep WikiLeaks again off of the media radar. That's what this is all about it's the ultimate bait and switch. Lies upon lies upon lies to distract. From the devastating. Truth. Mugs in Maine go ahead Max. And yet I I'm literary humans. Can't complain about it let US I'm like thank you are written. What I like. You know I I can't believe in memory and a hundred M I would bet. I not only that. A lot of people don't think that we up one. Oh yeah that we haven't OLA. I don't know why it up and do you got that one and out a one out I don't believe that like got do you really not. No I don't. Probably not what. I got it right are disgusted by it at all. Do you have a public don't like you put the I'd pop. And I believe you're right. Guys up there he would do edit that you should. Now. Yeah and that's how god you know I am not a name that you that I'm yeah. And well. Thank you Jeff. Thank you Max looked are the American people I think you're gonna see right through this. This is such an obvious hatchet job. This is such an obvious pathetic hit piece. That I honestly I think believe it or not it's good it's gonna give him a bounce I could be wrong I think it's actually gonna give him a balance. Very quickly. Okay 781 Jeff trump flies a private plane. A lot of viewers saying this is 978 Jeff my shuttle does not have first class that is true. A lot of viewers say oh here's a cut at 212 Jeff let me get this straight. Ted Kennedy drowned a woman Bill Clinton raped several women. And they're worried about Donald Trump talking dirty are they serious. Young man and he introduced himself. As Donald Trump just chatted back and forth nothing particular it wasn't until they cleared. The meal that somehow or another. The armrest. In the in the seat disappeared. And it was a real shocked when all of a sudden. His hands were all over me. Do you believer. Let me ask all of you this question do you believe. Her name is Jessica leads. She's now 74 years of age she's claiming 38. Years ago. That like cannot deploy as he felt erupt on the Arab. On the plane in first class. This is from 617. Jeff let me get this straight if true trump was fondling a woman up pop she was consenting. He made the move south she objected he stopped quarters the issue. 78 wind Jeff these allegations coming from the compromise liberal media are laughable sue Donald show. More of your calls next. Okay 107 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Did you see how objective ABC news was are all might guess they're just so objective is just incredible. So. Danny Williams. How many get to your phone lines in just the second with a New York Times is mentioning one woman after another out of the woodwork where they found them. Remember a couple months ago they were hunting for women. And all they could find they interviewed everybody under the sign your member of that. And the best they could find was a couple of women beauty pageant contestants miss universe miss Americas say well. In Ali would kiss me on the lips and rather kiss me on the sheet connect kind of felt a little bit uncomfortable and that was all make a fine. Now. Brass mussina has trump ahead. Most national polls say it's a complete dead heat. That his debate performance on Sunday. Eclipsed. Iron did all of the damage of the Billy bush sex. The sex talk page. So. And so now they have to fabricate this story again Strom. And here now is Arafat miss Arizona. She's another one who never complained about anything at that time in fact never said anything. Until. We want these seven days. Before Donald Trump is on the cusp. Of pulling off the greatest upset. In. It in American history roll it to Britain. He is came strolling right and there was no second but it robe honor any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless at it as we're naked. Our first introduction to him was well we were at the dress rehearsal and half naked changing into her bikinis to have the owner come waltzing and when we're naked and or half naked in a very physically vulnerable position. And then to have the pressure of the you know that the people that work for him telling telling us to go final fawn all over him go walk up to him. I'm telling you Donald Trump on the pageant for that reason to utilize his power to get you know around beautiful women. Any complaints that he and the patch it says so there's no way to complaints and everyone there works for him. Secret drop out. You can go to the media. I mean that's technically sexual harassment. I mean if you're really wanna get super technical lets the transgender laws you guys all want to impose on us it's a man. In a woman's locker rumor changing area in fact under transgender laws you can be making himself. And there's nothing you can do about it but let let let that goal let that goal. There's a mill. Hock everything complain about event Huckabee didn't complain about it years later how come you never complained about it. Now it's just awfully convenient this same women who are all for Hillary. Now ruled could win little he could win all of a sudden now I mean and some of these complaints that women bring up I mean in the New York. Time store I mean their ridiculous one claims that. As somebody grabbed her rear end at a photo shoot tomorrow Largo she turned around doesn't know who it is but you saw Donald Trump walking away. So she symbol that was Donald. Okay just so warm