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Kuhner calls Maura Healey’s hotline and is shocked by the results. 11/22/16

Nov 22, 2016|

What do you make of Jeff’s call to the hate-crime hotline?

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You know. I was just called their racist. Big head and a member of the clan and not see by bill. Not you know what I've had a I'm glad I'm calling I'm calling attorney general hotline Healy Mora Healy is hot line. Because I my pick and this abuse anymore. So she set up this 1800 number as many of you and all. Four people really for liberals the snitch on Trump's supporters but she's says it's open to everybody. So from bias motivated harassment or intimidation. Well I felt aroused by feel intimidated. Sorry what what guys you feel upset though. Jared Brittany you guys you guys are also. So OK you know what listen look very upset I'm upset. I'm guides. Where's the phone I wanna call the number. Wanna call the number OK so. Can I mean hold done OK 1800. Senior 994. Hour. Three tool tool eight. Hello hello you have reached the buying motivated tried hard line. Is this is this the Mora yearly hotline I wanna reported current. Please state the nature of that term based crime perpetrated against team it was about its about it are more you really hotline really discriminate against strong supporters like Camille wanna reporter. Are you a male or female who. What the difference does that mean I'm a mail you have to send sexist paint well what if that is correct hang out what the hopes. I mean prince one. Okay I'm Larry what the hell I'm okay I'll press one. Are you wipe me out what what does that have to do with. Okay yes Sony can have a press hair please state your name. Or not because Maine was what. Jeff corner. So Jeff could you or should I say definitely put the was this you call this hotline morning morning. Racist to right what kind of concrete or do you think you concentration. What are you serious. Are you serious. Hating you feel knowing you like directly responsible for destroying America no no you are you're destroying America don't blame me blame Neil. Hang up and turn yourself into your local authorities for processing. What to. Are you African serious. Hash time not my friend with whom well Obama wasn't my president you didn't seem to guide the craving hotlines. Cash tank and we there. Whoa hot rod with her. I'm not the way they are becoming the buying motivated to hunt mind. Then PME 2012. Get done me well we don't. This what kind of a hot line is this mare Healy who aren't flying really do you just hung up I mean. Is ridiculous. But how man you guys call you you call this is serious hotline is adamant that this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. Saw my look my friends if you wanna call. Had just called the number. It's arrogant by the way we melted the phone lines yesterday we just melt them down. They'd be answering machine was full so let's let's do it again okay did this is the way they wanna play it let's do it again. 180994. 3202818099430. To move one. And you know listen look report bill. I'm should regularly he called all of us idiots he called us racists. Are bats by his motivated harassment. That's bias motivated intimidate. So let's see if a Moret you leave hotline yearly will investigate more bats like that crazy bill I'm just thinking out loud here. 61720666868. Is the number okay Linda Europe next go ahead Linda. It won't look how you doing and I'm glad are you Linda I'm doing good you can literally leaning is here. And then I mean you lost these idiot that trump yesterday. I asked him the media. He can do well could we beat people can get we can't be like to cut and they can be worked out well lucky me and see you could see. And then to pick a couple things I see it and you can think depletion. And if they don't do nothing on Obama aren't compare. They won't get sick and Capcom are often adding to positions in Perugia mark that you blank. Beat car we made it to me right now in print and we're not staying. She did in my car and I kind of income Abbie help on the woman's G. On which you Lynda all I if anybody deserves to go to prison it's her. So I'm Linda I'm with you and thank you for that call look in fact he's meeting now with Pete editors and some journalists at the New York Times. Roundtable discussion he's now saying no prosecuting heard that's not off the table. Maybe people misunderstood Kellyanne Conway but I'm not that's not off the table salt look I think it's what I said earlier. He's gonna let the FBI investigation. Of the Clinton foundation precede. Because that's were all the crimes are really committed. And may be the special counsel or an independent prosecutor. They may be value he's gonna say well. Let's unify the country we don't need that right now. But no look at how can you take it off to people. How many crimes that this woman come it. Perjury obstruction of justice. Bribery influence peddling paid to play I mean the list goes on and on and on. Are of course she deserves to be in prison. So look I hope we we sessions as attorney general will be running the Department of Justice will be running the FBI. He's gonna listen to career agents on the ground. Look you do the crime you do the prime. Call me crazy. 