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Dec 15, 2016|

The one with weed, flies, Romney, Ivanka, Trump, Slave songs & Dic Donahue!

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Starting tomorrow if you're 21 you can legally smoke marijuana at home and grow plants at home for maybe you were you. But you still won't be able to smoke in public and there won't be any legal way to buy you the confidence feeling in the room nabbed by an eagle property. And I also fly and I read anything we can do. They'll just go alone and for you and to call my people who called me it doesn't make any difference we have no formal system. Around here. There's no sign the Stanley influence is waning now. Once trump moves to the White House the first lady's office is slated to become the first camera off. People think that you're going to be part of the administration and Monica. I am now I'm going to get on. A perfect as it were true I heard things were not true there but all good at all how good is why we sound byte of the week. Let's start right off the bat. There is no formal chain of command I'm fat I actually believe that and the war here in the more I read them believe that. Let me tell is something I hate formal chain of command I know what you're saying I don't honestly got a I got in here. We can't bring on or any place I've ever been to and I always hated. After the quake migrate when we got those gift cards the other day and indeed be just what the give them Allred I'm so yeah. If you really bothers me Bibi is this did chain of command goes through day. We have a game is on lawless a lot I could we can't we do summer ahead of him. He will like slyly but not so subtly I. Oh I heard you talk to him and I mean I don't care it's critical not clearly you're not a Catholic school and smacks you on your you know and as you know. The chain of command. The more you unlock the more the person gets irritated that you've gone above them. Like you know and our particular right now where you you've reached the point of dog we're cities it's not worth of what the last place I worked. Same thing there was a joke about going up the stairs because if you went up the stairs before going into that office up. Either you're in big trouble or you're violating a really do are you who like cold war's satin stole rule that. We were not gonna have to have a meeting as to why you thought you could do that your parents aren't the golden key that got you op somehow the crazy this usually in the office this is why collectively we might be the worst team on radio because you guys should be trusting me that's. Reason why I eight interject myself into the situation because I want you to get in trouble and look at all. Look I know are gone you haven't even include a yeah. I'm going over its head I don't act on March through emails he does is. We're Cheney committing it's crazy. Gave implicitly assumes when we go to the next low level person above him which Omar you're about six levels above them all in my view you have. That somehow it's how it's something that Dave has anything to do it. It's a hard as a front deny amount I may be talking about that person about golf bought on their own about Christmas yeah it's have nothing it usually doesn't have anything to do with him. But there's free food how dare you this is the clintons were the epitome. Of the Clinton administration was the epitome of chain of command. And now with what we were rejecting Supertramp to save these yesterday it's a total ratification. All the trump picks up the phone will just call Summers say it's DJD what's going on I and I believe him actually. I think that this isn't just jammed in a meeting with cameras near perfect example of this folks we're talking about this in the second. But there is an explanation today about how this whole thing started with Mitt Romney. And you know make calls there president lacked. Present like misses the call. It's calls him back he's is hey this is great why you called Donald again when you get a Sackett. Doc and having their eight you can tell they're just all sort of like all good you know I'm mr. habits also look at Chad. I it will be easy to be true I think there's really not all that much chain of command and everybody's just sort of they are trying to do their. Saying anything we can do. To help this go alone and there for you than to call my people who called me it doesn't make any difference we have no formal chain of command. Around here. So you Euro yeah I tape forever that's show's judges organized and now this array and bubbled. Again I ask anyone every single person on CNN that is going to rip that statement today I ask you. Do you like the chain of command at CNN. Because you show me guy that likes chain of command and I'll show you the most unimaginative. On innovative. Uninspiring. Rounds I've just punching in and punching out worker there's ever band no little light Sheen can flat and remember this too. Cheat he may say there's no chain of command that he has the ability to put one in police. You know. If it's Dave starts calling it the president I'll laugh yeah. He can say to achieve gave a lot you know Biden are or you could say to. His secretary. You take care of us. I'm not good deal there isn't universal there is a chain of command but the parts that wasn't and verbal comment because that was if you have an issue feel free to call me feel free to text me which is. That's right I addressed it at some point if there is a problem if there is an issue. Yes sure maybe they call him first but then what is he gonna he's gonna pass that onto right there he's an east and recollect. A person in newsroom is important enough. Don't hesitate to call right and I may answer I mean not most of those guys know how to get to him directly via Twitter I don't. But they know how to and they can column and much like in the Romney case. If they call him he's gonna call him back you know and or while Barca will apparently. Why. I. I don't I hope that stays true my idea would usually happens is in any organization that does your name my doors are always open. Within about two months that Doris clothing and well and usually when they call you my door is also rightly knew that to say stay out of my office. I hope this stays I. They did they do that because it beat that the practicality of trying to. Keep all the balls in the air becomes too great in many have to pass it off pretty well and you know rights like you said Dave writes will be. Right to be a guy who stands at the door and says I'm sorry he can't do that today your peaking and excellence for it. You're a tech nerd. I'm a little bit of attack there and I got to try to claim them a bigger tech nerd that I am I'm not. That room yesterday. Minus Twitter for obvious reasons. Amazing team all million on billions in their rooms well they don't brilliance in the room until forget about the money right. Just the greens and the innovation that famous smog summit at the godfathers yes right right right where they you know the five families were there in the cops finally got wind of it and they they arrested in Bosnia as. This is that for now tech world I mean this was. Aside from not having gates there and you know I'd just starting head covers I know all right let's fine this was as close as your ever going to get to. The real movers and shakers of the world and one roam around the table we all I don't I should tell people there were in the remarks. I can't tell you that is the truth that's that is a that is a more powerful room in my estimation. That if you brought you know five world content is Jim Brown. If you brought five world leaders I mean these guys. Our salute and these are resolute even most powerful people in the world not America in the world but they have chains of command. Because Zuckerberg wasn't their gates wasn't their Coke wasn't there like so they're still is the creme de La creme and I'll send a. There wasn't in the houses that's a pretty bench Cheryl Hamburg was their rep got that he probably would mean that's that's the hot gas and not exactly sure there was in WikiLeaks she was in there with you know saying she would help the Hillary Clinton Campaign and anyway Sheikh it's. These noses and of this is mine number one issue. As I've told you with Romney. I will tell you we're gonna do that stories and I will tell you about. Jeff Beatles there has to be a limit. To the open past Jeff b.s those again he runs Amazon biggest company biggest mover shaker fine. But he owns the Washington Post and he specifically. Ordered personally. His staff to get trauma. And they continue to do it to this day. In and bees also has this picture that was sent out whether he didn't on purpose or not over him with this said the sour puss face on in the meaning now. There is a limit I think these ocean not a bad. I disagree and let me tell you why because Donald Trump is the president for all people and and he runs a huge company now they don't have to agree politically. But he belonged in that room because Donald Trump is the president of all people all Americans. And Jesus is an American running a very large company they have to find a way to work together. On both sides so ice I come again these these these foes. Who were coming together to table the rest of the country needs to take a look at this. If they can come together at a table in New York City at trump tower and try to listen to one another reasonably reasonably. Then people on the east's campuses and all across this country should be doing the exact same thing I mean they're setting an example. And so he should be their he has to be there he's a powerful guy. And they need one another some. I would choose. Healthy well I'm here food that's fine I'd but I would not be there there comes a point at which she it is personal. In what you have done is crossed the line to where I can sit there and pretend like this is nothing beat those as well. We old middle ground that you need further I have to Italy for our over the line then Mitt Romney was anyone not I don't want to line. Then what Donald was in some situations so I put it he's causes the number two never trooper behind wrong. But I hope your rationale is because bays and those are column these. And apparently self. But I hope your rationale is because you don't believe that they just said go get Hillary Clinton. Because I want the John Henry's the Bay's those of the world to say to their staffs. Go after Donald Trump go after Hillary Clinton get what ever information is usually hot and that is what is serving the public was a. Personal mission to destroy Donald Trump because he thought isn't it trump was the worse. They've spread more fake news about trump and Dave don't ordered to weaken is that 2.0 which when I come in in the morning one of the first as a check is wanting to post. But I'm laughingly trying to guess with the absurd stories and they knew what today there's still pushing this BS thing that the Electoral College could still fly. This that. Well I think that it's a good sign I like to see them all sitting there together because. You know Donald Trump is he's the president he won what does he care at this point. So you know bring everybody together. I am everybody's president and besides abort heat he runs a very very large empire. Six foot 72666860. We've got a great. Show coming your way this morning. Coming up next we're gonna talk about what happened according to a number of journalists behind closed doors and why Mitt Romney is not the nominee for secretary of state. You're listening to W working at Boston aka morning Jeff. So the city seeing delays or three northbound of the break down that route 53 minutes out of union street to the expressway up north of town and we cellphone jamming up once when he thought the park street fells weigh in to Boston. Downtown. Numbers invalidated the breaks getting through the cities where total of the metro west for the vikings westbound to the if branding him to Boston. Traffic update brought to by Rupert terrorism through which are short cuts relaxation of the daily nonstop flight from Logan. One half gallon when they should cut to have this day and everything about her. Thirty degrees in Boston windchill advisory in effect from 1 o'clock tonight at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. Forward today partly sunny and winds snow showers possible by thirty clearing me windy tonight lieutenant and feel about you make it feel like it's fifteen to twenty degrees below zero. Tomorrow mostly sunny breezy. I mean the government and ever with for updates traffic and weather whatever but our gala. What this phone call. Was to express to president elect's appreciation. For the four B Tony twelve nominee going through the process for being willing to go through being processed and also to express the hope. That the president elect would be able to continue to receive the counsel and advice from Mitt Romney going forward. Mean if you look at the things that Romney said about trump you have to save yourself. I don't care how good a sure loser he is why would you believe him. Movie comes amounts says you know all those mean vicious things I said about just I didn't really mean that. A gimme a break. So sure he's got a should Mitt Romney have apologized. Publicly. To Donald Trump six were 766686868680. Is attacks line and that is the question. Because apparently according to a number of sources. That's what Donald Trump needed heading dotted publicly. Total vehicle parked on backwards said I should have cerberus. He would be the nominee today. Somebody told me yesterday would you shop for want to take some calls sought they want to have it I have a take on this that I haven't heard elsewhere. I wanted to and after we take a couple of calls about that I'm I mean he surely. Sure there are girls. My chain of commands instruction I will say one thing about this. You will not need that instruction if yeah. Blatantly ignore it up a. Well we need to give people a chance to die also given just a second here six on 17666868. Should there have ban an apology from Mitt Romney. I actually thought we heard the apology and I think we did it. And it was a forward leaning. Apology and saying quote here because armed. You know remembering he mounts die she did what I could do I think you know he's got some great ideas solar until her. Never any mention the infamous speech obviously in that was I think what's stuck in the. Prague Donald Trump got. I know that myself he gets something out trying to do was unsuccessful and he won the general election. Scott is in Weymouth this morning hey Scott good morning should be a pub and have apologized. Good morning given EV. No no he shouldn't have in don't they realize he is going to come out looking better than competence. Once you strip the bark off the tree it looks like trump would look into political game we're rom sixty yes Romney was holding his ground. Now he says wouldn't even though at least certainly that we amounts now trumpet his people wanted him to say you know wink wink nod nod. Say the right thing will be in the cabinet. And Romney on the ground and it got very respectful. I think Mitt Romney has gained insult politically personally and their respective. Country released of those two pit particular customer list and those. Where from there's more you know I went pointed out all pic of Barack. Play along or get ill and so I don't think he should have if you want the states. If that is with a road the road if if Mitt Romney wasn't a crew to insult they know if you want to be it politician. Which is sadly is what the country at all politicians know not many more public servants. Then grounded to the right thing. Scott thank you. Six foot 7266686868680. Is a tax on so I think. What is really shows I believe this story from CNN I don't always been in this case I think I think this is dead on what happened there. Romney humored guy excuse me trump humor previous and talked around. As you well know Mitt Romney is very engaging and person he's very likable he can charm people. He charmed trump and trump was surprised by that and and the longer it went on you could tell where I'm sure Conway and Gingrich it's generally stop meeting with it's I think he'll meet with this guy because he's winning him over. But in the end. The speech it wasn't the apology because Priscilla quick shore hands who would have believed an apology was genuine. That apology would have been a laughing and he would stop what alternate universe is he would I don't Scott what does that I think Scott know it was a big seller out it would have been a total ally says it here there's someone out and I I would let them all turn out to revise. What this really does show if you believe his story and I do. Is it ultimately. No matter how much sticking charm each other and say let bygones be bygones. Neither of them trusted each other enough and my right eye very well. So the stories that trump said to Romney. What can you just apologized and it isn't for me it's for them and he points to Conway and parents and I Gingrich etc. Do it for them and will put an end to this. Romney has the know deep down. Really though it isn't for you because he's a story out there that you're doing this to make me apologize and then you're gonna pull the world football away for men. This in other words on both the there. There has to be eleven was a little rust when you get down to that if trump genuinely didn't care if trump is the alpha dog food. Pay I don't care Kelly kind common things on everything that he doesn't do can you just do this for them and Romney. Have to have that little guy in the back in his mind saying. He is doing this to humiliate me as much they told you yesterday he never felt that for 12. There had to be a little bit of that of that there of course of the Apollo I would you ever why do I think he was Smart in feeling the outlet. Because I don't know that he would have come out and said what I said before was wrong I shouldn't have said it. And Donald Trump would have said hey you know what I'm gonna anthrax. So much follow up question for a few weeks ago