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The Garden Lady, November 5

Nov 6, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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It. Welcome to. Guardedly on WORK oh joy the show like 6172666868. Well comedy to the dark. Lately I have the dark lady. Four and Ari. And it is my extreme pleasure just being with all of you every Saturday afternoon from twelve to two. Where we're talking about shrubs and trees landscapes and logs houseplants. Flowers. Home grown. That's 2617266686. Number you can call with your questions. We always start out. Welcome to our party. Briefly about what's happening in our arts card right now. To Laurie the fall colors of flow are and I hope well. Art cart out in some. Areas. That we. Beautiful. Gardens as well. This week and your card. Oh. Areas conservation areas like curtains and appreciate the full color. In art. Promise which days. Takes my breath oh. Honey buckled. Smoke bush which is a variety cult Greece. Greece. Bert. Spin on. I am laughing native choked cherry tree which is. You know well. So I hope you will enjoy. The colors and your art. That are you know just really wowing us at this time of year. I want to get right to a guest this morning after I guess on the line actually. It is my pleasure to have with us today. Virginia woods who is the executive director of New England grows. And Jennifer McKinney who is the trade show director. Welcome Jennifer and Virginia. Thank you you know we're delighted to be here. Well I'm you know I do have many professional landscaper. And garden designers. Can volunteer master gardeners'. And how. Irrigation. People are all types of people who are working in. Landscape green industry garden center world. To listen to the program and so I thought it was really important. To have Virginia and Jennifer on because they are working with Billy Clinton grow this they heart that. You know directors at New England grossed. And New England gross is right around the corner so let's turn out with you Virginia and and the audience a little bit for those. People who have never been to the gross show or court just unfamiliar with that may be we're just starting out in in the business. Out what exactly is New England grows. Well thank you I'd be happy it's silly UN. Doing the grunt as a professional conference and trade show is designed specifically for the commercial horticulture. Industry. Which is a seventeen billion dollar market in New England currently. We have been in operation for about 24 years now it is held in November 30 through December 2 at the Bostick convention and exhibition center. The event itself is actually powered by a myriad of volunteers. Specifically from that delinquent nursery association of Massachusetts are Britain association. The Massachusetts association went to professional as well as the Massachusetts there's three Atlantic associations that we have a great group of volunteers that help pull this conference together. We average about 101000 attendees every year again professional in the green industry and they've run the gamut from landscape contractors designers and architects irrigation professionals. Tree care professionals arbor it. Turf managers nursery greenhouse growers you name it people from all across the green industry in new England and New England where. Excellent excellent well I'm. Why maybe Jennifer you could start out by saying why. This is important why is it important to have all of these folks gathering. Together. You know at it irrigation person in the garden design error in and the lawn professional. Right well it's really about connecting the dots and the wider fear that outdoor living industry in keeping the network's strong across all corners of the industry this is so important it's. It's not just what the landscape contractors doing independently if outdoor design outdoor living. The customer and client there are looking for ideas and and trends and they are staying on top there's more information acceptable to homeowners now than ever before so it's so important that. Like any industry are professionals be on top of somebody aspects of what's going on not only in there. Very specific part of the industry but also how that connects to everything else that's going non so if we need good working relationship between. You know your landscape contractor in your irrigation specialists. You need to know what. Happening in garden design and what people are looking for a guard cutters who you're. Target audiences. Who's involved in gardening and who needs you know some more direction without hurting you know what population has. Is getting excited about it so this strong network across the industry really allows. All of our professionals to keep the conversation strong. Open there ideas opened their minds to new ideas and just keep pushing forward with with the due in an interesting things for the consumer. Excellent well let's say that I have I'm you know working for a landscape company for Burton center. And I am coming to the growth show for the first time New England grows. When I walk into that trade show Jennifer where can I expect to see. Well I think Guilford. The take a deep breath and wow that's. As years. There's so much here there's such a great excitement if you haven't been to the convention center before it's. Very large and hand it smells good. And smell the mulch and plant them and it's still buzzing with excitement. But our our hundreds of exhibitors on the show floor really reflect that the leading trends and and what's important to consumers. We're talking about. New technology and electric equipment. Drought tolerant plants. Pollinate our health and alternative controls for impacts and so forth bio fuel. And there are lots of pretty have to look at too we we refer to this show it having everything from. Bird houses tobaccos and wind chimes to wood shippers so truly everything that start. At a seed and moved on to the largest piece of of tree moving equipment. You can find at this show and I think particularly for our young professionals people getting into the industry is well. That this such an amazing eye opening experience for them to see the scope of what's available. In the horticulture industry and what available as a career. You know that's really just. Opens the door to so many possibilities. So this this could be a good thing for someone who. It may be is a student looking into. Going into an aspect of horticulture certainly for them to attempt to correct. Yeah and in fact we have a strong support system from area schools we have a future leaders program. Where we invite. Schools than their students to comment we have a whole program that up for them with them. Talks by people in various aspects of the industry to get them started. If they have an opportunity to speak. One on one with these professional and then are given some guidance through the show floor to help them. Will learn about the different aspects of the things that there into it and so that's really super they're. There's also some other great. Educational programs on the show floor that are quick to when he met that had style talks. Thank you that the first look at the research that directly affects the practices. Of what's happening these days and people can put that he used straightaway so that is really fantastic not only for the students but everyone that there. To really be on the cutting edge these are provided by they university extension system. And are turning visitors. Excellent and the fact that there. It's our educational. Programs provided by extension services means that. The that that information that's being conveyed is very science and research based correct. Absolutely. Absolutely and it's right up to the moment so we couldn't be more thrilled about our partnership. With them and and what expansion is providing to but these are people hit things that are very current rate now. Just seem off that rattled and water issues and and how we can directly address them immediately. Excellent. Well we need to take a quick break when we come back Virginia maybe you could start out by talking. About. Why are homeowner. Someone who is hiring a lawn care Oren harper is to take care of their trees. Why they should you know sort of take come satisfaction in knowing. That there is