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Nov 13, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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The boys of Boston PM 680 WR. Welcome to the garden lately on WRKO. Join the show at 6172666868. Well come check it. That dark lady. Feel really sorry. And it is my extreme pleasure to be here with you every Saturday afternoon from twelve to two. When we're talking about landscapes. Long months houseplants flowers. Home grown vegetables shrubs and trees. We always start out the program with welcome to the garden party when we explorer pit. About what is happening with plants and gardening right now and right now. It is time to start some paper white narcissus bulbs in towards. You know the days are getting shorter very quickly right it's dark at 5 o'clock. Things are closing up shop outside in our yards and gardens so. So satisfying. To have something in two wars that we can watch com model. And grew quickly grow roots and shoots and flowers indoors and paper white narcissus bulbs. Part just those type of plants you can buy paper right narcissus bulbs right now at your local garden center. Get a group of them put them on. Layer of an inch or two of rocks or power poles. And then filled a container out where water that just kisses the bottom of those balls. Within two days you'll see that they will start to grow roots it's very fast. If you have had problems in the past with paper whites flopping over ethnic at all which they often do because the flowers are so happy. What you might want to do is get aid very while I made it clear class base a clear glass base that twelve inches taller maybe a little taller. And one that is at least six pitches why it's that you can fit several polyps and there. Put two or three inches of gravel at the bottom put those paper right Bob's right on top of the gravel. And then you can not only watch them grow to declare collapsed. But the base supports their stadiums. As they continue to flower. Great indoor project at this time of the year makes a nice hostess gift for it when you're traveling for Thanksgiving. So pick up a few paperwork bulbs and get something growing. Practice time of the season. Well I want to go bright line one now to introduce my guest this morning. Because it is my pleasure to welcome to resent Mosher. Teresa is the president of the New England rose society and she is the author of I hear in my rose gardens. Book and journal. Two different publications. And welcome trees are so nice to have you with being on the garden variety today. Thank you hail from biting. Well you know at the roses are always a popular topic current tape why why you think roses are the most. Beloved flower in the war. Well the rank and the queen of the flowers and there's so many different varieties in colors. Get to choose from and really old small side law in March you can big Big Brother rockets to come they have little time from. Early on primary chill until late fall let you know this still blooming right now. Many of them aren't that's correct now. And why did you fall in love with grosses. Well I that is noted that talk about in my book when I was younger my dad used to love to garden and he had roses and over the years I've read a lot of books and took some classes and the Dem and I joined. Look about inclement to a guiding club and then knowing that Russia tried actually mimic cashing took off. Excellent well there's nothing like being with a group of like minded people rates yeah kind of helped get you excited to end. And also to you know give you ideas and end. Opens everybody up to what's possible correct right we are and learn from other. Absolutely. Absolutely. So. Are there particular type of throws that you love the most do you grow. Hybrid teen shrub roses climber is everything but what I adore everything. Union and anybody that knows me knows I'm partial to purple purple my favorite color. Hey you can never go wrong with per cent in the year my kind of woman Theresa. Purple is the greatest out right and that must be why you have purple roses on the cover your book. Yes of course and he's just had to do cat to be when that com. Indeed viable my friend was helping me to be added ten he wanted to put a picture myself on the cover are we talked about different coverage and I said no would have to be a purple rose on the cover you know it had to be. Right right. Well I'm let's talk a little bit about how this book a year in my Rose Garden is set up package organized this book. What I did is IE. Talked about my personal story and I also set it up month to month so you can pick any monthly he would pick in on November now and you can only keep what. I do my god nor were any of it at 35 years than. Everybody has different ways of doing things but this is what has worked for me and I'm you know given my advice and I'm hopefully he'll work for others that. Excellent okay and Tom in terms of month by month how old. Important is that for instance. If ice read something. That you. Normally do in September or October. From that I have not done that with my roses is it too they. Well it in other words if say you I forget to stop. No fertilizer that's very important especially at slow release because you don't want you know you planting a relative to. Continue to watch it grow so you would wanna do that immediately. Is so you know pick now the time what you want if you wrote this to go dormant. Boca. Me I'm. She'll pay and you mentioned it. You are at the president of the New England rose society now. Tell us a little bit about what to gross society is then you know what what you'll do. Okay isn't known in the wrote this idea people can find out more by going on our website rose petals dot org. Com we educate. On all types of aspects of world culture. We have monthly meetings are neck tie next meeting is. Com Saturday the nineteenth and I'll be doing a presentation on winter I think he wrote this which is really important right now. A and every single meeting we have ask the experts can only you can bring your question that it's him any questions or lines into. We also have come meet in members guidance to tour is done. How he'll beginning god and country familiar with that we have a bigger roadshow in June. And it's just a lot of learning about roses. Where oh where is the meeting next week on Saturday. Look at these mr. wood senior center and the information is on our web site. It rose petals stopped for Archie right rose petals petals plural right. Yes Arctic rose petals that oh Archie now and I assume Terry said that since you are speaking. At the rose society meeting next week on Saturday. That you would have copies of your book there or somebody was interested in coming and getting a copy directly from you. Yes that's the good way of them offered to get it signed guitar on the books available they're having meeting and I have common web site comparable roses publishing dot com. Is where I am a book signing tour event. I have the books available and they can also order the book at them not able to weather channel that not able to come. Campaign. Aren't there I am. He Ian mentioned that you grow all types of roses are at their some types of roses that are easier. For someone who's just starting out to grow. Yes well you're shrub roses and if Laura binders. The most famous once people know it and knock out roses. Which that has been a lot of people really anticipating growing roses again because it very EC they felt. Can't help cleaning you don't really have to learn from them if you don't want to. Com you'll get more cycles of boom out of an MR blooms if you do buy com page yeah that splash of color in the landscape that are in the locker. I'm homeowners are looking for. Without a lot of effort. And excellence while at and they're just I think that the breeders are coming out with more and more sharp gross types that are the easy like that. Including some that don't get as large like that drift series starts. I address theories to an all those. But they're also a lot of other conference under the shrapnel giving the fragrance that the woman knocked out in the stricter ones do not have which is most people when they think of around that the first thing they think of his you know. This threat greatly and scratch right well this year this year I was some sense. Trial rose is called out last which are shrub roses easy repair roses that are for granted. And they have that all fashion rose fragrance so that's going to be one that I think is going to be very popular for that actually. Exactly the dean of the broad street that they now they know what you know to look for much as answer healthcare. Eva prep or road there was very cute to choose from you know 1020 years ago now