Null. I'm on a blank. Allegedly first class. Allegedly he's lifting arm rest which they don't have but let that go. And I'm saying feel me up up top no problem then you start feeling down I don't like it. I'm yelling and screaming nobody sees this. And not only does nobody see this compact plane remember she says she was moved from coach. The first class so it's it's it's your it's it's it's that the product line. And then on top of that. We just use common sense. And then on top of that you don't soon. A billionaire. Each member she says he introduced himself as Donald Trump well everybody and you don't even thirty years ago are you Donald Trump was a billionaire. I remember growing up in the eighties very Donald Trump Donald Trump the real estate mogul Donald Trump I was on hope Wright was right there every show when under the sun. So you don't so warm you'll press charges you don't complain you don't you do not think. In NF packed plane. From Iraq I mean it is such obvious BS. Meanwhile. Where is justice for Dan. Just look at the liberal double standard. I mean so blatant hypocrisy but even close. So here you have. A man is now thirty something. Wood is too little girls. You look at him he's a dead ringer for bill. Kiss face it's obviously of Bill Clinton had a black boy that's him. I mean they haven't you need to do a DNA tests but I'm telling you your pop up pictures worth a thousand words that's Bill Clinton's voice. His love child is illegitimate son that Bill Clinton would visit the mom was a prostitute. First I mean Peter what 200 bucks they had sex find the bushes that's the kind of guy Bill Clinton minutes. And now he says I've been living with this for over thirty years. I hate myself why is my father ashamed of me he's rejecting me because I am black. He's rejecting me because I'm an illegitimate child. Hillary will not allow me to see my father they're completely ignoring me he's now put out a heartwarming video. It breaks your heart to even see this would these two little girls I don't want any money there's no money you could give me. You kind Kimi she'll child support has gone mom I'm thirty now but they wanna get to know their grandfather your my father. Why are you just owning what did they do T. And notice. The media won't even touch it. They won't even give it to winch is on page 820. But some woman arms like cannot deploy us which apparently by the way it's from our song. It's coming out now the whole thing media complete hoax. It's a word for word lyrics from a song. Okay days they said that he garnered the whole way she phrases almost word for word the lyrics from a song but let that go. Poor it's on the front page of the freak in New York Times CNN is going crazy. All CNN they've got to women and they've got the story they've got everything. But poured Danny. No one wants to speak for Dan. Look how she treats minorities. Just think about it. Because her stepson. Is black. It's because bills this. Illegitimate child is his love child is black. He won nothing to do with them. What you claim to care for minorities and blacks who use them. If you use them to get into power in get elected you use them and then you abuse them and you spit them out. He could have a beautiful extended family. What's wrong with that. Putting your grand kids that boy that's your borrowed. And you turn your back on him because eighties illegitimate b.s you know we've got to the right class. And see let's be honest because you Barak. And if America heard that story. If America saw that story they're finished. They're finished. So they're not even going 100 minutes for one minute. This so called phony women and then. A minor talk and Juanita Broderick Kathleen Willey Paula don't forget that how about just one minute for Danny and 100 minutes on this New York Times story. They can't even do that. Tell you what's going on. It's a conspiracy. It's an obvious conspiracy. Meaning a plot coordinated effort that's what conspiracy meets. By NBC. MSNBC. The Washington Post CNN the New York Times to get the democratic candidate. The one who owned by Wall Street. The one who owned by the corporate elites who by the way all all the big media outlets. That's Donald Trump made a brilliant point yesterday he said you know why the media won't cover WikiLeaks. Because it's exposing them and how they're owned by the corporations. She'll basically be reporting on themselves. So legally keep all this cup. It up hush hush hush hush there is not things the political establishment. Will let him. Know lie. That they won't test. Don't hold in their prestige. And power. At your expense and that's what's been happening. Bingo female that so my question to you is this it's the corner country poll question of the day. Do you believe the New York Times hit piece. Do you believe that trump allegedly groped these six women. If you believe the answer is yes text or letter eight a 68680. If like me this is their biggest. Load of bull you know what. Tax the letter beat the 6868. Edwards know. You can vote online at wrko.com. 6172666868. Kate in Georgetown go ahead kicked. Tried thanks so much are having me and you know I Antalya I'm really fired up about. On I myself on the actual fault Fatah survivor. And and it should be. This is yeah. And I'll tell you something the media figure it out it's everything you were just talking about. You know I'm watching Fox News