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Dec 11, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Started leaning. On WOR KL. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the garden variety I am. The garden lady. I'm sorry and I am here with you every Saturday. From twelve to two as we talk about landscaped lawns houseplants flowers. Homegrown. Vegetables shrubs and centuries. 6172666868. Right now we always start out with welcome to the garden party chance to talk a little bit about what's happening with plants and gardening right this minute. And right now it is the last call for hauling in those ceramic pots and planters. That you don't want to for disease this winter. Our temperatures have. Solidly. Below freezing last night and today. And so that as a reminder to us that if you still have any. Ceramic pots or even cement containers that might be small enough to move. Bring them in size it at this time of the year so that they put them undercover. On now covered porch or in the garage so that they don't crack if you must leave them outside you can help prevent. There possible cracking by slipping three tiny little blocks of wood underneath that containers so that it does not freeze solidly. To the surface of the soil with a decorative paddy out. The it's one of the things that cracked these spots is not chest of freezing and thawing of the soil inside but it torque that is created. When and bottom of a pot is frozen silently to the ground surface. And that hop warms up in that January and February. So last call for saving those ceramic containers. Well I want to go right to line ones so that week and welcome my guests today Jan bills. Jan is an author. She is a garden designer she has her own design and install. Company in Michigan and she is the author of late bloomer. How to garden with comfort. Ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. Welcome Jim. Thank you so much EL thank you for having me I'll let it. It is a pleasure to speak with you saw this. I am I am been really enjoying. Reading my review copies of late bloomer jam and and I I think that it. Yes it's it's says how to wind chill away you know. Gardening with ease and simplicity in the second half of life. But I really think that this would be an interesting book free younger people as well do you see that perhaps. Resonating with not only people who are doing less gardening that may be with people who are new to gardening. Yes I absolutely do EL I think that all the practice is that I write about in late bloomer. I really apply to anyone at any stage of gardening all brilliant or for everybody that loved to garden. Okay how come how come you thought of writing this book argue that late bloomer yourself. Well in gardening I am a late bloomer I actually have. I think the spotlight 25 year gardening. So I wasn't like a lot of Gardner it was a great gardening I ate my mother either really worked gardeners so that I think. We describe to beat out they late bloomer. Ha okay. And and did you have before you went into gardening professionally for other people. Did you have a career in another. Area. I did that I was incorporate I was an HR directors felt. Going to the guards looked like it change. Interest and what what drove you out. Outdoors. Well because I wanted to do something different in the second half of white so I made a career change and I looked gardening. L I thought well why not make that the thought of that. Excellent excellent. Well I'm. Let me ask you to explain. To. Their listeners what. These late bloomers Credo is that you have on the back of the ball. While the late bloomer Credo is really too. Odd I don't know I how you want to be in the garden fell a couple of lamented. That I have lit the bit about and only what I can comfortably and and because I have a lot of client that I work with them and their cart and I think that's one of the biggest things is knowing. How much we can actually do you I never had a Gardner asked meet our high meat in garden. So I think being able by data I. You know how much you really wanna put into the garden is really important. Sure sure. And I like one of the items in your late bloomers Credo it's as I won't ask for help if necessary I think this is huge. You know I I loved gardening I love being in my garden. But it's also wonderful to be able to say to someone you know will you you know come over and help me get a handle on these weeds or help me get a handle on this. You know the leafs situation or whatever it is right and I agree with you. Yeah so when so having help liking kids. Is a wonderful thing and I think that sometimes people feel like the first of all if they like gardening they should be doing it. Themselves then that's not necessarily true. Right. Brad I don't think that's even true at all because we can have beautiful garden is without all the work so I do say in late bloomer dad. I believe our card and should be our law and not our labor law. Okay very. Erica well. Tell listeners how this book is organized. What. I'm how does it lull from beginning to end them and what are some of a few of the chapters that take him. Well in late bloomer it starts and I I think that the design processes to really important so I start really with the design profits and then work my way true how can banning easily be able to maintain. A sustainable and organic. And and what are some of the chapters as titled that you include here. Well let she gardening with comfort in EE that lets see gardens I Aileen. And don't play well. Perfectly imperfect I think is really important. Op orderly chaos so I'll vote on things. What's orderly chaos. Well or only came out is is being able to tell. If you don't it maybe you don't like a completely formal garden. I think that it is thought that being at having orderly K app. Sometimes. I don't know if you've ever noticed being guarded navy is yet to be too much and I really doesn't know how to focus. Don't early came out they actually have been order in the garden. Odd in with a little but it came out mixed in with that. And do you pick chaos sort of deal let nature kind of provide that. Well won't get a great question I think bulk. I think late bloomer for me I can't imagine being in my garden without camping. Don't think. Run by flyby. You know pop in pop out the best with the wildlife and sometimes people think wild like that chaotic in the guard but. I really welcomed the wildlife in my garden. Yeah me too am. I particularly am a real fan of the birds but even even that bunny that sometimes drives me crazy in the veggie garden you know itself. It's fun to see right. It is every I might feel Bonnie in my garden I hit it like the first time bell. I thought and strawberry every year and I I happily help people live never enjoyed a strawberry because something out of Ali eating out. That's okay they get hungry to. Right that's right. That is you've got a lot of practical information into a small space here in this book. On one chat one area you have these have my favorite garden tools right. And and you list of the things that you would not be without and I assumed that these are things that. You used professionally in Europe business right. Iraq you know and just if if you are our debt to look let me ask it this way at the tour all have your my favorite garden tools number one is a bypass Gruner. It is this like your favorite delist them in that kind of order that you couldn't do without them. I don't know in the united particular order. I. Well. Let me let me ask you this them. And what. Part of this book do you think is most helpful advice is most helpful. For the Gardner who is getting older or less perhaps or or or perhaps at Gartner who doesn't have. As much time