panicking now. They're quite a few that are party can and do great. Yeah that's great. Well we need to take a quick break when we come back I want to talk about having success with roses and European Union out. Where people sometimes go wrong with roses and we'll talk a little bit about a couple of the tips that you would include on them month by month guide here in. A year in my Rose Garden we will be right back with Teresa Mosher. Here on the place Boston WRK. Now. Welcome back to the garden lady. CO NRA and I am here with few every Saturday from twelve to two. This afternoon. It is my pleasure to welcome to recent closure she is the president of the doing that rose society. And author of a year in my rose garden and trees so I'm. You've seen a lot of people are growing rose as you've helped a lot of people grow roses. Where do you think that are the ways that people sometimes go wrong with this. One of the biggest. Ways that people do not have access and that they don't plant rows deep enough especially New England. When you purchase the rose bush and if you plan to just how it is and the plot in Napa blanket keeping up you have to get that Kraft can lead to four inches below soil. Tell people what a graft is for those who don't know. You graft as weird year time here Belichick invited onto any time another root stock. Law and he hit like a rob all. And Iraq and wrote that they're on their own roots. And I have my time here even though I do I still plant and so no matter what road I I'd still plant and every piece if he can't Clinton Kelly cannot get hurt them by making them deep. Now bright deep are you talking. Three inches. Varying the stem twelve inches deeper we talk. And treated pretentious Yeltsin now. And why why should help with that raft being planned it that way. Because it. And I'm not New England winter is what happened is he could be called and that look on. And so you likely buried deep into the ground. So. Let the graft so you're the ground is protecting the craft over the list yet have. Wrecked right. Other than not planting rose is deeply enough what else do people do that and it doesn't serve them well when it comes to roses. I'm not by buying Heidi varieties make sure that that you know the variety of good theater Estonia and area. Just to be canceled and a nursery doesn't mean that you know that they've got to survive the winters. Pricing you get people sometimes choose a rose based on the color of the flower rather than the vigor of the plan. Yes yes. I did that for many years. Half as well we're all seduced by flowers and color right yeah yeah yeah that's that's technical pretty human thing. I went to ten I'm outta town might listeners about your prescriptions. It's in this book I hear in my Rose Garden for pruning roses in April. You talk about the Ford d.s of pruning roses to look at what those are. OK before he is. Pretty relatively dead DB damaged in design. And pruning is probably the topic that people feel demolished when you when they talk about relative failure afraid to prone they're pretty gonna kill the plant. Canada talk about in the book I say not think of it when you get a haircut you know man I don't want to get that hair cut. But then they look and feel so much better after woods and that's exactly what's gonna happen which it plants going to be happy that you took away anything we can get because it's not gonna do any good. Happen on the plants. And Eaton did you eat is just look at the trouble you know I certainly don't like disease on your time you came to your miraculous push. Paint and it damaged EU would remove because that's not gonna. Colony blooms. And then the last one being design that's how you'd want a plan to look shape it for the area didn't stand looking a little walk layer Klein learned shroud. I am. I think it's pretty clear what it what you know dead tissue looks like and it was probably. Clear to people what damaged. Rose canes look like. But how does someone who isn't familiar with roses no ifs. Their roses are deceased what does that look like in April. Well they did these. I came to would look we can. And Lee and I think about like a pencil I would say and it is not thinner than a play intensely don't want it it's not going to be able to hold up any. Any time blooms and I'm you'll also see that this spot on the canes. You know he also you know to help wipe Iran infect any of the other plants for you would wanna get rid of it and jumper in the complex style it's just he. You can. Yet some how else I hear you mention that this is a month by month guide you talk about. What you are doing in the Rose Garden. What are some of the most important things that people need to be doing let's say we we talked a little about April what about the summertime. Listen the the most important things to people need to be doing. In July and August. During the summer months they get it you know not to forget to water because that's when the plants that are you know we don't get much water her plants and roses love water. Is he can make sure you water them and you also want to slow down on your fertilizing be you know because right now they're they're not as you know. It's taken a break from the booming and then I'm going to blooming in the and the fall. And how about for plants such as not capped a continual bloom through the summer is that a different situation. No I mean I I want blew I blew out fertilizer on a monthly basis but. You step slowing down in the fall he kept slowing down within in the knockout you have to fertilizer as much they'll continue to bloom thing. Who. It what are the things to talk about it this book is companion plants for roses. Well why would people want companion plants around the rose. Yes. I have a lot of plants and companion plants that great because you don't want just all want type of plant with a trojans or any other is can you would create a mono culture which. Looks you know I think if they down. Reason that you would have a lot more disease or insect problems Saudi. Not only were they look at a having you know annuals and perennials and Arabs around you roses but he'll also I don't have less problems. Yeah I like a lot of plans to open but I have noticed that when I go to big rose gardens. They don't have companion plants. In LA like the Rose Garden in Portland Oregon there it's a huge bed of roses that not a companion playing around them quiet that's. Well the air show gotten so dish chilling off the roses. I wanna you know addition of the roses to the people perceive that what they can that they can beat Atlanta home gardeners you know you you have more plants. You know I don't get sprain constantly you know about the original you know a lot of data and keep on doing any more than a Caribbean next more. Yeah sure. Sure yet there's been some pretty armed. Toxic products from hundreds of years however there are. Now which is why now a lot of them I'm more Heidi Aron and you know you don't need to do any of that are he's around. Which explain in my book as long as it by Heidi variety and gives them properly that's most of the battle. Oh people find out more about you end up ordering the book the year in my Rose Garden. They can go on to my website purple roses publishing dot com and they can order at the Aron picking on events section and he around the. Okay Eric that I appreciate you being with us today. And I have to say I still lever system below Matt's night course and down on the cape where it's a little bit warmer we haven't had a real hard frost yet so. It's probably a little bit different but every time I pull women out of my garage these days I see those. Right coral roses climbing America and their chests of court just. So roses are definitely a plan that that has the ability to lift our hearts to you smiling at. Editor that string. Well I appreciate you being with me today trees two races website is purple roses publishing dot com. And that's where you confined to that copy of this spoke as well as her schedule thanks so much Tracy if we can't seal you know by now. Purple rose as publishing dot com is her web site. We have so much to talk about today here on the curtain lady that town. And it I am I am. It or else we're sort of in that period now where we're starting having guests at the beginning of the program because. Call slowed down a little bit let's face it in the wintertime so it's nice to be able to have some time. To speak with people. Out you know what other things that are going on what they're doing what they are passionate about stuff. From now on I will probably have aghast at the start of the show but. From. 1230. Until two we will be taking your questions. 617. 