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The Garden Lady, December 3

Dec 4, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Started leaning on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome to. Alfred and I am so pleased to hear you. Every Saturday afternoon. Around noon tip to where we're talking about landscaped lawns houseplants flowers. Home grown vegetables shrubs and trees. And we always start out with welcome to the garden party and when we explore what's happening with plants and gardening right now. Right now I think it's time to think about green gifts. But just for partners you know there's so many garden communicators to talk about gifts for Gartner spent. There are so many plants related gifts. That argues fall or and enjoy a ball foreign. Partners as well. You know you don't have to have much of a green thumb to enjoy an amber realists well. And it's one of the most long lasting colorful show we've flowers you can count at this time of the year. And you don't have to say that from your year so even those with black comes skinny and choice act. Any homeowner needs a certain amount. Of occasional gardening tools of really good pair of prisoners is the perfect gift. For a homeowner particularly a new home owner. House plants clean the air seeds. Are fun to roll for people who have children. You know so give them packets of sunflower. And lettuce seeds and radishes. For the kids to plan next spring. There are so many wonderful presents for. All people that have to do with plants and the card. And don't just think about it in terms of Gartner. Now I want to get right to talking to my guest this morning. So let's go to line one and welcome pat stone pat is the editor of green print magazine. And I am a huge fan of green print magazine. I think that perhaps many of my listeners steer to the garden variety. Don't really know about green print so welcome. And let's tell them what green prince is all about. Look at our aim at garden lady. You're trying to perfect gift for not Gardner's. The other day my wife I went to a movie. And before that started this very nicely came up to me and just get all the great things back green prison how should love that matter I think came up to me and said. You're the one he was not a gardener you're back in the convinced they are should not get my wife committed. I cry and she just regards. I've had more than one person they'd talked yourself what makes him tick. That's great these are they readers digest it's not out to magazine is people's true. Personal cards stories so there are definitely some fanatic Gardner's. This year emerge there's just the great touch inside regarding personal. Yeah this is it you know how to how to play your shrub or tree and it isn't. Intend to perennials for the sunny garden right. Our although things are wonderful but you know they just the other side to guard besides that which is the reason most of us really do it because excuses so many internal report. Right. And you know what I love about green prints that is that. Those stories really you don't find them you know you confined to gardening information anywhere online right. You can find those personal stories just anywhere. I don't unless somebody's sitting next to you on the bus or something yeah. Right so. That about self the oak floors of people's garden experiences and you're right that's shared anywhere else like it very well over the country I guess all over the world I guess people from India Australia right story. Nice nice well how much has green prince bin in print. Oh lord yes or seven years. Most of our starter motor news a one native artists all of us have a lifeguard and the like to stay gardening but I can't. Compete all the how to publication shall start one it's not a house to publication that was this. Excellent. Excellent route green prince. Maybe you could give us a little sample. Of that kind of story that it is published in group. Thought we shared story. Let us from the brand new winter issue and it's a Christmas story. Written back Chris tests show all Yale the Pittsburgh falls Vermont. Called the most unforgettable Christmas tree. It was Christmas C. 1947. But there L Christmas tree in our apartment. Or any of the other fire departments in our building. Our city drifted. Had been fireball. That was now under Russian control. There were three pine trees left and what used to be a park. Anyone. Cutting one of those stale would've been shot. That scene by passing Russian patrol. A little brother and I stood her kitchen window. Are dead faces pressed against the window pane we've watched falling snow covered charred bricks below. Long faced one hand in my brother's shoulder. One hand on mine and studied this you know. Then she suddenly turned and walked out of the kitchen. A few minutes later I heard our front door closed. I brought bailed out com. The window we saw her leave our ability wrapped in Earl scar her right hand holding something under her coat. Dad put it looked down and hurry to the window. A moment arguments swallowed up by the yeah except my brother made out of red discretion stories while we waited anxiously. An hour later mom came into the kitchen code with slow. To wait to get all over the walk back out. Of course brother Kurt behind. Oh let us down the stairs now the front door. And large pine tree laid and now. Throwing all caution aside mommy gone and apart registry pine tree intensified the firebombing. She child wanting cut it down. But due to darkness swirling notion had realized how big it was until it felt that the ground. Under scourge role pulled it pushed retreat back or buildings. Had looked at that it shook his head. Tree Mr. Big are apartment. Moms said. Let's share. So bad saw that in the three pieces. They took one piece each of the three floors are brother and hiring all the doorbell. People opened their doors only a little bit of a carefully. When they saw what everybody came out smiled at their share of the pie entry. Food will be quietly in the dim light candles. Everyone decorated the pieces each hallway. It was past midnight. The last ornament has been on. A single voice began this scene silent night. Very softly to not give ourselves a way to any passing Russian patrol. The rest of us. Join me. That such a lovely story. Great. Really lovely. Now. Tell me how it's how people known to send stories into green prints are they readers that think all I ever story to share. That's pretty much what they are just basically get stories and real gardeners all over the country like us cities and some from other countries. Who just have a good story this year they've heard about the magazines somebody's today and that's agreed Princeton. There's been I hope that it's courted like it they have a. How often does green prints come out yeah. I'm out quarterly that way I'll lose money more slowly. A secret it's my wife and I do it it is just slots adjusted to its present. Sure sure. Well how can people find out more about it and subscribe. Pretty impressive 1997. For your description the easiest way to find out about of course is to go to the Internet. And green prance like thumb prints that are color green dot com. Green prince dot com and make a great Christmas gift and if you do it as a holiday gift or an extreme issue. You subscribers also get a best issue called the leaders reader which has stories like this true story of saint the opera. How