and I'll watch and like Kelly violent Bill O'Reilly. And I even I even feel like those people there and on conspiracy. There's been an error in there they're bringing up under higher shelves talking about all of these. Negative things about common trap and I feel they're trying to so way. You know. People are watching shall. On your you're sitting area and you got a president a former president who was almost in the for the ax that he it was Monica Lewinsky. And that's not even being. You know action this and I even feel like some of the people come meet you at the democratic state I get that. I. You know this suggests mr. Upright I had more time I didn't work fulltime and have a child and reiterated Arabs I would be out there on the Donald Trump aren't yet been. I'd do everything I can't support him because you know he's the only guy you're gonna try to like it. The only one that's gonna stand up for straight out and I certainly don't wanna be in the country any longer someone like Hillary Clinton. We've got to grips are hurt. Like to talk about articles and talk about that went in and in the neediest and cold out there. You know the bias media. For the debate you know can we get like a conservative. Or Republican ought to read her. That would be. Hey do you think is just go to war on women. Because that's obviously what they want to they wanna swing the women vote decisively for Hillary so they have to caricature Donald Trump. Into the biggest sexist pig in the history of the human race. You know what unfortunately. You know. I want to say it's not gonna work on one I mean there's one or like myself I feel like a pretty Smart person. I watched the news that would just watching else Oxley by the news are. Or Ian and I watch all of the news outlets I try to get myself educated on from all the different opinions. But I really feel like they're actually people out there about urgent soul. Pod opt in like their whole lives where they're not even able twenty pension on the and it it's really really sat you know it's it's really sad and I try to just advocates or what I believe. You know. I don't know I really don't think it's gonna sway. Okay. Amazingly he's either tied or ahead in the polls. And after other and that's America poll eating at a miracle but you know what I don't even trust what post poll Chris I agree with you. I agree with you know I agree with you in fact Joseph Scarborough. Kate you I want you to listen to this clip and I want the audience to listen this clip. Joseph Scarborough nominees he's anti trapeze and never trump Republican Eric morning Joseph MSNBC. So remember there was a big NBC news Wall Street Journal polled were playing it up so big just a couple days ago. That Hillary was up nationally by eleven points well. How this here's how they did the poll. They did it right after the audio tape a hot Mike paper Billy bush was released on Friday. And ban. But then they reported. After the Trump's debate Sunday nights we think geez he's down by eleven. Even after that incredible debate performance normal. That's just them 48 hours what do you think your trump now with the audiotape being looped you know a thousand times a day. They didn't include Sunday night's debate but paper presented it as it was including Sunday night's debate. So Joseph Scarborough says the poll is cooked. You're says you were you sick on wanna get fired I like working here I love working era love NBC but you know that polish caulk. Yeah just. Also last week present my everybody take polls after debates right they didn't and they did for a long time so this NBC news Wall Street Journal poll we weren't careful with him we loved working my concern about this I. Paycheck of Paul the second the crisis starts but there's a ten days topics. Right before the debate it could not have been cooked more Ali get the result at a us. Mango. Which is completely right. Even though polls are being cooked why they wanna demoralized. They want you think it's over despair don't even bother. Because you know what they're afraid of it's gonna be brags it all over again baby. 6172666868. The New York Times women. Real faults. And his Donald Trump right to sue for libel. I say shall baby I agree disagree all of your calls that app. Reporting to work for these outlets. Like the Washington Post of the New York Times. May think of themselves as a journalist but they're actually cops. Torre corrupt. Political regime that's that Clinton's. Even now show the New York Times. The Boston vote. Univision. Who I see you guys do it Univision and I was very happy with what they do. At this lightweight you know John Harwood is like way this guy who came out I appreciate that he was so nervous you ask different questions. This trump all who would you answer this question. Lot on lightweight they should have fired him for what again. Donald Trump on fire right now in Florida. He is blasting the New York Times blasting the Washington Post blasting the entire corrupt establishment and the big media. He is I mean he is just laying into wamp. He is gonna be showing the New York Times and it's 97 may just put it Jeff I hope we sues the pants off of these women. No pun intended. LN in class now New Hampshire go ahead Alan. How gap thank you much for taking my call. What we show up everything you do think he just wanted to say one thing. I wish that Donald Trump would run a