2666868. And of course today we will be talking. Pop out emails that have come and before we take a break I want to quickly talk about the old way of amending soil. And the new way government in soil the old way government soil. Was that you. Doug. Organic matter very deeply down in a bed before you plan to do anything. Or you dug a hole. And you took the soil from that hole. And you mix did a third soil with the thirteenth mosques and a third commodore. You may have learned that method to a race. Well we know now that that's a bad way to plants plants. Because first of all when you mix that much organic matter in one little spot as you're gimmick matter rocks its sixth. And your plant and step into depression. Which is not good plan. So that's number one number two we know that it's not good for plants to amend soil that much because it creates. A five star restaurant and the plant's roots don't want to leave the five star restaurant. To go to the fast food joint next tour. So. Studies have shown that actually the way of men didn't soil. The best way of amending soil whether it's around plants that have been in place or plants that you are just putting him. Is to get a wider hole so that the hole is loose and then to amend soil like nature just from the top down. An inch or two of compost on the surface. That rots from the top down. We will be right back with your calls here on the voice of Boston. To be York came out and see. Yeah WRK OM 937 F 82. How old boys of Boston. Well compact with the garden lady I'm CL from Arianna I am here every Saturday from. Twelve to two. Talking about all types of plants and gardening 617. 2666868. As the number. You can call and let's go right to mind ones so that we can speak with dale dale welcome to the garden variety. ICL you're darn. I am well what's happening there I've got a question about my beat Garnett side got and I'm here on the cape. And I'm not sure of the type and not Cooper us I don't believe. But some things online you can have them out two zones six and earned seven related. Well if you're on the you know if you're on the cape it's a lies that were in seven day unless maybe you're right by the ocean in peaked around. I yap because general around the you have to forget it you're you are in a warm zones six dale and. So we can destroy and take them out now on. Forget about it. That's right take them out yeah. Art where they once that we're planet from six packs or containers pots. Somebody put them in for me I'm not sure. Okay those are probably the wax the Coen yes and those you can just take out they're not going to make it number one. And there are also not particularly words bomb over wintering indoors so I say this is a good. Day you're a good weekend tenth kind of clear them out at the carton. Excellent thank you so much. I appreciate your call you have a wonderful weekend you've it is some it is a lie that the case has his own seven because. In most places on the cape if you plan its own seven plants they will be dead after winter so. A warm zone six is pretty much where Cape Cod is. As I say before the closer you are to the ocean. The more likely you are to have plants live. And those folks who are on Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket they are in eight holds zones severance and they can certainly can't fool me with that. Let's talk about from yard to table a little bit about growing. That doubles your own food and what I want to talk about today's your garlic. Your garlic should be sprouting if you plant today now. I have talked over the past. A week or so with people who say I have yet to plant my garlic I still haven't should I just cook with that. Where can I plant and of course she complained to get it in the ground this weekend. Can't. It'll be a little bit later of course to sprout up but I think that it will be fine. In most areas you will do just fine with your currently if you go ahead. And put it in the crown which act kind of reminds me of people asking frequently. At this time of year. If they can still plan well and you absolutely can still put bulbs in the ground there have been. Many Thanksgiving Day its. When my husband and I are our plan to get to double. Just because we've been busy. I'd just like many of you will frequently by some polyps. In September and then stick them in the garage thinking that I'm going to get to it in the next week or two and of course. I don't want to and then I kind of forget about the bulbs and discover them sometime in November when I am putting away a pop or whatever. As long as those bulbs are firm. You know if they haven't gotten soft. You certainly can go ahead implant them in this seems to be a good weekend to do it the sun is out the air is crisp it feels quite a tumble. Outside. And good day to get out and be invigorated and get those slopes in the ground. You will be thankful next spring when they come off what they are Catholic you know sort tulips or. Whatever is there is nothing like the color. Of spring ball after the wintertime. To really put a smile on your face. 6172666868. Is the number to call. What I wanna talk about it was kind of on my mind because. My one of my. Thanksgiving packed gas often just called Christmas cactus. Is that it happened starting to bloom. We commonly called the genus. Slum berg chair of slumber Tehran. We commonly call it Christmas kept spraying but there are two different types of these plants. One that blooms now. Around Thanksgiving and then it often. Blooms again in March. Am a variety of that looms at Christmas time the flowers are nearly identical. So that's why they're at they'll get lumped into the you know common name. Of Christmas cactus but it's easy to tell what they do you have a Thanksgiving captives. Or a Christmas cactus the genus of the Thanksgiving cactus. Is called try to conduct. And the genius of the Christmas cactus. Is partly. And these are plants that are easy to tell apart because of the edges of the foliage. Have jagged edges of their leaves they have like little T along the edges of their leaves. Where as the Christmas cactus have smooth and round and chips. These plants are all whether their Thanksgiving cactus or Christmas cactus. They are triggered into flowering. Ninety increasing hours of daylight. And decreasing temperatures. So if you have either a Thanksgiving or a Christmas cactus. That has not flowered in the past. I would suggest to you that you put it outside for summer camp sometime in May or June. And a place that has more earnings on an afternoon change is pretty perfect. For these plants. And give it a little bit of fertilizer into retirement leaves organic fertilizer when you put it outside so that they kept fertilized water of course regularly. Although these are cult practice they are not really care guy. And they like kind of even. Level of moisture not to wet not to drive just even even moisture. But believed that plant out in September and even early October you don't want to live it out in a frost. But the key is to leave it outside as the temperatures are getting cool. Entities are getting shorter. And when you do that it's pretty much guaranteed that as soon as you bring that plant in side. In October. It's going to start letting. It will start putting up very quickly if it's the Thanksgiving character as a little bit more slowly in December. If it is the Christmas cactus. But that they're pretty easy to bring in to flour canned from year to year do you sir I think. One of the most. Passed along house plants that there are. You know there's some house plants that live for a year to women that get some sort of a past. We're disease. They. They don't they live very year to lend and then they just you know he that they try opera big guy. Unexpectedly. But there are other plants that live seemingly forever and we can inherit them from our mothers and our grandmothers or grandfathers. Or father's right. And that they last furlong time Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus. Are some of those plants they're very long life. And you know we we can keep them from year to year. Is it. You know desirable to occasionally may be cut them back and give them a fresh start I would say yes. Because sometimes they get awfully brown and woody on the inside once they get to be. 1520 years old who's. And who doesn't just get older I get a little woody on the edges but. He if they can be revitalized. By taking cuttings and putting cuttings and a pot and if you've got a plan that is sentimental Christmas or Thanksgiving characters that sentimental to you because. It belonged to one of your relatives are belong to a friend who gave it to you. But it's starting to look a little bit. You know I'm proud and woody and and not quite as green and full and attractive. Maybe it's time to take some pieces that are six to eight inches long off of that