to tell us your concept Gardner. Veterans garden just whole collections sixteen wonderful story. Wonderful. Well we were coming up on a break pat and when we come back from the break I want you to share. The latest. Project that you have which is is sort of an outgrowth of green prince. But it is a book and it is a books that not only people worry it's a book they are actually. In involved with and so we'll explain all about that when we come back. We will be right back here on. The voice of Boston WRK. Welcome back to the garden lady I'm seal off and are you and I'm hearing every Saturday from the field. Where we're talking about all things cart name them all things green and often. Lands and it is my great pleasure. To have as my guest today pat stone editor of screen prints magazines. And tech green prince. Comes out four times a year it is human side of gardening practical. Garden side of gardening human side of carton. But hat I I really wanna talk about this new book you have out called great guard quotes. This isn't just garden quotes as it. Well it is it is guard quote that is also of course beautiful art to color. I had one in my subscribers call later in the the other week in she's actually six months ago. He said you know apparently Dolly story. I did have my color and every picture is that vaccines illustrate the beautiful black and white are what oh. In a coloring book wit wisdom part. Great guard quote green print color effect beautiful art fourteen and illustrators all over the country it's really a a pleasure for the guy's on fire. And you know. Pardon me I'm not starting that coloring books for adults there really having a moment right now one day. I went into Barnes & Noble shortly after this idea came to beat him to higher interest were both sides discolored covered with a dull colored box there. It is kind of fun to see. But I different separate the toll. Sure well it's got what I love about it is that. The there are several artists work and there are so they're not all the same most adult coloring books every. You know they're the pictures are. Of different things that you color in but it's all consistently done by the same artist and EUR is what I love about it is that there are different artists who have done the black and white drawings. And so that means that that coloring it's going to be different on each one ranked. And they they can feel different I mean are clicked at the start over 46 years and you got a quote like what a man made and gardening. Is it cast iron back with the engine it. There have been over the fate from the ground. Right or her out like. Regard suggest there might be a place where we can beat nature half way. And you have a woman looking for once peacefully and rabbit it's coming. Or I just didn't learn beautiful quote. Yeah yeah lovely and there's nothing. It so called things I think. As coloring you know picking colored pencils and and coloring something in it's a very calming almost meditative activity. I actually and I'm not a color. Are buying just looking at these pictures. In the black art form and read the quotes to be calm almost let it calmly get regards. It did it remind you that peacefulness that relaxation in regard to. Well I think it this book about current quote great art and quotes is. Perfect for people going into the winter. Because. You know as the snow falls instead of feeling anxious about the snowfall certificates down. And color one of these. Wonderful drawing card. Exactly. Exactly and and really put the color back in their landscape. If not out of doors and certainly. In front of them as they sit in Allen and state cozy inside. So I I'd love the fact that you have to re purpose these wonderful. Drawings so that they need that kind of live again you know. It actually turnout to be up much harder job that I thought. Because doing normal black white after the magazine I use a lot of have to own a lot of great right. Which you know kind of bottle which can't get editorial book so in effect I was recruiting color. Or removing shady to make these big you can colored. Oh that's interesting so it's a hunt of he has a lot of dignity that was a really really pleased with the result of course. I agree so how come people find great Gartner quotes the adult coloring book. And of course kids would like this to write that it's. Working 95 you can get it at our web site green prince stuck on the gated Amazon. It's not a stores as part of break distort market. That is definitely from green prince dot com. We get a map for Christmas Lou. Right right well. Tell me how he says green prince comes out four times a year so there's a new little sort of December issue out. Yup and then there is that I read that story from that the Christmas tree story. Right and so it's day the publication is seasonal the next issue will be the spring issue. I was working on that before you call up. Start to pick the story that I changed from about eighty stories each issue epic about sixteen so I really have a lot of wonderful trip to choose from and that's what I'm reading today. Oh very good very good I mean. Spring in my mind let's forget that it is certainly helps. Apatow is survival sort of abuse things people trying to figure out a voter law what I've not what they're having to push themselves really really great story. Excellent well I look forward to that man so pleased that you were on with us today so green prince dot com. Is the website. And that is the website to subscribe to the magazine as well as to get the book great curtain quotes. Thank UCL authority Jordan talked to. I appreciate you calling him and you have a nice weekend then. Stay cozy over the winter. I'm gonna go work at a garden fence surprise trip to build last week. Okay he's at February. Take care provide. Pats down a lot of fun you know he as he mentioned he used to work at at town mother earth magazine. And down. And about car in organic gardening. And so he's knows a lot about gardening is a gardener himself. I see him annually at garden writer meetings and so that's how we have met. So where. We're friends from that and I just was delighted when he came out with this adult coloring book because as I say. It is a very calm cool in thing. His magazine by the way is the perfect magazine. For keeping at the breakfast table and you know you read a little story. As you're having practice fan's story if you're having lunch. It's that type of magazine and and for that reason it's good to have a physical. Copy it you know it it's. The type that you want to dip in two or or read a story right for you go to bed. Because it's the type of thing that makes you feel good most of them many of them are very funny too. And it's OR it's that type of publications. That Il. You'll enjoy and then passed on and a friend of mine what she does with her green prince after she finishes reading them all. She will take him into a doctor's waiting room or the emergency room hospital waiting room. And leave them for the people to enjoy an assessment that was. 6172666868. We have so much to talk about today. And I am in the next half hour I'll be. Answering John's question about perennials for his sunny island. And going to a little bit about annuals and perennials in an island because there are pros and cons. To planting perennials in a situation like that so we'll talk a little bit about that in response to John toils question. I am going to