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The Garden Lady, November 19

Nov 20, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Started leaning on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come to the garden lately I am the card and pay these. I'm feel for sorry and it is my great pleasure to be here with you every Saturday. From twelve to two where we're talking about landscapes lines house plants. Hours home grown vegetables shrubs and trees we always start out. With welcome to the garden party just a word about what is happening with plants and gardening right now. And right now it's time to be sure that the saucers under those houseplants. Aren't large enough so that they can accommodate an overflow. Of a good amount of water. In a few saucers are too small if they fit tightly around your pots. You're not going to be able to water your plants thoroughly because you'll be afraid that the wonderful will. Flow out of the saucer M on to your carpet era to your floors. And so you're not cling to is that plant's roots system thoroughly saturated. I know what bickers roster may not be as though at a truce. But it functions. So much so make sure you've got a soft at its deep enough. And why do enough so that a fair amount of water can go in as it drains out of your house. Well I am so pleased this morning. If this afternoon this afternoon. To have as our guest today. Colonies and risky to Arnie isn't entomology specialist at the University of Massachusetts extension. And welcome to the garden lady Connie. I. Agree with you well it's wonderful to talk to you because. You know people. People that many questions about his sex aunt from many of us even people who are real plant people. The world of insects is a little bit sometimes of a mystery silk. I thought it was great that you were willing to you with us today and talk a little bit. About entomology and insects. All of that so. Start out with this what exactly does that entomology specialist at U mass extinction. Or. Thank you that I can't let very great question and it can't keep things short and to have a closer job to explain my my focus. Are the insect pests and some of their relatives such as the light. Or a metal treatment troops so woody plants that are commonly found in the landscape. And so what I strive to do is to provide green industry professionals such a landscaper. And harper at the across the commonwealth which is research based information to help them manage these past. And what we do that you have expansion as we refocused on using the created pest management technique or IPM. And hopefully your your listeners know that the president and approach to managing pat. Incorporating. Different tools so cultural management biological. Control or or chemical management and such a way that we can reduce the potential for negative impact. In the environment and human help but still managed is really important interest in past. Yeah I I think that that is a great thing for people to understand that integrated pest management. Is is not just about. Identifying. An insect and then. Surely it some way but but acknowledging that sometimes. Doing nothing is acceptable correct absolutely yeah yeah. So the so you know I I think that we always need to remind him not only you know my listeners but also ourselves I need to remind myself anyway. That there is such thing as an acceptable level of damage. Yes that's that's correct and that certainly can be different. Depending on the client or the person involved and then managing. The insect. By. Hopefully you know we try to get folks that do that since such a way that reduces the potential for her negative impacts. Is that just bring up against problems for the professional and capers who. Maybe they have a client wants everything perfect. And and yet there are also trying to treat appropriately. That can sometimes be a dilemma on. Certainly yes yes so we we try that you were right trying to provide adult professionals with the information that they can then. Have been open discussion with their clients and for example explain to them back. Certain insects Lin went present on plants. Such as those that might cause some goals on leaves. Are sometimes not huge detrimental to the overall health of the plants so. They can have that open conversation give them a little bit about the biology of the insects and hopefully explain to them that they can like as you mentioned tolerate certain. Level folks summit in separate. Well you know Tony interested in entomology. Well that's another long story but I I suppose the distilled version of that would be that I believe have an interest. In biology and environmental science and hopes that it could have a career where it could work outdoors and I think that came from growing up and western after you it's in Berkshire county and my family and I would stand. The majority of Hearst or time in the woods hiking and fishing and cross country skiing so as you can imagine after all now I would have. Eating towers where would these organisms and I cattle have been influential professors. The underground I went to Westfield state university and they kind of first got me interested in invasive insects and it's a little off from there. Now very good very. Well. So many people I think when they see. An insect. On a plant or in their house. As soon. That it's one of the bad guys that it (%expletive) you know that it's that it's not to. Not good to have that insect there. Why do you think this way by my people have that response that we are we just sort of program to avoid the creepy crawl. And that's great yep certainly I think that in some ways is kind of an actual response I know that. Yeah that particularly with insects it's easy for her phobias and develop for example like. Even myself grew up not particularly fond of fighters although they're technically not infected. Because of the very close close relatives and you know we have a lot of complex real relationships with these organisms I'm sure that. Everybody said the experience of being hit by that you know word here fly in. You know experienced some painful or itchy reactions to these these organisms but they think it's important for folks to remember it. Less than 1% of the note insects on the planet some estimates are that highest. Three to 5% though still very small percentage of the insects on planet earth or. Considered path toward humans so that means that. The majority you're either innocent bystanders. Or are they. In fact provide a look very beneficial. And valuable ecosystem services so. They're they're not all the bad guys. When I think of I was just. Earlier today down in the words from my house on the market content and collect from my house with my dog. And came back in hand picked to deer ticks of his nose. And then as I was getting ready to go on the year putting them I have found something I mean it feels that crawling in my neck and churn up and you're you're coming act. He. And I am thinking. You know I remember growing up went to expert just a nuisance and of course now we are automatically think tick borne diseases. It is. Is it just that were more aware of things like tick borne diseases now. Or are there. Are there more chicks aren't their more ticks that carry diseases. What about that. That's that's a really great question at hand down. Bear researchers at the University of Massachusetts. In the laboratory medical do apology that. That focused on on those organisms. And kind of quick. Explanation I