plan put two or three pieces in a pot with you soil. You don't have to get rid of their original plan yet right just take cuttings but the men and get those going. And then once that plan gets 41 nice and round. It you know it then you can make that decision to seek the brighter the parent plant because you've got. The new one coming along it's a little more compact. And a little bit more. Are fresh. Nice soil. 6172666868. Is the number that you can call. To join me on the air today. We have several lanes open could time to can't rule. I had an email last week from bill and bills that I haven't turned my compost pile for a year. Is it okay to do it now I'm apart at oak leaves. Bill absolutely it's okay to turn a compost pile any time frankly that you get around to it. That you may you want to evaluate what their why when you collapse there to turn that compost pile bill. You may want to evaluate. Whether the compost is pretty much finished in that Kyle. In which case take it out put it on the gardens and that your Oakley is in that spot without you know what's there. That's a compost pile has sat for a year maybe that. The stuff that surround the top isn't compost it back. I've been willing to bet the old leaves that are in there are pretty well broken down. And so why not get them on on the ground around your plants and have them do some good for your plants. Let's go to line one and speak with Judy. I'm pretty well yeah at the garden variety. I have two questions. And what I Ian Campbell my Christmas cactus I have that they don't let my kids were. And don't miss your body in it and and leave the window open a crack and it's got all night. And I I think anyone that is. Hot Liverpool in the right now expects a lot of the points right. That's the one with the points that's right. They now. It daily commute between the Christian slant and this simply want I have one. Is English do a couple of met Ali opened up you rich and bring. Right near to the spring. And those are similar to those are varieties of the Thanksgiving cactus the trunk product yes I'm. Yeah and oftentimes that Thanksgiving cactus will bloom twice it will bloom now and it will bloom in the spring. OK I might add their questions. Do I have any more is tactic actually do complaints that settings ailing animals. That did and by. You can believe the year so that issue at putting out on the porch and the Angel like out there. Ample power plant which shocked me the problem with that one occasional light out there and I would have to try to get it in my house like that either blown. Now I have it in. Iraq and the senior with doing these crazy things. So the question is I was thinking of putting it in the move I ever try to read finished second out felt like. Have to dodge them walk around at live that I should do this same treatment. One I'm wondering is keeping them out when it was cool but not I didn't have the momentum back and had complete blackness. Every night and that money if I should put it in the wrong attitude to me at Christmas Thanksgiving taxes. Williams could the other that you could do Judy you know these separate films that we call Orkut cactus they're. They can get very long and and gang glee as you have described. Why not take some pieces off of that plan. And reed popped them in another pot so that there's you know shorter. And started nuke plant that is a little bit more easy for you to carry around. Yeah what that he had taken the field at Amanda my agent they have argued before and I think he's. I'm giving him away they're going and I can give me enough to blow. That I mean giving those away our little smile variety and I never. I haven't been able to get those gentlemen I was gonna take a couple of them and put in the other room and city effects. Well it's certainly wouldn't hurt and some of them are triggered some of those architectures are triggered into flowering by decreasing hours of daylight and summer triggered into foreign. By increasing powers daylights out. I've got to take a break that I've got to take a break now Judy but I appreciate your call and why not try putting that market I was here meter band called hero you have a wonderful weekend we will be right back with more on the garden lady. You're on the voice of Boston WR came out you were boys one coal at a time. WRKO. Told voice of Boston's. Welcome back to the garden lady I'm. CEO and our end. Here with you on Saturday afternoons. From twelve you tell us. 6172666868. Let's go to line five and talked with Francis. Francis welcome to the garden lady. So much thank you for taking my call. I wonder if there is a product that I could use to discourage chickens for the if. Well I I think probably a product not that I'm aware of you know do you keep chickens are then they go on someplace I don't know it and get it there in the neighborhood. That's the one thing that I can think of that would discourage them but it's getting a little late in the year to use it. Is there are motion activated sprinklers. What is called spray away. And one is called scarecrow spray away has made by the have a heart company. And he and and basically what you do is you attach it on the end of your hall is straight and you have your hose time. And then you calm when. An animal whether it's oh would shock her chicken or wild Turkey or a dog or a nosy neighbor. Hmmm is it we you know within range it lets loose with this sudden blast of water she does she. And that would be quite effective with chickens have in its effective with most animals I've used it very effectively for crow laws that are going. You know so. But it's it's something that you would probably wanna set up in the spring not at this time of year. Death click right okay well I'll break that down the debt and I mean my mental that's right about now I have another question to some weeks ago and not too long ago. You gave us the name of an ever blooming alive lacking. And I still weekly did you give us the name also true. And I that the names but now I've bought them can you do it again. Okay that lack fact that I was talking about was bloomer rang. I like like boomerang that bloomer rent. Okay. And I believe the rose that I was speaking about well I've I've talked about two roses recently. I've talked about the flower carpets that just have kept flower inspiring for me all summer and there are several flower carpet roses. On auto market. And the other one that I talked about is this new struck rose called app last. White and I want that last is a shrub rose that is you know bred to be as easy as. The plants are just not count. It but it's fragrant and it has peach colored flowers. And they just flour at their little hearts out for me all summer long so. And they said that TS. Nice plan. Now being felt like get these at a store. You would be able to get up the. At the last two rows are roses that area and the proven winners lineups or any garden senator that sells proven winners plant should have these. Okay and how about the blue BL Lila. And a lot like any garden center in the area should have boomerang landmarks absolutely it's a popular popular plants. Well but it tried them neck sprain and see what happened. Excellent. You'll have you tell me how you like them are rightly well thank you Eric actually helped. If you're welcome. Let's go to Lyon three detectives Pamela. Pamela welcome to the garden lady. I know I'm continue. Can you understand me I'm on my speakerphone. So far so good. Usually look at her phones don't work that well but I'd so far it's pretty clear. A K okay I'm. And we're just tapping something on leisurely about. Product that word. Any of the discussion was about organics and added to sag made from a natural bacteria. Or yeah I guess that is. Oh wait you didn't act period that was discovered in all to run facts in Trinidad. So that's our youth thing that you'd still be basically. On the organic. Leading. It is approved for organic gardening tennis had a great story. Okay that that would add that that brings that brings up a good point Pamela which heads. Just because something is organic doesn't mean that you shouldn't use caution using him as it also doesn't it it also we need to be careful not to. Overt use you know I wouldn't go around springs but instead over the entire property all the time just because. The more we use something the more likely it is that insects become resistant to let them. And so just because they've product is our panic doesn't mean. The weakened panic go hog wild and and spent his dad does also have the caution of when it's wet if it hits vis it's bad for the bees. So I can it can never be applied on a plant where these are foraging we have to apply it on either or non blooming plants. Or are on you know spray it or very early in the