to spend their card. You may well I think yet probably Darren being willing to ask for help this really important for the older Gardiner. And being OK without citing a bit so. You know maybe not having everything that we used they have what does that mean that you can't be in the garden because. I think we should be in the garden until you are are had a tie ins wage taper for. Sure that your. Right well hang on just a minute Jan we have to take a quick break to take care of some business. We will be right back with Jan bills she's the author of late bloomer how to garden with comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. I'm see elf and Ari and you aren't listening to the voice of Boston's WRK. Ago. Welcome back to the garden lady. I'm see help and our hands and we are here every Saturday afternoon at two. About plants and gardening houseplants. Homegrown vegetables registries. If it is green and growing we are talking about it yeah we are talking right now with GM bill. Jay and nick is the author of late bloomer how to Gartner with comfort. Ease and simplicity. In the second half. Life Tellme Jan how does this book make landscaping. And gardening more fun whether you're getting older or are or not happen how it's your book. Going to help people really and chew wait they're cartons more. Well again great tips on how to less than the amount of work that you have to do in the dark. Which I think that the huge component to gardening I I shall we say that I am a leaping Gartner in IQ that are living but when I come. Com I wanna enjoy my garden and that usually is but the grabbed the wind in my hand. Fell I don't want to get check out my need working my garden and fill in late bloomers there's a lot of ways to minimize all the work. Okay. Outlet is let's say one yet from minimizing working your cart. Oh well good at one of my favorite things is to use cardboard in the garden at the beach to process itself. I used a lot of cardboard. In my client Darden did help quite a bit with keeping me down. Do you don't find that it becomes a barrier that prevents water to get to what the roots of established plants like trees. No not at all because it decompose this and sell all are doing is ending up being a cop pulled in the garden salad it works. Wonderfully. Even if you have a lot of week. Well you know we get we'll put her right on the top of the week all on top of that in everything decomposing and it took the beautiful thing. I would worry that in Chile he composes. That the root system of the treaty that it might be around what the dryer. That would not happen. Interest in waters can penetrate through it easily. As. Right I like it in the beginning of your book you have to strategies for not following for the wrong plants at the garden center. What are few. Ways. That people can not fault for the wrong it's. Well I really again going back to the design process I really think that if we just stopped for a minute really realize what we wanna cop was before we go out and I plan. Battle will mediate probably 99% of the problem that. I'll look home gardeners tape fell really knowing right I am right play. And I always think kick out that that a manager you want them being. You know if you want a man to beat by C ha you're not gonna bias trumpet gonna get eight feet tall that would not be at the being able practice. To really know what you want where you had the guard and matter because. Like many but we did hear immediate help in actually waited with everything that we get on abide by I would no real plan. Sure sure. I I liked that you. Tell people to look for the plants characteristics. So for instance if you're looking for year round interest and something they're in the winter of course you need to make sure that you're looking at. The ever greens or you have to kind of Noelle what you what functions. A plant should play and that particular part of your landscape ray. Yes and corrected and also I think it's important for those that process and then good part of the year in a home. Because our our winter months don't forget the design for winter intranet and then all Clinton by inside looking out because. About a year worry inside and when I look out I wanna still bumping beautiful all year round and it'd be be achieved with a little bit of planning. Right ray. It's got a sidebar in here culled three sustainable practices. For a carton in sync with nature. On one knee is a by reducing weeds with heavily planted that I talk a little bit about the. Well I I like to play that bad where there's not a bunch of oil around bad. Go ahead and feel free to have your garden you lots and let them apart because. That's gonna be weird that we are gonna come off like they do if there is nothing planted there. So late bloomer like I give a lot of examples scenario. And being bad I probably be with client that I think are. Very helpful for the readers because. It we we've learned that we're not only one experiencing these things. So don't be afraid to put plants in the garden and and you don't want to put him in the right place. The right plan in your taking up that they measure bill had let them they'll all be Darden bad. Yeah yeah in just said that you know. Plants let them be lush. And you've got in the middle of this book a section called overgrown or at last. I think sometimes people think their plants have quote unquote gotten out of control. Right you can't ask your. So talk a little about that. Well I hear that all the time only cargo are overgrown and vanished when I go look at your garden died instantly think all they're beautiful and not only had eight. Are beautiful but their dairy debate in street that is if you're putting the right it in the right play this. What a why are they maintenance for. Well for instance if you put it but they you wanna Phillip Bates sport heat wise I board feet tall and you pick a plan. Debt is good to fill that they were beat by or be it could be maintenance streak that you're not going to be out there. All season long trip mean to keep it intact and it doesn't get too big bad because all of deck when you're doing edit not a sustainable practice and not only are we not that it was sustainable practice but. We might be able to sustain our foul. So why can't write played get in the win win for every one big garden and the Gartner. Okay. You end the book with a chapter called perfectly. Imperfect. What does that mean. Well that means is that a text back in that nature is not perfect as neat as well make it perfect. Now don't I know when I heard guarding guarding I wanted everything to be just fell in I think late bloomer is not only. About it for gardeners later in life but it. Really about a change in her back yet and it stopped seeing what mother nature again but because there's just so beautiful and it is perfectly it irked. Perfectly imperfect. Well that does that does sum up nature I think him and we gardeners we always have to remember that we are in partnership with nature in the cart correct. Iraq. What Jeff how can people see this book how can they find out more about. Well they can go to Q women in ho dot com get my web site they can all of them that are hateful page which is. Really popular in a lot of on lots of Gardner's interacting Derek. The book late bloomer might equate to murder he can be found dynamic manner and need any bookstore in your area. Excellent yes it is com published by saint went press. And sell it is and it's true statements style it is a wonderful gift book in that it's. It's small and square and inexpensive colorful happy. And tassel makes. Makes a great present particularly for someone either. New to gardening someone who's recently retired or someone once some tips for making their landscape. Better as they grow. Oh. Yes corrected energy mentions the Al statement prepped for the beautiful job so very glad to be able to I have a cook without. Excellent excellent well thank you so much for joining me today gem. Think you happy holidays. Cute cute too. That was jammed bills and chi is the author of late bloomer how to garden with comfort. Ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. Well we have a lot to talk about two day here on the card lately. I have. Psalm. Garden mistakes him and misunderstandings should talk about a few of them. I've probably discussed before but I want to reiterate them. We have some holiday plans to discuss we have some emails of course to go over. So a lot to talk about and most important he your phone calls to 617. 2666868. So as soon as we take a break and compact. We will be taking calls we will be discussing emails. And discussing a few tips for those holiday plants that we see everywhere. In the stores right now. Gonna talk a little bit about rape ended points that is and other. Fun. Or weird depending on your point of view. Plants that are appearing in garden centers for the holidays season so all of that is coming up stay tuned. To the garden lately here on the place at Austin W mark jail. Well come. But guards. I'm CLP. And I am here every Saturday from twelve to network talk. All about all manners of plants and gardening your home landscape your house plant greenery but it's inside or outside. 6172666868. Let's go to line one and we'll talk with Lilly. Really welcome to the garden variety. Yeah I have I have to deal with it from beautiful. Elephant ear and about six feet time. Do you know anything about oh. Is this an elephant ear that grows from a golf. Or is this an elephant you're like explicitly Philip Bender and I plan. Our ticket stressed that they stand and then it's a huge city. All the long in apt to Gupta this evening and I'll look at that in English and today I'm going to be at all why. Within two days that fell off. Get to a three days and they were all gone. OK well let's think about it for any plan no matter what it is for for that happens so quickly. Is very unusual all right I shot actually yeah yacht has this plant always been in the same place your accounts. So it. It it. It's inside. And it did anything happen. And you know right before that. In that area was there any cleaning done. Yeah that's faint and passing it to left standing mentally mil for eight TS and yeah. I had no idea and I am. And all of the sudden oddities came. But it did they turn it all yellow first. No under on the action it became blocked. Flat spots and then they will all gone. It hasn't been in the same pot that pulled. Artist I'm OK my. My the only I can think up if nothing else changed in terms of really low temperature are really high temperature or cleaning products or anything like that if nothing else changed. This thing I could think of that it might be is that it is so wrote ground. And all the roots are at the bottom of the pot at this point where and there's not much oil left after all this time. That. I would it come almost and essentially gave. It it's unusual but on the other hand Lilly it will once a plant gets really extremely root bound like that. It's very hard to even keep them well watered because they're just so many routes there's no place. For at the water even to stay. If if if I worry ill to investigate this I would lay out a sheet. And I would chipped the plant out of the pot and see if it's really really root congested. And and what I would probably do is that you're gonna have a out of the pot anyway even if you're going to put it back in the same pot. You could at that point it. Untangle or even cut off some of the roads. And then put it back in the same pot with new fresh potting soil. And my friends that don't and so literally I mean that's I'm just sustain. And. The other possibility. Possibility is to is to cut the stem back and either try and route the top part. Or let the plant come back from the from you know a lower part of this damn that's a possibility. But what I would probably do if this were my plan to. What I would probably do is to get that out of the pot. And and and wrote screwed it. And then collected and poll as much the old soil away as possible. What you and when you put it back in the pot make sure that you don't put any rocks or anything in the bottom of the pot. Okay though. It lists section of beautiful and I'm in and it's. I have a feeling that you couldn't get this plant Barack I think that it would come back. But I would take the opportunities as the leaves are gone anyway. And it's been in that same pot for so long I take the opportunity either. To put it in a bigger pot or to read pot it with some group pruning and fresh soil. Yes. OK yeah no my. Appreciate partly good luck with that let let me know what happens. It gets you know. It that there are several plants called elephant ears so it is a little bit. You know I'm I'm guessing a little bit about which ones that Lilly has but no matter which one yet that she is a plant that's very large. And it's been in the same pot for eight years or more. That clearly it is root around because usually the root system down below its kind of reflective of the growth up on top. And any plan that has is in the same pot for a long period of time. It's going to have roots that go round and round and round at the bottom of the pot. I had eight plant indoors it was and it was a bamboo actually. But it was a variety of bamboo not hardy and I grew it in a pot inside it was lovely for a number of years. And suddenly all almost overnight. Or so it seemed that might have been happening gradually and yet I didn't notice. But suddenly I saw that this plant turn white and I'm talking. White white and if you know bleached white whiter than white as the laundry detergent. Commercially used to say. So I thought what could be going on with that plant I tipped it out of the pot and what I saw was that the root system. Has gotten so it. That the bottom was probably a good four or five inches of roots only knows soils in that. And so. You know it was. Ridiculous because that's why it would add her why it there was nothing there for the poor play. And at the time. It was a time when I was still putting rocks in the bottom of pots because that's what I was too hot as the new Gartner you know where. When we were many of us where new gardeners we retire you put a layer of rocks in the bottom of a pot quote unquote Ford drainage. And I have done them for this plant and so not only with the roots really picking congested in the bottom of this product ample. They were all down in the rocks with there was no soil there was no nutrition it was harder for them no one to deport thing turned white. 