seventies XX 6060s. Do you think if Mitt Romney did a formal apology he would have been the pact I don't. I don't think we can know that I don't really don't and I I. And I don't think that. And I don't think Mitt Romney must have thought so. By the way there is still I think Mitt Romney still thinks there is a chance I I jokingly well Eddie's he never wrecks are. But if Rex doesn't get the committee vote and he's dead if Rex doesn't get approved who do you think he's going to be depicts however buddies get. I've always told us. Are you a friend of mine's ball brother of mine had a friend. Who is engaged to this woman that my brother didn't like it then she got cold feet and backed off and my brother told them. All my god vesting that if it happened near anyone in this long rant about how she was the devil incarnate. Guess what happens then a week later the call FICO warmer they got back together and they ended up getting married in my brother's a. They can graduate kids are Coca-Cola acrobat are men so whoever I hate to get to that extent. Until Rex is confirmed it called now after all Romney may have you know I got what may I'm ready 5% chance. But nothing is off the table 6172666868. South. What do you think should Mitt Romney have apologized to Mardy apologized would it have made a difference I think the answer is that. An apology would not have made a difference in this case I think in the end the pill was just too large for Donald Trump to swallow when I don't think he could. I don't think he could get there I think he could do it. Explain and I think he wanted to in some ways I really do when anyone has ga. Everybody you Romney's dad don't even know I'd like I didn't Donald Trump actually did fall. For him and thought I was second choice he is is as they've said here nick made it hard on him. Because he liked the way talked and he looked the part. Now it's not a for personal feeling but I did know bill and I don't know if you're cameras picked it up it's all the little clip. But both points grievous and Donald Trump or having polite. On Mitt Romney's plate that was a big big slice of crow. Six or 72666868. And it is so 628 on the WRQ bust not come origin. Please north of the city three southbound is slow before and if to one point nine sluggish again passing trouble over a little south of the city expressway north gym split to Columbia room. Downtown Boston Tolbert backing up to a Chelsea and amateur west like he's westbound doing okay Milbury to Boston. It's thirty degrees in Boston for today mostly sunny breezy. Temperatures gonna drop to about 27 degrees for tonight partly cloudy low around five degrees and tomorrow sunny it would seventeen. It was just quote to toy with him unquote. But daring to criticize trop. So you can head to the list of the qualities that compact fate is now. But he's not mean you want to get back good people and make them suffered humiliation I. All caught joy. A lot of our Texas think seven while were you born yesterday. Trump played them like a fiddle go back to your mind what Mitt did he never ever had a shot it was all about putting men and his knees. I did think that originally but I think some I think that's what trump was doing come kiss my ring in and I'll dismiss him and like everything on a quick photo op and ought to begin that he was surprised. I think what he said about Obama holds true for me that he's been surprised at. Who these guys are now wouldn't have been if you write that he has right. Well I'll play yet I guy who is you know involved it was an advisor for Romney back in 2012 actually sad and I'm quoting here I have a hard time believing it prompt. Expanded all this energy expended brother role of this energy and time to simply tweak Mitt and a pension rights and others in the president elect's circle. Would play along the dinner changed it I mean did you not doing the Jane Aronson and out that it's wanting to have him over and try you know that was that would be one thing. One of the things that people say it was a real sticking point for them. Arm was Russia because an alleged mistress yeah allegedly with. Mitt Romney. Has always said that you know he thinks there should be no apologies no negotiation and no trust associated with Vladimir Putin or anybody who's running Russia. And we all know that's not exactly the approach that Donald Trump has. And reports are that they could never they could never bridge that divide. So that was another reason for Donald Trump to look elsewhere. Let's go to Dan Danson met for this morning hey Dan good morning here at WRK out. Part time you want it here. It is not as but apple want is Mitt Romney violated Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandment thou shalt not speak ill of the Old Republic yet. Number two. It would be a perfect choice as secretary of state special report that would make her look really well. And the street he's traded to the Republican Party in he should've apologized for party unity. All three of those are true I like your second point the most because I do like his first point because if that was the key so I mean how the Republicans are gonna get you out badly of other mediums unfortunately backed. That's gone out the window that has been an issue whatever this came up during Murray's money you know the Republican Party likes to eat its own. Have you ever used the phrase right now. And don't tell me about the eleventh commandment if you have if you use that to describe Scott Brown Charlie Baker cannot Mitt Romney. Then you would have violated the eleventh commandment so. The Republicans do that the Democrats zone that's always been a problem for this party verses their power. Six or 72666868. Dollar after the came out last night. Mitt Romney didn't say anything more. Yesterday he tweeting out you know whatever put on face go to stories that Ingram write he's for now. That's our I think forever but thank you said in just hook. Until there's a problem possibly getting Rex threw T Rex right in the oracle and T Rex you're actually him. So corners coming out of the transition yesterday VD this I know your favorite story of the day. We all know that if vodka in her husband are looking for a house in Washington DC you know they are planning to move down there with with Dan. Which school I'm fine with me I'd I don't really see any issues so much with that. It is a little strange at they're going without Maloney who was staying back in New York but they also understand her reasoning. A for staying back at least until the end of the school year. Here are things kind of got a little Dicey yesterday and that's when it was announced that it. Yvonne got not only is moving her family to a hole in Washington. But she's moving in to the White House west wing me. Or I guess maybe it's the east wing where the First Lady has her offices. In Vontae is going to move her offices into there. There's no sign a Stanley influence is waning now. Once trump moves to the White House the first lady's not face is slated to become the first family is off to help incorporate about the trial. I think you vodka phenomenon is very interest thing. I think yes there is a bad day for a month because you put it altogether. So there she is sitting at the tech conference of the then we find out she's going to get in the east wing office in the White House. In both cases all I kept hearing was or on sixty minutes. And that sixty minutes appearance as the biggest mistake of of raucous political career because that's Damon will continually on tar. People think that you're going to be part of the administration and Monica. I am you know I'm now into huge honor. That's just now that's so sorry I believe predict no one ever believed that but the fact that she said dad. And then days later would be you know posing for pictures with the Japanese prime minister. Fox is and enjoy all morning you know there's gore getting out of the elevator and as of on 'cause the one that took him down. And brought him out I mean she's apparently met with the everybody. She does anybody doubt did. If she's not the number two person. She's at least in the top five. In yet for her to say no I'm just going to be a daughter. I am you know I'm going to get on that was a that was the biggest mistake and I can think of of all trump misstatements and you're strong as the family now right. To me that's the biggest one well. And what I think is bad is and you don't. As this is being questioned. You've got. Spokes people saying things like they're being so transparent they've been clear about what the family's role would be. Well no they have not been transparent because of vodka turned around. And CME on national television said no she would not play a part in why did she have an office in the east wing that's not transparency. I mean debt that's just not true. They're not being transparent they said that they you know would. Did that that did the boys he he did did president elect even tweeted out the boys to be running his company. When they would not be apart and in there they were sitting there yesterday. And now we've learned that they've actually been bedding some of these candidates now granted I will give him this. They have been listed as members of the transition team they were they were arrested so that that is transparency. So I guess it's not surprising that they would be in trump tower with some of these people are coming and going. But this is this is a really interesting development. I know that she is a very close confidant to her father. And I know he respects her to her decision making it sounds like more than anyone else who's in his life and that's fine. And I also have looked it up in there are other presidents. Who have had other people who have served as First Lady but I guess what stranger about it is that. Donald Trump has a wife. And she is alive and well. And she is essentially. And it sounds like by all accounts not gonna play much of a role at all I mean I guess that's their choice. I don't really care to be honest first ladies meters is not all that impact full and I think in this administration. First Lady would be less and tactful than. In most but. It is strange. There's a slide six on seven as usual hyper sensationalized total non issue. Seven four GB seriously as one of August it worsened trumps hypothetical women getting an abortion had to be punished absolutely. Dollars in trap that was said he would Matthews. Totally. God he mean to that what Matthew said to me was much worse has been this match is being a Catholic. The what trump said there and I never believed that trump believe what was being said there and what troubles me to. If it is the law would join forces authorities suggest you look if it's the law but it was not going to be the law. For her to sit there and say I'm just going to be your daughter when she knows full well she's going to be Bobby Kennedy's JFK. I mean is just nonsense. Without a title. She has that's very very true fact we've jokingly said that we were joking at the time that she is the First Lady for all intents and purposes. When dignitaries come to the my nose they're going Dwight has their she's gonna talk show that strike is not going to mean more on that's right and I'm finally win it. I just think she made a big mistake by trying to just how high I'm just going to be a daughter that was that was a silly silly things. What people have to understand people are trying to say dollar is these are nepotism rules and this is not this is not an issue. He can do this she can do this because W pointed to anything. And again our area where I crappy album is it's different he cannot appoint her secretary of state. But he you know he he can have a there in the White House. She can't have an office there. I mean in and just does my telling god you know the trivial example but let me give you example. I'm Lindsey Graham is not married he was already talking about how he would have gone about that had he been elected he his sister was going to serve as the First Lady. So I mean you can bring other people and it's just I. No but it might be unprecedented for a married president to bring someone else in as the First Lady. What do you think is this a problem do you see it as an issue six on 176 X 6868. It's 640 for the W working at boston.com or did you. Coming into downtown Boston limit down ripped out completely awful lot of metro west of I eastbound delays scrutinize the supermarket overpass south of the city. Traveling on one's way north on his little passage route one at 135 up to scrutinize. North of Boston will play itself out of the break century they'll pass routes when he gave his trip to update brought to buy stock market. Armour actually you started at the vent their religious party trade order in store or online. At www. Stock market to make this thirty degrees in Boston when televised in effect from midnight tonight we'll o'clock tomorrow morning. Fourth day partial sunshine a flurry of these calls will be with the I have been dropped twenty country as well tonight wild blustery blow six when shall manipulative fifteen to twenty degrees below zero. Tomorrow mainly sunny breezy kind nineteen maybe you're going to graduate perfect traffic. As is with the American people want obviously they've been very clear about the process they've played and they actually like they like the choices that he's making they like the the quality caliber of the people would be fighting for his cabinet I I get that there's this. It'll never be enough with Donald Trump at what point is it going to be an alien. Six or seven believe all vodka alone this is a non issue. Wiser and having hissy fit over his daughter moving in when Michelle's mother moved in and is now getting a pension. And I have an issue that. But he did she didn't have an office she's she lived there yeah she moved it has been Niemi for all intents and purposes. 701. Trump's wife would be worthless as the First Lady think about it. I am thinking about it why would that be I don't get what you mean went to India for totally worthless business and workplace. And First Lady but I don't what she did say she was going to take on cyber bullying we had an issue which is what First Lady usually do. The thing about it vodka and I think people need to be more realistic about this. I think she will move in and she will services so you know I'm looking at this the history about first lady's taste in a long time ago they served as the social hostess. I think your vodka will service socialist is but I think her role will be much greater than that. Bowl would would my social concern here is we needed. We need an anagram for like we have. He Otis who will then be bonus. And normally we have Lotus but she's not the flawless even though she really is bright but we need something for Twitter everywhere she can't be enough but notice she's there or it's for yeah discover your honor yes that's what she's gonna be the first daughter Alex that evidence we'll throw that out of the service which are being so then what is the what is Stephanie benefits owed us the dissect he's out. Dioner should be stitches and outdoors I did not matter fact she's going to law school notice first are relevant daughter yes that's me yeah. A six foot 72666868000. Sagas say good morning out. Hey good morning of an all might provide you. That did the press and every once fallen for all the democratic talking points it's coming through the media well my question is it's simply click one. What union now with Bill Clinton. It will elude ability insurance. That's the real question here. Well my question do you well is this. If Hillary Clinton had won and they were were meetings and Bill Clinton was sitting there would you been OK with that would you have criticized it. It statute in question apple is yeah the best thing about that yesterday how I would have felt about that. I don't think that that's a good idea but clearly looks can appear that this transaction treated transition to 2008. What would wish Barack Obama that. World peace was coming in Nevada was on the way in a month after she got into office was given a Nobel Peace Prize. I mean CNN is on. Well negative all the time one truck now not much about 200000. People killed interior. Not much thought that going on and whose fault caddies will be it be here that. I would act was as sure Bush's fault but somehow the practice or to this attack Republicans called it. Against trop. Clearly they didn't support and it's just funny watching. CNN. In in the despise this negotiation it's going to be very interest. Interesting that's for sure our story result rare because there is actual legitimate journalism. Without a particular bias I don't think and that was I don't know wrote it they'll probably be suspended. Cultural transition turning into quite a family affair. Let's go to Robin Westwood hey good morning rob your WRKO. Good morning. You know. Well the president of members that played you know it's official or unofficial capacity. Are strong influences. On the President. Reagan. That he would Jackie Kennedy has brought the rock which in general. I export. You know so at our cup I don't you can get. Given a position the person that shouldn't but I am. She should it play a yacht you know a role in major role. In influencing. Donald Trump. We have order speak tambourine track with arms very intelligent I am as well beached. I think she's very grounded it should be very good influence. Opts for the tragic. So I don't see any problem with that but I. Wanted to the. Rob first of all if you're a woman you'd better be pleased about this because the thing I keep hearing is. Almighty god abortion it's gonna go away Roe vs. Wade is gonna be overturned it's not gonna be overturned with her handle it's not that's right White House it is not. And one thing I would say if she was not his daughter. I think most people would say I would love to see her in the camp. You know I think should be of the voice of a young woman. I don't care strong woman I think people would be very happy so I think. You know Al was right or whomever was he said there have been a lot of family members who influenced the president