commercial. With quote from Robert Byrd and market tanker. You Hillary Clinton admire so much. And Margaret tanker called for the extermination of the black race and Robert Byrd was a member of the kkk. So why would that not be good to let everybody know exactly. Wish it could be devastating. I mean I. All violent people don't know where she Allen now you know why they wanted to Sony and disavow port Danny Danny Williams. Because they're racists you're there real racists you know what they have to play the race card the cover for their own sins. I'll I'll get to our ears and just run her. And I think that would really help. Brilliant Allan thank you for that call Kong Europe next go ahead com. Jam long term notes. Time great to hear from my friend Kirk lull so weeks ago my wife and I were discussing race. So unless they want to. The liberal leader all paid a similar boat people and make up excuse this element chargers again go child Andy came true. So I don't believe the one. You know I was talking about. OK but how little light to the top oil body you know they didn't what should stick long aren't cheap. Communists saying it by the applicator. Allegations of pilot people who know what to do all. I'm not try to expand. Donald Donald can dependent so dear to hire a lawyer and so the show them. I mean that's okay that we if you aren't out our police some money to go to help in socialism. That's no problem. So we had to get back to the issue and get better or. Her email body you talk about say they open at all is it just. Doesn't go anywhere. Con. Do you do you think there should be an investigation of the bank accounts of these women because something tells me I could smell money here Kong I can smell it. He had an investigator will not be done to turn you know they are. I woke up and robot it would never get to the true up of the election. There's more. Liberal that's a big truck post bowl everything. Chu won an election that's that's the true and so let's concentrate on thirty Leo expose her out of the topics. And concentrator that issue relates say in the country the commonly. All post some under. I don't you why we talk about the same characters are most following. Only knows. Com. Don't be stranger call again can't I can't imagine he'll art form out and Austria are much are more rug burn itself the support my eternal are. And are you watching auctioneers. And it tolerate it go to new yeah so what trumps. Where are we into a member and you have certain Saturday. I don't know conquer these same goal of growing up there and congress see look look I got a brilliant boy takes after his father. Like father like son content. Terrorists but I hope I'm aware it but I think we should get practically assured them on the application. Stories. I appreciate it Kong god bless you my friend 61720666868. Why it should trump do in response to the New York Times that these. All of your calls snack Austin's bulldozer and risks to its knees never cheat I'll fix these. Big corporate media and I'm content. Is no longer involved in journalism. There are a political. Special interest. No different than any lobbyist or other financial entity where they total political. Agenda and the agenda is not. It's been themselves. Trump on fire. Striking back now after raked through concerted coordinated. Attack. It's really a war declaration of war by the big media the crooked corrupt liberal media. The latest attack is coming from the New York Times. Alleging now that six women. Out of the blue. Claiming that he groped them one of them Jessica leaves actually says it's happened on a plane. First class. She said he had arms like cannot deploy its hands like an octopus. And I kid you not. When he was feeling erupt bond the chests forgive me the blueberry does she like that she didn't mind. It's when he went for discard. And she says that's when she ran down the ideal although nobody Sar there are no witnesses. The man and she said that yet the poll armrest to start you know coming on to work there are no arm rests in first class. So already this stories of these women are starting to fall apart. It doesn't matter CNN fox MSNBC. The entire media like the Billy bush tape. They're now saturation coverage their looping it and looping it and hoping that and the goal is simple. Destroy. Donald we 27. Days left to go. Because the polls miraculously show rest Mussa and he's ahead. Other polls it's a dead heat. Listen now to Donald directly confront and refute that charge roll it Brittany. These vicious winds. About me. Of inappropriate. Conduct with women. Heart totally and absolutely. False. And the clintons. Know it and they know it very well. These claims are all fabricated. Their pure fiction and they're out right lied us. These events never ever happened. And the people that set them. Meekly slowly on this that you take a look at these people. You studied these people and you'll understand dolls. And jump preposterous. Ludicrous and a fight tooth common sense and logic. We already have substantial evidence to dispute these laws and it will be made public in an appropriate way. And added appropriate time buries these lies come from outlooks. Whose past Starr is at past ones. Have already been discredited. The media outlets that not even attempt to confirm the most basic facts because even as simple investigation. Would have shown. That these were nothing more then