such a trade show available to the professionals that they hire. And we will be right back with more from Virginia would. And Jennifer McPhee directors at New England gross. And as well as after the bottom of the hour your phone calls I NC elf and Ari and this is the voice of Boston. WRKO. Welcome back to the guard who played behind video for marry him cry here with. Saturday. Where we're talking about etched upon shrubs and trees house plants landscapes. Blondes. Your home landscape here on WRKO. And I'm talking today with Virginia woods who is the executive director of New England grows and Jennifer McPhee. Who is the conferences and trade shows director of new growth is taking place right around the corner right Virginia. That's correct November 30 through December Beckett who else. At the Boston convention center. Yes yeah cracked out. Excellent well why should you know a lot of my listeners. Are professionals and a lot of them aren't you know average home landscaper his or. People who own yard and garden and hire other people to help them out with the various aspects. Why it's important that they know that there are. Opportunities such as New England grows for the professionals they had. That's the great questions thank you we like to think that our. Horticultural professionals are partnering with there customers and and in doing so. With all the very disciplined athlete we've mentioned at the top of the hour whether it's Atlantic contractor architect. Are bred to pick a better. That they are it is commercial horticulture industry is is multi facet of it's very complex it's science based highly skilled. And as such there are many. Continuing education requirements there are certification. Element to professional horticulture. There are like that that are required by the state and all of them should of course be properly insured so all of these professionals. Need to obtain continuing education credit in England growth is a great opportunity our conference is. Really world class and and renowned for bringing in experts from all over the world to talk about. Trending topics that are very very important. In order to. Execute their job appropriately we talk about bring expert and it died deep into topics like climate change in pollen later help. Organic practices. Oil design. Ecosystem. Permit culture. Hold systems designs water management. There's just so many things that are happening in changing so quickly in our world. That these are you know global issues that are brought to the local level and are. Constituents are able to spend time. Not only learning from the experts about that talking to one another and sharing solution. Yeah that's I think so important because. I'm very frequently. One person won't notice. That say there's a decline in white pine trees you know and salad then going to me. Our place like New England grows they can connect with other people and know well of using this to end. And they could discuss that and connect. With the experts from extension services at that track. That will really you know help them to understand what they're seeing in their clients yards and gardens. It's true that the great quote from Bill Taylor who started Fast Company Magazine which I think is. Nobody is as Smart as everybody has. It's I I buy that a lot of growth over the bad conversations are had over a cup of coffee here. In small groups. And we do get 101000 people who come professional than and it's a great opportunity to. You know consult with one another. I was interested to hear you say that the green industry as a seventeen did you say. Billion. Dollar market for England. That's correct seventeen billion dollar market in New England. That's pretty amazing and we couple aspects of that industry. Based here don't wait were from grow worse to announce that the people who stick to plant in the ground. Absolutely. Everything from you know the greenhouse growers to be. You know it it covered budget gambit where they yeah. You know golf course superintendents sports turf managers the municipality if you think of the park and rec department for all of our towns and communities. As well as Atlanta contractors and designers lawn care professionals. It's it's really a very wide. You know our our our that it happened very wide. Jennifer at would you say that it takes more than one day to. Really absorb what's going on at New England grows. Absolutely it's like to his he would like that they at all. We have. Sessions going on throughout the day in so many different areas. We have concessions. Also provided by the national Hispanic landscape alliance we have some that are in in Spanish themselves. Better and separate rounds we have great support from. Al are allied association or network members who may also be putting on smaller topics and we have. Four hours of solid information throughout the day on our main stages and that that doesn't even include our our sprint sessions down on the show floor that I had mentioned earlier hands. Are they Fiorina on the show floor which has. Hard hitting topics to cover so many important aspects of safety and well let that go on throughout the day so. You would be hard pressed to to absorb it all in today we certainly encourage people to come NN and try to do at least two days maybe make a night of it Canada. Tried some of those great new restaurants down in the seaport area. But you certainly will not be a lack of activity when when you come again and that we we shoot for three days but. If you can make it to you will certainly feel like you have absorbed a lot of information when you get home. Excellent so if someone wants to look and see what the the schedule is. They wanna be reminded of what the dates are because they're in their car right now are at their track it hasn't. Been able to write it down thing how how can you get more information about New England grows how can people register and she's the sketch. Thank you yell it. Anyone who's in the commercial horticulture industry is welcome to attend. As the date again our December 30 through December 2 at the conventions that are about to mention exhibition center. The bat best place is New England grows dot org ORG. You can also download our app which has every. You know I'm Google play or iTunes and it has every piece of information you could ever wanna know about this great great event that. Right around the corner. So I can have it all in my pocket and sometimes you keep an excellent. Well I really appreciate you both being with me particularly on a Saturday to talk about this and that. Look forward to seeing you at the growth show in December. Well you know we're always happy to see you there we look forward to that you had a few weeks. Character and thank you might think how much time now. 6172666868. And number that you can call to join me. This morning on the garden lady will be taking calls for the rest of the afternoon. We were all so we are talking pop out a couple of emails that came in over the course of the week. And we will talk about. Seasonally. And I mentioned this we opened the show. Fall color that certainly. Is you know going on in any major way right now. But the other thing that's going on right now is that a mini plants are. Shutting down for this season. They are saying OK. Time to close up shop. And I have continued to get queries from people. About the fact that they've had plants at a loss leaves or appeared to have died shrubs or trees particularly. And they are wondering whether those plant should be taken. At this point. And am I keep. Needing to remind everyone that because of this drought which is not over yet by the way because of the drought that we had all summer long. It extends into the fall we are seen tied back on many plants or we are seeing drought stressed on many plants. And that the problem is of course were not clear right now. Where there. The drought stress that we are seeing. Is permanent. And that is is it death right. Or whether those plans have just prematurely. Gone in to some fall. Flash which are dormant city. And those plants are actually alive they've just shed their leaves because they have not had the moisture to support. Their growth overtime. And we will know that until the spring we won't know whether. These plants actually half had definitely am or have died completely or whether they are just