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Nov 27, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Started leaning on WOR KL. Joined the show like 6172666868. We're now come to. And I am so pleased to be here with you every Saturday afternoon. Where we're talking about landscapes lawns houseplants. Flowers. Home grown that she shrubs and trees. Every Saturday from twelve to two and. We always start out with welcome to the garden party when we explore briefly what's happening with plants and gardening right now. And what's happening right now. Is it's time tempering. Some winter color in sight. In the form of T win term greenhouse plants. Point said he and slight common amor realists these are all lovely colorful plants that are frankly. With good reason only available at this time of the year and I say with good reason because. In the case that the points India it is the long nights that caused a plan to color up. Indicates that this Michelman it is cooling temperatures. That caused this plan to try them bloom at this time of year. And in the case of the hammer relatives. Because now is it time these green houses and gardens that are stocked this plant. Because we can bring it into flour in doors for lovely were brilliant big and bold. Flowers in the wintertime so now that it's getting dark about 4:30. Every evening we need all the living color we get. And you can get it that your local cartons Centre. Right now. It is my great pleasure this morning. To have as my guest Jan Johnston garden designer and author Jan. Is the author of a lovely book a packed garden design called. Heaven is at garden designing serene outdoor spaces for inspiration. And reflection. She's also has another park coming out this winter that I know we want to watch for pat talk a little bit more about that later. Jim welcome to the garden variety. Thanks so much the elk. It is so nice to have you you you have such a lovely book heaven is at garden. And and what one thing that I absolutely love about this book Jan is that. It really does address. The total sum. Of what a carton is that is. It's not just a place to grow flowers it's just the landscapes to dress up around outsider Horrow house. It's not just. You know garden design. And it's not just you know a place that feeds us emotionally in May be spiritually. And physically. It's all of those things and so. This is how this is a book that kind of addresses. Yard and garden in its totality. And I think a lot of people need to know about happens it's a garden itself. Let's let's talk a little bit about it. First of all like yes let's start with you and your business your garden designer Tom my listeners what what you do in addition to reading books. Well I've been in the landscape design in horticulture profession for 45 years and I got my start in this. Actually as this college student in Japan. I was starting to be an architect. And I went to those Japanese gardens the same ones who Kyoko. And when it went in there I just felt this as just drop off of me as they walked those have. And I thought what in this wedding. I just feel so good when I left. When I went back to my architecture of this there I was. Designing the past him and the trees and the bridges since. My idea busted me Japanese engine architecture landscape architect and how light up my stock. Interstate and intrastate. And then I went and studied there and I'm from New York City I grew up an apartment so I was not really that. Familiar with gardens of any kind. And until I went there and University of Hawaii and steady landscape architecture. Is great place to studies you can imagine. Got quite why did you choose the university of why. Well when it happened what I came back in Japan and I really I got into Japan I was that the you know when I came out kind of the culture shock. Half so so I thought well I want to stay in the United States but I want played twins lived in morehead Japanese influence and it was a large you know Japanese. Population polite he just perfect. Then the principal and for me at that time. You know just gonna eat my way back into it being an American and not a generic in ways. And so that's how I ended up there. Of course they came home again looking back East Coast. I listening and and do you would you say that you still. Bring. A lot of the Japanese design principles to your work. Yes I would think some of the stepped in Japanese inspired. I just can't help it but you know I I can't let all sorts of garden approach it is matter of fact what happened is after I graduated and I came back home. I ended up working for a French Gardner. And he had been trained in France and working their side before coming here is an island all the French professional corporate culture techniques you know as a worker. So that's very interesting. And that's something yes so I about the flowers we grew up flowers from its feed leading by India plugs. The group them all from feet and we planted them all and he never used any chemical fertilizers whatsoever. Amazing. And and so then I got to combining two of them you know the French professional or a country with that can Japanese hawaiians can influence. And yeah and then I've just been doing this this is all I know frankly he. You re right. Wonderful. Well how did you come to write the book heaven is a curtain. You know I get older it's kind of like okay I'd be very pretty gardens for people. But I really should share this. And what it was was I went to didn't. Classes you know landscape architecture classes. And I was waiting for someone to tell me had to make an outdoor space that made me feel the way I did. When I wouldn't Japan you know that quiet street as we beautiful outdoor environments. And the tips and techniques for doing that. And I never learn that nobody talked about that. And I thought well it's got to be something and so throughout the years I. Grit on many books and they put into practice in my in my garden design. And it kind of formulated. As set of guidelines for myself. And then I said well have to share this with everyone and that is how I came to write the book. And of course what happened was I had to work silly every morning early early I would get up and write them you know. A page two maybe. And then go to work. I had booked with other photos I take in and I well do you mean nothing not to go get a publishing. The I knew that planting flowers and trees but I didn't in an apartment. And that was the a rude awakening. That's. And when I can do that people that sounds very nice proposal very nice book that you have no platform. And I said to them what the platform. And they said like you know you don't have a TV show you don't have a problem you don't have a read it or whatever. And Annika how mechanic at Ford that's what I need to get this book published. And whether I did when I went on FaceBook. Makes it the FaceBook page and garnered enough interest that. You know made a wonderful treatment presses you know. Interested in publishing the. Perfect absolutely perfect. Well. It's it's an interesting thing about hey king. What many people to. Design wise instinct surely you know that that they instinct surely design something so that it looks good. But then there are reasons. Behind that correct color purple. And so that's the beauty. That a