support of that phenomenon you have to accept that around. Were a very long time and I think the landscape in Massachusetts and New England has had changed you know we've gone from. Agriculture where we're most sober forested areas were were cleared. You back to a situation where we have workforce which is it's certainly a good thing. Hopper for many reasons but that can also mean that we have more. I'm organisms. Such as a mighty swing and your presidents and naral and all that Matt six cycle. So. I actually get this certainly. Correct to say that that you noticed that an increase in an. Kick activity. On and I think that a lot war it is certainly understood it and and known about the different pathogens that they're capable of factory. Sure sure. Interest in well we are coming up on a break Tony putt when we come back I want a talk a little bit of power winter months because I noticed in my yard they're flying. And while we also of course when a talk about any newly insects that people in Massachusetts. Might need to be aware of so we will be right back with more from tiny miscue is entomology specialist. At the University of Massachusetts extension on the Alfred Arian this is doubly. RK now. Welcome back to the garden lately see Alps from our and I am here with you every Saturday from twelve to kill. Talking about plants and garden and I am. Very fortunate to have as my guest this morning Tony sandusky who is entomology specialist. At the University of Massachusetts extension. Tony let's talk a little bit about those moths that are flying around right now they're he had. I know that one thing people want to know is can I do anything about them now. Well it's it is important to know. The wind tomorrow that. Books are seeing flying right now are at the mail for that species and as the female their flight list. And there main goal right now is to locate the child there and from me. And the female will soon be laying. Up to as many as 150. Very tiny eggs. On the barker of their host trees so. It's the mark that are active for now there are feeding they won't be. Causing damage to quote such as oak and maple wouldn't Cherie or perhaps apple but they're. Aren't going to be weighing indeed the next generation if you will that will cause the problem in the spring. Okay. You know I I know that some when we have a nice long warm December which of course we humans love. It seems that. Then there must fly for a longer time than made for a longer time and then next year there are more lard from munching is that true. Well having those. The warmer around election destructive temperatures. Do help insects. And the winter lots especially since it's just scary. Adapted to two quarters situations that they that amazingly cold. Temperatures for work. What period of time especially to impact the eggs so. I'm Annie can handle temperatures above freezing those adults are going to be. Active usually true just that burst sometime in January. And the keynote will be did you know effects that are really good and over wintering. Now now you know and I I noticed as I walk in the various conservation areas with my dark now. The clusters of Gypsy moth caterpillar eggs are are really thick in some areas that the basis of trees. If people see those in their own yard to spring in the horticultural oil help or not. Well that's something that folks are usually very interested in him doing and certainly if they're willing puke. We don't like temperature or above freezing that is they're willing to take the time just early call bootleg masters with or cultural oil. That's something that they can do I can't guarantee that it would be. And certainly have not 100% effective. But it's definitely going to be something that's very. Labor intensive and and time consuming. And so even if you're going to be getting individual act masters fanatics and something like gripping them walk into the camps soapy water. Wouldn't would be just as. Useful. He. It just think that you have to scrape them and says container you can't just scraped them onto the ground. Yes I recommend death I picked thinks creeping up on the ground light impact there are survivability a little bit. But it's best that if you're going to spend all that time. Again to attract them all down you might as well really insurer. I. It is to vent a little vacuum cleaner that would take treatments and sucked them I don't think there's a product. I don't know a million dollar in Vegas golf app. Well let's talk a little bit about new insects that people may need to be aware of is there anything that sort of fairly. Recent arrival we don't know it's a small world and things are you know drop in all the time from other areas what. What people need to know about in the world of insects in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Certainly while I think kids want to just emphasize again that issue with Egyptian mark that's certainly not a new arrival you know we're right should be used incident. Medford mass in the late 1860s. So it's it's. It's bad here but what actually didn't. And we had particularly high. Populations. That were reminiscent. You know the outbreaks in the eighties. And then the Massachusetts department of conservation there recreation map over 350000. Acres. I've affiliation from that insect so it's just something that I I I think listeners should be very aware of for vaccines and and and then be prepared some. And certainly for for mark affiliation boxer. Being and you are insects. And you were anxious states you. That then northeast end and Massachusetts. Would have been that the other pine beetle now. That is actually it needed inspected its native to this southeastern United States but it sent expanded its range Norse word. And it's been trapped as a 2015 and 26 team in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard spider in the department of conservation and recreation and and so that the something snapped oh should be monitoring we haven't seen any. Mortality. In intrigue is that insects intent to kill. Pines such a pitch pine and white pine but they've also been observed attacking early spruce in New York. And security so it's just something that. It's native but not. And certainly not natives it took two Massachusetts historically. And those are three species that are important to. Many of us on the he hit it in the eastern Massachusetts. Are right now there. And and let them. What do people look for in terms of southern pine beetle what would beat the symptoms that a treatment be being attacked them. Absolutely yup so that they can book. Do you get Barca the traction and branches of the street and look for. They call them little like popcorn like pitched you so they're they're very small. Popcorn shaped. I pitched to step intrigued viewed. Despite. Didn't gas station and they can be their white. To kind of the red in color. And that and it gives you a sense that debt part beetle it is active in that tree and and that your listeners want more information and even better sound and images. I found that the average that they could look for they should visit our our web page which has when you map screens curled up or work. And we have to actually on southern pine beetle a wide variety of other past. That I'm I'm so glad you brought to a that web site because there are there's so much there to help people out right. So let's repeat that again you Mans re in info. ORG. What of what is at that website for a professional start. Absolutely well you mentioned a wide range of a