also. Talk about emails document from Wendy and Sarah in the next. An hour or so. And I want to talk how we need seats as well so we have certainly have a whole lot to discounts. Before we take a break however let's just quickly mention about cleaning up the leaves an advantage to cleaning up believes. Particularly. As leaves accumulate around the base of trees. And even over some perennials is that. Bolts will use those leaves as their cover. For making trails that go from their homes. In two. Lose you know the place where that new tree was planted or the perennial was planted and then. They can't very closely under the cover of please eat the park around that new tree. Or eat the crown of the perennial plants. That is a reason for raking leaves away from your established plants at this time of year. We will be right back with more of the garden variety I'm the Alfred uhry. And this is WRK. Now. Welcome. Back to the garden lately. I'm here every Saturday from twelve to two talking. Homegrown vegetables. Flowers. Shrubs and trees on. Houseplants. Your whole landscape. We talked about all manner of both plant. And animal. In insect. And disease related topics here. 6172666868. Currently in the program is always. A good time to get through. I have a few emails to grow over. That you folks. No. You certainly are welcome to email me I sometimes answer briefly. By email but I am inundated with. Often. You know 5060. Emails a day. From people all over the country not just listeners to this program but other plants people as well people with plant questions that fine in other ways. And so. Sometimes I need to be quite grief which you by email because otherwise. I would spend all my time answering emails in nobody is paying for them in my power will go out. So in order to pay the electric bill etc. I need to keep them brief but I will always answering you on the air. And I got the email last week from John and John said that he has an island. In dampers where he's been putting annuals for years. And he. Once ideas for friendly policy has water but sometimes it does get dry. John you know what I would do if I were you I would put all perennials. That island. And the reason is. Number one perennials do not flour all summer long most of them are between six and eight weeks maybe. Whereas Daniels will float or all summer long but more to the point most perennials are more work. So you will be making that island. More work by having Korean meals there. I think if I were you know it and end this is something I certainly do on all I have my property. I put a combination. Of angles and current sales. Now of course you want perennials that are going to be fairly drought tolerant. And you don't say how to hole all you want those plans to peace I'm assuming you want them sort of in the not too tall kind of and tallest may be being four feet high. So if this or my island to John pilot plant in the sent to her. A large group of activists are key Lou fortune. And Angus stack is spelled. Aid GE and pass DKC. And he. And it's tacky blue fortune. Now the blue fortune part of the name is the important part because there aren't billion staircase and they're not all the same. Why did I choose this one I choose this one because it is not a lot of work it does not spread aggressively. Is it Tom is very reliable comes up every year it's about four feet tall. And flowers for a very long period of time July. Into September. So that's why and of course drought tolerant so that you know it doesn't sound. If if you don't get to watering it really is that often this plant is all right so action stack it will fortune as what I would put in the center. Around that I would put maybe three groups spaced out. Not a nap but entity is inept at that I would put and that's often called pat meant. Is Walker's slow. Capital markers slow. And then I would use one of the July are indeed rallies not that choose not Stella Toro happy returns I'd use it to life Larry annually color of your choice. There are many you can get impeached you can get them quite you can get them orange. One of my favorites a south seas which is really in nice coral color. So that's that's a nice one. Another nice what is fairy tale. So you have your nap but I workers slow and I would do mean depending on the size of Maryland three groups of three or five Napa. And three groups of three to five days lanes. With the act is their cute little fortune in the metal. And then in remaining spaces I would put drought tolerant annuals. I would use their card Tony coal dust. That's a great ones. Biden's goldilocks. Rocks. From proven winner that's great when you wanna do six pack plants numerical. Are pretty reliable. Profusion genius off you can't go wrong with profusion and yet. Profusion genius are nice and low round that you don't have to it has them. And today you combine them in six packs so they're inexpensive. You can get yellow paying. Apricot deep cost quite yet so you can kind of play around with that. So dairy it would have. The Apatow would comment to bloom in the day. An and by the way it's dickens'. Som. Apatow vaults. In there as well so you'd have some early color with a jacket that you'd have the nap about coming into bloom and mean emblems almost the fourth of July. Then in July you would have that date release implement the Pakistan actually coming into flour in August to September you'd have at its tacky looming. But you would also have. The annuals. The Biden's goldilocks marks them Mac card Tony gold dust and the infusions unions. You would have those flowering. As well for the whole summer to provide that kind of rich color and that would be a really stunning. Ireland plan to. That would have a lot going on sound current Simon malls. And things that are drought tolerant. 6172666868. Its numbers that you can call to join me on the air today. Maybe you have a question about holiday plants that you are seeing in. The supermarkets. Ends that cartons centers now. Give me a column let's talk about them many of them are easily easy to take care. I did. Want to comment about. Then narcissus and the paper white or just switched many people at this point puffed and in the year like to start and the best I think the best way to grow paper weight since this is to get. A clear class base hits between six and eight inches in diameter so fairly big around it doesn't have to be. It could be anywhere from eight inches tall two. Twelve inches tall. But that way you can put some pebbles in the bottom you can put the narcissus bulbs in that phase. You can watch them grow and then some things supports. Those paper lights as they grow tall because you'll know what happens on paper white get off attend of slop over. Now if you haven't and that if you haven't started them and you have paper weight at this point that are getting it at all. Several things you can do. You can use some of the mark covered wire that you didn't craft stores to kind of do a little spiral all the way up the group with a paper writes that holds them up for a while you can of course put. A couple of snakes around the outside. Of your container and that can hold them up for a while. I'm so you can even just taken hide them altogether with a written as if they aren't a boo me of flowers around them. Growing plants. And that can be a very decorative way of supporting them as well. I love nurses just love watching them grow but I know many people question. How