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Dec 4, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to only get by its radio. The only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's tentative on WRKO. Little voice of Boston. Everybody that's got quickly today sitting at twelve taking your phone calls today. To be hot spicy here in the first hour of the program we're about high food. Would you like art students pricey when eagle on I mean temperature wise I mean that's bites when you kick it out. And you. To me it's bringing it tears in my eyes when I always have some some of these places we have tried to face. Over the last couple months I thought. Everybody out there should be aware of it like cotton this show is view at least the first hour that's who we talked about. The later on we'll talk with that David Smith DL it was coming up in just a few minutes from right now he's gonna continue our talk about spicy. Food. But right now I like to note if you are somebody that really like spicy food which you go and it's not a run up Mike. This weekend show that there yesterday as heir to Martin encore presentation 2 PM on this and brits October and station. O'Neal and the Boston Celtics kind of brought this up because it used talking about him yet. Allen in there everybody and Tutsis and take your time we talked to to a player yeah you know it it's always the same places. You know they don't always recommend the same places over. And that but but Kelly Atlantic also and his eyes lit up. And you even you had a look up and dies because he's using his. He's a second person doesn't know Chara was the first that I ever at one heaven every people I've had the look up that. Being 63 you don't get to look up of people very often but. We're standing you know level feeding it and I was looking straight up because things you you feel like has been people have been taller than me. But you can feel it when your neck is actually careening up till have to talk to somebody it's it's a rarity for me now he'd love. As soon as she's kind of match entity if you liked in places right where he trains as well near where I live in right and there's a place called tri city wing. And he says they have an in which is an inferno Burr suicide when suicide ways. But you know he also he added that the they do some special form they mix the suicide sauce. With ranch dressing and kind of to drizzle that over the top and it adds that. I don't know. Extremists to the it's so I mean burn this whole rally probably. Name like suicide wings I think you gotta be careful chore. With I mean especially year rookie I'm not summit that likes spicy stuff. I do at times. At times you do I had that the doubles kiss local attacker reassembling it in all the Margarita yeah that. Was. Does that help you don't use yeah but opening infused vodka yeah he. Was articulate. It took about forty minutes. Yeah I I actually like them like particular. Filipino tequila margaritas. To muffle. Our morning. But but not like that item a few times and that they're at a different flavor to a Margarita in my opinion. But I think we're more talking to be more along the spicy chicken wing line I mean it can be any kind of spicy food or drink that you've had. But we actually at local we gave you a feel for spicy things yet that we eat and keep injuring the Blue Devils kiss Margarita. And then you had the the spicy chicken wings. And they had a spicy taco and a spicy Tucker there was taco Tuesday bribery in there and and you know by the end that and the show I think I was drenched the way. Everything or why you glistening on camera. It was it was last summer was that we had jackets on and you know it was cold it was like it was they won the first cold days right outside and camera walking out once it's like just like cool off right and if you look in the entire show. I probably had that tree that spicy drink right. And you could see just slow almost the whole show you eight is the lead slowly slowly whittling drinks throughout the show you get that same rate drinkers to slowly deteriorating I don't know whether or British it to be honest that there were I don't know. But it was really hot really spicy but that's what I want talk about to make is that what it was cold too we wanna warm up short we wanna warm people about. And I got a couple places. Like you probably try this Boston burger company they have several locations. They have an inferno. Burger comes from Leo yeah with the Harvard arrow kind of sauce that they put on it. And it's its assaults have an aerosol so that they put on really kick it up or much but I I think I found one despite seized dishes out there period not. I don't have the guts to try you know you know what I'm sure a lot of our listeners out there tried items like this it. And year that you love spicy get addicted to yup C audience potter potter all the time right. There is a ditch it's as one garden in Brooklyn. It's called you and you wishful place. Now what this is. That are kind of like loaded with the chili oil. And then their stock within Chile. Hi sauce on top of it and it sits in a brawl and a loaded with all this pots off shore sure. And it may be one of the hottest issue you'll find in all of Boston. Home and it's called. I hope I'm gonna say this right GG fish filet. He says if fast is correct GQ it's just say with confidence that it gives you official site neo and says one guard in Brookline so that may be one of the hottest things because it's that raw that they haven't. Right Europe is just fire in my aspire. I remember you know as most things because than. Most of us normal people. Believe in when we think spicy weeping hot. Our for our mind immediately goes straight to chicken wings. But I know it's not open anymore but when the East Coast released their heart and helmet which we filmed the computer programmers at that may be reopening there's been talk here and there and I remember that the hottest dish of that hotter than hell night was a positive positive Shia. And it's a system like I'll it's got to it's going to be like hot sauce over chicken wing or something like that but no it was just pasta dish and what are that was Amin wanna talk. Spicy food. That was one of those places places that if you would of filed as as we showed on the show a couple of years ago. Bill would. When they walked around to at the hotter than hell Mike if you couldn't take it. Oh is everything I mean there was nothing pops the doctor yeah yeah you walk round and we had like a nuclear reactor briefcase. And her buddy when he can't take anymore pupils march and then went William Blair went. And and he would come on over he would say yes but he will be that he had his principles. It was to something. The really fundamental hot stupid to. Everything on an idea because I remember we went there filming 11 day in. Are rewarded progresses his Christmas Christmas yeah. A reward its rights as barbecue rushed. So she would go wrong it. On the wrong even there Reeves despised yeah so they were able to. That make me one. Thing that was and spicy there rips it patriots hold on I'll I'll I'll personally and selects her I didn't even tried. But it all started burnt out no but the thing was caused Brittany was filming that segment for us. And he's one I think a lot of it is too. That when they used to those nights at the East Coast it was always all of it was hard to get it was during the middle that it probably it once every three months. Those guys pressing their sister and Brittany was talking to one guy who's who's eating the pots. And having hot Torre because the drinks spice Oreo. And he's let's it's okay yeah it's a thought it looked up bad and he could just literally see the sweat starting in ten years there and rolled down. Is on us to. That the thing is that what that always happens is. We'll catch them when they take that first spot. But the trick is to wait a couple minutes after they swallowed him up five seconds for their body to process what just went into their body. And then yes you see that beat us what this loan to hear going nose out like. Although it's it's good. Would you try something like this is a place in Austin for a place called bold move. And they have a high Chile. He met ice cream from. I don't know like that and try it it's parties it's hot spices are cold there. I don't know I'd try anything once but yeah I mean I've been especially lately at tournament time actually kick I think it was a cruise the minute I actually kick let me call one of those I actually brings it every night that those those who protest but those are sweet yet. They were mostly what I chilly mostly as its week with a little bit of Peters out or ruling power well what this ice cream there's no they're basically has. Peanuts that are chopped shredding coconuts and has little flakes that. Of the little chilly the Thai chili appearance on top of it which okay that's up. But then they keep going. They and a mango. Have an air ice Corey. Interest to really really make your so just those it's just some places that that you know that we know we we bumped into a lot of places that culture pot. Hot items and stuff and helps going to be here enhancement in just a few minutes he's gonna. Run down list of other places. You like about Wear what I wanna find a place and and the like it's rising interest if they can not only does. It's morals than anybody can just take the hottest chili on earth and honest. Embers tomorrow. But when they Campbell and it was wavering and what what comes to mind is is crystal lazy he does this goes pepper wings and I even said in the statement goes pepper when you've seen him and you scares most people. But he did it in a way that blended the flavors that it's it's hot like you'd you know you're goes pepper. But you can also paced the rest of the flavors in the trickling. And that I find is is that your town when it comes to access and stuff when the work one spicy foods. Yeah yeah because these don't wanna you don't ruin the rest of the meal. Because it's just. When you burn your taste buds EQ and you're done you can't eat candy you look at it as it put a doggy bag get a glass of milk after you're done but there's. Goes peppers we want artists and I think on or you don't you barely need any. Inside of that particular kind of gets me. Again. This microphone hooked. Me. Is book you watching at FaceBook dot com slash wicket by its TV yes. This is week three of four that Scott's microphone has fallen into his lot on what it's actually gonna watch live on FaceBook live at FaceBook becomes left with the bites TV but the thing is in it that's it. Equipment really loud noise but it I don't know yet it would always gets me tunes was when he reading days and you don't see that little. Chile seeded in there and pepper prepare proceed the season the one Mitch yeah I don't know that. Yet but there's a secret if you if you yet. Something that's really hot and really really spice. That of one time and that's where I learned about way back room turf they did this lamb. That was on the hottest issues spice is does that program. And it was an appetizer. And what they would do is they would serve for it on the side just plain brag no butter no nothing is just like almost like. Italian type envelope right cut sliced. And they always recommend a beer. Those are the two things Beers. The yeast I guess in the the year any bureau where they suggest a year ago with Mr. Bush know any any beer holder in the anybody here will take care access and as it gets really hot. Boom you appear instantly now. Instantly and that this was. Hots and a lot of just some of the plays that we know all right we threw open the lines today to see what happens I don't know if our listeners out there rhythm like spicy food. Maybe go on the minds and spicy wings at certain places or. Items that we don't know about those they will feature some of these. You are upcoming TV she may do may we will do best burn demo both episode yes that's a yes. So you are listening to this right now like spicy food levied on them like spies through that that would like watching people spicy food but yes we do you go again here's the number to call. 