6172666868. Now speaking of doing the crying and then doing the panic I've got to mention this. Not to mention its. So as you know. It's. As you know it's not just the media that is now melting down and going utterly hysterical. Going bonkers over trop. You now have mirrors. Liberal liberal mayors led by our own Mohammed Marty Walsh but it's big bird build the blahs you when New York. Rom Emmanuel in Chicago. And now this guy showing his face occurred at home Curtis phony as we column of the mayor of Somerville. And now they're claiming. That they are gonna remain Sanctuary Cities. They're gonna continue to coddle and hide. Much as illegal immigrants. Morgan or stealing people's jobs are illegally kicking welfare or EB year healthcare. But even criminal illegals. That they will not old bay with any federal laws. That Donald Trump may try to enforce. Even though these are the immigration laws of the country. And they are now vowing that they won't openly defy. Trump and the federal government. Trump has now said well you continue to behave in Sanctuary Cities you continue to coddle illegal immigrants give them welfare give them benefits. Allow them to roam the streets allow them to take jobs of honest hardworking legal Americans. Well we're gonna cut federal funding. And not only re gonna cut federal funding. But Jeff Sessions just said once I mean gee I'm gonna start suing the pants off you guys. Mohammed Marty you're gonna get sued. Big bird build the blahs you hope you're gonna get sue rom dead fish Emanuel you're gonna get stoned. Well now listen to this so Mohammed Marty Walsh just showing you how crazy these moon bats are. Mohammed Marty Walsh all long now where if occurred a phony Mary Joseph shift go to Ole Ole occurred at home. By the mayor of the sanctuary city of Somerville. They have now come out and say no matter what trump darts. No matter what the federal government does was noticed. You take our federal funds we don't care you try to prosecute us we don't care. Quote we will stay a Sanctuary City forever. So curt at home has now come out is basically a standoff with the federal government. And so Kurd a tone has now come out and said. That quote in the wake of the election. Our phones have been ringing off the hook we've heard from parents who fear they will be rounded up while they're young children wait for them out of home. We've heard from women. Muslims members of the LG BTQ community students of color fearing intensify discrimination. Noticed by the way. There's no evidence. Vick can't point to one concrete example of a so called hate crime. By eight trumps support or somebody who likes Donald Trump it's literally a swastika is on how strong. Trump was elected. And there's a swastika all it's because of Donald Trump. All you mean what all somebody pushed me on down on the subway car. A must did you come woman outfit that's because of Donald Trump. They can't give you one freaking concrete example but let that don't let that go. Credit home has now said. He is not a freight business he's not afraid of trump and he will not sure render. And so he's now saying that no matter what absolutely no matter what quote we will not waiver. We will remain a Sanctuary City. We Ari Sanctuary City now a Sanctuary City forever. According to him quote all lives matter. Okay. So if this is how they wanna play it. They wanna say game on a small problem. Cut the federal funds. And now I think it's time for. These people to be prosecuted. They are openly defying the law. There are now openly coddling and enabling criminals. Illegal aliens. People who have broken our loss. In fact many of them not just broke our laws to get him year. There illegally taking jobs away from Americans they're taking illegal welfare money. Illegal EBP. Illegal housing and this is all freaking illegal. Never mind the violent crimes. Never mind the gang bangers. Never mind the drug traffickers. And you're siding with them. You're in defiance of a well. Now how could want that true story OK true story forget a law. What I did break a local ordinance or regulation this happened this very morning true story. So I'm driving my dashed into his school. Market and aim to school for security reasons but it's a Catholic school it's a private Catholic school. 8400. Dollars a year in tuition never mine all the other incidental it's okay. Everything else about 99009005. Plus small school bus I got to drive them. The there's gaps. It's about a 1520 minute trip to over 101000 dollars a year. Now I comment. I just drop and literally I parked car. I drops thirty some money in twenty seconds I drop them off the glory back in my car and I drive Ava or school. I always park the car there is a handicapped space parking then they have parking for some of the administrators or reserve parking. But there's another spot right beside the handicapped parking you know it's like you just can't park there if we just XX XX and it's painted XXX. Nobody uses that's spot in fact nobody menus and handicapped spot every morning on their nobody uses it it's literally twenty feet from the door. So I figure why park in the parking lot. They both kids out of the car walk all the way across the parking lot. You know what pitch to a three man adds I got to drive gave out because I can't just leave her alone in the car for parking far away. It's a real hassle. Who am I hurting nobody. MI taken welfare yet. In my committing a violent crime yet. MI sucking off the public Pete yet. In my stealing somebody's job yet. I'm just parking in a free can place that nobody even barks and so it's convenient for me pick my kid out. Guess I'm Ashton I was columnist. Be good to the