to prevent them from flopping. That there has been something kind of making the rounds on the Internet. About. Adding vodka origins. To a clear alcohol. To the water. Of narcissus and how that can keep them short here. Yes it can't however it can also owe it not only stands the growth of the scams and stunts the growth of believes. It's the growth of the people how her as well. And so you don't get as good of power with that method NAFTA wanna play around with that I I believe the the proportions are one part. Dot org tune in to him parts of water. He can't put too much. In and once of course you're plants have gotten tall in its too late to give them during so at. I don't know I I have always thought that it's it's a waste of vodka engine but if you wanna try that one part. Of the alcohol to him parts of water you'd need to keep watering with that concentration. And you can expect. The flowers will be. Spent it along with the group that the scams follow it. I got an email last week from Wendy and Wendy said I found attacked crawling up my arm after doing some garden work. It's a bit unusual for them to still be around. Not really when they kicked our active until get quite cold. And they are especially active after rain falls believe it or not. And of course it was dry all summer long and then we started to get. Some rainfall now in the fall. Which has certainly brought the checks out. Most areas of our listening area here. Have. Your text that are out and you know around at this time of the year so just be sure if you've done it's an outside work if you've. And clearing out please be sure and check yourself over. If you find attached to it you can't have it tested for. Lineman another tick disease at the University of Massachusetts only have to do is Google ticked testing University of Massachusetts. And towns that can. Help you know if you should go on and addicts for something like Lyme Disease or not. We're going to take a quick break when we come back. York call 6172666868. I am the garden variety and this is the voice of Boston's WR Cain. Welcome. Back to play the guard yeah. Ladies. Apparently the and I am so pleased to beat here we've you know. Please Saturday afternoon. 61726668. Give me a call and let me know what is minding your mind in the world of plants and gardening. Did somebody give you a holiday plans to. Have you killed earlier policy plans. Before. Have you felt like you were and quality plan now. Where you just can't keep that going to India on life hit vehicle let's talk about that we have several lines open. And it's time to get through. Right before I went on the Eric got an email from Ginny and Jenny said that she was out protecting her pox what plants. Tom fourth went to her she was wrapping chicken wire around them to keep them from. From you know getting smashed by the snow. And she noticed that they looked like they at least but there were hidden prints they Wear brown in color. And she's wondering if she should treat now howl or cut back and fertilized in the spring. It might be at least such an eight but I have a feeling it's not have a feeling it's the box with silly. And and parks with silly it's silly it is now he asks wine. LL. ID at the most common past of box what. And I it it. Does damage that makes it look you know brown leaves bronze sleeves and it kind of looks so. Also it can make. They'll leave cops you know it at the leap from turns kind of pup light in round dish rather than flat les. And so if you see some of the leaves looking. To that's box with silly damage. If it is blocks what's Elliot damage. It's time to treat it is in. They may and June because it's one generation of this. And then camps the young ones need. And that's the time to treat it with an insecticide duke it. Ask your garden center. For a recommendation of an insecticide for parks with affiliate. You could also sprayed with horticultural oil certainly doesn't. Doesn't hurt. And need to trim its mother anything that is there. Yes some pruning back in the spring at the time to do it now back in the spring. Fertilized in the spring absolutely. Nice application of some. Compost manure around those plants in addition to some holly owner of the fertilizer. That would be the thing to do as well. If it's lace by previously spoken mechanic at a loosely spike isn't that. Isn't that prevalent on parks were. It's hideously spoke however you'll have to spray throughout the summer time several times with horticultural oil because there. They sparks have several generations. Of insects hatch out. Throughout. The summertime and so you have to keep spraying. In order to manage the newly hatched. When he spoke to the season. The plants that are most attacked quietly spark. Our. Andromeda. Higher aspires to panic in which people commonly call Andromeda. As aliens and it didn't. So those at the plants that are most commonly attacked quietly spark and those of the plants that. If you do see that that can pricking Mets get polling of yellow. Yellow dots. On the plants. That's most likely they spot if you'll need to spray several times over the course of the season. 6172666868. Is the number that you can call to chewing me two days on. Carton line. I had an email last week from Sarah and I liked it speakers Sara set up pop my plants inside about two months ago. And now in the sun comes in the wind or concede that their webs. That are between the branches on the plants between the plant in the latest on the walls. Do I have spider mites and how to write treat them. Com. The reason I'd like this is because IC webs all over my plans to whom this time of year when the sun comes in you suddenly see what's really there are right. You don't notice it if the sun is at streaming into the wind. Well I'm Sarah I I doubt that it's spider might I think it is writers spent. Often times when we bring in plants from outside air critters that we bring in most of them are harmless. But aren't those webs that are all over the place are spiders that Chinese writers but they aren't not spite or money. That are damaging plants usually bare chest Chinese writers that have set up shop there on our plants that are. You know her arm spinning their whips away and the best way to treated as with a duster and just asked those in whips away. Usually. Usually. Those writers tend to die off because they don't have the food that they're used to eating outside. When their in the house so usually they tend to dine you don't have to worry about them. If if you you know certainly if you don't see them dying off that you could spray the plant with insecticide or so percent think similar to. I don't think you should have to treat them I think probably a good. Feather duster. And Paul pushing those web the way and getting rid of them the spiders are doing any harm and not doing any harm to your plants. They're not doing. Any harm to you know you who are your house or anything so and it's the webs that are really the most annoying at that point. So that is stump is sure however if you think you have spider mites again. The way you know that you have spider mites is again that stiff polling. Calls. The leaves that you hear it leaves start to look kind of yellowish and again they're very very very behind me. Kindly yellow dots the other way that you can look for spider might just look on the underside of the leafs. And underneath it believes. It will look kind of dirty and dusty not web so much. As dirty and dusty spider mites are very very small. And you won't seek a mites themselves. But you couldn't see it's sort of the litter left from them breeding under the leaf. If you don't think you have spider my it's one of the first things to do is if it's a small plan something like ivy ivy is famous for getting spider it. You can take it over to the kitchen sink and you can just spray without a hard spurts of water from your kitchen Spurrier. On the underside of the leaves that's probably the best treatment for spider mites on IV. As long as the plant is at two huge. Another thing you can do if you. If that plant it's a little archer you can put it in the shower. And you know half room temperature sprain not a hot water at room temperature spray on first the top the plan that kind of tip but so that you couldn't get the underside washed off. And then after that spray with a there might decide and there are organic. Sesame oil based my decides that you could use and treat your spider mines that way. We are at the end of the first hour when we come back from the break. 