prematurely dormant. So I have. You know really advised all of you. To wait NC. Not to assume that a plan you're looking at that appears dead is dead. Let's wait until the spring and see if that plan leaves out if it does your gold right. If it leaves out partially and have some time back to cut off the tide back. And if the plant at that point is clearly candidates could take out. We're going to take a break now when we come back your phone calls I MC often Arian you're listening to the cart eighty. You're on the voice of Boston WRK. Well come back into the garden. Played you C Alfred sorry and I am here. Every week just to. We're talking about plants in your home landscape. Let's go right to the phone 6172666868. Let's go to line one and talk with my call. Michael welcome to the garden lady. I opened the must be sure appreciate that you are two questions two out. What I would like to make it lower thank you so much or at which you do appreciate it. You're welcome mat I am thrilled to be here and hand out always. Yeah very appreciative of colors as well what's happening with deal. Well it took two things one result I've gotta I gotta work on that Dexia wasn't able to catch I hired me out. The whole company and now he never really caught and I think. And I wasn't able to squash. Because elite. Groundhog. The one find out if suggestion of that one and I've got to point out that our. OK well ground hogs are one of the hardest animals to combat because. You know there there are things that are. More easily done for rabbit and even easier than ground hogs at. I. Do well how how do you get rabbits or get rid. How do you ever turn up in terms of well I don't know about it brown had a meeting but in terms of keeping her rabbits always in the garden it's easy. Easy error with a chance thing. The strain on the foliage. Something that is either egg or milk or blood based. He rabbits are beacons utility animal products. I had so that's an easier way to deal with rabbits to something like. Even floating row cover itself what I've used very successfully with rabbits. For both rabbits and groundhog you might want to try our motion activated sprinklers. One of them is called spring away and one of them is called scarecrow. And they've both that you hook up to your hose. Put in place in the garden. You aim them you know depending on what you're trying it's just scary big animal rights all animal. And when the animal comes around it lets loose without the last averaged. You know out. And that can actually be quite effective for both rabbits ground hogs in the year crows. I've used it for crows and rapids very successfully. Our ground in order to get them to move all way if you identify. You know where there are holes are and them. Dog. Or cat later used cat litter down the holes. That would cause them to abandon those holes because they're very studious animals. So you might give that a try RA. I that second point is that down the lever we're looking for getting getting lavender only article. And down. A lavender that we would president that we mentioned well. Quite I would sue Latin it would Pharmacia and now the Whidbey Island Washington State's outstanding debt and that's yet. But unsecured card lap at a place is a very good to it's it's not as frequent as frequent and it's not Islam. Blushes as Washington State were being black. And state is probably the different variety and that's probably profile switch is marginally heart here. If you plant bombs lavender which is what their growing at Washington State. Run it's likely to die in the winter. Now the one thing we learn of course in the garden has never say never ends well you know you guys don't give it a shot. But it's not. It's not very dependable are three types of lavender that grow well in New England won this month's dead. One is hid coat. And the last one is a fairly new varieties. Which is larger than those two called phenomenal. And none of them are as tightly fragrant as the revolves variety. Rest ice but as I say they live. And the preposterous I. So. Doctor Norton that would require that it would which products are are a little while to get up. You don't keep up pledged. Wow I try to hit you do not want to buy 2000 pro bonds because your your investment would. Would go down to. Really yeah. Yeah that's you'd eat. Yeah you don't want it to that so I would if I or if I were you I would. You know sort of plant may be all three of the types hit coach that my instead and the phenomenal. And seat in Allen and seat which what grows best that you at least have your bases covered. Phenomenal phenomenal at just research on phenomenal okay. Because it's a fairly new when it it was trial even in Michigan where it's certainly a lot colder than here. Appreciate our. Much appreciate at that particular turning it. You're welcome I appreciate your call let's go to line five and talk with pop. Welcome Bob. A morning. I yet spoke leader in the summer I was looking for eighty and Pedro active. Yes and I did find one from a company in the how the west and they've shipped that may. Now they've. The plant is going to be between Farina top and four foot tall. So. And it is going to come without a pot. And it's your foot is that what they call it. I'll sell are my questions you is what side plot line need what material delay any plans it and and how can I handle plant. In terms of watering it once it's initially a plan billions. Pot. Your a great questions first vol. You guys in general in San Pedro specifically. Don't have deep roots systems so it isn't that you need a real deep pot that you need to pot that is going to be both wide enough and heavy enough. To offset the weight of the characters are about right because this is going to be a happy plant and if it. Is that three and a half to forty. You know the chipping away at that gonna like twenty compromise on how much of that is. Planned the vs packing material. We're right okay well as sell you one of a pot that's going to be I would say at least. Twelve inches wide and may be wider and it doesn't have to be real deep pot. But I would definitely get a wide pot and I get the clay pot I'd look for something you know or cement so that it's happy. So that this thing is not going to tip over. Be sure that it has drainage holes whatever part you can't beat its must have drainage holes. And by eight cactus. Potting mix from your local garden center. And when you put that in the pot be sure not to block the drainage holes no. Nothing in the bottom of the pot no rocks no sharks know coffee filters no pieces screened at. Just the cactus snakes right in the pot. How he would have defined the fact that they're planting met. It should be very easy gotta gotta gotta look good. Independent garden center. Yeah how about a one of the big box stores. Probably not. Probably not the park store at the box stores tend not to carry and you can call your local box store and find find out that usually something. I cactus snakes or something that your. You're more apt to find at your local independent garden centers then at the box. And watering initially wanted to plant in the pond. Well you want to water it thoroughly when you water it but can you don't want to sit in water ever you don't want to. You'll have to have a dish underneath the pot of course to catch the excess water pat. Once that dishes filled with water you know you wanna empty at either by using a towel to soak it up or Turkey baster. You know take the access. And in the wintertime. Most packed I get watered every maybe two to three weeks. You know because the days are shorter he's I'm I'm assuming are they going to send you directions about how to treat did what initially. I just sent them man email. I see you know some of these questions. The very slow to respond and then not I don't. Because it might need it might need to you know. I I don't think it'll need extra water even though it's you know bare root I think it'll probably be. OK with you know at least a watering every ten days to two weeks. Now what I understand these plans dormant during the winter. That's and that's why don't eat as much like I you I was told that because I'm going away. Provoked. Point what day is. And they said to me that. You know they should be OKM the thirty days yes water. That's publicly back to designate soaking watering initially. You yes