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Is Trump correct, should we ban Muslim refugees? 12/22/16

Dec 22, 2016|

What do you make of what President-elect Donald Trump said?

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston. This either the American revolution a new moon moon begins in just color. Boston's bulldoze it. Any number livable. And taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Kuhn wrote color. 1206. Here on the great WRK. All okay my friends jam packed show for you today I'm telling you. From noon to three dark corner report is the place there'd be Merry Christmas everybody. In the third hour Jesus. Ditty even exist. Now the liberals on the left have taken their war on Christmas. Day the ultimate level call it war on Christmas two point all. Now they're saying forgot whether he's on the Simon Goddard or any harder than anything in terms of religious connotations. Now they're saying. He never existed the whole thing was made out. A complete myth. Is it true all we're gonna have that all so I'm not kidding your dog. Your little dog he's your puppies there is now Porsche to treat them like property. In divorce cases. Our dog he's in puppies at pets are they just property is not all they are we're gonna have dot. In the second hour in front gates are corner country poll question of the day let me start with that now because I got the bill. My National Grid electricity bill. It was through that forgive me through the freaking roof. And I noticed now it has been months. Where my electricity bill has absolutely. Skyrocketed. My hotline Moret Healy yes attorney general Moret yearly now says she's gonna conduct an investigation a probe. Into the utility companies because she says their price gouging ripping off consumers. And racking up too much and profits. What's the real story what is really going on and this is the question for the audience. How does your electricity. Bill gone up. How has it gone up. When you look at the bill every month or two months or every you get your bill are you shocked by how much now you have to pay. In your electric bill I know I am they haven't to for me they haven't just gone up a they've skyrocketed. So if the answer is yes tax the letter 868680. If the answer is my home Jeff honestly. Our home pretty much do electric bill is what it's always been. Text the letter B a 68680. The question is up on wrko.com. So you can vote online as well. We're gonna be discussing about a 105. But first. Breaking news from the dear leader and Donald Trump on the Berlin terrorist attack you've got to hear this one. So now. President elect Donald Trump. Meeting with reporters outside of moral Longo. He was first meeting with military leaders planning his war on Islamic terrorism. Getting his cabinet together. And he walked out and confronted reporters. We're reporters asked him about the terrorist attack in Berlin. Trump responded I think correctly. That what took place in Berlin we now know. The the perpetrators is still at large he is a soldier of crisis. The Islamic state has taken responsibility for him. He is a 24 year old Tunisian. Muslim. Refugee. Who we now find out in fact was arrested three times. Once for assault another one listen to this for arson in Italy. And the intelligence community in Germany knew he was involved and part of a terrorist cell. They were tracking him through his cellphone. And then they let him get away. The authorities asked for him to be deported. And under Merck pulled open borders policy the answer was. No. Absolutely not nine. In nineteen was the answer no. And so trump rightly said whoa. What just happened in Berlin. Shows I'm 100%. Correct. Is starring for extreme vetting. It is time to register Muslims. It is time to crack down on radical Islam before it's too late. I was 100%. Right just look at Berlin. I have been vindicated. Listened to president elect trump. Roll it Allen. He's completely right. And the media now have pounced all over trump. Saying he's gloating. Over the carnage in Berlin. He's gloating. As people are still. Are fighting for their very lives in hospitals. And they're now saying that at trump again shows how insensitive he is and that he's is Lamo phobic. And trumps response was look you are asked and answered. You asked about Burleigh and I gave you my answer. Nothing has changed you know my plans and yes this is gonna be the wave of the future unless we stop letting Salma. And start extreme betting. What do you say that was so wrong. And then he went on to say that this was an attack upon all humanity. To which CNN. Begins a mocking him saying well humanity can mean anybody or anything it means nothing. Well obviously what he means is upon the civilized world if anything yearly one and all the truth. I think Donald could've been even less politically correct. I think you could have been more politically incorrect here's what I what is said it was a touch upon Christians. You really want an all yes it was an attack on humanity