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. Have no idea if the lines are gonna light up on this topic or not but I thought it would be a fun topic on a cold day like today looks nice outside now. You know with a little bit of a breeze. Makes you realize what time and where we live. I but the snow in the forecast for tomorrow right now awesome. I 8884346464. Point step up help us out way to go for hot spicy food and deal like it I mean just like to go watch people and ethnic and you know where those ditches are you to stay away from those announces. 888. 43 boys 6464. Mike is gonna take your name and address off air because every hour. We awards and their guess to get to some great restaurants that you dine. On us dinner for two on us you know just telling us about places. As always good praises zinc for pizza to LeMay at any point during the radio show today. 8884346464. Month is gonna step up and be first on today's program. I that your connection they're located in hit it broke right on route 97 to 42 Broadway route 97 and naval. Now they are not open today I just want to tell reported that an open on Sundays that they are open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. And it's not a fancy place I don't want to go in their that you're gonna sit down and just have a great old time and a fancy new tables or not that's not what it's the chicken place right you're going to get great. Chicken fried chicken that's to go there for. Is there project and any good. When New England cable news. Voted them best fried chicken in all of New England that's not a bad feet nine they they really go throughout all the New England states. And they are saying that they are the chicken connection the best place to ago. Now be removed the old fashioned chicken pot pie that homemade. They have at their team. You bring home we can just sit down at table and be great today and she's such darker by 4 o'clock when it's or is it dark here. Would you like to sit down at home. Cut into a nice warm. Homemade chicken pot pie that's like agreeing post game meal after the patriots and yes yes I love chicken Popeye particularly this time a year. Think the chick in connection to 42 Broadway route 97 in heroes say hi to Rick of law enforcement to go and and you know that the business grew 25 years now it's it's hard to believe Japan connection. The locked restaurant in north bend over that's Jim Dietz has placed they're located one point five in North Andover. Now what what I I tell you to go in their try at the loft restaurant. How they're famous marinated steak tips out of them all I love steak tips and I'm and I go into law every once in on an interstate tips. A lot times and an eagle at the aloft as sit downstairs in the rule lounge area now mine was a little larger experts. Are popular ones section. And I'm gonna get their numbers they've checked in over. On the menu eats its. Dual stack of burgers I mean to burgers are you. You know like six or eight ounces of peace it's just too much for me so I I'd kind of make my over to a single. Jack gain over. In he's sheets on the menu they also have a special section. Under 500 calories or less than when you get in December that fruit. One it's gonna Julia you will not believe how much food as in that under 500 calories place that you have you shocked like six jumbos for. That are that are sought Tate and eight white wine lemon sauce with caper. Papers on top a little bit artichoke hearts. Served over. He is zucchini its. League soccer ball neighboring of that play. No lobster restaurant group 1251140. Osgood street in North Andover but he for an Italian restaurant. Try to coliseum restaurant route tornado brokerage shopping center and sell mansion that's neatly to desk is placed. They've won about every single word I can think the last couple of years and you'll see when you walk into the restaurant including one of their awards. That's really really really special. It's the only time that this award is ever left Italy. And see revenue walked in coliseum last. Yeah he's been voted like that shift in the world now that that is something right. Coliseum restaurant I recommend to the nation's first they gotta do this for pat Pat's favorite this guy dish and I had this once. Is it to me. I didn't know how would be and it was it is I was wrong. It's all state pat with right it's a little bit spice and I just me a little bit spice. But it's the best they get money can buy its prime New York sirloin steak and center cut and serve with broccoli rob. What was that broccoli robbery up with the beats C steak that you bite to it's that. My favorite just is the new policy in the coliseum restaurant were 28 wreck which opera center in Salem New Hampshire. I 8884346464. To get help us that would looking for places that have spicy food on their menu. 8884346464. We say we start things off this one has got a job of Winchester good morning John. I don't. I want to cry about a Mexican restaurant in warm really good it's called Rudy. And it's been us some rubble. And I was there introduced what but my ego why would that you introduce strip by a friend. And I'm not a great lever next to him by the really great and you say despite C they have. They make barrel salsa in this wonderful cheap yet. Load it with Chile and palate you know and they have their own nut chip let's say attached. I bloody. Yes the idea India had some chilly day it was really good and again you're talking about EU and at eat as much as you want. And that's important we could do it yourself he could torture yourself that way. The aborted nobody else is and torture yourself the way you want to write. Yet out nifty bit chilly and died of it tomorrow at a big issue is that at all you want again you won't have much if you want that really. They get a better experience so but he gets they used. Earned their own about their way. I'd it's called Rooney's and it's located east. And it didn't some of all about cited Davis quit to really get. I John thank you very much you folk on not you're looking for great place repeats he got to think about Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926 with a homemade brick oven pizza. You by the way if you need to. Fix right now for pizza. Games coming up all of their locations open up an 11 AM today and you don't have to track probably into the north end of Boston but I imitate you go to that history it's worth the go there actually and they get up and bring it on home agreeable last night. But the final location near you. Just the website Regina pizza dot com it's that simple what to have pizza together averaging ought. Get a classic she's well on. And I get a second one for today at at at you can't you can't just as well I don't know why it's it's the pizza left over pizza like you could ever find it's also an every down there Mike Ocampo. There's a pizza tonight. Then him there and Michael get a large pizza to go and Mike no you know what. Make it's I did two we did though the Bruins practice facility near Melissa went over to the also won. And it was set allegedly wanted to play beautiful located brilliance to Alston locations fantastic especially ones that placed are picking up with the the Bruins practice in the train's gonna go replied it's going to be great. And so we get a couple slices. And we're getting ready to go and I'm like calling a second group called Bart general like figure pizza to go since you've just ate a pizza metallic this is Rick tomorrow the. It it is I really did what it is Regina pizza just heats up it stays very well yeah. All right final location near you enjoy a great pizza if you newbie. Get the keys forest try that 11 that way you get the taste all the all what it has to offer art. Virginia Beach area. The bill Dresser is located in Essex master opened. Six days a week for lunch Internet and find Kevin Ricky mark Ricky will be there Kevin's wife Louie and should reach out the door. They're famous for their fried clams but I wanna send doing their right now and try something a little bit different. Have a they're black and blue sirloin. It's boneless sirloin. Spice rubs seasons and it's char grilled on top with a stake in blue cheese. Butter. And cut into it. United says it's cutting in that little border and it bristles on top of the stake and then kind of goes down the side of the walls of the stick in half. Emissions. The village restaurant and at six they'll have a Tuscan chicken. That is lightly breaded boneless chicken breasts and its season with pesto. And it's. I I think it's 1299. At the village restaurant and assets. How about their pan. It's it's a pain it's an Asian stir fry. Dish it's boneless chicken and fresh vegetables the village restaurant and Essex mass about 45. Minutes from downtown Boston. There are open seven days to act six days with a closed on Monday its but it is well worth the trip. Really yeah if you live in Boston forty minutes. Forty minutes and just think we want to when he go right on down the road very easy to do carry the horseshoe pop. Is located in Hudson mass. On south street now that's important you put this NT GPS to the right off the main street. 