morning before the bees forage. So that it's always drive when it comes in contact with these good. Point. Eight grade okay another question I know I've heard on the boat you are talk about this. On so much I have a large. Hard about who changer that has gotten so. Harm gangly and large and talk heavy debt. Com I need to really work at bringing it back into a form that. It's not awful over. What type of hiking its secret compartment. I heard. That's evident I. Yes that's a particular and that makes you know at that time it could it could turn that back in the spring. But. I felt by you know I wanted to take from that down now got a big you know and splitting in that kind of thing. Well if you think if you think I I don't think that you would do any harm. By taking off about a quarter of its mass if you think that the snow is going to be an issue. I I don't think you do any harm by you know it's pretty hard to kill factoring took particular offense affect our sorrow I I don't think that you would do any harm if you wanted to do that. But and then kind of finish up. You know the pruning. But of course note that on good pruning on this plant no escorted. It's gonna stimulate growth and took the plant is going to end of the flowers are going to be bigger and heavier next year. And the plant is going to be bigger next. Tank. Out of time. All right well. Brenda and Judy you certainly can't hold on to the break if you like and we'll get to immediately when we come back after the break. But it is time to remind you that you aren't listening to the voice of Boston. WRK. All. Yeah. The voice of Boston. 337 FM HD two. Welcome to the garden lately on WRK oh joy the show like 6172666868. And. Welcome to the second hour of the garden ladies CL Bernardin. You always start the second hour off with a question and then my question to you. Used today is. Do you want a Rosemary plan that will live through the winter indoors. Well have a got a plan for you. Does Salem. Rosemary. This isn't. Aromatic herbs that grows beautifully of course outside. For those who are in a warm zones seven to ten they can grow this as a shrub. But for most of us here in the northeast this is an annual Europe unless we bring it inside. In the popped. For the wintertime. Now if you have tried to bringing a pot of Rosemary inside. EU might have watched his diet for three possible reasons. Number one rose experience it can be prone to pottery milk to. Number two or Rosemary inside can't be allowed to dry out. Our urban people have been saying that it drive Rosemary. Indoors is that debt grows there. Rosemary is very. Drought tolerant outside when planted in the ground aggression Mediterranean areas after our gross and Southern California where it doesn't rain very much. But inside in the pot these are plants that if they try update. So you wanna watch of course. Jump on powdery mildew with. And organic fungicide early on. And you want to keep the watering consistent with Rosemary. But the third reason that Rosemary is often die is that they are sensitive. To long nights they don't like. Less light and that will kill many rose Mary's this Salem Rosemary however. Is less vulnerable. To a long night and last light indoors so. You will have success with the Salem Rosemary in side. That you may not half with other gross marries. So do look for adapt as always you can see more information about this plan how to spell that name. All of that if you go to garden lately dot com and take a look at my blog. You will see pictures of the Salem Rosemary. You will have some tips for success. And you will see exactly. How to spell her name as well. 6172666868. Let's go to the line one and talk with Brenda that Brenda corporate. Greed greed out. Hello operate how what's happening. I mean I can't hear you what's happening. Well I. Am at a Lou maybe I'd hear the here's the bottom at all not at gitmo open but you are up. Okay yup that's a common problem. And it is just a Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus. Why not should look at that got it made and just. And I'm not so I network and get. Can't take a look at the edge does that mean it's not important for the but falling off there too. I guess three main reasons that putts will fall off. Of either Christmas or are. Thanksgiving cactus. The first is if once they are bad at they are moved to another location. And the light is changed. So what's his start adding up you want to leave them in the same place that they. You know I have started batting in and get a winnable but certainly to the center of the table in the living room marked. Or to another spot. The second reason that these can start dropping bags. Is if they dry out in between watering. Okay they like these are not packed packed and so they like. Consistent level of moisture. Add one of the things that can drive them out is if they are near a radiator and now. Oftentimes our sources of heat in the house. Are right next to the windows and so when we put a plant next to the window it's also next to. An open event or a radiator. So you wanna watch that because that blast of heat or occurrence you know of air can make the putts fall off of these plants. At the third reason that that's control off of Christmas or Thanksgiving character guy is if they are fertilized. As they start to bloom. Basically with these plants you don't wanna make any changes right went went once they've bowed out. Keep the watering consistent no fertilize or consistent air no hot. No hold currents in a just very consistent. Conditions. Okay. I think it's probably. Sometime it will the that pot around so I'm thankful I'm getting pregnant but I'm but I can't just leave it alone once they start. Yeah what six starts batting as I say just leave it alone and just think of real. Com consistency for this plant. That and it's narrow window in a row that we don't use very often so it does get me out. You switcher might wanna do is check and make sure that room if you're not using it her effort it took a lot colder than other places. Okay because again you don't want to temperature really if it's next to a windows it's getting very cold and heat isn't done in that room that could also caught caused them to. Drop although. They are triggered into flour and by cooling temperatures. If it's if it's dipping down to fifty degrees or something next to that window at night that could cause the putts to fall off as well. But probably yet when you get put it in our. It's more consistent than. Exactly consistent on all things for this plan. Appreciate your column street and let's go to line two and speak with Judy. How I guarantee be thought I had something I did to keep. Crowd and Wales little plaque blue put and making the miracle. I what I did and that that's particularly unique content and it's. I kept me deep debt and no longer listen to. Glued them together and actually be established patent case. The city and Dallas that in fact Turkish and you that couldn't be beat them bearish day. And then and they don't know I can't top. My list but I'm not real so that the around YA MP country. It would have been easily Wichita at. She hadn't incident helium and it helped a great deal I had problems in Milwaukee. Is definitely glass and yeah even though that the relationship men. Roll ferry could get married right. That's right there are so no I strained and a little cat and. That's good idea Judy when you have a bird that's attacking sort of one plan or one particular area. Yeah I heart. They use that method for an entire yard pitch according to you know you'd you'd need to hang CDs are hooked that the entire yard. Which might have. And right now I had Cilic to eat them up and some of them came down in the winter. And boom it and I haven't beaten then failed to hike the price Chang yeah get that dotted them once. I erred when I I appreciate your calling to share that Judy appreciate that a lot. Some you know I have seen even nom. They sell sort of reflective shiny penny that you can hanging from a tree or you know your window or whatever to also. Discourage. Birds that way and as I say whether it's a shiny CD as Judy used her at eight. It can be effective for a small isolated area I'm not sure. They would keep you know you'd have to hang Ramallah where Yuri art in order to have chickens. Stay away from themselves. 