6172666868. If you have a plant. That has been in the container for a long time and Allen time I would say more than four years. It for some plants it would be even more than three years but. If it's been in the container. For more than three or four years let's say. One of the first things to do as a problem solver is to take it out of the pot. It wouldn't it won't hurt as a problem solver to take it out of the pot and get rid of some of that old soil. And put it back in the same pot OK or slightly larger pot break. And put it back with some French potting soil. So that that plant matter what is wrong with it has a better shot at recover. Because soil gets worn out overtime that nutrients can't reach to soil gets filled insults at few fertilized it over the years. Pots skit congested with roots and some of those roots. Rock and you know the plan doesn't have as many nutrient. Sore or soil to hold onto the moisture etc. So first. Rule of thumb for most houseplants problems. That you don't know what's going on is to pay picket at the park and see what's going on. 6172666868. Is the number you can call to join me here on the cart lady. Well I. Said that I what did you talk a little bit about holiday plants. But first let's go to line one and talk with Linda. Linda welcome to the garden variety. When Eric and I think it would take my cup let's. I put a beautiful boost food should probably aren't seventy fall because let them at all those beautiful. And all the stronger all the info I need goes. Bag and it eventually go through the entry now we're leaving and Nichols act on or I don't panic in him at all. Yeah okay. What was the plant water over the course of the summer. A car was it watered deeply there was a letter with the irrigation system that comes out frequently. I and then in addition to. Now my guess is that first of all it suffered from the drought so that's that's situation stress situation number one. Because irrigation systems usually they come on every other day for fifteen or twenty minutes and that doesn't even begin to water Trie well and this particular year was just so dry for so long. That it you know irrigation system didn't have mother nature aren't meant to what they were produce. So I would say that that's probably number one number two true there are a couple of problems that affect com's Bruce. Both. Disease and insect. And both of them can be worse in Europe situations what does Bruce biter right. And then another situation is then it'll cast disease which is. Fungal disease sell either of those could be the problem as well. And the the bad news Linda is at that plant is not going to produce new needles on the inside of the plan. Because Bruce don't do that. Bottom are I'm sure it is captured as what you should probably do if this is the plant that you want to say. You should probably call a certified are breast. And have somebody come imminently eyeballs on it. In terms of diagnosing it for either sprint spider mites or spruce needle past. But the damage is done it'll never come back on the inciting. It's not going to come back on the inside that's writes Bruce don't do that it will continue to create new growth from the outside it's still has needles. But any part on the inside that there is always going to be fair unfortunately they don't come back. From the older would like it's a user you know some other effort greens do. Is that because. All the way that they they haven't taught how to conduct a national market because his sister tracking more election. Bruce hardy plants I don't think they are a hardy just plants that evergreen trees. I often tell people if they want that little color. If they live in a place where content color for his heart that that's a better plan. To plant because it it stays thicker and it isn't prone to the problems. But. It you know it's just. These things do happen and sometimes as a consequence of that of the drought. There are many people who will have plans that are just no longer as attractive anymore so. But I would if I were used at this is a seven foot tall tree and it has been nice you've enjoyed it. I'd I'd hire and our Burris to come and see whether there are other issues in addition to the drought going on here that might be helped. In the meantime keep that water. In the meantime yes good deep soaking once a week and you know you could aren't meant to your next summer if there's another drought you could augment your irrigation system with the soaker hose under there. That you would turn on for a couple of hours once a week as long as you don't have water restrictions in your area. Now what you'll see next year whether we still do that and that. Thank you so much at least I know what's going might be one run. That's right that's right I appreciate your call and tests. We need to take a break when we come back more calls times the elf and Ari this is the garden lady. And you're listening to WRKO. Well come back to the garden. Ladies and excellent. Yeah. But you can't call. Let's talk lamented about spray painted points ideas and yet you love them hate him. Have you seen them. You can find quite said he is that are of course a brilliant blue. Of vibrant purple. You can find pointed is that our leader you can find them and watched with rainbow colors. As if they have then. Growing underneath where an artist is painting watercolor paintings. Do you like. I think different. Liked them and you know I am. I'm a gardener I love plants are love point said he is just as they naturally are. But I think the painted once and that guide the lions. The colored ones that later once I think those funds. And and the reason is appoints said he is not a plan that most of us keep for a girl oh. I did get an email about one. Then we'll answer later in the program. Keeping appoints said he about. If this isn't a plant that most of us keep for a long period of time this is a holiday plan. It is a plant to lift spirits at this time of year. It is a plan that can brings some really intense colors. In side. At a time when the sun sets it seems about 330 in the afternoon. And the temperatures are dropping. And we need all the tier can gap I. It's so that's. I say have fun with it this is not a plant that most people keep. From year to year so have fun with them. And I like the rainbows highlights the splatter paint it I liked cratered. Like the pink I liked the red. And the plan that I'm particularly. In love with in the world insidious is not one that's. Painted on her diet her lower littered looks like it came out of the craft. Studio. The one that I really love just as it it is. Is the points idiot that has kind of coral red racks. And interrogated beliefs so they'll leaves are green then yellow very occasion. And the tracks what what we called flowers. I is. Kind of a coral red color. That variety. Love for a few reasons first of all I love the fact that it. It's got a lot of interest to it because of the very hated foe. Second of all I'd love the fact that if you take that plant and save it. You can then use that planted outside. In the eighth pot or in your cartons. And you have that gorgeous barricaded foliage. All summer long. You know the racks are at their colorful anymore because in the summertime. That coloration goes away. But the interrogated leaves. Are. Porch yes all summer and it's a wonderful. Foliage. Interest plan as a component to your mixed container. Or in a single pot. On the patio. Or planted in the garden and if you had several of them you could plant them and it would be a wonderful. And you'll hear it it'd foliage statement out in the cart whether it's part later or full sun. So that's in the ice plant now of course outside it's not going to live past fall so. It's not something that's going to be there. In the garden for ever. But it's a wonderful angle plan and so that's the reason that I liked those barricaded. Paul wrote last week he said I kept by playing Teddy if from last year. And am. It was outside now I have it inside but there's still no sign of looming. What am I doing wrong Paul these plants need a fairly protracted. Period a fairly long period. Of long dark nights in order to color. And if you just put that plan in let's say and eastern or western window. Where. You don't turn the lights on at night eventually it will color out but it probably won't do that until the end of January. If you want a point said he two color opt for Christmas. You have to start in September. Giving it fourteen hour ninths. And short day's sell some people do that starting the beginning of September I. Tom at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but it closet and then they bring it out in the morning