certainly. And were talking I mean Hillary Clinton was involved in Bill Clinton's administration I mean there's no two ways about that. So are we gonna be on negative guy just challenging or at least acknowledge that. That was a mistake which she says on six I merits and she wants to have it both ways. And that that one. That was assume that finish today Brahimi all the time and lean to he would honor excuse me it's just just don't see your transparent. Unless your being transparent just be transparent. Jack is in April this morning good morning Jack. I cannot accept my culture. I a slightly wide angle I think the press has covered it. Basically it. If it was a woman from the Democratic Party should be seeing a lot of sustainable and so on you know given a professional career in on this I really think that's what about change China. Do especially that side and I I mean I admired well I think it's great that she made that choice. Check that believe it let me citizens I think it's great good for her that's terrific but. There's been a lot of families who have moved into the White House to move their kids there is not like they would be going to school. You know in one room shack. Artillery check out what turned out in order to like what they're choosing this. You need Chelsea Clinton or Chelsea Clinton turn out just I teetered at nine inserted the bush girls. I mean I mean people you know and then there we don't go to for one thing right why it is pretty clear none of them have been arrested they're all you know. Giving people an open society. All right I don't know I think you are. Democrat and she chose that they'd be there would be holed a standard smaller one there's obviously an award but in entered. I disagree with Valerie named Chelsea secretary of state for God's sakes no one went out. There would be no charges of nepotism in the nepotism rule would have to go minutes on that well it might not be as ass through that or did seem like we're not gonna leave the next eight years now. Talking about what Hillary would have done she's not there good. Let's move on the reality. Reality is a vodka is there. If uncle ala is moving her kids I don't. But it's all all of these go to bunkers Smart. She's a woman she's independent she's got all. Advisor to the president elect in has been a good one over the years all of this is good. It just is there is a a hiccup in the air when she said she was not going to be doing that I have to address Regis and again now I'm going back to this because. You know you can say what you want that your your plotting her because she stayed in Washington I don't think I think this speaks more about the relationship. Between. Donald Trump and Gilani as if our daughter and mother and song yeah because I'm I'm here to tell you right now there are great schools. And there are great ways for him to be educated and protected at the White House. They have made the decision that she wants to stay in law. In New York. And good vodka is gonna move into the White House and that's that's a decision that has been made or take it kind of shocking. Why because I think maligning it does deserve credit for this. Eight I don't think she knew what they they are. I don't from a morning about 857 final. What do you think it's so great don't wait wait wait I don't story the is so great. We won't we. What if what makes this so terrific that she's staying in the morning or because a little little expert she's putting her so what would be moving to Washington and a going to great schools there are taking care of in their life so why is there Ivan she doesn't have to leave little motel sheet and we are you she doesn't but why is that making Mercer. What's call it what it is she likes the life she has injures or leave. They are colors making out like she's some kind of fabulous wife and mother because she staying there and other women who have moved their kids to the White House that was terrible. That's not true. I don't I don't know that's what they're and I decided I'm done fine. She'll play any role it'll beam animals she will be at the White House periodically whether she ultimately loser and on a shortage of people criticizing other women who have moved their kids. To Washington to the White House is if they were bad mother and I don't wanna hear you trump is fabulous. Did you criticize someone who's doing something that we never sign before I didn't criticize hurt he did he said yeah if this was the other way around. That's not necessarily true. 857 DB personal cares what she said on sixty minutes. That's fine of 57 if you never quoted Hillary is saying I'm not gonna be some Tammy Wynette stand by your man because right most of us have always held that against Hillary Clinton and guess where she said that. On sixty minutes so. A balk at needed to have been smarter than that and I know she didn't have her answer ready to she just went with the cutesy thing. Knock off the cutesy thing which is jury no serious everywhere at 7 o'clock on the W argue boston.com origin. Blaze at a metro west bike he's been overdone to the supermarket overpass coming into downtown sobered statue of Chelsea's cell does that they've. Political northbound delay charitable a lot of the ones when you go north obviously three cellphone and a fourth about the troubles over of route 62 down the ones when it there's an accident scene thirty degrees in Boston coach Dave commits senate it's going to be graded on September we'll be right word is now thirty degrees. Let's get a club when he goes seven victories. Well for a when you made it got going their way for updates haven't with a one at a. It's time now I'm going to be a daughter. Obama guy is shaping up to be possibly the most powerful first daughter we've ever seen. There's some crazy estimates you guys have thrown me off these weird science driven married couples don't live in three different cities when it isn't necessary. Jim is right in saying it's something about the status of their wrongly that. It's less about I mean I did good you are this and I think she's a fabulous mother and I I'm not I'm not Chris and days is I'm so shocked to me your take on this. You shouldn't because I'm not criticizing Maloney a trumpet at all he's got nothing do with Maloney trump my point is just. You know the guy calls and these scenarios. Makes a great. Well it's it it may be heard good mother but because it had she moved her her son to war while Washington should be a bad mother. I wouldn't here's a bad mother at all I don't think this is. Can't lose and then as I mean it's one assures that it abandoned street did shows that they have a 2016. Relationship. They. I don't know you have a relationship like that the story sixteen and I don't have one like that I'd are. Lots to handle okay Iraq doesn't define it as a true in sixteenth place if you have written not stock any team twenty anymore where. Like for example your saying over ladies used to be travel secretaries are planning secretaries. If these women didn't hold jobs. So that's what they did they hosted parties at their homes in the White House really true isn't holding job. While she does is modest. That's a that's the most important job wall camps there's not a ball yes what are we get that they have this kind of money that would've. I generally don't fly somewhere to go to dinner at the trump scored if they want they probably. The system I am I criticizing Gilani at trump. I think it's more about their relationship go better into one of those Eckstein in that. There are no rules OK Marty Walsh can be mayor of Boston he doesn't have to Miree his girlfriend people got their knickers in a model for that. How is it worked out it doesn't I don't I guess it could be the president had a you have to be married son went biggest single woman. Could be president as well. I mean I just and I'm not criticizing Maloney trump and I. I certainly understand the idea that you don't wanna move your kids in the middle school year I did that too I totally get I'm just saying. Let's not criticize those who have made the decision to go to Washington with their kids. They're fine they're as the greatest schools ever. There in Washington for these young people fantastic schools they're well protected they have socialized. They'll do fine. Let's coach who. Rich. Rich. Well I don't didn't admit she grandparents stay where they. I mean yeah that didn't have. Now. I'm rich thank you for calling even enhanced our day in such a way that I won't forget you for many hours that's fine I. A trials of find who read you know. There is. Richard what we want I am I telling me the truth out collide you gotta you gotta be able to say they just tell me the truth and by the way you said she wasn't prepared for that question. Well then she's not prepared person because she knew that question was coming tumble. If talk as much smarter than that I. But you run the risk rich of should Romney of apologized. I'm guessing you would be in the ask chemicals well for Romney should apologize for saying the truth. In his mind. And of ark Asia apology not apologize for saying an untruth in her mind I mean nobody believes that vodka believe that when she said it. Why did she say it that was silly and stupid. She's not silly and she's not stupid so that was a mistake I don't get where it is eight. Why you guys get so upset when we point out. You're rich they had cut its own wasn't there cup I don't think trump should add diesels at that meeting as they saw what. I don't hate trump I'm not upset about it I love the way the administration's going. Kellyanne Conway is on fox right now and she's totally a Vista raiding the administration is right Russian acting thing and I think they have that totally. Under control and they have the right spin on that. But it usually you can point out that that that was one there was a mess that they had back and I can assure you of bunker wishing she had that. And by the way folks. They're going to be missteps in this I mean it is different presidencies ebb and flow and there will be missed that said if you if you can't acknowledge that. Let's go to Bruce in Woburn Bruce hey good morning. Well they all the at least explore. It's business as usual. It's business unusual. It as well America. And stay out around the country together and it has slowed kind of away. Just this is what them all the I mean that elect praises chocolate that travelers bills now our truck driver on the road but there's. There's I think it unconditional love there between them and vacancies each other whenever they wore in the more important than. Is. That fairly. Of the trumps in this country. Packed I can't wait to listen in here. About the troops in April 8 two years. It's that a president of business as usual. And I just I love this country like the way it's going. I think the secretary of state going to be pretty unbelievable what he's outside the box. Resides in one things I love about as there are no rules and we'll and then we'll see what happened but this is why people have to do. Chill out a bit in that. It isn't business as usual so of course everybody's gonna talk about it. If it was business as usual there would be if it was business as usual you would have no idea who the appointments are. You would have no idea what was happening industry into it's not business as usual so your viewers are they won't leave them alone won't. It it it's not business as usual. This is a change for every what I've just told you there's never been I just looked it up there's never ban unmarried. President. Whose First Lady did not move into the white house with them and someone else did so it's not business as usual why wouldn't we talk about that. Here is unusual we view it is I'm usually it's progress in my mind I think it's. Awesome college progress or not it's unusual and it does I don't think it's going to be the influence. The original for us ladies right the I agree I mean big what was Michelle Obama's. Influence my time right audacious change school lunches I mean really. And she planted a garden at the White House okay calm down you know first ladies don't have major influences of uncle well that's where. It's very interesting I mean. Our focus no peoples they are she's the real Lotus now and and people like political or saying rather offensive things about which is wrong by the way. But. There's never been a First Lady like that Hillary tried to be with Hillary care and that is Clinton to her neck had shot down. In the U so what was her like I say the First Lady. I would argue that Hillary Clinton. Probably had much more influence where it was all said and done and was much more involved. Van even if vodka will be Belichick's all behind closed doors electing you wise I I don't think that. They are they were you know a power couple like that so. And I'm not saying I think that was good I'm just saying I think Dick I think that people are. You know I think you're being fooled if you think did. First ladies in family members or whatever have not had influence and it be different I guess is that the troops are just a little more up front about it. What's happening right now is and you're seeing in obvious if this goes well and I certainly have high hopes more it. She will be running for president in either for worry year. It is 714 of the of York to boston.com more child. Allentown 95 northbound coming up that a mystery of the once when he able north of the city one play itself out on the brakes from Maine through the 38 slogan tested an accident scene. Vibrant three. Downtown Boston let her down ripped for the metro west where he found us what we're. The route 3128 to the supermarket overpass distract update. Brought to buy Coca-Cola to join the religious faith of Coca-Cola policies and take a moment ship was obviously quality over what they feel. Putting nine degrees in Boston winter advisory in effect from. Midnight tonight until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning sports they are deciding whether those shows the buffalo 530. Tonight clearing rating would be looked at when children feel what it's fifteen to twenty degrees below zero. Tomorrow mostly sunny every guy's voice amid a totally different way for. Roland though the he. You're 21 you can legally smoke marijuana at home and grow plants at home. But you still won't be able to smoke in public and there won't be any legal way to buy it. Have you ever smoked at the White House and the bat well he did in the White House in the bath she's. Oh yeah. It's. All right good. I want you to call it right now six or 7666868. X 8680. And tell me at midnight. Teams you light a joint and smoke it in celebration of the fact. That you can smoke in this state now. Marijuana. Is legal and you can use it recreational did joy at midnight I tell Dave Bibi coming in this morning. I was like looking to see if there were. Like hot parties you know out of the corner. And people were smoking pot I am I am willing to bet. I bet your money. There were parties at midnight last night to celebrate and use smoke. Because you could legally 62666868. And this is that it's clear Armageddon begins we. Dejected little boogie will be on your opening. So I'm unclear I'd like. I'm not a pot smoker I'd never smoked at once people wanna tell me in line when I never done. That makes me weird I'm no one on the no fun guy I get that too but. I'm not. As up on the rules. I heard that guys say you can't smoke in public I don't think that's true I thought already. If a cop saw you smoking it in certain places you would feel fairly you can smoke it like just in front of this building for two. You're right it's like the open container lie in is how it's being explained so you can't be. You know walking down the street carrying a beer drinking a beer horror you know. I think you're our granola bar and all the people tell me I can't I've seen it on and I'm unclear on that part of it. I do all of this is a little closer to home and I realized up until yesterday because the town of Georgetown. Yes find out. Proved. A pot dispensary on main street which Asia. I am on almost every day it's the next town over for me I'm not love and that to be honest with yet. But will's the hour goes I mean I guess it's no different than the liquor stores it's right down the street for rare anyway. So you probably won't see those stores until 2018. There as of now you can smoking it you can grow it you cannot buy it. So bite is still illegal which is interesting because unless you've grown it. Illegally prior to today hit it. I know you can you're still obtaining it in an illegal way. So you're still going to whoever was it you were buy in pot from last week and do and it's still illegally it's just the difference is now once it's in your hands it's legal. They'll be able to have six plants per person in your home up to a limit of twelve. The law also lets you have ten ounces of marijuana in your home but not more than an ounce when you're out in public. Open or partially consumed marijuana is not legal in your car and you can be arrested for driving while under the influence of the drug. It's obvious it's exciting air base in your bag you know what a driving under the influence thing is so vague with this we we're seeing the issues with the trooper already stole and how that's going to be enforced. Ultimately it comes down to don't you can't buy or sell that's right but if you just wanna hand it to me wink wink nudge nudge to get it can't have it. And then if I bump into you laid area and you wanted to give me some money right I guess everything I mean it's just so civilly and nonsensical. Little little yeah. 672666868. Does this day change. You know your life I mean our commodity if Europe if you're a smoker. Collison tell us how this changes your life and what it is that you will be doing now I. I anticipate that I will go to a party in the next. Few weeks and I think there will be people there who will be. Drinking alcohol. And I think there will be people there who will be smoking pot now. Yeah that will be the big one for me is when I am add a bright. Location not ever anticipating that that would be hard for me to