pork like happened is the card and that's what it brings to people that people who don't have that are automatic instinctual. Yes I see why this works. Heaven is a garden explains. Some of these principles. About one guy. It discard it makes you feel good or why this garden looks so beautiful. We're going to need to take a quick break but when we come back I'm gonna ask you about it second chapter. Where do you have something that you call creating music for the and I want you to explain that once we get there from the parade. I'm C often are you we are here with Jan Johnson she is the author of heaven is a carton. Designing serene outdoor spaces for inspiration. And reflection. More about this lovely book here on the voice of Boston. WRK. Ago. Well come back. The guard and maybe I'm the elf and Ari can I am so pleased tonight that he's here with you have every Saturday from well. So. When we talk about all aspects of plants gardens yards. And it is my pleasure to date to have this my guest Jan Johnson chief is that garden designer. Author of a lovely book called heaven is a garden. Designing a serene outdoor spaces for inspiration. And reflection. So a chant we will chapter two you'd talk about creating music for the what does that. You know. I was trying to explain in a very simple way to the effect of currency pathways. And defined shape that appearances. And patio. And he'd he'd give grants format and I realized that music with a perfect metaphor. And for example. We are really love to have a slightly curving and walk the path to rather than make. I was super legally wind or straight once and gentle probing pat. Is kind of the similar. Has it been effective but the way. The lyrical melodies would have spent visual. You know what I mean. Sure absolutely. Tent. And so one might describe it I say well. We all loved it she and bill curbing walked could be at the eighteenth century English landscape designer Capability Brown. I'm referred to these occurred as the sinuous line of Greece. And I that was vetted the cryptic you know with a graceful feelings and and we kind of slow down or we walk on the east. Gently curving walkways now could be a front luckily it could be just a walk to your flower garden. But if you just get a little bit of a curve it creates that miracle. Quality and that that would disagree way to describe everything. Well and like me like music gardens have repetition. In them ranked him. And that's very similar to me it's at it's kind of hated them yeah. Erica. And another thing that you talk about in this book that I'd love for you to explain to the listener. His power spots. We aren't what is a power spot. That that's that very intriguing concept and late night. Meet somebody who walked in your backyard and I say well let's find the palace but every but he's going to. We have the talent that you know. And it's that term I use to describe a police and could be like in my I have a postage stamp of the backyard just. A but they just give a little bit different than anywhere else. And don't could be slightly raised up could be you know maybe. Eight inches higher than anywhere else around it or conversely it might be. Lower spot would kind of used a little bit more nestled. And I said well this this could be the panelists it's a place would you like that would put it chaired this is what all this feels good break here. And you know one right answer whet what you define as the past but can be very different than what someone else might do. But it gives out a way to kind of see your ear yard in the different light. Okay from here all sit and look out over to bear now put my. My life that Russia over here it's like to see that effect kind of approach. Right so it so it's it's focusing. On your. Landscape in a way. From the perspective of how you're going to use it. And a it's kind of like it's a place that feels comfortable so this is where you might want to. It and you surely be asking you know like. Like you're wonderful booklet for you might want to have a cocktail cooked eggs. I see at most people have established. Landscapes. And they are not designing. You know their Gardner thirty yards from scratch. So how can they use some of the principals in this book how can somebody. For example find a power spot in an existing landscape. You know many times right say that you probably already figured out where did she just didn't put that. Mean to tell so let's say for example you have. A live two chairs and the little people in your backyard. Peace yeah well that's prepped these my parents by the new equipment on it definitely didn't post a and I feel lips and hands it let them. Let's maybe what what I call. Let's create a shelter quarter around that little bench. And I called this the lure of the sheltered corner because we all like to sit in that spot. Said. Where our back is protected. And we have a nice little view in front of us. And so it's okay that's on one side we're pretty aback like these these cheap that's put like a little pitch here or. Tree or low wall and let's create a little bit of a psychological. Screening behind. That's very interesting that that must be why I like to sit on my front porch overlooking the gardens so much because I'm. I'm sheltered by in the wallop the house behind me and I have the view of my perennial garden in front of me and I it sort of sums up that hole sheltered situation sheltered view point. Yes Ed that's prepping didn't you know I say that. That's our ancestors looked to have what made our ancestors still comfortable and then night. Took that implied it. To the garden and so our ancestors always wanted to be up high and prompting Torre to look out for this Andy's. And your back was protected by either high. Rock or something like that. Well they're the same weight even warmed over restaurant we don't want six. You can't have her back. Sure it. You know Jan act this book heaven is a garden. Would be such a wonderful president. Not only hurt for a Gartner but for any new homeowner I think this would be a lovely gift. After the holiday season. You know people where they can find this book happened as occurred. You can find it in all the various online. Venues like Barnes & Noble and and indeed. And down. And the time I think that would probably be good I don't know how how many. Bookstores carry it at this point but dumped certainly online they can find. Wonderful so and vacant lot just by Google happens is a garden. Jan Johnson. And you have a new book coming out this winter give us a little taste of what that's about. The new book is called the spirit of stone a 101 creative. Don't keep being like tears for your garden. And it kind of developed out from this from the head and the garden because I haven't checked in here called a lack residents. And I was. Going on and on and in heaven is a darn about rocks and how you can use them in a garden. And it became very clear that I was in Iraq and. Yes that's that's that's. And then realized how much I went into. That's. And so I wrote a book devoted to carry keystone in Mac natural time right you. So so quickly what is your website jam. OK so I have a website called. Serenity in the garden. Nice guy too and share ideas with everyone about. What they can do weren't content quote. Musings on things. All right related. Wonderful well I will repeat all of this when we come back from the break that unfortunately now we do have to take a break this is the voice of Boston WRKO. You are back YMCA Alfred I regard. About all things land related today until 2 o'clock. 