false some. Mears. In fact he has now put together a draft. And the New York Times apparently now behind the scenes is very worried. It is going to be a devastating lawsuit. Whereby it's gonna be liable if the very definition of libel. They're gonna put it together in the United States to winning libel charge it's very difficult you have to prove malice. The problem now always with the WikiLeaks dump. Showing the close coordination between the New York Times CNN the Washington Post. Numerous other media outlets with the Clinton Campaign. On so many levels. Whereby either ordering. Stories they're planting stories they're actually asking for journalists to write certain stories. They have complete veto power over quotes. That they can now prove that the New York Times is essentially the communications arm. All of the Clinton Campaign. So they have a political objective to destroy Donald Trump there's no malice. He can win this case. And if he wins. He could bleed the New York Times and literally financially bankrupt them. So this is how desperate the media is because they fear him he poses a mortal threat to the entire establishment. It's no longer just the clintons. It's the entire corrupt Washington cartel the ruling class. And so now you have the New York Times acting no different or no better literally. Been propped up or is Bastia under the Soviet Union. It's now the government media complex it state run media. And what's also very disconcerting and I wanna go back to the phone lines have promised my friends that you need to know what's going on okay. As you know the allegations that Clinton raped Juanita Broderick and other women they have been there for 20/20 five years with witnesses. So they're extremely credible. The clintons do not want those allegations to going to the public so the the American people find out it's game up. Because Hillary enabled bill every step of the way. So what's been going on is that Hillary's rallies. Trump supporters are showing up with rape T shirts. Gay rapists T shirts or brave a picture of bill and it says rapists over his face. The last couple of times these people have gotten beat up. They have gotten kicked out. They're starting to get into their heads of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Hillary's people it's now been reported Hillary herself crooked Hillary. He's very concerned of the psychological effect and very concerned that it's gonna eventually get out to the entire public. Which would sink her candidacy. So now you have what I've always feared. Liberals liberal fascists that they are and they are fascists. Are now having brown shirts. There kind of guess apple fox activists. Patrol these rallies. And violently begin to beat up trumps supporters. In Las Vegas. A Clinton rape probe test her. Where showed up at her rally in Las Vegas. She's starting out the point did them from the crowd to then tell the crowd to go after and beat these people up. We're in the Clinton rape protestor shored up with Fisher. In a whatever happened to that they're not yelling or screaming they just have a short on it just says rapists. Whatever happened to freedom of expression but let that go. Immediately her security. As well as Hillary community activists. Descended upon this protestor. They began beating him they began pummeling them. He tried to hang onto the rail links they yank them off the rail links. They continue to beat him some more and then they eventually through remote the rally. They're brown shirts. They are the equivalent to progressive liberal equivalent. Of Hitler's brown shirts. And let me be even more candid with all of you. I Hillary supporters. Threatening me. They're very afraid of my voice on the show on this station. I've been getting death threats. They are now doing everything possible to call management to try to get me taken off the air. This is how obese fascist thugs be safe. They cannot handle dissent. They cannot handle freedom of speech they cannot handle freedom of expression. And so they have to now resort to outright lies control of the media or physical violence and force. You want this for for eight years. Because they're dirty secret of Hillary Clinton listened to me no truer words will ever be spoken. She is accessed with a Vladimir Putin. Because she and Bill Archer dislike him. It's gonna be the same regime. With the same control over the media. With the same control over business with the same control over your life. With the same control over the economy and the same rape beating and plundering of the resources and of the country. The cronyism the gangster ism the oligarchs. They will turn this country into a mafia state. And god forbid if you should get in their way. 61720666868. Lisa and true is very go ahead Lisa. I'll pay gaps on the steps on the first time caller from the little nerve actual leader among friends call him now that was sent I didn't wanna tell you. Don't you think it's got out trying. About time that someone has the guts to actually slight action that it in the near. Like Mitt Romney did. And objectivity when it injected. You know hurry into that debate and then it but with McCain who check. I accept it and said oh I thought all the media outlet that the L my friends what's going on here I mean it is. I'd get in get better it's so refreshing that we have actually gone who actually and amp up and fight back against. The