great information. We have publications. That's probably put out such as the landscape message which is during the growing teams and they you weekly message about. Kept insects and anti fungal problems that folks should be looking for in the landscape. People who got information about certification courses in training staff professional. Can attend them require continuing education. I'm credits for. Past aside licenses and and and other organizations. And I have a couple but it like to mention that at like six. I. Will be will start being asked to regain patent and basically inspector application course and that will be. Held in February and march and then we'll have the bark beetle identification. Training. And in August are up next year so I encourage folks to go to that went and and I checked that out somehow got some some nationally renowned expert they'll be providing that that training articles covering. In fact related but certainly we have over a wide variety and. Unfortunately. We have come up against the clock were out of time. But I'd love to have you back sometime Tony okay. All right thank you how much I appreciate it that's Tony's Kaminsky and technology specialist at University of Massachusetts extension. And this is the boys of Boston WR can now. Well come back to the garden. Maybe I have a garden variety and it is likely. It should be here. Every Saturday. Where we're talking about shrubs trees. Flowers on them vegetables house plan. In effect. We're Caterpillar's via the crease in the probably agreed and the gorgeous. We are talking about it here on the currently at the numbers that you can call with your garden. Plant questions is 6172666868. We just picking up bugs I'll tell you what I have been. Capturing it in my house I don't smash them because you know. They're just here looking for the biggest tree in the forest and they are box elder bucks you might have seen them coming into your house there they're large. There are black. And they have red stripes on them or crap orange striking on themselves they're. A pretty impressive looking insects are almost shield shaped. And with large black cantenna. And so they come in houses at this time of year basically looking for the warmest place for them to spend the winter. And so the biggest warmest tree in the forest is our house's. And so the park's other parts of tried to you know command and make themselves at home and I ticket Powell dish towel and just gently wrap them up then he impacts. From. You may find other insects trying to you know find a warm spot in your home right now lady bugs do the same thing. And sometimes. Later that's we think of this cute little lady you know put them when they start coming in our homes in large numbers there. A little less Q. That it works so it's something that we always need to be aware. At this time of year is that our homes are looking pretty attractive. To both they insects and the mice in the various rodents as the temperature school. 6172666868. Yes speaking of a crater and the temperatures cooling and and me being surprised I have hummingbird that is feeding in my car right now. I have not had a real heart for us to at my house he had a chance light frosts. My pineapple sage is still in full blown my salvia Mexico China is still in full bloom. So I don't have a nectar sources and have hummingbird. That has kind of taken up residence. I'm a little bit worried about the port thing because as soon as I do get a hard frost which will probably happen. Tomorrow night or Monday and I ain't. I'd those plants are going to go away so I'm not going to have those nectar sources anymore. It did remind me that there are. Birds that are still moving through that sometimes we think in November. The hummingbirds have common they've gone. But they may not be gone and if we can have a source. Of nectar for them that's a wonderful thing. I was talking with a burger about this hummingbird. I and my concern about it. And hippest telling me that he has friends who keep up hummingbird feeders. Right through new year is because. The they have hummingbirds that this attempt. So that was interesting to me as well if you have. A hummingbird feeder in new routinely put it away at the end of summer making it like to. Consider keeping it up for those birds that are migrating through. Even too late date. Can be fun to see. Birds that you don't expect at this time of year for shore. And of course speaking of the birds at one way for you to support birds as we're going into the colts' season. Is of course defeat them that some people don't like to feed the birds for various reasons fine but if you want to support the birds. A great way to do it is with the bird bath it has heater and I and you couldn't pick up. Bird bath heater at your local garden centers Rose Garden centers carry them. Hand bird stores of course. And put it into the bird bath and it keeps the bird bath just warm enough. So that the water tents and trees. And that can be a real gift to the per speak drives. Sometimes finding. On frozen water fresh water for them. Is more difficult. Than even finding food you know there are a lot of weed seeds and Hodgson and things out there at that and and insects and Barkin you know food sources for birds. But there is not as much fresh water once the temperatures cool below freezing cell that can be your real blessing. For those efforts as well and had a lesson for us as we watch those birds come and go from the carton anchor great pleasure. Out of seeing you know that crowd of cardinals tonight. Mourning dove gang and then. The mob of blue jays that are out there that really beautiful and. Watching them come and go is a real pleasure particularly as we go in winter. And that can be a good way to stay in touch with what's happening. In the natural world. Some teammate all last week and let me. Seen here Paula mentioned that her. Right. Rhododendron was in full blown. And she served why is this one in full flower and the others are not and will it still flour in the spring. Paula I have noticed the same thing I have noticed that there are actually two rooted entrance to tend to be and fairly full flower right now. One at the PG AM Rhode east with a purple flowers in the smaller leaves and wind are at the white and why he. At them and not others I don't know Tom in general wrote hundreds put out flowers now. In response to a couple of things first of all the hours of daylight and darkness are kind of similar. To. What they are in the spring and that triggers flowering. And then the fact that we have had a long dry summer and ran. Then in the fall it's saying to the plant it's springtime to wake up I'm blown. And time now the once they have bloomed in the fall. They will not bloom next year or so are your flower beds are open now. You about two flowers on that plant next fossil enjoy it now and enjoy it as a a little November. Bonus a little November miracles. And the year other plants should flower next spring. Let's go to line one and talk with Sandra Sandra welcome to the garden variety. Hi I intact QB for Obama I can image and get it suggested putting a line. Our am and I wonder I took a Black America and it sprinkled it around the dirt ground of course. We're just not a good thing to do or should I tactic downer. There are no you don't have to take it and I I obviously. Mom told you about the line in order to keep them paint is that correct. Well. Actually. Some of them have already church that will write it play Hewitt suggested being