6172666868. I had an email last week firm raid who said my neighbor has a plant with white flowers. That bloomer around Thanksgiving and into Christmas in her curtain went parties. That is to Christmas. Rose that is how a war. Hello boards pal Boris is the genius teleport is our plants that flower in. Either the winter. For the early spring and the Christmas rose as the one that flowers oftentimes starting in November it. If Thanksgiving time as as your neighbors does come some of them some of the varieties bloom a little later around Christmas time. And they flower. Through the winter. At least through February. The Christmas throws and then there's another variety called the land ten rows and that flowers. In that very very early springs so march and April. These are wonderful perennial plants. Pretty easy to grow ever green plants. Very nice one as they aren't covered with snow you'd get to enjoy this beautiful flowers. As you say rate Thanksgiving through Christmas and particularly partial to the gold collection of how laborious. And it's available in many garden centers. Because they have been bred to have popped right phasing. Flowers. And so that's kind of nice because they're facing up rather than down and then you can see them. How old or flowers are very long lasting because. What actually looks like the flower isn't really the pedal system racks of well on those flower and they last a long time so if you want flowers in the winter you cannot go wrong. With how reports we're going to take a quick break when we come back more of your calls I'm the garden lately and this is WRK. Make his stand we your voice. WRK oh bell boys so yeah. Welcome. Back to the garden. I'm CL for Ari and I am here with you every Saturday from June until they're. 6172666868. Is the number that you can call and we have several and so. Good time to get through without waiting too long. I had to down. That's a photo sent to me last week player listener are a house plant that was turning yellow. And the listener said that it was a new house plant and it was put in the corner of her room because it looked good there are. But it is about six or seven feet from the window. And so this listener wanted to know why this plant was turning yellow and did it need more water did it need less water. What was and what's the problem here because it's a fairly new plant a fairly large plan. When a house plant is turning yellow you need to look a pot at the watering. Certainly. And you need to also considered the amount of light that it is getting more and not getting. That particular house plan that they sent me a picture. Was actually a variety of yuck. That is some type of York are sold commonly at her house plant. But you're just gave a lot of flight date they had put this plant in the corner of the room which was a good. You know distance away from the window. And the plant definitely. Wasn't getting enough light. So. First of all considered they'll light that plant is in and and try and find out if that amount of light. That the plant is or isn't getting its oak Hague. For that kind of plants it's interesting because when African violets are put in windows with too much light. Date turned yellow in that situation. So for an African violet leaves that are turning yellow can mean that it's. In too bright a window. Where as it at this particular ya cuts that that listener had. The leaves are turning yellow and it might have been because. They aren't getting enough flight plans that. Are being over water can turn yellow and of course. Plans that beer are being underwater can also turn yellow. The difference often is how the plant is turning yellow when it comes to watering. If a plant is being underwater usually it is the older. Leaves them or that your relieved that the lower believes that will turn yellow. I'm while the newer leaves will remain green. I plan that is being over water often the entire thing will turn yellow. Including two in Newark foliage so. Really looked carefully at your plan if the foliage is turning yellow and that will give you a good deal of information about why that might be happening. The other thing that I could seat in the photograph. That this listener sent me. Was that this Yucca plant was in our good sized pot so that was a good thing because it was a plant that looks to be. From you know the furniture around the room the plan looked to be about four feet tall. Or maybe even a little picker and the pilots at couldn't that the public have good size pot. But the sources are that the plant was in. On the bottom underneath the pot was very small it was tight right up against the pop. Now that could be problematic and the reason that could be problematic is if you have a pot that just. Fits perfectly. Into a saucer. That's saucer isn't going to hold very much water is. And it's a saucer doesn't hold very much water. Your not going to water at that plant very well. Kutcher going to be worried. That the water that comes out the bottom of drainage hole of the pot is going to overflow the saucer quickly. And so although you might be watering that plan frequently. If it's in such a tight soft serve my guess is that it's never getting enough water that you're giving it. A lick and promise cribs and drabs. Not a real thorough watering. Or when a plant this watered we want. The whole root ball to be saturated. And this is true whether it's a plant it's growing out and our garden. Or whether it's a plant growing and the pocked. That's where frequently talk about. Irrigation that only hits plans for fifteen minutes. You know frequently. It it's not doing its job because. They'll root system isn't being deeply saturated. In a pot if Europe you know just putting a little bit of water and don't panic the pace of the trumpet that plant. And not getting the entire park thoroughly saturated. Then the roots that are on the outside of the part of course according to try out. And if it planned to send a small sponsor and the water isn't overflowing that's that's or you're not watering it early enough. So. Number one. You know a plant meets again have. The right amount of flight and that varies from plant to plant some plants are perfectly fine being six feet away from a window. Some plants. That like for sound like this. And a variety of the archive are just going to decline. If they're so far away from the right. And number two we want to have a saucer underneath our plants that is wider than the pot. And a saucer that is deep enough so that we can thoroughly water that pot and get all of those roots. Well saturated. To excess water of course is going to go into that saucer. Fine. You let that part sit in that water for an hour or two sometimes the plant will take up. That water again. And you'll go back in two hours and the water will be gone that's perfect that meant that that plants absorb the water into the dry soil. And it should be pretty well well saturated at that point. But if after a couple of hours there is still a good amount of water in the saucer. It cake an old bath towel and stick to Darren sop up the water or you take a Turkey baster. And take the water out so that the roots are going to remain too wet for too long. And the plant you'll know the plan as well saturated. But then that you will have removed that excess water in the soft. Is that a little more work you know it is it is however your plants will thrive then you'll have plants that. Last for years and years. You will have plants that you know are attractive. Because they're happy plants and they're being they're being watered well when they are watered. And they're giving the amount of flight that they indeed. And oftentimes you know that's more important than anything else ally in the watering is it's really more. Important whenever people ask me well should I fertilize them first look at them like second look at the watering. Then consider fertile I think they get the water and the amount of light to write first. Because no amount of fertilizer is going to correct the situation. If it isn't the happy plant because it's not getting enough life. 6172666868. I got an email during the last break from someone who said that you know limb of their Christmas cactus just. Dropped off while I was talking about the Christmas cactus. I didn't do it I swear. Anyway this so you know they were going to take all of the pieces off of that women and root them. And I just to mention that you know we don't have to save effort little peace plan. In you know I'll let them drops off of your jade plant or your Christmas cactus and you want to save part of it. That's great or you want to save one particular in off to tickle him off of but jade plant potted up in with some cactus snakes in a pot. By all means get another plan going you can need to keep that. Or you can give it away. Stick to read a five pieces of that Christmas cactus in. A pot and kept a new plant growing but don't feel like you have to save every piece. How many Christmas cactus plant secondly you know have room for and our houses after off the that's number one. It's OK. Had to harness some of them say it was the healthiest pieces. Saved the best looking pieces. And either give them random odd ones that are left are waved and other people. Or throw them in the compost violence perfectly okay to do we don't have to save it for peace. We're going to take operate when we come back more of your calls to 617. 