you know initially soak this soil but don't let it sit in addition of water right okay. Berger are right you let me know how it goes. Okay. Let's go to line three and talk with pat pat. I I went yeah. I was wondering. It that important. Or is it necessary to cut back opt for annual. No I. Got it's a great question pat because. Their tune to approaches to perennials and number one. Is to clean them up at this time of year particularly if there brow or you know not looking great. And to cut them back down close to the soil and get the garden cleaned up. The advantage to doing that is if you have any sort of disease problem. You know eager to get some of that. Material out of the carton the other approaches to leave it all. And then to the pudding in the cleanup in the spring. And there's no real. Wrong approach here are some people like leaving them because the seats feed the birds and wildlife. Some people like leaving them because the plants are actually still looking pretty good you know my game is still look pretty darn in the garden so. And some people like interpreted the fault just so that they don't have to do as much in this. Did it in out of spring is is that makes sense. You're welcome we're going to take a quick break when we come pack were speaking with choice. And perhaps 6172666868. I'm elf and REM it's a step that you are ago. Then. Well come back into the garden. He and see how the flowers. Shrubs trees cat died today right lavender brown. We talk about it here are 6172666868. Let's go to line one and talk with Joyce. Joyous welcome to the garden variety. Thank you think it's like Mike I have a high biscuit plant that had died in the is that it's cold at night and now though these said turning yellow. I know it's gonna dive for the independent say it's blue springs. Yet you can't hit it to the spring and that's the reason these are tropical plants so good for you for bringing it and it would have died if you left it out in you know. Frost in the cold there. But at. We bring these plants in the right choice they have so much less liked. That their response is well I don't need all these leaves anymore because there's less light. I'm going to you know get rid of a few of them and only keep the important ones are. And so what the plant is doing right now it's shedding you'll you'll see that it shedding. The older lower leagues right. Those turn yellow and fall offs because they're not needed for photo synthesis because it just isn't as much sun in your house. Do you have at Iowa and all. Excellent good. What you'll find out is that after a little while it will stop shedding leaves it'll shed the ones that. You know it is Eric Eric just too many for it to support. It. And it will keep in Newark growth on the end. And so you'll keep it watered during the wintertime. And don't fertilize it at this point don't try and you know I get it to grow more because. With the decreasing hours of light and which are gonna continue right into December as it gets darker and darker. This plant is going to just take it a rest it's now on its side apt time for the winter. And I'm Il water and then sometime in late January early February. At that point. If you want you could cut it back a little bit you can shape it a little bit start to fertilized at that point because the dates will be getting longer than. And nature will be giving that plant the signals that it's time to you know wake up and grow again. Okay now. Didn't manage to attempt to the house science. Well it isn't tropical plants that they're not real thrilled when the temperatures go below fifty. That. You know you're not real thrilled with the temperature goes either or both. Say that they cannot connect into question absolutely I dalliance. Yes what can I do I think and then let. Yes if you leave them plant are they at a pop are they outside in the ground yeah. OK if you leave them in the ground. In a very mild winter they may come back usually. In this area. The ground freezes and they guide so if you'd like to save them. At this point this weekend would be a good weekend to go out and dig them up there with the Scheffler garden fork. And EU can after it's out of the ground you can cut off the scams in the foliage that was above all. The troopers. That. And then bring those two numbers either in two I covered porch or garage so that they're out of the moisture. And laid them on a tar person newspaper cardboard. And let them dry out for a couple of weeks. And at that point on if you want. Before you bring them in you can also holds them off pose the excess dirt off. But to let them dry out for a little while. And then at that point you'll need to pack them up into either paper banks are cardboard boxes. Some people put sought just around them. Some people put dry heat mines around them. Some people poured. Dried potting soil around them and then they used the potting soil in their you know containers that they care. And some people bundled them up into newspapers. And whatever you want to do just don't put them in plastic bags aren't. Yeah you can it's put put them in a paper bag or carpet Marx's. And one of the storing them in a place where it's cold but doesn't go below freezing. Okay like it that I liked her garage that's right yeah I don't go thank you very much appreciate. You're welcome I'm so glad you called. Our number here at 6172666868. I had an email from our Karl. And Karl said I have some shrubs and two perennials I didn't get in the ground this summer. How should I take care of them through the winter this is a very common problem here it's a lot and frankly Carl I have shrubs that I didn't get into the ground so. You can either of their hardy plants and eat you don't wanna just let them stay in the pot above ground. So one way to deal with them Carl is to either put the pots in the ground that's you know which is but the whole pot. In the ground either in a vegetable garden or compost area right dig a hole put the pot and put the dirt around so that that pot is an insulated by the dirt in the ground for the winter. I think that's probably the most successful. Way to do this because then the plan goes through its natural. You know going into Dorman C getting cold breaking Dorman C naturally. But the part that's protected. If you can't do that he should bring them into a whole. Garage or you know ship or something. And if you do that you'll need to watch him water at them when the soil is dry. You will need to you know take care of them in that fashion. Let's go to line one and see if Mike has something very quick. Might we have about a minute left and we do it energy wanna hold onto the break. I yeah I can we do that quickly you wanna hold onto the break. Well maybe. It's not really that involved I don't think I've bought some analysts. Ball big ones well our show last year they blew their question I don't February in action April and then. I took them away you know I just but I left them in the sort of put an upstairs. The spare room. And but believed to number I thought this isn't like that water is surely very drive. How good luck. How long were they in the spare room. They bet this still an error mean. I know but at that there all summer. Yeah. I'll I'll pack. All right you know in the future you might you might want to. And put them outside and put them outside for this summer. OPEC seeing what. Let those leads it's good to have leagues now frankly because those sleeves have been feeding the ball and hopefully you've been watering them you know summer. Well I didn't give it too much water yeah irresponsible as Sony's just go dormant Latin. Dormant period is actually now you're supposed to let them roll all summer water them regularly fertilize them all summer. And then at this time give them about six weeks about map that's cool garage before you wake them up again. At this point Mike what I would do I review is I put limits on it windows start a lot of them are regularly and fertilized. Okay you know at and and I'm happy to talk. I'm happy to talk more about this when we come back from the break because we need to take a break now. But when we come back we can discuss Mike's Amarillo situation. In more detail I'm often Ari and this is the currently in WRKO. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome to you. Garden sleep on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the second hour of the guard play you can't see out there are. Add the reality starts second hour with a question. My question to do is do you want to ever reach trapped for part chain that doesn't grow over three feet tall. With a few Libyans on six and a bomb. I had a plan for you for that. Upper parts of Maine and and Vermont but for those of us in the Boston metro area protest. Laurels are rough us up oh look them commonly called. Otto Lukens cherry Lauro or Otto Lukens English laurel it's a low growing probably forever green. I like it because it has dark green foliage number ones I like it because it's shade tolerant. I'd like it because I use the foliage from Otto Lukens. In holiday decorations it's wonderful for arrangements that Thanksgiving. And Christmas and New Year's time it's wonderful to. Used in garlands and reads it doesn't. Will quickly even when it's not putting water. So I'm not just plants for at all of those reasons I love the fact that it has bottle brush quite fragrant flowers. In late spring. Now what do you need to know about auto Lukens cherry or all of that and unique you know. That this is not the plan to put. Where it gets splashed with an automatic irrigation system on a frequent basis. This is a plan that you want to site in the right place because it makes all the difference. If it gets hit with water frequently on the leaves it will get shot hole fungus. Which is makes holes in the league likes mysteries. Makes it's attractive. Also you don't want to put this plant where it's in a wind tunnel. Or is really direct. Sunlight in the wintertime zone not on the south side of the house for example. Not where it's going to be exposed to district heating winter wins because it is also prone when it's in the wrong spot. To both sun burn it and we and burned during the winter. That said. It's a rape plant you Wada make a Lowell hedge for around Europe. Fire pit plantings are your patio. Is going to be evergreen on outlook and Terri tomorrow it's a good plan for low hitches as well. As always you can see pictures of this plan you can find out how to spell bonus laurels are obsessed and. How to spell auto broken for that matter. All of that by going to my block at carton ladies dot com and you concede pictures of the plan. Let's go back to Michael it's online one because we're finishing up with Mike about his Amarillo as some might. Let me first talk about the ideal for amber realist is after the holidays you keep it in a sunny window you keep it watered. And then in May put it outside it but fertilizer. Yet and during all of that time the leaves are feeding the ball. And building up the string and the ball. So that end the plant will bloom again next year. Now in and in order to kind of Hazen and trigger flowering of would then we bring the plant in side at this time of the year. Put it in a cool garage stop watering it. And then bomb. Give it about a six week rest. And in the cool temperatures. And then we bring it in and bring it into flour camp. If you are in sporadic clean flowered over the summer I am worried that those bulbs are already going to be weakens. And if you put them in the garage for that rest period. I'm I'm I'm afraid that they're you know they're just not gonna do well. Sell what I think I might do if I were you and I would have these balls that work. Just sort of dormant. Kind of dormant often on. I think I would probably bring them into a sunnier windows and a warmer situation. And I went water at the more regularly and gives them a little bit of fertilizer now. You know. And see what happens now it. Can't these plants on. Given that treatment put out flowers in the winter. Even without that dormant period OK so you find it might might find that they flower. The other thing that sometimes people find is that when they put me. Amorous men amber let's box outside in me the comings spring. The plants flower that. Wells. It was beautiful about it in womb you know I allow big red flowers yet all you'd figure yes well. Yeah there are those that. Well is gonna try to mr. vice. I appreciate your show I was so often. And I viewed your advice on other things I've heard you give other people. So thank you very much a. Why you're welcome them and and good luck with those camera Ellis I think so I think they may go ahead and flowers for yo but. Well so yeah. Keep keep them in a sunny window water them regularly now and aunts and fertilizer okay. Appreciate your calm let's go to line three and speak with Carol Carol off to the garden variety. Thank you so much I let it show. You here. I learned and you'll a couple of weeks ago what I'm doing wrong with my Christmas cactus. That it didn't shoot eight oh wait out current I had a couple of questions I'm. The bigger pot is what I learned from duke it out about it come when you got any plans. Yeah try that route that I know what that out. You you certainly can trim them back a little bit the problem is of course the more routes that you cut off. Then it doesn't have the root system to support what it's got up. And you know may and you may find that the plants suffers a little bit as a result. Now. Out of all the plants you know cutting routes off. Might damage the Christmas cactus is one of the ones that it damages the least and the reason he's. These plants. They commonly grow as apple fights meaning kind of happen trees in in nature. And and sell you know they're not quite as. Sensitive about root damage. But instead of having the routes off of a plan when you read plan when you re parked them. I think it's probably are better if you take it out of the pot. And then what's your fingers you know put it down on a piece of paper on a harp newspaper TARP. And with your fingers cut a hole. At the roots of little bit not to pull the routes off but to loosen that root ball. So that the older soil all that depleted soil falls away from the roots. And and that you can make the root ball a little smaller if you wanna put it in their pockets. Not much bigger than what it was him a far right around. That's part of the issue dart at a pretty. It's already in. Yeah well and you can sometimes. Take the pot that it's been and then put it back that same park with fresh soil be sure you don't put any rocks or anything in the bottom of the pot okay. Are you a couple weeks ago to which I am Tehran an apple. If that. Well that's you know that's something that we all learn coming along well were told that we should put this layer of rocks in the bottom of a pot. Quote on quote for drainage. And it's bad for Lance it is bad for plants. And oh yeah and sell and if you don't any rocks at the bottom of the pot that pot while automatically has more soil even though you're using the same pot. Right right so lack question yes. What do you do recommend that actual or something like app. Well I'm used to get good quality potting soil I'm kind of partial to the coast of Maine potting soils. Because there'll paid their local that your arm band in doing Glenn I. And so that's a nice thing and they're very good organic padding soil Sen and they're just their general. Coast of Maine potting soil I think it's a good. Goodman. It. I hear welcome I'm so glad you called. 6172666868. If you have a pot at a plant that's in a pot that you. Don't want to move up to the next size up the pot. And it needs new soil needs a new products route around. You can take it out at the potted and that at that point you assess the roots as to OK you don't automatically. Cut off road to assess. Because there are some routes that you'll take it out and although it is root bound. It's not a huge maps. Of routes. And you'll be able to kind of tease away a lot of the old potting soil. What the plan backed into a new pot with fresh potting soil. And all will be well. Another plan you may pull away and instead of you know it just being able to teach you'll see that it's solid. Maps of routes. In which case you'll have to cut some at the bottom off and maybe an inch or two right so. Will we make these decisions on a plant by plant basis. We're going to take a quick break when we come back. New York phone calls. 6172666868. Times he often Ari and this is WRK. Welcome back in the dark lady I'm CEO for REF I am here every Saturday from new and. Without luncheon aren't talking about Lance and gardening here every Saturday at 617. 