29 south street Hudson mass that's for unifying. Nick and now and shift they've used that as an incredible job that shift he had a red a filet that he made for me. That was incredible. Seed and I'm gonna skip wreck only to the desserts. I gotta go right to. They have this. Any of this is just perfect I'm in the mood for this right now they have a fried dough ice cream sundae. And it's the size of my way. And it its. So delicious you order that as walks in the restaurant. This watcher but it's it's just turned. And I guarantee you one person orders it. 45 people order it looks that good it tastes that good I know let's get right to deserves the horseshoe public Edison Hudson mass. And what makes them soul famous they have eighty Beers on tap ice cool news that a special refrigeration rule. And all the kinks it out there they have all the lines that go in and they keep up on that they changed their Beers like seasonally. And you can get a flight of beer I say sit at the bar. You know you can sit at a table if you want but I I would rather just sit at the large part were all the taps. And talk to the bartenders and say hey what's special what should I try. Maybe have them recommend a couple of you know like he should try. To go with the meal that you. You may discover. Something new that you really really like the little eighty beer isn't happening you're doing yourself a disservice by not just getting a flight. You are at least one play just to try out something new and different to you might like it you know my problem my. I find something last time I was there I found something that really liked appear that Ike as it is no way I'm gonna like it. Any guess it was like this doubt your short. And I looked at it wasn't dark and and it was. Really mild through the hoop but my problem is I can never remember that name can take pictures we've got to take pictures I think the horseshoe club. 29 south street in Hudson mass again please say hi to nick or out for us. You're locked I don't wicked fights radio. We're not just for gore makes Sunday's ten to do it on WRK oh go boys Abbas steps. Welcome back against Scott Whitley today till twelve noon taking your phone calls the crazy thing for. It due to a break right now it's about hot spicy food. And I think JB Smith from Yelp is on the line when he gets in the just 12 and he'll look for a place for breakfast right now. Now about that Stella Jones goes restaurant and I'm route three days. 293 Boston wrote in do Rick I would recommend that number one woods to a taste I would do pancakes or French toast. Sausage ham and bacon home Fries and toast. All for under ten dollars down Leo's side. Bodies damn. Or Tom for us. And if you're sitting at a rare point collection on to say more about this later you wanna know what it's value is what he should sell it. Hold onto it personally call for price. Rare coins in New Hampshire his name is born males 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. I rare going to have changed his name war males 802257264. And joining me right now is Damian Smith that the L but I understand we're gonna talk about one of my favorite topics. A little bit spicy because we want something spicy on cold days this fall. You got it got some like it hot and it's it's really really hot I've got a couple businesses Soria that are gonna send out. Fiery played that are church a chain but touted done what. Let's start off that lets burn this all a little bit today. And get out if you have a burger and the like it. Pretty robot he should had tell old mid June saluted me in mid June squared Somerville. Now Madrid when is that. And it's wall to wall television and have a great place to go check out. But one of the things that they haven't many that at a tucked away in a long list of burgers impaired death wish burger. Who. Bid to have pushed harder and get a mixed chipotle peppers. Go to Chile is hopping arrows and how it came up peppers. Into the deep itself will gonna hear that app and top with the pepper Jack cheese and restaurant just sour cream it is. Way despite PP. I you have to make sure you have a life insurance policy before you try to drag. But it doesn't hurt apple iPad yeah we just don't tell layered up for the Depp wears burger it up it could be. You know a couple of things that that get the spice Eunice out really quick so when you get that burning amount they can't take it anymore. Beer. Is that great. I would say additive to the mouth because it kind of diluted really quick water just splashes it around makes it even harder. And bread is also a great way to to alleviated very quick. Both of those are great here Brad another line of sugar just but it turned anti yup a couple of hard candies and about the illustrates that he really quickly. But there are achieving allowed for the next one the next one is going to be over broad east in all then. Are ripping through sort of a take away you know it's giant may feature a lot of good polka but there's signatures elections roast beef. They have a series of offices and one of them is called there are about nuclear spot slowly ingredients that. Are sort of up in the air nobody really knows what the secret and behind it but they do have a challenge that if you need rigorous beach ballots. With the thermonuclear often under five minutes you get it teacher and your picture up all the pain. And I mean this is wait and yet you're going to be really sweat. No question about that. If you like if you like been the live you should check out shot to. Shockey had a few restaurants around the Boston area. I know they have wind in Dorchester and the public in Cambridge as well. And they actually just had a bump while promotion but right now going up menu additions to what an up or you that there extreme bid to. The other extreme been diluted takes and you're approaching Detroit the lamb and chicken and just sort of could have been a really nice by the robot. Then to lose stopped and when they say extreme they're not kidding they really kicked up a much. And I recently whenever a couple weeks ago and trip there extreme mentally challenged. Which went if I could finish the entire entree got a perk free and I did but I'll pay what it came what frontiers. At at and he'll do anything for free meal right. So you'll be able to taste food for the next three years that's OK. Yeah. I've got a kid OK he hit the crap. I'm sure you've had a couple won't wars. Yeah I got a couple more Korea if you if you like your great coverage of the collapse but to the play. You should check out Chico. Because Michael Strauss restaurant that break Daryn back bank had about objective stop western classic Meachem. You know sort of small plate this year that you really quickly could mean what other things that now off menu but it still available is cobbler hot and skinny cocktail but it is made with a ghost chili and she's tequila. That again it comes on special request that also remitted a little bit should be. Unfortunately now close rattlesnake bar and grill there was greater on the corner then also Atticus Chile Margarita available. So if you if you want a little case set up by his talent how my temple then it did and head over to tko. And I ghost chili peppers stay away from mom if you don't like it spicy Ari one more game and. I can't get I'd be remiss not to give shout out at B or B we're going into the final one which is cheap featuring a despite his pepper ball without giving a loving shout out to my friend Everett state park in Cambridge. They make it national hot chicken wages. Fried chicken platter didn't speak in fact they sought and has condoms basis I Aaron paprika they just make it incredibly high. National articulate the hot trend right now and I think that broke that they are doing in the bat persons locally. But they do you have one more if you have one more. And that is coming from our friends that chicken and rice guys such rhetoric that sort of very very popular truck. They've seen all around Boston. I have a few brick and mortar locations as well well they recently released I don't know there's even a legal. Yet we Carolina reaper hot hot that you can get on your round and your chicken and rice late. Carolina reaper is our. Right now the hottest pepper that's available on the market and they turned it into it brought the slather on your chicken cut it. So proceed with caution there but if you want a real spicy challenged had a chicken right there and that's a food truck. It it took we took a built of brick and mortar locations they just up from one in Medford. And I think you have a few around Greater Boston that's. I can tell you right now if you have that dish. And the truck pulls away you'll be running faster and that rocked the get really. All right David thank you very much what docket next Sunday morning on with it by its radio thank you Damien. You know this whole topic kind of just kicked off when I was on that the new York new morning show on Friday every Friday. At 930 a WRKO. Boston.com morning show on there with can carry it in be the end. Does the topic that we had on Friday we'll move you know and anti war and texting in some of their places that they recommended for hot hot food. Generally it seems like it's always wins. That's where everybody seems like Minnesota everybody can do when you say hot our brains go straight to wings I think that's just because it's been the it's the most common I guess vehicle to transport costs us to us the right chicken wings exactly exactly now I was just reading. That's few moments ago this is from the New York Post her. Now and I don't know when they publish this article this that it goes pepper. Was once considered the hottest chili pepper in the world and packs enough well a wallop to kill a person experts say. Yes now the pepper has 855. To one million. Score ovals upheavals. Yes and that's kinda like heat unit that's hundred. And seven to 417. Times hotter. And helping you know who pepper. And but he is a thing they say they did a study back in 1980. From. And they said that particularly right sure he is the only issue. You have these three pounds of and it got to be about a 150 pounds. I mean but but. If you week three so I think that's probably gonna play a ghost is a facts don't. Make the article more sexy you know it's like you know what actually give people the details he just say this pepper can kill you and you know people are like Obama gonna have to try this yes just for the 'cause I might die if you've got to eat about 12100 pounds of rice and both never tell me the details of the. I did pick up as that will look and replace it maybe doesn't great wings. Let's open that up 8884346464. Again we need help from from from listeners out there that that help us out because a lot of times and we. Jot these down you know and when we talk to the folks in Yelp or was taken little notes for. Throughout the year you know we may feature some of these places your suggestions might turn and TV segments I'm thinking goes out over less work for a slip. I think we do that that that pot grows we. Yeah ice heroes Lou the roast beast. The phone but those things that we're looking foursome where you go for wings and your big win over army. Daylight today I got like I didn't believe that's like a pizza right. Wings are great for football and usually they go hand in hand you your boat yet you just pizza and wings on the table yeah. I wouldn't go for the best swings in town 8884346464. That is our number to call that's 888. 4346464. Now I can say he's a wonderful restaurant. And on the South Shore in Randolph called scholars on route 28. On main street 1070. North main street in Randolph the scholars that's body count Perot has placed the scholars. Eight is one of my favorite places on the South Shore and Bobby want me to pass along to everybody everybody. In that if you're looking to book we holiday party and for the family for some friends of the office party maybe small group or larger group. The scholars place the think about they can accommodate groups from wanting to eighty people. We can just get a table my reservations NCAA my whole my whole premise coming in overall might all my good friends in the office. Are coming you know and that's the place you want to go. And by the way they can greatness to it's to make it Greek scholars. And yeah well I'm more I think one of the I mean things are really love about us dollars. He is they make their own sauce. Just love that they make it and I think you can buy it right there he can't be authenticity no you you really can't and if you are Italian like I am Mike. You wanna make your own missiles and you wanna serve the bread so he reported to that addiction. And pull out every piece of that song to make also assuming too bread you make him meatballs and make to Boston that's that's not true Italian restaurant let's scholar does route 28 in Randall placing active body body count RL for us don't forget about the happy bush your lectures they're located at 222 elm street mean. Putt and Milford New Hampshire. That's unified tax now. That would Tex Tex his whole life has been butchered really gotten texts. And now he's up in Milford New Hampshire and he knows me in those great quality when you go Ian. To his butcher shop that's only gonna get the best restaurant quality meats period matter fact that he gets the a brand called 1855 by swift and that certified. To be in the top 18% of all beef in the country. And it's revise it's cool when you just bring them home only got to do salt and pepper. It is Roma. Yeah I am one of those little electric rules that it's in the counter there you know during this time you we don't wanna go on kick on the grill. Perfect. So tender so that you see. I'm telling them this is what you want what you wanna do you wanna go up there you want it and happy butchers. Heart attacks. Get about 45 of those replies maybe even more deviant has meat plant you have a whole year in advance if you want to have your freezer. And he wraps them in this. Ottawa get that technical terms down quite understand but they use this wax paper. That is so. Thick and so I mean top of the line. Yeah its specialty freezer paper for us laymen writes it basically it guarantees that you won't get freezer burn your meat for believing eighteen months. Animals so whenever you're ready for great steak I got it does. Open the freezer run a few minutes later. You've got a phenomenal replied yes you do that happy butchers. 