and in light again. Some people do it by having it. On that table and a sunny window where they can pop up ox or something over at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but basically from 4 o'clock until. You know the next morning at 8 o'clock you wanted to be in the dark. And if you turn your lights on in their rooms then you know this whole thing is on them so that you keep. Damn coloring opt in time for Christmas at end and some good fertilizer as well. I'm a person who believes in buying a new points at. If you water just because. There's so be gorgeous lush when they come growers in the professional growers. They know how to make them pay they know how to make them fool. They know how to fertilize them so that they aren't the most intense color them best sides. They know how to pinch them to lanky. And best of all they know how to manipulate the hours of daylight. From you know early September on so that you have nice colorful for arcs from the beginning of December are. And so you know while it can be fun to keep it and as I say I'd like to take those interrogated leaflets it isn't put them out. In a container planting of the foliage is beautiful. But I am going to try and keep it to color up for the next season because. A professional growers so much better that night and seven times. In some instances. In you let the professionals do the work you and joy. The fact that they have the knowledge and they have the ability. They have the facilities. Some make it happen so that all you do is you go into this story you pick out the ones in that's. And you bring it home. And intuitive for the Holland sees. So we are near the end of the first hour when we come back. Give me a call let me know what's on your green and growing mine's 6172666868. I MC often Ari. And this is the card lady on WRKO. Now. Playing. And it's. Yeah. Welcome to the garden lane. On WRKO. Joined the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the second hour of the guard lady I'm CL scenario that this might replace it and hear it. Every Saturday. Where we're talking landscapes lines houseplants. Flowers homegrown veggies straps and each party's. We always start at second hour what the question then my question is. And you won a medium blue flowering define victory in Chad that's pretty decorous and shiny. Stamps. Have time at a plant for EU. This is the end Chan tourists entering chair height range macro five. Mon mar. Eight king day and Chan trends AKA. Blue in centrists. Hankering to. This is plan that town Monrovia. Nurseries is selling quite a bit of mount. And one of the many in new mop head during his on the block. It is said to be hardy in zone 529. But I suspect it's a flowering is best if you're in you zones six and above. It is one of the high changes that looms both on new and old growth rain. But all of those tight ranges as we are well familiar where it bloom the most on. Old growth not on new growth meaning that they formed their flower buds in August. In the summer. That will bloom the next year but if they get cut down our if they get frozen by. You know single digits or below zero temperatures and they don't loom as well. But I love and chance actress for the simple reason that although my plant pretty much did died at the ground last year. It's still had a number of flowers on it. Some on very low putts and some line. The new growth. But it was ready well flowered even though it was not a good actor injured flowering hair. So I was impressed I am also impressed with the fact that this plant is a pretty vigorous plant grows. Quite well I. Pat flowers and and a good amount of growth on my plant that's only eight year old less than a year Mike Garten actually. Can't. I also love the fact that this plan has bowl stadiums so. The bright green believes that aid weekly I strange happens. I am just what has acts themselves very elegant looking in the cart. If you like little tight ranges and you live where it is zone six and as Ellen sixes in the area that does not usually go below. Zero. Or much below zero. That's a warm zones six cancer I would say if you live in an area like. You should trying. The end chance for us victory in check if you're live in an area where routinely goes down to ten below zero. I would not. Bother with any blue heart and yet at all. Because those cold temperatures really well kill factory which is back am races ago. 6172666868. Do you have a plan and it has performed as you like to perform. Give me column stews some problems solved. And see if we can figure. Out a tad wrote to me last week and wanted me to choose some problems. And he said I have a slope of jumpers. And about five years ago branches started dying like that round branches or chips of branches. More and more every year. I thought they were drying out so for the past two years I increased the watering. But it's just gotten worse. What could be wrong and how can I make these looked good and OK can't it sounds to me and of course this is just. You know this is just a diagnosis from your description. Column without even the benefit of the picture so we have to take that with a little grain of salt. But it sounds to me like this made the case of juniper. Polite. Now the name juniper to light is actually. A common term. That we use. For. Conditions that are caused by several different. Fun guy so I think there are maybe three or four. Different Fung guy that can attack jumpers in this way. And it causes the tipster brown and entire ranches to brown as well. Unfortunately. At increasing the watering. Probably made the tip like work worse and that's. One thing that I thought of when I read that you increased the watering and it just got worse. And that sort of told me news and bad it's to protect like because it's frequent splashing with water tributes. Two. Fung guy riding the particular fungus which are for what it is. The control. Of juniper tip light. Is actually pretty. Easy to recommend its control is to go into the plants Wednesday art rock. When their wet as if you move in and around wet jumpers. You can actually spread the fungus. You know to other parts so but to go win win their ride and two clipped off that dead. Branches and throw it away not to let it fall on the ground or not but it compost. The problem of course is the Cuban neighbors are really click. And so going into a bank of two rappers and you don't say how steep the slope is that that's an issue too of course. But going into a slope of Jennifer's is for the fainthearted. As the foliage is typically it. It's something that we don't want it to Hoff but certainly. So I don't know what you can get in there to clip off I don't know how extensive the damage is or how. Unsightly it is at this point. Or how prominent. This bank to peppers is here landscape. You can going to click it all out. Don't water and it all frankly or or water that slope maybe once every. Two or three weeks that's the beauty of tuna purse and the reason. That Jennifer's are often planted on slopes is because there very drought tolerant. They not only will tolerate or conditions they prefer. And that's why they're often put on slopes a slope it's hard thing to. Keep hydrated because the water runs off rather than sinking in. And that's why Jennifer's make a good ground cover on slopes are some ways it could ground cover. But if you have an irrigation system. You won a may be just put it on manual in that zone. So that those that slope only gets watered every couple of weeks in cases of a drought and if you we have regular rain don't waters at all. If you are irrigation system is also hitting the lawn and those 2% prop. Because the amount of water the lawn needs is different from the amount of water that you and impersonate. We