6172666868. Is the number you can call with your plants and garden. Questions. And we have several lines open could time to care. Through. My guest Jan Johnson JH. And SE and I promised I would repeater information. Her. Block is serenity in the garden. If you go to Google and you turn in serenity in the garden she pops writer. And she has a blog here in new confined to. Her books here at all kinds of great information so. Take a look at that number one's. Number true her book is happen is a Garten. Heaven is at garden designing serene outdoor spaces for inspiration and reflection. In our time always whizzes by you with my cast and so we didn't even. Get our chance to talk about how you can design a garden in tune with four directions for example there's so many. Wonderful ideas in this pork and ways of thinking about that landscape. I'm very thoughtful pork and useful or. As well as inspiring park so. Good good. Books to Q as a gift certainly. At any time but also. Especially during the holidays. 6172666868. I got an email last week from norm. Again I promise norm I would answer his question this half hour so let's get right to that norms said. My knock out rose bush was almost completely. I was using team but to no avail. Was it possibly the mark problem people are happening how to Wear protective next spring. And will return in decent condition in this wreck okay nor well. You know if a rose bush is Steve Foley needed in June alone or me. That would be the mock problems that would be the wind term moth larva. Or how are far from the rose slog but warm. Those are the tools larva little green Caterpillar's. That he rose foliage in May and Q and in some places in April as well. But if they rose as. Our debt and feeding them they are on. And usually by the third week in June at the very latest. So if you know this plant was to Foley did early that was caught later reasoned effort affiliations. I suppose in some Summers. The the on Japanese beetles can eat rose foliage. Usually. They don't completely. That might have contributed but more likely the cause of the follow the nation in late summer is either drought. Or black spot black spot on rose as causes roses too at first their leaves turn. Spotted at. And then they turn yellow with black spots and definitely follow off. And for roses Steve Foley did in August or early September. Usually it is black spot at us. Now the conditions that Foster black spot which is a political condition. On our frequent. Splashing out slowly. And of course we didn't have a lot of rain last year or so wasn't rain that cars Blacksburg and any roses. If your rose didn't have black spot it was undoubtedly. Happening because it was getting hit too frequently. With irrigation. Either an automatic cure patients system or sprinkler. When. The best way to water roses frankly as swiftly soaker hose so that the water can soak into the soil without hitting the foliage. Or if you have to use overhead irrigation and roses. Watered them deeply. Once a week only once a weekend them mulch over. Around you know that the plants so that it holds the moisture in so that you can have a good deep soaking once a week. And the plan that's fine in between it doesn't have to have frequent hitting a water. So that's what I would look to is probably it was black spot now in this past summer however it might have in the drought. Or it might have been a combination of black spotted her I suppose. Another thing like that might have caused a rose to affiliate. Is if the team or some other garden product was used in two heavy concentration. War if the roads might have gotten hit. By another garden product. May be drift from either an herbicide adored drift from. Pop power washing that was used on a nearby house or to act act could also cart's plans to affiliate. So right now if I were you I just think about what might have been the cost and as I've frequently saying on this program. Sometimes what we see with plants isn't just one thing. It's a combination of incentives and this so maybe it was drought. And it. Getting hit with Andy a little too strong. You can to foliage plant by the way. Particularly if it's used a little bit too strong. Or if it's used. And and in the middle of a hot sunny day. It's a combination of new team in. Direct hot sunlight. Can burn foliage sometimes. And then that foliage pulse away from the plant I've seen it happen in my own garden. For that reason I'm not a huge fan of team to tell you the truth I have not found it to. Wildly successful at the fungicide from any effect haven't found it to be successful at all as if I decide. And I have seen it burn plants not only in my garden that in you know others gardens as well. If you are. As suspecting that you had black spot cleanup believes that failed around the plant number one. Number two straight that plant that's jams of the planet right now with the department decides not to name. You could use something like. Tendency to war serenade. Those are both organic fungicide. You could use a copper based fungicide or eight sulfur. Based scientists it. Any of those who could use on the stadiums of your plan now. Help you know any fungal spores that means to you know be there so that's number one. Number two of his suspect it's black spot of course be sure that is the plan doesn't get hit with water next year. Number theory. If you didn't have a problem with winter month caterpillar. Or at the rose slugged by a warm early in the season. You'll want to put on your calendar at that that plan should be sprayed with either BT. Or spin netstat. Early next year sometime in April right when the plan leaves out. Right when the foliage is out you spray it with either PT horse in this that. In order to help protect it from a powerful problems. And the other thing of course for rose is a good application of organic fertilizer. And some compost and manure. If you haven't put compost and or around that plant recently I might do it now in the fall. And then waited in the spring puts them com some organic fertilizer. Around the plan as well. Hopefully I'll return. And hopefully it will be in decent condition you don't wanna prove the plant just yet you wanna wait until next spring. So that in April you will be able to clearly see what has died back. On the roads and what hasn't. Clip off whatever has died back from the winter. And the combination of men who were in the fertilizer should perk that plant a pretty quickly. Next year. And you you know you may want to also give it a second application of fertilizer. In early June fertilizing roses is a good idea with an organic fertilizer in early April and early June. And that helps to keep them strong and growing well as well. So I hope that helps norm. And you know you need to just sort of sort through those possibilities. As to what might have to actually hated that plan. If the plant did completely dry out if it wasn't black spot and it was just that the plan never count water. Com during the course of last season's drought. Hopefully the roots are still alive possible that there we will see plants next spring. That have died over the course of the winter and not because of the winter as much as because of the dry season. Some parts of of Massachusetts are getting and New Hampshire that they are getting rain that's good for those parts that are pat. Many places are not are there are only getting a little bit of drizzle not nearly enough to do. Much good and we are still no way people. Where we need to be in terms of water for our plants and all of many plants in the car itself. Let's just hope that the greens return. 