acquired. That I did play at this summer there are are guaranteed tomorrow. Guarantee that you want a pink snap low and and most people want blue not pink cell. In answer to your question. Did you have to dig in now putting it on the surface it's fine. How you act and that here Massachusetts it's actually harder standard to keep. The height range is pink and it is to turn them low. And in addition to putting the line down now I would define where you repeat that application of slime. In the spring time. It and be sure you're applying at all I would say good two feet away from the base that the plant in a circle all way around the plan OK not just right under the stamps because the roots are going to go out. Into the soil you know beyond the reply of the plan. So. It's so you'll need to put that line down. Apparently religiously a couple of times a year. Okay now or should I be bitter low pressure the red beet leaves a pretty much dying now. Sir I guess sweet pickle. Yes right valiantly that allow them to him he waved and next spring in the late in the day. You will remove anything that's dad did that leave anything that has a budget green by early on annual leave. I'll say you never want to cut them down to quote and quote eaten them up okay. Right Larry okay that the mistake I made I won't make bad against. I have a lot of people a lot of people make that mistake because they. You know in the fall and early spring they all looked dead in a way and so people think well they're just making them look a little better. Not understanding. That they may be cutting off the flowers for the next season. Am not only that but there's there's also no such thing is keeping these factories are shorter they replace their growth. You know by my by July at every year anyway so. Yes yes they do. Well thank you very much. I appreciate your call center you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 6172666868. Hide Rangers are planned it you know I think if I had to say that you know plants that I get the most questions about. It's right during truth and Montauk gays goes to plan it. Generate. Most of of the questions that come in it's it's very interesting. It ranges it's it's not understandable. That day. Generate questions because there aren't. That many plants that in the summer of one year form did germ of what will be the flower then next year. There aren't that many plants that have flowers that changing color according to the PH of the soil I. So that's unusual wall and they aren't that many. Plants that have. Several different varieties within the same gene has some it will Arnold woods on the little one who led. Some you know throw. It's it's a topic that. Flummoxed as a lot of people and that's why we are here every Saturday from twelve to two. To answer those kind of questions. We're going to take a quick break and when we come out more questions whether it's about Hank ranges. Insects or are Montana daisies or whatever else this on your mind 6172666868. I MC often Arian this is the carton lady on WRK. Well come back into the garden lady on C Alfred Ari and I. Okay we'll have to. Talking about the houseplants flowers homegrown vegetables. From street line. And we're going to go to the phone 6172666868. Let's go to line five and talk with gene gene welcome to the garden lady. Well you know people that's your show. And my question. I had to court just hanging uranium plants. And that course at the end of this season. And now I'm wondering didn't excite proposed in the garage what they come back in the spring. Well maybe maybe not that's that's sort of a little bit of a risky way to saved uranium. If that gets quite cold in your garage. They're going to die. There's not light in the garage sell sometimes. In a warmer season. They will live in that situation because they have such cherry pick stadiums they have. You know a fair amount of stored energy to keep them alive. How but if you really want to save richer premium from year to year bringing it inside the house in front of a sunny window is so much better. Oh. Now the basement is worse it. It would be worse because it would be warmer and then warmer they're gonna dry up even faster. Well is there a light in the days. I could put them in various windows like could trip certain. Facing that we know. I have felt windows. Oh okay well if there if they would get light in the basement yes putting them in the basement in front of the windows and keeping them watered. They will probably stay alive that way. How often would you suggest that test and at least once a week. OK I won't try that they were sure why you're close this year and I hated to throw them away and I yeah. Now I went to promote our. I I'd say it's worth the try Jeanne here's the thing you'll find that they will lose a fair number of leaves it won't stay as you can gorgeous as they are now okay. So they're gonna lose leaves and their gonna look a little lean and lanky empathetic towards spring football. And at that point then you'll need to cut them back and if you want you can root the cutting. But you'll need to cut them back refresh the soil a little bad and start to fertilize. In order to get them looking good again and it'll you know by the time you put them outside. Okay what can I put them right and then late late maim and hate me. Now I pay very helpful. OK and it's easy to pick cuttings of these plants so if you wanted another thing that you could do is take cuttings right now. And once they're rooted you can root them even in a jar of water. And once they're rooted pop them in little pots and keep them in a sunny window. That actually might. And you might end up with more attractive plants in the spring if he did that. Luke should be tried to. Okay. And have fun with it. Are right you know sometimes we need to try these things because what's the worst that would happen. Right the plant would die and okay diet that was left outside anyway so why not try keeping them all for. Listen I didn't halftime act today when I had to. The money some risky the entomology specialists talk about did you mess garden calendar. But this is something that you all should know about and on this is something that makes a great present for somebody who has. Not only for partners but a great president for somebody who is a new homeowner for example who doesn't know too much now plants and gardening. If you go to that website that we talked about you man screen in faux. Dot ORG. Right on the front page of that. Is. Information. About how to get that calendar. And the thing about this U mass screen info calendar is that there are. Daily tips there. Included information about when to do things went to renovate lions went to prune a fertilized roses. How to conserve water landscape. It's so much information in calendar form. 01 with. Daily sunrise sunset times. So just a lot of information there. And you can go to the website UNC a sample page from the calendar. You can read all about what's there. And I encourage you to order yours because. I. At some point. They stopped carrying them so ordered them and you can also order several forget since it makes a nice present makes a nice. Hostess gift to host gift if you are traveling in visiting people. That makes it nice present and makes a nice present for perhaps that. You are kids or grandkids who don't know too much about landscaping and I have just moved into new house that another. Good present for them so check it out to the University of Massachusetts. Garten calendar. U mass screen info dot ORG eight. If you forget what that web site is all you have to do is Google humans extensions. 