6172666868. I MC often Arian does at the garden radio on WR came out. You can. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. You can. And. Welcome to the garden sleep on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come June the second hour of the garden maybe 617. 666868. The number you can call we'll start off this second hour with a question. And my question is do you want a steady supply out brightly colored. Cutting flowers. Will have I got a plan for you. Vigna. Pellet guns eighty K any common these Indians. Especially. Grown from seed. This is our natives of Mexico. What does that tell us that tells us that it like to heat right thing to well in heat. It has been prized as an annual plan. And pretty much all of North America. There are many cult of ours that's unions from twelve to shore. You heard me talking earlier when I was talking about John's island planting. I mentioned profusion unions those are short unions. But that tall ones that's what I'm focusing on today those that didn't used to grow for cutting flowers. They are not so much landscape. Annuals. That you had planned for. A lot of color you know in front of your shrubs are on your island planting our. In that sort of situation the Paulson is our traditionally planted either and cutting gardens war. As. A border in a vegetable gardens and or and part of that vegetable cart. Or. Groping you could do them as have grouping of plants in a perennial garden I suppose as well. I love about these plants is that they are so easy and every year I. Grohl hundreds of opinions really from. Xenia seats. Now what that you choose to start using your seats outside. Were im excited. It doesn't really matter these are our annual you can player right in the ground. But there are couple of tricks to planting them outside first of all. Don't plant them to currently if you put in your seats in the ground game and say amid made. Like it's not they are either are not going to Germany or that they are going to rot before they croak. And the reason is because these are plants that like to heat. The seats tend not to germinate. When it's it's COLT. And so they are not going to be germinating if you plant them in cold soil so that's number one. Number two move. When you do plan them from C directly in the ground. Check them Gately and when you see that those little senior plants are coming up. Test them immediately with diet tenacious her. Because what often happens when senior plants are emerging from the ground. Is that they will get eaten by either here we X Ers logs before they even open up their little seed are and their little leaves so. So that's that just a chip for success for planting from seed in the ground the alert and douse them with diet tenacious earth early on. He only have to do it wants. Then the plants will grow once they get bigger than it's not going to be an issue and you will have all of his seniors you can pick. For the rest of as always you can exceed this information and pictures of the plant that I talk about at the beginning of the second hour. On my blog if you go to garden lady dot com. And click on block the information is right there and you will see all the plants are partly to in the past as well. Let's go to line one and talk with frank frank welcome to the garden variety. There have been known are all regards B or speakerphone bottom driving in an order. I don't you arrested frank. Director at about 2030 minutes though only person had an Ireland though we're annuals and perennials. Stared what Ari. One flower that right up until well. In this two week. And it comes in black and white or all that mattered the Google always talks. Yes yeah. It wrote about or former FB IRA they come up every year and they're pretty and they flat. You don't have to worry about or worried we because they are we. They are wait where where prairie you know growing holly harks frank. Okay I'm glad it's interesting because for some of that college hawks are not easy. Down here on the case where I have my curtains Polly heart skipped college knock rust. And they. Leaves it terrible because of the Reston and they tend to die out pretty quickly because that. So you are lucky that it or airy you don't have that and your highly toxic wheat. A quick Google+ I thought my feet. From all oldies quicker read across the street from that. Should ten their record all around Mazar. Although we're sure that look even better. That's great I've bought them holly hawks are one in my favor plants and and your right where their happy that you tend to self seat. And so you'll always get new plants coming up right. Absolutely. What have forgotten plants my grandmother's generation. Absolutely I remember my grandmother used to gardening in Colorado Springs frank. And when we visited I have clear memories of being in her backyard. And she showed me that you couldn't clip off a little holing talk blossoms. And you turned them upside down and you pretend that there ladies in fancy ball counts. I learned up. Thank you very much of capital in a. You. Think cute you know to break thanks so much for your call colleague arcs are a wonderful old fashioned flour and cuts up plant is prone to holly Hough arrested for some events. We you know we tend not to grow there there is a short variety of holly Harte cult Sabrina. Sabrina holly harks. That only gets about three feet tall. That plan that the flowers are smaller or not those being old fashioned. Holly park flowers that that frank was talking about it that I remember from my youth. But I'm Sabrina does not get the routes and it all sort itself scenes and there are so long flowering. So that can be kind of a fun plan. For those of you who like purple because of flowers are purple on supreme holly. And down is it a little bit. Less disease prone Cho says. 612666868. Where do you remember from your youth that's an interesting. Topic you know that that all of that. I associate. You know have certain memories of our our use. I'm not only remember holly harks from. My grandmother. I remember. The flowers. Pop's death in the neighborhood where we executed. When I grew up kits were free range we have run of the neighborhood and we were all over it. And as long as we showed up for meals nobody complains. That you know we were blessed as children. So. I remember going into my