222 elm street in Milford New Hampshire please whatever you do say hide a text not matter fact you haven't. Salmon over for the holiday. Who would that be great to come have a model for me to get a rose from that happened butchers. Now make more lasting. A planning of it he can happen but just again to 22 elm street in Milford New Hampshire. I 8884346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program against Scott and Mike today. Taking your phone calls till twelve noon let's go to Roger of Salem New Hampshire good morning Roger. Good morning gentlemen it's critical bill puts a hot topic yes. I thought we would do you know when it's cold outside it's what you want. Go right yeah personal way I gave about Mike we've inaugural ghost peppers. And it puts a vote so tree of items without the with the what I wanna park would vote. Is wasted now on one or two when Gerry called how sure and in my. It's a little place and they have this this week little appetizer called the Filipino pop or less. On. OK this isn't doing well in general health and at what shall I have been or oil with water. Of creative opium poppy just six of them in one at home is stuffed without an error off. So younger heal up you know hoping about the Dominican right or intellectually. So you put on the table rhetoric OK everybody grab one. What wow. What a socialist and had only been you have you been victim have you got to move the rule that. I have not. Bill what bothered me today get a BI again like I grow work. We get who grows peppers and a little bit or Roger how bad news for you all know that Hauser onion. Club closed that all six years cut and oh yeah. Among their don't want it. Or. On the website right right now six years they knew there were open and that is one thing on the web for customers and unfortunately these are no longer with us but I love the art house I'll join in and that's a guy that. Great agree and I McConnell. VO sub Rula we do and who Joseph Cohen TV show a couple of weeks ago just fun yeah it's it's it's all fun and games. But now I know Roger do you need to suck it up when. This special technique I broke goes peppers at the ages grow like crazy. I'll. Nobody in my whose. If you know are better what it means any gross stuff. And he gave me a couple it and he neglected the only that it was a good coach I would compatible Austria. Does nobody wanted to say that's like that you know you have it in the way it's you know I had a that they would prolific form by god. And these fees keep got but I also grew up videos. Tom Kite and peppers right entire peppers and a little thing called Mexico Ali. Bell pepper it's displacing our. We improper. On this fabulous. It. So taco nachos it's also a young women go to the Pacific Roger has it all covered. He does I mean I don't know if you can sit there. One of those those peppers lawyers though I'm sure I'm sure he knows what they're usually do. I'm sure he's are Rodgers thank you very much your phone call. Tell us a group one try to by the North Andover that lets you know that only need Chinese buffet button and then next Sunday. And after having co and there are psychic medium and about ten tickets last. So your interest in seeing Kevin Cohen a world famous psychic medium. You need to order tickets now North Shore spirits dot com I won't be there. I'm excited he's been through your mind. Nobody. Short skirts dot com or tickets call 8667451167. That's 86674511. Sixties. And it. For the best deal and from lazy dog lane at lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce test read Maggie by. Our quality forum for small ones like him lazy dog and mark downs and lazy dog anyway. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does believe boat worse that I take in Boston's north then righted the gateway. To the north that now they've got great cuisine you know about that. Apple what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party. Get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Fully post second floor function rooms. Have been renovated and they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bus and city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those serve whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist on these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. You know the converse of part deep goaded daddy and very good Italian. In the north then well how about a place that used to be in the north in this part of the north in his DNA it's called a leash is a Boston's north then. Predator fish owns it now don't at present time and he moved it to forward 23 main street that drew 28 and stone them. You know one of things about it if you if you are joined this down here so not cure an egg you name it. And back in the fifties and sixties they all went to the leeches and there you have all kinds of pictures you still have a lot of sports celebrities dropping in there from time to time. What do I recommend the poll Marcella college in me and cut but Liz chop analyst sunny Charlie had a yet Charlie's Hanik its pan seared in a white lemon caper sides it's so good so good. This is a racetrack you'll tell all your friends about they literally when their nightly specials knock your socks off alright. Visit my friend Fred native British and is send paw at the leeches of Boston's North End for 23 main street route 28 in stone them. I was born to cook. Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eateries in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard road Quincy. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK oh the voice of Boston. I'm scouring the Internet right now I'm just looking for places that does some some wings you know. I thought a place I've never. Never heard one of people out there right it's called eat at jumbos stumbled into all square. They have 34. Sauces. That you choose from. From a raging cajun. To create pass pass go do what my favorite elected the spicy. Peanut sauce. I'm like that's us that's Kennewick wish on laughter Q doesn't this give butter and jelly. The peanut butter ties us yes the payment. I see a lot of praise and I have had this before. Engine and just Angelina us okay profile pizza. In that since August on route one. I believe yes report Angeles Angela I'm sorry ecological idea what I like about there are good ways and not do that spicy they're not spicy but I like they put on top of them. They do like that. Caramelized onions general goes through that really like 900 degree I think it adds a little bit of smoke. Letter to a I think they're they're one of my favorites out there another place that they're recommended. That I have been to and I have tried. And they framed the sport buffs public Newt you know you know they have ten different sauces. I want what they. There hot honey when I was there boom boom and it was hop but not while again we had a with a beer you. You can you can you can fight your way through but I thought they were very very. The honey exceed that reminds me because we recently aired the Tony sees episode and I did the the hometown heat Margarita there. Which again it was the help Pena but they actually modeled up actual helping you'll slices. But the bartender was those estimate to put a lot of hot stuff and it they added honey to it to sweeten up. The spicy drink so that it was X delicious and had a but the eight and is a multiple takes on the one. Another place that's recommend and I didn't try but I have tried just like you up right they're fried chicken. I think they're the kind of noted for the fried chicken it's a place called strip tease. Yeah autumn's out in Watertown that they do actually finished a brand new chef and the kind of they're not so much revamping of appellate reinvigorating the menu but they're kind of going for that that really comfort foudy type of stuff. But with a little bit of a different twist to it and I was in a couple weeks ago always packed it's always heartless but now it's and it's a Watertown neighborhood place. And the fried chicken is still just absolutely delicious absolutely delicious fried chicken. I watched them prepare those and you and again and make it with an. So the southern style. But the make you a little bit a lot of I think that makes there's definite difference strip tease us. Which is a very unique name right so don't don't don't like going in their brain announced with great fractured and some recruits for teas and water that is true. I'd those a couple places and other places that I've got to its chain of restaurants if you liked Wayne's. Bon John. How much of the one in known hole I know I I. Little hard to find is is the Nelson were Harvard Square they have won and Harvard Square and a couple of others I think there were. He opened up one in Salem mass I'm not sure they're thinking about that I heard some rumors is this one and Alston. I. Can't I I don't these kind of like. Almost like getting hit you appear Erfurt like re fried beans right short of the almost for him twice. You know they code on the fly and the condiment that make payment for him double Friday it's like double fry in the levels like very intricate yet they paint them with lycopene question mature every. Part of that chicken when some flavor on. Or could most sorry most places. The win when they put the sauce on they kind of just they do that cost a thing where they toss it in the bowl. They put the chicken the bowl to put the sauce mobile in this kind of tossed that around. This one actually that they take the extra time to paint on so you know that it's getting coded but it's also I like it because it doesn't make it like. Sloppy. You know and I mean right now it's not it's not grown it has its code but it's not a very nice flavorful coding of sauce on it. But you're not eating chicken soup right. So yes it's called upon John. The location and then I have gone to twice and went there twice is involved as another one and Alston and in. A Harvard Square harm's ground you'll you'll find them on John. I Salvatore is they have several restaurants including one in Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. In that big great gestured for somebody in office party itself towards you know because if you're bound to have somebody. That you know that lives in a different area from here you can go to Salvador's and grab the gift cards given to them it's great office did great get for the family. It's stuff Salvador's. Doping or about April European restaurant that you can find Eddie April with three K in North Chelmsford. You know idea correct. You'll start Tyrone also and stuff I'll take a break we've got more calls right after this. Ketchup all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston. Listening to a wicked place radio. The only place that lets you beat the blue. Chris Sunday's afternoon on WRK over the. Voice of Boston. Welcome back get against Scott with late today when Mike taking your phone calls from twelve. I know this hour. We can buy radio how would you restaurant program of proxy by the China blossom one point by the North Andover that's critics' choice the best Chinese cuisine. North of Boston. Doing there and during my time or the Chinese buffets that has my career on it at that the China blossom again group 145 in North Andover. One of the most popular. All I can eat Chinese buffet I think anywhere really is it really is seeing right. Any member of the family for us. Now I thought this hour Mike which is open up the phone lines and let people talk about restaurants appraised using our ask questions about restaurants because that's how the show was founded. Almost forty years ago I can't believe that pats are all out by mistake it all happened by mistake. And I'll quickly tell the story for those folks have not heard how the show started. This was. I'm the first food show. In America. And it all started back. The fourth of July weekend it was that Friday before the fourth of July weekend back and I Morrissey 77. It was hot it was humid. And there were no car phones. You know people were at the beach we were their holiday mood who driving home basically listening to you leaving you know leaving work early for long weekend. Well when you're driving home and your new car any of the car phone and you don't political talk back then which is new to Boston at that time. It's going to be hard to get a phone call so packed tried everything he could for the first hour of the show. On the governor every single name that he can think right. You couldn't spark on any calls at all started reading. The movies died in the newspaper listing movies couldn't get any cause and he finally just said all right after the first hour I'd give up. Whatever you would like to talk about. Call in talk about it. And we got a phone call back then lady called and start talking about says one food which is. New to Boston at that time and fried ice cream which nobody heard. And at that restaurant that particular restaurant. Call packed into the restaurant. With his you know on the management is that the greatest nation at that time has that look like. I would. Pay you. And become of an advertiser if you do that show again. Because we were loaded we got to run from that one call. So that's that's not the man on radio station when it's up to. You those folks. And they decided. OK. After after this restaurant tour said they are good news in baptism of about the file for bankruptcy protection consumer at the pay you in advance. But they did the show. He became the first radio advertiser in the restaurant program forty years ago and that's how we lose its office got started grew to thirteen locations one time. And it just. I you know or caller. And from the beginning pat has always let people say good and bad things about restaurants because you can't go we in the here and enjoy every single restaurant it's. Or every single time you're not gonna have a great dining experts I don't care. What restaurant you go to something is going to tick you off some people have a bad day it happens happens all the time that's why I'm not a big fan of food critics are. I'll say I'll like well like you like what you like and we might have. You different ideas of what we like and different moods. So over food cricket Conan there and you December of that just one of those days and I. You prominent gonna like anything. That's almost even worse than at the restaurant with a waiter is having a bad day if the if the actual person who's supposed to be reviewing the food is having a bad day if you're gonna read. Believe you can read between the lines are gonna read that bad day Rory through the right it's like this. This seems a little excessive you know one of those types of one spot and what. I think it happens quite a bit and that and nothing about food critics. A lot of them are either you frustrated chips. Or maybe haven't made in the restaurant industry and they start they start breaking down to little microcosm of the British. It talks about each little ingredient each each little for that might be in the that it it was missing. A little bit of this absence. I don't care and I don't care I go there because I like it right. And I'm in order something that I'd like this that I like and I. It's like I go to fancy gourmet restaurant they order the bar you know. And I may go to that restaurant one because of the atmosphere more one because lack of mr. and it has one great coach or you know and that's what with what brings people back in as the foo. I I. Equality and so they can go to what you know a little hole in the wall. And it's great food. Did you know I and that's or go to place. And a lot of times they don't even know about places like. You know I'm using the diners I love dire for I don't think idol that knowing we have enough. There you go down to new York New Jersey they're everywhere reverend everywhere. But your master's of art with that being said. I'm gonna open up the phone lines do you appraisers and from pizza to gourmet right now you are the food critic and everybody's opinion. Is now you know I don't want anybody with any fancy degrees right on this right I wanna know what you like him waiting Ugoh. And here's the phone number to call 888. 4346464. Now could be a certain dish that you like or maybe it's the the shaft maybe is the chef owner. Maybe it's a certain waitress that you that you enjoy and that's why do you go there. Or maybe it's just the neighborhood place that you can go into all the time. I wanna know about those places this hour on the show are right. Now Mike is gonna take you name and address because will be awarding some dinner just having its getting it gives the ticket giveaway to. Bancroft this hour. That's a beautiful steakhouse wonderful steakhouse. In that brought to will be giving that away to a caller this now. They will give away gets through to the main diner. We have a Hal and wells Maine. All right so where are you going I don't care where you're you're you're driving a car right now. You know call we'll get John right away OK your first time caller we were really want you to call in and become part of this show. Because it's folks like you that really get the show going in and make this show work after all these many years I here's the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. My step up who's gonna be next on the restaurant program. 888. 434. 6464. And open about the village restaurant at six they're located the judges are 133 and 22 and Essex mast 45 minutes from downtown Boston. Go any further fried clams. Made even have my time that you didn't know that the bar them yet of those restaurant and Essex and hide any member of the Ricky family. If you are looking for great pizza think Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. With a homemade brick oven pizza Regina pizza Gloria. And all of their locations at all opened up now. Yeah 11 o'clock they open up whether in the Fenway area maybe turn foxwoods. You know foxwoods. As a Regina pizza. They go right resort. It's been time gambling hopefully winning some money and Aegon go out to the food court and fox was and grab a great slice of pizza. Of course and a nice sunny day like today bundle up. Auto upload. Batch of street in the north that. See where all of again Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. Now I have a special little restaurant for you. It's called the restaurant they Serena eighteen Lebanon street mall than that you're gonna find. Geovany. In the Longo family. It's a little taste of Cloutier right there in Malden. Eats you know not a large restaurant. But Geovany and his family they give you everything they got they wanna make you happy when you walk in there. Their wood burner stove to see the kind of warm up their rates right there before comes out to the table. I would recommend. The resort to a few of Lee DeMar. Eats their resort to wish for mussels. Clams come. Mari and scallops in their red. Sauce that is delicious. Now I I don't want to go in there I think is a fancy restaurant it's it's a very nice restaurant but it's not it's not a huge restaurant. But if you wanna go in there. Enjoy fine Italian food. From the Calabria region where as we Geovany is from you got to think about restaurant they Serena. Announced that gourmet brick oven pizzas. Fresh homemade breads. And private function room and aimed at catering. And banquets. Restaurant they Serena say hi to Geovany. Or any member of the Longo family 1811 on street in Malden. I here's our number to call c'mon I'm looking for some restaurants appraisers saying from pizza to gourmet wish it would be going why are you going there. 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. Let's go to Chris of Braintree to mourn aggress. Good morning thanks particulate call thank you call it. Are you out of this is something I never do and I'm I wrote to describe my situation this Sunday morning I'm driving in the car near circular call and now life. Decided to give a call. Now there's two places that I love to go troop our pizza. There I know let's that's a big thing for on a book called Sunday. No doubt in the social thought. They're deliberately grill in pago. And if you appetite this fit. Thrown out enough for some great cook Pete so young also. That's a great low light and so it's called the liberty grill. And hang them. Gagne right on the water right by. Right right right by the hot spot. It's it's fantastic a nice little I acquaint. Restaurant I think the building was erected geez back. Couple hundred years ago maybe the seventeen hundreds. So you get back quite quaint New England setting. He gets some beautiful pub pizza. Yeah and recite a second location that we'd like to go to. Is Lynwood pizza. In Randolph. I hope this place is rather busy. It's kind of small. So it's perfect for take out I usually call give them an hour. Accident it is billion it is well known in the area. And I can I can stop over grab a couple of favorite pizzas and head hope for the football game. And have beautiful puppy circle blowout for the listeners there is a ice suggested won the first sitting down and bring them. Liberty grill. And the second one is sort of beautiful take out of pizza at Lynnwood pizza in Randolph. Can't let would pitches that it's a small place but I believe they have their awful liquor license if I'm correct have been there one time. Who are available I don't get busy and they do have their regulars. But that is something I don't partake in but put. And it's just they eyed the draw for me is the pub pizza so microbes water wars just to focus on the pop pizza on Sunday. For the football games. I Chris thank you very much via phone call I saw was. Interesting topics having people look coming over you know a lot of people have people over your you know for the patriots and that's coming up about two hours from now. And you know when people come over you always have snacks and stuff like that again there's nothing then it's right right. You know and those are two great recommendations. The liberty grow and hang them cordon Chris is a great place to go for power pizza and the Lynnwood. Pizza in Randall. Is also another excellent place to go to middle of the Pope pizza yeah I. He's just. I know that there's anything better on the Sunday before the pizza pizza and a couple of them it's. Yes of those are a couple of great recommendations are we need some help right now c'mon let's open lines field. I mean no I've I'm kind of surprised I mean no we don't have social Poland would open lines right now at come on come on out there. Where do you where do you go now what's your favorite restaurants right it's up to you to praise losing forbids it to warm day. And the show belongs to you because you are the food break 8884346464. That's 8884346464. C'mon. Step up. That food critic let us know where you go on again. You can win dinner for two on us 888. 