27 teams garden calendar. And you'll come up with several. Sites that all leads you to the right place to order why so. And what repeat that Al train remembered repeat that later on in the second hour of the program as well so that those have you who. Want to write it down get a pencil ready now and will repeat that later. We have so much coming up in the second hour I am going to talk a little bit. Activities planned related activities for your grand children over the holidays I had an email about that. We will spark. Of course about plan that you should know about. And I'll answer a couple of other emails that have come through so we have a lot of information coming out. And not to mention of course your phone calls to 6172666868. Take a look and see what's happening in you or your card and comment about it because we. Another hour of the cart lady coming up. You aren't listening to the curtain maybe here on the voice of Austin. WRK. I'll. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. Pain. You can. And. Welcome to. It started late. On WR KL. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come to the second hour of the guard Levy. Al and I and I am so pleased to be able to be with you every Saturday. As we talk about shrubs trees homegrown vegetables. House plants holiday plants flowers. Landscapes and lawn. We always start off the second hour we question. And my question to you today used to you one climbing rose. That doesn't overwhelm. A smaller trailer. Again it flowers repeatedly. Throughout the summer. Well Harry Connick plan for a Hugh. That climbing rose called climbing on America. This is our roads with rich coral. Flowers. Coral color you know may be a dark salmon and nice coral color flowers with a classic rose Shea. Not much for immigrants but that's our. It is hardy in zones five nines and some even say zone for so most of this listening area certainly. And it is fairly disease resistant. This is a good roads of course for a full sun. And when you are dead hit it clip off the old flowers it it's repeat flower. Throughout the summer I have found. So I love this plant because. Not only is it beautiful. In late may June when it starts to flower when most roses are beautiful. But later on in the summer and in fact right now I have roses on this climbing America grows. On my right next to my garage right now. It took a picture with my cellphone as I walked out the door this morning on those roses because they continue to be so. Court. This. Climbing gross doesn't get as large as some of the more vigorous climbers such as new dawn for example. And that's good because I think most people they have smaller Harper's they have smaller relatives so this is a good plan for that. Now. I will say that it is our roles right climbing America is a rose it's not and it's not a plastic plants sell. In Summers that are very wet or wet and cool. Like any rose it will get black spot just the name of the game in them whether or so. You know if the weather is trending in that direction you might want to spray the foliage with an organic fungicide. But basically. These are pretty problem free plants and like most roses. These plants like a little bit of higher rate of fertilization. And compost compost commodore. That pretty. Basic good. From former. Not a prima Dona type of play so if you want a rose that you don't have to. First over at that lunch but one that will repeat flower look for. Climbing America and as always. Ye who can see a picture of the plant featured at the top of the second hour by going to my web site which is garden lady dot com. And if you click on block. I post that you plan to. Either Friday night or Saturday morning and you could you picture of how the plant and I've spoken about luck thing you can also. How to spell the name. In case you don't quite understand when I talk about it on the radio climbing America grows a really nice climbing. Rose and check it out if you have a sunny spot that you want to have them. Pretty flowering plant against the wall or over cellist in your car. 6172666868. As the number you can call to talk. About what is on your mind in terms of plants and gardening the holiday plants have filled the garden centers I. This is so weak that the points that is land. This is the week too and see all those beautiful site woman in the pink and red and white. With their heart she believes. This is the week that the curtains senators are fully stocked and I am a realist ball and they have. Our sisters the paper weight since spots all our holidays plants. Are flooding in ticker listeners right now. And a lot of them are just written a lot of pleasure at this time of year. I was talking with someone the other day who wanted to put. Weren't that in hanging basket. And that she was. A little bit worried that the points that he wouldn't parents need over to hide the basket and I agreed with her that it's not going to cascade over. A lot of the hanging basket that use the that. Are filled with points steady as in garden Tennessee duke and they actually have small points it is planted in the side of the pot the pot has a hole in it. And that's a small plant in the cited the pot so that there is a point said he at that covers that side of the pot. But if you're putting up something yourself and you want a plan that's going to hear skate over. You're far better off instead of trying to. You know somehow. Maneuver a point that you so that it is tipped it covers the pop. Little IV. Barricaded IV however current sinner has small pots of barricaded RIT. And you can turn those into this side of pot. So that the ID cascades over the pot the points said he is up. A ball of you know and with its colorful Braxton. And the dark green leaves serve barricaded believes whatever that plan has. And that it's a really pretty look I've beat goes very well with points at plants. If you buy appoint any of that already in a pot. Another thing you can do is to. Get a larger container whether it's potter basket. And small pots of IV and either port a pots. On opposite sides of the points idiot and a larger casket of course wider gasket or wider decorative pot. Or you can even. Feel that are partially feel like as I would think that. Bigger container with soil went the IPO on the edge and just put the whole pot of transplant the points it if you don't want to. It could to sink it pot all in to that archer pot in here and you'd get that lovely combination. Of the points any plan. With the colorful racks and I'd be spilling now over the size so that can make a very very good compensation. 6172666868. I had an email. Believe it was last week. From rank and race at my neighbor had to plant with bright flowers that bloom around Thanksgiving through Christmas in her cart what is it. Ray I think you're probably seeing how Boris. And it's interesting because I was just talking about. Holiday plants landing at garden centers that often times at this time of year. You will also c.s sold as a holiday plant a garden centers. Ports. And many of them that are in flour and now are from the gold collection of developers whole collection hello porous. Comment of flour a little bit earlier many of them. And so there are available for a stay. During the holidays. And many parents that are seldom as holiday plants. If you've seen them in your card it's standard now know a couple of things first vol. Bite them implant them right away don't keep them in side as a holiday plan and then decide. In January to put them outside could that's going to be very hard on a plan to be indoors. For that length of time and then collapse I planted right outside. And they will do beautifully. There is now one called G cup that flowers from Thanksgiving. Well into march in my heart. It is just in nice plant with operate trees and flowers. So to look for Hal Morris. In your garden center at this time of the year and rain without seeing a picture that's my best guess as to what your neighbor had speakers. Let's face that there aren't that many plants that flower. From Thanksgiving. Through Christmas in a Garten and the Christmas rose that the common name for. One species of teleport for Christmas euros is one of them. We're going to take operate when we come back you or call 617. 