heard Jan pills when talking about her book. Late bloomer she was kept referring to right plant right place. And juniper is the right plan put on a slope. Particularly if it's sunny slope because that is drought tolerant. It's not the right plan however if that slope is going to get here with your nation and frequent basis because there really makes it to play worse. If you can get in and clean it up when the kidnappers are dry cat and altered your nation. Then your then you can beat golden peace prize then you can leave them alone. Com and hopefully. They will come back and with the irrigation. Altered. You'll see so much of this anymore and they'll continue to grow and look nice again. If the damage is so extensive. That. The plants are going to look good when you have that on war. If there's no way to Alter the irrigation I think you might want to consider. Planting something else on that slope. It's not going to be bothered by that frequent here case. 6172666868. Is the number. Of new Yorker comments or questions. Going to take a quick break and when we come back. Your calls plus a few more email. And pop up out. Couple of cart in situations. That people find. Problematic. When there are growing vegetables. I'm steel and aren't we will be right back here on the voice of Boston at the arc. I. Welcome back to the dark lady. I'm CEO from our and I am here every Saturday from here. We're talking about Lance. I can't guard me. The email that I got last week from Sierra. Got thinking about vegetables let's take Sarah's issue first Sarah said. I tried growing hot peppers and I only got three peppers from eight plants. What was wrong. Sarah there are few things that can go wrong with hot peppers now. If ever there was this summer to grow hot peppers one would think last summer would have been great. In that it was so sunny continuous sunny and to ride off summer. And that's good pepper growing weather usually peppers like sun sun sun and they're like heat heat heat. That's why the maturity of hot peppers that we buy in the store are grown in places like California or Arizona are New Mexico. There are not grown so much in the northeast. And stats say that it's impossible in the northeast is just to say that that plan does like it hot and track. If yours did not too well and and let me just say as an aside Jeremiah peppers did not do that well this past summer either. Nick it's probably a number of things. And and I'll go over a few of the possibilities. And sometimes we don't know for sure which of the possibilities it is. First of all June was actually very cool. So the peppers got a late start this year. If you remember. Opting to tell about the fourth of July or maybe a little beyond. It was down in the sixties almost every night that's not good pepper whether. So campers got off to quite a late start and I have found. I found in my own garden the peppers the egg plan. What else those plants that like the heat. They were not happy in June and they just did not take off in the same way that they should happen I ticket might have influenced. Their ultimate growth for the whole season so that's one possibility. Second possibility. Is that sometimes tempers are influenced by irrigation. I don't know what your watering was like. But if you water peppers frequently. And their foliage gets splashed with water. They can be prone to loose at Torrey at least spot among other leaf problems so. Just be sure that when you are watering peppers that you wetter deeply less often. Don't waters frequently. Don't splash the top of the foliage when you do water if you can at all help it. Good way to water peppers is with the soaker hose and only have a come on you know once every five. Five. To have maybe seven days and really hot weather so that's another possibility. Another possibility arms Sarah temperature pretty tolerant to batter range of PH of soil. But whenever there is a situation in a carton one of the first things to do is to have a soil to start. And you didn't say where your peppers were growing whether they're growing and now raised bed or whether their growing in. The ground. Peppers like. Sweltering soil so that's a good thing but I would take if I were you. I certainly would get a soil tests done of the garden to show you know what the PH is so that you know what other nutrients in the garden are. That's never a bad idea. And if you've had of a year when something doesn't do well sometimes that can answer questions you know if you saw that the PH was wildly high or wildly. Acidic for example. That might be playing a role here. Another thing I can think of is is your gotten really ample sun. Are you getting son from a at least 9 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In the anchor. Because peppers are plant that really do love to be in full sun and is it possible that the other vegetables. We're shading your pepper plants. I remember very clearly the year I grew pepper plants on the wrong side of my broccoli. My broccoli ended up crowing about 34 feet tall. So that the pepper plants. Were far from being in full size and they were actually shaded by the broccoli for most of this summer's so. You know that was my own fault I didn't think about the placement. In terms of sun and shade they were all the same side tonight planted them. And then the broccoli shaded the peppers for the rest of the season. So think about that in terms of your peppers as well. And then the final thing that I would say about peppers is their plants. That take a long time to grow and bear. And I don't know what you pot pepper plants. In the garden senator that were you know couple inches tall. In late may implanted them in late may early June if that is the case it is possible that the giants didn't have a long enough season. Pepper plants are. I have found most productive. When it started if you start from seats went started in. Late January early February. Grown under lights so that they can put into bigger part so that they. Get some size on them so that there are good six inches at least tall. When you put them outside in the man. And when I grow hot peppers in particular many varieties of hot peppers needed even. Longer growing season. From the varieties. Bell peppers for example. If you are growing hot peppers that have a long growing seasons. Be sure that you get them early in Africa from started early enough. So that you can nurture them along in a heated indoor situation. I have a artificial lights on them so that then by the time you put them there are getting to be close to. Flowering in and close to. Closer to their bearing. And she. One way to research. Plants that will grow and produce hot peppers in this area has got. Chinese seeds web site Johnny's seeds are are located Chinese citizens maim. And days specialize in a lot of plants that are very good choices for. Truck gardens or small gardeners. Who are raising produce where. Things likes he assays are raising produce for farmers markets. And so they carry many varieties of plants that do quite well in the north east. And you couldn't do some research about this hot peppers for the northeast by going to their website Johnny seats. And Nancy if you confined to feud if you don't grow your plants from seeds sometimes Johnny's offers plants by the way you can order plants. And you could order plants get them in a brawl have them under light. And then have them growing. You know for our. May indoors or to put size on them in some thicker parts before you plant them outside so that's another reason as well. Few. Tips about growing hot pepper Ers. We will when we come back from. And planting. Know some good planting tips for vegetables should you be considering. Growing a vegetable garden in the