uncivilized decency but you really wanna know. It was an attack. Upon white Christians in the heart of Germany. That's what this once. I basis. Has now released a list of churches in America. But they are now calling upon their holy warriors. Their so called soldiers of a lot. To attack here in America insuring Christmas and during the Christmas holiday. They want to replicate here. Would they have done in leaks in Paris. In Berlin and all across the Middle East and North Africa. They won a target us now. Where we worship Horry Christmas markets because this Christmas market in downtown Berlin was actually near a major German cathedral. It's just outside a major German church cathedral in downtown Berlin. So the symbolism was obvious. So now prices has put out a list of what they call high priority targets of churches. Yes Boston is in that list. Prominent churches in New York in Chicago in LA in Atlanta in Dallas it doesn't matter where. They're now trying to activate their sleeper cells saying if you have an opportunity to strike. Christians worshipping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Wore the whole week of the Christmas holidays. Take it and do what we did in Berlin. And that's. All of this is taking place. This broken this morning. It broke this morning. And it may be Obama is of all of his destructive. Despicable. Anti American acts. This may be the most destructive. Despicable. And anti American on the mall. After what happened in France this year. After watchers took place in Berlin. After ice is now coming out and saying we will strike Christians in churches all across America. All Obama. Has now directly sabotaged. Trump's ability. Took crack down on Muslim militants here in the United States specifically here is what you get ten. This is his final Christmas gift is final blank you. To the American people. After nine elevenths this was bipartisan both Republicans and Democrats. Because the most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. All nineteen of them came from Muslim countries all of them were young men. The a Democrats and Republicans said hand. We have to be able to track. Immigrant men from predominantly Muslim country. They're from predominantly Muslim country so when they come you are safe from I don't know Libya. Syria. Iran. Afghanistan. But peacetime. And their young man in particular which is the very profile. Of all of these Islamic terrorists. That have been slaughtering people all over the world. We need to be able we give them visas but when they come in we need to be able to track them. We need to track them coming in. We need to make sure they don't overstayed their visas like many of the 9/11 hijackers did a we've got to make sure that when they're supposed to leave belief. It is called. The national security entry exit registration system. It was set up after 9/11. It was backed fully by both Republicans and Democrats. Its purpose was to track and monitor Muslim men. Who come into this country to make sure they leave this country when they're supposed to leave this country or god forbid if it finds out that. They're tied to terrorist groups are potential jihadist we can track them monitor them and find them before they kill Americans. Obama abolished it this morning. Obama got rid of the national security. Entry exit registration system. In plain English. Now that Muslims are radical Muslims are in the United States. Now that we know ice this is an all fifty states. Now that many of them are here he is making it impossible optional totally impossible. For law enforcement and especially the trump administration. To be able to monitor them or tracked them. He'd just gotten rid of the system. We don't know if they've come and we don't know if they've come out we can monitor or track them. Or watch them here now within our own country because now we have gone completely blind. Thanks to the decision of the dear leader why did he do this because she says it's discrimination. Based upon religion and erase. And because it's so discriminatory. We can't know it. Just like it was discrimination. To monitor that Tunisian and end up killing twelve and wounding 48. In Berlin. He's now turning America. And there's no way to sugar cultists. In two. We can't fall lump we can monitor them we can't track them. And I've got to say this I'm sorry I've got to say that's because now it's getting pretty obvious. I'm starting to believe he may actually wanted terrorist attack. I'm starting to believe now that he wants something so heinous that happened to the United States. To sounded harsh trumps presidency. To destroy trumps presidency. To undermine trumps presidency to so humiliate trump all here's the big nationalist. The guy who's talking tough on standing up to radical Islamic. Wink wink wink wink. Under his watch Bob womb. There was a major Berlin style or niece style or Paris style terrorist attack. Are repeat of our Orlando or San Bernardino. How else can you read this. Now you're getting rid of the entry exit registry system. That was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Now word literally were going blind in terms of tracking potential G artists in our own country. So my question to you is this it's a double barreled question. Was. Is trump correct did Berlin proved that trump is 100%. Correct. That we need extreme betting. And we need to stop allowing Muslim refugees from pouring into our country and number two now that Obama. 