believe I have young kids and I would be stunned if somebody was that. Non thinking that they would be doing that you know how I would do I would double carting it works as it was just adults. And emotionally depressed career isolated arsenal rights but assuming that the. Host and hostess. Don't have a problem with someone's smoking in their home period. I I think that this is going to be a regular thing Dave do you think it's going to be a regular thing I've used it much quicker as the Miami on view. Smuggling guns yeah it was never not a regular. So taking it it's death CI I mean I've argued I've gone to numerous parties were added there was happening is well but I mean now it's just. I think even people who. Were not sure how everybody was gonna take another don't care right. Let's not assume I'm I'm not. We need smoker I don't know too many of them to be honest but I don't think it's going to be anything different and smoke a cigarette there's gonna go out out front public we're gonna do at home. Pat on absolutely I feel and taste in their weirdo now seventy show baseman is it gonna do it hits in most right. If say if they let you smoke in their house to begin with their rocket have a problem with it on air from two people one I'd love to hear from office because it. Do you even I know every chief is telling you OK here's the policy going forty years exactly with the laws. Tour any plans on enforcing any sort of pop outlawed unless you see these gigantic hey bill size thing of marijuana. Are you gonna make any arrest because I mean damage you know most likely the court's gonna. That's one too is if you're a pot smoker. Is this the day you've been way more in today didn't come quick enough and is this like Christmas morning for you. I think it was like New Year's Eve at midnight I I don't I don't I don't think it probably was. And there's another angle to this story and it's happening on Beacon Hill and and that's Nagle we're gonna talk about your just a committed. Raising the age limit Carroll is in Peabody this morning Carol good morning your WRK out. Combining focused ill. Merry Christmas thank you so do you get the one point advises me it is. It's a one doesn't see insurance companies haven't really discussed this matter because. It's like right in front I think it. Absolutely and the problem. Caroline a public law enforcement will call us so we can talk about this that the issue comes down to. How do you determine whether someone is high behind the wheel or not. Seventh heaven for the pod is free but the bag will cost you. When you don't ask Ryan who legitimately what exactly and it's a plastic bag you better and I use it in Boston the lead is they're banning those. It's likely to do whatever idols that we have and now the only girl all of and the waves to the reason I don't what you sell and it is the tax issue later on that set up. For the stage so they don't want it being sold. Because that's hit isn't getting get anything from it. At this point 617 you have to register anywhere if you wanna grow pot your home to my knowledge you don't. Could not register your dog however. I. I don't I'm not an expert on this block is it doesn't really affect me I'm a look that up with a break in find out and I'm gonna like you know if you have to register. I would think. You have to register or because of taxes again right. It was going to be attacks thing. I wouldn't think so I just think the state wants everything making again you know I don't I don't believe you do but don't go don't ever called me when it comes out I'm a look at up during a break six or 72666868728. On the W market boston.com. North of Boston dealing with delays and add trees so that one's 45 and 120 it all the way into the city we'll so does that it. Traveling and once when it northbound is the united by the 109135. Up to prove. Downtown Boston let her down ripped completely full at a metro West Bank East Coast wheel route nine through thirty. Once when agents from over. It is 29 degrees and balls went to a side effect from midnight tonight well tomorrow morning four bit partial sunshine before around the twentieth. Tonight Q plus plus street Louis six degrees when she'll make it fifteen to forty degrees below zero mark mainly sunny breezy I think I mean the ceremony never quit for updates. Live from boston.com. News it's what's happening. The polar vortex of batter much of the US is here object or when the New York you do ties in Boston reaching into the twenties today with heavy winds as well blows in the single digits tonight president elect Donald Trump continues his thank you tour today in Pennsylvania have for hosting a tech summit at trump Dario -- straight breathed out toe lift restrictions for the it's true. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Moore being appointed to the Senate Armed Services Committee war and made the announcement yesterday she's the first state lawmaker on the committees and Scott Brown in 2012 and and we know layoffs in state government after an off workers accepted buyout offers officials say 900 workers exempted vials to retire bulls from five to fifteen grand. Jay gore when a New York Daily News this. There's this awkward break period there's no way around if you can exchange man on number of other adults people look at them on just like you can get some of the ball. On an album for fly. Six foot 72666868. This is the day that marijuana has become legal in the state of Massachusetts. And like you just heard you can exchange marijuana was someone just like a bottle of wine. You can take it as your hostess gift to your next holiday party. But how it it can't sell it. To anyone I loved I loved recent BB or one of our textures such can. He give marijuana and sold the bag to put it in as they're walking up the door Dojo so this will be in stockings in my ex and I has now allowed yeah is this to people as a gift and yet there will be under many tree. The big issue is the age issue. Image of the stop flight let her go bad debt quickly I don't. The age of the smoker. Or the consumer should say it doesn't necessarily mean you're smoking eating pet. It's 41 currently and that there is a move afoot on Beacon Hill to move that back to 25. Vs 21. The senate president says that. He's cancer research and he believes that 25 is a better each because your brain. Is. More developed a 25 than it is 21. This is that my ultimate problem and so for board we're having missed the northeast as the as the highest readers very heroin deaths. And yet we're doing this week. Where where legalizing yet but then where re easing the age of it because we think it's dangerous attack. There's all these like you're the third hypocritical and things that don't jive that's being done. For me I've always been like I dole like the idea of legalizing pot in any way if you're gonna do would just do it. I hate the incremental crap steps that we're taking. And this idea that the government is so Massimo going to figure out the right age for it to be. If it's no different than alcohol the near the rules apply the same inserted unless you're gonna raise the drinking age to 25 you're not raising the pot to defy. Well and I mean I could argue that alcohol you started 21 the earlier you start legally drinking alcohol vote if they had. Your liver suffers more you know I mean you can go on and on and on and argue about this at some point in any state has to step out to you have to. Make decisions based on what you think is right for you. Let's go to John he's in Malden good morning John. Beer or. Good ear it's C although RT yes some restaurants or our future mentored and air. Who picked the levels of the you know marijuana. So it gets so build colleges around the university is Harlem the test. And awfully. He's open Indian news you know for a actually. The only guy and just checking out CO that is. And I also alarm. You know hey it is what it is people vote forward. To a lot of hay field at the age thing Jones. Armed. Well. Up to them it's you know it. I smoke the world around them but you know Lorrie Moore. It I've spoken out community prayer but be paranoid to pick but. It's I think the age limit. Should be sent to should distract. You know did they go to do an album out a lock the door now when he. Kids can be trusted to get their own health care until they're 26. Growing if you got it to our guys. You can't be trusted to get your own health care Richard can be trusted to grow your own medicinal marijuana pride passes our power codes that. But I again I'll get worked up about it I dole loves the idea that began my daughter may walk into a party and be going retirement is totally fine. And somehow like. If I walked into a party it's almost smoking a cigarette I would be well within my rights and nobody in the rule would question me questioning that person and but if I question someone's smoking pot I'm going it's like question trump right now. Off on these airwaves you you just are immediately the bad person in the Roman who invited them and get an idea and yeah. I mean if if I go to parties and people are smoking pot I don't. I don't want it but that's a generational thing because I mean I grew up in a world where there was that was illegal you know use didn't do it you certainly do in the public place. I think a lot of people and again again gave I'm not trying to I'm not picking on or criticizing going to mean spec. They a lot of millennial mean this is just bid in the warm for them I really didn't you don't notice it right. Exactly or the like it's it's horrible that you're looking across and somebody doing. Mean there's still a stigma because you had to obtained it illegally a right times so now it's now your going to legalize it it's. It's easier to obtain you know maybe it's a little more expensive in some capacity but just. It's not illegal if you're not it's not an illegal act and that's what's gonna make it different and I think you're right that is where the stigma. For a lot of my generation's gonna come from it's that idea that he did something illegal to obtain it it was a big Covert going on jeez. Dwindles in Cambridge hey wait a good morning you're WRKO. And where hey Bibi not we take it back eight germ. So he beat me. Hey Wendell what do you think about cuts look at. Aviation. You guys that is subject yesterday probably let that group quit my daughter goals and are confidential protocol adult bit. Us you know that humans aren't on senators tomorrow and little well what do you do about it I'm so proud of her out there. And that's speaker our needs and on the marijuana outside. I I just got under one thing I said Norma worried about me making your decision. All of your decision. Is up to you or what you do today. You're responsible. It'll follow you the rest feel like we can't tell when the spoken word or small well one thing we can tell our children is. What you do today. What Kamal Jamal that that's just it's. I don't care based smoke marijuana today is all law places smoke back in the day when we tell you. I care I couldn't remember that they and that's what made you stop smoking. A lot of these kids wanna go a lot of smoke marijuana good riddance. I just say whatever you do today will follow you tomorrow national I have to say you've got to have a great they are you'd want ratio. Thanks Wendell. I'm glad we're going to into the humans are. There there's nothing good coming from Wendell talking about the blood clot flies. Pathetic person dawn good morning cursor NWR camp. Good morning how are you super thank you. You think people expected and marijuana you know back in the seventies. Drinking need to repeat can be seen in the switched it back into. One in one hand. People that were eighteen couldn't work drink in and they had to wait maybe he had three months whatever what. Eighteen year. You look at the patient the scene in and eat eat eat and go into the military PC user agent the heat. Where you can borrow now the government I believe light speed you're eighteen where you can vote and we don't in the military dictator not every. Well educated older you're not. Executed in late period that it what you believe. In everything the government and politicians say is true. You're old enough to vote. You're old enough to the military I believe drinking each eaten up there's going to be a lot back out of Mike I'm not that you're open up the ball flight indict the country. At the end of the day so it a couple of enemies usually sit back to comrade and battle albeit out but the fact of marijuana. Being what you want. It shouldn't be read only by then he'd back to secret vote is. The bulk export. Let's speak and want to change it as the propagate and it not a political spin that the politicians wanna bill. Often what people don't realize is. It's still a federal and marijuana and lots of fighting the last eight substance. So anybody who voted yet aid marijuana I had a municipal purposes. You're going to effect their license to carry firearms and net just to clear up is that not. Not everybody realized that. Why don't you will look at your right to carry firearms now law enforcement officers also. Because as classified as a drug and yet they take it out as rebels still it'll all undetectable. Federal guidelines edit the last eight sub. So technically. People are more enforcement. Smoke we even though we delight need that your employer also has discretion on it and it is your bullet. The thirty days where it all you need eased as the hurricane through the year and he's still the work you bought and don't we thought it. The PLO. Alternatives like collapse well I just said the reaction you make that India react. Well we know all that Chris and that that back part is the only are you really need to know. Whatever the rules were yesterday where you worked where you went to school where you did anything those rules basically still apply absolutely there. Right so if you get fired from your job the slogan we do against targets mired from its fired from your job for smoke right don't think Clyde. The gloves have come off for now I'm finally liberated or could you walk could you walk into your employment your place of employment being. Stumbling drunk. I wanna when I'm sure you're like that is legal somebody Saddam putting some of the Christmas walk first all that one will be exchanged multiple times because people steal that. But boy what happened if that's just a joke it is a legal product put in a Christmas walk. Would they try and and find out who put it in the aaron's reprimand that person I don't know they get I don't know I don't know army may. Because that'll probably be calm. A ruling business to business places you know no exchanging an alcohol or marijuana. You know that that's what could that happen it's gonna be the bylaws of the many different businesses. Just like any kind of alcohol or anything else it's let's see it's 745 on the WRKO boston.com mortgage. Coming into downtown Boston to Overton bound backs of all the way to route sixteen a lot of veteran Westlake eastbound slow her down to route 31 when he for the supermarket overpass south of Boston three northbound jammed an eighteen to union street. We'll look north of the city were oneself on the list is part of Oklahoma street trying to get down to prevent tripped up they've brought by Applebee's. And that visit believe it's better to give and receive the salty seasoned by the delegates cut receive a ten dollar bonus for every home after the 29 degrees in Boston I would warning goes into effect at 5 o'clock this afternoon could see gusts up to sixty miles per hour. Ford today mostly sunny breezy high of 49 tonight but the article five degrees tomorrow sunny and windy seventy. I mean the government never quit for updates get traffic and weather whenever on the WRK OF. 6172666868. Were talking about the legalization of marijuana it's affected. Today so. You can smoke marijuana you can grow marijuana he can't sell marijuana ultimately we will have those dispensaries. And they'll pop up probably 2000 an eighteen for the way we did look it up and you don't have to register your power plants at home. Dave is in Windham New Hampshire negate the morning. In aim it at any of my three. Eight here. Smoking. On all of this but he just in case they do everything and for obvious reasons were cigarettes and now it proved that drug use mobile I'm just. I'm late Urquhart any long term studies. You know the carcinogenic and harmful effects of marijuana or debate which but I needed after two weeks but they forget what their children very much. The request well I referred for example old blues taxes are pointing out so limited district can't dip at Fenway. But I can bring in some pot. I smoke it there yet you yeah I don't know how dip there too. But but you do get the idea where dipped his his new great evil because a couple of celebrities got lip cancer. And Tony wind died from it. But marijuana is totally fine now. There's just a weird well I mean again debt that's all the way you look at it I mean near one is that totally fine for me. It's not totally fine for you. Odd dip is not fine for me and terrifying for you but both are legal I don't what is what you which within our government is cracking down on some vague they specifically made an ordinance about dipped at Fenway. They're now coming down on sugar as much as they can. Ours Dave who continue to try to. While at the same time they are using up the restrictions on marijuana and eventually leading to full legalization. It does seem to be weird. Does this make any sense that anybody. Well at that make any sense to me the issue with marijuana is that. I think if the government would have had its say that wouldn't have happened the people have been saying. And in the state people voted and said they want it then we want to legalize marijuana they voted fifty whenever percent to 46. A thorough Walter in Wilmington Walter good morning. Good morning and back if that isn't my call. I AM for a yeah well being of product from the sixties so this is with this I would at all for the now want to know this goes station. I'm totally against likable. Those are live on one. We've gotten young