4346464. All right I want while Chris Davis couple place on the South Shore I have another place in the susteren that's great another. Not a great item. Football games. For food Chinese restaurants right you bring home Chinese food that's always great is you get likes her whole what you different items. And put more together the Chinatown restaurants though it is located on route 27. That's gonna finally set and William long. You have to try their Chinatown spare rooms all their Chinatown spurt there's nothing like them they take about four hours to prepare. You're assuming you're so tender. And there were times they just run up and because it takes four hours they just can't do anything right they slow smoke before they put on their sauces. And when you walk into this restaurant you're gonna notice one thing how clean it is and it is because that's just when you walk in open kitchen. Entire opened huge kitchen. And you sit there watch them prepare the food for you. They China town restaurant route 27103. Share and straight Cobbs corner in stowed and I also recommend their Marco Polo. It's homemade YouTube age. And a Jumbo sure. With a little. I would say like a lobster sauce. It's delicious the Chinatown. Lisa and we want X place route 27 in stone him. I'm stoked now the known ame restaurant. Is located on the fish pier in Boston's historic walk waterfront now it's owned and operated by a guy named Jimmy and his fail. And did you know. In Boston is only one place that you can go and get free parking when you lie to eat in the seaport district area. And Richard did know that. All the known ame restaurant. Just pull right up to it. There's a little valley you'll see it you'll see this in parking for the known him rest and just bring a little. You you'll sticker in the about it we've relocated fifteen fish pier Boston's historic waterfront broken for lunch and dinner seven days a week. They're famous for there. There's seafood charter there is so much seafood in the seafood chowder. That for five dollars you get a bowl receive food Jarrius from the sticks straight up the mobile. It's that news the known restaurant again fifteen fish pier Boston's historic waterfront. I am now Winchester are watching the Trier restaurant called restaurant they wouldn't she at five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street. In Winchester tone and operated by our good friend of mine who both primarily known for many many many years now. And at the general manager there and agreed you have to do always always there great guys still led better go I talked to bill. And say you know I want that dish that that's got on the show always talks about. It's revealed she that they may. It's sixteen ounces bone in field job it's not on the amend it's this soft field shots stuff stuffed so yes. Clean out that bill was not enough for you have to stop it with even more stuff. Like Spanish Martina cheese. And and they pants riot and they grow to steer the grown marks on top of it. You know I think is it's not on there to limit it's always on this special. To go NCAA. All. Restaurant there Lucci and Winchester. I want that they start recommends the deal the veal chop okay. And finally this party parking right outside his two municipal parking lots like steps away restaurant day Lou Chia. Five dash thirteen mountain Vernon street in Winchester. 8884346464. That is are numbered called appraisers and from pizza to gourmet. And again first time callers are welcome on the program 888. 43460. Fours 64 go to Tonya of putts at New Hampshire and wanted to on a. Am I the morning. I'm calling out our caller actually welcome. Thank you guys listen you guys every week egg you always make me really hungry. That is our job here we if we have one thing to do every Sunday is the make everybody we that's our job if we accomplish it. And I if you could. You do it well I'm actually calling out because of that peak that it got and I'm like up on that social art and going to the label and going into Cape Cod cap space. I'm repeat the end although lately you know the real bar pizza. And I will appear probably about sixteen years ago and I was wondering if you are there any you're collared. You have anybody ready plate appearance and actual area that I can get you know something equivalent to the bar Pete sat down on the social. Who that is a good question. I location in Nashua, New Hampshire Nashua, New Hampshire our pizza. Now. I'm trying to think I mean I know a couple of great arsonists and booed when I thought I love Heather's daughter that's what my favorite. Irish restaurants I don't know Irish and Irish are but you know you have a few drinks they don't really care. Up pizza. I will open up the phone lines and see if we can help you out there is I don't know I mean that that that's something. In that area we'll see if we could find some way. In the national area or even like the child rankings brow area that would be the bar. You got it we'll sue you do for you I target thank you very much your phone call can help out. I mean sensitive to the person that just need a bill. So if for like that that bar pub pizza sure Nash Nashua area all the way down at the Chelmsford. And in Massachusetts right to go from. From your Nash for New Hampshire in terms of them there must be something going to be signed Torii if you can help us out where would you recommend. That she go for a bar Pete's 8884346464. Come on help Tania how I mean. She's missing a great. Great pizza. I mean a lot of places up there I'm sure they have bars and pizza I just can't vouch for the mats we need you that's that's right I mean we give you a whole list of places the tribal we haven't tried any right. 8884346464. On helped on out. Let's go to any of Windham New Hampshire good morning Andy. More guys some. Traveling here on the road our question as well I am from New Hampshire traveled throughout the Alabama cannot walk Tanya out starting. Com. But. Shop open or shut up all the restaurants. The head table at last night allotment for kids. Party and event. I think they had over seventy restaurant that everything was good that we that we tried. I I don't recall any of the restaurant named unfortunately by that if you go to the web site for Rodman for kids. What the barbecue places. Seafood. Outweigh at Mexican. It's better in my my question. That'd probably a little more easier to answer out travel right now deliver archer from highlights. Vintage furniture business and I'm heading towards Beverly. And I know Shelley wrote to be people out there and Denver's. But he were you recommend it the other roles being played out in that general vanity. And I was wondering that you could recommend something that I can pick up the road speeds are wrote these villages. After my neck the liver. Yeah will simply happy I don't go to Kelly is you're gonna need a big checkbook because there there there. There than not they're not shape but the good I mean I I stopped there are other night because my wife was in the mood for a roast beef I mean that's she just you know you hear caller's get me a smaller space and was like 888 dollars a fifty for small roast people when they handed to me. It adds some weight to. If it really did. And she loved so we'll see if we defined find a place for you in that Peabody area for roast beef other than Kelly's tour. All right thank you Randy I got a couple questions on the board were looking for pulp pizza. And that Nashua Chelmsford area that he help out Tonya and now Andy is looking for. A great place for roast beef that he wants to bring home. We're in the Peabody area. Other than count I was in the gym bunnies and even. Yeah I was I was thinking about Geovany I had that when I was in high school that was where I mean in high school football team went almost a weekly. And has it changed at all not at all have you been back when I have actually I to Geovany it's. And were where they're located in my their rate dubbed the best way to describe it the rate by the Hanford. Supermarket I don't know the exact street address. But rate dentistry from the Hanford supermarket in Peabody I took questions up there to get help and add some more places. Geovany is for rose beat Mike is recommended if you have a place in Peabody area that you think. Deserves a shot out that maybe end of the big hero when he brings that home after his furniture delivery. He's looking for a place that does roast beef in the that that Barbie who's that bar pizza in national and l.'s foreigner right that Nashua area she's rule in the travel. 888434. Or 6464. There is a line ready for you to let those folks now 888434. 6464. Let's go to Rhonda of west for good morning Rhonda. But boy oh I was just tell you that our market ass is in no end and what are. I have he eat them frozen out meant only been about a month or so that they have. And I know what. And just you know I I did a have frozen pizza policy think of the name of the place it it's a local. A pizza shop in North Andover and they do a frozen pizza and they haven't I wanna say one of the specialty supermarkets. And I mean when you look at it didn't look great I mean it's flat it's frozen. Are put into the oven like they said it was very very good I was shocked at it let's. I mean looks can be deceiving sometimes. But you're saying Cape Cod cafe. And market baskets down to bring home some. Through yeah it's. In need to put it a little longer. It'll it that's right it doesn't amount got it all right are right. Iiroc thank you very much for your phone call to open about selling those restaurant that's gonna find Bobby stand and Tom. It's a win you a landmark you cannot miss. And what I mean by a blue landmark. Their roof is hit proof that they haven't all the little you can not miss it if you're on route three day. Still Leo's going there. Early in the morning and get headaches go there in the afternoon go watch your back in the evening have dinner that's what terrible place this news from. Can cut primary of the big cat. 28 eggs combo with pinky pitch you can do anything you want to have about Belgium waffles Stell Leo's. Route three ace out to 93 Boston road in bill were cut. Jo fish restaurant in north bend over and north threading that's a place to go and get a huge stakes lobster the three pound big clubs. Mixed up lobster. I had that once there who is. So is there. There are pictured. It's. Great warmth or. That they haul off and they put in their famous clam chowder in the way. And then hitting the hole and it's an appetizer. And I'll think is a way you can you can have that dish and then don't want to. Have anything else on them and it's it's it's been. Jo fish restaurant added Jim Dietz in the go ahead route 125 in North Andover and route 28 in north Redding. I would back a mole of your phone calls get some questions up on the board looking for great places for pub pizza and that Nashua area. And we're looking for rose. Places in the PBB area other than calories 888. 