future. And by the way if you know somebody. In your family for example who. Has been saying that they would like to grow vegetables. Could be a good holiday present for them would be the offer of help buildings some raised sense. Or. Turning the soil. To create a vegetable cart. Sometimes we have the desire to put in a vegetable garden that we may not have. I'm great physical ability or or time. To actually make it happen and so the gift of helping someone to make that vegetable cart happens. Is. A wonderful thing. And there are any number of raised it kits that are available these days there are any number of two it yourself. Raised bed. Solutions you can look into. And you don't even after a raise that after all you can also just help someone. They kept turn over the soil. Geeky and compost compost manure. And get that soil enriched in the sunny place in the merits of that then they're ready to plan pitched a polls in April and may. We are coming up on a break when we come back. You or call 6172666868. Times he Alfred. WRK. Oh. Welcome I'm back to the garden lady. CL CI. It with you every Saturday from well to me. Where we're talking about shrubs and trees lawns and landscapes house plants holiday plan. Flowers and hold room next. 6172666868. Let's go to line one and talked with Thurman. Yeah welcome to the garden variety. I had side to finally that's a fires as. Thousand registered to plant some border drugs and I actually cycled boulevard balls like person. All didn't hold up too well in in the drought some of them are just gone so I think about replacing all things. I'll same. It's you know because of their box would that's so conventional of this thing searchers think a little more interesting. Yeah the both parts actresses that. At cypress is one of those plants that looks fabulous in the garden center and then it kind of starts to fall apart from then on in your heart and and it's it's it's unfortunate. I Thurmond do you need to plant a line of all one plants do you really want a seat that. That you know sort of hit. I John Mara mine adultery you know. Yeah it's just you know sometimes when we're looking for. Privacy Europe barrier of some sort. It can be a Smart thing to kind of mix it up to plant three of some things together. And then one of something else and then a group of five of some things and then one of something else. And and the reason being that not only then Kenyon have a lot of colors and textures and it's more interesting to look at. But also if one particular plan doesn't do well because of a pastor disease or drought you don't lose at all right. And and not only that that if one plant where it's at one plant gets flattened by really heavy wet snow. You can stick just about anything in its place if you've got variety. And it'll still look great whereas if you've got to roll out you know on eight foot tall. Creature and our provide these and one of them dies it's going to be hard to one in its place is going to look at things. Yeah. Well on grass so artist. Any specific. So let's let's start with this is in full sun or is it inch optical. It's it falls okay does it matter how tall these plants yet. Not really know what I'm trying to. And try to block out everything if it semi semi is defined border VP or interest in the Clinton and discretion. Right okay. And do leave little block it all to the ever bring to keep its sleeves or does that not matter. Yes section where I would. That's the reason I got both Cyprus as it's ever. Well I will I will give you a few names each check out all right but first is our our native eastern red cedar. That's an upright juniper. And they can be quite lovely and the birds love them. I'm good Byrd support plants and that's always an ice plant to include in a border. I would also look at the upright dark green had no key faults I press. H guy and okay. And there's a variety called compact. Come compact hit LP would be the sure way to say it. And there are varied dark green with kind of fan shaped foliage. And are really very security plants. I would perhaps include. Feet either three or one PGM rhododendron it's. There at the small leaf rhododendron and they do quite well and sun. And their foliage turns purple in the winters so you've got that great purple foliage thing going on in and day. Flower very early in the spring and they make nice. Broad leaf component. But at eight PGA or PJ am. Well I'd I'd also think about including if you like plants that have yellow foliage. Gold thread Cyprus. They grow to be about 68 feet tall. M wide and their goal then to ready themselves. You know that brings a lot of collar and to a group game. Okay great closer. Section. Keep in Brazil and then planning. Not up we'll put those names put those names into Google image and you'll see a lot of you know I guess and then finally may be some holly. There's several holidays that do beautifully. In the northeast and in the including holly in your scheme would also be a good idea. Fair or corporate. Well thanks for the tips appreciate it so. I appreciate your call you have a great weekend. Apple carts I press. Kind of a bummer of a plan I have to say because it looks like it is it's nine soft. Low grade green foliage is really an Ohio on the blue tones. And it's a beautiful plant in the garden center. And then it just kind of the inside of that rounds out and not only to end and that happens at a lot of plant a lot of plant shed the old interior foliage okay. But on the bow part Sampras not only does it ship that older interior foliage and it turns brown. But it then hangs on to that brown hopefully it. It's not that it turns brown falls off and you would at least be rid of it now the boulevard Sampras hold fund took that route foliage. So. It really. Looks bad a lot of the time as it gets older and older it gets back I think the worse it gets numb MP. In another climate may be an Oregon these plants do better. That they do here. But in this area. I don't know if them. It's not a plan that I have ever seen that I have in landscape. And I thought oh that's really beautiful I want warranties. And and to my mind that could. That's kind of a good test of a plan if you're thinking about planting a plan. And and you know it looks like Garmin Google image of seeing what it looks like. Driving or walking around your neighborhood and looking fourth. If you don't see any. As you drive around the area and there may be a reason for that okay. For example. Viewed as side that. You've gone to Florida you've fallen in love with oleander you decide that you liked where it's oleander welfare driver on the northeast you won't in Italy and her and there's a reason for that it does not live here okay. But there's often a reason that you don't see plants that our party here. Very often and an example of that it's weeping cherry is okay there are hundreds of weeping cherry sold in nurseries every year. When you drive around you don't see them many big which you're gorgeous ones you see them occasionally you know occasionally you'll feel weeping cherry that is just. Huge and beautiful and in flower in the spring and it's a gorgeous plan. You don't see that many of them. And there's a reason for that. They often die are subject to any number of diseases in sex then you know problems. And most of them don't make too maturity. So good. Thing to do if you're considering a plan as driver kicker eyes open should drive to your neighborhood. Go into a neighborhood where. He couldn't drive slowly to the neighborhood just check out plants. The people are using. And you can very quickly see first off how some plants can. Secondly how they do. In addition to driving around the neighborhood get yourself to one of our local public gardens scored