6172666868. We are coming up on a break when we come back your phone calls and talk. About plants and gardening emails that came in over the course of last week we will discuss it all from. Plans for shade. Hostages that have died back to living Christmas trees. I NC Alfred marries it with me here around apparently the crime the voice of Boston WRKO. Well come back to the garden lady. Down from Ari and I am here and every Saturday. From noon until 2 o'clock. Talking about plants and gardening it's time for our front yard to table let's talk a little bit about that vegetable garden. I had that great pleasure to the very so satisfying pleasure. Harvesting a great deal of Thanksgiving dinner. I still have terrorist scale chart. Brussels. And arugula in my garden those of the things that are still. Really actively producing and I have to you. If you have not grown a late season crop of merits. You have to do it because at this time of year. That the parents are large and Matt and sweet sweet sweet people who say that small carrots are sweeter. They get sweeter as the fall goes on as temperatures cool at this current archer. And they are so low to wishes right now. So part of my Thanksgiving dinner a great deal of it actually. Came out of the garden and west just harvested. And you can be harvesting that seem. A range of vegetables as late as well. If you plan certain things such as the task and KO and our summer crop of terrorists. My husband and I so carrots chart. And KO every year where that currently group. Because that currently gets harvested in July and so certainly there's to speak open space. And we gives us the place to plant those late season arugula payrolls chart. And carrots and so. You might find that that could system and well because once that. That garlic has pulled out there you have all of that space you can take it can't reach out and in chewing through the fall. I want to mention is if you froze or canned produce from the current and this summer don't hesitate to start using it soon. And sometimes we attempt to save it because you know it's it's precious treasure. But on the other hand we don't want to peace in the position where certainly. It's April remain and we haven't used any of our canned tomatoes are frozen. Garden vegetables and now it's time to start you know planting harvesting that new crops so enjoy those. Treasures those carton. Wonders that you have put out my husband and I particularly. Enjoy all of roasted vegetables from now. Through February and march. That is how we we roast vegetables and then freeze them eggplant carrots and roasted green beans even and the squash. Come out of the freezer. And go into our various students who issues at this time of year. 6172666868. I had an email from brawn up out Hughes carton. And he said that his hostages have they act as has his current term for a do I need to take the dead foliage or waived before winter. No you know this kind of goes to. The heart of the different philosophies. About all clean up and spring cleanup and and perennial garden cleanup in general. And rotten I know my hostage to diet back you know they kind of go into becoming quite. Dish rags that are on the ground I should Kuerten right now. And I'm sure yours looks similar. There are several in a possibilities here as you can go out and gather up the remains of those for which kept them off and throw them in the compost pile. Horry couldn't leave them all winter in place there's no harm in doing that. Com and break them up what ever is left in the spring. The ad at the same with your firm foliage that brown for an foliage. There are. However this some reasons for why you may want to wait. Number one. That round turn foliage that we often see on top of crowds at different plants right now. Does serve to catch some of the leaves that blow through our cartons. And those leads that are caught by the remains of the various perennials dams. Those sleeves to. Have some protective. You know value. In a perennial garden. So that's important. The other possibility. That you might wanna consider is that leaving them all so. Can. Help protect certain insects. Now usually when I say it'll help protect insects people's responses. Well why on earth would I want to help protect its ethnic. There isn't you would want to help protect insects is number one those insects or food for birds. Number two many of those in six or creditors. For other insects. Number threes some of insects or butterflies. And we're all talking about you know bringing saving them monarch is bringing butterflies that. Well. Many. Many forms of insects over winter. In what you and I commonly call leaf litter. Which is actually life later for many species and so leaving a lot of that in the carton. Over the course. Of the winter can be a good idea. And then we you know prune it away we rake it up next spring. And that can then. Provide. Food for. Very it's our shelter for various species. Number two at this seats on many perennials. And not necessarily here are your current at Costas of course from pat. The seats on many perennials. Are valuable for birds as well. And that it's another reason to leave thing. Plants through the wintertime might be a good idea. So. There are people who say well I just don't like her looks and granted okay. You know and I think that there's a compromise here too I think that we can have areas of our. Yards gardens that we cleanup in the fall. At the areas closest to the house usually are are good for cleaning in the fall and then we have areas. That we let this day in more natural. We eat leave those for wildlife protection and sustenance. And those areas we do not. Perhaps Heidi up. It's frequently. Or as assiduously. As weak to the area right around our house. And I think that 88 going into the 21 century I think we've come to recognize that a suburban landscape. Can be borrow it can be an area that is nice and neat and tidy. Particularly right around the house. And weaken him those areas that support while life. On the perimeters that support the butterflies the support pollen haters that support. Byrd's. Home on the edges of our arts. And that there is a way to kind of managed knows that also. Keeps invasive species out. And native species there. And do it to heart is about. Keeping things and now it's not going to hot and heavy in any one direction. We are going to take operate when we come back your call 6172666868. I'm C often are in the garden variety and this is WRK. Me. Yeah. These kids. Welcome to. Started leaning on WRKO. Join the show went 6172666868. Well come to this second hour of the garden lately I'm CL for our age and it is my great pleasure to be here on the voice of Boston every Saturday talking. About Lance and cartons. Everything from indoor plants holiday plan. Two lawns shrubs and trees give me a call 617. 