2666868. I'm C often are at the garden lady on WRK. Well come back to the garden variety video from RA and it is my. Great pleasure to be here with you every Saturday. We're talking about landscapes line. Plants flowers. Homegrown vegetables shrubs and trees. 6172666868. Is the number you can call you. Had any plant mainstream. Perhaps a plant problem over the course of this summer or fall. Give me a call let's talk about it and it's all my longtime listeners know. I'm up on the street I'd like to kind of puzzle things out and think about them sometimes we come to a a solution that that seems like it's right sometimes. We come to what might be several solution and we try to narrow it down. But it's always interesting because the world of plants. Is very interesting. You know earlier Pamela called about her turkeys are hectoring China and the fact that she wanted to cut it back. Turkey is a variety of hydrogen gets really big. On it is a large plant and at a certain point it's impossible to keep smaller. I saw what a Turkey or hydrated that was actually a small tree it would sell about twelve feet tall and put sixteen feet wide maybe even whiter. So this is a plant that really does yeah. Quite nick and it could be instead of for plants like this instead of trying to prune them to make them. Less wide end shorter. Sometimes it's better to Lim them from the ground up. Ann Arbor write them select and leave the most up right growing. Limbs right. Cut off the more horizontal ones so that that plant kind of has a more upright they shape. And that can be a good solution. For plants such as Turkey but that's really going to be a big plant in. The more you cut at it and try and keep it smaller. The faster it's gonna grow and that picker it's going to grow. Let's go to line wanna talk with Jan Jan welcome to the garden varieties. Well thank. I did called you before about these I'm very tall and Gromit fortunate than them on my pal account. In the last and I spoke with you bomb that many believe it turns yellow. They have all fallen off the plan okay and out but the other other these. Our on our grief and they're in a block to block so look OK my question do about it. Any way that I can get the middle of the plants are to quality and well. Here's here's the problem first of all of course. Plants you know they've they've put their energy out toward the new growth which is that the app is ranked number one. And number two fool then of course the interior. Of the plan to. It's more shaded. And the plant isn't going to make leaves porno for the synthesis can happen. So it's different cult when you have a plan that's the first of all that old wood on the inside. And secondly it's shaping your on the inside it's difficult for it to green that output gap. And I'm with the plant such as and drama or error a rhododendron. For example that. Ends up with a lot of the browns kind of flaky growth on the inside the green on the outside. We either need to make our peace with the fact that. This is more of a tree like plan and we need to appreciate the browns at four trunks and rather you know. Or it might be time to try what it's called the renovation crude which is cutting it way down I am talking to about a foot tall. In the spirit. Yeah and and you know often times with a plan jam. That renovation permanent particularly if it's a plant that's in a prominent space. If we cut it down to a foot tall it's gonna take about three years before it looks good again. So in it now so. We have to wait that is it worth doing it for batteries in all. Another important part of the towns to it you know certainty but he happened on so I don't know offered one to bash it if I were the credit weighed down a break. But the chance to put it could not make. Probably about 25%. Usually with the renovation pruning when you're cutting something down to a foot or six inches tall. I'd say you have about a 75%. Chance with with certain plants you know there's some plant that if you do that he did that with the juniper forget it its debt. But will pie lat. But within none drama or a Japanese holly or a box would or I Yule or rhododendron. About a 75%. Chance at that plant is going to come back and say. You know refresh itself and within three years it's gonna be pretty nice and gorgeous camp. However there is that 25% chance particularly after. A drought summer that we've just had. That sort of increases the pot a little bit that you might lows set itself. I think we're okay. Well the good advice I appreciate the the information. Yeah and and take a look at it and see if you might be able to prove this a little bit that accentuates. Those trunks. You know old soul so for instance picking out off a couple. Lower horizontal. Branches so that you're you're really creating a multi scammed small trees. And then and then you can plant you know. New Guinea impatience or some firms are hoster or something around the pace at the plant. So that you know you kind of thinking but as being small reform. Rather then being nice thick shrubs. There we call I love creativity good good script but it. I appreciate your collagen and you know it's. Plants have a shelf life to you know sometimes our foundation plantings in particular. Have a shelf life because they've either been kind of have to act and just to put my health late over the years. And so they've grown in kind of odd. Ot ways. May be they've gotten very lean and lanky Europe lately as Jim was talking about her and drama that being. I may be they've gone through droughts seasons where they've lost foliage and they're just not as attractive anymore. Or maybe they are so overgrown. That it's impossible to make them smaller can so. There are periods when you say okay thanks for coming apart and it's time to start over. Let's go to light Lennon speaker Nancy. Nancy welcome to garden variety. Thank you I'm calling because thousand. You know I know it with the drought it was a bad here are quite strangers but a lot of water or eight. Our round one perfect putt in for our planet is he near. So to light pole outpost 4040 pieces that feel like that but at snap on earth that hot but the built throughout the X scare. Okay are you talking about the blue flooring it ranges. Okay. Any of those chains that are that are dead feel like there's gonna snap off they didn't have leaves on them this summer. Right goes you absolutely can pull off that should pull out. And and if if it's hard are are there still leads on some of those tight range cain's. Yet Iraq and I'm not really worried 41 bit you know it's electric start but anything technical means leave route to a lot and that. That's right like they're actually get. That's right before before the leaves fall off of the existing. Kick it out came the existing leaves fall off. It's easy to see which ones are alive and have believes. And which I am happy no leaves and just look like deadwood in deadwood is yet woods they didn't get rid of it and. Some of them well poll out pretty easily and thank him you may need to use either governor Sarah. A pair of low person cut off down close to the ground. But getting we're getting rid of them will really improve the appearance of those plants. Okay collect by the prince that no one for the backyard all of he didn't really flowered LP flowering. What a regular practice every day of their little you know there are on alert I should expect a lot of commit nursery. It well for the summer's summer Mac problem looked like they diet that it's finally admit you. What happened the next strain Arctic summer. I think that that's a good strategy leaves them. In general with these blue high terrain jazz. You don't cut them back in the fall and and less it's you know it's dead Kate dead. Deadwood on any plant you can take off at any time. At the blue light ranges you don't want to cut them back in the fall you don't want a quote and quote tidy them up. You don't want to cut them and a half you don't want to cut them into a nice little. But in shape you leave them alone at this time of year. And end in May. When when the plants are have broken Dorman C and you can clearly see. What has green growth on it that made it to the winter it work just. Yeah it in May you remove in late may you remove any pain that doesn't have a green leaves on it or green bouts. And you leave alone all the teams that have green leaves are green dots. OK excellent excellent one more question. I can't speculate or they booked flights out of it's it's but there are there technical really child in the public at trumpets. They wrote