'cause a directly eliminated. The national security entry exit registration system that was created right after 9/11. To attract Muslim men. Specially immigrant man from predominantly. Muslim countries. We can't track come we can't follow on we don't know where they are we are now going blind. Is he setting us up for rape potential terrorist attack is that his ultimate goal and intention. Two womb and humiliate trump. 6172666868. Do you fear. But what happened in Berlin could happen here during the Christmas holiday season. Your calls next. That was Donald. Saying now that he Berlin terrorist attack we now know perpetrated by a radical Muslim. I Tunisian refugees on behalf of crisis a soldier of the Islamic state trump says now shows was an attack on the west. On all of humanity civilized humanity and that he was a 100% correct. We need a band on Muslim refugees. And we need extreme betting on Muslims coming in to work country. Is he right has Berlin shown him to be correct. It's for the Obama decision. Which. Was announced this morning. They are now officially scrapping. The national security entry exit registration system the dash is now sending shockwaves. Across the entire. Political landscape it was bipartisan. Both Democrats and Republicans had put up this system. And he was moved primarily. I young men and boys from a variety of mostly Middle Eastern countries I'm reading now from the Associated Press. Upon their arrival in the United States. They had to register with immigration authorities inside America. They have for you included failure to get fingerprints photographs. You were also required to notify the government if they changed actresses. That's how you keep track of them that's how you monuc term. You know you can whatever you can keep your he could follow god forbid they overstayed their visas or if you suspect are tied to al-Qaeda or ice it's. It's a way to give the government I losing years. On these potential jihadist they're coming from Muslim countries they're young man it's the exact profile. Of terrorists and islamists all over the world. He has now abolished. So now our country at least until trump comes to power because I think he'll restore it were blind. Work completely blind. We can Mon a term we can track them we can't follow on essentially what he's now done. Easiest turned America in two weeks sanctuary in safe haven for want to for wanna be Islamic terrorists. I sis. Has now filed to repeat what they did in Berlin is breaking everywhere. They have given me a list. Of prominent churches cathedrals in America. That they want to bomb or target or slaughter worshippers. Jury in Christmas Eve Christmas. And the Christmas holidays. And so I've got to ask you this question. I've got to ask the question. On top of whether trump is a 100% correct. It's Obama in in a way setting the foundations. Laying the ground work. Three potential terrorist attack. Whether it's because he hates America. Whether it's because he wants to destroy Eric trump presidency from the outset. What man what leader. Who loves his own country would do this. Especially. In the wake of means. Paris. Sure it Berlin. Terrorists that the or San Bernadine all Orlando. I attack after attack after attack. Are you afraid. Do you fear a terrorist attack. This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When you go to church. I wanna hear from you all take all of your calls 61720666868. The reality is that when you're coming from a war zone unless we have to find. Defense would invest counterintelligence interrogation. We don't know who you off because our father isn't going to give us that they could affect who you thought the result it is him. Off the ball to verify exactly your adventure but I think the best. We will use the refugee street. All the 400 plus. Terrorist cases that have been prosecuted American beloved we needed. More than half of them involved people would not born in the United States. Many of them who are immigrants or people who are refugees say the visit to the fact. That is Sebastien gore one of the world's leading experts on Islamic terrorism. Obama has now scrapped the national security entry exit registration system. That was set up after 9/11. With full support from both Democrats and Republicans. Making it now almost impossible. To track and monitor. Muslim immigrants. Especially from young men targeting really men and boys. From predominantly Muslim countries he says it discriminates against people based on their religion and race. That's why he's doing it. I believe