4346464. Is our number for you to call ahead and let us now 8884346460. Pool. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you be approved credit Sunday's tentative on WRK elbow boys of Boston. Welcome back start quickly today to twelve noon from New York Halen Boston don't forget. Every Friday morning at 930. Under Bjork tales boston.com morning show I'm on with that him and he be talking about restaurants. Are much spicy. And you can actually hear that segment. That I did on Friday. Just go to our FaceBook with the bites TV on FaceBook. And you can listen to it and comment on our FaceBook makes you like us and Wallace we ask just that's all we ask you right just keep on us. Tell us what place to go with a play at home version which combines that's right you can watch the show right now they don't even live we're live streaming right now on FaceBook. Which it bites TV on please try to get back to the phone calls go to Roger of cameras good morning Roger. Good morning just good Carlin went and had a gentleman has got roast beef I know some India average we have several. We have actually KG of anything be ever as one on 62 out is saint John's prep. One and don't tell maple street. And also that might be reduced the supreme right down the street from now on maple Opel. And I also Kyoto and old shooter on the court you can't go wrong what any of. Five but if you had to pick your number one out of all those kick canyon. Well it's a toss up between you present supreme. And so did you do those going to be my two recommendations and they also have both have great kebab salad student so. You can't go where would you want. I Roger thank you very much for your phone call so Mike is another recommendation for G of bodies and of course they have multiple locations and also recommends. Supreme house tip you know so those are some places that's that's the approach has some places he's also calling for must be really good morning rich. The nor am I ought to vote our Brothers to roast beef or Foster street orthopedic square. And I hear people who beat there we we have a couple of other beauty to whirlwind she showed. Good roast goose share orchard are. Where my third will be brought a lot Foster street. All right so noted Brothers on Foster street again we're looking for roast beef places in the app Peabody area. If you help us out 8884346464. Started Jake of Winfield who mourn inject. They won't. I just heard all the places that last fall a suitable roast beef. They're all great places but if you get a good down the land and sea. If you just keep going down. That gives you a little further to Luis throws these meanwhile in the infield. Right on the other on who won. And it I think about bird he'd say amateur ever to add any of those places that haven't Kelly's bigger and Kelly's better I think is the best spot to go. You said that's in the infield. That's been revealed yet right at the intersection the roof or an intersection and from there on street and in the infield. Got it right Luis roast beef and you know people might I really love their rose is sent to the rose beat game is very strong emotional yes and add an and I can tell you one and I think they're located settlements reference 28. Always gets recommend if we talk about response from general that's the blue house of pizza. Yup and they like a three pound it's the biggest or as we've ever seen in my life. Yeah yeah and they made former and I thought they would just kidding you know when they're making it I think it did quickie Mary do you do a couple of years yeah watt is incredible size. Let's go to Pam of Essex good morning panel. On yeah. I got an idea how we are very good. How broad based and I bigger beef on my side and say break. Nick roast beef and what Beverly mass. Learn in north Beverley why are they your favorite. All I caught that wrote me melt right in your mouth but. It had no opinion mouth and it's reasonable. I dollar the dollar is. To get their current project on it it would title and Phil and. I Nick's roast beef again they're located you know what street they're located in north Beverly you know street not that guys are right Pam thank you very much for your focus. Love where the show goes sometimes it's the colors that kind of send us and different directions or not we were talking about praising reasoning for pizza to warm and that's what the restaurants or does and also we get some callers out there they asked questions about. Things and now all this up we're talk about her speak from the we're sure. But I know listeners out there have some favorite places rose because they're more than welcome to call about their favorite resting place to. 8884346464. That is our number right now you'd call it an open minefield 888. 4346464. Let's go to Pauline of Maynard good morning following. Egg combining app I was so much out so I'm kind of paint on big war. But a follow up kind of state and Campbell. Any of the Campbell that all of absolutely. Delicious. I mean as I cannot have a leg but they and it's worth the money. Well that's holding it worth the money I'm I'm good with that. You know. Well yeah I mean every it's really really off its seafood. And they have a saying he has done staked my husband doesn't do they. Very well tailored around the world where is that place that you're recommending right now for for scallops. I sit like out Kim also closed its general west third and they're. There's actually several of them go one I know about it and left right. OK so that's all part of an ice cream stand Campbell's eyes kept bike and I can't and let me out now. Yeah you have another place towards. I yeah and the nineteen patents at stake my husband doesn't is they very well. And every nut ball and error in the if they have a problem that it says. And then they have a set out and I believe that while I'm. There are aligned in the dust on it I am that we usually go to the linemen up some. Got it so and I thank very much Polly via phone call in 99. It's recommended for their states. Which I I never had their stakes at the 99 at other. Domestic tips yes they tips. I think there's there's there's golf since I I I think we have a great soup there that seafood chowder soup they have it is very. Yeah I though that I think there are very safe choice for bar food and stuff they are and then journal that buffalo wings steak tips couple Beers I remember as a key. You could even as we had one in north and it was still have that your vocation you could knocked it in. You know I mean there's always packed always packed now there's a lot more competition with the don't they still do quite well. But you know for teaches them mr. I thought that was like the overflow when Russia they're proud of battling a 3040 minutes or an hour away he world were flowing down there. But they've always done quite. I ended up to game two. Either drink but I would recommend that if your line right there mixed drinks are huge hit a putt and get like one shot there's you know if you if you do like the liquor takes an hour and a writer currently. At least that's my. I get a beer get here and ice cold beer for large cooler it's it's not impossible it's tough to miss them here. No it's a like a massive. Where is it not impossible now there with the right again at least some help though that that pop pizza. Yeah so I know that somebody out there listening right now it's just too chicken McCall a week accuse you. You know particularly Tonya could use you know sure wouldn't go for puppies. In. What's your favorite spot. 88843464648884346464. Ought. Your first time caller really welcome to the in the shower and it it's folks like you the make of all work 888. 4346464. Dom sausage company they are located in monitoring and on about a challenge them if an operation for about 75 plus years now. As a full service butcher and wholesale deli you go in their pick up. He got to pick up a packet they're they're they're the merits they took it's there's nothing like he does bring them home. Put it a hand primal about a what you're going for you have to take a packet that hole. Right you know you could but you can go there we talk about their steak tips all the time because I think they're like gold rush they have a special equipment. That that they use is like 75000 dollars piece of equipment. That marinate them and get him to perfection. But when they get subs wraps other food items or he could sit down the middle of the supermarket. And from launch we'll get there early in the morning. And get like like egg sandwich. It gets staked its image are Mondays they have an incredible seafood. A castle. As a special and he just right there you write a restaurant right right in the supermarket and you know it really. Bombs sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden April's European restaurant that's unified AD April. Look at route 38 north charms her straight set an old mill beautiful picturesque bill. And walk into the restaurant the app masters does that strike is they just use that hole. So the whole feel of the meal when you walked in there in the mall the levels it's all open the big windows. The panel fans you'll see when anyone walked in there the loans to disclose in all the beautiful wreck. This is New England that's that. And for eighty years. The April family. Ran the European restaurant in Boston was an institution. And what eighty deities the grants you open up but the restaurant and install on cauldron Tom's first. Still owns that restaurant but now this is his baby. April's European restaurant because he brought some of those item and use that route the European restaurant he brought them right over to his restaurant. In the most jobs go in and experience this restaurant for yourself great private rooms to the showers christening rehearsal dinner or dinners. Remember the name. April's European restaurant in North Chelmsford had Eddie April. Again for great pizza think Regina pizzeria world famous since nineteen point six of their home a brick oven pizza. Wouldn't for a great place for the holidays Nicklaus dollars restaurant date. Looking at or 281070. North main street in. Randolph mass. Owned and operated. For many many years now my great restaurant to a pop kept Perot. You gonna go in there and just wanna have. Replace the holidays bring in a group they even have like a little private room that you too right now. From twenty to eighty people adults they have holidays and family plotters. Items refreshed bank there served ready got ready to go to to bring home party trays or just go in the Aron. I'm with a group of family members and say why it's great that you back in town wanna take you