2666868. Times the often Ari and you're listening to the voice of Boston. WRK. Ago. Welcome back to the garden variety. The album sorry and I am here every Saturday power plants and gardening. 6172666868. Give me a column let me know what is on your mind I promised that I would repeat the information about that. University of Massachusetts garden calendar. This calendar by the way is not only filled with. Great information for in any curtain or or home landscaper you don't have to be your partner to get a lot out of this calendar. Number one number two it supports the university extension which is such a positive thing to support. And number three. It's available still. Lets you think it costs about two well dollars plus shipping at this point and you can see it. Right either going to U mass green info. That oh Archie. Or you'll man's garden calendar. Dot ORG maybe that's easier to remember UMass garden calendar. Oh Archie. Or here's a phone number for those of you who don't want to go on line. Here's a phone number. 413. 54 or 50895. Let's go to the line one and talk with Richard good afternoon Richard welcome to the garden variety. Well I am happy to get people are quickly. A question about the yeah. The life expectancy total flight grassy. I brought some grass seed last spring and even somewhat but they have a good bit left. Ordering. One prize they told me I should just discarded. But I was wondering. If there will be liable in the spring. Out where it's sort all summer Richard. Where was it stored last summer. I didn't. Okay. And well here's the thing is of course the longer you keep that the last. The last viability. That grass seed hats and it's at this point it's. Too late to use it however. I don't think it's going to be a complete waste you know maybe. And let's say hey. You'd get as deep as 70% German nation well that's fifty to 70% termination right. Yeah sure felt I would say. Hold onto it. Yeah I would say hold on to it I would say keep it in the cool. Garage our eye on an equal over the the wintertime and and cooler it's better than to heart. And and then I would say to scatter it next year in April mid April. You know rhetoric on tax day but a sure okay. And and it you know you won't get a 100% German nation mad at but I think you'll get at least 50% and probably more. So I just like put. Did down. It heavier than I might ordinarily. Yeah I think that's probably a good plan to put it down a little bit heavier than it would ordinarily. First call. Unheeded and and that means it could get. You know Nicole snapping get blows. Are. Well I think that that's probably all right that's better it's better to have that holds that it is to have to warm all came out OK here yeah. So I would I would I would go with keeping it on the cold side not keeping it in a warm spot. Sure okay well Brett. And let it got to lose after hour. From. A well I appreciate your call and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let's go to lines size and talk with Jim. Jim welcome to the garden variety. Our. Let's. I have practiced her home. I've kept it indoors or from most of its life a kind of a probably be the year. Exported out armor are put it all on my guests bring in some are. Error in my attic aren't too much water because a quarter of the way up from the basic look like it's bad. But the top recorder still still looks sultry. Out interpreted to Africa to cut off that bottom dead are going to be partly player. Well if the top looks doesn't look like it's dead in that it's just. Gray or brown. Or does that looked like it. Or does it look like dead did it in that there it's mushy. Now it looks like it it saw its ground from a from the bottom I would have to two feet optical ground. Pop pop record is still green. Well it could just speed up that base is aging you know sometimes as a hack. The cactus gets older GM. The outside cells actually do turn either gray or brown and the cactus is alive in it. But the exterior or that changes. Just you know just like human skin as it ages changes. In texture in an appearance so. Seem it seem like. It by a final order on the deck. Yeah it took the ball because it's RIC. A state who okay are very well. ER. If that case that if it seems like it's falling over you might be right by the cardinal over watered the roots might have brought it. So the bottom might be routed. And yes you can take that. Plan and cut off above where Doug Brown dead park is right. And are going to be sure you make that cut in to healthy tissue and usually the recommendation is to them let. That he's that you just cut off. Dry overnight let it sit overnight before you put it back in the soil. Okur put it in brand new I'd I'd. Put it in if if you're going is the same pot make sure that you clean the patent sterilized so well or get a new pot. And get all though. I guess potting mix. And yet at your local garden center will have a potting mix that are army spent specifically for our various character guy. And use on the part of knicks don't be tempted to recycle the old. And to end them planted in that end and buried probably a good couple inches. Of that trump. That you've you know that you cut off. Right and moistened it to begin with but just don't keep its swampy whet our way Yo-Yo are who. To. Water at me B every couple of weeks around. Through the wintertime. O Eric. Oh curt our leader in IIQ probably canned their pretty easy to root. Okur OK. Margaret ought right good. Help good luck with that Jim. The tire are pretty easy to root and the reason is of course where. Where most of them live in the desert piece is get knocked off of the main. Cactus plants. Either through storms are animals or whatever. And that's one way that they have of continuing the life of their species as they root right there in the soil. Yeah where in their natural environments so. We can emulate that the Rio the tricky part is not giving them too much water while they're getting it established. The other thing I should have mentioned to Jim and hopefully Jim you are still listening. Is that after you do that don't keep it in the sunny just window keep that either back. A little away from the Sony just window wallets getting routed or he's so close he won it in a light situations. But not in. The greatest hardest spot while it's getting reestablished and it's it's not should move. As much of an issue now is that might of been. In AD. Time of the year wins there's more available daylight but. Just don't keep it back a little bit for the next month or two. From the window and then move it closer to that. Sunny window. After. You know a month or two has gone I. So that you'd give it a chance. To get itself rooted without having to deal with the brightest situation for a little bit. A little while. All right we are coming up on an outbreak when we come back more of your calls whether it's about our. A real cactus plant or ache for Christmas cactus plant which. Isn't actually even a character as. So. Or some other aspect of you or your card give me a call 617. 