he's now taken away another major tool. And before trump gets into office it's what is it now a month basically a month in the wake of what's happening in Berlin and Paris. It's treason. Treason. Now Britain you're trying to look at the list spices has released a list of all these churches they wanna target Franken to be honest as of a couple of several thousand church. He has a lot sixty pub that published the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States. And they want attacks on them throughout the holiday season now you wanna know if you're local churches on the lives of course but. Mean I. I know that I mean Otterhound. It it and I yeah that's freaky whatever it like it's it's a little nerve wracking and staff but I mean. What do you do not you're not gonna go to treasury powered to the you know he can't. To these charity has donors sure of course after it is just very unfortunate that that. Barack Obama would do assess especially when he's on vacation shouldn't he be like soak up the sun or something rabbit and putting a lot of Americans lives in danger Eric. We don't know these people live and not being properly vetted. We don't know that AI at the State's c.s have no idea who's coming and where they're going. It's and it's not right for our asses Americans. To not you know says coming in. To our country I want to know now you said to me during the break you don't think it's him trying to undermine trump or. Well hope now for some sort of last metal finger up in the air and my rock the classic that he is going to do. As president so this is his big of flipped his final flip the bird. He ate so well there are a thousand. I'm that'd. Refugees have come into the country already this year and he is like my wallet well the gates are open outlets tell that's he's doing. That's what he's doing right now it's up Mena what's the last month that he's an office is so that's GAAP. Middle finger to us to his lips going. You're an ordinary so trump has to reverses this is what we did we test every foot of Saddam drop. She imagined Hillary Clinton she would continue this for four years so Donald Trump you have to read verse that's. January 20 just can't come fast enough seriously you just can't just command commandments goal it's goal. Mike in Boston Europe's first go ahead Mike. White and one. Sorry I didn't hear you go to your beat that. I'd say it Merry Christmas you want all thank you Mike thank you Merry Christmas all the best to you when your family my friend thank you. I'm calling because I want us out of wedlock. And it's not impossible look at people on most countries. If they have questions. They word of the community. Word of the church. And word of them as human beings. And they should be free if they need to would have prosecuted. Should. Importantly anybody and it should be Christians. But Judeo Christian nation. Yes. You agree all agree. And we got that but it's not impossible to bet. Well I mean we might not only like look it's here's the problem. Came in in terms of these Muslim refugees they many of them have fake papers the original pick Syria okay the country is is devastated. So there's gold database. There's nothing you can check if you know I can claim to be. I don't know Murase Mohammed Aziz okay. Yeah our I do not deny gift on shuffling toward an armada of Fujian I would my mother and I moved my Faldo and I was my wife and my kids and other automatic out. Well it Mohammed Aziz is there a profile of him is there a database a criminal record there's enough things. All you'd all they do I kid you not easily go once social media and the punch and okay Michael Moore homage disease. OK nothing there doesn't seem to have anything near Worcester at FaceBook Twitter or big checks social media accounts that's all they do oh. That's their quote unquote betting let's joke. So and to me the big thing is if you're Christian you can prove somebody's a question well of course you're a victim of the war in Syria. I mean all ices is doing is targeting Christians. The so called moderate Muslim rebels that we've been backing all dirt going is targeting Christians. So the questions are literally being exterminated. In the Middle East. So if you can prove somebody's a Christian bang you're refugee but we're not letting them end. Under Obama 97%. Of the Syrians led in Muslim. In Somalia it's 99.9. Percent. Mean what are we kidding. Really who are we kidding. We know what he's going pits the Islamist sized nation of America. 