future. I want should be a good boy in school I want you to listen to your teacher and you know always daddy's favorite boy he says me I love you my favorite boy gimmick just. An off season twenty seconds back in the car. Ted. Same thing park my car. Yes I shouldn't be parking there it's all these exes I shouldn't be I yet. Again the car. She was maybe seven I think she's teaching kindergarten or one of the kindergarten kids like now backed out of hell. She flew out of there all big Hillary Clinton supporter by the way. Flew out of options Florida. Do you have a handicapped parking permit. I'm like no ma'am. You're not allowed a park or you're not all that's where she's really she's finishes out of her mind. You're not allowed up there. I go all I'm sorry can I just drop my son up no we have had complaints about you people have been complaining that your parking there. I go you have complaints about me for dropping my can off in this parking spot you're trading like I'm some kind of a common criminal. But when it comes. To illegals. You have a problem. When it comes to abortions to Catholic school have a problem you guys are trying to teach my kid that Hillary Clinton is a good president. My Ashton told you guys are battling Hillary Clinton but the kid should be supporting Hillary Clinton. Shall you're not yours. You're not a busy body when it comes to that the baby in the womb you're not a busy body when it comes to an illegal immigrant stealing somebody's dropper living off welfare. But you're going after me for parking and a spot that really nobody even uses. That you care about of that that's the end of the world that's liberalism for you in a nutshell. In a nutshell. So I'm no longer allow cold cause it's technically breaking a school ordinance. Park on a free can spot but nobody uses. But they're willing to stand up and defies the immigration laws of this country. To protect illegal aliens criminals and welfare deadbeats. Blank you icing it every single one of these mayors. You wanna do the crime do the kind. Send every let him join Hillary they should all go to jail agree disagree. Your calls next. Only 28 funny. 226. Here on the great WRKO. Are these mayors especially mall homage Marty Boston's mayor Somerville samaritan Sanctuary City Joseph Kurd a phony. Joke any AKA joke herta own. Are they obstructing justice. In their calls to remain Sanctuary Cities in open defiance of the law I wanna hear from you. And if there obstructing justice and aiding and abetting criminal behavior shouldn't they be sent to prison as well. Josh Europe next go ahead Josh. First of all I think if you wanna go after illegal immigration you have to go after the people that hire them we will not go away unless you put the people at higher than. In jail. And that's the only way that that it's gonna stop otherwise which watching a bunch of Roger rhetoric that never get anywhere and actually we have a chance to see something will happen because. What the Republicans put out the presidency. Also in the senate or if so what happens but apparently you have for your personnel look back. Immigration it's still going to be epic problem that they are not going after the people that hire these guys. Well Josh you're you mean you're half right you have to go after the employers but you also have to build a wall. You have to secure the border prevent the supply from coming in right and. Percent of illegal immigrant garment or yacht southern border. So east or to stop people covenant from planes or stay in their reasons. That's right that's right overseeing their visa it's you have to crackdown you have to enforce the immigration laws of this country. And frankly you have to go after these mayors. Like a Mohammed Marty and like Gary Curtis tone incurred a phony. Who are an open defiance of the law they're encouraging lawbreaking and they're proud of it. Eric urging lawbreaking but the people that are hiring illegal immigrants actually are breaking the law. They're taking jobs away Americans they're driving down wages and urged economic act and so they are breaking the law and they're bad for everybody. And these are the people that are real village and all because they're exploiting a lot of aren't there exploiting these immigrants. It's not on the on Josh on the company make a pick but you're right in the is that anti immigrant. And now it's all parts that are good luck with that you know but that's peanuts. But the guys that companies there or Canadian and they are at their table on taxes they're not saying they attacked they drive down wages. And they're particularly jobs so anybody that does not agree that we need to put these people in jail not really serious about. Our salt in the immigration issue that should be priority number one app the pop up immigration. Conversation. What about the people that I. What Josh that's the reason why Wall Street. And big business. Were so against trump that's why they were in favor of Hillary. That's why they loaded opera pockets. That's quite frankly they've been putting money in Obama's pocket. That's why they backed rubio or Jeb Bush readies establishment or Paul Ryan. That's why the donor class. Loves the establishment as it is because they wanna continue all of this illegal immigration. And big business loves illegal immigrants because it's cheap labor. And so that's where we're gonna find out now with trump has what it takes to stand up to them and finally enforce the immigration laws of this