2666868. I'm C Alfred Murray. And this as the voice of Boston. WRKO. Well. Back to that are made. And you know area I am here every Saturday. To talk with you about. Indoor outdoor. Short plants that we called on. Plants that we called for three hits and everything in between 61726668. 68. But speaking of holiday plants which we were a little while ago. I went to the supermarket the other day and there were. A new generation. Of really spray painted it it was definitely paint it out to say that paint points he has. Oh I don't know five or six years ago. There was a trend for spray paint points it isn't so you could get a point said he was purple. Wore blue and I'm talking. Really violent world. And it wasn't a new variety what they've done let's take quite. Pointed instance spray painted them. Well I went to supermarkets in the days and there was no right points idiot that had. Looked like water colors had dripped all at that plant looked like. They had put the plan and dripped dies over so it was clearly some sort of splatter type. Die painting on this plant was quite fun it was quite. Interesting looking. And some people who are very offended by died plants like this. Can be kind of fun and I think it also and the thing that excites. People. About plants. Can be a good thing as long as those. Colors or whatever is applied to the plant as hazardous isn't hurting somebody's how. I think golfer and can be can be interest. I got an email last week from car. And car. I want to do something. Related with my grand children. Over the holidays. Is there a good house plan we could yet for them to narrow. They are 79. And twelve years old what would you suggest. There are few things are to do something related with grandchildren I think for that age. Number one I'd suggest making a fairy carton you know you can get. I shallow bowl. Whether it's. Hot and it's heavy. Clay York plastic shallow bowl. In most garden centers carry a whole selection of shorter plants that they can. Create. On miniature landscape basically and plan you can make. Harper's out of twigs EU from your your guard. You can and go outside and collect stones to make way these little fairy curtains. And of course there are any number of Jerry garden accessories that bristled at current sinners these days if you want to. Accessorize them with little benches then. Little gazing globes in homes and that's sort of thing you don't mention quality or grandchildren are male or female but sometimes. If if your grandchild doesn't want to do a fairy Kuerten they can do an elf environment or even at dinosaur. Garten. That's a popular thing as well so that's number one Tom. The other thing it can be fun for kids is. If you can get either some cash grants war. Seeds. Rye grass winter rye or annual rye grass sometimes you can find that garden centers sometimes it just sold as cat grass. That's that's very quickly. And it can be fun because you can make. Basically it lawn get a shallow. Container. And puts him potting soil amendment and scatter that ran topic germinate and about ten minutes. Our academic center -- little bit and then you couldn't make it a little environment on that long enough. Or if they have a chat. It's nice thing to do for. As well as to start some. So that's nice and then of course. The paper white narcissus. Great project for kids because. You put a paper right on top of grapple. In a clear glass eight days or you could give each of the children a Mason jar and put a paper white narcissus in there. And you feel. The gravel part with water so that the water just such as the base of the ball. With in two days UC roots coming out of that all of that paper way. With in a week the paper white foliage is you know at least six inches tall so talk about instant gratification. You really cannot beat paper right now assistance for instant gratification witty or seven years old or seven years old. And I've got some going on my kitchen tables right now and I can't tell you how wonderful it is every day to see how those plants are growing. And developing so that that's a fun thing to do with. Kids as well. And I suppose if you want it to you could also. If there are any ball in the gardens and are now. Over Thanksgiving if you're talking about the Thanksgiving holidays you could plant some ball in a pot of soil. Can't put it in a cold garage. Make sure it doesn't dry out and let it sit. For the next. Couple of months in a cold garage and then they can take out that pot of all. And to have is. Germany you know to force the bolts in doors and half early spring firings at that can be kind of fun for children as. 6172666868. Is the number that you can be called to join me today. On garden. Lady and a paradigms I'm still going out into my vegetable garden right now. This week and seeing what's for dinner. I am harvesting can Allen harvesting our clam harvesting carrots and harvesting rubella and Salant. Salon Treo I even picked still a few. Mr. Shrum believes that they'll probably go on Sunday night that. It's amazing. The amount of produce that you can get out a professional carton. Particularly. If you plant a few things in August that are cold tolerant. Like chart like Cano. Light the arugula you know those sort of things so. If you. Our. Have not. Harvested art look at your are cartoon recently if you still have. Let us and all don't don't hesitate to pit call that the arugula delicious. The carrots. You haven't pulled the maps are pulling them out because they are there for the picking right now. And next year plan to put some of those things in the cartons so you'll be able to eat at a your carton well into December and sometimes beyond. Let's go to line one and talk with Martha Martha now welcome to the garden variety. Crowd and you know I wanted to ask if you have any resources. Our I guess that hog micro. Aren't angry you just you Garten was treated and then you pick a reminder about half an inch or an install. It's only a micro greens absolutely. Well first about the have you gone to your local garden center and asked them about this. Because most garden centers now sells seeds for micro greens. And and Dell of course you don't have to have a lot of soil to grow micro greens. You can do it in a shallow flat. And so. If it works very nicely. They don't you know they they grow pretty quickly. And you can and then just harvest them back kind of dropping dropping them off with a scissors. And yeah its it's very popular thing and most garden centers will carry the supplies for that. OK thank you one more question so what wind tunnel when Kara lavender over. Now about that at all. Is it in a potter is it in the ground. That OK you just basically want to leave it alone and as long as it's a variety that hardy in the northeast it should be fine on its own. You don't want to cover it up with anything this is a plant that likes. Good. Air circulation. OK so it better not to cover it if if you've lost lavender in the past it could be the variety that you planted number one. If it's in our real. Windy locations sometimes it can get a little bit of wind burn and if that's the case. On the windy side you can pile up some kind ballas but. It