2666868. We always start out that second hour with a question and my question to you today has. Do you want stunning. Unusual. Sculptural. Perennial flower that's meant for Alec blow. Am thrives in the sunny garden. Well have current plan for you are written GM. Belly. Big blue. AKA. Big blue C hall. Not sure why they called this the holiday. Madness this may be seen because it's below OK holly because it's prickly. I don't know if she's this'll would almost be a better name for that okay. Big blue seat holly. This is a perennial plant hardy in zones five just happened so in just listening area it is hard plant. It does well in full sun and locations with good drainage. Now while I love this rocket because it is dramatic. It is Ole. It is below below below ants cultural and unique because they are. Useful like flowers prickly prickly perk. I got a sample of this as a test plan from them through blooms of pressing him people. Five or six years ago. And I put it happened my cast Garten. I loved this plant every year comes into flour and it becomes more and more spectacular. I would move it down to my prime time garden except. Because it hurts eight deeper root system. Or recent GMs really don't move all that well so. That is the voice of caution to all of you is to plant in a place. Where you know that it can stay where it's going to be full sun. Are going to be wet in the winter and Kate good drainage is important to this plan. It combines well it as a matter of fact with other plants. That grow well in full sun and good drainage such as Russians age and quarry obsessed. Both of those are plants that do quite well. It would also combined beautifully where milk shake and Khamese. When my favorite echinacea is because. The arranging emblems a little bit earlier. The milk shake comes into bloom just a theory and Jim is finishing them its value for awhile you have that combination of the right. The milk shake flower and bloom. At the arranging them if you put behind those two Russians stage then the Russians say to a comment of flour. After the people who arrange GM is done. And so you'd always have something going on and then you know how can you miss with a dash of yellow courthouses. You can't he can't go wrong. Those four plants together and you've got a standing. Full sun flower cart has with those four plants and goes for a plants are pretty reliable. As well so. Written GM big blue they grow about 38 at 36 inches tall is spread so slowly. But it does spread but it's not a real fast spread her so. I think if I was planting cities from the beginning in my cart man. And I am actually considering. Putting some new plants down in my prime time cart because this plant is so spectacular. I would plant groups of three or five of them and I would plan to those small plant about two feet to par. So a group of three or five big blue seat Holly's. Planted two feet apart. And then on either side and some milk shake mechanized death from Korea us and behind. Saddam Borowski or Russian saints the court tennis court is compensation for the summer. As always you can see pictures of the plan that I have recommended. At the top of the second parent and Cheryl are going to my blog. It go to garden lady dot com. And then click on the law up at the top of menu. And right there every week we'll see on Saturdays. The plan that I have featured. You can see her to spell it you can see how to. How looks like. But the pictures. And decide whether this is a good match for you. Get together with perennials by the way it's sort of like anything else in the garden. And that is that we. You know we want to be sure to make couldn't match between two plan to. And the person and the carton condition. 6172666868. If you have questions about what might be a good match for you do. Whether it's indoors for a holiday plan whether it's out doors for. C garden plan. Or whether it might be for accused plant excuse me call when you know I'm picturing a lot of you out about. Oh or spending time with visitors and relatives today. That have any questions about your plants give me a call. I did have a question from Sarah by email yesterday. And she's had why did the points said he of that I'd spot last week wilt and die I gave it. Lots of water and it was still wilt. They think you might have given it too much water Sarah. Here's the thing about gift points said he is that we prize at this time of year. Number one many of them calm with decorative foil. Or and other decorative copper around the pot. Very nice for the presentation for presidents. But that foiled does not usually have a hole in the bottom to let water drain now. And if we leave that for oil on. The plant can end up sitting in too much water. Points ideas don't like that these are plants that are from Mexico on their from an area of where they are not in. Moist conditions much they it'll light terrain in that they don't like getting completely dry and wilting of course that. They don't like sitting in water. And unfortunately Sarah you know I don't know where you bought the plant that it did or foil but if it did have four airline that it might have already been too wet because it might have been. Water you know wherever you purchased it. Garden centers known not to. You know leave the foil on them and have them be in too much water but some terms of locations where we parties. Don't understand that so that's number one. Number two coup if your points the for other people a few scenes that you have a point to any of that is wilting. Before you water before you assume. That that plan is quilting because it's dry. Get a pick up the pot. And see. Whether it's light weight of its lightweight then yes it's probably try to feel the soil. And then water well. But if it's not lightweight if it had some heft to it and you feel the soil on the soil it's moist. It's probably will thing because it's been kept who went. And we don't want to. So that's probably the my guesses spirit that your plan you know the roots rotted because it was too much water. And other things that can actually cause points ideas that we buy it this time of year to wilt. Is if they spend. Time in a whole car. I don't think it's been that holds so I doubt that this is your problems Sarah. But if we. By opponents that they are we take it out to the car and then we ran around it to some of the shopping. And we believe it in the car that goes down you know below forty or whole tour. That can actually cause that plan to die because once again. These are plants from Mexico. They do not like it could be two coal. If you're planning on buying in the holiday plans at this time of year. Arrange her schedule so that you purchase that plan right before you go home. And the plan is not left in a cold car at any point. That can be another reason. That a plan cam will. If you buy airplanes said he at that has it decorative covers such as foil on it punch a hole in it as soon as you get home. Or take the cover off. Com. And you know make sure that you have a saucer under that plan so that it drains out into the sponsor and doesn't stay. Constantly. To. We're going to take a break when we come back or call 6172666868. I'm looking forward to speaking to you here on the garden variety I'm Alfred Arian this is the voice of Austin. WR Cain. Welcome back to the guard. Lady unsealed scenario and we are here together every Saturday talking about landscape houseplants flowers. Homegrown veggies fruit and trees. Your plants indoors and out. 617. 