Democrats. In the liberal and Albert progresses throughout the action in under trainer and choke on all of those Republican. Coming out like against. You know trump in all the stuff like Ryan indicated how that's been shipped. We'll warn these guys went old while we're doing our outlook is executive orders. And trying to get all of its stock Castro and all that's a big mouth that actually I would like to know. Lisa great call. And I'll tell you why thank you for that Cawley sorry appreciated. He's a fighter. Donald Trump is a street fighter he's a brawler unlike Romney he's not gonna take it on the chin and honestly. Despite all these hit pieces. All the lies. All the media attacks. He's gonna win. He listened to him in Florida the crowd is going crazy. America knows what's really going on the people this is a political rebellion this is an uprising. And he's not afraid. And his fear is is sorry his lack of fear his courage his bravery is inspiring patriots all over this country. And it's because he's a fighter I believe he's gonna be a winner bill in Dedham go ahead bill. Can't thank you take my call. First I'm going to be skunk. I would disgrace with few old little bit more and I agree with you and I put all your caller. But you were wrong one. This thing you were wrong about was the thing in first class in airplanes. I did a lot of traveling because of my company and we had a lot of flier miles like it to go first class. I could take up the thing. There is between chairs. And try to take a nap whenever possible. But you forget one other thing. First class is right behind haven't. They're always flight attendants there if any wanna consider harmed in any way to make it sound. Like and it would be here in the second. So the point is. She was being groped. Appropriately. Why wouldn't she make it sound and would try to. It could be sharing witnesses builder would be so many witnesses but bill you look at some very important fact that you bring I always wanna make charm accurate. I was told us a bill Kelly others are saying look jetliner flown first class. But don't normally normally a that would bill Kelly I spoke easyJet stories bogus and said why was I always fly first class the reformers really. So then Brittany did a Google search. And may be just now or the last 510 years. But they don't have at least now they don't have armor switchers saying built in the past against years ago they did have farmers. OK okay my back. I recall flying from Californian easier credit works for my club company and put it up to rob wants to try to put my feet up of loans. One jot a couple of several on the first class. And taken an act. OK okay bill thank you very much for that clarification I appreciated. Very good point. John but you know at a slicing the stewardesses are there points first class. I mean I've Sutton call tonight seemed first class. You know knowing notice when you sit in first class you wanna drink what you wanna eat and you know you strive coaching is basically going to be flying coach of the blanket. Does does hello all I got a glass of water how all. But you want to watch I'm watching first class. And you know there's people everywhere tortoise is everywhere I'm they can. You started you know groping her with the hands of an octave Wes please. Please that'd be witnesses everywhere. John in Dedham go ahead John. Getting him again I didn't hear you can use your I can't great chip big doldrums for a going into an amazing how far back. These accuses have to go to fight something wrong what trump I mean all the way back. Well look at it Hillary Clinton knows got baggage pending now. Been Goji. Bill Clinton. The Iranian deal all of the stopped as pending now she has the ability to run for president. Maybe you've got to be kidding me. And one other question Jeff don't I can't yes. Think Donald Trump on a plane would have oral saying elected advisor oral lawyer or else sitting next hole has done an opener. Yes he's a billionaire. Because here you'd have some sort of security of people know. It really want people pay a lot of attention to reach over shake his hand. All what not ages you know look at the big triggered back there stories as bogus. Right so obviously BS and John look I I don't want a repeat his Britney can you quickly. Sheet to listen how bizarre indices. Okay there are hanging their story and other six children but this is their big woman okay who says he felt me up in my forgive me and my boobs my breasts. It was over 35 and I elected I was hired a guy and I drink company. As a sales rep packets traveling in the middle west was coming back into New York City and it was on that flight that the stewardess asked me. To what I like to move up to first class. He started encroaching on MySpace the senate and I hesitate to use this expression but I'm going to. And that is he was like an octopus it was like he had six Summers he was all over the place and that he had stuck with. The upper part of the body I might but it does not have gotten. I might not have gotten that upset Busch Series when he started putting his hand up my skirt all of Canada does it spoke handlers thought. Argue that that was at Celtic about it hey he's feeling forgive me he's feeling my breasts up I don't mine. Is when he went down all. We who. Turbulent times economic uncertainty. How that's that's great that you know we got Kerry and chuck so.