2666868. You can always keep up with me in between programs. By either following me on Twitter I am the garden lady on Twitter. I am at the garden lady on FaceBook. And IA. Have a website called garden variety dot com you can see plants we talk about it things that we talk about there as well. Let's go to line one and talk with Joseph Lynn Joan Lynn welcome to the garden variety. Currency or thing people like our broken leg and right now and I haven't seen problem. And cleaning out my. My mayor cajun friend. I'll. Borrow the late this year. They're here in hot and yeah I I slipped my card and I'd group ABBA moment when you pro. And that lightning hit early predicts more law. Like the beginning of August and I'm wondering if there's anything like he appeared like. Everything had an egg carton. On you know I'm not in any entry. You need to treat. No. Unfortunately. Joseph in this is this is called early polite. And we have it here in the north east and it is something that you will dance when it every step. Now that's. There are things that you can do to delay at hand to help make sure that you get at. Great crop of tomatoes every summer even though you will always have early okay. Number one. Remove all that foliage is a good thing. Now sometimes people say is there anything I can do to sterilize the soil and number one no there isn't. And you don't want sterilized soil because there's you know any number of good bacteria and fun guy in your soil that one okay. Number two the even if you sterilized your soil. You've got a whole environment all around you where there are currently blight spores so that's not gonna do anything you can. You know you can't sterilize the entire northeast and sell so that's said Howard you can idiots with its future. Number one. Some tomatoes are more prone to early like than others and heirloom tomatoes are often much more prone to dying from early I pastor. In some of the hype it's okay. Some of the hybrid tomatoes are art take a little longer to get it so that can be useful and now and and my feeling is we grow variety of tomatoes both air will end to hybrids and you know so that you always have. Something going on it's that's good. The second thing to know is that it's an issue what you're tomato plants in the ground. Make sure that they don't have leaves that are touching the soil. That leaves that might be hitting the soil when you plant them. And immediately put mulch all around you or tomato plants and what that. Straw or a or chopped up beliefs or bark mulch or. Plastic or you know whatever kind of Mathieu one you lose that fits in with year. Gardening sensibilities that's fine the idea is that you immediately prevents soil from splashing on two beliefs. Infects plants early. The second thing you do immediately. When you play her tomato plants is starts spraying them with organic for each side. And there are several organic thing to sites on the market. I can just start out early in the season. With one of the bacteria these different sites like Aaron made more of me and I get very good luck with both those. And use rate the plans weekly with that. Because what that bacteria does this kind of out competes. The focus for a long time. I once you start to see symptoms of early life later in the summer. The characteristic. Black dots on the lower foliage. Lower re starting to turn yellow. You know clip off those slower believe. And at that point if you want you can start you can switch to a copper based on its side. Copper is up front side that is registered for organic gardening. The problem with copper at the front side is a couple full. Number one it is toxic to acquire acolytes of humans anywhere near the ocean upon you don't want to use it. Number two copper does buildup in the soil overtime so again. That's not a good thing to have you know metals building yours soil. But that's at eight it is an option for people and I wouldn't use it all summer long certainly. One chip plant happens early light. It tends to work a little bit more are. Effectively. Dan. The bacteria based front side. The other the other thing that I would state TEU is I mean. And see him is registered as a fungicide and sometimes people will recommend that I have found it to be completely ineffective. When personally when it comes to early flight so I would not. Use and team product if I were you. And but given that treatment given the marching at the starting you know with the fungicide early on. EU will get a solid crop of tomatoes. In fact I happen to know last week I was still picking tomatoes. But the plant that I was still picking tomatoes off of last week was mountain's magic. And mountain magic is the most early blight resistant. Tomatoes various. The tomatoes are not huge but they are flavorful all. And they are abundant and that plant will be green and loaded with tomatoes after every other tomato plant near Burton has fallen to the blight. Out a cell. Our law and you. Abide and are now. There are. Sure sure. Eight yeah yeah well is if you use that may. That and plan ever get you know kind of a wide variety of plants. Right now I have a freezer full of tomatoes that were. Frozen from mark Garten. And we we certainly do have early bite every year as I say it's something that we just learn to dance with just like we learn to dance with. Powdery mildew on the squash. Right. Oh cool thank you very lecturing regular fat. Right and and you have good luck with that I know you will is just. You know it would be nice if we could have a magic wand and organically be able to banish early light from the planet but. Barring that that strategy works very successfully. I'm glad you're. So. Cute and not have to hit it that's right you do not have to towards the garden can affect. Thank you for your columns over and it is something that everyone in the northeast as struggle with when it comes to home me homegrown tomatoes but. The flavor of home grown tomato is certainly worth it is. We are coming up on a break when we come back more of your calls. I MC often sorry you're listening to with a garden lady on the voice of Austin. WRK. Well. Welcome back. The card played eight times the Alfred. Saturday's. Well it. I got an email during a break from Mary who said that. Hurt shifted kinkle below the tree in a pot and should she bring it in the house or should she plan to. I would planted Mary pat com depending on how tiny it is you don't mention the size of it if it's. If it's six inches enough it's very very small. I probably beat him to do instead of bringing it in the house to put it in and unheated garage. And I believe that outside through November bring it into an unheated garage and check it every a couple of weeks in water if that strife. And then put it outside sometime in March or April to break dormant state. If it's and the reason is I'm afraid if you planted a very tiny tiny tree demise of the vols might you know eat on. If it's bigger than six inches I would probably planted if this were my plan. And not only I would planted that I would. See if I could protect around them that bark the base of the plan with either hardware cloth or one of the tree cards. From the garden center so that mice and vols don't need to park off that plan. And the final thing that if you do plan to be sure to take out of pocket of water wet so weak and water. Because. Even though it will be losing his sleeves that hasn't already. And going dormant you'll want those routes to at least remain GAAP you don't have to water more than once a week that. At least through November but a good soaking. And they're pretty hardy plants that are on them when I lived in the mid Hudson Valley where a lot colder than it is here. And they did quite well. Let's go to line one and talk with Louise. Welcome goalies. And I did speak to you maybe you get an answer my question with the other lady and the inquiring about watering. As shrub I get all of him shrub didn't have a spring as rhododendron knock out roses and 34 at the type. And watch it comes faithfully all through the drought of not mark I have been and they all looked at very good. Haven't watered them really. In the past few weeks and I'd be watering them into. Another few weeks before it's cold. Here's the thing if if we have rain in the next week I think we've had it did you have the same. You know with pat may be