people it and went and saw. Anybody. Who bought this. Young people I'm not going to be. It should now walk about old people who is ships not. Only. All of this we view them on school or not at all all my goal up early work. I I think you're a 100% correct Walter. Well thanks so we're going to be the same thing with some now walk off. And that filing of marijuana for all. I would walk the as both. Some states are all forward with who's been number one. App let me do. Number you are throughout society. Is immoral and global societies. Allen both Syria. Thank you Walter. I I get a 100% agree with the fact that I think is the head. The states are. You know and thrilled that the tax revenue comes but I think with it comes a whole lot of other issues mean that's been proven in other states. This is not as easy to implement as everybody would like to think that you just start smoking marijuana. And it's illegal in every likes to compared to alcohol but it's still federally illegal so it it puts these states in conflict. With the fact so it's not nearly as simple. There's just yell we've we've said young now you need smoke it legally here and that's that it's it's really not that simple. I do think State's herb. Gonna take advantage in that I hope that we do I hope we take advantage I think it should be taxed. At a pretty irate it's going to be. Some would argue that'll keep the black market going I don't I don't know if that's necessarily true I guess we'll know that with time right but. I didn't. I've long looked for leadership peer like from the NFL for example I don't know why the NFL which is busy you know. Suspending Tom Brady and then not talking about giants Steelers game. Doesn't just come on say we are no longer I know these things going to be collectively bargain but marijuana will not be an issue with our players they smokers off. Because everybody knows that these players are doing it. And it doesn't affect the product of the league in anyway she performed now you can you do that and you say within the rules and the laws of the law that's now you're Karzai exactly that's fine but if you believe the Broncos no problem if you live in messengers of the play the patriots. Follow Massachusetts law if you live in a state that it's still considers considers it the same as error when they knew better act accordingly but for us. We're not going to punish anyone as a result of that. I know the MBAs organ on their labor agreement like one of these pro sports leagues needs to do that. And then they will become the impetus for them movement. Forward I've mixed emotions about that though because that would mean that he. You know fish. Do you find it if somebody test positive lawyer test them for something else they got marijuana but they live in Florida and they play for the Miami Dolphins in the knees Cano that's illegal and this is not it. I don't know I acting you know if it was again if it's across the board at something in the country. As a whole for example alcohol. Yup they test positive for alcohol latest on the sleeper office done because it's it's legal across the board in the country. Think you start getting into a territory there that's a little bit of the slippery slope until it's legalized across the the whole united. Companies into another one like our company could sailor you smoke pot in the building and Bob writes if they wanted to. They all went in and aren't going to be included this statement as it's legal right NFL can say you look weak. That falls under no legal obligation to suspend players for smoke and we. That's their call and every who would anyone say look of a football players getting abused. Day in and day out by Natalie. Gets any sort of comfort at a smoking pot would anybody object that well but that you start saying it's okay for you put something illegal in your body and we're gonna turn our head. You know for an athlete that just a start opening up a pandora's box. But you know what countries are being in this direction zone this is it's going to happen at some point. The gray area is always that the one and that history looks back and I was really weird when we change the drinking age for me to 21 and you had that in between period. For the three years or whatever ward where we do but the people who are President Obama marred Lackey again if you don't need that here just get on with it because it you're not turning his back. And David did we get to do when you got an athlete who's in an airport in his left Massachusetts and he's in an airport in San Francisco. And gets caught with it will be smoke and it. You're you're you're no it's illegal there so it's easier in disguising it but that's again. Did drugs. So we know his players and it's like they're gone so in the NFL you just turn your head for that you can have undergone open carry an Ohio with a gun but you can't then bring it to masters agencies are him from all I know like. All of the board the boundaries in the rules stay the same. To Augusta you've got to be very. This should become a very difficult thing to believe it would be so. Consumed by this kind of stuff coming up all the time to me is that something you want to army out of all the time testing their wasting millions of dollars testing people of this this is an OnStar is that they they're not tested them for hottest thing our Josh Gordon get suspended for a year for pot are you sure what does have some Mel's first though amendment company L suspended for a year for pot it was one of the best players the Cleveland Browns and but the point is they were testing him not for pot are lost their drug policies pot is tested but at other reason to believe need to be tested no I think in his. You knew all all the seat belt. They gave you over as you're speeding in and if you're not wearing your seat belt and you're getting your ticket for that. But he pull you over for that Venezia felt testing people like K I think your high where attest to. Five or do you honestly think the patriot to allow their players smuggler along and I'm probably not. Of course they what do you think this doesn't go on every day. Eric and got smoked pot like crazy we found out in the try using the I didn't know that you've got to he's car and immediately started smoking pot he says. I think I think muscles guys you for the exact reason you set as the bodies are abused in smoke a lot. What was the whole thing with I'm I'm just blanket was it Jamie Collins who's the dude who showed up at the police station on just what I've into the Arizona now in and out. Cotton because it was bad because it was destiny rag on the Lima question and you can the Jones ego. 672666868. O'clock of the WRKO Boston aka mortgage. I'm metro west heavy and slow fight eastbound route nine to route thirty one's going to the supermarket overpass when election time need to coming into the city in the tumor in Vatican backed up through sixteen. It's out of town one's life southbound bumper to bumper at 37 of the expressed little up north of the city. Easily that in itself out to thirteen the elm street Smart Fella to lower them. 49 degrees in Boston I would warning in effect at 5 o'clock this afternoon we'll see gusts to sixty miles per hour. Ford that make the sort of going to be breezy with a high of 49. Got it last night those seven victories on his son for tomorrow to be with the ITT. What's going on in Bedford this morning rob good morning. I'm a bit ambivalent about this but I but I do have a couple of questions. I mean how how do we test a driver it these are. I think if we go out to restaurant have a glass so why we get the car and driver not blowing point 08 so what we're we're not you know drunk we could drive a car. But but if you haven't been behind a car doing you know twenty miles an hour and 45 mile and I was only you know doesn't get out of the way nickel Biden said that they had guys I'd. Having Heidi have a joint and get behind an automobile. And not endanger other people and I don't wanna hear from the people who smoke. They're old guy to drive slow it skip forward mean being part of it would start generation and in some of them did go to which start been exposed to a lot of these things. And I think we have a lot of questions to answer and and I don't like the argument. We can tax it you know we get the revenue because I don't care what the studies say yeah I mean we all hope people who. Who kept a bad habit to have addictive personalities to preach. A lot things stood to function easily then we take that tax revenue and we have to pay for. Later on in life I think you had a earlier caller who went to what it was Amber's talked about. He tells said that it is going to be you're going to be effectively to me like what you do. Well it later in life if you if you have a safer time but he is here you're sick and something's. We all as a society page sent to Korea go to Korea to correct those wrongs in I think we're. In the slippery slope yet but I don't know the answer. Brian thank you allow I and I agree with that in parts are saying that earlier you know we. We make Alec this is so easy mistake you make all this money in this will be such a simple thing to do but it's not. It's not as simple as let's just make it legal and low taxes and that's the end of it. It's there's a lot more to it in what he says is true and it is cars are driving things concern I mean this has been. Has been something we've talked about from the get go how do you make that determination. Some officers ultimately that they've been trained to look for certain things that does that stand up and a court of law. We'll find out if that's the thing I did. Tell me if I was a cop the last thing I don't wanna do was bring in a guy for driving under mayor on like. You know one of the drunk driver of the car is seriously going in OK it is there's a danger in your walk the line whenever that does hold up. We've marijuana I don't know. Among a cop I know. You know whether or not that driver is dangerous and you know whether or not you're going to be able to prove. What she's level losses. If you're not you're not gonna win the case like I don't know how many times I don't know whether I'm there as well before year ago. Right this is not worth my time and effort I thought but it's it's tricky because you know the guy you would have obviously assumed by pulling him over. That the guys a danger tomorrow. Tony is an East Boston Tony good morning. Hey Tony. What are you re either one whichever one you run out. You talk about the sport and how it's gonna affect them bring that dog or a little bit due up. Truck drivers they have called commercial driver's license. And it means they get subject it to our thing and marijuana isn't known well so we get out truck drivers they can all about and buying. Yet they get called and protest and next thing you know they are losing their jobs. Well. Listen I it is it going to be fine in their job regardless of whether it's legal or not I mean they also can't drink alcohol and drive right. Exactly I drink alcohol you drink alcohol and year year and intoxicated in a way pretty quickly yeah. It out and eat it got you got aren't we let an art but the common interest and concern that's not okay. Right well that night savior tractor every there will be spoken week. It's it's that simple I mean that's a hazard to your job. Jose Norton good morning joke. Good morning to hear me jerk yeah. Good you're talking to an expert marijuana have been studying it since about well 1971. When Nixon says it was against the law. Tank that you guys ever heard of the Warren commission. Sure if I was in 1972. Sort of retreat date so that they should legalize that way back then. No but here's the bottom line they'll keep you long to appear that really kind of all my life has. They have killed people. For being an associate at the alarm. Gonna have to happen. Little or anything but most of them are also isn't true people I thought that would outrageous over marijuana or little weak. But not as dumb about the oldest metric in the pop the other stuff. It's often brought on what decades. If you smoked marijuana. He get a very easily so all these other things I think the bottom line is we're not gonna chill people. Using barrel on thank you. Mr. Edward I have put me in jail and they're not gonna eat up. The jail space as a result bills and style good morning bill. Hello good morning good morning. But I don't understand it but it's a conservative principle but you know individual responsibility. Individual freedom. So computers and all of these callers call up initial get a check against. Yes is pure truck driver tried and true rain or some big machine or something. Yes I guess they. We cannot get fired today for being I don't know which I don't see that this is such a big change at all. Yet I get anywhere there's no you know 7-Eleven its own it yet. So I don't I don't see how it's all this even tie. It's what the conservative principles of individual responsibility. And individual freedoms. Well thank you bill doesn't it dot a year right exactly it's that simple and I and I don't think anything is that different today than yesterday. And I don't think it's gonna change for people like truck drivers and train drivers at that it's still a mean companies and and if it for that matter even the state when it comes to things like good day. MBTA and whenever there's still going to be able to implement the kind of rules that they've implemented before which are that you cannot have it in your system if you want this job. John's in Boston to boarding John. But I thought once I am in favor legalization might never smoked marijuana or anything and it would be drove them did Franken all. They just don't want people walked out. The bad choice we need to teach children and young people from great element is cool but not a good choice not smoke marijuana and I want to ask the audience. If the pilot a patent actually legal marijuana I would smoke marijuana and they ought we what are you gonna find it's my question. Now that's another perfect example of and they. A job that obviously the rules that exist did yesterday would still exists today you cannot test positive for marijuana. He can't get our plane drunk and try to fly it and you can't test positive for marijuana in people who do those jobs know that. Hello Dave we go to break our 913 on the WRKO Boston back in March. The way south of the city expressway northbound james' book on the road until they sell bounced back in seven hills east Milton square of north of the city want to play itself rather breaks once when he 138 were three of winter street. Downtown looked down at his former out of metro west vikings bounced all through 931. Point supermarket were fast draft update brought by. And Applebee's they believe it's better to give it received the Holy See that by fidelity apparently ten dollar bonus they're free only at Applebee's. 49 degrees in Boston when Joseph Biden effect from midnight tonight to my car tomorrow morning or today partly sunny windy snow showers possible. 530 tonight clearing remaining when people tend to agree that we shall make it feel fifteen to twenty degrees below zero tomorrow mostly sunny and windy you one. I mean the government never afterward for a face to traffic and weather whatever. Was the last time. That your kid's. School was closed for just some freak. Reason. Horror did you ever have your school closed for something that was not snow. For a holiday. Can you remember. When I was in school hour we're going recognized. He remembered being at school lets out every couple of fire alarms that were pulled and then we got kids go home early as a result and it turned out there was. Somebody wanted to contest right right. I remember greasy one time when she was in grade school a tree fell across the driveway of the school to slink out of the clear blue. You know it's just an old rotted trees and had to cancel school because of that. But the kids over in Chelsea at the high school they're not in school today they won't be in school again tomorrow. And the reason is not cut because. Of the fire alarm being pulled or tree falling across the parking lot it's because they have a fly infestation. Really sly old air final bills must spend little fly all his last mental illness all of the three. All of the three will one would you year iron knows which one bothers you the most you know we all know. Wow all right well I think knows he or isn't much better Karl. Did you like oh my god at all and a lot of their media at least it was dead you're eating it now released and rob right now you knew it was dead when did we used to this city and it flew by. Off hot. I don't know I'm giving my page drama joining these down because there will be in tomorrow's. Crucial. Carry. Its programs. To deal two days ago at Chelsea high they suddenly start noticing for ice. Which to me would be. A red flag immediately because you know it might have an influx of flies in your house may be in mid October late October. It gets cold and you're the first you know frost and then that's pretty much it sort of trying to get in because it's getting cooler but did it's over right. This is ten days ago so we're talking this is in December. They start noticing in the school there are tons of full price. And it just keeps getting worse and worse so the first thing they do. Is it go into the drainage. System in the kitchen that they can. To see if they've got something going on there they find nothing and because you are assuming his word share so they go to the basement. Right and they start going through the pipes. And this system for the heating. Nothing. Now than it did the whole thing is gotten worse you just heard a student you just progressively as the ten days gone on has gotten worse and worse and worse. Finally they've had closed the school down. And they are going into the walls. Because. It's somewhere and they don't know where I would love to hear from somebody if your parent. In Chelsea you're a student in Chelsea. You know somebody Chelsea who's been at school please call us six or 726668668680. Europe faculty member. Because I wanna hear just how bad