if you if you do try and protected a little bit Martha be sure until it was something very light and lefty like pine boughs. So I don't expect at all maybe. No you don't cut it back at this point now leave it exactly as it is. And what you will be doing is next spring sometime in late April or early made. You go out with and and just cut about oh an inch or two low. Off the top or if it has a little bit of dived back Q cut back quite dead at that point. Do you have any idea what variety it was that you plan to. Well because there are some varieties if if one that you plan to it dies it's winter. Next spring looked for. Two different varieties that are are quite party one is called phenomenal. And one is phenomenal and one is called months dead. I. Yeah that one may or may not make it or. Okay. Well you never know all my BO the warmest winter on record Martha okay. Okay. And I. Thank you for your call may be at Martha's. Lavender makes it weakened credit climate change I don't know. But in any case are for those of you who are looking for a hardy lavender the two varieties to look for next spring. Would be months dead and phenomenal both of those are quite winter hardy. We're going to take a break when we come back more talk about plants and cartons. I'm the often are in this is the garden variety on WRKO. Well come back to the garden lady. Up several lines open but time to get through 617. 666868. I'm see now for an IRA and I am here with you every Saturday from twelve until two talking. All manner of plant related. Things I'm wondering if you've noticed fewer acorns this year. I've been reading about people reporting you to know acorns being produced because of the drought. So that's an interesting thing I have noticed few were eight cars on my property where it lives on McCain. So om and if that case that you know that has him packed down the line. On critters for sure you know there are many critters that depend on acorns. Any anywhere from deer down to. Mice. That depend on these things for their winter food so that's going to be interesting. To see and I don't know what does that you know just in pockets. That the acorn production was down or whether you know we're seeing that in all of the places where. We sought drought this past summer and I I continue to say that we seek the results of drought. Frequently. For. Years down the line and so. Not only will we see the results. Of this year's drought. Next year. During the growing season that maybe even you know for the next couple of years after that so. All right well whoever's calling on line one hang on we will get you in just 12. And I want to remind you to that it is time. To spray plants that are routinely attacked by the dear. With eight year repellent anything that Bambi has managed on in the past. Bambi is going to munch on again this winter so time to get that repellent on. Let's go to line one Antarctic cutie cutie welcome to the garden variety. Outright there is. A question of migraine Jack I actually view and then we're a little bit. Yes earth I'm thinking I may have it appropriately prudent bear. Well last year lets you last year was the winter that pruned them okay. Height range as you are correct that it cutting them down at any point blue hiker inches. If they are still you know alive will take off the flower buds because right now. Right now in November. So the rule of thumb for a little height range. Is to only. Wrote it in late may when you can clearly see what's living and what's dead. And only takeoff let's get so. Any any leaves Andy. Green growth at that plant has on those. Those gains in May that's where the germ of the flower isn't it never wanna cut that off right. So but if we have a really cold winter acuity. Those canes died to the ground that's what happened last year. So last year com. I'm sure that you saw that in late made those gains were completely there yet no green growth on them at all. And and if that's the case that means that McCain am the bud of next year's flower cart staff in the wintertime. And you can am by the end of may if your height stranger canes don't have growth on them you can cut them back and note that you know eat there won't be flowers that next year. Are poor that's great because I appreciate it they do not because I can't get to look at what should I. Heal them so. And be aware of that it could get the Olympics. I hope so that we we all have to really concentrate on having a nice mild winter where it never goes below about five degrees. An end during the end just note that during the winter if there are a couple of nights where it goes below zero. That's the kiss of death for her to drink your blood so if you're if you aren't living in an area where it routinely. Goes below zero every winter. This is not the plan for you. Okay and they're good at it here and it. Yeah what some races in Massachusetts seldom go below zero in some places you can almost guarantee. That every winter at local below zero so. And and it's does below zero temperatures that's what really kills those high stranger by itself. If if if it routinely goes below zero even for an night in a one night can be enough to do it. And I. If that happens where you live then maybe you should grow some of hiker in Japan Q a lot of varieties that they're not little but they always well. I. I appreciate your productivity. If somebody could breed a blue hunter in Japan Q a lot of it make a fortune. The methods that day they are reliable bone hardy plants they didn't get down to. You know twenty degrees below zero at those plants were still flower that next year now. There are. There's a pink booming variety that flowers on new growth of heart rate sharper questions called. In didn't have cells spirit to. And invincible spirit to who has pink flowers they. Will always beat and never turn blow and it flowers on new growth so even if it gets cold in the winter time. You'll have those big. Puffy round pink flowers on incidents that now spirit to height range. It's got a two because the second second incarnation of intense bill's spirit. And improved. Variety and it has improved. I tell you there are no plans being introduced all the time and a lot for us to the excited about. And that is one thing that I love being here with you every Saturday for is talking about a lot of those sound the excitement. Gardening and excitement out plants. I mentioned protecting plants. From Bambi munching the deer munching and if you do live in dear country. There are you want to look for are repellent that is based on Easter egg milk or blood. And I think that the ones that are based on lied some times are longer lasting. Them and the others those are the repellents to use on plants that the deer like to eat in the wintertime. And that is one thing that is on my list. Upcoming four. The next couple of days to spring routed standards with a bullet pleased repellent in order to. Make sure that they don't. Get much to. By that year in the wintertime. We will be back next week Tom we will be talking about landscapes and lines houseplants flowers shrubs trees of course. Should stay in touch and you can always of course submit an email that I will answer the next week you don't like calling up the radio station. Send me an email. Send me a quiz question via Twitter. And I will get to the following week on the inner emcee elf and Ari thank you for joining me on the garden variety this as the voice of Austin. W parking. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. These kids.