somewhere special. Scholars. We're 28 in Randolph OK remember the name of scholars are let's get back to the phone calls it could do. Chester New Hampshire good morning Ed how aria. Yeah aren't and you want to mention that I need I they got this so late sort of up one Hudson. I'm in the ten years. I'm not a lawyer and a Londonderry. And there are sliced steak they have three actually have a but to pregnant ecstatic. Barely got chopped sirloin steak and then make up the slicer language that middle price points. And here's what Arnold actually the basketball strength and do you can get it. Instead of the bad people at least are salad that comes out on a platter settlements Hewitt just doing what it first came out I thought it was the meal itself. And then make the best. State I mean you want to hear your old scare Saddam. You know it's good to have 99 good for Bart food stuff. That's that's more like Applebee's. On them it's not that I'm good market but and I didn't know I can put all blow restaurants. Should count their meals everything from 999. Ever hope change old 999 meals. To what every or Utley it matters like she were delicious. Yeah and they're complete miles I think for like thirteen dollars that are very good to talk very reasonably priced that I not. Well you know they they have everything but then if you want like around speaks out of the what are crushed streeters go on in Gary more contested. And in the market caps saying. They make the most unbelievable silence and then make it the way you weren't so if you want spicier whenever. They can put roasted red peppers are looking to open up at first they have a spicy medio that they make of their own which are in such songs. It's fantastic and they even not for it on the Corel social it would be onions if you wanted to put on a hero and it's fantastic. Caddie that's the market basket Londonderry I was at a market basket just the other day and they they really improved their like. I guess the food to go lower Fujita grab right there that's already done from. From pizzas to subs to sushi to do eventually they do that until we get a great bakery to I think you very much Ed via phone call. A car phone right now let's go to Henry who's calling us I guess outlets up in New Hampshire I'm not really sure the morning Henry. You always strike just her charge just let this right all of 89 right now our economic team. You're talking about are good places have people are more and a beer. And that would be Lebanon. Would be to eat pizza. Zeke jobs on buyer Georgia bears. Good feet there I'm not I didn't think that. Now the senate seat that. What's it even though you're out there is in civilian not a pizza guy you recommends that means. Yes definitely better deal wants OJ you're gonna watch that play out. Okay what's Annapolis again. They always are for sale and bought what we're is that wary about why that is I don't watch it straight. And why they are poised to go pursue she makes insist they are very depressed where they're at Hoosier college that the best place that surgery. Does it ease pizza is a big recommendation and say MI CNN correct sales sales. And embarrassed yeah outburst Sergey hair got our right Henry thank you very much you don't know let's take a quick break and when I come back with another Henry. This time from Winchester. You listen the wicket by its radio today with Scott with mics on the other side of the glass were taking your phone calls. Over the next ten minutes or so and then I don't think it would invites TV tomorrow or on or presentation McCain's poll. In Boston we have several Boston Celtics on there including I do a segment. On the weights market. And with the one and they do those English week highs that are incredible out of this world supermarket to a hundred years old we'll get the floors off creek. But they produce these English meat costs. And they I think it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of the markets and refusal of the pies afraid to debate that it. I I actually made of this and then I got to feel it in the regulates market in the bill. Kendall Wright goes smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into done X Perry have done export the data and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. If you think you have to travel to the north and her fine Italian food think again for the freshest in seafood delicious steaks and authentic north and Christine it's police as a Boston's North End for over half a century salacious as throughout the north and Q without having to travel downtown police just of Boston's net then route 28 down them. For the Jews. Murder it's horrible Solomon armored patrol reflected what some of the location also our brand new location down 41 of the best burgers. Gary are half pound burgers might take that along that well but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. You guys over the years have heard me apparently talk about one of my favorite restaurants when my favorite people whose name is believed both for literally he had. Known he and his wife were. I don't know a better part of thirty almost forty years. They are the north in at Philippe votes now. They are in Winchester actually been their for sometime but political is taken the restaurant over. There five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester Lucci is of course in the North End is always. Tough parking their but not here are you impart right in front of the restaurant never hosted bill Leadbetter he probably see Filippo there. Don't forget the count of money. It's lightly and crispy service spicy tomato saws just the way it was meant to be where the polo Francesco. That's chicken breast is tablet or shoot till Edmonton that left spicy marinara sauce fresh mushrooms and black college. None oh I think that one on this signature dishes new Kia. Just remember that as short. Give me that new Chia. Lucci is wrist that I take or the rest that I antidote Chia. Five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester to get a bill Leadbetter when you go. I'll Warren also ref pointed Hampshire. Oh last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday need human help you with your rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or pay them money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news out of publication. So let my expertise comes to help you. Peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. Of the beverages you know it would although food that's famous and then at leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurant and paper and Nashua. Hockey. He sassy. We did by its radio. We're all about the food baby you're locked you know wicket by its radio on WRK go home boys of Boston. Quit your bike trail get this guy would then let's get right back on the phone calls. And Henry of Winchester good morning Henry. Good morning right in very you're dimension to our. But what ordering recommend arguments and bolts and it's called Slater. And it's on route 117. And I look here worked up the effort to three if he's sick. Great road if you want Uighur people yesterday it would earn more as near corner when ninety art. And 117. Margaret I'm about a mile from an intersection. So well and Arab. Great seats are. Arum can't risk it all pork. And what you'll have a barbecue and things stricken. And it just all around good food there on Thursday night. Open Mike. That's what I go. So and so that's just Oreo and orange Reuters I it's a great place. It it sounds like it's it is it's a little it's it's. I don't know it is it. Is a large place I mean open Mike night I'm in Aston some size to. I later our what's say they probably. Yes seventy parts peoples something like that. Poker sites unless it's gonna get I'm looking at their their met at their website right now they're looking at her route 117. And Bolton. And they specialize in barbecue which I personally love. And wood fired. Heats. Yeah yeah there. They're a big big government. And they do marvelous job on its. And my Frey my friend Bob Russo runs the place. Is he he's got to mop it demolish order. All right but in your. Current players who are at a rate but I think the quote there's great. John it's not sounds great Slater is again is located in Bolton mass thank you very much and free phone call that's good. Angela a West Roxbury good morning Angela. Anchored Maroney and am currently about a place in life you know square. Sidekick can pan to. It's and I Delfino. And bought chickens and my pet to companion a lot of questions as isn't very good really facts. You know and that's that I always judge every Italian restaurant by the U veal parmesan I think if they add that right. And then I can go on and try other things that you're saying their check in Parma Delfino is the worst Delfino is located again. Yes I think yes it's Korea. Yes it's Korea. And you say it is worth traveling anywhere to get. Really is the salacious it's the best that and they add that Matt had I've had it in on number of places and it's it's it's just them. Except let's get some more weight than it's not too black hole and it's very good. Perfect and that has a lot and I extend down the F series kind of hop in right now we were there are not yet about a year ago were salute filming and anger anger that. She and a lot of play this kid shot to for the holidays. Delta in those lecture recommended and they are located at 754 south street in Ross built. Thank you very much for your phone call to finish in a restaurant. Located at. At 120 mystery which is route 110 just off route 495 and he role. That's re gonna find Osama Rossi and find that three pound they stuffed lobster with the nation's famous wall not stopped. And who only see one of these while product here it's summertime wintertime. At its head turner but he could go on from there and it and you try to can cut primer. The king cut crime were its hand cut and slow roasted to perfection. We probably thinking cut primary of it's more than just two meals as crowing about for revealed in you'll help you getting a lot of help much. But but you have to save room for that serve because the debate Alaska shore. Got to finish and restaurant is only open. For dinner. They open up today 2 PM. There open Tuesday through Saturday dinner only on Sundays there are also open for dinner at 2 PM. Tuesday through Saturday as they open up at 4 PM Sundays we open up. At 2 PM the fit nation. Route 110120. Mystery in April 2 out of Austin restaurant they also bring you this portion with it by its radio. The critics' choice of the best Chinese cuisine north of Boston and they have that all can Chinese buffet at a bit about the village restaurant and Essex. Route 133 and 22 right there that can junction and Essex mass. Forty minutes from downtown Boston. Go to turn their black and blue sore or their Tuscan chicken. Or receive food borne of Vista which is fresh had a shrimp scallops and sort of shellfish all steam this light seafood Roth. With tomatoes and herbs it's a bloop base Essex style. The village restaurant at Essex had any member of the Ricky yeah I could do it for us today. And again which invites radio every Sunday from ten to twelve and that's who we let you be the food critic. WRKO in Boston I'll see if it's Friday Friday morning 930. On WRKO his morning show. And you make sure the blog posts provides giving inequity of the week everybody. Good advice radio which pad which leaves a presentation a blitz of media and.