this experience was. Mean ten days these kids sat in class. I got a couple of issues one of which is. What what flyer we talk. I zoning and he's made he's you know up in the nor shall we get these tiny bugs you can barely they hurt like hell but they don't. You don't notice of retaliatory Mike's two year old tight lies where you are constantly swan. Remember the famous yankees are moving Cleveland won them the blogs around the only have we talked about that kind of thing. Or are we talking about horse flies because if it's a horse fly in your mashed potatoes he needed. I'm really that's what it is. I think we're talking about your average. Run of the mill drive you crazy at the picnic faucet distinct line this is a journalist and plugs. But as big right yeah and their gross and they smell and meg and doing your ear or appear knows now. And they think about if you're talking about goal and in your year going up your nose I just feel like this is your average run of the mill. Black fly and there are obnoxious. There's nothing worse than feeling like there's like flies on you because even when they're not all of our. I do agree. My other issue is normal about nicknames and whether we've got to change in non Chelsea is the red devils libel. Maybe is it not time to change that the black flies out and I think those kids have been like Tasmanian devils try to kill those flies fire on their heads don't you think it is like a unique I don't think. In the history of public school at least in Massachusetts. Has one ever been shut down because of a fly infestation never heard of this so I think you may need to reevaluate the nickname you're Chelsea in honor this moment. Let's turn a negative or positive. How would you to take a second though like you just said Dave and just think about the experience when you're sitting in class or your teacher. And you're trying to teach and flies are flying all around you again you don't open your mouth. Because their flock and yeah I think it's ridiculous to think it's like a swarm that's just the whole school was black. But there was an outfit today and schools closed and it's gonna be close again tomorrow is that like. A fly whisper to wait. Have a stud finder doesn't put a couple of walls and can only find where these damn things are coming from well 978 just texted and I might be a fly whisper they said you can't get rid of those damn fruit flies. I sure I'm a mix of Bob Vila slash. Some kind of HDTVs this week. I know the formula for the reply and I have been very successful so what is the formula because I one time had a fruit fly problem miles Utley out happened well apple cider vinegar with. Dish so the and it is a mere so do you sit just set that out so you voted out boarded an to a small cup ride you don't want right right to small cup. And then you put the apple cider vinegar in and put the dish soap on top that swirled around the globe it and it just walk away. And don't just let it go overnight and it will be in the amount of replies you'll find that cup is going to discuss. This. Last I've never heard of that gateway a fantastic. So what have we had fruit flies we could figure out what was going on absolutely drive me crazy. It took a few days and eventually I figured out that it seemed like there were more in my laundry room than anywhere else which is weird because. I don't effort my laundering or so I thought. And then I found. In the laundry room a banana that was like black as night and somehow. How I'd gotten that mixed into a bag. You know that ended up in the wonder room and there was that banana and that was what it was it was pretty took. Searching didn't snow batted just took searching because I knew it was coming from in their. It was disgusting and it took a few days to get rid of those replies then we'll take care of that out of whole house it was rocks. Going as you got like three questions here one is the one most random reason. School was ever canceled or you look at tunnel moral out to areas. It never had a problem with office. Under the occasion. Any any Major League Baseball playoff team like we're we're review had the pro. Are a couple of years ago just going to the cape getting out of my car. To fill up gas cans and those stupid cicada is all horde just jump in on my car in there had to be. A hundred album. Remember when we had that investigation there was heavy down there and I'm and I I totally separate art I paint right off the slightest little I just got in some gas. And I had to stop because I was swat and postings are bit off. It's I didn't want any part of three in the crow right now I keep pitching diagnosed. Pictured it that you think you are right six foot 72666868. Were opening it up to you. Tell us your story we wanna hear about it if you know anything about this tells a story we really want an update on that it's at seven your W argue. Boston knocked her morning show. Blaze north of the city retreat southbound jammed up at 113 against the ones when it I don't pass Concord Road. Traveling south of Boston you'll find brake lights and expressway southbound seventy Hilda investment of evidence. Getting into downtown Boston looked down it was full and metro west vikings bounce goes through third of the supermarket or pessimism what are the tips. Point nine degrees in Boston high wind warning goes into effect at 5 o'clock this afternoon we'll see gusts up to sixty miles per hour force stables is on the breeze behind there when he. Tonight partly flooded little five tomorrow so it was a defensive team may be totally differently for updates whether whenever. Really flying here flying you know it's my friend. He beat fly in his mashed potatoes. Bad. So is best part of the new school lunch. Like protein in the match but they don't get it back to eagle. Because if you look over here I swear I'm just itching everywhere it's making me crazy plug and a couple of quick check yeah this there's a lot of people have theories but one is on the flies themselves seven anyone has a pest control professional I can tell if it flies usually sanitation issue. Having eliminated drains. If they are opening walls they are looking for the food source ID dead or decaying matter. That's a gross book and doing that as we've all been there are you did that recently. When you've found something and and this is. I also had trouble with our lives five away. Driving in Maine during black fly season I had to stop and go to the car wash in order to clean the flies out of the radiator. There were so many lies on the car the headlights. We're not even shining through in the car were starting clueless he Biden questioned our vice dead fish it was completely gross. All of my gosh that is horrible. Photos. Aren't sent out and it it by the way of good writing no give this he really dated a picture Allison is in Ames berth this morning good morning Alisyn. And I hit it great thank you. And I have a quiet sorry pal my parent mop it and how much it answer my brother about airline day to watch it. The lady that does warming is meg I like cute ones. Now he got back at some great out now I pick up in that aren't back in Ramallah. No they can't figure out where I'm coming I'm I'd add that up there somehow he'd find out that there. Don't act that flew into the chimney and is he composed thank you up yeah and that they're up about this and sounds like it. Something I'm up there. I'm afraid that's so did all right caused the damage who picked up the bill. Come on how do you wish that that was like gold will be you're gonna have a huge Alison and her British accent go fall. And you cut down off huge mistake that was a bunker on sixty minutes right. By the way seven anyone's as I hope some student did gels GI is right now printing up deep black flies mattered. There is such an opportunity there. It would dale are you aware though. And settle. I mean you don't lack of black flies matter you've got to own that Chelsea. It's it's just it's awful it's it has to be something again the question is will they ever talents but. Dead cat dead rat dead docked did what what else could be in this time of the year raccoon got into something crazy B. But in that is the white rat it's the worst when you're looking for that because. When you do find it does smell is all and really all of and then you got to move it. Then you got to dispose of it in and you gotta clean up after it. Awful is it his kids that are about to get suspended may be that's here's your alternative if you wanna clean that mess go. War had never seen one of those and if you have a bad mosquito problem the value duck joke was foul V tech. Had never seen a mosquito zapper is like the real ones the ones that cost like 30500. Box us. If you have a mosquito problem near your home what those are capable of all it's just like pockets of mosquitoes is disgusting. It's the truth a minute or so my helmet that dark in the Jimmy decompose there was so much stuff fallen down I was like countries. Con feeding save us Dan in new employee is say it's forty times it's not gonna make a difference content feeding. Got to try and save you the day it's there and content you might like this app I'm a pest management professional well. What kind of slot it is you guys are assuming that is decaying organic matter IE a rat dog. Maybe it's today. It's not a green ball but maybe it's a cost replied maybe it's a fungus that what kind of life is that because of it no fly. And you know where the source as well so its luster fly whereas a common for a okay cost supplies coming from the earth eating October worms and walking up. I'm patient probably not this time of year but it could be I don't know. Well if they win did the dream is first and now they're going into the wall DN what what does that lead you belong could be a giant fly. They find it during that whatever it was they couldn't find the source because it tells kept coming. Just thought this sort of that was addressed why would be you know go LP drain not necessarily something that debt right. Well apparently. It right now gotten I think you should and could help him and we're looking for a croc hunter of this. Whoever that I guess where is Mike Rowe when you need to Mike who's the guy. That can fill this hour. Because I did there obviously you are yet sometimes do the it's the old thing in the movies right where I got a 101000 dollar bounty for whoever gets that bad monster. Well guess what send in thirty exterminators and whoever finds the source thought you had a get a quick we got a because we gonna get to this court they get a ten minutes that the market basket in Chelsea shopping spree is about to show up when my apple cider to. Icrc and see what happens at at at. The troubled it is fifty rob is in milk and good morning rob. Hey Merry Christmas to everybody imminent nice mood today. Disney's deal they don't send I deliver a lot of over targets all lot of construction over there. Yeah it's a lot of construction market they've probably got a goal and it is traveled to the building because they're the build in all over the place so what they could it. It up an electorate that. It now Leach is plain that those buildings. Or. Or could it be like it did did did they. Do they made in nests rob the do you know dear I don't know how like maybe he hopes up like that then they start on that front. And so and so right across the street. From Chelsea are its goal is all new construction OK boom robbed Mike Moses. If there's all that construction could be that they're just busy bees. They're busy he's. Or early July he says he means I'd like he's what you right now will likely that often keep stuff. I think Iran. For rob did a fantastic word today Omar clearly that he Obama comment RI Omar. For you lower our. Stop Omar. Well whatever it is it's gross and they have to they're trying to get to the bottom of the kids get an extra two days off. Which you know at this time a year is not really gory because they're going to be off anyway but. He can't those kids at their new longer obviously Davies and their from Tuesday's opening one BB might get off my lord. Your jokes. Would that make me lord of the ones yes that's what that makes you lord of the flies and I love that book I must say it is randomly now moment. When the movies on the book or even worse because the book was better idea what the book was wrong but the movie and it never quite did for me but nonetheless. I just. Yeah you know you pray for snow day. Ask anybody pray for a fly day now is don't you feel like you've got to like Clorox wipe everything in your locker now whether what we do. It'd get this but I'm looking at some of the stories related to it and there are all these experts who an hour going. Well you know the big issue that we have to deal with and committee deal with in the future would be the disease that they carried into the school. And what could remain their four kids who have been bitten by. Acute friend it was in its hey day NATO's. He hit or didn't do any aren't or what anybody ever write would be awesome terrific if this turned out to be some sort of prank where. Somebody left a piece of fish in someone's locker just a distinct is it that I don't know I would tuna fish container and that's what led to this kind of like an upper Decker prank if you don't talk about tax decision by the way DB on your busy bees joke I give it crickets. I'm not. I'm not. I wish I keep looking to different places they wanna see they've ever said because our caller so there's such a distinction. If they ever said they now what kind of fly it is I mean there's pictures. Of what people are speculating that there they're not the flies in the building so I'm just curious and nobody has called to tell us what the flies are like. A drain. Service wrestled six three dogs and be be down there is a probable tripled because his jokes dinged up. No why is on May I say these drug flights to sit there right now and because I can hit. Yet they sit video cameras doubt into the drain pipes could find some and they want a flying Chelsea is worth two in Everett you just don't everywhere for LA on me is known of all. I. Gosh it's a. 42 other WR KA of Austin aka morning show. Delays coming into downtown Boston to merge invented back that the group sixteen I eastbound is slow route thirty the super market over vast Newton corner who would also and traveling south of town the fun having delays on once great north and crawl from 10 wait up to route twenty. In the right up North Pacific once myself on his jammed and one from an 138 were three pointers street traffic update brought to buy Coca-Cola. But enjoyable as just days of vocal this holiday season take a moment share one with your hands on holding your Coca-Cola. 27 degrees in Boston when televised in effect from midnight tonight so much about tomorrow morning. Forfeit partial sunshine Florio when we had 28 people outside clustering close six degrees the wind you'll make it feel fifteen to twenty degrees below zero. Well mainly sunny breezy high nineties and made to cover on their way for updates traffic weather. Man I'm telling them on what benefits taxed on taxes you're on your game. You aren't your game of this great if you are one of the best sex I've ever seen you ready they're don't do it. The hotel let it caught our other the one below it. Believe me if the jets the first lion kill lead will that be sacrifice fly. Thyroid one of these send in the swat teams. Actual have. But yeah. Seven they won your joke is so dirty. But I'm just gonna put this out there it is one of the best tax I have ever seen in my. As big hurry because the guys are last year I wanted to I don't analyze it and Dave goes can I can't tell I can't even say yet I get a senator Conrad. Seven a one TG IF thank god it's fly today. After a 617 you know I love this this plays right to my heart in the voice of queen from jaws. Some tons of lies going to achieve some times of London girl wearing a and it's just a loss it's so far it's fantastic jobs it'll all done good morning. Well I'm strong but can block remember this. Does that something's got to copyright it's which I think okayed the common house party is called mosque because domestic it's. And this includes a government magazine in the Mac it's gonna actually if you don't something's source somewhere there's probably dating animal we haven't seen it commands here yes. And before you were being applies. BB there was or Serrano peppers grown you know otherwise called you know seeing them. There's sand flies through the worst ball the worst green heads or else there. Backhand. The green has or two candidates and that's about it biting flies and they come in all different shapes and size that is. The real big horse for Ohio and Indiana. Horse farms can pretty much draw upon the blood and and then in the you have your horse front. And then the last thing came as you were captioning black flies one acquires all of our. You go to New England hopes also called off alone. And maybe are prone to in river as opposed to amnesty or we just. In order. To John L a plane that goes by your house that's a flyby pastor. I wanted to select get a laugh and you look that went up by the noise reducing its. No no I. Starting to go Black Friday and did that when I was in college. Well. Why you don't like judge young what do you do for a living do you do something on offense who now I. Then you need to be on the news today like channel seven needs to find you as a as they say why entomologist. Or whatever the term would be be used. They're looking for an expert to explain some of the situation and you sound like your qualification. The biggest thing would be to close off further Rome and then really tracked down a flies per romantic really Norway you're gonna find this because. In front are gonna fly wherever they can and hold off there was room cleaning up and then just fine no rule that applies to come from. I think that's what they're doing actually John that's why they they've had closed school down nearly gonna get kids out and they and it disclose the whole thing gals are also three does that make tomorrow in Chelsea black fly today. I think it does tomorrow's Georgia