61720666868. Rust in Boston go ahead Russ. First of well I wanted to salute Brittany because she's 100%. Right. This is Obama or radical bastard given us the medical matter of the middle finger for at least. Which you know Jeff you don't have to work to find the mental dishonorable liberalism. You go look within our own Roman Catholic Church. Between the cash Catholic bishops office of migration and refugee services. The social justice committees. And basically you know they are promoting. You know increased immigration. And they give this baloney that they have added that there had been. And the other thing is that I wanna say that's I I went to a meeting back in October. And it was open on promoting. Immigration. And one of the boat was different Catholic Charities so I asked them the money that you are collecting. Is that going to help Christians get out of these areas where they're going to be slide it. You know what I was told no the money goes into a general fund and the church doesn't even make that decision on those who was who slogged away. That's what nonsense of scorn on within our own church and Jeff I'm gonna give you'll. A web site which I did given the Brittany. And I want them into is people iguanas and look at it. It's social. Guest justice. Dash ministry. Dot HT. And L. And you'll see the stupidity that goes on within our own church. All I know I mean look Ross. And I don't did you read this story but the prominent Italian bishop. Who was lecturing his flock. That these Islamist terrorist attacks have nothing to do with religion or his long. You have Catholic Charities that are helping to resettle Muslim refugees all over the United States. It's and many of them we now nor sleeper Aysu cells. They're helping to resettle some of the very people that have been murdering and massacring and be heading inclusive find Christians. I mean me sick. It's a night he beat any fusion thing about liberalism. It is completely naive. About the evil intentions within certain religions and certain cultures. And I'm telling you. Merkel. Has a lead in the ultimate Trojan horse and trump is not a 100% correct he's a 1000%. Correct. Don't let them in because then there's no going back 61720666868. Josh in Framingham go ahead Josh. Hey Jeff we had this program in it Placer 2002 to 200911. And they didn't arrest anybody so I don't believe it's very effective. On top of that refugee Eric Carmen and they base that's who you're reading process. So it. That's that's not true that's not true. Sure that's not that's not true look it up no that's been completely it's a myth being peddled by the Democrats it's three months. It's not 14 months I'll cite human sources you want sources you all sorts Wall Street Journal. Times of London. Investor. Or investors business daily just looked him up. It's three months and let me ask you this hold on let me ask you this because you claim to know what you're talking about. Who does the vetting. Who does the vetting. What agency organization does the vetting. When you're so it's you know it's the United Nations. Look it up so we've given outsource the vetting to the UN. And the UN itself look on their website. They see it's a three to six month vetting process it's not eighteen months to 24 months. Got Seth Moulton a Seth Curry ducks won't know I deal in facts you deal in fantasy. That's lies being peddled by Seth Moulton is the United Nations lying when they say three to six months. Hello hello. Hello hello we're gonna have to agree to disagree because we're direct from multiple sources it's to your. What's inside your sources outside of the Democratic National Committee cite your sources. Said that. All all all the good dear leader all of our all your citing Obama now. Or rip or get all your citing Obama now. Now let me ask you this final point let me ask you this at the airport in Iraq are not. I'll give you wrote. Josh so are crucial was this is this the Josh more match show resisted Jeff co ownership. Sorry yeah it all yes and I'm computing gear and I'm including you why isn't whenever you start losing you start panic and now look let me just ask you this it's a very very simple question. Syria is a civil war zone. How can you track any money because there's no database. So far claimed to be let's say Josh Mohamed. You know I love to appease a lot I'm Josh Harman I love to appease a lock. And I claimed to be that's why am I how can I check if that's really you. Shutter optic. At Oregon and marketing at oak are patiently but you shut me up in the or sustainable living I'm talking to you right now. So we're quite claimed to be Josh. I love a lot OK I love to appease a law. And I'm in Syria in a civil war. With no functioning law enforcement system the government is in ruins it's in rubble there's no database how kind of properly vet. I know people don't get connected or probably many more have been letting a lot of men I think our biggest issue was not refugees Herman and I think it's. Mobile that are party here that are going to be radicalized. Earl you don't go away country treats other mobile you know they're gonna look at the situation let's say. All they wanted to you know I want to track all of us they don't wanna what Muslims and they want to treat as second class. Citizens were not American. That's gonna radical of people. Again it's all it's basically I'm radicalize them. Just you just goal rhetoric the whole situation and Arnold we're basically rhetoric like mine. So I'm I'm meet these people to stop the radical