country. Now I Josh we didn't get to this but at. OK we lost charged but he was that the question on the board was wonder why call Marty Walsh Mohammed Marty. The reason why I call Mohammed Marty thought you're gonna get there about Josh is because Marty Walsh. Well like other mayors has said he will openly welcome Syrian Muslim refugees. Un vetted Muslim refugees. He wants them and he says we'll take. Thousands in fact he's so it will take 101000. So he wants the flood Boston. With our embedded Muslim refugees. Some of whom we know have been infiltrated by the Islamic state. But radical islamists and my potential terrorists. So why would any same man who cares about his people and who cares about his city why would you wanna we import potential terrorists and artists. Well the same kind of land that has no respect for the rule of law and no respect for the citizens of the city and the citizens of this country. So if you wanna stand up for Sanctuary Cities I say it's about time they put their mouth. They put their money or in this case they're trying where their profits. You want to defy the law you wanna do the crime do the time. Prosecute every single one of these layers and haven't joined Hillary in the slammer agree disagree. Mayor curt at all of Somerville. 'cause now said. Even if you withdraw federal farms even if you prosecute. We will be a Sanctuary City now is Sanctuary City forever. Is this aiding and abetting criminal behavior should these rolled out of control players. Get prosecuted. I say yes what do you say all of your calls next. 236 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Beat their sixth call are in right now went 61720666868. And you can win two decades deceit Kansas. At the Berklee performance center this Saturday. Get more info and buy tickets at Ticketmaster dot com. So be there six caller and right now 6172666868. Okay from a well placed source won't mention the name. From Somerville. This is what the mayor is up to so not only is he now openly defying federal law. Kurt of phony old along with Marty Walsh Mohammed Marty is like column. But heard a tone is inviting black lives matter. He wants is Somerville to remain a Sanctuary City says reef or repeal the federal funds Reese send them we don't care. He's apparently trying to brainwash the police. I mean I'm not kidding he's trying to indoctrinate the cops. And sold the police and Somerville. Have now been told they must depend what is called a what are called mindful lists meeting X. Effort Jimmy mindful less training. Whereby they're now being essentially brainwashed into quote being mindful of people's feelings. Especially those of criminals. Soul and all of somebody robs a scorer somebody burglarized his homework. Mod somebody your god from god forbid where deal is dealing drugs or whatever if you got to think about their few links. You have to keep that in to consideration. Either you are illegally occupying the street protest being black lives matter calling for cops to be shot white people to be killed. But you have to respect their feelings. And illegal alien hence after respect their feel links. So we if you see your violent crime by any illegal alien you cannot report it and must not reported to immigration and customs enforcement. You can't that you can report to the Fed's. Because of their feelings. Yeah exactly bringing have to hug them. Don't arrest them. Putting these mayors think the rebuttal walk. It's sweet love. Love them embrace him. Duma big smooch. A big kiss off these matters. Marty the map let's bring in some more Syrian Muslim refugees. That's all Boston needs well. You know we got to turn it into Boston as fans. But come on now. I'm looking at Bosnian Hamlet and certain. Demographic make up we're low on Muslims felt a mob maybe bring him in from Syria. 617. 0666868. Is the number. No it's. They said trump was lawless. That trump supporters were violent that trumps supporters were they haters. They're setting up hotlines. To snitch on Trump's people. They're openly defying federal law some of them are calling for the secession of California. They're calling for trump supporters to be killed they're calling for trump to be assassinated. Everything the huge trumps people and his backers. Is exactly what they are doing us. 617. And and I am the crazy one. 61720666868. Okay Carol in Bridgewater Europe next go ahead Carol. I I. Not only do I think. On that top shape and the if the gators of current that sure that the court. Sanctuary and he should be arrested. Or. A lot that their break and I also think that base should be. Prosecuted for any criminal accept the people who I legal. And if you are not high automatically. Bill could be guilty if someone called up that doing you're just waiting but. I think they sit through everything that's habit. Carol you know you make a very good point and Timmy I gotta I gotta ask the audience this really I've never seen this. Isn't a mirror doesn't take an art he or she won't be taken home aren't you supposed to uphold the rule of law. And for them to stand there. And say not only are we gonna defied the immigration laws of this country. But if you wanna take away our money our federal money taken away a dig like well hi you gotta pay the cops. What about paving the streets what about the the there's nothing to do much of it here in Boston anyway but let that go how about the pot holes I mean just basic social services. He you're gonna impoverish your own people this that with