garage are going on monitor and I donating enemies are discounted to get the day off. You hear Chelsea and I school whatever I don't know what Giles he's budget the zoo and if they're in the red or not or they're talking about layoffs or whatever but there is a way to make a lot of money off. Quickly but there's all opportunity will be there for a short time. And then it flies did bring it tests and yet printing in get make him stop and have some fun with that. All right you give away my French judge to do that right now we're still we're in such a good move let's do some giveaways. Because six caller right now to 6172666868. And you go when a pair of passes to the exclusive screening of patriots day starring Mark Wahlberg. Which will be held December 21 at the AMC in Burlington mine in Chelsea in Burlington. C patriots stay the day it comes out December 21 which I believe is a Wednesday. Beat the six callers 6172666868. Right now. 6172666868. Right now and you'll win a pair of tickets. To see patriots to. The last night was the premiere at the weighing. Looking at some of the video. Of and pictures of the people who were there it was quite a star studded Hollywood event. And by all accounts this morning from those who saw the movie it was a success. I comparable we've heard we're gonna get Vietnam an expert review at 905 right. Somebody who is obviously deeply involved in this story. You may remember the name Dick Donohue so you will be joining us about a five talk about it and by the way he is. 888. Character in the movie and I believe he has a tiny role in the movie as well now. Two things on this one. Dude there's this talk on Twitter about it idea I am it was red corporate really you know the way to go with this last night. Have no problem ground. Does Elizabeth Warren need to be on the red carpet at this. Can't believe that was one of the first pictures I saw was and has that borne standing right next to Mark Wahlberg to and why it was Elizabeth Warren there. I don't know when she beat out an and I know Jennifer is terribly sorry was a senator. In at the time. She. Participated in the decision making process I don't believe she was a leader and anyway she performed but. She was in those meetings she played some sort of small role and had she was in the hearing in DC were the people kept mispronouncing the names of everybody there was a member of the California congress woman I think it wasn't kept mispronouncing his surname as a name and blah blah blah but anyway. But I like her or not she's a desert area this president are bigger than just an event in. I'm not that worked IE it proposes me visually. To think event or conceptually to think of it. But she has a right to think they are it was interesting I thought there were people who are missing like I'm looking for Deval Patrick and there was no Deval Patrick there he's usually in the long yeah I do and I are going under the now one little. Letter he sent them to have a. I know Deval Patrick is there was of course a Davis there which I was happy deceit they didn't sugary of course he should. Also there I thought was interesting David Ortiz was there. He should be too. And surprised. Maybe they were there and they just weren't right up in front I was very surprised that Angel Menino. Who would've thought that she would be standing front and center. Representing. Obviously Mayor Menino. But I do not see her there. This was of course the day at the premiere here of course Wahlberg was there. This was the premiere here in Boston and is Bibi is told do you our tickets are for the 21 which it will be released its limited. Release on the 21 that's what makes these tickets. So hot in so exciting. And you get to see it there and then it opens on nationwide later in the month. But down at the question be bored this opening of course and a lot of survivors were there last night. And the question was is it too soon. And how responsible. Where they would putting this story together and telling people's personal stories. I. I'm anxious to hear our review coming up period a few minutes. I haven't seen it so I can't speak to that I can only speak to what I've heard from other individuals who seem to be pleased with the way that it's turned out I know it's a movie that. Really is celebrating the police in the first responders in just the community and how it came together more than anything. Certainly not not something celebrating terrorism by any means of the act that occurred. 97 it's as Elizabeth Warren was there on behalf of the native Americans. I may be true there have reached out to do is make sure everybody got to that it doesn't like it. From day one I've never thought it was too soon. I thought this is in the right hands. Am I it's about the stories that they were basing it on more appropriate. I'm absolutely gonna see this movie probably on the 21. I'm all in on this and I have no problems with the heat and the red carpeting yet. I eat I went to see the Whitey Bulger movie black masts for the same reasons I will see that Jeff Bowman movie when that comes out when Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm into this stop this sort of particulars and just think if I do think. The stories behind the you know the man on to another candidate Tim what they did and insofar as we get to CO glimpse into that. Is fascinating and I heard I have no whole problem now. I don't have problem with about derby I wasn't standing there I'm Wilson street today that it occurred. And I hope for those who work. I hope that this isn't too soon and I hope that they're happy with the way this story's been told because. It certainly is gonna bring up a lot of very raw moments for a lot of people no two ways about that. But I think it's also an opportunity like you said for all of us to celebrate. How the police went about this and what they did and how quickly they acted in. And with the community to it's a whole site. I think Beebe did it to that it did the fact edit the movie was in the hands of Mark Wahlberg to it makes me a little bit more comfortable with the fact that they're going to be profiting off of this just because he's a local guy he knows the stories. He's part of the community so. I'm gonna get the benefit of the doubt even though originally I wasn't that happy is that it was coming up this death elegant need a couple more years. Felt it still felt raw but. So we we will talk with someone who was there are who was involved who saw the movie. Our film critic if you will coming up next right here in the WRQ boston.com each. The way that a metro West Bank eastbound route thirty to the supermarket overpass Newton corner of the Alston ramps downtown Boston lowered down into heavy and slow the full line we'll South Pacific. If you're traveling at one point self knowledge and 37 over the expressway north of the city were southbound delays after Oklahoma street trying to get through that. It's early 27 degrees in Boston high wind warning in effect at 5 o'clock this afternoon gusts of sixty miles per hour. Fort semitism and going to be breezy with a high of 48 scattered clouds tonight when you're seven degrees for obvious on the tomorrow when the way to. I mean the ceremony and a quick profits traffic with a whenever. So while we wait for dig down if you to call us he's gonna Collison murder channel with. With him about his experience last night. I'd. Love to hear from you 6172666868. We see this movie for you is it too soon. Do you think it's too soon it was just three years ago that this occurred. For some people who were there or know people have. You know maybe a little too raw yet for others I think that there are very anxious to see how this was approached. Mark Wahlberg says he's taking personal responsibility for making sure that. This story lines were holding a sensitive way that were appropriate. And works comfortable to those who were portrayed. He himself has plays a police officer but. He plays a composite. Of numerous officers who were on the scene that day who were interviewed and their stories in their experiences. So he's not one specific officer. All I ask him these is if you're gonna do is doing right and the story like I mean you can't do this singular oral. So there's a lot of pressure on etc. But from everything I've seen the trailers that I've seen in the stuff that I've heard it sounds like I'm gonna like this woman who enjoy it. As I mean I like what happened and secrecy acting like somehow. But you can't gold its aegis. Because of that debts to me it's just nonsense like Andy Garcia that town because I like the fact Charleston was the bank of. Horse of course right I don't think any of this goes to see war movies because we love the idea that war. Ed Davis by the way. Is played by John Goodman and Ed Davis says it me into raw. And it's a very emotional experience for all of us who were there and who were part of it. He says but it also brings forth that we were knocked back. But when you see this movie see that we stood right back out. Kind of resilience. And American experience that or spear rather that he anticipates that a John he's a border towns were hey John good morning out of your. Yeah far away in a fireworks and sick I would sort out maybe it would cut decade and a few hours. The kid gets out of this kind Munich towel archer Kate who was eventually found in the boat a few blocks away. Now if the state police had used their bloodhounds. That would cut this kid if you allow know what you think they didn't use the bloodhounds I've already found out from the state police. The FBI wouldn't let them use the bloodhounds and what 4000 police self sustaining for days and not mistreat a week later the helicopter as some around my house overhead. That did the pop and the public works down in my how's it look like a military was so. Get what do you think all this went on. They didn't want attention right away they wanna make a big show okay. It's obvious that wouldn't go watch any stupid movie. All that happened they should know I don't believe even though we were in the document trees and a lot of this stuff didn't happen that way so don't believe anything Hollywood puts on. Let's not start spreading conspiracies and I hated you I mean if you honestly think that to fall Patrick. And Davis. Rich to Lori daylight how many names are we gonna gore were seen on some sort of conspiracy let's let's do this for days to. Put out a big show of force and that they didn't wanna catch him until later that night. You are your mind you're absolutely 100% out of your mind. Let's go to Dick Donahue had Dick is joining us this morning Dick it's great to have you with us. They'd figure much. Yeah that and and and he etiquette spirit these pretty lap of the day. There's arson what started this is the he's deal we hear this stuff abouts in New York never happen and they are actors are you hurting yourself with the marathon bombing we talked about this many times. Whatever you know I I don't have time for that sort of conversation when I do have time for his last night. You were one of the people most affected by what did happen. You were at the premiere so what do you say to people that say this is too soon and this is not appropriate. Yeah it's the result. A week later certainly would have been. Too soon in my opinion. But. You know later. To be honest when they're the maker that that happened and it gripping the come out and apparently there. It got your movement and delicate story oh in any of that you'd really become a term that a result the hero. So you saw Dick what did you think. Up there hour. You know if you look at the overall thing and he sees the message is it's pretty. It's pretty powerful the the thing that affected. So many people so many damn label Sony please are so many. Ice skater and civilians it would. You know what I look at the movie. And I activists say real life was probably about science. Craig your belt on or as they ever beat you up on that experience. For those of you who don't remember just let's back up for a moment on Dick is a former transit police sergeant he was shot during issued out. With concern I have Brothers on over by MIT. And and Dick do you think she. You my friend suffered. A great great debt. And now have come back I mean you are the ultimate story in my estimation. Well thank you. You know I wouldn't be here. That literally wouldn't be here award or the other really hear it in my life the guys from all over all the department principally. State police Smart art department. You name it the people at work dummy obstacle. You know with our interaction with the air real. Heroism. Wouldn't be here out yet vocal and I wouldn't be a father so. You know that the people like most appreciate mile. Speaking of father and I know you brought your parents to the premiere did you bring little deck as well. I didn't I did not I did not know it'll probably failure for. The good news here is why it's. There's a few gem zero FF. Not electric yeah. Now now the it's that it is an Obama. Last night and I was a brother and and out of the U art guys and non. As some other brands that are Cuba. Make it and. So let me give a warning here if you if your really interest in this movie you don't want any sort of spoiler alert camera to five they can turn the station right. As a monastic about something in a second that won't give away a little bit of something in the movie the human would. I let I let I could be yet. I have to think about a half a million plus. And that's OK so now that people about a jets let's talk about the end Furman at because there's a question as to whether or not. It gives the impression that you didn't live right. Well there's no I mean there's no. Follow up or anything you know that it met that your that your pilot there. They're not. In copper trader at in the movie. The attic the end you don't make it in them and on the actual guy. I mean did you confirm you are alive if you're a woman that. Player as good as they can do is just too soon there at the important it. If I roles they did on Twitter dissidents come off and he finally sent out there's more it was I was great which is. If you can't joke about your own death what can you derive pleasure you dude you were dead decade and on that night. And then you're seeing it on the film by the way is as some people may not know you have no memory whatsoever of any of those events. Soar as you and whatever you are seeing on screen this is. As close as you'll ever get in your mind I'm guessing to what what might have happened. Some of my memory has been copper you know kind of slowly over time that you know the brits it. Is gone in and remember you know tidbit here in the air but. Basically. But it did it from you know an artistic ticket or did you. What. Are we transpire and it worked out. Well Dick you certainly were affected by this story but what was the reaction from some of the other people who were portrayed in the movie how do you think they took it. He's got that set other targets so I think that you're there and I thought I thought to commissioner David. Late last night and you know we suck the oil is out there and also at you know it. It's Hollywood. It's a it's not a documentary in and the other third could be Guatemala but the screen and so that the phrase everything. That's often. This was the strangest thing that you either heard or did last night. I had to come and obviously walking on a red carpet you never thought you would do that in your lies are. Now watch the red carpet I didn't know what we're red carpet I just went. Was that yeah you didn't want to or they didn't ask you were why were you not on there. You know I I don't really know what this does this not ready to look he had and just to watch the movie and try to put up mind about saying. Is for you to our realize there is a billions of some actor is Stan I Eric has been the guy that is the guy is walking by no one knows that it's the guy. But it is only sure you're more than happy was it playing out that way I'm doesn't. Like I did I attacked the the item that that late in the movies and he couldn't make via the premiere on a lot of talent and but I. But I yet that you're a pretty solid briefed on diet and you know made a connection there as well. So when the movie and it usually at a premiere no matter watch the movie ends and the other make you happy clapping yeah it was really good or because the PR people that have put it on they do rapid. What was the mood when the movie ended here were people like one win did while that's unbelievable. App yeah six you know walking down the street afterwards and if you were talking about it and and indeed it literally got louder and sent over and and I would like this is corporate some cable and and another blitz like myself will limit that it is our light and for the last three year. Now that's the difference right there. Dick thank you so much for joining us this morning we appreciate it up who you Merry Christmas. In America. C 914 Gerald WRK a Boston for more urgent. Selma Boston at this point expressed in our coastal James put the Columbia road north of the city once right southbound slows once when NN Washington street forcing 25 the winter street downtown Boston. Numbers back up to the Chelsea curves and out of metro Westlake eastbound flavor third of the supermarket overpass Newton corner. Over the Alston chipped up they brought by Applebee's and Applebee's they believe it's better event receives this holiday season by fifty delegate targeted and Obama's victory. Only an Applebee's. 27 degrees in Boston when Joseph Biden effect from midnight tonight a lot of luck tomorrow morning or this nonsense of passing clouds windy. This is snow showers well temple walls they goes on to be clear when being called wolf five degree windchill build fifteen to twenty degrees below zero. Follow the sun breezy. I got a distress one thing on this with a woman on the lot of text is on the conspiracy theories I have no time ports on not going to five await our says. Don't you think all profits should be donated to the victims and their families won't work should not profit from this movie at all. I don't I've