neighbors' gardens. And win the cost of flowers were just butted at bat not open. You can pop them like Hulu. Yugo and you squeezed them quickly and pop up. So I remembered sneaking in public all the flowers on my neighbors rosters so that's one memory that I have enough plants. I also ate a lot of plants as a child without end means knowledge as to whether they were at a well or not. And it's a wonder it's at. You know I never got poison her anything because. I remember eating at colonial leaves out of my neighbor's window boxes are not quite delicious and they are at about. I remember eating pilot group by the railroad track. They are also delicious also had a ball. And what else today eat them and a few weeds as well so I guess I never seen anything poisonous. With big guys I don't remember ever you know eating something that that made me sick. Let's go to line wanna talk with Jan Jan welcome to the garden variety. Oh hi Jen what's happening. I think that you were going to a break up I just wanted to double check with you comes to a city earlier Powell. Are the leads. Okay now. From one I used under stadiums. Oak police were okay. Maple Leafs would definitely if you let them on things it would kill. No no no that's not true that's natural oh did it yet that's not true there are no I I can't think of any leaves that are deadly. I don't eat some more men are around that time the next thing you know let. You know it didn't want to just a minute let's talk a little bit more about leaves when we come back from the break and it. I hang out I I'd like the fact you practice happens is is something that. Is important to everybody we will take a quick break and be right back. Talking with Jen and perhaps you about leaves here on the voice of Austin WR Cano. A well comes back in the garden lately I don't see how scenario and I am here every Saturday night at hand. We're talking to Jen about liason and (%expletive) you hurt that maple leaves are deadly effect. Because they flattened what I do. See out is by mulch. They have also leads to get them but the one more these ideas and now he has. I live on the street of course that qualified thumbs and Doug's Q I live right on the side bark. I have shrub which I and so their feet when they plow the road they're gonna kill them with all the smoke and everything so I put. This combination of mulch will be so profound social wraps up if he had the ad and should I. Is it now I know you're you're absolutely correct that chopping up believes is better in. Putting them on pole. It out because they do they can once they get wet they can form those maps and oh yeah and and I I thought you had meant that you were told the Maple Leafs were somehow. Poisonous you know. It took them up. Then when you sent Lee's art. Are not quit earlier in that you've probably mean beyond his church because I'm listening in and work around here decorating and every now. Well what I was what I was saying is that leaves. When their hole and pile up around. Perennials. Or they're pile up around trees. They can on form. They conform protection for vols. That that are slow can use those leads as copper. And so that's a reason to rake them out now if you'd chalk them up like you're doing. The vols are not as able to tunnel underneath them because there are chapped happened so it's like mulch then I. Yeah so that's another good reason to chop them up. Note that leaks themselves are wonderful. Soil amendment to the garden. And I often recommend that people. Keep them chop them up put them back youth in this march used them as soil amendment that's wonderful. I know I. Absolutely. Absolutely and in our studies have shown Jen that trees grow best when when they're given. Is their own leaves her at a yeah nature. Nature center and I'll have to work right. Exactly. Out what comes around goes back to the earth and its people make. It will create fruit as they are in that's our that's. I think I wish that they have little person. I'm from green prints dot com had a phone number he didn't have one. In the thing yes I was that I would have supported the acting I don't have a computer I'm an old lady had addict. And in the end but no victim to the same thing with his. Gardening book if I go to my local bookstore. On in in Dover I'd get they could get it even vote he said it was only. Available through him and so on do. Well I can if you have a if you have a pants all I will give you a phone number that you could call right. Okay 'cause here is the phone number for those that don't have a computer. We can you can call up green friends is tell them you heard it on the garden variety and Leo. Our day and you want to subscribe here is the number it is 800. 5690602. Here is six or two because. I've got two people that are will subscribe to send to them and then meet. I think that that's a great idea and I. I know you're gonna love this standards president after after you know after you get your first issue you let me know how much you loved it all right. It will do I will do not one more thing. Tonight. In the south west Kong. The crescent moon with Venus at the bottom. To be up here it won't change. I grill touched it before it I'm gonna watch it again this is so what side of things to do with these are. Absolutely. Beautiful. I'm so glad you mentioned that because I didn't know that we were going to have Venus and Chris it's always all it's a spectacular site. Excellent. Well I appreciate you very much Jen and all of my callers are thank you for your call. And thank you for listening six or 72666868. Crescent moon and Venus today. Tonight. And looks like it's going to be clear is going to be fairly coal soul you know the season is proceeding. Seasonally. And going to be a little more chilly. Let's I wanna talk a little bit. Before we go to the next break. About some interesting and ties it at its use I have read recently which is that if somebody gives you a plan. That you should bare root. And and and throw away. Or give the soil back to the person who gave the plan don't put that soil in your car. And I picked this is probably. Good advice now why would you want to do that. Because. In all soil RC. And those scenes you have no idea their hair. They're probably you know somebody gives you a plan from their garden probably half. Anywhere from you know five to. Ten or fifteen other plants right along in that pot in the form of seat and it could be weeds its. Or they could be seeds of either by any alls or perennials. Or annuals. That are on that person's property. And their common along for the ride and dame may be plants that you do not want our ain't. They may be problematic. Weeds or they may be. Problematic. Perennials. There may be pieces of those problematic. There. And that you do not want. And sell away to avoid that is if somebody gives you a plant that you want to plan. If first take the garbage bag and view. MG. As much of the soil off of the plan as you can shake off the just manually and you keep that dirt from flying in the garbage bag at the Vatican act the person that gave the plan. And then you rinse off the roots of that plan. Again trying to get anything you rinse off in your heart. And then you plan. Them as a way to avoid. The problematic. Weeds. Am the problematic. Other perennial plants that may hits arrived. With pass along. And as someone who has gotten some really problematic. We need salons with. Salon plants I think that this is probably a good idea. Also a good idea for any plan that you buy at local plants. And garden plants sale. Again because of the possibility of importing something problematic to your card. We'll be right back with more of your calls here on the voice of Boston's WR. Cain. Welcome back. The garden lately and feel scenario. Here every Saturday brown. Until 2 o'clock talking plants and gardening. Repeat of the screen prints phone number. For those of you who would like to call it subscribe to green cream. Is that don't go on the computer. Their phone number is 800. 