the Arnold are for freedom. Go to our he'll put him carte. May come down to the cape code to heritage museum gardens in each and walk around and look at the play. Because. There you'll see not only that common plants that do really well that you will see less common plants that also will do well. Botanical gardens tower now they're going to put him a whole bunch of plants that are going to look like now okay it's just not going to do. So. They want they are cartons to be hop action cartoons and so they will use plan. That our top notch and origins and that can be a great way. Discover plants you can use your carton that will drive that's. Let's before we take heart breaker wanna go over and other vegetable growing up problems that Sarah was wrote about her her helpers. Not too well. I thought I would talk a little bit about are not doing well. And the reason ethnic carrots as I am still harvesting care. I picked them yesterday I couldn't pick them today I tried that they were a little frozen in the ground so. Once the ground thoughts a little bit tomorrow and Monday he'll be able to go out harpist more care. But carrots are a pretty. Easy crop to grope you have to know a few things number one. They like pretty good drained soil they don't like we constantly wet or very very high Italy organic soils. Like I could drained soil and ice loose soil so that those carrots can go straight down. I'm not a lot of rocks because those or cause the carrot stick at all then tear you know have three and since that it is what. The other thing about growing carrots is it's very very helpful to see in them if you if you scatter the seeds closely. And you don't take some of those new baby plants away. They are not going to grow big fat carrot because you're going to beat crowding Chet. So be willing to it and some of them out so you end up with your care plants at least in each part right. And the other thing is I think carrots are ideally planted in July early August believe pattern. Because the carrot that you harvested in the fall and early winter. Will be the sweetest. Parents you'll ever eat they are big they are fat that they are tender and sweet. We're going to take a break when we come back more of your calls more garden tock here on the garden variety WRKO. And welcome back to the guard play DMZ album are you. I am hearing every Saturday. You can always. Keep up with me by going to my website currently dot com there you'll find my blog where I show the plant to make future every week so. If you happen to him is whatever plan and featuring at the beginning of the second hour you could go to my blog and see a picture of how to spell. What I like about it when I don't like about it all of that is spelled that right there on my blog it currently dot com. You can also. See my book and including the last two coffee for roses about art movements in and my book cocktail hour guard. Are there on the web site as well as some articles about plants and gardening EU might find useful as well. I called some of my fellow garden communicators. Last week some of my fellow garden writers and speakers. And I asked them about some of ski. That plan to advice. CC. On line. And I asked them you know to comment on that so. I I wanted to go over couple of them because I I agree with. With most of these first of all mom Helen Lawson said. She hates when she sees it. Recommendations. To use cigarettes to make a bug spray. And if you haven't seen that it's because nicotine is poisonous Wright's poisonous to people but it's also poisonous to bucks. And so the theory being that you'd take cigarettes and you you know he's so water in them then and they sprayed them on. In order to heal in 61. Of all it's it's a problem because while. Number one it's expensive why wouldn't you just go out by some insecticide so rain or. One of the other many insecticide is formulated for plants cheaper. Number two it's bad advice because nicotine is poisonous and. You know it'd just be spraying it around didn't and killing whenever it hits it's not a good use of your time or spray. So. That's not good it's. Another piece of advice that people see on line and I agree with this one is that a particular plan is a mosquito. Repelling plan. That if you buy it. Lemon grass is this one recommended a lot on. FaceBook and interest by a lemon grass plan. Or by a citronella sent into premium and it repels mosquitoes. He's still work. As Citron zealots that it uranium. If you smell you know if you smell smelled oil and if you had that oil smell all over I suppose if you. Wrote that since injuring him all over you maybe that would work to repel mosquitoes but just having a plan on your back porch. Doesn't do it and in terms of lemon grass that was one of them is that included coffee for roses because. A lot of people think that lemon grass repels mosquitoes. Eleven grass one of its relatives. Is the plan that citronella comes from that's where this miss cuts start. But in order to repel mosquitoes you have to extract. Or ill. From that variety of lemon grass and it's not the same variety that you buying your garden center for cooking it's completely different plan. So that's another piece of advice it's not really Clinton continues to see spread around. And staff. Continues to have a long life on the entry. And Mary Dyer included another myth that I hate as well she said mothballs. In the cart. Marked balls are not good cart. It is a poison. Or natural marked balls are very good in your house either because there are quite talks. And you certainly don't want to be throwing them around outside and putting them into. So. That's a little bit of that card and price as well. Let's finish up with my last email from the week from India and asked issue that I have a split leaf. Billiton and that this huge. It has roots that are growing all around the whole living room. I have them all over the carpet and I am afraid. You know two hurt them and but I it's hard to clean around them what can I do. What are you can cut them off. These are the aerial route to the support root these plants in the wild in. You know the areas like Hawaii or the rain forest where they come from. They grows so tall. That they actually need these root structures. In order to kind of help support them. They do some my old. Help with. Feeding and absorbing moisture but not much. And so in your whole they don't need those those aerial roots and you could just cut them off. Don't be afraid to just go and clip them off as they happen all those long ones that are trailing your living room 40 my goodness. Get rid of them. You know before you start tripping on so won't hurt the plan at all. And to on the other thing that I would say about these as plants like to split with Philip Denton to him yet huge. Is that sometimes it's good to cut off a piece off the top cut off one at that scams. Rude and it put it planted in some poised potting soil it should root very easily. And stick it out with a new. You know Daniel and going and went to three or four leaves on it. Say good bye to the huge old one that takes up half of Europe with the because. We should be growing houseplants because we love them and then sure I. And that they sort of tribute to our environment. They improve our environment. We don't necessarily have to put up with them taking over our entire environment and it and I at all lot of houseplants okay. I have plant and almost everywhere and my house but there is a time for plant it's too arch it is too large. And then it's time to say the park. And we can keep pieces and propagate and start out fresh once again. Well we're at the end of our time together come and join me next Saturday from twelve to two here on the garden variety. On WRKO. Playing.