had this discussion we've we've many people and this came up originally when the when the original book was written by accusing Sharon and Dave wedge. And I. These people this is their livelihood this is what Mark Wahlberg does for a living I mean he. I'd I do you with Mark Wahlberg wants to donate a portion or all of his salary that's on Mark Wahlberg but he doesn't. I don't hold it against them. He's an actor getting paid to do that and of course she's taking pride in is because he's from here he wants to get this right that's why one doing it but I don't think he needs to be doing it for free in any way shape or form now. Well and I if I remember correctly and I am right now looking napping on there's a charitable fund that has been setup associated with the movie. And they are going to give away a certain amount of the month the charity under way and we seek new charity campaign launched in conjunction. With the upcoming Boston Marathon bombings home. Patriots they will benefit first responders medical professionals and bombing survivors. The film make her. Is sob bankrolling it hundred grand first and he's gonna match the funds with people who give. So I mean let's not forget that this is a human being who just off the Hoff last year donated 500000 dollars or radio that we were producing here York hey. I I think they do their part in I don't think you know there's movies about all kinds of things and people did give all their profits to. To charity. Two we switch gears yes I'd like you're looking at a picture of this dominant guy walking in my there's no women want to have children without getting too it is now. As I haven't really seen as well again I just ask you okay just asking. You must. Whom students. New York. Set on December 1 that she was taunted on the number six subway train down there by three men. Who Calder terrorist and tried to snatch her he job her the job offer ever had. Yelling trump. Surely trumped up screen there are out she became. Into the poster child but one of the poster children. For this. You know. Trump has been elected and now there's all these hate attacks going on in the country movement because she's young. She's you know eighteen years old innocent this could be anybody riding the subway. Getting jumped. While the story came out yesterday that it turned out as is often the case in these cases. Let's take the bags in case for example. What he said it. What happened and what really happened. Are not always the same in in this case they're quite the opposite in this turned in to be almost a Tawana Brawley's story where. She concocted this story. To keep herself out of hot water what was thought wanna she was going to be and she has a curfew does that fire parents and she was gonna be late for it in to she made up this story about being attacked by people yelling Donald Trump. And this is a Muslim hate crime so that you wouldn't get in trouble for missing your curfew where. So I so so let me just say this real quickly about that. We know how kids make up stuff. Because of a curfew. And there have been many kids who have said false things. That ultimately were reported to police. But this one to me is especially egregious because high rise. This isn't you know there was a guy who's who. Grabbed me or tried to rob me and there was no description I can't I couldn't see his face I didn't know which it's not that. Mean she she did this under the guise of they're being a true hate crime going on. And at a time when that is so sensitive right now I think that this young lady needs to learn a lesson as a result. Guy the ball there's a couple Arthurs so. I've seen the Twitter sphere run wild on medicine who thinks for a second she's gonna get any jail while I was. Is jail the appropriate response to this I don't know. Today I don't. I actually think she's going to be treated much more lightly than she otherwise issue and and I do think if the roles reversed. She would not be given any kind of benefit of the doubt that she's going to be given year. However I do know from history that. Kids call and bomb threats all right time to get out attest to not have to leave or vacation. Because they're mad at their girlfriend as we saw the case from Portsmouth naval shipyard like. That's just the sad reality of it and people do stupid stupid things. And I don't wanna make more of it right because. You know I'm a trump supporter who thinks you caused the problems you wanna pay like. I do think something needs to be sitting here in this one I think more Huey has been so damaging. And the way she what does that factor more I I link the two stories historian and more really coming out yesterday's think. I'm looking into the bags and cases of where to to college kids from Babson or at Wellesley College. Celebrating trumps victory and whatever was said in whatever their actions were world never forever be known factually now but we do and all of adapts and wade overreacted. To punish these kids were Borg. What do they kick him out of college. Have put a scar let them forever. Not even just punching guys in our Zetterberg charges against them and our like all my bad sorry we apologize and let's move on and an attorney general warriors of the Republican and that there doesn't seem to be any reason I would look him of that. If the roles were reversed you would absolutely be looking into that 100%. And we also have they had set up a hotline in the first three days we get 400 calls and we really haven't heard much more about that a sort of wanted to see it again. What is the official number of calls that now and since it's been set up and what I think in my what is the amount of cases the juror actually looking into. Because I wanna know what. I do believe there has been a few random. Tax alert announced things that are mapping continue to. Always go back to but how many of those occurred before what bothers me about this when this is why I think that she definitely should have some kind of repercussions. Yes you heard he's yeah as I mean sweet I believe is how you'd say that are so why aid. You know yeah as Mimi used to particularly sensitive situation debt would her team directly to her as a hate crime. As a way to get out of her herb. Curfew. And that's egregious here really is say you know it's it's bad enough when kids do ridiculous things like we said in just. She did generically. Call out is something happened to them that they can't work hall exactly how it all went down and some kind of false report is filed. This what is egregious because this has clearly been in the headlines she used this. Not in a very. You know in a very irresponsible way. It's I think there should be some kind of punishment for her beyond the fact that her parents will you know never allowed to leave the house this. If there had yeah and so you know several text is appointed gonna talk about that and whether that's appropriate or not. Looked. Parents can do what they want and if the parents didn't and we know within that religion and public shaming is often the form of punishment so. When I shaved my daughters had for this no I would I would have some punishment ready that's for sure yeah. And I don't think this is one of those cases where you can just leave it to the parent I think she does have to do some time I think with some actual victims of hate crimes right. That's what I think she should afternoon reach you should not an unhappy she should have to go out. I think if you're into public shaming I think this young lady she'd have to go to school groups. And stand up there and tell our story what she did in how wrong it was that she did it. And then she should have to do some kind of other community service as a result. Six or 72666868. X 8680. Is our text line what do you think will this young lady have to pay any kind of public price. It is now. Just right between nine minutes now it's 49 minutes past the hour here on W marking a Boston doctor. Looking at the right up north of the city and every southbound slow spot onto the lower deck or south of town for north bunny at the break that you history trying to get up to the expressway downtown Boston heavy delays inside the fourth tunnels also was a division that was heavy getting into the tunnel. Mr. west try to look like eastbound jammed or thirty. The super market over vested in order to halt. Six foot 72666868. Of this young Muslim girl. Ever face any kind of. Reprimand. I don't know of your parents have done. Your public shaming by shaving her head B. But do you think that she'll face some kind of reprimand from. Authorities. Text is all pointed out 66 unity. Let's six or seven hopefully the Muslim girl's father is in a proponent of honor killings. 97 they do they practice Sharia law if so Carter toeing out because she lied to. Seven they won she brought disgrace to her family the choices are jail our honor killings isn't that our work like. This is what happens in situations like this does is wide. Sharia law can be damaging and can be used most of those rail against it because. Yeah how hard Basra. Is apparent you have to have some sort of empathy here. For the situation you go this is a there but for the grace of god like I don't care what you think you have control over your kids. Kids do really stupid things when they're in trouble and they constantly. Are trying to get motivated in any way they can and we just heard too many stories like this over the years have. People like and wanna Brawley comes to mind the duke rape can source the mind like all these cases where people just make this stuff off for whatever reason right. And you just she's just having a man a optional as she just chose a very wrong way to do it Joseph is an Hansen good morning Joseph. Good morning and it doesn't really disturbing on many levels but. You know it's BP would decide on possible cases if you wanna go way back to child still it and what happened said. That was absolutely insane so this stuff goes on all the time. But I'd like to make a point about what's really the bigger picture as usual when I look at. Murray really in her refusal to look into this Babson case. Is very disturbing because she's in the B subscribing to. The policy set by Eric Holder during his time in the Justice Department and his attorney general. That there is no such thing anymore as a white mic on. About eight try our civil rights violation. And that's the reality of what how we live in America today. White people that'd be way out because. The forces that are behind especially in Massachusetts. I do not see any victims when it's a white person at this point hate crimes and optical but they're they're they're swept under the wrought. Our affiliates are disgusting. How one side which he has and I listen we need to know Karl. Because she's mean you know cook Korean standard and made such a big show about this hotline. We at some point we need to get some effects from this thing and I would think you know whether it's a month out of three months whatever but. How many calls were many foolish calls were there what was the breakdown of you know anti trump pro trump. What were the ones that actually were prosecuted because this is great padding on the back of doing business and making some sort of big Stan. But certainly the appearance is that there's picking and choosing and no one believes. What do you what do you want more healing to do in this because. I watch that's for starters well I mean in this case would Babson the fact of the matter is these guys were accused of going over to. All Wellesley and both singing calling these women names and and give these hateful things. Then it's been determined to have that was probably the exaggeration but it didn't really have what would more Healy. I would think if nothing else more Healy is saying they didn't do what it is I'm claiming is being done and so they need to get back to Madson and be quiet. She yet Babson has apologized event of an American involved. What what did happen. What what's the protocols and why these kids were publicly shame for starters. Whether that's more Hugh these jobs Kerry ulee's job on related did not related. The president of Babson or worse job it is. For more really so dismissive Lee. When they Harold asked her about it she didn't acknowledged the first time and then the second time dismissive Lee said. I'm alligator and that that's Benson's deal it seems to me that that was a heat could there was a hate crime that happened their buddy was towards the pro trump kids. Why why do you think that the perched on kids work but why they were publicly shamed. They were publicly punished. For something that they did not do what they went on to Wellesley property. Or Carol floods all the illegals and our. Well if they weren't invited there it was not a legal on the finals week OK and so they went on to the campus and the allegations were that they were harassing people on the campus so maybe it's been determined the Dow wasn't a key piece. And that this is all going away as Benson says it was it the series and while dark -- get involved in March. Like the case in the New York here with the as a Muslim eighteen year old. There is a rush to accept as fact something that you want to be true which is that trump supporters. Are out there running wild and raping and pillaging people and when they don't happen. Much like in the case of the Duke Lacrosse case what would slow slowly and nobody was ever accusing them of reaping in pillaging running wild okay so now what do you think they went from the Benson camps campus over to Wellesley I have no idea well they clearly are you wanna quit the girl is too. To celebrate you said that earlier you thought I can't handle a number I don't have the facts much like more yearly I don't have the facts. So the only facts I have is that Babson publicly reprimanded them and put in motion a plan duel would look to me to expel these kids. Then after the fact found out while we were way over the top overreacting to this in. They were egregious in what they did to the well I'm sure they said they were way over the top they just said they've decided that it's been settled. I mean actually if you know also here not my question yeah my question was did they bring the men say hack is what we're gonna do. And did they somehow. Settle all of this and that's I don't know I think there may be there's just too many course. I have a question you about this is my question would be what would war Healy do you navy regardless I don't think being dismissive of it as helpful as mr. either do you agree with that your job is to not play politics of this stuff and it certainly seems like you were absolutely playing politics with the nobody doubts that if Wellesley College students. Went to Babson and were running around yea Hillary won. And then they were progressed a pawn in any way that more Healy wouldn't take an interest in that case. Let's go Andy Indies in Boston good morning handy. I guys paid a guy. Good you are. The awkward. Why stop. At. Fluctuation in the young people that make things up. There are homes in. And so although. It was the Big Three aces. Everything else it. Any woman nor does get the exact maximum penalty is the implements a certain if body is are quick that. We got a watch out. RB election. The liberal or not support from waiting adequately to order out and I was a little old LP. It's about me you all are what they. Story out there. That they were Starbucks. They property. So one out. Ol lady you pumps water out there on out English it's not a or about a claims. And in an unbeatable. Oh well you're Hillary supporters should just get all or twelve walk out while I'm came down the fact that whole sport. Or are you look why. Don't look up. At all I call B. The facility. Got the walk and talk to the manager he's pretty aware but no one start after. Be aware of the wreck. Most are based. RA people aren't as it was cool and they're going on all country and the new Nixon offered these hate crimes law all over the country bump. Turned into a hate crime is an act on someone that are on. Eric so. That the use. Oh. I'm more you eat it on a more. Yeah he'll unit. Cold narrative or hate crimes that aren't fooled an emotional ball. I've been. To not be the case just like people mature set out. Blowing pretty age you know the near president elect Hillary Clinton as after the election come out and she's just appalled by fake news wall what was the Babson story what was this story in New York I mean are these not fake news stories. And don't they have repercussions I can guarantee you to the two kids Babson they do. There will forever be linked to this and you know it's not quite to the level of the Duke Lacrosse case but it's it's up there where they. Their lives were changed for ever in a negative way as a result of fake news. I don't sir you know I'm not ready to call that fake news completely I think there is something that would on the air I think they're knuckle heads and I think they've locked out. That everybody's decided it was just a stupid thing to do. And everybody is over it I'm not sure it's completely fake news and they were on the campus there were issues and I think. There's a reason why Babson apologized to them. And it's you would think it's one because they're concerned about a lawsuit through because. They way overreacted while there they may have overreacted but I'm not sure to call completely fake news as if it was just that. Complete fabricated story and I don't think that these guys haven't come out and said. They fabricated every bit of that story in they have never said that in no one has said that there's been any proof yet that these guys did any sort of microbe resting on anybody. And I would guess if they did Babson wouldn't be apologized. And I 45 on the WRKO. Austin aka mortgage. Downtown Boston to Olmert still backed up across the senator spent a lot of metro west by these bounce those were third in the supermarket overpass Newton corner of the Alston ramps. South of town went way northbound away from 135 when accidents and at Hendrick streak. North consider oneself on watch Oprah was awful route sixteen. Point six degrees and ball.