5690602. Of course our phone number here. Is 612666868. Struck a little bit about. Am gardening advice. Bad advice. Everywhere frankly. And one number one batted price. Is. For using moth balls to get rid of paths. Marc bolts are poisonous. I can't. I can't understand why this continues to live on because. They are really talks. And putting them out in to the environment is really irresponsible. So. That our net price for me number one it is. To put mothballs. Out in the garden to try and discourage. Craters. First of all it. You know there are critters that don't really care one way or the other about mark buckles. I was in a clients yard once and he had scattered mothballs around and I saw a crow picked up on our ball. And fly off with it now. This worries me because. We're set crow going to cope with that moth ball I. You know it's going to drop that mothballed somewhere where kids could pick up. So forget mothballs. Keep marked balls if you have to use my pulse at all or use them in your. Closets to keep months away from the clothing and by the way. Marked balls work because there are tar sick they can yell in sex but also they work despite covering up. The smell of wolves so that. The mosque that people don't smell the walls that's the main way that moth balls work. Go to light laugh and talk with pop. Bob welcome to the garden variety. Yes could have been down. Let's and I hit that I have some Irish plants and that I wanna transplant is it is it's too late in the year to do that Altria rightly so for. You do it now but I think you'd probably be better off doing it in the spring. Because at this point that the roots of the Irish aren't going to grow that much. Where if you transplant them. And so. What that means is that plant is more likely to kind of keep out of the ground at the ground freezes. So if you can wait Bob I think wading in to go you know April it's probably a good idea. Okay this salute shoot standing c'mon now because the weather's been so long but. I'm now isn't it unbelievable. That a well I think it is supposed to get cold air that's number one. Tonight is supposed to be pretty called. The next night's posted even colder. So you know an end because the ground is steadily getting colder that means that. The roots of any plan transplant aren't going to be stimulated to grow very much. Thank you so if you can't wait you know if you have to do it now by all means go ahead and do it that. Iris are pretty tough plants. But if you don't have to do it now I think the percentage way. Not knowing what kind of leaders coming out I think the percentage plays to wait until April. Now you are welcome you have a wonderful weekend. It's. In a sometimes. Wheat we do things because we have to you know if there it's going to be construction. Or. You know you're selling a house then you really want it transplant those iris or whatever the reason as. There can be reasons to go ahead and to right and end so you do it hoped for the best. Venture to say that most of the week away with things like that two week. That weakens too. Everything against all lots in the carton and a lot of the time. We get away with plants often succeed. Against all our. So that's. You know if you really need to do it by all means go right ahead. Also we can work with nature a little bit and working with nature's it was a good idea. And the way that nature but nature is doing out. In the landscape right now. Is all the plants are going and hunkered down while they're going out into survival mode and act going into growth mode. They're not going in to. Saved my life I need you know putting out a bunch of new routes mode. For the most part they're going into hunkered down survive the winter conserve moisture. That's that's what they're doing. I. Was looking yesterday at and is. In art and probably a third believes on that as Ilya shroud. Are turning yellow falling off. That is the plant's survival mechanism for calling into the winter. Yes this is he is an effort green plan. Yes it will keep two thirds of its slaves but a good third of those leads are being dumped right now I mines. And they're being dumped for a reason and that reason is water conservation. If that is area kept all of it sleeps through the winter. Then all of those sleeves would the risks our water and the plan would. You know have a harder time staying alive these kinds of the ground freezes the plane can't take up water. And it's easily from the ground. Or of the crowd is partially frozen. So in order to save its own life what the plan does it in jettisoned some of those leaves it keeps them. So it still couldn't you know photos at the size creates an energy. Honest ground isn't frozen can still be pulling no water and all. But it some of those leaves just as saying. Caution. To help it to live at the wintertime. And that's what's calling on all around us in our cartons and parents rate now at those plants are going in to. Survival mode. For a for the wintertime and so we can help our plants I recognized thing. And doing whatever parts Apollo. To not put him in additional stress and one of the things that would put a plan that's going into survival mode in two additional stressed. My transplant. Would you might get away with apps. In the back to some. Declared it is. It's. Squirting the year on a long ones rain year on line to feed. You heard them. Well. Is that targeted price mainly because it's a waste could go either earth. And number one number no. You know if you if you manage your laundries. If you do for example when your line and you let clippings fall back on the line. And they're feeding the soil from the top down. That is keeping the soil alive with the microbes that you're used in Munich fertilizer. That solves no helping keep. I. Soil. In great shape. And you have no reason to squirting the year I. Itself. That's another piece of an expensive advice frankly can you imagine how much peer it would take to really. Spray. And tire on well with beer. Cost of action so that is something that I consider to. Art and other bad carton mid price is to use household products will. Art. Lee pitch ammonia. Window cleaner who pay east mouth watched. You know. I will never. Failed to understand. Why people think that reaching into the kitchen sink and then this. Is a good idea for their plan. Because these products many of them aren't even good for people. Around with a cart. So and there are all formulated for household. Use for use. And most of these products have a variety. Things in them. Attempted to each entered this to solve your plan problems. You don't have to take the might seek fat Greek wedding approach you know we're at the father in Greek wedding solves every problem with index. Don't do with it. Not with index that would bleached. With pneumonia now start cleaning up with us though. Insecticide so it's different in church. Oh reaching entered the kitchen sink for a solution to curtain on this I think that. It. Things of course I. Laid out in my book coffee for roses are. Reaching and the kitchen sink is one. We're going to take a quick break when we come back or phone calls war Garten rock. I'm so often are at the garden variety and you are listening to the voice of Boston WRKO. And welcome back to guard. Lady and I have apparently seen now and aren't. And I am here with you every Saturday from twelve until two we're talking. Flowers homegrown veggies house plants holiday plans bonds. And everything New York landscape give me a call 6172666. Feet 68. Let's go to line one and talked with Jack. Jeff welcome to the garden variety. Yeah I Sierra. I'm gonna attempt conference hand. I pay. But do you care about it but I can do it right the first time that most people or make diving deep corporate type of plants and went back here. I wanted to try to tackle it sounds. Maybe it's because I've heard. For the one plant you can actually. Keep it for three years. Will be prisons. 