lawbreakers and criminals who shouldn't be here anyway. I accomplished it to that crime. And that's why I say lock him up. If if it occurred at tone okay. Put your time where your mouth there's gold go to prison let's put some handcuffs and let's help off York to this guy. 24 hours behind bars. He'll be squealing like a pig. Begging all Daniel enforce every free give immigration law on the books all he Hamdan Mohammed Marty double Ozzie all Rahm Emanuel just. 24 hours just bought a manned 24 hours and and all of a sudden. They're gonna start obeying the law 61720666868. Riley Europe next go ahead Ryan. And yet everything I did here you can you hear. Aren't sure yet they are currently not at. Let I doubt you Broward battle with a bang but I liked it a little bit too you know the you know go after Hillary Clinton nor or the lack thereof yes. You know. And you're like that are out there is so why it may not be going after her at least immediately. I think the most important thing we weren't Rickie Weeks. Are the direct ties between Hillary Clinton and a Saudi Arabia and Europe approved there you know anyone lookup themselves. And that Saudi Arabia but I. In Saudi Arabia and picked out President Obama cabinet or. You know a new world order you know I'd call it run very. Contrary. And right now where Nicole civil war and you know I think we need to keep perspective on that because you don't trump trump can't. A tread lightly as what he does right now it like on the line. You know it people just think that there's not a Jack cropped turned his back on everyone that you look back on anyone that supported him. I think that consideration. Good luck and element that is not plan or financial chat went I've mentioned that you. And that any wrong move could result and violence. You know in ten or just the American people. Any run locally possibly result in Obama declaring martial law. Two so what impact it got quiet. So. Definitely to bring a true is and I don't I would earlier short putt at her and mainstream media. It's got a cheap scandal that the outcome of the WikiLeaks revelations. Regarding John F. In total the alleged underground at a bio ring. That have been going on PC. And it's just appear here but. What I I hurt you know report. Donald Trump. You know personal relationship with chip Jeffrey Epstein. Who also. In the Clinton on his you know because it's actually a violent Georgie island where you know these these were people allegedly wanted to have sex with. With minor. Next. So you know equipment and dirt on him there I don't know I'm just brought out their. Pat Riley thank you for that call well look judge I'm I'm not reported it's well known Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire he's a convicted had a file. He has an island a private arms nicknamed orgy island. Where he would you know won't have underage boys and girls there. But we know for a fact that Bill Clinton went there are two dozen times and each time he told the Secret Service they home. He won a nobody from the Secret Service around. Now trump doesn't know Epstein or Epstein Larry pronounce his name. He's a billionaire billionaires know each other it's a very exclusive club. I have never heard that trumpet traveled with Epstein Epstein. A coup that orgy Ireland I'd never heard of any report alleging. So I can't you know I can't confirm or deny that look I would be shocked not that trump is a saint far from it. But you know Tim means would Donald Trump. A turn a blind guy to statutory rape. Would he turn a blind eye to children being molested. Or or children being violated. I don't believe it I mean I just don't believe it. Now you are right about Podesta he was involved in some really sick things. I talked about it briefly on the show. WikiLeaks I mean it was damaging. He jammed his brother. Satanism. Black masses I mean it was a really sick psychotic Peru. That's surrounded the clintons. And that's why honestly. If trump. If trump does nothing else. Just the fact that he defeated Hillary Clinton and prevented her from occupying the White House I honestly believe he saved our country. Jerry in Boston go ahead Jerry. That align missed like I. Jeff purple as well as a woman able to. Campaign problems and I think he should prosecute. Because rumble and I wanted to crunch times and both times the people went crazy. Locker rock block around the locker room. One other thing is Obama. Who now want citizens doing community organized religion and he wants to reject everything props as. If they go up to the meals Obama lied to the American people and they cannot find out that it could be built and Eli. So so I think they should do that because. They'll back off because it's gonna be upon. Upside. Rejecting everything that facet. Decimal. And the second mile I'm a retired state police and student two years isn't that the total will be Sanctuary Cities. Do not believe what goes on and some mobile. I must have arrested. Over the years I'm good people anyway but but the one that comes to mind. Back in the eighties. There was four El Salvador in. MS thirteen gang members know total rampant within mr. Ding Ding a broken when having a ball. Oregon and a lot about MS thirteen and didn't want it was a violent gangs are a number on the face of the earth. Well don't don't they have to kill somebody there's an in the creation app. Until somebody become a mom couldn't have missed it to remember that you and fumble it or kill a murderer the murderer