rose of Sharon has a chance now no firm who gone from there are so much at every nook like they really are out there aren't a lot of about the and they're scientists. They're almost like a crime but they're like or right bright pink carpet could spread but they're not prepared skip. Think that the name of the right now and develop the active Ella. Excellent and at the end and you know content straight down Kazaa ought to have an outside get we spray the mixture that nobody. It's and they're. Ordering a suburb or do we don't go to that no growth that would come. It got that dry we need to really prepare them to cook went there are willing not make it. Don't make it there easy to preserve over the winter I'm not sure he'll want to do it after this year and here's why. Or what you do is you let them do whatever they're doing they'll drop a bunch of believes they'll put on some new really find the growth. You can just let them do all of that and then some time in February. Cut them back about in half start to fertilize. So that they get some strong Kurt good growth on them. The problem. Fertilizer. Now you could use anything it doesn't really matter Nancy the problem is going to be that. When we over winter meant to Villa indoors. And are not manipulating hours of daylight like the growers do. They don't comment of flour until August. Although but what is that you will heat they're gonna look pathetic when you put him out in bay that's okay. They'll soon put on some new growth outside. But they're not gonna flour until later in August and most people decide. They want men develop the flour all summer long and and so it's worth buying them every year in May when they've already got flowers on them. I'll accelerant. OK say you're a brat pack I appreciate your comments seat. We have to take a quick break when we come back we're speaking with bill and perhaps you I'm the Alfred. Yeah wait a rough days. Get traffic and weather whenever on the WRKO laughs. Welcome back to the garden variety crime scene tells for an hour. Here every Saturday between twelve and two talking slant. Landscapes logs houseplants flowers. Homegrown vegetables shrubs and actually. Let's go to line five and talk with. Bill. Bill welcome to the garden lady. Hurry hurry and I am well what's happening now. On just bought up all the sort of you'll never have been overgrown. Japanese rip me. What to trim their work in the morning at its way to do that and that's it's not how far back as should Trevor. I would discourage you from trimming it back why why do you want to try and make it smaller again. World kind of just all over the place spin move. It looked it is that's worked well observers say the real. Well it's it's an eclectic plan this is how you should not trim it back that indicates your gonna kinda cut a bunch off the top all the way around. Com. If it's a neglected plan here's what you should do you should number one remove anything that dead and you're not number two any branches that are. You know like really going owls tort it's too close to our house are over too close to decry rusher too close to the driveway. Don't chop it off midway follow it all the way back to where it joins another branch and cut there. That's the second thing the third thing that you do is. Look for cross branches. And take it that are rubbing each other. And take one of them away. And again you don't just cut it off mid branch you follow it all the way back to where it joins another branch and make the cut there. And that's how you would prune maple to revitalize. That the reason that I'm saying it don't cut it off just you know kind of take. A foot off the hopper to feed off the top or whatever. Is that that's called a heading cut when you do that and whenever you'd do that with a plan it does double the growth and when you do that with some may call a couple of things happened number one's injured double and the growth. That plan is more likely to collect heavy snow and ice in the wintertime and the plan is more likely to split open or fall over. Number two it makes kind of an artificial looking plant that if they're not you know makes trees that end up overtime looking like. The trees from a toy trains that run that are hill tree. So so so you don't. I don't think about cutting it back don't think about trying to make it smaller because frankly bill crooning always stimulate growth. And the plant will just try and replace what it's lost very quickly. And it's going to make the plant less healthy by doing that so so. I'd be better to have which you described in the spring or heard or would it be relocated to a now. With the made W would be better off doing it now. And and the reason this yap because in the spring the sap runs from a maple and and it's better not to do that kind of crooning. When the plant is going to end up bleeding sap so. Yacht so right now first debt would remove that. Second. You know a few of the branches that may be either wait too long or in the wrong place. By following them all the way back to where there joining me that the trunk or another branch and cutting them off. And third removing crossed branches so taking one away. Again by following it. All the way back to where it's joining another branch and and make the cut there. And that and you know and then after that if there's if there's another you know branch that's kind of going off in the wrong direction. Or is damaged certainly you can clip that way but. Those three things the deadwood to crossed branches and and removing any limits you want to remove by following them back to the trunk. That that's the way to from the maple. Very good at one of the questions I yeah some part of the Brazilians. What life would like to bring him from the winter. Is that possible to do orders just. Or Warwick survived the winter hit it inside and if so where should I put them. Do you. These are ever grand Italians. I'm not really sure to. To be correct with this. Yeah do you have an unheated. Garage that you could put it and I would put them in an unheated garage if you happen to have a window that they could be near fine otherwise he'll just let them kind of goes dormant. And I would I would wait and pull them in sometime in December so that there in there are sort of you wanna pull the band before. Temperatures going down in the twenty S. But are not but not you know if you could leave them the longer you leave them outside the better basically. And then pull them outside before the temperatures start to dip down into the twenty's. And Tom checked the so well you know every two or three weeks if it starts to get dried of those plants water. You'll probably only need to watered them every three or four weeks in an unheated garage. All right go. An edit and then the other thing didn't know bill is they may try and break Dorman C early that's the tricky thing about. Plants in an unheated garage they sense when the days are getting longer. And if you see those plans start to. You know the but starting to swell sometime in March pull them outside him. Because you don't want them flowering you don't want them flowering in your garage. Basically we don't want those azalea is flowering in the garage warrior only going to see them when you're getting in and out of your car. If as alias are plants that. You you wouldn't want to. Bring them indoors indoors if you had a. Cool sun room that would be another place that you could over which her a potted azalea in a very cool. That bright sun room and of course if they were in a bright sun room they would need watering a little bit more often. It's worth trying if you've got to plan like an azalea in a pot. I can't say oh you know I should mention one other thing and it and that is bill. If there's a place where you could get a whole incident that popped in the ground if the putts aren't clay if they are plastic pots. That would be another way to bring them through the winter find out kind of a protective location maybe your compost pile. Dig a hole. Put them on the ground and then hold them up. Later once you know once they've gone to the wind turned pulled them open with the pots off and put them back complaints wherever they work. That could be very successful. With plants as well you just want to protect that pot is that thing out pot. Plants in containers. Outside. Get up out. Twenty degrees. Lower. Than ground temperature. And so for some plants that's enough to really harm the root system and do the man. So you will want but if that plant has sunk in the ground that can be a good way to over winter. Something in in a container as well. As always our time together has flown by I'd look forward to joining you again next Saturday. From twelve to two. I'm C often are you stay in touch on the cart lady on WR KL.