2666868. Let's go to the phones and talk with Chan. Chan welcome to the garden lady. I yelled thank you. This is another holiday quiz question. Okay who never had one before and I just brought home. What are those evergreen hanging ball. And I'm wondering how we're still character. Now is just an ever green hanging about it's made in styrofoam or in oasis. And you know I don't. Side. My guess and yeah well my guess is it's it's in styrofoam 'cause that's how most of them are me. Is our argue hanging this in tighter out. I collect good because it will last the longest hanging outside. Since they usually pushed its dams of these. In just styrofoam. Hanging them up where it someplace that's cool like outside. At last the longest. And and you don't need to watered them or anything because there's no way that they're going to take up water. They also will last longer if they're in slightly shaded. You know place replace that created from the hot afternoon sun do you have any idea shaded there. It is very. Perfect perfect well that you've got you've got it in the ideal spot. Are. You out of your welcome enjoy it all through December. If Sam got sometimes. There there are. That many places that make such calm balls are called kissing balls actually. There aren't that many places that make them in oasis at because it's harder. To have them the firm enough in oasis oasis being that floral foam that retains water. If you do happen to find one in oasis B sure and water at about every three or four days. And you know that's a good thing to talk about is holiday greens outside. And how you can keep them fresh install long cast no matter whether they're in a ball or whether they're in your window boxes. Or whether they are in. A saucer an oasis. On the top of Burt. Any of those things. Eat they will stay. Greens and fresh looking at the longest if they aren't in full stop. If you have is Sony's situation. Try and use our floral oasis in that situation. And when you stick greens to the floral oasis. I know a couple of things first of all get the oasis web first soak the oasis for at least a half an hour first. Then put the oasis in your window boxes or your containers or wherever you're going to put the greens. Tom then stick this stems. Before actually before you stick to stems from the oasis gives systems a fresh cut. If you haven't just recently. Harvested them and most of this by the way have. Laity of ever greens in our yards and our gardens that we can make some pretty gorgeous. Evergreen arrangements in our window Marx's. And in our containers. By using some floral oasis and the ever greens that we clip from the yard and garden. And stick them in there and then. Be sure and take a picture or at Jiaka milk jokers of the of water. And pour it on data oasis every five to seven days when those greens are outside. And if you do that those greens are going to look good well into February you can have them lasting. Long. Long time. If you remember to water Natalie says at least once a week and paint. That greens that are put in oasis like that last much longer. And greens that are just stuck in the old. Soil of your window boxes your containers. That too you can stick reasons. In the soil where your annual screw. And sometimes people who have saved barricaded think O'Brien that's still looking good or. Cabbages and jails that are still looking good. Or interrogated IV in containers outside it's still looking good sometimes people elected. Go ahead in and stick in greens around those plants that are still attractive and there's nothing wrong with doing that. But. Note that those greens are going to dry out faster and you know probably buying New Year's those are going to be looking a little. Tired and tattered whereas if they are stuck you know oasis. They last for much longer time. And be sure and not only you know sticky and the greens like. White line that you may have growing in your yard garden you foliage and O'Keefe called Cyprus foliage our that is really Cortez. That the other thing that's scored just to use our rhododendron foliage. And drama that I heiress to Monica foliage that has. Flowers on it at this time of the year and it's looking so glad. And you can use that. And the other thing to think a proper. For York containers outside for holiday decor it's not only ever greens. But living ever green sparks would bush is dwarfed Albert it's proves most ardent senators Kerry and nice selection. A small ever greens at this time of year you can plan right in your window boxes or you're earns. And then next spring you can take those Turk and someplace in your landscape. And the final plan that I recommend to you for your window parks is our containers. Are held for. Most ardent sinners at this time of year will carry. Heliport is such as the variety called Jake. TOP. Jacob. Is a variety of hope aura that is coming in to flower now. Beautiful white upright facing flowers. That will flower outside. Right through December. Right through January. And usually into February and sometimes even as long as marched billboards have very long lasting flowers. They are hardy plants in this area and eight and that Jake a variety is flowering. Late November December and January. Often into march in my heart. This is a charming plan to use that they have a big container on your porch. So plan. Something like holly or eight were Fabregas Bruce. Or one of the war Hokies. Planted in the center and plan around it helped a ports. And then you have white flowers. And evergreen plants that it's going to look good right through. And through New Year's right into the winter. I guarantee him make you smile every time you come in and attitude towards it has battery instrument next to it. If you don't have a container plant plus Howell Boris those Jacob developers plant them. Next to the door that you come in and out have to either collapse your car or to go feed the bird feeder. You have a door where you are frequently coming in and out a winner along. The place to plan how pork. And once again look for the variety Jake carpet in the colts collection as a collection of Pelham Boris called the col collection. And they are hello Boris that are known for their along flowering. That are known for upright facing flowers. And Tom is known for you know kind of tough. Long last. And flowers that bloom eat there in at Christmas time war. Around Easter. In March and April and many garden centers are carrying those at this time of year. We are coming up on a break when we come back give me a call what. On your holiday plant mines your house plant mind or maybe even. Something that you noticed. Over Thanksgiving in your yard and garden 6172666868. I'm CEO and Ari the garden variety on WR Cain. Well come. The guard lady. I am Bedard maybe. No for an hour right and I am here every Saturday from twelve to. Talking. About all manner. Lights. Give me a call and let me know what's on your garden find I had somebody emailed me during the break she asked if I could repeat. The name of the book. And the author