three ring false here that were. An inch or more did you have something similar where you are we. Because the rain fall in the whole northeast distance bodies some places. Got a fair amount at some place is it not so I think with the rain that we've had it is that you are probably pretty good. But I if they were my plants I kind of keep an eye on things and yes. If you call more than three weeks without arraigned volume might wanna empty a couple of buckets of water. On the ever greens in particular not to does it to its plants those are starting to go dormant they're gonna be losing their leaves. And a plant without leaves just not use. Water in the cold season as much. So I think you're probably. Going to be all right without watering them but I would just keep you know make should make note on your calendar when it rains and how much rain we had. And if we've got three weeks you might want to give a couple of buckets of water to the road to entrance. And I add knocked out wrote yourself oh. Not that not count rose as I would say are probably going to be pretty good they're about ready to lose their leaves they're not ever green. I. C ev wrote a standard that I have. The smaller flowers and that's yep so. Water and then if we don't get as. Some rain and the weaker cells. Yeah if if if as I say if we're going. You know going on three weeks without rain I think it certainly would be helpful to them to have a couple of buckets of water if you're hoses are off. OK okay at thank you so. Thank you always for calling. Let's go to line five and speak with Mary. Merry welcome to the garden variety. I. I have some questions about arbor by AD and debt purple plum what I should be doing to them for their winter I'd have been installed them on against a landscaper let him have them get a little trouble getting landscaping can actually give me commit bank about it. You know. What kind of care they need shouldn't be eating them and they need plant the iron. I both are both of those plants don't necessarily need fertilizer now worth eight where they've planted in the fall merry. In caucus okay. They came undoubtedly. From the growers nicely pumped up on fertilizer. So. EU could give them an organic fertilizers sometime you know later in November or next spring. They don't really need it now okay. And I would only give them an organic fertilizer you could use something like holly toner plant known would be fine. But. Basically doing next spring would be fine for those plants. AdSense they were planted in August they haven't been in place for very long in. And particularly the arbor by aegis like I was. Advising. Belize. To keep an eye on the weather and the rain fall for her ever green her. Rhododendron I would advise you at the same thing if in the month of November. We don't get a rainfall. That is at least an inch or more. I would go with a couple of buckets of water a couple of big watering cans of water in and put it at the base that they are providing. The purple leaf mom will be losing its foliage anyway so. Where the we're. Mary were these plants that were balled and burlap plants or where they impacts. Pot. An eight game. No they aren't ready. To see purple carpet and yet you have a lot of our revised. 9 OK well hopefully and you can't keep our host turned on through November. I won in my that's what I wish you the app I would not put that hose away yet end of November. You let a vehicle to soak those are of IDs well if it if we don't get at least in children. RA and and probably the plot in the plot should be all right but because it was a balled and burlap plant also. It you know it it is a little bit more vulnerable because a good portion of its routes are cut off so. And so. If it. Seems like the soil is dry erratic you might want a water that has. And so in the spring I'm gonna use them colleague too on their planned time. To use the holly Marie I'm arbor right in the plant found on the Tripoli slammer. Look at that you can that you couldn't do better you can use holly tone or plant on on everything. At. It it really does not that that to fertilizers are fairly similar holly Tony it's a slightly yes it defying fertilizer. But the purple leaf mom doesn't care one way or the other whether you use plant and Holland Tunnel so it either one would be fine fine for either of these plants. And end merit the thing I would also tell you is. Next year. Be sure since these were balled and burlap plants. Be sure and soaked the area around them next summer if it doesn't rain an inch of water once a week. Up because they will still the reestablishing their roots systems next year. And you may see some died back on the purple leaf aplomb because it was about them burlap plan. And it has just gone through the winters I don't don't worry about that if you see a little bit of diet back in the spring. It is that's kind of to be expected from a tree of that size. That had just had a bunch of routes cut off right. Let's go to line three and speak with Kate hey welcome to the garden variety. I think we can crawl well. That are about it have to think he needs are and they're well it apparition or got it in myrtle. On. We all I got harder we mildew. On them for the first time in their IDF. ID intrigue it. That's. In now they're round so I and I never been and perhaps I'm just I'm. You have seen them Brad you've seen number on every winter he just kind of forget about that or maybe you cut them down before they got around that. He got okay cell. I'm peonies do get round. Peonies are prone to battery milk so that's number one and believe it or not powdery mildew is usually worse in rye. Whether dry conditions. And of course what do we have also along a strike right. So. Number one right now you can just cut all those dry those rounds dams brown leaves off and and don't leave them in the garden. Number two if you walked to. It's spray these plants to kind of combat the powdery mildew next year. I would start spraying them sort of mid summer with an organic. Fungicide. And and there's organic fungicide called green cure it's specifically formulated for powdery mildew it's pretty effective. No but note this Kate it's cosmetic issue ultimately. It it doesn't hurt European means you're peonies are going to be fine for most of the summer next year if they do get powdery mildew again. They'll get it toward the end of the season when their kind of ready to close up shop anyway. Corey. Yeah its cosmetic thing with peonies end. In other some years that I do get battery development isn't some years not so much. And you know it varies but every year I get gorgeous peony flowers sent. It it's a little bit like the milk to bottom line at lax in that you know certain plants that get powdery mildew but it does kill them or the middle to one of summer flocks for example or monarch. Sell so I wouldn't worry that this is going to be a problem for your peonies in the future. Now I appreciate your call you have a great weekend let's go to line one and speak with Anthony. Anthony welcome to the garden variety. I think LA I was anchored top and not earlier vote. That's me of principle blight minds didn't really get any problems and my question is. What is the best way if I wanna. They've all these plans for compost to right. I mean I guess federal commission put the one big piles semi Berrian spread about what would. Great great question. I I I wouldn't bury them in the garden where they are now okay. You could there are several. Means of composting and basically all rot that people. Choose to composting method that suits at time available. You can put it on a pile and then next year kind of turn the IO. It's com. And then as those plants rot you can. Then use the compost back in the carton. Some people put them in a pile and that is kind of make a brush pile and they just keep adding to it and they never turn it may never. Is the compost back in kindergarten. Some people. Out there plants like their tomato plants that now into pieces so that they compost very quickly. And some and usually. That breaks down faster and requires a little bit last turning some people calm buying care. Green refuge from the garden and the kitchen. With there leaves that fall from the trees. And CEU's that. After it suits for the summer. They use that back in the garden when it's kind of partly rotten. So that he could