21. Well okay have you got it in a pot yet. Okay that and at the basic things there are few things to note Jeff number one. Is that you wanna keep this of course in a sunny window either or southern facing windows or a western facing window. OK so that you have a lot of bright light. The next thing you want to do with this plan is. Be sure at that when you watery. Let it sit for a few minutes and then either siphon the excess water out after about an hour or pour it out or. Sop it up with Donald Powell RA. They're the reason you wanna do it that way Jeff is that sometimes if people don't have a deep enough container or. Are they don't want to go to the trouble of stopping up the excess water they only gives the plant a little lick and promise of water. And if you do that the plan is going to dry up. So he wanted to when you water it you want to thoroughly water at you should be able to. Water that really well about once a week every five to seven days depending on how warm you keep your house. Now number. Number. That's so long. 1555. Degrees. Well hopefully 55 days or not plants that like it cool all right. So try and keep it on the 55 to sixty range rather than the fifty range all right because pepper plants. They you know they thrive in places like Arizona. So. You wanna keep an eye on the slightly and the warmer side. Expected to drop please don't worry about that right. Yeah it's gonna be shed believes that number one. Keep an eye out for our white lies. Immediately. Quite fly and immediately Parker probably in May be if it snows or. Most common has sent in or pepper plants. If you've seen any of them treat with insect to settle so. And just note that the plan. Over the course of the winner's going to keep looking a little more pathetic every bit. But that's okay it's okay. I still do have. Three therefore. War or not peppers still aren't there. And oh good god let the peppers may or may not go ahead and grow to maturity don't worry about that don't worry about them losing leaves don't worry about them looking pathetic. What you wanna do is just keep them alive and you know and and don't fertilize at this point all right. You you went out with polka fertilizer and then in saint late January. Once the days are starting to get long again that's when you can start fertilize. It. So well at the impediments forwards are now and I didn't alphabet was read too much strength as. They don't have an elaborate rules that the board as well stopped parliament it and part of something. I think four inch pad is a little small as these are my plants I transplant them to a six and park right away. May. Be a jerk how got tall at the plants. Well what that app I've appointed them. Late and a little bit and brought this past year and that's the reason why wouldn't want to really get rid of them can still make it. Sure of course I I'd go for the bigger product over it it putts pressure and and good quality potting soil. And because that way they well they won't dry up this quickly if there and bigger pots that the plant is a foot tall. They they should be able to put on some good root growth over the course of the wintertime. If you have if they have the room to do that. But as I say oh wait you don't fertilize to the end of January. Because I'm a Republican since there was some reason. Release. Not wilting but throwing up with a but they're sort of they have yep and I didn't expect it that's how it's going to be sort of you know many months until spring comes. That's that's right just as I say what do water water thoroughly and then wait to water again until this oil starts to dry out probably about once a week. And keep them and that that sunny spot. And for start fertilizing toward the end of January be on the lookout for paths and if you see any treatment insecticide so. And and to keep the plants constructing anything good with two points but to actually candidates have broadened its leaders are small arms. Tonight aren't they did. Most of his. Yeah Arafat. I I think it's up to EU if it's if it's close to maturity by all means harvested and go ahead cope with the green. And I'll bet there will be technical right I really want to try to extend. Something that everybody throws a living here you know death. Well I have done it myself with pepper plants job so I know it's possible. So yup so I know it's possible I know they end up looking a little pathetic that that's okay. And once you put him outside again in day if they're gonna go gangbusters though. Golf cart I think I think you'll you'll be able to do it. Always fun right. I appreciate your column good luck with that. It's always fun and that's you know that's what the wonderful things about plants is that you couldn't. Have a good time sort of pressing the limits a little bit antsy in. What exactly can I get away and hear what exactly can we do. That might be a little different what can I say fort and I eight. What can you know continued to. To grow that most people don't grow. You know and I growth that lemon lime orange trees inside. I brought in to my rose Mary's to sedate them and one is doing very well one night put in the wrong spot I put my bathroom. It doesn't like that damp hair it's already starting to dive back it was a ban state picked up there there isn't enough light in there. So and I thought it looked good next to my bathtub so. That was not a wise decision on my part for sneaking that rose marries actress Merriam probably going to be saying goodbye to because it's dying fairly rapidly. The Rosemary that I put in the south facing window on the other hand. In today front room where it's got lots of sun and it's not giving them moist air everyday for sure. That is. Oh it's that sometimes we can now. Sometimes we can succeed against lots and plants and sometimes we don't know that that's just how ideas but. The fun is trying. That is the fun is trying in the fund is to see what works and what does work. We are here on WRT you know every Saturday from twelve to two talking about plants talking about what works what doesn't work. What we want to try how we can be successful. And while we are rejoicing like Frank Rich racing about his highly harks earlier. And Jen about her maple leaves them up about here is pirates. Where were having fun with it and we will be back next week. To have fun here on appeal marking. You can. Playing. He yeah.