that I had a. As my guest at the start of the program. Absolutely. It was my pleasure to be speaking with Jan Johnson JH. And as he can. Chan is the author of heaven is a carton. Designing serene outdoor spaces. For inspiration and reflection. This book would be a good gift book for somebody who. Need some serenity. In their lives so that would be you know a nice gift. It would be a good gift book for someone who was a new homeowner who doesn't know much about. You know what makes our landscape work in and not work. So that would be at the present it would be at the present for of course for any Gartner. And for anyone who is interested in good design. As well whether that's indoors are accurate design you know their design principles that are kind of from. Universal across the board whether we're designing a living room aren't outdoor. Space and so you know those people you you know that person on your gift list who. Love's house and garden television. This is a good book for that person and on through tomorrow I believe. Maybe it's even through Monday. The publisher of this spoke statements press has free shipping and am a 25% off including my books. So if you go to saint Clinton's press. Then you pay in order chance books and my books are there on Seau and with three shipping as well. Let's see what other emails came in last. Week last week align LP and he emailed to ask about. Plans for shades curtains and he said that she has hostages she has. You know most plants that people commonly think four shades and she's wondering if there's anything on usual. That she might plan I'm wondering penny if you have tried yellow wax bills. And yellow wax bills three words on wax pills like candle wax you know he elects spells Corey additional land. Not even gonna try and ballot occurring you're Sharma is the botanic genus name that yellow wax spells will catch it there. And this isn't Chinese plant that gets up couple three and a half to four feet tall and wide so. In the course of summer it grows as large as a shrub. It has long lasting. Yellow wax bells. For flowers in midsummer. And it has leaves that look kind of like mentally. So it brings a lot to the parity in terms of yellow flowers. Am its size you know on my size. Because it is fairly large it's a good plan to either used as a specimen plant if you want to use one of them. Or if you need to fill up a fairly large eight curtain you could plant a group of three. As a background plan. So that's one that I recommend. Another plant that I always recommend for shade garden if you don't yet have that are at the Japanese painted firms. Because they have so much color in their foliage. Purple and kind of metallic blue. In the foliage. Collar but the foliage leaf no flowers. You know that leaves are beautiful. And there are also nice initiate curtain because they don't travel likes them ferns do. So you can use them in small gardens very effective when he. It's that her strict plan to put near anything. That has. Red foliage. Wore blue flow rates so if you have you read Japanese. Maple for example. The Japanese painted fern is the perfect plan to put underneath it. And if you combine that with something that has blue leaves like one of the blue hostages to a mouse ears. Or pollute cadet cost. It would be eight gorgeous plan. You know that plays off of both the red and the willful. And you put something with red foliage to get there was of it was blue and purple. That's a winning combination winning combination with the consent Gartner shaker. 6172666868. Is the number to call. We were talking earlier. The points idea that Sarah had. That had wilted. And that reminds me that there is this sort of persistent. Myth around and it's. It's not a myth that are included in my book coffee for roses but I could have. The myth is that their poison. That. Toys and at that point Thaddeus or poisonous to people or pets. I suppose if you ate several dozen of them. They you know dame which would give you an upset stomach certainly. Eat several dozen of most of your houseplants that give you an upset stomach. That point seven answer in the Jeanne as you for being. And Q4 EPS. Do this creep I Jews are quite. Jews that looks sort of like latex. Similar to the way milk queens do and most of the plants. That to create wait juices like that. Can be irritating to the ski and particularly for some people some people tend to be more sensitive to it than others. So it could be that Tom people have confused the fact that. If not points said he gets broken or bent to and you get that right snap on you he can be irritating to some people now it's. For most people it isn't as irritating as poison ivy certainly. It can give some people ration the general recommendation. For every one is that if you are handling. Any plan in that genius you've 4 PM. Either Wear gloves. Or after you've handled the plant just as a precaution were usher. Could cents and it's good sense because. Even if you're not the type of person that gets a rash from. This app of what you for a Pia. You know you don't wanna rapidly in your eyes if you've gotten tax app on your hands for example or you don't want to you know. If you. Then take the hand of your spouse in your hand you don't wanna. Rub that sap on them in case they aren't the type that is sensitive cell. Good common sense after handling any plant frankly is to wash your hands. But you for abuse including that point that's wanna. You do not have to worry however. If you have this plant in a household where there are small children that it is deathly poisonous it is. And you don't have to worry that if you bring this plant in two. A house where you have pets. That it is poisonous it is not now certainly. We always when we're bringing a plan into an environment where there are pets are their kids. We want to keep an eye on every one to plan the children to talk to cat. And make sure that no one is bothering this particular plan to excessively. What the plan out where the dark can't from a Janette put the plant somewhere where the cat can't poke around him it. I have if your cat is the curious type that loves plants. Have some cat grass seeds or plants on hand. So that you can give him something that it is allowed to eat in terms of the plan world. Sometimes cats go after plants for that reason sometimes cats go after plants because airport. And you know your data plan to and it moves and it's could be entertaining excel. If that's the case. When you com if you have capped it tends to. Bat plants and then swiped at him because it needs a new play thing. Whenever you bring in new plant home. Bring catnip to Jorge hold back the for the cat. And wrote that down on the grounds that the cat has a little exercise you know get a new territory that skaters around on the ground. Going to be far more entertaining for your cat in the long run anyway. And the cat won't author. The plan. And I think I mentioned I'm. Let either last week or the week before while we're on the subject of cat and bothering plants in the pet store does sell. I. Can. Pressurized air with the motion active later on. 11. Variety of this product is called still. Scan. And the reason it's called snap. Is that when. The cat or the dark gets near the plant where you have set up this scam. It triggers the motion detector which