scene there as many methods of composting. As there are gardeners just about. And you could you could use some method that suits you best and yet there are people who love to delve into the the ratio of nitrogen. Carbon in their compost pile in the greens stuffed with the brown stuff and that turning in that camp as they oxygen. In a you can get as scientific and technical about it as you want. Or you can get as. Lousy parent and relaxed about it and just feel like. And so on and on the pile and what rots routes and maybe values that may be okay. What are boat around. Keep and it's spread out I was told that's not a good way to do but it seems like that it it would break down. It if it's spread out it does breakdown pastor absolutely because it's exposed to there. In order for our organic matter to breakdown it needs moisture and air. All right. Faces that encouraged. Bugs and diseases next season. Well if you don't have if you have had diseases. Yes you can you know you couldn't. Continued that in the garden. In terms of animal life I suppose if you have rotting tomatoes in the garden that certainly attracts a certain number of critters such as. Mice and rats and you know that sort of thing. It. Now so I guess I'm I'm guess I'm telling you there isn't anyone right way. Sure sure I think they'll do the downside of keeping it spread out that can really encourage more disease. I'll com. Spreading out just spreading out would not encourage more disease and I I have a big compost pile kind of on the side of our property where we'd throw all of our. Our com. Yard refuse and it's it's spread out over about a twelve foot area though. You know wiese and Chris I have a lot of refuse equipment a lot of different plants but you know but it's spread out over a wide area. And then what we do is is my neighbor has kind of a little yard tractor thing him. We use that once a year to turn the pile over. As so that it rots and and that weakens you know use at the next season at the end of the season and darker. I appreciate your Carl Anthony. We. Are taking a break when we come back more Garten implant TARP. Unseal often Ari and you're listening to the garden variety on WRKO. And. I'll come back to the garden lady. CEO Harry and we are here every Saturday afternoon and where we are talking. About flowers houseplants homegrown vegetables shrubs trees. Everything going on in plant world and it's well. Let's see I wanted to remind you about these three programs that we talked about last week Thursday the tenth of November. Herbs for the holidays. The science of staffing and beyond where things happen. It's happening from 1:30 to 3 o'clock Thursday at the tenth of November. The gardens at elm bank and elm bank of course. Is the mass horticultural. Center and there are two people presenting this herbs for the holidays. About historically uses of herbs and food preservation. Modern day uses of verbs beneficial uses of herbs. And that little grandson component. That let you pot of fresh or plan to take home for the holidays so. This it's a wonderful program you can go to mass support. Not ORG to find out more about it it's twelve dollars from members twenty dollars for non members. And you can register their demands support dot ORG. That Saturday November 12. At tower hill botanical garden. There is hardwood fighting prop occasion for adventurous gardeners. The sounds wonderful Adam Wheeler propagation and plant development manager at Broken Arrow nursery. Is giving their stock is is from one to four on Saturday so on an afternoon long. I can't mention and nicer way to spend a cool Saturday afternoon. Then the at tower hill and learning about plant propagation. From the plant development manager Broken Arrow and nursery. So on this sounds like a wonderful presentation and you can find out more about that and register for that. At tower hill BG. Dot ORG that the tower hill botanical garden reps I. Am finally Thursday December 8 from seven to 830. At T Harvard. Arboretum. That is the Arnold arboretum. There is a program that Thursday evening on urban forests unnatural history of trees. And people in the American landscape that's sounds wonderful and that's with Jill Jones Ph.D. and historians. And journalists so lots of great things going on lots of great programs. Let's go to line one and speak with Marcia Marcia welcome to the garden variety. I'd think you are taking my call up. I'm not I wrote that Sharon and that was cleaned it was five years ago and death for years ago I had a new stunned them without my home sort of trying to track your mold yet. And move it directly over my septic system. Doing beautifully but I'm concerned. About the wrote this down and interfering. In my septic system and causing a problem. I news in that they haven't shallow with some (%expletive) I moved there. I I wouldn't I don't think that these are not plants known to you know. Seek out septic systems and to grow very deep. Deep roots. As some other plants are so I think you're probably in good shape with that. Now interestingly. When I when I get to others and met. This extent there is it. That time it is is that one it's a lie and it was making as good. Well getting. Well no I I would assume that it's getting nutrients first to fall. Is that plan does happen to be in more sunlight. OK so that's number one right there OK because the sun is king for this plan. Number true. If it was double what it moved more recently in the Netherlands. I don't remember in the hope it will move. In this second year I had it that haven't moved yet. Okay I think it's probably the sun number one number till it could be that the ground above the septic system is a little warmer believe it or not. And and that would make this plant into a little bit better but I would assume that it's the sun is the reason why this this one as the over achiever. OK can I really quick that I really want to live and I actually now. Missed the chip exit that. In the lap mark and since then. That what that's true but I I I don't think that it's it's going to be a problem with a septic system as I say it's not a plant that's known for. For roots that extend down into septic systems so I think you're in which. Okay thank you so bad very much I appreciate that I can enjoy it. That's right now you can enjoy that plant app so what color the flowers should. In English and excellent why is it's it's and so are so notion cutting putting it back. Yeah sure it actually does benefit from printing it at least every other year it may be every year. And what you can you can either do it now or do it in the spring. And what you can do with all those upright. You know branches that it has you can take anywhere from six inches to a foot and a half off of each one. Yeah what putt putt what you want to do is do that you know the most outside branches you have a little hour and then the next layer a little higher. EU wanna use that shot and approach to New York carts. Not just hack off the top. I. Appreciate you or com. We never wanna give Rosa Sharon a flat top okay no buzz cuts for rows of fair. You wanna hand round them. If you do use a powered Schering tool China some view landscaper. Want to use and if you do do that. Use it. Also with the sharks that approach did that tool in lower and then a little higher and then a little higher and a little higher. So that you are shaped thing that rose of Sharon into in nice round shape. Instead of just cutting off the top. And I I think that probably most rooms that share and they end up looking better when they are hand groomed. Instead of sheared because when they're they're shared too frequently. When you see rose of Sharon that have been cheered every week every year I'm sorry every year. They kind of have. May be a creature. From forests look to that they're a little too regular I guess we should say excel. Maybe sharing every two or three years and then him pruning in between would be a good way to treat it has to share them. As always. The time together has just flown by and I am so glad that you chose to join me today on WR Cano and I will be back with you. Next Saturday. In the mean time. Check in with me via my website via email through WRKO. Or on Twitter I am the garden variety on Twitter and I look forward to speaking with you next week here on the voice of Austin. WR Cain well. Playing. Yeah. Yeah.