only get so I'm I'm. I'm. Again it's I'm radicalize them. When you make it short religious origin or Christians or. Apple because all you're Josh you're right not Josh listen to me not listen that tunnel Josh. I know I know. Listen I know that the send Josh your genius who really know it's an epiphany honestly I didn't know that. Christians are not being targeted by crisis my home and report. All everybody's. Telling really really. Yes yes. Masts. And now here gas OK I know just turn him down now CE gets all that easy concedes that eases. These foaming at the mouth. And what do moderate Muslims say the that there is a problem within Islam. And that the radicals need to be defeated. And that this is something that is peculiar to Islam. And that they need to stand up to this and speak out against that or else everybody's gonna be exterminated by them. Yeah can you name. Union and short. Cool. Name. You mean as it. All all the king of Jordan is now a great ally of ours are pretty sure. Tell me tell me when he backs Hamas easier great ally of ours. Don't listen listen when he backed Palestinian terrorists hold on when he allowed Yasser Arafat to stay in his country for 25 years was your great ally of ours. Well George Bush. We're back the bush now Beecher a lot of an actual political organization during the bush. I think we are irresponsible bush is the blame for Hamas push collection. Of policy. But it's now nine point oh it was Bush's fault Hamas is Bush's fault. Radical islamists is my fault. Seek notice Muslims are never to blame when will you ever blame Muslims and people act and other. All in the name of Islam so when they do it in the name of this long on behalf of his mom. To spread sure real law Josh tell me in Saudi Arabia Josh Josh. Josh I'm trying to reach out human give your early Christmas gift okay. I wanna give you the give them wisdom try to listen to me now try and because honestly you're such a blind ideologue I want you see the light. Saudi Arabia. Do they have Sharia law. Shall do our nation are actually a non disabled she pulled on Josh wool non discriminating against Saudi Arabia. And our I think it has been armed. Hold on O'Donnell or Obama wanted to blow lol why you discriminate against Sony Libyan Al Josh. What do you think this is so east. I don't like the movie. Should Paul bush were backed a bush again now okay all right Josh Josh Josh I don't have to listen Josh white out for well. Remember it right Josh are OK Josh article in the. I know all I know all washes the blame it's bush it's bush I get a Josh it's bush it's all bush. Josh Merry Christmas. And tell the people at the mental institution that jury and that I thanked them as well because I don't discriminate against the mentally ill. OK so tell them for me to them Merry Christmas six runs. 1257. Here on the great WRKO. Rick do you think it's time to Boston band lunatics like Josh. Charities I mean they're liberalism is a man any sort of way when used to blame. Talk show hosts her. For terrorist or terrorism and me of rain and you blame bush for every and I mean that is CN everything's always delicious fun hop audience for my fault or yours. It's never it's never Muslim it's never islam's fault it's never anything to do what the core wrong the teachings of Islam the practices of Islam Jeff Locke. How many terrorist acts an event and Europe in the past year okay. Think about it how terrorists are so their band like. In America the pass yet. Think about it that's a lot. The thought right. As bush. And it's Bush's fault or Jeff corners well how how it even possible at a. I'm driving them to do it because of their C when you criticized. Radical Islam. You then convince Muslims to become radical that's what happened this week Q how will you try you at Ohio State you have a knee struck attack yet Brussels have packed the Paris attack. What outlining and anything else. While there San Bernardino camber added you know Orlando Ayala land now I mean it just goes on and on and on and on. But they never blamed her religion of peace now it's America it's bush it's Jeff corner it's talk radio. It's anybody but the religion of peace. So I ask you. Josh is a classic exhibit the exhibit eight liberalism is a mental disorder that's was say is calling from a mental institution. Donna I hear but that's squeezing Donna okay. We'll take a few more your calls and coming up next. Your electricity. Bill I am telling you it has gone through the rule for the corner man. And our family hasn't gone up for you and now attorney general hotline Moret Healy. She now says she wants to investigate. And probe the public utility companies. Saying their price gouging and ripping off consumers. Moret Healy took the rest skill. Or what you really driving. These higher prices. Mort your calls that's story. And let me ask you this to the audience then let's check 68680. Is Britney right should we ban to move bash Josh. Visit trying to band more bad Josh yes sir no X 686 say eighty don't touch that by.