triggers a blast of compressed here. And that scares the darker the cat away. It would probably and treat it Childs and don't use it for her keeping kids away from your plants but. In terms of keeping cats and talks away from plants that. Can of compressed air can be a wonderful thing and if you have pets have. Either injured plants or cotton you know intrigued by a new plan that's being introduced into their environments. This can be a good week to train them to stay away from it. While mom and and then usually. Up with a cat decides that this isn't worth. The effort. Trying to barker that particular. Work coming up on a break 6172666868. To your calls. When we come back here on the voice of Boston. Welcome back to the garden lately I'm CEO Larry. Imagine the here with you every Saturday from twelve to. Talking all about Lance. And by the way insurance stay in touch with me. In between programs Siam the garden lady on Twitter I am currently the on FaceBook. And mind. Web site is ardently T dot com. You know one question that I do frequently get at this time of year. Is about over wintering plants in containers outside and one of those most popular questions is about roses. If you have roses in pots and you wonder if they're going to live through the winter in a container. On the answer partly depends on how march to container is if it's a big container. There are more likely to you know over winter well. You can. Increase their chances of over wintering well. By sinking the containers right in the soil. So digging a hole all and that could be in the middle of a vegetable garden or you know in the middle of a place where you normally plant annuals or in your compost pile. And plant them you know put this in the pots right and that's probably the best way to over winter roses outside you'll leave the tops of loan. But it's the you know you're sinking. The pots in the root system. The next best way would be to pull them into an unheated garage. Or shed some time in December. And lets them over winter inside that the tricky part of that is you're gonna have to check them for water during the course of the winter. And you're going to have to watch them and pull them outside before they completely break Durham NC in February or march. And that can also get a little bit tricky because they're going to want to break Durham NC inside in February. So I'm best way is sinking those pots right into the ground and down. Needless to say if the path to claim the pot to gonna break if you live from outside so if you want to leave them and clears or. Our ceramic pots pull them into a garage or an unheated Chad check them for water a couple of weeks and pulled them outside before they break dormant seat in the spring. Let's go to line one and speak with Jan. Jan welcome to the garden variety. How many saint you. My question is. It's it's irresponsible. To. What better be continued trajectory eating. No I don't I don't think it is you know I've heard. I've heard a lot of frankly I hear this garden clubs where they say oh don't use it for decorating because it spreads to see. Well excuse me to plant is growing in the wild without. You know and and if it's growing in the wild the birds are eating its feet in the air spreading the aids so frankly. If you click that news that either insiders are re on your door. Then you know that scenes that the birds aren't eating and reading around I see nothing wrong with that declaration. I really don't. I think you're taking a certain number of seats out of circulation. Now. And there you call call and cut it down an impact. You know even when the seeds are on this fine makes a great. Whiskey. Element. On green and all kinds of holiday decorations. There. And the war that you're cutting away from places like in the supermarket or and be sure you know the etch your property. The more your eating at bat and so god bless. I. It. I'm glad it did two and joy that bidders who. By now. You know and ask for irresponsible I think it's commendable the more your your I think this plant away from. From where it's choking their plan. I think that's a good right. And your you know. Reading the seeds by cutting your getting a certain amount of that you know out of circulation as mine. Feelings so have that just be careful by the way though you're going out in the woods to cut. That are sweeter grapevine at this time of the year and often. Those fines are growing in similar places or along with poison ivy. And down you want to be sure that number way you're not you know exposing themselves is nice IP scams. While you're cutting the bittersweet so look carefully. Poison ivy also grows up trees but it hold on to trees with kind of furry. On hold fast they almost look like roots and that's how you can tell the difference. Bittersweet winds around it plants. And it doesn't stick against. The bark of trees though. Be sure you know. Look carefully. You may want I'd just be aware of where they're crowding. Before you go get some of these things I've. I think. One wonderful thing to do with bittersweet time. Is to get yourself a plane off summary. I am then clipped. The most twisted. Section. Of bittersweet mine you can find that a out. 03 and a half feet long and half to four feet long. And then you'll twist it in front of the ball summary and hold it down with wire. So that you've seen that twisting. Line on top of the green involved summary. Pine cones and attached them in clusters. So that the pine cones are covering part of the twisty mind and then end not all of the twisty mind. And it is a beautiful charming natural looking re sometimes just that with the twisting of the vine and the pine cones. Is enough. If you want to add. A bow that's fine but it makes oh lovely looking worried. And needless to say that sound bitter sweet line is very expensive way. To me cure her big look a lot class year. And again we're cutting in awhile so that trio. Well. Let me think what I want to end here with shots email because Shonn sent me an email last week seeing if we bio living Christmas tree this weekend can stay in the house until after years. My kids want to put one out tomorrow Shaun I am Lincoln with the kids you're probably better off buying tree. And the reason is we don't want living Christmas trees. In the house for much more than a week or bring them in the garage for a couple of days then bring them in side for about five days. Then back in the garage for a couple of days and then right into the ground. So living Christmas trees you know probably a better thing to do. If you know once the kids are older and can be patient with the fact that. The trio stays in today and in the house for what that a week. Or you could buy a living Christmas tree put it in a whiskey barrel outside. And decorated for the birds outside and then in the spring planted in the landscape if you want to start that tradition. And half or cut tree. Inside for the kids that you can pick it up today or tomorrow and habit a house for a long period of time. As always it's our time together flies by send me your questions by email during the week and I I'll answer them next week. I MC health sorry you have been listening to the garden variety. This is the voice of Boston W arcane. You can. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. These kids.