but. These people would try to prosecute them and there was I believe it was five equivalent for involved and but trouble. Let them go to the and go back and Al sultan. Of abuse from again. But you would not believe the crimes he committed an assistant put known slot spa that's for the total coolest. To go by trust part in day you'll see anywhere from 25 to fifty of them I think in this. There all the salt all over Paul got licenses of course. And at the end. You know it's like about all options group a tone and in the. I build a glass so no I don't want get big bird and Rahm Emmanuel dead fish. I would just like to ask one question. How would they like it one of the daughters. Our silence. All white if process little mothers or anybody but it. Got raped robbed assaulted. And murdered. I mean this should let them make a bit has sent. BC got Jerry but look I'm an answer your question and and please don't don't drop them. Jerry. This is the big hypocrisy of the left Kurd at home how security people protecting his family. Marty Walsh has around the clock security protecting him and his family. Big bird build the blogs you'll rom Emmanuel he Cecil their protected. So they don't give a damn about us. You see very good day living their bubble Gerri what I don't understand is this one of the residents of Somerville put up put race. The gangsta drugs the violence the illegals the welfare. All of it why they put up with this throw his bum don't. It's in it's just amazing the size of them and it's been this way. It was a total on the job has been this way it's been in recent pulse probable probable and I can't miss probably fit as a probable must form with. Jerry I gotta go I'm up against a listen thank you for that call Jerry please don't be a stranger call again. Thank you Jerry god bless you my friend okay Mort your calls next. 255. Here on the great RK oh OK Brittany still got to. We got two more tickets right Brittany OK we've got two more tickets to giveaway. To see Kansas out the Berklee performance Sadr. This Saturday. For more rainfall you can buy if you wanna buy tickets. You go to Ticketmaster dot com but if you're the sixth caller right now 6172666868. Two free tickets to see Kansas at the Berklee performance honor bill Europe next go ahead bill. I don't. Think they call it army and being that earlier built you know we call him crazy bill. Troubled boy like that might Jill long Marvin is. Transposed the American people almost who oppose the rule of law. And actually Derek in the clintons as well yes. I think it in the wrong message that direction and he sends the wrong message to treat. It started when India only these. Little flash on little casket. On connect to people could prosecute crimes in the big in the in the big connected people. Will look very. And repair chains in the country I think that everybody here so but by the same laws. At one point one American hero and more Americans. On. Prosecuting Hillary. What are not here is that it was a hell or should they they're worried about the human. And there is health issues that might. My trimmed quote him sit during an investigation when I go where the Bill Gross. And then return trip slower literary material evidence to slow rivers there. What bill a mile and thank you for that call bill look that's why I think the Clinton foundation. That's the key that's the key that opens everything. Because that's Hillary it's bill it's cool my Aberdeen. It's it's everybody is Valerie Jared it's Cheryl Mills it's the whole corrupt Clinton gang. They all had their fingers in the pot. There were all gorging from the trough. So that's why to me just let the FBI continued their invest there already investigated. So they because there's so much evidence so let them continue their investigation don't obstruct them. And then it'll be up to the attorney general to present the evidence to the FBI director so it works the FBI director then gives the evidence to the attorney general. And then hopefully will be attorney general Jeff Sessions. This is why they don't want him. This is why they're trying to smear with racism because they know he'll fall through but let that go okay. And then it's up to the attorney general to prosecute. And I would just say look it's topped the FBI. Now you know special prosecutor right now yes that would be inflammatory I agree. Do you want to calm things you don't wanna raise the temperature temperatures already high enough as it is but you'll bill look you touched on something earlier. And that was the point in my story in my opening monologue about you know my MI incident today with my little lashed and dropping them off at school. Parking and a striped area whatever and no parking area literally twenty feet from where drop them off. Look that's their ordinances they feel that strongly about it park in the parking lot of fun enough at the end of the world. But it's the way they go after you for the little things when you're not a big fish when you're not politically connected. But the politically connected. Can get away with. All kinds of crimes and corruption that has that and we have to return the rule of law. Nobody is above the law and certainly not Hillary rotten. My friends. I need another hour. It might call if you're listening to PD director give me another hour I gotta go we'll have so much more tomorrow. Thanksgiving. Will it be a bad Thanksgiving because of trump will you argue over the dinner table or discussed that's so much more by body.